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  1. Given a shorten season is likely, this year it makes sense to not have an international game. But I do understand your comments.
  2. Agree. We could be going back to the days of Bills and Phins dominating the division, assuming Allen improves and Miami finds a QB, and especially if Bellichek retires soon.
  3. Cancelling International games makes great sense at this time. I have a hard time seeing camp starting on time, but i have confidence that we will beat this virus. The whole league could be playing a modified schedule this season as a result.
  4. Interesting and insightful. Thanks. I wondered why they didn’t keep.
  5. I am not missing the fact that teams use two running backs. My point is whether you pick one at 54 or wait another round.
  6. Games are won and lost on the field. Top talent is just one part of it. Preparation and execution are even more important. Let’s win the division and get home field playoff games before we jump to conclusions.
  7. I picked Taylor. If Singletary misses any games this will be a great move. If he doesn’t miss games then we have a nice 1-2 punch for windy winter ground and pound in New Era. This combo will open things up for Diggs and Co.
  8. Pick #54 is very important to the offseason. I think you need to get a player that can be a solid starter at some point - that would mean Edge/OLB, or OT, or CB would be in play. Drafting a RB or a WR is basically drafting a rotational player for now. We could really use another RB to compliment Singletary or another WR threat to eventually challenge for the #2. I’m glad Beane is handling this and not me.
  9. In two seasons Beliicheck will be gone, and you will get your wish.
  10. Right On! Best defense in the AFL in the mid 60's. Harry Jacobs at MLB, John Tracey OLB, with Stratton at OLB Butch Byrd and Booker Edgerson were the corners George Saimes - was an all AFL Safety. We also had Tommy Janik and Haygood Clarke back there. Cookie could have probably started at LB too if we needed it.
  11. He made some errors but he did more things right, the important things. He outlived many of his contemporaries. Chris Berman did his HOF speech and was humbled and honored. That says enough about him all by itself.
  12. All we needed to do win the first SB was to hand the ball the Thurman. They played a 3-2 defense with extra DB's in a zone to take away deep balls and the crossing routes. We ran all over them but it was just too late … our offensive coaches did not call a good game at all. It was easy to run out of the K-gun and we could have forced the Giants go back to their 3-4 which would of then opened up the passing lanes. We gave up 20 points. Our offense was never on the field and our defense was tired and worn. That was a contributor to all the missed tackles in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Blaming Jeff Wright is revisionist history and incorrect. We played 90% of the game exactly they way they wanted us to. We had the better team but Parcells and Bellichek completely outcoached our staff. That is why we lost.
  13. The trading or cutting of Murphy seems to be a big topic. A healthy Murphy will be a real asset this year. I do not think they planned on losing Lorenzo, Shaq, Phillips and Murphy. I think Murphy stays.
  14. Great post ^ It says something about drafting and developing WRs, which can be tricky. Teams are willing to trade for a proven #1WR, even with the upcoming WR rich draft.
  15. The Bills as an organization are thriving. I never said the offense was, I am talking big picture. Can you think big picture? Stop dissecting my posts and making assumptions when I never said anything about the offense. I am talking about entire organization. The perception about Buffalo has changed for a lot of free agents too. Can you grasp this concept? So, The organizing is thriving under Beane/McD. I think it would be an error to replace them if Allen does not pan out. That is my answer to the OP. Finally, I did not say finding a QB would be easy, but “find another QB” is the reality show Allen nit be the answer. I don’t think Beane/McD are interested in past foibles by past regimes and I trust they would be better than most any of the execs we have had if they had to draft another qb.
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