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  1. Everything is lining up perfectly for the agenda that the POTUS wants to impose on us all & the entire Putin thing has given the perfect excuse that just helps to make it easier for them to push this on us . I heard a clip the other day of a Biden speech & he wants us to get off of fossil fuels & use more electric, wind & solar which hey thats fine to integrate it if it's our choice but I feel it's not . Shutting down a lot of the domestic drilling was first to raise the price of fuel to make us all think electric is the way to go but they needed more then the pandemic was the next excuse but wouldn't you think with less cars on the road there would be a surplus of fuel ? Then Putin gave them a even better excuse to get the prices even higher to make it harder for all of us to make our pay check last and in some instances they won't even consider implementing what they stopped when he became the POTUS . He said he was going to release so much per day for a while which was only a band aid to make us think he gives a crap but in reality he doesn't ! I have noticed the price of fuel going up again & eventually i feel he will make enough excuses to let it go far enough to almost cripple the economy as to push his electric agenda further . It's awful funny that before the pandemic when the economy was humming along there was no shortage as far as supply & demand but now even with less people working & the supposed shortage of truck drivers which would mean less vehicles on the road there is a shortage of fuel does that make any sense ? I can't for the life of me see how any one can think we are now better off seeing all that has transpired in the span of 2 years everything has been turned up side down & there are still those that think this guy & his parties agenda is better for the country i apparently missed the memo because i'm spending almost double on every single thing i buy . Yet there was a interview with one of the Dem economists that i saw & have tried to find but couldn't in that interview the women said inflation is all part of the plan of getting the country back to where it was & it is necessary . Not sure where exactly she studied at but i don't want her touching my check book ! It's all working out though the excuses are there for the taking & the Pres. is using them to the fullest extent instead of doing things here that could d help he will just let it all flow to his agenda & they all think Trump was in bed with Putin boy this looks like Biden is thanking him in spades for his help with his direction he wants the US to go . In the end i would think that this entire situation would show us just how much we need to bring the manufacturing of goods back home as to not be under the thumb of other countries nearly as much as we are but instead of the US being the leading manufacturer we are now the consumer & at the mercy of others add the fact of less domestic drilling of oil that just adds to our problems but pushes the agenda along perfectly .
  2. My what was to stand down & stand by had absolutely nothing to do with what i wrote prior to that reply as usual you pull some BS change of direction instead of actually answering or replying in a coherent way to what was said . If you've ever read anything or should i say comprehended any thing i have written you would realize i have said they are all the same & all pander to those they want to get on their side . I myself just always choose the lessor of 2 evils . It's just some are more blatant about it like the afore mentioned dressing up in African garb that was found to represent a different tribal culture that the one they were trying to pander to. If you thought for 1 minute that any of them in that setting truly cared about those they were pandering to & didn't recognize it for exactly what it was i'll pray for you because your just drinking the Kool aid .
  3. For god sake if you believe anything coming out of either party as being the truth then we are all fools there is the same kind of BS happening on both sides by all politicians republican & Democrats alike . When will we ever learn they are ALL out for them selves and their agenda "We the People" are on the absolute bottom of what they really care about . Their prime thought is to do what ever they can to keep them in office as long as they can to complete the task at hand which we will never know about or even care about . I use to wonder why my old man use to speak so ill of the gov't but now if you just look at the BS from both sides you would be hard pressed to find even 1 that truly has the will of the people at the fore front of what they want to do it is mostly about controlling those they lead in some form or fashion .
  4. But Biden & the Dems don't pander to anything to keep the divisiveness going do they ? Like the time Pelosi, Schumer & other Dems all kneeled with the African dress on in what ever chamber they were in to pander to those of African decent & didn't even have the right dress for what ever persons they were trying to pander to ! Never saw Trump pull that BS . But you won't admit that that action was pandering . Then the Dems pandering to how it was "Peaceful demonstrations" while in peaceful demonstration mode those persons burning down gov't buildings in different cities and Dem leadership wouldn't let the police do their jobs and how Trump was a tyrant when he called them out to use National guard to get control so innocent people weren't hurt . Yet it was a all out "Surrection" (& all Trumps fault) when stupid people took it upon them selves & made a adult decision & stormed the capital of their own stupidity . You & others that believe the same really know how to talk out of both sides of your mouth ! Or as my dad use to say "your taking out your ass because your head knows better" !! Your just one that sees things the way you want to and no matter bad or good you will not acknowledge it unless it fits what you want it to as long as its what you believe to be . Like the away you look at inflation in general & gas being $4.29 a gallon now you blame it on everything & every one else but what it is & who brought it on .
  5. Racism is a really good crutch & the go to in a lot of situations ! I'm not saying that it doesn't exist because it does but many have risen above it and many others could if they didn't focus so much on that & just work their asses off like a Ben Carson, Opra, Denzel & many others instead of listening to the BS of those like others that continue to fan the flames . Like in a earlier reply every time something like this happens instead of focusing on what the true problem is that being the break down in letting others know that there is a person running around that could do what these people do because there were a ton of red flags this guy was flying yet they wait until it's to late and lives are lost . Then every single head line is "A Racially Motivated Crime" which it was but instead of calling it a tragedy which it is no matter the color of any ones skin they continue to fan those racial flames first & fore most to keep it going . Don't focus on how the ball was dropped as far as people not letting others know this kid could very well be a huge problem & then following up on it after knowing his thought process this kid was the problem not the gun not only because he was a sick deranged white person there are blacks out there that have done the same thing . Then every chance this POTUS gets a opening like this tragedy he jumps on it & continues to fan the flames to keep the division going . Sure it should be part of the conversation but the tragedy & the break down in stopping nut jobs like this kid should be first & fore most .
  6. He's radical only in that he will not follow the status quo & goes against every thing those in DC (the Swamp) stand for ! Because he has been a very shrewd business man & 99% of those in DC are life long politicians/lawyers living on BS promises they can't keep with a agenda & Trump went against the majority of them ! That is why he is radical because he wouldn't conform to what the swamp wanted him to but seeing as what has transpired since he was voted out in comparison to who's there today i'll take him as the lessor of 2 evils because this guy now in office is part of the problem & not a business man at all !!
  7. When he came out in the draft he was one i wanted the Bills to get bad & has proven to be a good player over his career despite his injury year but that is a good get for the Fins i think they will be a much tougher out this year if the new HC gets them playing up to the talent level they have on the roster .
  8. Edmunds although a good player not the elite player they thought him to be i don't think he will be here even if he does make a huge step the contract will price himont of the Bills range . But he doesn't have a ton to prove he's already shown him self as a pro bowl LB . That being said Duke Johnson is it ? If Cook proves to be the guy they drafted him to be then i don't see him sticking around he has to prove that he's as good or better than Cook . Last year they had Motor, Moss, & Berida this year i feel it will be Motor, Cook & possibly Johnson + the FB . Moss has a ton to prove ! I never liked the pick for what they wanted or needed him to do he's to light in the pants to be the Bills short yardage back & given who they now have in the back field he will be a healthy scratch (if here at all) most of this season & then gone i hope . Hodgins has a huge climb ahead of him given who they have drafted I don't see him here unless he just blows to coaches away in mini camp .
  9. Whaley might not be a bad candidate for the assistant GM job here although i don't see it happening Whaley could learn how to run a team with some balls like Beane does . Whaley's worst thing which was not a terrible thing is he tried to please the HC to much and should have stepped up on the hiring of the HC he did relatively good in the draft except for the move he made for sammy i think some tutelage under some on eellike Beane could do him good . But like i said i don't see that happening .
  10. Well being the team that made it to the SB 4 times & lost i'm thinking that McD would & should have quite a bit of rope , this team was in the longest winning drought in professional sports history & has now been winning every single year since he's been here so because he doesn't take you to the SB every year you want him gone ? Let's look at some teams that should be teams the Bills should pattern them selves after & my first is the Steelers who have had only 3 HC's in 52 years or & 16 over all 18 in 50+ and 2 championships to show for it so stability hasn't been a strong suit of the Bills . I think other than a complete melt down during the season but i don't see that happening given who they have on the roster i would keep McD it is rare that you get a team stepping together the way that the GM & coaching staff does . Besides if those calls last year were made by the people he hired then they are the ones that ned to be gone . Could that once again have been the reason why Farwell left because he screwed up then why did Frasier called that D at that time sure McD is the HC but he hires those people to make those calls . Ultimately it all rests on his shoulders at the end of the day but i'm not ready to get rid of him as of yet i think he has learned and will possibly make some more mistakes at times but over all I'd rather have him for the future than most any one else out there at this time .
  11. In reality how can they pass judgement when there is only accusations isn't the way it works here is Innocent until proven guilty only then for a judgement to be passed ? This is still America last i looked . I know the NFL marches to it's own drum and if they have done a complete investigation & have enough proof as to what happened then they can more than likely do what they feel the right thing but it seems as a little unusual that 22 + people have the same story for it to be all of them lying about the same thing . I think Watson should have at least 1 year suspension with no pay if in fact the allegations show to be true ! It sounds from what little i have read on it that he would try subtle things to invoke actions that were on the cusp of not being right to where he could go "Oh excuse me i'm sorry" and feel he was okay after he would touch a masseuse with his private part which is BS on his part . My thing is why would the Browns give him all the cash if there is no verdict yet that's jumping the gun a bit but that's the Browns . I hope they make a example of him !
  12. This really seems like a match made in heaven for both parties the Browns have made a bunch of foolish mistakes in the no to distant past but had looked to be coming out of it until they signed Watson . What were they thinking that any of this would look in any way good on the team with no given reactions to what the accusers have said to this point yet . Sure you have a guy that can play the QB position better than most but when & how long will it take & what will it look like in it's conclusion ? TO guarantee that kind of cash then to completely piss of your #1 over all QB pick that has done good things for the franchise that makes him ask for a trade WTH were they thinking i guess it is just the Browns being the Browns .
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