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  1. If any QB had 300 yards, 5 TDs, and 35 points and 2 turnovers in a win, it would be extremely difficult to not be B+ or more. The fact he took the team the whole length of the field in the last three minutes and scored to win the game and not let the other team have a chance to win, how could that not be an A?
  2. You made a ridiculous statement and equivalent and I responded. I didn't say anything about an A+ game, nor do I believe he had one.
  3. Those passes to Beasley over the middle only a handful of QBs in the league make. He made a boatload of ridiculous throws, like last week.
  4. If the Rams would have punted a couple times, or if the Bills defense forced a couple three and outs, Josh likely would have had six or seven TDs.
  5. We are all but unbeatable when the opponent doesn’t punt.
  6. Yeah, I think we have to live with most of it. He’s not Josh unlike he makes those ridiculous escapes and runs and ropes. Often times he makes great plays when he holds it too long. It’s not fair to expect him to make the right decision every time as to how much he should try to make a play when it looks impossible.
  7. He’s on pace for 5500 yards passing, and 53 TD passes and 11 rushing TDs.
  8. Four out of five dentists said they barely crack the top ten so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. That was actually quite a good mea culpa article.
  10. Fair. But stat nerds have no business evaluating certain players like Josh Allen who break the mold in several different ways. It's like taking off points for Russell Wilson or Kyler Murray because short QBs usually don't fare well in their model.
  11. Normally I hate gimmicky stuff like Angry Runs. But I love it. He’s hilarious. The over the top element, which often ruins stuff like that, he repeatedly nails. Wharton I think, where he played field hockey with Arnold Palmer’s granddaughter.
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