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  1. I think we fall slightly toward the smart talented side with a caveat. Our guys are mostly good pass blockers. Only Feliciano is a decent run mauler. So they were able to get quick continuity in the pass blocking scheme and it showed. But they are not individually or collectively good in the run game, so they are not good at it, continuity or not. KC has much more talented veteran guys on their line.
  2. Agree a lot with first sentence. Too easy to second guess with second. Overall I liked Dabolls play calling a lot last year. Sometimes good play calls don’t work and bad ones do.
  3. I think he’s just bitter but has been making the same argument for years. Buyer beware.
  4. When you have smart, talented, veteran players, continuity is overrated. When you have meathead, marginal, young players, continuity is huge. As is coaching.
  5. Trubisky is light years ahead of Peterman. Mitch is an NFL caliber QB. Nate is snot. BUTT... The writer has a point in his connection that in practice guys like them can excel because there is no real rush and the game is 3/4 speed. Both of those guys had trouble with the game at full speed and the pressure on. Nate was historically bad, Mitch was extraordinarily average. But there is definitely a connection to be made about practice all stars not being able to do that when all the literal and mental pressure is on.
  6. Someone said on Twitter that if the Bills trade for Julio Jones, the “Bills Jones #11”jersey will be the greatest sports apparel comeback of all time.
  7. But why cut him now when you could even get a 2022 6th or 7th rounder.
  8. Chad Hall loves him, too. That can only help him make the team, and perhaps more importantly, Hall likely thinks he can mold Speedy into a serious receiver. Really like this pick.
  9. Some tough cuts will need to be made for sure. I know that McDermott is big on ST and has his guys he wants to keep. I think ST are important too. But... rules changes have reduced the importance of ST players. Tyler Bass makes KO team less important because of touchbacks. We don’t punt much, and our new punter is a hang time/ no return kind of kicker. We don’t need just special teams guys like Taiwan, Matakevich, etc.
  10. I know at least four Canes fans that know their football and aren’t homers, including Badol here who pretty much hates everyone (ha), and all four of them really like Rousseau. A lot. You get a completely different POV of a player when you watch full games versus highlights or draft profiles. He seems like a player, a gamer, and a great kid. 15.5 sacks is insane considering the snaps he got the first third of the season. Perhaps most importantly, fans and pundits seem to disparage “coverage sacks” as somewhat lesser than blow past your man stats. And yet there are
  11. There is easily up to a .2 difference in football speed and game speed and cut speed on 40 times. A 4.5 guy with those types of speeds can be as fast or faster than a 4.3 guy in shorts. Stevenson explodes on his field tape. He’s extremely fast.
  12. Understood. Thanks for link and reminder. Although that article was before the draft saying Favre was coming back to play, and wanted to continue playing as long as he was healthy. And was coming off a great year of 4000+ yards and 30+ TDs.
  13. Adams is arguably the best WR in the game. They have a great RB and a great line. Tonyans a good TE and had 11 TDs. He won MVP and they were a TD away from the Super Bowl. He's a dick. Didn't he play three full years for the Pack before Rodgers took over?
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