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  1. RGIII's body type didn't allow him to continue running like that. He had skinny legs and not a lot of power. Myself and and a lot of others thought it was unsustainable. He was fast but a stick. Lamar is a lot better built. Josh is a tank.
  2. Alex Smith on his own team. He lasted about six years as the number one overall with very limited returns with lousy development, and then when Harbaugh and Greg Roman came in he almost immediately started to excel.
  3. Anyone running with the football rarely gets hurt by a big hit, unless someone illegally puts a helmet into your head and you get a concussion. Injuries happen when you plant your foot in the turf, or someone falls on your leg from behind, or some weird situation. Even in the pocket big hits are not usually the injury hits. Last year it was a freak helmet to the arm. It's often your hand hitting a helmet.
  4. How is this so different than at any point? This just in, all draft picks at all positions are crap shoots. This just in, a good amount of top QB picks are outplayed by later picks. This just in, tape doesn't measure immeasurables. I'm not sure why this is even a story. Russell Wilson proved the majority wrong. Mahomes proved the majority wrong. Marriota and Winston proved the majority wrong. Bortles did. Goff may have. The list is endless.
  5. I read it a few times. It's very bizarre and disturbing, and there is not a huge amount of football in it, but it's about his fanaticism, and living vicariously through the glory and accolades of Gifford and the Giants when his life is a total failure. It's an incredible piece of tragic-comic literature. Not an easy read or for the faint of heart. Has tremendous critical reviews, although he wrote two sequels, neither of which were very good.
  6. Ha. No, although the owner does own a couple other wildly different LA bars around town, including (unless he sold them) Ye Olde King's Head, an aunthetic English pub and the classic Sagebrush Cantina in Calabassas.
  7. Here is the latest installment of Voice of the Fan, with a tribute to the best book ever written about fandom, "A Fan's Notes," by Frederick Exley in 1968, which is a gem of literature. Please click on, read, critique, rate, badmouth, ballwash, comment, become a picker of nits, etc. https://buffalonews.com/2019/12/04/buffalo-bills-fans-bills-mafia-dallas-cowboys-baltimore-ravens-frederick-exley/ An excerpt: "The defense has solidified on all three units, and the takeaway is, well, takeaways. Ed Oliver is transforming before our eyes into the guy we imagined from his highlight reel. The career year of Jordan Phillips is now in its 12th week and producers are extending its run. Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds are trading off big plays and performances. Now the Bills face the otherworldly Baltimore Ravens; hoping to knock them out of the sky. The buildup is tremendously exciting. What a month ago seemed like a likely loss, now looms as an unlikely chance to leapfrog to the top of the NFL. “A Fan’s Notes,” and its author, once described as “Exley’s self-loathing is really self-love,” might be the best description of Bills fans that I ever heard. This season has harkened back to the franchise’s glory years. Twenty-and-thirtysomething Bills fans might be experiencing the kind of prowess, standing, glory and hope, for the very first time in their lives. We follow Exley’s extraordinary boozy trail as he spends his Sundays at his local watering holes in upstate Watertown. He paces the length of the bar, imbibing, ranting, calling out plays and wildly rooting on his heroes as the patrons watch him and the game. As madcap Bills fans, we are all writing our own version of “A Fan’s Notes” each successive and (recently) successful week, as this memorable and perhaps unforgettable season progresses and promises. It’s a great story. Perhaps a classic for the ages. Here comes the next chapter."
  8. Perfect. Bring it in, we'll get a good laugh. To the OP, by all means come down to Busbys. It's a great place and you'll have a blast. I do believe, however, that the game will be on local TV as it will be in a lot of the country.
  9. The group from Bobby McGees is the same one that is at Busbys now. It morphed to there, led by TSW's own AKC.
  10. It's rather big. You will be able to get in. It doesn't get crowded until game time and there are 5-6 different rooms that show the Bills.
  11. Yep. Be there. I will be there with a couple hundred of my closest friends. It’s a great spot.
  12. We also have a very conservative coach who wants to run a lot, hates to have timeouts and doesn't try to score at the half and doesn't try to step on the gas when his team is ahead, and a quite conservative offense, especially the first nine games. Those are all factors in passing yards.
  13. Thx for that. So good on so many levels. The little step up before he starts running to avoid the LDE I hadn't noticed before. Just a huge play in the game too as far as momentum and confidence goes. What a pass.
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