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  1. They are making careful signings. Many are low cost with favorable contracts. Some may not make the team, depending on how the draft shakes out. There are always surprises. I expect our starting talent and depth to be much higher next season. We even picked up a few guys to help on ST.
  2. No but Hughes is getting up there in age, Lorax is already up there, and Lawson is not a big pass rusher. The 9th pick is a prime spot for a top DL.
  3. Bob in STL

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    Bell gone. AB gone. Roethlisberger on the decline. They put French Fries inside their sandwiches.
  4. Bob in STL

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    I tried clicking on it and such. I dont get what’s going on here, who posted what, and why? Probably better that way.
  5. Internet, blogging, and talk radio will extend their “careers” but both are low end sports journalists and have no significance outside of WNY. Had they been more respected in their field they would have moved on to a bigger market or a national media outlet.
  6. Yes, Billy Cannon was a great AFL player. Sure conversions can and do happen. Having a TE that can play OT is a plus, just like a C/OG. Versatile smart players are always good to have.
  7. True. I think Frank Gore is the short yardage back so who knows what happens. This roster will be much better than last years and I’m excited about this season.
  8. I’m guessing they draft a guy in round 6 or 7 that meets the true description that the OP has proposed. Either Fisher or this guy make the team. They see something with Fisher but it seems like a long road to make the team.
  9. Bob in STL

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    I say return the kickoff running start back the way it was and keep the onside kick as a viable play. I also want to eliminate downing the ball for a touchback. Every kickoff returned or you lose one point. Tackled in the end zone is a safety, even on kickoffs and punts. PLAY BALL.
  10. Teams will be bustin down the door to get one of our extra 5th and 7th founders. Two fours are nice I guess. After that we have 5 picks in rounds 5 thru 7. Not a lot there.
  11. Yes. I can see us trading up to try to move up to get better impact players I am not at all concerned if all 10 don’t make the team? Every year we draft 6-8 players and then we sign a whole bunch of undrafted rookies. Every year some of the undrafted guys make the 53 or the PS and some of the drafted ones don’t. Seems like the undrafted do better than rounds 6 and 7 actually.
  12. Bob in STL

    Brandon Frickin Beane Man... 😎😎👍🏾

    All I said was he is executing to a plan and he brought in 8 players that could help. The culture is changing. Listen to what the players are saying. This team is turning around. I saw the same things happening in the Polian/Levy era.
  13. Bob in STL

    Brandon Frickin Beane Man... 😎😎👍🏾

    Yes, Beane is executing a plan. Last year was painful to see such a young team with very little depth but I was impressed to see them improve and play hard all season long. That was good coaching. It certainly looks like he brought in 8 players that will help. More coming, plus the draft. Beane is proving himself. A positive winning culture is being set.
  14. Let’s not get too excited just yet. Last year they fielded a mostly minor league team, started the season with Nathan Peterman and no veteran qb on the roster, and the depth was so non existent that they could not play any facet of special teams well.
  15. Bob in STL

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    I don’t know if he starts but if he pushes Teller to be better that would be great. I think he will get a chance. Every player in camp should get a fair look.