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  1. Oh okay i read that exert in a different article but i was told it was a false statement and just put out as propaganda & if that is what he referenced in his statement then he must be more foolish than we give him credit for !!
  2. Well by now you should be coming up on being a thousandaire because you weren't given the $450 million but he took that amount and has become a MULTI Billionaire and weather some know it or not it is a good business practice to buy faltering companies when money isn't a issue to show a loss . But "Politicians" and their followers don't get what being a Businessman is all about they only go to law school to learn how to misconstrue words to be able to screw the American public such as you into believing they are smart kind of like Biden but hey maybe the 4th time running for res will be the charm ! It amazes me that people can think certain people that were community organizers can be more fit for the business of running a country than someone that has been in business their entire life and has learned through failure and consequences to those actions to come back but in our every body gets a trophy culture today your response really doesn't surprise me in any way ! Not to mention that before Trump became the President most all those that are now dissing him wanted to be his buddy but oh how things change ! And it is still very apparent how the losers are pissed at him winning !! So keep on hating and you might need to update your meds to keep the delusions about Joe being the answer he's only been BSing people for over 40 yrs why would he stop now just because he's running again ?
  3. You can find all the apology posts but i want to read what he said in the first place to cause such a uproar or is that being squashed because they don't want him being in the NFL to put a worse light on the what they are trying to change ??
  4. Does this mean Shady is not going to Philly this year ?
  5. Mary is the broke Aunt that has done nothing with her life she lives in a row house unknown to others in the family she just figures it's her time to capitalize on her a family member that has done good for themselves and won't share with her so she wrote a book because Donald was a little s**t to her a t a family reunion 40 yrs ago . It just a theory !!
  6. Relevances ?? The man has went on to be a "BILLIONAIRE" by failing at things learning from it and facing the consequences to then come back to be in a better position after, not to mention becoming the President with a good business acumen Unlike many prior that have been President . Then there's the fact he whooped ass in the election which was thought to be all but won and the opposition just can't seem to get over being booty hurt for 😞 which is the reason for high school posts such as this 👏 . Hey i was told he cheats on his golf game there's a huge piece of life changing information for your next post WOO HOO ... Vote for Joe he'll get you a high paying job for a foreign gas company and you won't have to know a thing about gas other than another name for gas is flatulence .
  7. They say rats are really good if you take out the disease .
  8. The NFAC that is pushing for this movement to give them Texas . The NFAC stands for "Not F**CKING Around Coalition" never heard of this one . Will there or Can there ever be enough given up to make it right ? Help me understand why this will help . https://caldronpool.com/heavily-armed-black-militia-call-for-black-ethnostate-well-take-texas/ Hate has no color it just breeds more of the same !
  9. Of course China makes their jerseys/uni's, sneakers, sends them players gives them a place to play in a summer league probably makes their basket balls, back boards, jumbotron in each arena and the concrete to build them . CHINA OWNS THE NBA so they have to show them respect .
  10. They can't get together on normal every day things what makes any of us think that Pelosi & the gang will try to make anything easy on the Pres. to this point they have tried to go against anything & everything he does to try to make him look bad no matter the cost so why would this be any different and why would he ask for their help ? After so many times of bashing your head against a wall that s**t starts to hurt so you finally say screw it i'm not getting any help anyway so ill try it with out them I can't say i blame him . Even if he does something good someone will make up some other BS so why not ? The spike in cases is all about his campaign thing in OK. and opening the economy so it won't completely send the nation into a full blown depression has nothing at all to do with peoples individual ignorants going out with no masks in tight public ares not to mention the protests see how it works no blame there . Like always it's the Pres. it can't be anything else ...
  11. In todays world this will become the norm there is someone out there that will try it anyway because of some BS reason just to try to cash in but turn their responsibility to what ever team they choose to go see probably the Redskins even if they change their name just because of all the hurt they caused by the name ! Then coming very soon they will be giving out a trophy for all teams that didn't win the lombardi but did participate in the season so no one will feel less than each other it's only right ...
  12. So because they were building a bomb before we gave them the money that extra money the US gave them didn't allow them to expand or buy the rest of the goods needed to finish the bomb or hire more scientists to speed up the process i don't understand you r point .😕 I believe you don't give a murder more money to go buy more guns or ammo you stop them from it not help them . Watch the movie 13 hrs it tells exactly how it went down by the people that lived through it then get back to me . But before you do ask yourself how you would feel if put in the exact same position . Besides politicians/Lawyers (Which learn the law in order to manipulate it through wording) make their career out of twisting the truth to fit what they want to get accomplished so do you actually think they won't do the same in a investigation ? Hell she lied about taking Sniper fire in Bosnia in 2008 what's a couple more stories to her ? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/05/23/recalling-hillary-clintons-claim-of-landing-under-sniper-fire-in-bosnia/
  13. Dammit man that's freaking nuts !! The Bills don't need it !!
  14. Wow that's saying something because he never says anything good about Buffalo !
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