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  1. I recall Jim Ritcher, a first round pick and an All American in college. He did not even start until his 4th year in the league. Ended up playing 16 seasons in the NFL and 2 pro bowls.
  2. The best thing for Darnold is to never play another game for the Jets and get a fresh start with a better team next year.
  3. They dressed him for depth due to concern on other injuries on the OL. The “football decision” was to keep the momentum going that the OL had, there was no need to put Morse at any more risk with a bye coming. Cleared to play is very subjective when it comes to concussions and of course McD is not going to say that publicly. Why is this so hard to understand?
  4. None of us will ever know what the coaches grading was relative to Feliciano v. Morse at center, or Boettger v. Ford at LG. I would take PFF and fan opinion with a grain of salt. The negative comments on Winter seem unwarranted too. While not a start performer, he has been very useful given the injuries to Feliciano, Ford, Morse and the fall of Spain. I am happy with the depth we brought to the OL this year. We seem to have done better job on OL than on the DL.
  5. Larry Csonka was another great RB from Syracuse.
  6. Yup. The Dolphins won a few in a row with goid fortune, turnovers, and special teams. Today they we handled by a 3-7 Broncos team. Tua is out. Fitz is Fitz. 9-7 is very likely their ceiling.
  7. And where are the guys who last week where saying that the Dolphins are the best team in the AFCE right now? Yeah, that point differential really helped them today.
  8. McGuire was one of the best AFL punters and excelled in the clutch coffin corner kick. He also played linebacker. In college he played both ways at End and LB, he led the NCAA in receptions at the Citadel. Moorman was also a fabulous athlete and one of best punters in his era. These are the two best, from totally different eras.
  9. Too bad you missed 2000 thru 2016. McDermott and his staff are actually very good.
  10. This team was terrible for 17 years. McDermott turned it around during a rebuild, not after one. I don’t get the criticism. The “we beat awful teams” comment is ridiculous. We play the schedule we are given like every other team. We deal with injuries like every other team.
  11. No problem. Anything I can do to help a lost Dolphin fan.
  12. Please stop with this. You don’t even know if Davis can cover anybody. The play was not even design to be a Hail Mary. Hopkins made it to the end zone because the play was broken. It looked to be designed to get 20 yards to a the sideline and out of bounds. The QB got flushed out and almost sacked - instead he bought time rolling left. That time is what enabled Hopkins on a scramble play to get into the end zone. The pass was perfect, Hopkins jump was perfect and none of the Bills made a play. Further, we did not deserve to lose because of the 3Q. We dominated the first half and we took a 14 point lead in the 3rd quarter. Using your logic did Arizona deserve to lose because they fell behind by 14?
  13. They are not better until they pass us in the standings. We have more wins, we beat them head to head. Their defense is playing well but ours has played 2 straight decent games against two great offenses with lots of injuries to deal with. Let’s get Milano back and healthier in the secondary and we shall see. Let’s see what Tua does in the stretch and under pressure before we anoint them.
  14. You could find something on most plays if you want to drive yourself nuts. We had a stretch in the 3Q with 5 penalties in 7 plays and we earned every one of them. The only questionable call was the late hit 26 put on a DL.
  15. Yup. We are in it. We are more than relevant We get some badly needed rest this week. That game got away from us. Move on. The NFL is a tough league. Most games come down to a play here and a play there. They have to learn from it and get better. How are they better? That’s crazy to say.
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