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  1. What i think i learned was that you need to have more than 1 part of your game that is elite so that if the 1 part does fail you you can utilize the other part of your game to make up for what they take away from your game ! Unless of coarse in SF 49ers case the run game is just dominate & the opposition can do nothing to stop you then ride that horse ! I think the Bills are closer than we may think but improvements need to be made & Beane & company know what those are & will get them taken care of my biggest worry is replacing what will be lost this year as far as say Jordon Phillips . Can Harry, Oliver, & others come up with the production that Phillips did & can they get a draft pick to help the rotation to stay strong there ? & if they can't bring Poyer back can they replace his production or will the new people have the same chemistry to make the scheme work correctly ? All questions i'm sure the coaches & Beane are asking while looking at the Bills situation going into 2020 !!
  2. But i ask what ever happened to getting into the rhythm of the game as far as the RB is concerned ? Even Derrick Henry said in a interview that he gets stronger as the game goes on & when they quit using him yesterday game over !! I remember when most all the RB's would show that as the game progressed they would get in that groove & their game would come to them or they would see the field or openings better but given todays RB by committee thing they can't get into any kind of groove or rhythm of the game to where Mostert was there & when the Titans stopped running it they took getting in the groove away from Henry if that makes sense at all ...
  3. What ever "expert" goes around saying that RB's are a dime a dozen & that the NFL is a passing league had their so called "Expert analysis" put to the test these games in these play offs ! They all say it & every year around this time (we will probably see it in the SB the team) the team that wins has the better running game of the 2 teams playing & the old adage that defense wins championships still stands true ! Heck if you want to you can take it all the way back to our beloved Bills 4 SB games, the Bills had one of the most high powered offenses of that time if not the most high powered O in the league & good D & a running game derailed them . Yesterday & leading up to the games we saw yesterday it was shown that a good running back with good field vision & good defense can dominate a game ! Jimmy G only threw 8 times in that game & i for one believe if the Titans would have stuck with their running game a bit more & not given up on it they too would have had a closer out come at the end of the game but when they got down they panicked like most do & completely abandoned their game plan that got them to where they were . Cudo's to Shannahan for recognizing what was working & riding that horse all the way to victory . I think because the 9 ers have a stronger running game & a better D than the Cheif's they will come out on top at the big game & the so called experts will once again be proven wrong that it is not just a passing league & you need more than that to be a complete team or a championship team ! Even Mahomes had more success when he him self started running the ball because the Titans at times had his passing game shut down to where he had to take off & he did which wound up giving them a few more plays to draw from to help them win that game ! If we look back at the past SB champs each had a good running game the past 2 Pats wins & the Eagles had a good running game & the 2 teams shared a running back in 2 different wins when Lagarrett Blount played for each team that won their respective SB's . So as it is with the "Experts" saying one thing & it turning out to be another, once again they seem to know as much as we the fans do, sure they watch more football than we do & have more access to tape & such but their analysis is like ours over all just a bit more informed guess at what it takes to win in the NFL !! Sure a good passing game is exciting but you need it all to win when it counts most !!
  4. 2017 the yr Zay Jones was taken McD was in charge of that draft, The draft in 2017 was April 27th to the 29th & Beane was hired May 9th of 2017 so Zay wasn't a Beane pick ! The first draft that Beane was in charge of was 2018 !! https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2017/04/nfl_draft_2017_grades_for_all_6_buffalo_bills_picks_sean_mcdermott_first_draft.html
  5. I kind of feel sorry for the kid ! He came out as a top prospect & i for one hoped the Bills would pick him up but in hind sight i am glad they didn't in a way, i think a lot to do with him not producing is due to the coaching he has received to this point & quite possibly the schemes he has been in . I think the best fit for him & possibly the best scheme for him would be with the Pats, his game is very Brady like with a bit more mobility his accuracy in college any way was very good & i think if he found a offensive scheme that fit him & bolstered his confidence because at this point it has to be in the dumpster it would help him . But then there is the other side of the coin, he could be where he is because of what was said about him coming out of college that his attitude was bad & he's not a team kind of guy kind of like Losman was when he was drafted here & if that be the case then the kid is doomed to collect his millions on a back ups contract & retire to a house in Arizona ! Poor ba**ard it's a tough life but someone has to do it !!
  6. It's kind of like the Flutie haters, the guy could do a bunch of things to advance the team & all the debby downers would find something about them to bi**h about !!
  7. Marshawn is very smart i just wonder how much they had to pay him to come back for 4 games ? I bet it was a chunk of change !! Marshawn seems to be making his rounds as he exits the NFL, first he came out of retirement to play for his hometown team, then when the RB room looked very depleted in Seattle they coaxed him out of retirement again ! Hey lets make a push to get Beane to bring back beast mode to the Bills for his final hoorah !! He started his NFL career here he can end it here ! The Bills HC likes to have a vet in each room & it doesn't look as if Gore will be back so bring back the Beast !!
  8. How can Boselli be in the finalist list & not Tasker the dude was in the pro bowl a ton of times I don't get how some of the players get there & others like him don't, sure it's nice to be considered but with the resume Tasker has he should have been in a long time ago !! Not that Boselli wasn't a good player he was the only tackle i ever saw stone wall Bruce he always had a hard time against him & that in it self is saying something but i don't think his resume is any where near what Taskers is !!
  9. What about Ed Oliver, Harrison Phillips, & Star L at DL . Then there is Murph, Hughes, & Daryl Johnson at DE plus who ever they can get in the draft & at FA . I would love to see Phillips come back but he's gonna want huge money & Beane won't pay what he wants !!
  10. Could the reason why they couldn't make or missed any of those opportunity's be because the Titans D is playing great when they need to be ? Add to it that hey watched what the Bills did to Lamar in keeping him in check ! No one is giving the Titans any props for the way they showed up, if they putt together a game plan for KC & play it out like they did against the Ravens i don't think KC will hang 51 on them ! Remember how good the Bills offense was in the first SB every one thought we were unstoppable & i was one but alls it takes is 1 point more than the other team & you lose ! No matter what i think it will be a great game !!
  11. He would be my first choice which that ain't saying much but from the out side looking in the guy has the experience hands down over Dabol he actually played the game, look at Frank Reich !! That's exactly the way he went about it & i think it would be a great idea especially seeing as he has the experience on the field, as a back up, as a QB's coach the next step in the progression would be OC & i for one think he would be really good at it & he is closer in age to Josh so that could help !!
  12. Seeing as the vet in the RB room is done & they may need another vet in the room because McD likes to have a vet in each room i'm gonna say . Beast Mode bring him back where he started it all he has some more left in the tank especially around the goal line ! Of coarse i know this will never happen but hey it's kind of fun to think about & i think Bills fans would go ape sh*t if he was to come back for a last hoo rah !!
  13. He is on Beanes radar but not right up front, i think he wants way to much cash but Beane is a master so far at putting out contracts & getting players that benefit the Bills you never know he may be able to get someone like Clowney but given his injury history is he worth top cash in this league ? When he is healthy he is a force but more so than not he has been hurt so will Clowney him self take that into consideration when it comes to his contract ?
  14. Given what the league has morphed into with the likes of AB, OBJ & others it might be a good thing & McD might be in the fore front heading off the crazy's before they go there 😆 !!
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