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  1. Well he has a great example of what happens when you do things the wrong way in Kellen Winslow Jr. & a great example in what happens when you do things the right way in his uncle we all just have to hope he has brains enough to notice the difference between the 2 !!
  2. WOW that just confirms that Gruden is not in his right mind i hope Mayock see's what is really going on ...
  3. Those teams of the 90's for the Bills had a lot of things that they did that quite possibly will never be duplicated & that game could very easily be one of them, all them other teams fans give us Bills fans S**t about going to the big game 4 times & not winning but i don't believe that will ever happen either ! But when they talk about that they never say that they were AFC Champs 4 years in a row & whooped up on our division for most of that teams existence with those players they just focus on the negative !! I for one will stick by our Bills till the end good, bad, or indifferent !!
  4. We all know by now that Tyler Kroft has rebroken his foot & will be out for the immediate future, If this foot thing could become a huge problem going forward should the Bills look else where for their next TE ? Kyle Rudolf is not having much luck with his contract talks with the Vikings & they don't have a lot of cap room & the Bills have more than they do so do you all think we should be in talks with the Vikings to trade for Rudolph & let him lead the sled in the TE room ? He has been one of the best in the league for the last few years & would be a great addition for Josh & the receiving corp not to m mention a great vet for the rookies to learn from ! Here is a link to a article that tells most about the situation . https://www.cover1.net/buffalo-bills-tyler-kroft-injury-kyle-rudolph/ What say you Bills fans i think it would be a great insurance policy incase Kroft's foot ailment turns into a bigger thing & seeing that this is the second time his foot has been broke & if it is the same foot if i was McBeane i would be a bit concerned to say the least .
  5. Hopefully Wood will stay at the same level as Kelso in his evaluation of the on field happenings & not go in the opposite direction like his new cohort did when Van decided to retire just sayin 😕
  6. I read about Wood becoming the color guy & thought well maybe he will replace Tasker on 1 bills live but then i read about Taskers deal & how it will give him more time to apply himself to the 1 Bills Live gig & hopefully it will make it all better 😜
  7. When this guy came out of college and was running around telling every one just how great he was & how great he was going to be i thought to my self this guy is a piece of work & wasn't real sure how he could be Kellen WInlsow's son because i don't remember him being that way . I thought maybe with a few hard hitting veterans giving him a welcome to the big boys league it may have humbled him a bit & when his actions didn't cover what his mouth was spewing i was like well there he has proven just what he is really like, then when he got brought to the Browns & he wasn't quite so boisterous that maybe he has grown as a person & i was hoping that his immaturity was part of his past but apparently it wasn't ! I just wonder what the old man this of all his goings on since he is his name sake & every time his son is in the news the connection is made to his dad .
  8. Given that Williams was one of the top draft picks at the LT position & if he lives up to that we know Cordy is a good player & if he plays up to his potential that could be one intimidating left side of their O line something Dalton will love !!
  9. Okay you got me i checked it out & of the backs i mentioned which really surprised me Peyton had the highest average carries per game over his career around 20 Campbell was next around the 19 mark & OJ was 3rd with around 17 . As you said the others were more dependent on their counterparts to give them a breather i guess . Of all the top backs Barry is 1st with 26 per game Walter 2nd with 20, Emmit & J. Brown at 19 all of these are average of attempts to games played which if you went even farther there would be some seasons with a higher average per yr than others but this is over all or a guesstimate if you would call it that nothing official !
  10. The first Bills helmet TERRIBLE ! But the second one i like as it goes back to the days when the Bills were always in the play off hunt & a team to beat . Add in the 3 D piece & it gives a good look to the older red helmets of the 90's !! UH NO !! WTH is that ?? HTTN !!!
  11. I think TY is fast becoming one of my favorite Bills players ! I heard his interview on GMFB the other day & he seems to be the perfect Bills type player & his path resembles that of another fan favorite Fred Jackson . I just hope he can win a spot on the starting roster like Fred did & prove to all those that ever doubted him that he is the man when it comes to being a really good NFL player !!
  12. That's just more fuel for the fire this year to take a step up from last years ranking & also is just part of being the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL which all the national media believes us to be . Which i for one am glad because when our team is looked at as a contender they always seem to fall short but when given the part of the underdog they go above & beyond the call to prove those in the media wrong !! GO BILLS !!!
  13. I think Joseph will be another find like Millano & will complete the LBing corp to give the Bills what McD envisioned it as being & Frazier will implement those players into his system to get the most out of them I just hope being smaller players that they can last the riggers of a NFL season if they are as we have seen as physical & aggressive as they have been .
  14. The NFL landscape is ever changing into something some of us in ways wish could go back to a better place & time, but as we all know that will not happen because time marches on & if you don't conform to change you can be left behind in the wake that takes over & good or bad change still takes place ! I have recently heard on a interview on 1 Bills live from a new NFL HC/old Bills QB that he even believes that in todays new & improved NFL that given the change in thought about RB's being a dime a dozen & the running game becoming a after thought that a good running game is a essential part of being a winning team come the play offs . That new coach of which i speak is Frank Reich . I believe & have always believed not just because of being a Bills fan that in the later parts of the year needing a good running game due to the change in the weather is crucial to winning a championship or a deep run in the play offs . If you look at the last few Super bowl champs they have had some hammers in the back field & one of them winning 2 SB's in consecutive yrs being Lagarette Blount when he ran 1 yr for the Pats in 17 & the next for the Eagles in 18 . Another part of the changes in the new NFL that i wonder about which I also read a article recently that contributed to the retirement of a really good player that was on both the Pats & the Eagles being Chris Long . In Long's situation he said players aren't given enough plays to get into a rhythm with in the game . Long said in this interview that part of his decision to retire was based on being a older player that if he only played 10 to 15 snaps a game that he didn't feel he could get into a rhythm of a game & by sitting for long periods that by doing so it could give more of a cause for him to get injured . https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/20/chris-longs-decision-to-retire-was-complicated/ It use to be yrs back that some of us can remember (going back to the RB position) that a lot of RB's said they needed some 25 to 30 carries just to get into a rhythm of the game & some older running backs got better as the game went on . Can you imagine taking say a John Riggins or a Walter Peyton & only giving them half or less of the carries they use to get ? I don't know if either of them & others like Czonka, OJ, Campbell, & Allen would have had the careers they did if not to get them into the rhythm of the game & get in that zone but in todays new & improved NFL are there players that could be cut from that mold of needing more plays just to get warmed up having great careers turned into mediocre careers due to the changes of having some 3 or more RB's in the back field ? I for one am glad that there are some old time thinking coaches like a Frank Reich that realize just how important a good running game is even though he may use more backs to accomplish the task at hand ! I just hope some of the new up & coming coaches can incorporate some of the old school NFL thought into their new & improved NFL visions moving forward ...
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