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  1. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    So what happens when Jerry Hughes decides he doesn’t want to play for the Bills anymore. He wants to play for the Pats. He throws a fit and retires. They just let him do it?
  2. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    And it was the season before. He came in late and we won the first four or five games.
  3. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    You don’t offer a guy $9m a season without knowing what his injury is about. The Eagles don’t make a trade for a #1 pick without knowing. That’s ludicrous. That story was played out to make the Bills not look bad in their negotiations. I recall arguing about this here non stop when it happened.
  4. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    The Bills offered Peters $9m. They knew everything they needed to know about him and the injury and his agent and the marketplace. They just didn’t want to pay him the market rate. Philly not only was willing, they gave the Bills a #1 pick to have the pleasure and honor of paying him $10m.
  5. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    I was told by different person the exact same thing.
  6. Kelly the Dog

    Incognito's Retirement?

    I don’t like this idea at this time. I have it on good authority that there is zero chance he comes back to play for Bills. We hold his rights. He made his mistakes. We shouldn’t reward him. If anything tell him if he wants to unretire negotiate with another team and then we trade him to them, even if it’s a 7th rounder.
  7. Kelly the Dog

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    He could be funny sometimes during the broadcast but he just wasn’t that good of a color man. Not with the Sabres anyway.
  8. Kelly the Dog

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    That's an old joke but a great one. I first heard it about thirty years ago, at a concert in Tempe by a band called Too Free Stooges, fronted by the great Dick Rude, who opened the show with that joke and a couple other good ones.
  9. Kelly the Dog

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    Colt McCoy is short and has a rag arm. The double whammy. Granted, his arm isn't Kellen Moore weak but it's close. Probably the Nathan Peterman level, which equates to not nearly good enough. Why anyone with a paying job in the NFL thinks Colt McCoy can ever succeed is beyond me.
  10. Kelly the Dog

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    As stated earlier, the fact that Foster chose Buffalo knowing Daboll was running the show is one thing, and the fact that Daboll talked Foster up enough to McD and Beane so that they signed him ahead of other teams is another equally significant thing. The fact they both happened simultaneously is reason to believe this guy has a lot of untapped talent. There is also a very believable reason that he didn't put up good numbers.
  11. AJ is a bridge quarterback. Unfortunately, it's one of those bridges made out of rope, for one person, and everyone who crosses one thinks they are going to die on.
  12. What about his wife? Can we sleep on her?
  13. Kelly the Dog

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    He's talking about getting Bills and Sabres news for your $2.99. It's sportsnewsworthy, and directly applicable to the conversation.
  14. Kelly the Dog

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    Fred was also equally pissed if not more so over the Bills front office before Whaley was ever in charge, so there is that.
  15. Kelly the Dog

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Why? He was making a specific point, and a decent one. That the papers he was saying he was willing to pay for do not provide news on Buffalo, which we could be in danger of losing.