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  1. Could it be a lot of the players are getting relaxed (or tired) with the hole virus thing ? I sure hope it doesn't hit the Bills !! Or could it be a conspiracy πŸ€” to get Josh on the covid thing before the Titans have to play the Bills (don't open any packages you don't know where they came from Josh) because they all know how potent the offense is with him at the helm and want to stop talking about him HMMM ??
  2. So does this mean Star is missed not only by the team but by the fans ? You don't know what you miss till it's gone !!
  3. Not exactly sure how it went down alls i know is he's gone but i seem to remember him talking about leaving and that he was just going to enjoy more time with his new grand baby not sure if it was a forced thing or a choice ...
  4. Ever since Murph retired they have been trying to find another mix (i guess you could call it) of who was going to be the lead commentator so at first they put Tasker as the lead guy tossed in Maddy & Browny it just didn't seem to be a good listen Tasker just isn't a good lead guy . Then Chris Brown was off for a few days for what ever it was that he talked about then he came back and they put him as the lead and the show seems to have a better flow to it Chris gets a bit excited at times which just adds so much to the commentary of the show . So what do you all think ? Better ? or Worse since Browny took over the lead role on the show ? GO BILLS !!
  5. I know they are making steps to get over their injury but i hope they take time to let them heal and don't let them go to early .
  6. I think it's hard to tell this year because technically the teams are still in their preseason . Usually there are 4 PS games seeing as this is week 3 i'm not sure any one can say who sucks or not . A lot is said about how the preseason sucks fans & players alike want teams to only play 2 PS games but you always here the coaches & some players talk of Getting into game shape" as practice is a bit slower & not at full speed or full on hitting so it takes those games along with practice to get use to live action again . Live Action (Turtle man i love his call) So i think things will start to show just who will be decent and who will not but i do believe given the Bills continuity they are playing really good only to get better with time on the field . So come on with Live Action !!
  7. Not sure Moss will be missed a lot i think McD & company want him in to get as many reps as possible for them to see what he's got but i hope Knox can make it back soon i think he will be a bigger part of Dabols plan on offense . Weldon is more than capable to fill in & may even be better than Moss seeing as he knows the offense & while sitting on the bench is more than likely chomping at the bit to get out & make some plays in this higher powered offense this year .
  8. Sure i loved it when TO took out the sharpie and signed the ball & grabbed the pop corn (classic celebrations) Didn't like the disrespect of him standing on the star at the Cowboys game though !! Or when the O line helped Kyle celebrate his TD good stuff but a lot of the new celebration you can tell that the guys have sat and actually got the guys together to make it some kind of production i don't dig those celebrations .
  9. The more disrespected and unnoticed the Bills go the more i like it they seem to feed off of being the underdog . Until Josh takes them deeper than 1 game in the play offs the media (all but Kyle Brandt) will continue to show no respect just because it's the Bills .
  10. I dig it when after a score a rookie isn't like hey look at my TD celebration i practiced for my 20 seconds of fame after i score don't you like it ? Dudes got some hands though that was a awesome catch !!
  11. With the new LB's taking Edmunds & Millano's place this week they will try to make them think they are slow and not as athletic and bait them into throwing against them then they will have them right where they want them !! πŸ’ͺ
  12. Every good QB in the NFL has a ego and would like to think they are the best & Wilson is in the top 5 i'd say but i'd rather have a guy like Josh that will continue to work at it and not brag how good he is that's one huge reason why i'm not a Cam fan the #1 mixed in with his Supermen thing when he scores just too much but i love to see him pout when he doesn't win now that's a true sportsman . That's why MJ & Brady are that good no whining just come out next game & kick ass .
  13. If your team was the Browns you would be pissed off too !!
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