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  1. T master

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Bell is banking on the Steelers doing what the Skins did for Cousins so he can cash in, but Peter King said on 1 Bills Live that he doesn't think the money will be there for Bell & i hope the Steelers let him walk as to not let him get paid or use the transition tag on him . I get these guys want to make as much money as possible but this guy turned down almost $15 MILLION to play 1 season that's ridiculous not to mention not taking or returning Ben's text or calls that goes to show he doesn't care or want to here what his teammates have to say he only cares about what he cares about & screw every body else !! So i for one hope he has screwed him self & that by his actions has let other teams know what they are in for if they bring him in talk about a definite all about me player that Bell has been rung !!
  2. T master

    2019 Draft Big Board

    I'd say Jonah Williams OT Bama or Josh Reed LB from KY if Williams is gone !!
  3. Don't be jumping the gun like Ralph did with Rob Johnson !! Sure Barkley looked awesome in that game & i can't understand why he was out of work as long as he was but i also can't figure out why Anderson was brought in or why AJ was let go so there are a lot of why's to this years decision making when it comes to the QB's on this team . As it was said by the coach Allen will start if healthy & seeing as he was pushed into that & also that the year is basically for all intense & purposes a loss keep him in & get him some game time reps to see what he's got & by the end of the year they will know if he could be just a back up or a possible starter . Next year go into it with Allen , Barkley & another draft pick or a younger FA to start OTA's & see where t takes us !!
  4. T master

    PFF Has Hughes Highest Rated

    So much for the wing nut that had written a post about Hughes being over rated 🙄
  5. T master

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    Barkley has a ton more touch than any QB the Bills have put on the field to this point in his only game it seemed as though he could drop the ball into any spot where only the Bills receiver could grab it . If he was gotten earlier in the season i would say they could be in the play offs again but bad decisions that have surrounded the position all year will keep the team out of the play offs this year !!
  6. Top backs in history that ran for 1000 yds after they turned 30 Warrick Dunn - 05 & 06 - 30 & 31 yrs Franco Harris - 1983 - 32 yrs Ricky Waters - 1999 & 2000 - 30 & 31 yrs Fred Taylor - 06 & 07 - 30 & 31 yrs Curtis Martin - 03 & 04 - 30 & 31 yrs Tiki Barber - 05 & 06 - 30 & 31 yrs John Riggins - 1980-83-84 at 30-34&35 yrs Emit Smith - 1999- 01 - at 30-31&32 yrs Walter Payton - 1984-86 at 30-31&32 yrs So i would think that shady could do some more damage al though this year might be a push seeing as they haven't been able to get him going to this point of the year but it is possible because Shady could be lumped into this group of backs as far as talent goes !!
  7. Ever since the coaching staff has changed we have notice a dip in the production of the running game & every one has assumed that it is because of the loss of E. Wood & Incognito which yes hasn't been the optimal thing looking forward but i for one thought with who was drafted & with the pieces that were here the O line could go forward & be at the very least decent . But as we have seen with different teams the coach of each separate entity of the team can make a huge difference just look at the difference of our Bills offense & the running game in particular from what they were to what they are now & the Rams from what they were to what they are now with the Bills old O line coach Kromer we have basically swapped in the rankings ! Like our departed QB Petermen our O line coach may be a great guy but when it comes to putting a product on the field that is worthy of the NFL as we know it he's not all that & a bag of chips ! I read a article today which suggests that it's time for a change to be made i just hope McD doesn't have the same love for Juan that he has shown for Nate & can see where the deficiency's lie & make a change this off season like he did last off season with the O coordinators . Here is a article showing a couple of things about our O line & the stats that could support a change in the scheme brought to the Bills with the O line coaching change . See what you all think i know i haven't liked it since Juan has come aboard although he may be a really good guy that doesn't necessarily mean he's a really good coach & i hope McD can see the forest for the trees & recognizes that this could be huge for Allen's development going forward ! https://billswire.usatoday.com/2018/11/15/bye-week-review-buffalo-bills-offensive-line-dion-dawkins-wyatt-teller-russell-bodine-john-miller-jordan-mills/2/
  8. T master

    So we beat the Jets. Our Team still sucks

    Okay Debby downer could it be that to this point the QB position has been so bad that all's they needed was some one that was at the very least a little bit of a competent QB ? They bring in Anderson with a 20/27 lifetime win total & when Allen gets hurt expect him to lead the team to a victory ???? sure he did better than Petermen but that's not taking a lot just saying ! Barkley isn't a Super QB but he has shown in the past that he can do the job given the right tools & i think he showed that maybe it wasn't just the WR group & a lot of blame could be dumped on the prior QB position !!
  9. T master

    “Pinto Ron” streak hits 400 games today

    WOW !! Now that's a fan congrats on the achievement !! I wonder what kind of anti depressants he's had to take 😞 being a Bills fan that long & going to that many games in a row cause there has been some brutal stretches in that amount of time !! God Bless you Pinto Ron !
  10. T master

    Offensive Line Continuity

    It all starts in the trenches if you don't have a good Offensive or defensive line the team will go no where on either side of the ball !!
  11. When it comes to scoring points up to this last game yes !!! Definitely !!
  12. T master

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    I read that the Bills were ranked number 1 in the NFL so who gave them that ranking ??
  13. Yup !! He's been the lone bright spot on the team to this point !! Good pick up by Bean & company amongst all the terrible moves that fans here say they have been doing since they got here !! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/14/stephen-hauschka-named-afc-special-teams-player-of-the-week-2/
  14. I don't see them giving up Dak for a couple of possible good years with Eli although Jerry has done some pretty stupid stuff i'm not sure this would be real smart ! On the other hand i do see Jerry making a run at L, Bell next year if given the opportunity ! Just saying ...