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  1. At this point I am a believer in the concept that Allen is over-amped at the beginning of the game sometimes. It's impossible to prove and doesn't always look that way, but he has even mentioned or alluded to it himself at times. This could be a way to get him calmed down a little, quicker, with less time to think and just go out and play. I think I would try it.
  2. There is an extraordinary, seemingly endless series of witty, trenchant, insightful, original, outrageous observations, some hilarious anecdotes, quotes no one has ever heard anywhere from anyone, followed by a shrewd, unique perspective on the macro and micro of the game and season from an insider, summed up brilliantly and followed by free giveaways, coupons for free college tuition at the university of your choice, pictures of naked girls and analytics! I would subscribe if I were you.
  3. https://buffalonews.com/2019/10/22/buffalo-bills-bills-fans-mafia-miami-dolphins/ Please read, comment, critique, applaud, pick nits, quote, misquote, mislabel as Fake News, overrate, etc. You know, be yourselves.
  4. Get caught red-handed, and then claim that he was celibate with those hookers, not celebrating.
  5. A actually hope Brady gets a career ending injury for them trying to throw deep, and yes I know they do it all the time.
  6. That pass by Darnold missed his WR by four yards. It was by far the best pass he has thrown all night.
  7. I prefer debilitating. I would if he listened to anyone or anything.
  8. Then say that, not that Dabol never figured it out either, which isn't true. Not to mention that they were driving when Josh got hurt. And then drove when Barkley was in. So other than those three times out of four or five possessions he never figured anything out.
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