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  1. The thing is what person in their right mind would want to go in and put up with the BS a cop has to ? At first in order to get the point across that you have to obey the law & restore order in places like Seattle & Portland there will have to be some force used there's no way around it and if the bad guys have guns (which you know they do) if you think the higher paid cops won't use theirs it's not going to be that way . Bad guys no matter if cops have higher pay are gonna be "Bad Guys" and they don't play by rules actually they would rather have no rules that'
  2. They never know when just routine type situation can go very bad !! Wouldn't it be nice if we or they never had to worry about such things happening 🙏 .
  3. To that i reference Jim Plunkett considered a major bust and a high draft pick that in time given the right team, coach, scheme, and more than enough experience by watching & learning from a back up position when given the chance made it work . I know this analogy is a once in a lifetime thing but it has & can happen we never know what lies ahead it just may not be his time and all the stars are not aligned just yet .
  4. There are those ignorant people walking around unfortunately and their rights are the same as you & I which some times is very hard to swallow !! But by using BLM it automatically involves 1 & only 1 race which could be taken by some to be racist in it self then there are those that say only some BLM because of publicity purposes . Why not have the heading ABLM ? https://www.carolinacoastonline.com/news_times/opinions/letters_to_editor/article_ac4de5a0-c1ea-11ea-8a4b-8f0af5982cba.html ALM means there is no racist content or racism in the statement
  5. Maybe if she corrected some one and tried to make her opinion over theirs then i could see it being not real smart ? And Do not all lives matter ? Just asking We are all created in the image of god so i would think we all matter especially to him and those who love us no matter our skin color . We all need to get along and unite against any kind of racism going either way .
  6. As i said in my post definitely not while she's in her robe & or on the clock but if on her own time she is trying to learn & understand some things i have no problem with it !! Because she is IMHO trying to better understand something that most see as white people not being able to from that perspective . If you don't know you ask , as they say "there are no stupid questions just stupid answers" ...
  7. I know Az. had no O line per say to give him any time the kid got his brains beat out while trying to learn the system not o mention the changing of HC's and the scheme so i don't really see that was being a good start . Not real sure of the Miami thing but he was still learning that scheme and still pretty much a rookie in some senses since then i have lost where he is now but if those are the chances you mean I'm not thinking they were all that good almost like EJ did while he was here .
  8. I've done some of the same things with a couple of my black friends and asked why it's okay for a black person to use the N word but not white people they told me it was a term of some kind of endearment which I guess but it still makes no sense from a common sense stand point . I think a lot is in the delivery ! I know i grew up listening and repeating the great Richard Prior my brother & i said it because he made us think in some way it was okay to say those type of things because it was freaking hilarious but i know if i repeated some of the things he said on his album title
  9. Just wondering though do you think it could be because of the way he was handled ? The dude hasn't caught a break as far as coaching or stability goes we all know how bad that can be on a QB's development especially being Bills fans . I think the guy has what it takes but he just needs to settle down under a stable coaching staff and give him a O line that can protect him & a scheme with the time to learn it and he might be a good NFL QB but we may never know . I always thought BB & the Pats would be a good landing place for him as far as developing his skills .
  10. I think they keep him around like they did last year to develop & when Tribs leaves next year they will have a viable back up going forward or a possible player available for trade to another team to get some draft capital or to entice another team to trade with the Bills .
  11. If he could be a better fit than Vernon Butler or a back up for Star not real sure who but if it's better than what we have at that position i'm game to bring him in to see if he would be a fit .
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if Beane some how some way got him to come here on a 1 yr deal that he could with the money coming from the Browns still make the cash he would have if he was a allowed to stay with them . Always thought he was a good player & i think he would be a upgrade att hat spot for sure ...
  13. Okay i need a little clarity on this subject is it the wasted years prior to or after the Super bowl run when Marv was here ? There has been more than a couple wasted yrs if you have been a Bills fan a long as some of us have 😜... Super Mario in his prime would definitely be a welcome sight .
  14. Some of those are batted passes that could have been intercepted but weren't so i would think there is a difference . If a pass hits the defender in the numbers or fairly close & dropped then that's on Josh but if a defender jumps and hits it up to then have a attempt at a INT that's not the same so is it really 21 ??
  15. I'm not the one that chose Trump as the candidate for the republican party (I am a independent) i don't care republican or democrat i just want the candidate that puts whats best for the country over all as their priority and IMHO should have some knowledge of how to run a very large company & knows the basic principles of how to balance a check book . Hillary comes from a long line of "Swamp" creatures or career politicians & has enough history that based on that i chose to vote for what i thought was the lessor of 2 evils so if that is what you meant by "I guess that's s
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