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  1. The question was about weaknesses, not glaring weaknesses. Clearly, the Bills roster is very strong and have no glaring weakness. OL depth is a concern to me. The interior OL may be adequately addressed if Saffold delivers and if we stay healthy. It’s about depth. Maybe Kromer makes Ford a better player? That is another factor. Our QB is great he and makes others around him better, especially the OL. That is obvious.
  2. Biggest weakness is interior OL and OL depth in general. This is the only area that was not adequately addressed unless Saffold has a good year and there are no major injuries.
  3. Ho about we wait for him to make the team and produce, then the Nickname will come.
  4. Mad? No. But it still hurts and it still bothers me. Only one thing can fix it.
  5. RIP Bob Lanier. Great player. He was a big man that could shoot. The Bonnie’s had a real shot at the NCAA title with him in the line up. I miss the Little 3 and wish the teams could have kept it together at a high level, expanding into a bigger division.
  6. It might be better that he surrendered. He might be part of a bigger group, and if not he might associate with more people of this type. There is much to learn. The legal system will put him away forever.
  7. The same was said about Lou Saban, even worse because of his relationship with Ralph. Lou is up there now.
  8. Byrd is more deserving than some already on there IMO
  9. Sweeney did not do much to impress when Knox was hurt. I don’t see that he brings much as a blocker or receiver. Wydermeyer has a shot at the 53 man roster.
  10. Yes, I think this is true. The film shows Levi was playing it completely wrong on both plays. He also admitted to not knowing what his teammates were doing, and didn't bother to turn his head and look, which is even worse. The fact that they took time outs to get it right makes it hard to fathom. In crunch time some players step up and some wilt. Levi basically choked, but so did a lot of others out there. No one beat their man and made a play. They need to move on and they need to improve. Adding Miller, the new DTs, and Elam will help.
  11. I think we got a very good player. Love the size and the coverage skill. Love the dedication. Tackling technique can be worked on and improved upon. Anyone keeping a notebook in college is willing to work on his game.
  12. I would add Nate Odomes and who-ever else we played with at the time (Kirby Jackson or Thomas Smith), to the list of top pairs. Odomes was good enough to be in the conversation. I think the best tandem, when normalized for the time period, was Byrd and Edgerson. Why? Byrd is on the Second team All Time AFL team. Edgerson was also an all star and he shut down HOF receiver Lance Allworth, twice in Championship game victories for Buffalo. That said the game has changed a lot. The old time CBs could play bump and run, this allowed contact until the ball was thrown. Robert James buried many receivers at or near the line of scrimmage, forcing the QB to look elsewhere. Today CB is really hard to play well. WRs are the elite athletes of game and the rules favor their success.
  13. “Can’t tackle” is becoming an overboard reaction. I would love teams to game plan us by running at our corners because their receivers are covered. I think we could adjust to that and that would make the game plan easier. The kid has covered some very good SEC receivers in college. Coverage is hard, and a far more critical skill than tackling on run plays. Like most rookies, our coaches will have to work with him to bring his game to full potential. .
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