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  1. Yes i do believe in the virgin birth and i do believe in the bible being truth apparently you don't one day we will both find out & i would hate to be in your shoes ! How am i excusing Trump explanation please ! I'm not bashing any one i'm telling you truthful things that he has screwed up . He stops domestic oil drilling so we have less oil so the US has to depend on OPEC for more oil which causes the prices to go as high as $7.00 a gallon from $1.78 a little less thann a yr ago . He screwed up relations with Canada due to stopping the pipeline, he screwed up relations with France because of the nuclear sub deal, he let China dictate to him what they were going to do as far as stopping the tariffs and he along with no one else holds them accountable for what they pollute but America & other countries have to foot the biggest part of the bill on it while they get away with continuing to pollute . He screwed up the Afghanistan with drawl causing peoples deaths !! Then there is the southern border crisis the even his colleagues said he created after it was pretty much in check & he has had to go back to the Trump law to keeping the illegals in Mexico and allowing those that do come in to not be tested or quarantined while they ship those people all over the country at night & on & on& on . And yes i am sure i am a christian because i believe christ to be my savior and try as flawed as i am to live by the bible unlike those here that do not believe like you ...
  2. I believe more than just it's existence & there's nothing mystic about it ! I believe in its contents and try to live by those words but take it you don't just because of your answers . Which explains a lot of your foolishness ! With that being said we all are born in to sin and fall short of being perfect which is why we need christ in our life . So to answer your typically foolish & rhetorical Trump question he is not perfect either . But Joe on the other hand in your eye's is far better even though his incompetence has been proven over & over again with every move to this point of his presidency . Yet you can't or i should say won't focus on the blunders of who is in there now which is the reason why you always use the bait & switch political method of looking backwards and refuse and go along with the foolish & incompetent decisions of the man you voted for . Which i guess your lack of fore sight & foolish sheeple type admiration of him is honorable because no matter what he does & no matter how foolish or bad it actually is for the country & the people that occupy it you stand behind his every move no matter how foolish it may be and you prove it more & more with every reply .
  3. So your saying she is basically like those that are telling every one they need to get the vaccine ?? Also scatter brained how ?? As far as the lying part on QC i wouldn't know but you put forth as if you do . In every equation - which because of your question i am guessing you don't know him very well or just don't believe in him or the bible at all .
  4. This is a fairly long but good watch that has some information in it that looks to be viable but each of us will have to do our own research to find if this is something we need to be concerned about but i do agree with having god in the equation . I don't expect any responds to this but i hope some may see this as information they can research to make a informed individual decision . https://www.sgtreport.com/2021/11/dr-carrie-madej-this-technology-is-diabolical-and-should-never-be-used-on-children/
  5. Common sense in the eyes of a fool or ignorant people never makes any sense !! Great answer "So What" As usual - i don't know why i waste my time i should know by now you can't fix stupid ...
  6. We are polluting so much if by We you mean the US WE have been one of the biggest countries to make change in green house gases and over all pollution over the last say 50 yrs . How about the POTUS & NATO along with all the other countries that are having their economies restricted so bad putting the clamps on China, India, and all the other countries that are polluting 100 times more than the US instead of the US always being the fall guy for all this crap . But first we need a POTUS that has a set and won't let them dictate what they are going to do and can think of a conscientious plan (Good luck with that) that could be implemented but with the new administration going backward and being China's buddy they know they have us over a barrel . As we saw at the beginning of covid & still in some ways are seeing if all the things manufactured in China were being manufactured here there would be no supply disruption because it would all be right here on American soil moved by American trucks but all's China (or like OPEC) has to do is slow down their production and the US is at their mercy . Which was something the previous administration saw as a weak point and was trying to change that by tariffs and the possibility of bringing those companies back here where they belong but thanks to the buddy system the new administration all that was for nothing ... Hell i read now how Hunter Biden has now helped the Chinese buy a major copper & cobalt plant which are key components in building batteries for electric cars so just another way the Chinese will be allowed to benefit from the Biden buddy system !! Once again it will all be swept under the rug - this country is so screwed under this "Leader" & by the time you all wake up and see what actually is going on it will be way to late the damage will already have been done ...
  7. I would like to see them throw in a wrinkle like moving Ed around a bit given his great first step i would like to see them put him on as a DE in a couple of plays just to see first what he could do & also just to mess with the opponents head a bit and in that same thought use Andre Smith in a more traditional 3 LBer set . They have all kinds of talent and could keep other teams guessing a lot more by throwing in something different from time to time with who they have half the battle is disguising what yo are going to do so they don't know the element of surprise could be a plus who knows as long as it doesn't make the D worse give it a shot .
  8. Hey we look great on paper and when you put each team up talent vs talent but it's not showing up on the field and that's where it counts !! The Bills are a S**T ton better of a team than the Jags and they couldn't score so none of that matters at the end of the day if you have another L in that column the only thing that matters is if there is a W instead of a L at the end of the game . Like my old man use to say "i thought i farted but s**t my pants" it kind of pertains to this in just about the same way ...
  9. This jack ass meaning the POTUS has also sent oil from the US reserve to Asia i read some 1.6 million barrels he won't be happy until he puts the country into total reverse from what it was just to get his save the country from green house gases BS agenda in full mode while making every American go broke doing it . Yay let's here for him Tibs & Billstime this is your guy what a DA ... Worst president ever !!
  10. He knew he didn't have a chance to start and possibly even to back up due to Josh staying healthy and if he even wants or thinks he's a starter he probably wants a better opportunity for that chance but i don't think it's a huge loss for the Bills . I do think he would have been a good back up after this season .
  11. More fulfilling a agenda like the green new deal - with in the first 100 days 52 executive orders reversing what gave us $1.78 gas prices 1) stop domestic oil drilling 2) kill pipe line for future energy independence 3) pass bill to put money in auto manufacturers to electric programs 4) gas prices raise 60% over the first year in office specifically due to executive order to stop domestic oil production 5) push second covid bill to start inflation 6) due to higher gas prices, inflation & taxes strangle American public into buying electric cars 7) all while fuel is what is needed to produce the electric so electric prices go up because of 1-2-3-4-5-6
  12. Maybe here in the US construction started in 2020 but EC energy have been manufacturing pipe and paying people to move equipment and they had started building in their country since the US permits were okay'd in 2017 it's just the liberal BS red tape here that had stopped the building of it here in the US . Then the loss of jobs is always a plus 1000 people in Canada lost jobs as soon as your President stopped the pipeline on top of the production jobs being lost north of the border i bet they are saying Thanks Joe ...
  13. I hope this won't be true but to this point this season the Bills have beaten most every one they should have but when it comes to proving they can beat a good team they have fallen short . The Pats are hitting their stride as usual at a good point in the season & this game will be no walk in the park for the Bills they had better bring every thing they have because if they don't this one will be another one in the L column . Over time is a requirement from here on out in the Bills facility if they expect to make the play offs and not only by the coaching staff but by some of the leaders on the team ...
  14. The dude is and always has been about team & i don't know if anyone has the heart that this guy does i would love to see what he could do if he stayed completely healthy for a off season & during the following season he definitely is a player i think helps the Bills D and proves it with his actions !!
  15. See that's the ignorants of that post gas was $1.78 not $3.50 (that''s what we B**ch about) and it's only directly due to this POTUS executive orders to stop domestic oil production and in the future stopping the pipe line to keep America energy independents all while developing alternative energies . Add to it the ramifications of pissing off a life long ally while doing so plus the fact that if you raise the minimum wage to $15 a journeyman wage will have to double because flipping hamburgers is not worth $15 a hr . Use to be out of a week with 7 days x 24 hrs per day being 168 hrs a week minus 40 = 128 hrs left to be productive i use to go work a second job to make more money but todays kids are L.A.Z.Y. and want all the entitlements/free bees of being a American ! Sure they need to raise the minimum wage to $9 maybe $10 a hr but for the most part places have done that on their own because they need and want good help but we also need to know that by doing so it's all relevant meaning when you do raise wages all other prices will have to rise accordingly but ignorants doesn't see that and never will ... The drug prices they won't be as apt to put a cap on because that is the back door money from the Super Packs during elections for the politicians along with that of the chemical companies while the EPA, FDA, & others that are suppose to keep us safe look the other way so it all can continue . But you would rather B**CH about something that you don't like about Trump still a year after a new POTUS has been screwing things up rather than see the big picture which proves your ignorants even more with every "IT WAS TRUMPS FAULT" answer and tweets from people like this wombat ...
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