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  1. T master

    Bills work out QB Tyler Ferguson

    WOW is that all they could come up with ?? Must be slim pickens out there !!
  2. T master

    Browns Sign WR Rod Streater

    Honestly wish he still was a Bill !!
  3. Same thing i thought when the Bills drafted EJ & the next year KB was coming out & seeing as he was one of EJ's favorite targets at FSU you would have thought that would have made the most sense but we all know what happened there !! But at least we can dream !!
  4. T master

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    They're blowing smoke because they don't have enough other crap to talk about McD ain't going no where especially with what they have drafted & where he is with th implementation of those rookies into the schemes they are learning . Pegs won't fire a guy that took them to the play offs last year & was handed all he has been handed this year & expect him to go to the play offs again that's just stupid !!
  5. I would definitely say that those guys that were playing before the inflated salaries of today came around deserve to be included in a employee pension plan & they have a very good case especially when it comes to Goodell making some $40 Mill per year & the $1.4 Billion in NFL revenue that they generate . Not quite sure what to think about guys like TO that have blown some $80 million that they made while playing the game ? But being part of the NFL they should have a vested interest in a pension plan of some sort ...
  6. T master

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    Well not really Bean & company brought in a vet but due to premature evacuation they sent him to Oakland which i didn't get at all !! They had 2 guys with 1 yrs experience in the NFL & what 2 games started ? Why would you trade the only guy that has 4 yrs invested in the league before you know what you have when the real season starts makes NO sense what so ever, then you put in place the thought of what happened last year to Nate when he was put in to start a game wouldn't you think that they should have at least kept AJ for 2 games ?? Then if they were going to wait to put Allen in say game 6 to 8 he would have had AJ to be that mentor for the time he was here & on the field again it makes no sense even if AJ wasn't a starter he still has seen a lot more than either of the other 2 that were in that room & i think would have been a steadying presence given what he told the guys on the field during the last preseason game ...
  7. T master

    The OL Is Bad....How Do You Fix It?

    I'm on board i would think the rookies could do as well as the vets are doing to this point & maybe even better because they are hungrier & from what i've heard about Teller's strength that could be a plus . For the last 2 seasons it has been more than apparent to every one but this O line coaching staff that Ducasse & Mills are average or below average at best & have finished in the bottom half of rankings each of the last 2 seasons so why are they still there ? Could it be because Juan is good buddies with Vlad I'm thinking that's part of it the other is he can't see the forest for the trees !! Last year the O line was doing terrible as another poster said & when the guys went & said for the coach to simplify the blocking scheme things changed quickly & i'm one to think that if you don't learn from your past it time for you to go so set Juan free or give him a quality control position some where other than the O line !!
  8. T master

    Is anyone THAT upset being 0-2?

    Compared to the way i felt after the first game with Nate at the helm it's 100 times better & i realize that with all the rookies on the field we are not going to be a play off contender & the fact that there are some more tweaks that need to be made coaching wise so i would be glad if we do a 7-9 season . But i think given the cap space they will have next year & another good draft the team is on the upswing & McD's process will show a increase each season as it goes along so i am willing to stay patient & see how this works out . Plus a lot has been said how the first 4 games of this years season was against some of the top defenses in the league last year so i was kind of expecting a rough start !! After that the "Experts" say it will get easier for us ...
  9. T master

    Players choosing to retire from Bills

    And to a bunch of other teams too but in a much classier way than the way Davis did it . This year alone there has been quite a few retirements before the actual season started ! This year Eric Decker, Ritchie Incognito, Vontae Davis, all retired during the start of the pre or regular season & there are quite a few more that decided just prior to the preseason like DeMarco Murray that called it a career so maybe it's just the changing of the guard or something in the water !!
  10. T master

    Players choosing to retire from Bills

    Who was it that said if the player is thinking about retirement they are already done playing ??
  11. T master

    Top 5 Buffalo Bills Quitters

    I'm with you totally !! This way of quitting or just giving up & not manning up is a younger generation thing I have always aired on letting my reputation as a person stand up straight & doing what is in the interest of professional courtesy & not screwing some one . Unless of course you are put in a absolute no win situation which Davis wasn't !! I get it that the other guys hands got cold for getting those carts but hey that should have been recognized as part of the job before agreeing to being hired so that's on him . Davis had $1.5 Million reasons in a signing bonus to at the very least go back out & stay on the side line until the end of the game to root on his team mates, if he thought he was hurting them by his play then pulling himself from the game could have been understood but to leave the way he did was a chicken S**t move !!
  12. You could send him back to Philly with Sproles being hurt it would give them another option at the RB position & he would be back where he considered home before the brilliance that was the Chipster came to town & dismantled a great team . At least if for nothing else the fans would love it & he goes to a winning team & he could end his career where ehe began it & had his best seasons & by doing that Shady may even give McD & company some praise for doing it that way ...
  13. You mean kind of like the Browns & the Colts have for the last couple of years stay relevant while building a good team ? I think that the Bills have been blind sided by a few things & some comes to lay at the feet of a second year HC & one is seeing a better option in his friend Juan Castillo than looking at what was there prior & leaving well enough alone but the Rams are happy he didn't !! You add to that the retirement of 2 starting O linemen & then the trade of their starting LT due to injury history which with out the retirement of the other 2 would have been much easier to take but the retirement thing is something that needs to be dealt with & they are doing their best at this time to figure it out . Then you throw in the screwing that Davis gave them yesterday which i think by them signing him they thought he would take a huge weight off their shoulders to keep the secondary strong but showed yesterday he isn't which if he only would have handled it differently i think it would have been looked at in a totally different light but wasn't !! Then you through in the fact of the amount of rookies & second year players on the field expecting to keep the team a float plus you add to that getting rid of the only "Veteran QB" on the roster before you see what the second year QB looks like when the real bullets start flying & all this together gives us what we see on the field a team in rebuild mode. So i'm willing to cut McD some slack because by some of his actions like taking over the defensive play calling yesterday & doing a better job in the second half & saying they knew it would't be easy i have faith that he & his FO will see what's wrong & fix it but it won't be over night !! GO BILLS !!
  14. T master

    Start Wyatt Teller Thread .. Who's with me?

    I thought that dude was going to be so good !! 😢
  15. T master

    Start Wyatt Teller Thread .. Who's with me?

    McD needs to do something to shake up the O line play Castillo's player preference's needs to be taken out of that consideration because the only reason why Ducasse is here is because of him . Ducasse is nothing more than a possible depth option & they should have their rookies in there just as they do with the QB position to be getting game experience ! Miller I'm not as sure about because he did well a couple years back I think that his regression has more to do with the O line coaches incompetence & blocking scheme than it does with his ability . We saw last year what a difference it made when they changed from a zone blocking scheme back to a more man or power blocking scheme that they used the year before . Castillo might be a good guy but he has the Tyrod syndrome when it comes to play on the field he is average at best time to move on Castillo has had 2 years to prove what he's worth & to this point he ain't showed me anything but why he got fired in Philly !!