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  1. Agree with your last sentence. Everything else is looking for excuses to discount the play of the Bills, or the opponents that they beat. The ONLY thing that matters is the W at the end of the game. You don’t get anything extra for “wining convincingly”.
  2. Hard to gauge the Browns v Bills on based only on their games against KC. Long season, injuries, depth, and schedule will all factor into a NEW season. Allen and Mayfield are the keys.
  3. Probably neither as this guy will be stashed on the PS.
  4. The need is swing tackle. It’s an important position and he could develop into a starter. Why are so many not seeing it? Most were expecting a C/G. They may have players they like at 5 Thru 7.
  5. I like stock piling the DL. A dominant DL makes everything else easier. I think we go corner or C/G with the 3rd round but you never know who is left and how Beane has graded them. With no 4th rounder but two 5ths it will be interesting.
  6. He must have had a very high grade, more so than a corner or OL that we liked.
  7. Amount of investment? You invest where needed. We have a top tier offense and a mid tier defense. You have two DEs well over 30 with a year left on contract. Look at the backups. This player fills a position of need and he maybe a BPA too.
  8. We are not one offensive player away from winning the AFC. We could be two defensive players away. Draft DL and CB as early as feasible.
  9. If the NFL got rid of the draft or the salary cap the league would become like the professional soccer premiership. Only a few teams have any chance of success.
  10. McGahee, Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast, and Coach Greggggo
  11. Great stuff. Facenda helped create the image of the NFL back then. Looking today at all the NFL coverage on TV, Internet, social media. All the ex jocks and Bozo’s out there. The saying “less is more” really rings true.
  12. Probably so. I like that Beane not only re-signed his best players at a discount relative to past markets. The good thing is McBeane have a culture that make players stay. I think this is a bring competition in signing. This guy might be pretty good too. I like the position we are in.
  13. Lots of potential. Good signing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Beane scores again.
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