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  1. After all the BS he pulled good for him he is getting everything he deserves ! If he keeps going the way he has the next article we read will be about him being home less living under a bridge some where . It's really to bad to go from as good a player & person that he seemed or portrayed being to becoming a huge POS human being, just sad any way you look at it, to blow all the MILLIONS of dollars that he made ridiculous !! But he brought it all on his self so he has no one but him self to blame ...
  2. So you are going to try to tell us that if MJ, Byrd, Kareem, Magic, Russel, came back to the NBA in their prime shape that they wouldn't make a difference ? And if Jerry Rice, Andre Reed, Randy Moss, Megatron, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Thurman, Sweetness, Emmit, came back to the NFL in their prime shape they wouldn't make a distinct difference ?? And other HOF players from other sports came back to play their respective sports in their top shape of their careers that they wouldn't make a difference because the players today are that much better ? And you said there are those that in Tigers prime which i will remind you Tiger has 15 tour wins 4 of those being championships second only to Jack . But you are willing to say there are players today that are on course to beat Tigers wins in the same amount of time, then you must think Lebron is as good as MJ (which is total BS), and Chase is as good as Jerry or any RB is as good as Emmit or Thurman ? We will just have to agree to disagree, because what made all of those players you or i mentioned great & put them in their respective HOF's is their innate drive to be the greatest of all time . Sure there are those that will be good or average but it's no where as easy as you seem to me to be saying that those guys those HOF guys are easy to find . I wanted the Bills to pick up McCafree when he was available i can only imagine his production in the Bills offense Cook is good the CMC is better much better and there will be those who come along in the future that will be HOF like players. I also think 1 big reason why RB's have become less is because of running back by comity . Use to be they had to get so many carries to get into the rhythm of the game and they can't any more, it's the same as Von saying he takes a while to set up or see how his opponents are playing then he goes a different direction and today with 3 or more different runners they can't see as much so there is less production and or greatness making them expendable . Look at what the Bills RB Moss did when he went to the Colts, he got a lot more carries & he was the player the Bills thought they were getting when they drafted him because he got more carries .
  3. Not to mention he has the second highest winning total second only to the chiefs in the entire NFL and there are people here that want him fired ??? Their moms must have dropped them on their heads as infants ...
  4. Well there is a step in the right direction at least you are finally admitting you voted for someone that is pretty stupid that is the first step in recovery from what i understand ... There might be hope for you yet Tibs .
  5. This must be a post for next season because i don't see any of those mentioned fitting in under the available cap this season .
  6. And you support a guy that says a crack head, cocaine addicted, porno making sex addict is the smartest man he knows ! Need i say any more . Thank you thank you very much ...
  7. This country is so far from what it use to be & so backwards in the same way ! This country was built on legal immigration and those immigrating assimilating into the "American culture" learning to speak the base language of America which IS english which is no longer considered the American language . Then the country was built on the backs of all those that would work hard to make a living and not want to be given anything other than what they earned & deserved for their hard work . Which today many look to be given more than they deserve & paid more than what they earn for the work they provide for their employer . The morals and laws of the country were built & based on what the bible gives us (weather you believe or not) as the base a of upstanding America community, which today is once again backwards and many consider bible verses to be hate speech and no longer a basis of being a good person or society . Most Americans use to believe that to degrade the American flag was a bad thing but both the police & veterans can no longer stand up for the American flag ! When a None American or a American citizen disgraced the flag that a veteran who fought to protect the American way by fighting for the country and what the politicians thought they needed to defend as such and saw their buddies die for it , then stands up to protect the Flag as the symbol of our country and those that died to protect it . Only to be told that if they don't stand down they will be the ones to be arrested . Then now for the criminals to have more legal rights than those that they assault or the actual officers that are paid to uphold the laws made to protect the people in the country is ridiculous . Also those that fleece the system actually can get more from it than those like disabled veterans or police officers that helped to in some way hold up the American way . Yah i'd say in reference to this post i am replying to with the upside down American flag & the country being in distress our country is in definite need of a reset but the kind that will not be a welcome sight to most that are here now especially the younger & much more sensitive illegally immigrated, unassimilated, & lazy America of today ... Just saying !!!
  8. He's just like his supporters here talking out of both sides of his mouth another typical CAREER politician & a POS ...
  9. Blind & Bias BS as usual !! And you can bet your ass if it was Trump you & your cohorts would be railing for the tape to be brought forward so you could have all the evidence instead of like with this only what you want to keep him from being prosecuted . But your bias is & has been so up front we understand exactly where you are coming from .
  10. If it was for smoking pot the entire thing just like the law against it is total BS . It's no worse than alcohol the only difference is one is legal and the gov't makes a ton of money from taxes on it but pot is catching up & as soon as the gov't can get as much tax revenue from pot as they do alcohol everything including the laws will change .
  11. Pretty sad & such a waste ! The kid could have had a pretty decent career in the NFL if he just would have gotten his S**T together but he continues to show why the NFL cast him aside & why Jim didn't advocate to bring him back . Jim doesn't need that kind of grief & probably knew he was that kind of kid from the get go .
  12. It's all the golf that he plays it helps his swing . That's why he plays so much golf it's all to practice so he can win the home run derby at Mika's softball tourney every year ...
  13. Let them be pissed who cares ! The truth hurts if they can't see it it's on them & Josh will once again prove it to them this season when the Bills own them . GO BILLS !!!!
  14. https://nypost.com/2024/05/16/us-news/justice-department-formally-moves-to-reclassify-marijuana-as-a-less-dangerous-drug/ http://campbelllawobserver.com/pot-patents-how-the-federal-government-has-monopolized-marijuana/ Here's something that any one that has dabbled in the evil weed has known since the 60's, Unless of course in some cases there are those that it effects differently so they have reservations about it & may believe some of what has been said in the past that it makes you hallucinate & have flash backs & in the movie reefer madness even shows that if you do take a hit you could murder your family . But alas, seeing as the US gov't surprisingly has had a patent since 2003 as to be 1 of the first to make money from the legalized sale of it weather it be medicinal or other wise . And now the cronies on capital hill have finally realized just how beneficial this legalization can be in more ways than 1 . No matter your feelings on it it is no worse and in some instances far less dangerous than alcohol . By putting this information out there for all to see i wonder if there wasn't some type of political motivation to it, especially seeing as a election is coming up . Here all this time because the "gov't scientist & officials said" that it is oh so bad for you and have spent Billions on keeping it illegal now find (well in 2003) that there is a HUGE amount of money to be made from it either way you slice the pie, but they went ahead and got a patent long ago because they new what was coming . So much so now John Behner is neck deep in selling cannabis . I've seen him advertising for it and from what i understand he has invested in it too . But we all need to do as we are told and believe that our gov't is doing what is absolutely in our best interest, unless of course there is a huge profit to be made then things will change .
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