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  1. No one still alive rooting for the Browns has had a happy experience. But we can beat the Chiefs.
  2. I give Belichick a ton of credit for this. Sound decision. Terrific statement. This respite from the axis of evil has a shelf life of 24 hours.
  3. I think because of Brexit all of the earlier rules and laws don't apply anymore, so he can probably play.
  4. The difference is Phillip Rivers is a star and Josh Allen is a superstar.
  5. Those catches at any point of the game would have been fantastic and important. But making them when he did made them exponentially better and more important.
  6. I would argue there are no holes. Jonathan Taylor would get more yards than our guys. But IMO they are not missing holes on 90% of the stuffs. They have nowhere to go. Especially short yardage
  7. Got to hand it to Bass. Fantastic season. Seriously important kick today. Great draft pick by Beane, especially considering we knew this was a serious contender going into the season. Depending on a rookie kicker who was good but not great in college was a big risk. Add in that the whole (great) year he really didn’t have a last second game on the line kick makes his fG today all the more satisfying.
  8. While the D was clearly a bigger issue, I agree with OP. Was not happy with Daboll most of the game. He’s been so good overall, hopefully this was an aberration.
  9. Kudos to Davis on a fantastic game under severe pressure of playoffs for rookie. Kudos for Beane and scouting staff. Funny that he was exquisite on those two plays when earlier in year the one of few things you could criticize him for was tracking the ball and sideline awareness. Huge game, Gabe.
  10. Williams was one of our unsung Almost Valuable Players the whole season, and this game. Decent, good and great teams need guys to make these kinds of plays when needed, whether they are lucky bounces or not. I, for one, have been thrilled with Williams since week one.
  11. Yeah, really good. I appreciate a well written article that seems to "get it" by an out of towner. Nice read.
  12. They may. It depends on the status of Diggs and Beasley. I think it's 90% they are both active. It's the playoffs. But that doesn't mean, especially in Beasley's case and a knee injury, that he will be able to grind the entire game and be his reliable self. It's quite possible no one will know that until midway through the game. That's why first Duke was activated for insurance. But it also just happens that the Colts are most susceptible to mid range passes. And a little short on CBS. That is where Duke can help the team even if the other two are playing. Sure we have five guys in
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