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  1. The NBA honored Terrence Clark that should have been drafted this year in this draft but was killed in a car wreck in LA but the NBA because of his talent and great basketball skills wanted him to be a part of the NBA despite his untimely death and had him drafted . What a awesome thing to do they brought his mom up on stage to except very moving tribute to a great young man that went to Kentucky . I'm not sure exactly if a team drafted him or if he was drafted the NBA but never the less they drafted him as a honorary member and that was a stand up move by the NBA !! R
  2. Khmer is a really good player and if Rogers was that pissed that they got rid of him that's one hell of a endorsement ! What ever Beane and company decide to do with him i believe it will work out for the betterment of the team but if he was here & could develop some more chemistry with Allen that's not a bad thing and could prove to be a very smart move by keeping him !!
  3. We can rebuild him we can make him better ! Maybe Jimbo is motivated for a come back .😂
  4. So the NFL has changed their way of thinking by putting in a new protocol as far as vaccinated vs unvaccinated players and i was wondering which way would be safer for all players and be less about pointing out who was or wasn't vaccinated and the players true safety was the priority . Given the fact that there have been break through cases of the virus among those who have been vaccinated does the new NFL protocol protect all players ? The new protocol is to only test vaccinated players at the beginning of the week and then have no restrictions so if they have a break
  5. Follow the money and who controls it & you'll find out !! WOW CNN showing something other than what it really looks like from a different view point REMARKABLE !!
  6. I'm not a expert of much of anything but there is enough history of deception when it comes to our gov't and twisting words and situations to benefit them it is no longer about we the people if you believe that as i have told others here your a fool . I put my faith in a different leader other than a man but that's just me . It's all about trust of which when it comes to those in charge of this country and others for the most part i have very little of especially given their actions just since i've been on this earth ! But you sir can do what you want it's
  7. Okay last i knew this is America and we WERE free to make our own decisions as adults and not made to do something that could quite possibly harm us which at this point we are not positive what it might do . Yes so far it shows that it helps fend off the virus but you can still get it despite what the POTUS wants us to believe and there is now proof of break through cases so there is no disputing it . But you would rather us to line up and mandate us to take a vaccine that has little to no history as far as how it effects the body long term to combat a virus that can ki
  8. Hangin in there like a hair in a biscuit !
  9. I drive a 45' Prevost bus/entertainer coach with a 16' trailer to haul our gear all around the US to gigs because this vehicle has DOT numbers on the vehicle (and we are for hire) i have to have a Class A CDL & go through a bunch of testing (both written & driving) in order to drive this vehicle . But any one of you that has the kind of money to buy a Prevost bus could drive this vehicle toting a trailer or a vehicle behind it down the road registered as camper with a every day normal class E license (i believe) and have little to no testing or even experience/training to d
  10. The Bills don't need any of that we got really good talent here going forward let those 2 go where they will and they will be very good but the Bills don't need or should not want any of that !!
  11. If we wonder why the world is literally going to hell TAH DAH !!
  12. Truth be told i'm not real sure we can trust any of them especially if they are career politicians they all have been bought at one point or time in their career and the longer they are in the more corrupt they are . There are a couple that seem on the out side to care but you never really know . That was one big reason why i thought Trump would be different he wasn't a politician that's why people hated him so from the beginning because they knew he wouldn't follow the same path as all the others before him and he didn't for the most part it worked . In most things in
  13. The dude just doesn't know when to shut his mouth i liked what he did while in office and some not a lot of his policies and the fact that he had a set of balls to against what all other POTUS just did by going through the motions but dammit dude talk about adding fuel to the fire . I really hope he doesn't win the nomination the next time around the left is loving every minute that he keeps running his mouth he just keeps driving the wedge in deeper & deeper . I get it if you got a gripe with a certain person but go to them and don't continue to air it in the media
  14. Good i'm glad they put him at number 3 just some more fuel for the man to get motivated to show them once again just how good he can be !!
  15. That just means your a died and true Bills fan nothing wrong with that bro when i saw Kyles reaction with his kids when they won i cried then and i cry every time i see it so rock on brother it's all about the team Love them Bills !!
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