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  1. Peoples reactions and thoughts on this situation are fascinating and in some way represents a microcosm of the divide we have in the country today. I had no doubt that as soon as the “tainted evidence” came to light Kraft would benefit. That law is there to protect you, yet in this case there are people who want to ignore the law. People in this country are at odds over much these days. Another consequence from 24 hour news outlets fighting for ratings, internet news/blogs/forums, and social media and the cell phone connectivity. Special interests and those pushing political ideologies sure know how to take advantage of it.
  2. You will see improvement immediately because they were terrible last year. The OL does indeed take time time to come together. Line calls, signals, and just getting five players to be in sync blocking versus stunts and disguised defensive fronts takes time. Once real bullets fly you will see some OL mistakes but by mid season you will see less. Since quite a few of the new guys are vets that is encouraging.
  3. I fully expect Josh to take a step forward this year but I think year 3 will be his breakout year. The Bills offense is a work in progress. You have a completely new OL that needs time to jell, that could take half a season or more. You have many new WRs and TEs for Josh to work with. Josh himself has much more to learn on technique. Is he going to play like Mahommes in year 2? Likely not. The running out of excuses comments are not accurate when Josh himself did not make excuses. He was considered a project with a ton of physical skill. Nothing has changed.
  4. Free pass to what. Stop worrying about the media, they don’t play the games.
  5. Passing league until the last month of the season in the AFCE. Then you need to do both equally well. This guy blocks like a tackle, a good tackle.
  6. He is a tackle but can move around a bit ... plays very fast and Elite talent. I think he could be a home run pick.
  7. If he steps up and reaches the potential he was thought to have then we gave a pretty solid group at WR. Big”if” but let’s give him a chance.
  8. Jack Kemp was a very good QB and a very great man. I loved the AFL and the Bills of the 60’s. Football was only part of it. Read this -> https://www.buffalobills.com/news/when-football-makes-history-bills-lead-the-1965-afl-all-star-game-boyco-14794478
  9. Yes mid 90’s, and thanks for your insightful comments.
  10. No doubt that Buffalo does not have a great history of drafting or acquiring TEs. We had Ernie Warlick in the championship mid 60’s teams, he was very good. We also had Paul Costa who we converted to OT. The 70’s an md 80’s did not yield much. We drafted Rueben Gantt in round 1 and he was very slow to develop. Paul Seymour was converted to OT and was very good. We had had few good TEs that got injured such as Mark Brammer and Keith McKeller (early SB years), Tony Cline (mid 80’s) and Kevin Everett. Pete Metzellars was a reliable receiver and a great blocker, we did not draft him. Charles Clay was ok for awhile but not worth the big contract. Jay Riemersma ok. Lonnie Johnson meh ...
  11. That’s just Al Davis being Al Davis. In 1973 the. Raiders selected Ray Guy in the first round, pick number 23. He ended up being the first pure punter in the Pro Football HOF.
  12. Beane definitely knows more about the draft, and about football talent evaluation, and about what the coaches say about the players. You know now what you read on the internet, just like the rest of us.
  13. Year 1 one was playoffs, even when they started to clean house and stock pile picks. Year 2 was all about drafting Allen and Edmunds. They gutted the team to clear salary and restart. Thankfully, and despite fielding a very low talent and very young team, Coach McD pulled a decent season out of the second half. Year 3 Buffalo is making moves in free agency and the draft and they still will have plenty of cap space to work with. I see the fans 100% behind Beane and McDermott. I see us winning 8 min, and more likely 10 games which includes playoffs. The fans willl be happy with this progression from last year. Year 4 we go to solid playoff team status. Beane and McD are on solid ground. The Bills are on an upswing. No one Is talking about any leadership changes. That would be bad.
  14. We will know fairly soon if this kid is an NFL back. Beane did leave some nice prospects on the board to draft him. I have faith.
  15. Not a great WR class and things did not fall that way. Draft the best players that improve your team. Our top 4 of Brown, Beasley, Foster, and Jones look much better that last years contingent. We have a few more WRs coming to camp, plus the kid that returns kicks and 2 UDFAs. This group may may lack a star player but it’s far better than many of the groups we had.
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