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  1. T master

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    And get rid of the pads & just give them all flags on a belt so no one gets hurt !! ๐Ÿ˜ท
  2. About 3 weeks ago i did a post saying that AZ needed to draft Murray & trade Rosen to a team like the Giants or the Fins & there was a bunch of fans that said it was stupid , no way they will trade after picking Rosen in the first last year, but given what their new head coach has said in the past i stand by what i said ! If they choose Murray with the 1st pick they can get another first IMHO by trading to a team that is in need of a QB of the future if they don't they wind up in the same position as the Redskins a few years back & have a good back up which ever QB that might be & if nothing else they have some trade bait for future drafts but we all will just have to wait & see what will happen ...
  3. T master

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

  4. T master

    Bortles released

    SURPRISE !!! NOT !!! ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. T master

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    Not real sure but he for sure didn't help Eli at all !! If he has a plan he must be a mad scientist because i don't seem the Giants being very good this year because although i'm not a huge fan of Beckhams he was a talented player & him & Barkley would have been a good pair to build around on offense . Time will tell !!!
  6. Of the 3 mentioned AB is the biggest douche he signed a contract & then cried & whined to get out of it which sets a precedent to all the young & up & comers to let them know if they don't like whats going on just take your ball & go home . Willis was a ass with the way he left the Bills after they drafted him & let him rehab while getting paid yah that could be a good one for top douche bag award for sure but he didn't screw the Bills the way AB did his team so AB is still top dog ! Lynch i think gave his all the first 2 years but when he started to go off the rail a bit showed he didn't want to be here & that sucked but he didn't flat out dis the Bills like AB so Marshawn still has some love from this Bills fan I think i will always route for beast mode !!
  7. Per this Bills fan Drew & his client are both douche bags ๐Ÿ’ฉ!! He like a leach just along for the ride scamming as many teams as he can along the way !! ๐Ÿค‘
  8. T master

    Why not OBJ?

    Why would we want someone that acts that big of a fool on the team ? Players like him, AB, Sherman, & a few others i can think of i can't stand to even watch when i see a article on them i cruise right on past it because they are media hogs & alls they want is the camera pointed at them for what ever stupid thing they are doing to grab attention . Sorry but ill pass & if he were to come to the Bills i would probably look to watch the team less than i do now, guys like these although they are highly talented players will be the down fall of the NFL in part . Not so much for the younger millennial's but for the fans that built & watched the NFL for decades !!
  9. T master

    One Bills Live was hilarious today.

    Buffalo & the Bills have high character people in & around them both we didn't need some one on the team or in the city that lacks in that respect he's a perfect fit where he went ! I just hope when the Bills play him Hyde or Poyer deliver a really good hit or better yet Edmunds & puts him on the bench !!
  10. T master

    Brandon Beane's Most Impressive Move as Bills GM

    My vote is for not brining a JA like Brown here & putting the team in cap hell for a whiney ass diva WR !! Just saying ...
  11. My vote would be yes his actions to this point have proven that he has a solid plan & is implementing it in every move he makes . Some moves work others don't but he's not made the ridiculous moves like were made to bring Sammy W in when other players were there as good or better . Every move is planned out & thought through to make the Bills a better team i think the Bills are in a good spot with him at the helm !!
  12. No not at all Bean is doing what ever he can to make the team better as he had said a thousand times I would be more disappointed if he never checked to see exactly what was going on with AB even though i never wanted him to come here as he didn't want to be here either ! https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/3/8/18256010/reports-buffalo-bills-antonio-brown-trade-to-buffalo-nixed-because-brown-didnt-want-to-go-2019 But Bean is a really good GM he will get the particulars in any situation that could help the Bills & once he has all the facts will make a decision from there some he will hit on like the Jordan Phillips one & others he won't like the Benjamin experiment but he is doing his best to find the talent to make the Bills a winner ! So i still think he is the same guy he said he was from day one & is doing what he said he would although i have read post stating he is "In over his head" those folks apparently have less of a clue than i do & i'm far from a football expert !!
  13. WOW that is a tough one ! Either way you go can be a win though because Dion has always been talked as a versatile player who can play most any where on the line & he even started out at RT, so if you pick Taylor move Dion to RT & your T situation is solved . But because McD likes versatility in his players & they have Williams higher on their board & choose him they could do the same with Dion or leave Dion where he is & use Williams at RT & keep Teller in the mix then you only need one guard . Or if they do bring in the guy from Carolina Daryl Williams at LT move Dion to RT draft J. Williams & put him at LG & Teller at RG O line solved .
  14. Why do you think the deal didn't go through ? Because Bean is not over his head he is doing what any good GM would do & seeing what is out there to make the team better . That being said i believe thats all he was doing because when the rubber hits the road McD IMHO would never bring that guy with all he has done & said against his former team mates here. He is a player that was shown up By Ju Ju & because he wasn't "The Guy" any more is stomping his feet & taking his ball & going some where else . But Bean is in no way in over his head he was inquiring about a player & he was probably low balling because he knew the guy was a douche bag & that's why the deal was doomed from the beginning because Bean wasn't going to give what the Steelers want !!
  15. T master

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    Sure i expected Bean to shake the trees a bit because he's a really good GM & he leaves no stone unturned but given the type of person that AB is not the player i never thought that either McD or Bean would actually spend what it would take to bring him here !! The dude is a cancer not as a player on the field he's great but if he doesn't get his way & he has said as much going forward he will do the same thing all over again to the next team he's on it's all about him & screw any one else ... Good riddance to bad rubbish !! See yah AB !!