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  1. Didn't even know you could still get Braves gear that's pretty awesome Diggs going old school Bring on some McAdoo !!! Love it !!
  2. It would be really nice if you could find a news out let that didn't have a agenda or just reported the factual news from investigative reporters with out bias but i don't know if one exists . Comedians too . Use to be you could watch a show and laugh like back when Carson was on or in the early days of Letterman it was great because they took us away from all the BS a little political stuff but not a lot but today "funny" has a hole new meaning and direction . I have pretty much given up on both avenues for any entertainment or info I truly don't know how Colbert will
  3. The Bucs have a great D and a lot of offensive weapons and then there's Brady ! Green Bay has a great running/passing game and Petine is a good defensive coordinator and then there's Rogers ! The Cheif's are the defending SB Champs need i say more and then there's Mahomes/Reid ! I don't know if i can pick the toughest one because not one is a slouch or they would'nt be in the AFC/NFC Championship games . I didn't vote .
  4. They replayed the week 5 game and Singletary didn't do terrible in that game he had some good runs Moss i thought not so much but i didn't watch it again in it's entirety so he may have had a couple .
  5. There are some rules in the NFL that i have always had a hard time understanding !! If the ball crosses the plain of the goal line it's a TD if the person holding the ball crosses the plain and the ball doesn't but his feet or any other body part touches the end zone and the ball doesn't cross the plain it's not a TD . But then if the ball crosses the plain of the goal post and comes back out it's not a FG ? You have to keep control of the ball going to the ground in order for it to be a catch even if your elbow, knee or rear end has hit the ground before you
  6. Well by the owner sitting back and them letting Obrien do all that he did while there I'm thinking that it wouldn't be all that far fetched if they did do something like that to try and some how right the ship the owner should have stepped in and never let D hop out of the building and fired Obrien immediately just for thinking of letting him go . All's D hop ever did was show up and do his job as 1 of if not the best WR in the NFL . Seems to be as great of a person as he is a player .
  7. When the Bills win the super bowl there will be a lot of demons exercised from the perception of Buffalo and the Bills !! They played a rerun of week 5 last night on the NFL network and it's not far fetched at all that the Bills can beat KC and if you look at the stats on BB.com by the stats the Bills are a superior team but Josh needs to be what we know he can be and the D needs to do what they did last week and it will take care of it self .
  8. I guess If you want to learn how to be a champion you need to learn from the best .
  9. US money works because the US gov't and other gov't says it works and to this point it does but if they continue to print more & more & more money a day will come that will be like you going to the bank and continually tell them i have the money and i will pay my debt and always come up short . Someone one day will call them on it and when it comes i hope you have a alternate plan because you won't be at the top of their list to run to your house and help you & yours bet on it ... Our grand kids and their kids will pay the price for the incompetence of ALL
  10. If you could do a version of this and change the word B***H word to Bills or leave it in some places should be the Bills song !
  11. I heard when he missed the catch in the end zone he did something to his ankle ??
  12. Well the Colts will have plenty of really good veteran QB's to choose from . Wentz Stafford Tyrod Ryan Dalton And who ever else i forget and that's not even counting the draft .
  13. If any of them knew how to balance a check book i would fall out there hasn't been any since Clinton and the sure wasn't because of his wife that has had any success at if and with out actually seeing the surplus other than on paper they said he had i have always been a bit skeptical of. If they were held to the same standard as the people they govern and were actually made to follow the laws they dream up for us they would be thrown in jail for writing checks with NO actually cash or gold to back it up in the first place the jails would be filled with a bunch of Presidents and po
  14. Yep your right we sure will - they can let them all come to your house to wait until they get their covid tests back and give Joe time to print more money for that and their free health care & seeing as i'm unemployed due to the virus you can pay for mine too or i'll just go on welfare and stay there and make up some story so you can float me . Gas has already gone up some .20 cents here probably because the pipe line will be stopped so i'll come let you fill my tank too ! Man this is gong to be great i will finally know how the other half lives WOO HOO thanks guys this is a
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