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  1. Sounds like you are in law enforcement so I will defer to you -. Oliver clearly did not get special treatment. I am just happy Oliver was clean on all testing. Good for him.
  2. For most of us, you blow 0.0 and they should let you go. Especially if he was polite and cooperative. According to reports, the open beer can was apparently used as a spittoon filled with Tobacco chew juice (allegedly left in the car by his friend). It would have been simple to explain that. The video of him walking during the sobriety tests to me showed no red flags, although i m not trained to make that call, I saw nothing obviously wrong with him. Special treatment - Unless you think that special treatment is being held in jail, being subjected to a blood test, and long delays getting results, I see this as the opposite of special treatment.
  3. Wow. I am grateful we had Ralph Wilson all those years, even with his many gaffes related to running the football side.
  4. The Jets had to get rid of a malcontent like Adams. They got a lot in return too. Good move for them. Adams should fit in well in Seattle but the price is very steep.
  5. Interesting information here. Of course the Bills lost to the Jets playing backups but the two teams look closer that most Bills fans realize. Almost every NFL game seems to come down to a just a few plays that separate the winners and losers. Sarcasm was intended.
  6. This is terrible news. I want Adams to be quiet and Gase to stay with the Jets for awhile.
  7. For their records as a Buffalo Bills player Kelly 5 Thurman 4 Reed 3 Moulds 2 OJ 1
  8. It think will be Red Tails which is cool and could yield a cool logo too.
  9. The 2004 team’s play was below their talent level. Not impressed with this Bills team.
  10. My sister and her husband are driving in from Dallas on July 1 and this is a big concern now.
  11. Mostly known for kick coverage. He returned 44 kickoffs, mostly in his early career, and he returned 32 punts in the last few years of his career. My point is that on special teams he did whatever was needed.
  12. Think about it more. How many great special teams players could cover punts and kickoffs, return punts and kickoffs, block punts, and recover on sides kicks. He was exceptional and should be recognized for it. He was a great slot receiver as well. He would have helped in SB XXV as a receiver (Beebe was out) but they didn’t know what they had yet.
  13. Really a painfully dumb statement in bold.
  14. Yes. He was the best all around special teams player. Coverage, returns, everything. He was a also fine receiver we sat too far in down the depth chart for too long.
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