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  1. When & where did he get the injury ? Was it in the last game or was it at practice ?
  2. No you need to go out & purchase some common sense because you proven that you lack any at all & can't even understand a simple comparison that my grandson can which is 11 can understand .
  3. Much Much worse than Newsome ? NO WAY ON GODS GREEN EARTH !! You must be drinking the kool aid ...
  4. well you never know there are some people out there actually a entire state that thinks Newsome has their best interests in mind & is doing a really good job & they have proven how foolish they are when the had the revote with the other republican candidate & they voted Newsome back in office . So never underestimate the ignorants of the masses & if you don't believe me just look who's running the country !!
  5. The running game has been a weak spot on the team since they drafted Moss but that being said it looks as if Moss may be more of a old school type of back the way the Colts have used him being more so he could find his groove in the game which no one does any more & contributed to him looking less than what he is . But this RB room this year i feel because of Beane & McD (even though McD is so incompetent) noticing where the weaknesses lie & bringing in reinforcements all over the team & not just in the RB's room . They have brought in Rb's, O linemen, defensive personal, and let go of some that others at first thought would make the team weaker but in fact has made them better to this point . I think this team configuration is much better & as these players get more time on the field will prove the vision of McD & Beane . And i for one hope makes all the nay sayers eat their negativity !!
  6. When ever it will be he will just add to how good this D will be & it's pretty dam good with out him so i think it will be pretty scary with him & the others . It's just to bad that McD is so incompetent when it comes to being a HC can we only imagine if he was worth a S**T at what he does ??
  7. Well there are those here that don't take a lot of the things that you say as inciting political ignorants . You spout off about how great Biden is & there are those that can see how empty that statement is & didn't vote for him & his agenda . And if you can't see that if a person tells another to jump off a bridge and they take it literal & do it it's not on the person that told them to do that's fault but the idiot that actually did its fault because of their stupidity . Kind of like those that were told that Biden was going to be a really good president better than the previous one & then voted for him only to find out he's a huge incompetent loser when it comes to a leader . But they had to find out that bit of info the hard way .
  8. Yah there are regular seats in the stadium that have better sight lines than that particular seat . It sucks that he came back & expected to be treated as a Bills legend & got that in return . I hope those in charge send out a formal apology !
  9. Well it's pretty apparent that you didn't read the reply to BT just above this one i am typing to you .
  10. And the thing of it is is that Von isn't even on the field as of yet this unit with the new players & the vets coming back healthy could be a magical D for the Bills . This week will tell every one where the Bills are & Tua will see a for real defense this week & i can't wait to see what comes of this game !
  11. See the No Lie with Brian Cohen is just that a big freakin lie twisting what the story actually says ! It says that "Trump SUGGESTS THAT IN A DIFFERENT TIME he may be held liable for treason & put to death" not that he should be as tat lying POS Suggests . Twist away dog .
  12. And in your opinion what might that be - - - Truth & justice for all including all politicians as long as there is proof & not paid for accusations ?
  13. So why do they cut the video short at the one & only thing they want you to here let it run so the twist can be uncovered . We all know the only thing you are interested in is the twist on the report but i would like to here the rest of it . Oh yah that's right - BT "You have google go find it your self" .
  14. We win - You Lose - The Bills are takin you to school !!
  15. That 36 yd pass to gabe in stride going into the end zone looked pretty dam good to me !! Just saying . And those passes to Cook in the open field looked good too !!
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