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  1. Wow you know the sports world is hurting when 1 of the lead stories on the NFL network sight is about Gronk winning the 24/7 WWE championship ! When did they invent that belt & just what does it mean 24/7 Champ ? I don't know if all those guys were quarantined at the same time so they could do the match but Gronk has 1 more thing to add to his trophy case !! Watch this if this is the high point of our day in sports it's pretty boring to say the least & if someone has already written about this sorry !! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108468/article/rob-gronkowski-is-your-new-wwe-247-champion
  2. It just goes to show how out of touch he is with reality in the NFL ! There isn't one WR that goes on the field that on any given Sunday just can't be shut down they will have good games & bad but Cooper has shown he can be a good weapon to have on your side but they need more weapons to help out when one team can figure out how to hold that player in check .
  3. Thank goodness !! I would have to root for a player that i can't stand & the Bills would have to pay the guy way too much money to be a back up & cause a QB controversy . I think it would be foolish to even look in his direction he has a bigger than life aura about him & he's not going to be happy being a back up & it would only cause a bigger distraction than help IMHO !
  4. Whaley had some good points to his tenure of being a GM the guy wasn't afraid to wheel & deal it's just who ever was giving him his inside info apparently wasn't real good & he wasn't good at deciphering that info not to mention who ever was over seeing the construction of the contracts at that time was dumber than a box of rocks & put the team in cap hell . The one thing that Whaley failed miserably at was letting the coaches change all the good things that the team had going for it at the time the new HC was hired, allowing Rex to first change a top 5 defense that had been drafting players for a 4/3 & playing a 4/3 at a very high level to change to a base 3/4 then fire the guy that was making it work was just ignorant ! If it ain't broke don't fix it he should have as the GM tell who ever came in the D is fine don't touch it be a HC & use what you have at your disposal & just make th team better allow those in place that are doing a good job to continue doing what they are doing & move forward but because Rex changed all the crap he did it put the team & Whaley by allowing it to happen on the unemployment line .
  5. WOW i think i might just take my multi millions & fade into the back ground & enjoy life ! Alls it would take is another wrong hit & he could be done but being a back up would cut down on the probability of that happening quite a bit . He more than others know it can be a very brutal game & he is still very young in the grand scheme of things I'm sure he has put a lot of thought into coming back to play & his family has had input into that too so hopefully what ever he decides he will be good with his decision ..
  6. JB & CB are more than likely closer to the end of their career's than in the prime of it, yes they still are good but they are in or near their 30's so with this year being deep at the WR position you could get their potential replacement when their contract is up by then the younger player should be up to speed so they don't miss a beat . Not to mention if one of them get hurt for any reason they could have the new guy get some game reps if he is a quick study & that is just another plus .
  7. Yah the only thing is that the second year would have never happened if the Bills D would have stepped up & not missed so many tackles that allowed the Giants to stay on the field Norwood although it is a fact did miss the game winning FG in the SB was the scape goat because that loss was on the D as good as they were !! And the possibility of a little to much partying the night before Just saying ...
  8. Here's a hypothetical if he falls all the way to 54 should the Bills take a flier on him ? If of nothing else maybe future draft capital ...
  9. I watched some of the highlights of Diggs last season & a lot of those passes to Diggs are pretty much put on the money or in a place that only Diggs can get the throw Josh will need to be more accurate with Diggs because he is a diva & wants the ball as much as possible so if Josh isn't on his game it could turn ugly quick if Diggs isn't happy with Josh . I've read a lot of good things about the way Diggs is in the locker room & on the field & i would imagine that's if things are all good but if the guy getting you the ball along with your stats isn't living up to what he thinks i hate to see what might be if Josh doesn't take that 3rd yr jump which i think he will . It's now all up to Josh to prove what he's got !!
  10. It's all just to deep for me i have enough trouble with punctuation & spelling according to the other fans here if i got into trying to think about all that 3 gap, 1 technique stuff i'd be totally lost so i leave that to you all & i'll just stick to being a goot spiller & getting my punktuation right with all ya'lls help of course !!
  11. One thing that is really crazy is some of their best players in the recent past have come from the Bills roster at some point that doesn't say much of the past regime's here in B/lo !! Thank god those days seem to be gone !!
  12. The game is so old I had to adjust my antenna it kept going in & out during the broadcast & i just eventually quit to much interference ! But i did love Hanks toupee awesome look 😜 !!
  13. Any way you look at it the contracts are getting pretty foolish unless you have a generational talent might be the only way that kind of money should be paid to any 1 player . Bruce, LT (giants), Bo, Rice, & the many others that can walk on the field & the entire game changes because that 1 person is there then yah i can see it but IMHO it's just crazy to think a person can make some $25 mill a season or more (& it will be more in the future) is just nuts !! Just Saying !!
  14. I wouldn't put anything past Beane but seeing as he gave up this years first pick along with 3 others to get the player he thinks will give the offense a huge plus this year i don't see him trading back into the 1st but like i said i put nothing past him if he does .
  15. If his last 2 seasons he had been able to play with any consistency i would say yah because when he is healthy he is as good a TE as any in the league but being in Nashville & seeing his last 2 seasons gone up in smoke due to injury i think we should pass, besides we already have 1 TE Kroft that basically sat out almost a entire season because he was injured let's get him healthy first & see if he has anything to give before signing another injury plagued player .
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