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  1. Apparently these young guys haven't heard about UBER just yet it's a lot cheaper than a DUI maybe they will catch on soon ...
  2. If i'm home due to my job i have already made plans to go i have a step son that has a friend that has season tickets & he's set up, he is a Titans fan which i am to when they aren't playing the Bills but i pointed the game out to him when the schedule came out & he said we're going now i just need to be off & at home on that date 🙏 I will have on my red Kyle Williams jersey & drinking a beer for the Bills victory !! Not sure what the tail gating is like in Nashville but i know it can't compare to B/lo !! GO BILLS !!!
  3. OMG !!!! 🙀 One more thing i forgot to write in the post things i don't care about in the NFL is madden ratings !! Just saying ... But it does give you all something to write/talk about & i can be that guy that always bust someones balls when ever you write something that you all don't give a 💩 about 😆 Turnabout is fair play !! GO BILLS !!
  4. Given the injury to their top draft pick & now this it looks like it could be a long season for Andy & the offense ! Not a great position for the new HC to be in either i bet he's having night mares !!
  5. There is a video posted of Mahomes chucking a ball out of Arrowhead stadium which our very own J.Allen almost did last year during a game & there was some talk in the recent past of a Mahomes vs. Allen football toss to see who could throw it the farthest ! Is this video the gauntlet ? Has Mahomes by doing so called out Josh to show em what he's got ? I think so !! http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000001035835/Mahomes-did-what-QB-throws-ball-out-of-Arrowhead Come on Josh you got, now you can't let this go on the NFL network & not go back at him let's do this thing show them what our guys got !! There is a video that is pretty cool showing Josh throwing to someone diving off a boat to catch his throw but i think this is Mahomes calling out the Bills QB to prove who has the strongest arm of the young guns !!
  6. Second chances can be a good thing for those that have made bad decisions in their life so i hope he does well in this endeavor ... It has to be better than his playing carrier !! DID I SAY THAT ??? 😏
  7. Why wouldn't they increase the roster size if they are going to add games which i think is stupid but i'm just a fan ! I've heard in the past they would do this by cutting the pre season yet i have heard other ex players & annalists say that even with the way the pre season is set up now & the lack of training camp with the CBA as it stands that it takes the players a couple of regular season games to get into actually game shape 🤔 . So lets add 2 more games to the season & take 2 games away from the preseason so then the 2 regular season games that it now takes the players to get into game shape turns into 4 games to get into game shape, but because the NFL can make more money ! Then having the possibility with leaving the roster at the same size & losing more players due to not being in game shape at the start of the season with the lessened amount of camp & pre season to get into said game shape makes a ton of sense to me !! Probably just as much sense as this rant makes to all of you 😎 ...
  8. There are people here that think he should already be fired which goes to show what they know But he would have to have a epic failure of a season i would think for the Peg's to let him go . They are smart enough to know that given the young players they have & the new players brought in that it will take a little bit of time for them to get on the same page despite those that are in yr 2 with this scheme & all . The D i think will be the saving grace this yr & i believe that it will take a few games for the new pieces to the offense to get in sync with Josh & i look to the later part of the yr to be the proof in the pudding so to say as what to expect from the guys assembled on this team this yr !!
  9. Can only imagine what the taxes are on that place probably a big reason why he's selling out !!
  10. Seeing as you could be the best QB in the league but if you didn't have a decent O line & scheme to go along with it i voted BB He has been able to bring in players that can keep (for the most part) Brady clean enough to get done what he needs to along with a scheme that the other players brought in on the offense that at times were less than elite players to get the job done with in that scheme to help Brady in every way to be the GOAT . The emphasis has been on team with the Pats it's a some of all the parts but there has to be a master mind to put those parts together & it has to involve a lot more than luck to make it all work especially as long as it has !! Even on the rare occasion when Brady has went down BB would insert another QB that would pull off good results with in the scheme they ran & even losing or getting rid of other great players on the roster in the past he always seems to make the parts work which is his strength !!
  11. Thanks to Leveon & AB there will now be a rash of this kind of thing hitting the NFL as if they don't make enough money as it is !! Levon wound up screwing him self though from a conversation i heard, the Steelers actual contract would have paid him more than what he agree'd to with the Jets but his greed won out to screw him in the long run!! I hope the owners don't start caving to these kind of tactics & find a way to make them first honor their contracts that they signed initially !! Or just let them sit with out getting paid at all & see how that goes over !! I seem to remember the a very classy MJ saying before one of his first contracts was up in Chi town that he "would honor the contract that he signed because he did agree to the terms in that contract" but then he went on to say something to the effect of - but watch out for my next contract because then i will get paid . But those days of honoring what you sign are long gone ...
  12. Having a Julio Jones is a great player to have because the guy is $$ when it comes to needing a play to be made but i'm hoping that the team concept in the Bills wide receiver room will prevail in that there will be a number of really goo WR's to go to and that at least one will be open for Allen to find . Brady has been doing it for a long time with out a true number 1 i just hope Allen has been paying attention & Dabol can pass on what he picked up while being Pats employee !!
  13. Sorry didn't have enough room for the goose that lays the golden egg thing 😁 but you get my drift ?
  14. WOW 3 of them have me rethinking my position on him i would think his first sporting event would be the super bowl as the QB for the Bills then the Bieber & will Ferrel answers for me dang 💩!!
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