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  1. That didn't matter a lot last game against these guys & despite playing a team last week that was something like 30th against the run the Bills abandoned the run & got beat, then you give the Fins & Fitz the prior tape from the earlier game this season & the Bills had better get their preverbal S**T together or they will have back to back loses ... Especially if Fitz Magic is having one of those runs he gets on just saying !!
  2. Well my answer would have been different if the OP would have said position but he said positions plural so that was my reason for my reply, but to reply to you if a QB is running for his life or on his back every play no matter if you are Brady or Manning it won't matter now maybe a Favre or Rogers maybe but a pocket passer is doomed if they have no line to protect them just my humble opinion ...
  3. Why doesn't this guy just go to the CFL then he wouldn't have to stand for the anthem because he's not Canadian & he could prove or not prove to all the folks in the NFL right or wrong how good he is or not & make money while doing so ! Got to give it to him he is stubborn !
  4. At the beginning of the year with all the new pieces to the offense being brought in i thought it would take time especially for the O line to gel & that by mid season we would start to see some improvement & then closer to the end of the year they would be hitting on all cylinders & showing what they can really do . To answer your question that is what i am hoping for because i believe the talent is there & we have seen flashes of (if used correctly by the coaches) these guys can make plays & score points but i think the coaches on offense are struggling as much if not more as to how to use the players they have ! A lot of coaches formulate their scheme around the strength of their players & by trying to make Josh a pocket passer i think that is hurting him, trying to run Gore around the end is no longer his thing run him between the tackles & use Dimarco as the old style FB in the run game, & Singletary is crucial to getting him going too! Singletary was drafted because of his ability to "make people miss in a phone booth" so as they say, Just Do It !! The have the talent !
  5. It amazes me that 2 guys (Murph & Tasker) that live around the game 24/7 & it is their job to know about football can know so little ! I heard Tasker say that the other day on the show & then he layed most of the blame on Josh being a young QB, well i will give him that Allen is still growing but the kid in SF last year Mullens & the guy for the Jags this year Minshew should really suck but don't if being a young QB has anything to do with it . Not to mention this is Allens 2nd yr in this scheme !! And Tasker also thinks that Dabol is doing a good job & it's just that Josh isn't executing the plays correctly which yes could be part of it but not using Josh's natural athleticism by moving him around on boot legs & Dabol not giving the running game a chance to even get going is killing the offense & Josh's development . With the talent on the offensive side of the ball there should be no reason why they can't score at least 24 points a game & i think most of that is on the coaches ! Tasker along with his cohort need to leave the real analyzing to those more competent ! Given the remaining teams on the schedule I'm not betting on 11 wins & there could be the possibility well never mind i don't even want to go there ...
  6. So given the fact that they only had 8 & 4 carries between the 2 main backs last week you are making that determination ? The 2 main backs are averaging 5 & 4 ypc when given the chance to run the ball & not relegated to being a blocker or a decoy . You can't expect a run game to generate anything when you don't use it & only if after changing it up by using lets say your FB in different formations or different blocking schemes could you make that determination . This O line is 10 times better than last years so in my limited knowledge from a fans perspective i'm thinking that if some one like say the Bills old O line coach Kromer had these guys with say a A. Lynn as the RB coach they would be a lot better unit (but that is wishful thinking) McD needs to get the people responsible for the run game trying something different or at least tell them to not abandon the run so quickly & not give up on it with only 12 carries in a game, sure if your getting no yards every carry that's different but they averaged 5 & 4 pc against the Browns . I also heard while listening to a pod cast that the way Gore is being used by making him try to run around the out side edge of the formation is the wrong way to utilize him those days are gone & that when using him between the tackles (which we have seen while Singletary was out) he is much more effective. So i'm just thinking those that know better than we do have seen why Gore's production has not been as good, the guy didn't get over 15k by giving him 4 carries a game & being a blocker the rest of the time so i'm thinking at least part of the blame could be put on some one with a bit less experience like the coaches maybe ? Just a guess ...
  7. If Dabol continues to use Gore as the back to go around the end then yes he is losing a step but when he is used IMHO correctly as we have seen earlier in the year as a between the tackle type runner & given more than 4 carries to get into the rhythm of the game i think he can be a huge factor in these games ! He didn't get 15k yards by getting 4 carries per game & the guy is as tough as they come & a lot of his yards come from running up the middle so use him that way & more ! Don't just give up even with a 8 man box good backs will produce & between Gore & Singletary they are averaging 5+ ypc so run them, run them, & run them some more !!
  8. Someone like McD should drop off the tape of that game at Dabols office door, there is a lot of things Dabol could learn from watching that tape especially how to use a (what was once thought) a top FB in the run game instead of just giving up on the run ... And by the way yes to answer your question !!
  9. Okay some of what he says is true but he said they were stacking the box i get it but in his other statement he said you have to have confidence in your guys & you hit some & you miss some, if thats true then why just pretty much abandon the run game ?
  10. Sorry i just don't see the comparison . Just saying !!
  11. I think the Bills have the talent to get the job done & given what happened if Haushka hits the 2 he missed Bills win thanks in a huge part to the D I think it was a huge mistake to abandon the run game given you have a HOF back that is 4th all time in yards & a guy drafted because he can make people miss in a phone booth quote unquote ! It seems as though like some coaches from the Bills past they aren't utilizing the talent they have to it's fullest, & they are abandoning a game plan to quickly . The Browns are very talented but so are the Bills & i think if they would let Josh air it out a bit more like he did last year design more boot leg type passes to use his athleticism in the passing game & use more designed QB runs (like the Ravens) then don't abandon the running game & use Dimarco more in the run game like the Vikings did against the Boys Sunday night it would be a different result ! With Duke, Beasley, Brown, Foster, Dimarco , Gore , Singletary, Yeldon, Josh, & the others they have as weapons this team could be unstoppable if used better IMHO !!
  12. Thanks ! Here's a couple of other thoughts too given the game 2 days ago now. You have a back that is what 4th all time in yards ? How did he get there ? How many times have other teams during his career has other teams tried to shut him down & haven't ! What happened to letting a RB get into a rhythm ? Singletary was drafted because they said he could make people miss in a phone booth so if that was why he was drafted why not let him show it against a team that is like 30th against the run ? What kind of message does only running the ball (i think i heard) a total of 22 times send to the offensive line ? To me it tells them that we can't trust you to do the job so we are going to give the task to the QB to win it because you are not worthy of the task of running the ball . I heard E. Wood also say on 1 Bills live that he talked to AP & he said as a RB he would rather see 9 men in the box because once he gets by the initial 9 it's a open field so the question is why give up especially on a team that is ranked so low against the run even if there is 8 in the box as the all knowing Murph says 🙄 Maybe you have to change the plan or chip on guys or for crying out loud what is Dimarco on this team for when the Bills got him he was rated one of the best FB's in the league, did any one here see what the Vikings did to Dallas with a FB as a lead blocker in the Sunday night game ? You don't just give up on the run with a back that is 4th in yards & a hall of famer & a guy that was drafted for making people miss in close places, just saying ...
  13. I don't think they will get to 10 wins i'm starting to believe the narrative that all their wins came by beating crap teams ! If Dabol doesn't utilize his talent better they may not even make it past 7 wins https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/11/11/20959111/snap-count-notes-buffalo-bills-at-cleveland-browns He may be a pass heavy coordinator but this is ridiculous !! Just look at the total of carries each running back got in yesterdays game & if that isn't a red flag i don't know what is !!
  14. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/11/11/20959111/snap-count-notes-buffalo-bills-at-cleveland-browns
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