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  1. That would have been an almost expected post from a Josh fan. But from a Josh critic it is an excellent one. I find it hard for anyone to watch the games from last year and not see him swarmed immediately a huge portion of the time, and still trying to make a play. That is the reason for his completion percentage more than inaccuracy.
  2. Tasker is awful on substance, too. He knows football but he very often says, "Watch this" and you watch and it is that.
  3. Peterman has not slung one dime in his life. Wooden nickel maybe.
  4. Wouldn't be a bad idea to have Gore, Smith and Knox split up the FB on the field plays that Daboll wants to run. It would save a roster spot, and provide for a little more versatility after the snap.
  5. What most people don't know is that his parents had narrowed it down to Bobby, Jimmy, or Quindarius.
  6. We paid a little too much but we have the money. I hated Lee Smith when he was here before because we often ran an incredible three-TE offense, none of whom were a threat. With Kroft as the dual TE, Knox as the lock receiving TE, and "I don't cut" Smith as the blocking TE, we are not in bad shape. I always thought Croom was gone after we drafted Knox. Now either Sweeney is the fourth TE or goes to the PS. Makes sense. I'm sure Bobby Johnson played a huge role in this and McD loves him some locker room presence.
  7. Like being a politician or a pro athlete, every agent has a huge ego. The only ones you think don’t in those professions hide it well.
  8. McCown would be a way better option than Barkley. That would be getting an Anderson and Barkley in one who was a much better player if Josh went down. Cassel was shot two years ago.
  9. The Bills are not giving a speed WR $30m without knowing he still has that speed.
  10. With regards to John Brown, just the ability to get deep and have proven success in the NFL catching the ball deep changes defenses drastically and trumps a LOT of data.
  11. He went way out of his way to say what a help Anderson was. He went less out of his way to say Barkley also helped. He said nothing about his QB coach. There was a clear preference.
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