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  1. I don't like either of them very much and they would be huge upgrades.
  2. Maybe. But if McD, Frazier, and Beane like him, he won't have trouble getting interviews and likely a job back in the NFL if he wants to later. McDermott and Frazier have a lot of respect around the league. Unless, of course, his lines and players in his college gig don't produce at all. He did well this year with the DL, it's inarguable.
  3. Both the coach and GM love Allen (as do I) and he is going to be here awhile. I think we need an immediate upgrade at backup QB, although I believe that Barkley has helped Josh. Mariotta or Dalton would be great, IMO, although I don't think we get them.
  4. The NFL GM job, like HC and QB are extremely difficult jobs that requires all kinds of disparate skills. Brandon Beane, for a pretty young guy, is very good and we are lucky to have him. Has he made some mistakes? Of course. But the combination of philosophy, talent evaluator, drafter, salary cap management, team builder, staff hires, short-mid-long term vision, self and public awareness, and face of the franchise, is extremely impressive. Particularly compared to what we have had for a generation.
  5. Oh, I think he is a very good receiver. I meant it was easy especially for him because he is good. It's a routine drag. I really like him. That said, he and Beasley as a 2 and 3 would be excellent. They are just pretty good as a 1 and 2.
  6. To me, watching it over and over, the toe-tap to Brown was an easy catch for a good receiver. He actually jumped at the last second when he didn't need to at all. He should have easily dragged his feet. Way bigger mistake by Brown than late throw by Josh IMO.
  7. The two passes that were not intercepted were mistakes that had no consequence. That stuff happens every game. If he gets the ball to Knox who gets 10-20 yards he is incredible. I understand you don't want guys doing stuff like that all of the time but it didn't hurt us. In fact, it helped us. Was it really smart? Of course not. Was it overly risky? Yes, but only because it was from such a weird angle. But this is who he is. I'm very willing to take the good with the bad at this point, and I don't want to neuter him. It will hurt more in the long run. You want him to be Bret Favre. Bret Favre might have tried that lateral.
  8. IIRC it was the second play of the fourth quarter and they kicked a FG off it, which made it 16-11.
  9. I can only state my position three times in a row. I refuse to say the same thing four times in a row. I am only one person saying my opinion and trying to answer your questions. He had them in a bunch of plays in the fourth and even OT. i couldn't believe it.
  10. Then they should watch the view from behind. The one above in this thread shows him open and behind the guy. It wasn't as good a shot as the other angle. But the poster that responded said he throught the defender would have made up the two yards with better speed, which may or may not be true
  11. It's impossible to know this now, of course, but I would imagine, simply because it is the first season that this spectacular stadium is open that the demand for tickets will be big, and the prices may be pretty high. They went down to peanuts right before the Houston game, but the new team in the city and new stadium is going to make tix prices high.
  12. Because it was a bad throw, too? Mostly I was just pointing out that at the moment Josh looked and threw to DiMarco, he was two yards past his defender and open by any definition If Josh hits him on the run it's a possible TD or 60 yard play. I thought like most everyone at first that he threw a stupid ball into double coverage that could have or even should have been caught. But when you see the replay from behind, that wasn't the case. It was just WAY short, which allowed the safety covering Lee Smith (LEE FREAKING SMITH!) to leave Smith and get in a position to make an INT.
  13. I'm saying and I would bet on it that if DiMarco kept on running full speed, and Josh threw it ten yards further, it could have hit him on the dead run. I'm positive with a running start, in the time it took DiMarco to slow down, look for the ball, stop, wait, and jump, he could have run ten yards.
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