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  1. Sure. But winning by one point is a W too. I rather win all the close ones.
  2. 2020 doesn’t really matter as much. So, we are 6-7 in the past three seasons, hardly the stuff of champions. The current streak that is more representative of this teams one score performance is 0-7, which was extended by last weeks game. Take off the Bills Fan lenses and you see missed opportunities by the players and questionable decisions by the coaches in that string.
  3. I don’t see the problem with Singletary, other than he lacks the high gear. Singletary is getting his touches, he is getting a lot of short passes too. He is decent at pass pro as well. If the Bills want to run better then they should be drafting interior OL in the spots the are using for RB, and then draft RB’s where they are taking all their OL projects.
  4. MVP talk in week 3 is kind of crazy. Play the games and see what happens first. Part of these awards are political anyway.
  5. His head was slammed to the turf in the tackle by Milano. He had no back pain issue on injury report. Now he gets hit and severely concussed four days later. Add it up.
  6. What is going on in Miami? Tua “cleared concussion protocol “ and played the second half. Lots of us are leary of back injury story. Then we hear reports of the nflpa investigating the doctors. He plays again four days later and Bamm. What is going on with that team? This is terrible. I wish him well.
  7. ??? Not trending positive from last week to this week. Davis is still an issue. Plus we added Benford (he will be out), Kumerow (he will be out), Bates, and Lewis. Oliver, Poyer, Knox, and Morse are still not at full practice either. They might play and be hobbled, like Davis was. Knox and Davis did not do enough last week. Hopefully we get these four, plus Davis and Bates, all back.
  8. PFF numerical rankings are a mystery to me. Johnson played ok but he made a few huge and costly mistakes which are likely reflected in his low score.
  9. Another what if. It is more likely we would have had a better field position, so maybe we get into field goal range. But maybe we run different plays and have worse results? The events coming cannot be predicted. What if Josh hits McKenzie for a TD? Maybe our defense gives up a TD? Who knows? It's over.
  10. I agree that weather is weather and both teams played on the same field. So while the weather seemed to impact Buffalo more, that is the game. BUT - The Bills did not game plan to “chew clock” and leave their offense on the field for 3 quarters. The Bills chewed clock because they had no long pass plays that worked and Miami just couldn’t stop them until the red zone. The Bills blocking just did not hold up and Josh had to work miracles. The Bills long 23 play drive only produced 3 points because Davis dropped a TD. The running game contributed nothing. The one really big 40 yard run by Moss resulted in a missed FG. The receivers and our OL couldn’t not stay on the field due to heat. This was a very weird game because the Bills totally dominated and still lost. Heat exhaustion and injuries played a huge part but Buffalo failed to make enough plays. Dropped touchdowns, missed FGs, bad blocking, dropped interceptions, bobbled snaps, a terrible defensive call on 3rd and 22, and bad decisions in both two minute drills. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lopsided game result in a loss.
  11. Running against the blitz is not impossible. You use trap blocking and run draw plays and delays, let the blitzers run past the tailback. The running back rotation was due to heat, especially with Singletary getting so many passes. The 60 pass attempts put a huge toll on the OL and even more on the WRs especially Diggs and McKenzie went out on IVs and missed a lot of snaps. With those two out we are much less scary. Davis was getting back from an injury and did not have a good game. I don't know why we didn't target Knox more, especially red zone? Crowder was not a factor.
  12. I think McD is a great coach. His preparation and game management is usually very good which is why we are a winning team and still a team on the rise. There is not one answer for the teams performance in one score games (they are on an 0-7 string right now). Preparation is only part of it. Practicing the 2 minute drill - yes, I am sure they do practice it and plan for a myriad of situations. Look at the 7 games - sometimes decisions are made that turn out to be incorrect, sometimes the players just did not execute, and sometimes the other team did the exact perfect thing to stop us. The 0-7 string almost seems like a statistical anomaly but until they start winning the close ones the critics will be there.
  13. The failure to get into field goal range and stop the clock - that was done wrong at the end of the game, and at the end of the half for that matter. I don't necessarily blame it all on McD, but the 2 minute drill could use some more work.
  14. McDermott had nothing but praise for Von Roten and Josh said the he bobbled the snap just before halftime. Not sure how Mancz did as the 3rd center. What else happened that made you think this?
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