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  1. True. But he seemed to be comparing them as one turned out to be an idiot and missed meetings and was a bust for all the capital they gave him, and you don't know what you are getting with Quinnen Williams either, and then that it was perfectly reasonable to compare them that way because they were both Alabama DTs picked #3 overall (if Bills take him). It was criminally stupid.
  2. I just heard that the Bills are no longer talking trade with any other team, they are spending all of their time trying to find out who was the leaker to this priceless secret information. Actually, I appreciate any insider stuff as long as it is actual insider stuff.
  3. I literally listened to ten minutes of GR today and him flipping out was that entire ten minutes. Plus he was dead wrong and making a comparison of Dareus to Quinnen Williams because they were both DTs at Alabama. The comparison would be exactly the same, which is remote, if either of them went to Clemson or LSU or Florida State or...
  4. Plus we can't even predict who we might sign or trade for because nobody goes to Tempo anymore, it's too crowded.
  5. Nice work, Bandito. I think the Mocker that was the highest rated after last year, Evan Silva, picked 26 of 32 with 10 to the right team. It could have been 28 but I think I read 26.
  6. Sanu doesn’t add much to what we have, what we want, and what we want to do with Allen. It could be Julio they are talking about. Beane is looking to make a big splash.
  7. All the posters in this and other threads complaining that Shady doesn’t hit holes and dances too much would lose 90% of his 7-50+ yard runs if he did that. It’s stupid.
  8. The two year deal with the Bills is exponentially appealing to a guy like Yeldon because Shady and Gore may not be here year two.
  9. He's pretty decent and makes us better as a team. Murphy is highly overrated on this board. But unless they trade Shady, which I tend to doubt, there really isn't much room for a rookie or draft pick with speed, or an heir-apparent to McCoy, outside of the practice squad. Perhaps they just think Shady and Gore are here for this year, and then they go young after they are gone.
  10. A good defense that gets sacks, turnovers and 3-and-outs is one of the best ways to help a young QB. We often have had to go the length of the field to score the last several years.
  11. Where is this ranch you speak of? Never heard of it. A friend of a friend just brought us 30 Mighty's from Buffalo to LA. They were tremendous. And good FOR you, too!
  12. Probable unpopular opinion... I hate people saying the Don Beebe strip as any kind of favorite play. It epitomizes and celebrates a loss and losers, not a win. Sure it was a tremendous effort, sure it stopped a touchdown, and represented Buffalo's blue collar, never give up attitude. But it had zero effect on a terrible game and humiliating defeat.
  13. My fave was probably the back to back Roland Hooks' diving catches for the win, but as far as recent best play, last year's Josh Allen 26 yard TD pass to Croom against the Vikes was as perfect a combination of play design, call, execution, and result as you will see. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/josh-allen-finds-jason-croom-for-a-26-yard-touchdown
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