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  1. RIP Kemp2Warlick. Thanks for letting us know. Great fan.
  2. It’s simply impossible to believe the Bills offered over $16m to a guy that will split carries with Singletary, who is possibly better at this point. And I really like Gordon.
  3. Thx Yolo. Schefter said Bills never made offer. I tend to believe him over anyone else. He’s more wired than anyone and not just agents.
  4. Thanks for that. Clears it up a lot. Although that link also says... “Not every employee can pursue this option however. Each state has individual rules for collecting unemployment, including (potentially) waiting periods to collect benefits and a requirement that the applicant show an active job search. Either or both of these may disqualify a furloughed worker. Further, furloughed workers who receive back pay for their time away from work will typically have to pay back any unemployment benefits they collected.”
  5. Someone told me earlier today that the reason the Pegulas did it that way was because the employees could now collect unemployment. I haven't had time to find out if this is true or not, but it seems like it would make a big difference. I have no idea if the Pegulas are being selfish, cold, unsympathetic or not. But that seems logical. Anyone know for sure? About this specific incident? Anyone? Bueller?
  6. Greed? I hate Brady as much as possible and greed was never an issue with him at all. For the last 15 years straight he has given hometown discounts to the Patriots.
  7. I think a bunch of things happened concurrently. It's of course impossible to know what is true or not. I think Brady was leaning to coming back or almost sure to. I think the Patriots believed he was coming back. I think Bellichick and Kraft were arrogant enough to believe that they didn't have to massage the situation. I think Brady and Belichick all but hate each other these days but also know or knew they needed each other. I think Brady was waiting to see what kind of teams and offers were coming in FA. I think the Hopkins and Diggs situations really pissed him off and put him over the edge. Then he just said ***** this, I can go play for $30m with a bunch of great WR and prove I didn't need them (which wouldn't of course since the Bucs have a far better roster). Was it the major reason? Not at all. Could it have been the last straw? I think so.
  8. I think they tried to keep him. Put a value on him slightly less or a million or two less than 10m per. If they didn’t have Trent they likely would have thought he was a little more valuable. Tough to say. He’s also a tough player to evaluate. I really liked Shaq last year. I imagine he’s not going to be much better in Miami and maybe not as good.
  9. I don’t think Murphy is Kelsay but I do agree overall Shaq was better and more valuable overall than Trent last year. Better against run. Very underrated in blocking passing lanes and tipping passes. Very consistent overall. Trent made a bunch of good plays. Had better pressure than a lot gave him credit for. I thought Shaq was easily better.
  10. He broke his hand and missed a couple games as rookie. But I was referring mostly to it took well over two years to get 100% and playing well from the knee injury. From early August ‘17 to maybe mid November ‘19. He was playing but not great and not full speed. I like him. I want him to stay. I cannot say I’m confident he won’t get hurt this year the way I’m confident Hughes or Oliver or Addison or Jefferson et al won’t be hurt. Clowney would make everyone on that line better. We would be a Super Bowl contender IMO. Why not take that chance.
  11. Murphy is very good when healthy as Dave said. It took him a long time to return to health. Not his fault but a fact. Remains to be seen if he can keep his health and thus his production. History is not good but he's 100% now. I wouldn't get rid of him except for Clowney, who would transform the defense from very good to great. He may even take a one year prove it deal. 18m. Lose 8 from releasing Murphy. Take the hit. Then Star comes off books next year with Butler still around to take up space in middle.
  12. Cut Murphy. Sign Clowney. Be done with it. Go offense in draft. And prepare to be one of the top favorites to win the AFC.
  13. Interesting. Missed tackles was probably my biggest beef with the D last year. All three units. All three new DL seem to be good tacklers. Klein decent, too.
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