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  1. It was a great game until the official F'd up that call & now the Saints got SCREWED & will be sitting home when in all reality if that call was made correctly they would be playing in the big game . Also that will be something that could change Brees career he could have 2 possibly 3 SB's if the call was made correctly . If i was Sean Payton i would be more than pissed & i would let every one at the NFL know exactly what was on my mind & wouldn't care about the fines !!!
  2. Total BS The Saints got SCREWED !! plain & simple that ref should be fired I'm boycotting the Super bowl because the true winner of that game is not going to be in it !! It totally sucks the competition committee needs to change the rules on replay & they only need 1 video to change it , that one call changed the entire career for Brees he could have in all possibility won 2 SB's but because of 1 num nut he'll be home like us watching when they should be playing !!
  3. T master

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    Given what he did with the Colts this year Bean needs to get on the phone & back up the truck to give this guy a contract before someone else does !!
  4. T master

    Walt Coleman retires

    John Murphy will be doing his happy dance !!
  5. T master

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    Gronk has definitely been a thorn in the Bills game plan for a long time but i never understood during the drafts of these players why the Bills didn't take a lot longer look at the home boys from the area ? You would think that they would be on the radar & wouldn't have to look very hard to see them ! Gronk, Mack, Stark, & others could have made a big difference in the last 15 years to where the Bills could be . Hopefully lesson learned & maybe they will bring in a couple of players to compete this year from the Bulls .
  6. T master

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    Well worth it given the fact that there was no gratitude in the Bills coaching that saw Peters skill in another position, if not for the coach on the Bills staff that thought of changing Peters to a LT from a TE he would have more than likely been out of the NFL by now as a has been that never was ! Peters thanked the Bills in such a way for helping him see his potential at another position by basically telling them to screw them selves, good riddance still can't stand the guy !!
  7. T master

    Foles/Wentz article with interesting general insights

    Depending on how deep the Eagles go in these play offs the off season in Philly should be rather interesting ! Just say Foles wins them another SB do you let the guy walk ? Or do you trade the youngster that has a bit of a injury problem ? Folks didn't do real well in St. Louis & that could be what happens in Philly if he is given the big bucks or should i stay that is what usually happens when a player is given the big bucks in this type of situation . I know i wouldn't want to be the guy making that decision because if it doesn't go as planned he'd be screwed to a life of remember how stupid he was for doing that !!
  8. This goes right along with the line of thinking that players like Leveon Bell & others have thinking that this "Game" & it's players need to be more celebrated (& payed) than it is because of it & it's players thinking their so special , IT"S A GAME ! Sure i like the game but let reality in to the thought process it's still just a game & the day it is played is all but declared a national day partying which in truth is all's we really want another reason to party !! 😎
  9. T master

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    is my lord & savior just saying ...
  10. T master

    Colts flying “1-0” flag outside Lucas Oil

    No need to give Brady & company any more motivation than they already have the Pats feed on that stuff .
  11. T master

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    I would like to see a couple of the hometown players from UB at least on the radar seeing as in the past none of them including Mack & a few others that have had decent careers in the NFL haven't been considered especially being right in the Bills back yard apparently they were passed over . But that being said BB has the pulse of the college game & knows a lot more about the players than i so i'd be all in on his picks !
  12. Well one good thing is that if McD sees that the guy he hires isn't doing a good job he moves on to find one that does ! Castillo was given 2 yrs to make it work & couldn't i think that the Bills previous O line coach could have done a lot more with what they had this yr than Juan did even with Wood & Ritchie's departure .
  13. T master

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    He definitely gave more in the form of work ethic than Benjamin did which is really to bad ! But KB is in the play offs so i guess he's where he wants to be but i would bet Reid gets him figured out after time if they bring him back next year . I think he is just a band aid until Sammy get's back healthy ...
  14. T master

    Does Ted Washington Belong In The NFL Hall of Fame

    Yes other than Vince Wilfork he's the Best NT i've ever seen !! Both should be first ballad HOFer's !!
  15. T master

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    It all starts in the trenches on both sides of the ball if the O or D line doesn't do it's job the team is usually not very good . The Bills usually have one side doing good but not the other hopefully McD can change that !!