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  1. I would like to see Joe B stay in that pocket. There were times that the left side leaked like a sieve. No wonder Allen missed open receivers on his left. Number 95 was in his face all game as was a blitzing LB or DB.
  2. I collect everyone’s coins and offer to buy beer with them.
  3. I think this game is a trap and the Dolphins could beat us with Fitz throwing 4 TDs. Which means we coast to a 31-10 win.
  4. The media frenzy surrounding any team that signed him would be unbelievable. I just can’t see it.
  5. I stopped reading right after the bold sentence. Should their coaches quit on Elway, Manning, Kelly, Farve, after 9 games? None of them looked very good at that point.
  6. 8 carries for Singletary... I would have a talk with DaBollski about that.
  7. Really hard to believe. We traded an All Pro left tackle. Drafted countless running backs, none of which were star players. We haven’t had a good TE since Metzellars. Lee Evans and Freddy Jackson are probably the best we’ve had on offense in that span. Since Polian and Butler left we have been terrible
  8. He called 20 runs and 41 passes on the road, with the lead for part of the game. With a QB that struggles that is bad. Loved that bomb on 3rd and 3. Allen at least has youth as an excuse. Daboll has never once had a productive offense on any NFL team, ever.
  9. The process is forever, it is not a 2 or 3 year thing. Think New England, they have had winning processes (i.e culture) in place since Parcells got there. Bellicheck continued them, and perfected them. I think the Bills are improving and the entire organization is gaining respect. Sure, they have had an easy schedule so far but no teams control that. They have a decent shot to make the playoffs, losing today hurts but there will be opportunities to recover. Allen is the key. If he fails short you draft another QB, an another, until you find one. But you keep the talent base up so that whoever comes in is not starting with the mess that Allen had last season. No more rebuilds, now we can enhance and coach up. We need playmakers, especially on offense. The draft and free agency will provide more opportunities to add them. The cap is well managed. The players we have actually want to be here. This year the talent is much better than last year and they will get even better.
  10. B- for the Browns game? No way. It is time to stop looking at only at stats and give Josh the eye test. For today: Deep ball - F (not close, not one ball within a foot of a receiver) Medium range passes - F (no completions over 20 yards today) Short passing - C Overall accuracy - D. I don't care if he completes 60% of his passes when the receiver continually has to stop his route and adjust to catch the ball. There were drops but most of the time the receiver is forced to adjust, think about the sideline, or think about not getting killed because Josh's passes are off target. He simply does not hit the receiver in stride enough. So while his accuracy as a function of completion percentage is good, but when you look at the throws he makes, and the ones he misses, you can see an accuracy problem. It is obvious. Decision making - C+ . He did some good things sometimes. Made some key runs, and did not throw any picks. Pocket Presence - D. He is blitzed a lot because he shows he cannot read a blitz and react. Read the blitz and hit the hot receiver quickly, make them pay. There is still too much running around and too little stepping up in the pocket and letting the ball go. He is still not adept at making a defense pay for blitzing by a quick read and react --- instead he can sometimes generate a broken play scramble were he uses his incredible athletic gifts to make a play. There is a controlled way to handle blitzes and at some point he needs to learn this and make the game a bit easier. Ball protection - D. another fumble that could have killed a drive. Running - B Best part of his game. He should run more designed plays and less improvised plays. He plays better overall, when he makes plays with his feet. It gets him flowing better. Two minute drill F - abysmal use of sideline, and time management. Never has two plays ready back to back. Never works from no huddle with at the line play calls (This criticism could be more on DaBoll ). Overall = D Given his performance today, and that of the offense in general, we could have only won today with great defense, good special teams, and some turnovers. We got very good defense, poor kicking, and no turnovers so we fell short. Note: I am a Josh Allen fan, and I am pulling for him. I just am seeing him more clearly after a full season of games over the past two seasons. He still has a lot to learn, and he needs more help from the coaches and better players around him.
  11. He was money right up to the time that the Jets player blasted him and injured him. I was mad that they asked him to kick a 53 yarder given how his season and his game is going. I just hope he does not turn fragile.
  12. Josh was not even close on any of them. Thankful for that because one time he threw into triple coverage. He is still making some bad decisions and although his accuracy seems to be improved (if measured by completion percentage), he throws balls that are often not on target, making he receiver stop or adjust to get the ball. Our team YAC must be low because he does not normally hit receivers in stride. The eye test still show accuracy issues.
  13. We had enough time to score and we had one time out. How about the offense learn to run two plays back to back. How about the offense not waste time in the huddle, maybe try a no huddle for a change? How about the offensive players (Brown and Singletary) get out of bounds, which they each failed to do on the last drive. The blitzes we tried did not work on Cleveland's last drive. Watch the replays.
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