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  1. You won't be a fan of his, but you will agree to sign hm to help us win.?? That says a lot about you.
  2. Edmunds is one of the guys that other teams coaches talk about when the talk about our defense being tough to play against. Fans that complain about splash plays must not watch the game in detail. Who else that big can cover as much field as Edmunds? If he becomes a FA, it will be a mistake. Pay the man. Find a way Beaner. Edit: after looking at some of the salary numbers the most likely way that we keep him is if he stays at a discount to the market. Will he stay to win championships with Buffalo? It may not matter if we want to sign him but simply cannot.
  3. Look back at the NE game, at the pass he missed in the end zone at the end of the game - he was led a bit too far, so I am not going to critique that. What is noteworthy is that the announcer said it was the same route that Diggs ran and scored on, he said something like "same route as Diggs, only not run as well". He does a good job on long routes in getting in good position and using his size. Davis needs a lot more work getting open on short and medium routes. He will get more targets and be more useful if he can take that step.
  4. Experiment? Over the trade? What were you expecting? The next Thurman Thomas? He is a role player, and his role right now is KR/PR/spot RB.
  5. I am hoping the 49er's and Bengals can come up big. It will be fun to watch and not stress about the Bills, they are getting well-earned rest. Whatever happens we have to win our games, one at a time.
  6. I don't get these comments. He has carved out a role as the extra lineman in running situations and gets important reps with the offense - and when called upon he has done well. Not one guy in that locker room, coach or player, would argue that. Hart is not a starter we all get that. But he is vet that can fill most OL positions and has contributed this year. Look past the obvious.
  7. I think the doom and gloom comes from all the illnesses, injuries, missed practices, and from playing 3 games in 12 days. Here is to beat the Pats* and then 9 days between the next game - heal and prep for the big run.
  8. It is going to take a team effort for this one. Offense - Diggs, Knox, Motor Defense - Milano, Tre, Oliver
  9. He came to a church fundraiser breakfast back in the mid 60's and he ate with us, sat at the big boy table, and then spoke to the crowd about his career and the role of sports in his life. My Dad said he did it for free. Quite a gentleman. Different times. Joe O'Donnell, another Bills offensive lineman, did it too. RIP Al.
  10. Would like to see some 2 TE's sets. Let Morris help pass block and Knox play the slot.
  11. I don't hear an anti-Bills bias from Romo. He was making excuses for Allen's play due to the elbow injury. Until then I was still believing the elbow was not a major factor. I still think Allen's performance drop is a combination of things (his own mental mistakes, his supporting cast, play-calling), and not just the elbow.
  12. This game is very big for division tiebreakers. We have to beat the Pats* twice to have a winning record in our division. That is an important tiebreaker that we want to get.
  13. Yes, he would have value on the Bills roster, especially if Von has to sit out. But he didn't get shipped out of Buffalo just when they "got good". He played in the AFC Championship game two years ago and he was part of the 13 second debacle last year. He played on 4 playoff teams. He had a good run with the Bills and would probably want to retire a Bill.
  14. Still no. The Bills have been winning for several years dude. Jerry played in the playoffs in 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Nine years and 4 winning season with playoffs. Keep making crap up though.
  15. He looked great playing against 3's and 4's in preseason. This is a lot different. The NFL in November/December is 4 levels of play higher than that. He needs some time to develop his game.
  16. Eh, no. He was here up to and including last season. He was part of all the recent playoff teams.
  17. Wait, this can't be true. I read on TSW that Bobby Hart is not good. How could this be?
  18. No, they shouldn't. Know your target audience. Lots of teens and younger men watching football. Majority of them do not have a heavy beard yet. Picking a handsome, well spoken, popular, star player like Josh Allen will sell more blades to young people than picking Grizzly Adams.
  19. I agree with the first sentence because I think we need to throw some new wrinkles at Belichek. Rest assured he has digested everything we did to him last year and he has looked at all the film this season too. We need to pull out something new, maybe Hines can be that. The Pats* defense is very good, and they will be ready for us in Foxboro.
  20. I am going with the basic assumption that Shakir does not get open enough and maybe even does the wrong things at times. I do not think Josh trusts him enough in crunch time. He trusts Diggs, Davis, Knox and McKenzie much more. That is where he will go. It takes a while for some receivers to develop, and it takes a while for them to get on the same page as their QB. An injury to Crowder is the reason we are even talking about Shakir. It is not like he emerged from great play in practice. This is not preseason against 4th stringers. Josh and Shakir have had little time to work together. Next year Shakir should be much better. This year you take what you can get from the 5th round rookie. He is promising but probably not going to be an impact player just yet.
  21. TRUE. We have not successfully replaced him. You are correct on that point. No one is arguing that. You are wrong to believe that he is the same player he was 2 and 3 seasons ago. He is not. If he was, he would be showing that on the field. Let it go.
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