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  1. T master

    CJ Spiller

    I was a huge CJ fan when ne was brought in even though it wasn't a real smart move when they had Fred & Marshawn on the team at the time, i thought they would get rid of fred & not Marshawn but did ! After CJ left i think he has had ample time & attempts to prove his worth to a team but to this point hasn't so i think it would be a waste of time . They brought the kid in from buffalo college I hope he does as well as Stark & Mack have done given the chance but i would tread lightly with CJ !!
  2. If Shady was in FL that is where Ritchie is at (or thats where he threw the weights at that dude) so i would think there could be a possibility that they had hooked up while Shady was down ! Although Ritchie is bat **** crazy maybe he can give some insight to Shady not being involved but i'm sure they would take his recent past moves into consideration while talking to him ...
  3. T master

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    I can't believe this F N crap !! If there is any truth to this entire thing & Shady did any of what has been said to this point i hope McBean & company throw his butt to the curb !! If this has happened which i hope it hasn't he has ruined what other wise would have been a great career !!
  4. T master

    FredEx Always Delivers

    As far as fan favorites i'd say they would be 1 & 2 you can't beat either one for being a class member of the Bills for sure !! Got a Freddy J jersey want to get a Williams jersey this year & I'll be a happy tail gator !!
  5. T master

    What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

    10 to 3 age over Bills last year in the play offs ranks up there pretty good !!
  6. T master

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    Of coarse they did we are the Buffalo Bills in the "Experts of the NFL" eyes they can't do anything right !! Same as it ever was !!
  7. T master

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    Now that's what i'm talking about what a stand up dude all about family & giving back to them that is great was sorry to see him move on he was a good player i hope he has a long a great NFL career not many left like him in the NFL !! You go Flash Goodwin !!
  8. So our Bills are moving forward the FO has made all of the right moves this off season & during last season to put the Bills in the position for a very positive future not only at the QB position as it looks now but in the LB er & quite possibly some other positions on the team like the D line & O line . But hereing & reading about all the great things Tyrod is doing in Cleveland if he has a super year & with the talent that they have put around him to succeed out there how many of you will be the ones that say "SEE I TOLD YOU HE WAS A GOOD QB" or "I JUST KNEW THAT IF HE HAD THE RIGHT WEAPONS HE WOULD BE GOOD" ! And how many of you will be "THAT DAM BEAN HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT TT" I know a lot of us me included thought Tyrod was a great team mate but fell short as we all have heard 1000 times since his departure & a lot of us wish him well there as long as when he plays the Bills he stays the same as he was while he was here & doesn't make us all look foolish for which he has a ton of motivation to do just that !! All of his new team mates are praising what he has done to this point & we all know what a huge arm he has for the deep ball but we all know what we thought are & will be his weaknesses again this year at least we hope . http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000939539/article/jarvis-landry-tyrod-taylor-has-looked-amazing I have all the faith in the FO & the decisions they have made recently, i for one think that AJ given the chance will be great & prove all the nay sayers wrong especially if some of the WR group steps up . But TT can be a scary QB at times i just hope they haven't given him the players that he can develop a real good chemistry with & make us once again go DAMMIT !!
  9. T master

    Grade the OL

    I'd say a B everyone is freaking out with Ritchie & Wood leaving but i think the moves made in the draft & FA along with who they had on the team they will be fine given a bunch of reps . Also finding a replacement for Mills would be a step in the right direction !! I don't know what they see in this guy but its something that most all of the folks out side of the Bills that are writers of different articles that i have read don't see that's for sure !!
  10. T master

    Grade the OL

    I think & hope that the worry over the O line is just worrisome fan reaction to the losses that have happened this off season . The over all experience of those that have either been here like Groy & Miller or those that have been picked up like Bodine from other teams as possible replacements for the likes of Ritchie & E. Woods seem to me to be ample replacements for those 2 !! Especially with Groy filling in admirably for Woods when he was hurt & being bigger than Woods . I think the weakest link in the O line is the O line coach Castillo !! Sure he may be a good guy but was given a late spot on a SB winning team (i believe the Ravens) & really hasn't done much to prove his greatness as a O line coach . I believe that our previous O line coach that went to the Rams A. Kromer is 10 times the coach & think his blocking schemes to be much more to the strengths of the players on the roster then & now ... As far as players though i think the talent for this line to be really good is there as long as the coaching & scheme can match with the talent available !! Oh & the fact that they need to find a knew RT to replace Mills !!
  11. T master

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    I always liked Whaley i think his short coming was trying to please every one around him & not having a firm vision himself on what he wanted for the team like Bean does . The draft he did with Mcdermott landed some good players & they made some good moves . Whaley's history in the draft proved that he wasn't scared to do what he needed to do to get the player he wanted which i admired to a certain extent . He was a wheeler dealer !! I think the huge down fall for the team was hiring Rex after Whaley setting the team up to be a 4/3 D then bringing in Rex & company then trying to pigeon hole the players that were brought in prior to fit a 4/3 then drafting Lawson a 4/3 player in college to fit a 3/4 just proved Ryans ineptness as a HC !! And Whaley allowed some of it to go on weather it be from pressure or stupidity from Brandon & higher ups . He should do well at this gig he is a good scout so i think the job will fit him well !!
  12. Boy i wonder what those here that wanted the Bills to bring him here think now that he has this hovering over him ?? With his actions prior to the trade i didn't think he was a Mc Bean guy !!
  13. T master

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    After what Chris Brown said that upon his first introduction to T.O. that he wouldn't look at him & had the wet fish hand shake & then him saying he is dissing the HOF & the NFL by not showing up at the induction ceremony i would say a huge no let him go to Mcdonalds & apply for a job !! Plus when these guys go into the hall a team that they played for usually step up to pay for their after party & none of the teams he played for have offered to this point so what does that tell you ?
  14. Never liked this guy when he came into the NFL he thought he was a ll that & a bag of chips because of his daddies legacy & apparently thought he could skate in the NFL !! If he could have sold his ego he would have been a gazzilionaire but he has proven he didn't have what it took ... I wonder just what his dad thinks ??
  15. He better be for that kind of cash 😒 Dam !!