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  1. Okay the man was put on the PUP list right which has had him out for 4 games - well we are 3 & 1 i know i'm not real good at the english punctuation thing as made very clear by some here that are nerds for English punctuation & such but i did actually pass basic arithmetic & i do know that being 3 & 1 means this will be week 5 . So will there be a Tre Day sighting this week at all maybe in a limited role come game day or will they dress him & let him sit on the side line 1 more game . The Steelers haven't been that good this year & they are starting the rookie this week would this be a good game to get him out on the field & get a limited number of game reps to bring him back slowly and allow him to get into some kind of game shape ?
  2. There's always got to be the one that is B**CHING for god sake the Bills have been in the play offs pretty much ever since McD got here & this guy is still B**CHING i bet he'd B**CH if you hung him with a new rope ... Carry on !!
  3. Thank you so very much i never did like or understand the pick sure he was good in college but this is the NFL & i have always thought that if you are going to draft a RB that is the supposed power or short yardage back he needs to be bigger say like a AJ Dillon he was one i thought they should have drafted that year . The only spot that Beane has struggled at is RB IMHO i like Motor but that don't seem to want to use him enough to get into a rhythm & i think he has shown when used he can be a good contributor to their offense but Moss they should trade him to another team he's never impressed me sorry . He's good for 1 good play a game & he's done !!
  4. Well you must have to sit longer when you have 2 in a row ...
  5. Don't do FB sorry I know it's sad but somebody has to be that guy !!
  6. No matter what the thought of those that disagree with this post & the article presented with in it our military has suffered in ways that some think is okay . For god sake the Marines the unit that use to be one of the baddest pieces of the US military the guys that usually are the first ones in & in a lot of cases the first to be sent home in body bags because some ass hat politician now have put in place mood badges WTF let me say that again MOOD BADGES WTF !!!!! There has to be some kind of line or rules some way some how decisions made use to have consequences but that's a huge part of the problem no one wants consequences for their decisions they want the rules to resemble their decisions & to hell with everything else put in place . I don't have any problem with people making their own personal decisions on how they want to live until they push their beliefs on me and want to MAKE ME change my moral or life convictions to match or include theirs . It is as if no rules rule if you don't like the rules B word then B word louder then if that doesn't work get a small group of like minded people to B word until those that want your vote change the rules so eventually there are none because you are hurting my feelings . Example: My Step son is a coach of a T ball team the rule is every kid gets a game ball . One child refuses to bat & when he does hit refuses to run the bases but then just runs all over the field causing chaos during the game but this kid is the only one that hasn't yet received a game ball 🤔 but the kid in the game that has hit 2 HR's & put out 3 people (but has already gotten his game ball due to his good play & following the rules) doesn't get a game ball because the little un parented kid that causes all the BS needs to get a game ball . I ASK WHY ? (with a whiny ass voice) because every one deserves a game ball that plays ... WTF !!! Welcome to the new future American dream & if we wonder why things are the way they are in the military & in general please read the example paragraph again . And if you still wonder why after reading it 2 times you are part of the problem not a part of the solution !!
  7. All this & you have no idea how big of a ass hat you truly are holy s**t ... Man if you only knew how lost you really are !!
  8. Sorry the pics are only in my mind you will have to take me at my word .
  9. No i don't believe it i believe they just want LEGAL immigration the way it was meant to be not just a open door policy like this president wants & has proven he wants by ignoring what he has caused . He ships immigrants all over the US but when a republican loads those same "Undocumented immigrants" that he allows in the country & ships them to his or what those that support as "sanctuary cities" all of then sudden those poor people are being used as a pawn yet they are doing the same thing as they are just not the way they want it to be . They just don't want a open door policy because weather you believe so or not all that costs money oh sure they can just keep printing though right ?? So no problem here just more inflation !!
  10. Well this country use to be a country that had it's moral values in line the things written in the bible were used as their outline of how to create laws that would resemble those that are written as the christian base line to follow as a moral guide but that has long since went straight to hell !! This is a society now that doesn't see that having any kind of moral structure is a good thing in all walks of life & it shows from the gov't as our leaders on down to the people . It seems as if most just want a lawless society which has been shown more so in the last 3 years than i have ever seen in my lifetime . The defund the police thing & allowing criminals to have more rights than the law abiding people is just a start . I don't know that i have ever seen a time when the criminals or the families of criminals get rewarded more for being bad or are made to look as if they were the ones wronged & the lawful looked to be the bad guy . There are many many examples of it in the past but just like this post by Tibs & it's heading as we have seen in his past reply's common sense is not one of his strong points & is more the problem than the solution . Stupid is as stupid does . If you don't know the answer to the heading posted that is a truly sad thing !! I'm truly afraid for the future if not just for this country but the world in general. The US use to be the shining light of how things should be done the right way but the power given to those put in the position to lead has taken advantage of the positions given and they have shown how it is easier to vote them selves to be in a good light rather than truly stand for the right or moral thing to do by & for the people . Morals are no longer the map for Washington in general if you have ever been there Biblical verses were carved on a lot of the buildings to remind us of where the building blocks of this country came from but are now just looked over to be nothing but a old verses out of a old book for fools . S**T roles down hill & the people for the most part are following suit as shown by the leaders of this country & as we are led . If we wonder why this country has gone to total S**T & are asked the questions as posed in this headline of this post there is no need to wonder why the country & it's people have become what it has . GO FIGURE !!
  11. It's going to be a good game but i think the Bills can keep Lamar in check & Josh will take advantage of their secondary 31 - 28 Bills ...
  12. I think they need to take advantage of this opportunity & get the Motor running ! It doesn't make any sense to leave a classic just sitting in the garage get it out & show it off once in a while ...
  13. I'm in Baltimore & every where i turn i see Bills gear the Bills Mafia are out in town in force the one week end i didn't pack any of my Bills gear not even a dam hat I know that's 2 demerits Dam !! The Bills should have a loud voice in the game tomorrow at the stadium that's for sure !! GO BILLS !!! Is there a good Bills bar in Baltimore ? I know they have one of the best seafood restaurants i have ever ate at Mo's has it going on but on a week end when the Bills come to town we need to know where to get them Buffalo Wings !! Just saying ...
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