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  1. I think the entire difference is Bates at LG which forced Dawkins at LT and returned Brown to RT. Singletary hasn’t been so much better although his strength has been on display, the entire difference is the line play. Singletary and Moss weren’t missing holes before, there weren’t any. Pass protection similar. It’s not good it’s just not jailbreaks every play. Josh avoids the first guy like magic 90% of the time. The resurgence of the run game is not Singletary its Bates, Dawkins, Brown at RT and Williams at RG.
  2. Beasley has been hurt all year and clearly lost a step with gusts to a step and a half. Likely due to age but probably both age and injury. This thread quickly turned to a good ol' fashioned TSW catfight. Someone needs to challenge someone else to a spearing contest in the parking lot before Saturday's game.
  3. Thanks a lot for the shoutout and link, Hap. Been crazy busy and lurking but haven't posted much lately. Appreciate the comments and I do think there is a middle crowded between yay and nay. The team, however, is the one that has been on the extremes. They have either played well or awful for two months. There has been little in between for them. I think we stomp the Patsies on Monday. I do think they are good. Fine defense and running game. I just think we can befuddle McCorkle and he can't just dink all night. I wouldnt bet on it though.
  4. I’m hoping we get like a fourth round compensatory pick for losing him to the Cardinals. Beane is a wizard.
  5. Taking what they give us, taking what we want, taking no prisoners and taking no ***** as we do it.
  6. I’d say Paup for a single season and Ted Washington overall. Not the best but Tasker, too. Although we kind of stole him.
  7. Do they even sell meth in Mississippi in dime bags? I liked that he yelled yoo-hoo!! before he even reached the end zone on his long TD.
  8. Methinks it was a combination of several factors but that could well be a big part of it. He didn’t have good coaching. He wasn’t crazy inaccurate he just never checked down or threw easy completions. He was never coached out of hero ball. He didn’t have a lot of good players around him. He hadn’t played against good defenses before.
  9. That is one well-researched, well-thought out, well-written article.
  10. Frazier has been substantially better this year than any other. It could be because of the new DL and Star returning and the fact they have the same guys in the system 3-4 years. But he has been pulling all the right strings. Really good coaching pregame and during game.
  11. Tre is a zone guy. But he really excels when he shadows the other team’s #1 WR.
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