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  1. Beasley asking Pfizer to compensate his wife if he gets vaccinated. Beasley is now a distraction.
  2. The kids in my neighborhood used to play “NFL Highlights” on the front lawns or in our back yards. It was a slowed down tackle game with several of us taking turns at QB and announcing the plays in a Facenda voice. It was a tribute to the best players of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Gale Sayers and OJ Simpson running sweeps, Larry Csonka blasting straight ahead for yardage, Fred Bilitnikof on the sideline, Lance Allworth with a one handed grab, Roger Staubach throwing deep to Bob “The Bullet” Hayes. Facenda helped us to learn and love the game.
  3. Awesome trip down memory lane. Cookie was a great football player. Always concerned about money and getting his share. What a handful on and off the field. Paul McGuire had a great story of how Cookie once got permission from Ralph Wilson to sell Christmas trees in front of the Rockpile before games.
  4. Great points. I respect his courage.
  5. Why should they be “celebrated”? They say this on TV news and talk shows all the time. The word celebrate is used much too often in these circumstances. I will respect Nassib for his courage, and I think we as a society need to someday get past this, but I hardly think this is cause to celebrate.
  6. Jim Kelly had been lobbying for Tasker to play WR more for a long time. He ran great routes and had sure hands. Kelly said, numerous times, no one in practice could cover him. I think back to SB XXV, Don Beebe was out and Al Edwards played in his place. Edwards was mediocre and was a huge drop off. I wish Tasker would have got more reps even back then, but it took several years for that to happen.
  7. Not sure there is a correct direction for every game. ?? Part of the charm of “Rich Stadium” was the wind and it is a real advantage if the home team gets the right kickers and learns how to play there.
  8. I don’t like any possibility of playing in Toronto or at Penn State. Seems very Pegulish, even ridiculous, to mention Penn State, when all they have to do extend the lease until the new facility is built.
  9. Yes. It’s the tip of the iceberg too. We are polarized by everything. 24 hour news channels, sponsored by who knows who, is only helping to divide us. When I was in school we all got vaccinated for MMR and other things. Form two lines. Boys here, girls over there. It was simple. Takeoff your shirt, alcohol cotton ball, jab, done. Put on your shirt and go back to class. I have 6 siblings, same thing. Never heard of any problems, maybe a kid got sick later that day but no lawsuits that I can recall. No parents demonstrating either. They were the post WW2 parents so they
  10. It’s pretty simple. If he doesn’t take the vaccine he is obligated to follow the protocols. If he doesn’t want to follow them then he can choose to retire. He says he doesn’t need the money. Millions of people who do need the money have been affected by this virus and by the protocols. He is one of the lucky ones in that regard.
  11. I think these “great player that got away” threads are a testament to our scouting (college and pro). Beane brings in a lot of talent and good competition every year. Sometimes a good young player gets away. It least we can find them.
  12. Once you build a good team it should be very hard for rookies to step in and make an impact in their first year. Yes, there are exceptions but overall this is the norm. In camp, Marv always said he was excited to see last years rookies.
  13. I was at that game. Loved the uniforms and Coach Knox decision to wear white jersey at home on a sunny and beautiful September day.
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