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  1. But why does it always have to be the US being the good guy our country has already done a ton to reduce our carbon out put and the blame is always on the fossil fuels never on the cutting of millions of acres of trees that helps to keep the carbon in the atmosphere because that is what trees take in . They never stop producing more roads which hold heat or stop building houses which the asphalt roofs old heat for longer periods of time increasing the atmospheric temperature , & even on laughed (including me) at AOC when she said something about cows farting but in reality have you ever driven across I-40 in Texas past the 1000's of acres of cattle crapping on the ground laying & walking in their own crap which puts out methane gas . They never tell the beef industry to stop or slow down the production of cows then there is the fact that they don't dare say a word to china or India about stopping their pollution because they will flat out tell them to piss up a rope but its always the US that has to make a difference for every one else & pay the bulk of the cash to fix it weather it's the gov't giving to who or what ever science tests or the American people paying higher taxes or prices for the new technology . I'm just tired of the US always being the one lets spread this stuff around & have those polluting th most do their fare share it's total BS that we carry the biggest burden all the time ...
  2. It all or most should be brought back here & made on American soil then China wouldn't have the grip they do on the US but the greed far out weighs producing our own stuff in our own country & we wonder why there is a supply shortage or disruption ...
  3. Surprise you put a video on here that tells truths about the direction of energy consumption & the truth of how likely it is that the implementation can be completed the way that the gov't agenda is attempting to make us all think it can be or wants it to be and crickets ! Where are all the brainiacs with all their rebuttal to back up the direction the politicians are taking our country & how much more likely the green energy thing is so great compared to fossil fuels ?
  4. One thing he could do is stop selling to other countries if we are producing as much as you say & could sell here & the companies would still be making money hand over fist .
  5. What ever the amount that his 53 or so (29 + in the very first day) executive orders he signed in the first 100 days in office which is the highest in history . I didn't actually read the orders so i don't know exactly which ones but if one would depend on the lame stream media to actually report about those particular actions we are being foolish & if one thinks that the price of fuel can over yes OVER double in the short time this man has been in office & he had absolutely nothing at all to do with it then they are a dam fool . It just really strikes me as very strange that this administrations & it's clean energy agenda with change to electric vehicles is coinciding with this fuel price hike coincidence i think not but you go ahead & believe that Putin, Covid & the other reasons they spew are it. I'll wait to see the BS uncovered like it was when Biden went on national TV & said & i quote "If you get the vaccine you cannot get or spread covid you are completely protected" which just gives me all the more reason to not believe this lying POS !! Then there is this stuff that helps their stance why all the sudden why now ?? https://needtoknow.news/2022/06/union-pacific-rail-to-cut-fuel-shipments-by-pilot-flying-j-truck-stops-and-gas-stations/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDOI-uLvTnY&t=2s But i know none of this will make any sense to those that believe Biden is doing a great job .
  6. https://needtoknow.news/2022/06/union-pacific-rail-to-cut-fuel-shipments-by-pilot-flying-j-truck-stops-and-gas-stations/ It is a supply chain thing but i feel it is becoming more man made than anything ...
  7. What common sense in politics wouldn't that be a great thing if the "Career Politicians" might interject that in their thought process !!
  8. I posted this recently the implementation of alternatives will take a very long time as stated in this video by some one that knows much more about it that you or I . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDOI-uLvTnY&t=2s And i have little if any faith given the decisions in the recent past of this POTUS to this point he hasn't made any good decisions to help the country or it 's people out ! Going back to OPEC, Saudi arabia , or Venezuela will in no way help because they will gouge the US for past actions & statements made against them .
  9. So then it's all Putin & Covid that has made the price since Biden took over & has nothing to do with his executive orders to change what was which is the reason that it has OVER doubled the price in 2 yrs ?
  10. All the ones that stopped domestic oil & natural gas drilling that would be a great start .
  11. Just remove his executive orders that he did to stop all the things that were working before he took office & it would help but he couldn't do that because it wouldn't be part of what he is trying to accomplish .
  12. https://www.theworldcounts.com/challenges/planet-earth/forests-and-deserts/rate-of-deforestation Sure there may be but they have been & will continue to cut them down & it's all relevant unless certain people refuse to see what's right in front of their face for their agenda .
  13. Yah that may be true but they being the people pushing for this stuff only tell you what they want us to here to make their point they don't include the fact that they are cutting down trees at a record pace & they take the carbon out of the air & there are other components that contribute but they leave that out & it's only about the cars & fossil fuels .
  14. On a scale of 1 to 10 Watergate would be about a 2 in comparison to some of the crap the politicians pull today just the lies they told to the FISA court to be able to pull the crap they did back then they would have had to fire every one involved but today MEH it' nothing tells us all just where our world today is in the toilet !! I feel Kennedy was and from there on out every president knew they needed to play the way they were suppose to or else .
  15. If you are sensitive in any way & don't like cursing then you need not listen to this because he don't hold back at all and he in no way shape or form cares what the Woke community thinks !!!!
  16. No i don't believe so meaning you are not that old fashion . I can remember back in some where around 1979 - 2 guys in NYC had a had a Mercury Capri that had a V-8 in it i assume it was a 302, these guys had been working on a carburetor for quite some time & this was the test run NYC to Miami was the route . When they got to Miami they figured out how many MPG they got it worked out to be 50 MPG in 1974 from a V-8 after that you never heard another word about those guys or the carburetor they had built . The new 4 cylinder engines make as much HP as V-8's do and are much cleaner and more efficient than ever before but that's still not good enough & never will be because it's not part of the agenda . I said that to say this . I drive a Prevost bus on a tour & the new buses & semi's that carry people & equipment are amoung the cleanest burning engines they have ever built they have a regeneration system that reburns the carbon and they have DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) that also helps to burn off any left overs to be just about as efficient as a motor can be . Coal on the other hand could be a different story but as far as our use of fossil fuels here in the US the politicians are blowing the left over diesel smoke from the 70's up our asses because the cars, trucks & gas home furnaces, along with anything else that burns fossil fuels are all at about 98% efficiency so there's more to the story than clean air . China, India, & other countries are the biggest abusers of polluting the air & they don't care anything about it but the US is always the one that has to bear the brunt of making it better instead of holding those other countries feet to the fire why you ask ? Because they own the US and if we start to push in any way they could make life 10 times worse than it is now . Someone (and it wouldn't surprise me if it was a bunch of politicians) stand to make a S**T ton of cash off of pushing this electric thing not to mention the control they would have over us all ! There would be no mad max running around stealing gas if the world went that way alls they have to do is shut off the power & we would all be screwed !! So just as it has always been with the US gov't there is a alternative motive but you & i will never know that is ! Then there are those that follow this fool we have in the White House (and this agenda) right now will never have balls enough to question him & will believe & follow what ever he says . So i don't believe you are old fashion you just see things through a clearer pair of glasses than some & you along with myself won't have to worry a lot about it i know i'll be long gone it's our grand children that will have to live through all of that .
  17. He will probably get prosecuted (& deserves to be in jail as much as) when they bring Hillary & Barack up on charges for falsifying all the russian stuff & allowing the courts to proceed in wrong doings against him prior to the election & then there's the Bengazi thing for Hillary . But like you said which this is part of the proof political elites never get prosecuted for their wrong doings so he will join the elite club of the many that came before him to walk free amongst us & get paid enormous amounts of money to do so and live free with no retribution ...
  18. Okay but i wonder why here in Tenn. our spring was unseasonably colder longer this year it stayed in the 30's & 40's much longer this season . But you don't have to worry i read a short thing sent to me that Joe the wing nut is on top of it he said that because of the high rate of increasing fuel prices it is a opportune time to change to alternative clean energy . Which was the agenda all along stop domestic oil production which will raise the price of all fossil fuels say that it's the energy companies raising prices then Putin pulls his BS which just plays into the agenda & eventually the American people are spending so much more cash to fill their vehicles they have no other choice than to but than to buy electric vehicles . Which hey that will save a ton of money the Chevy Silverado EV RST is only $105,000 that is would be the equivalent make of the Silverado gas or diesel version that sells for $80k so with the savings on the electric truck & the monies that will have to be put into upgrading the grid in order to handle all these new electric vehicles it should be a total money saver . Oh and they will still need to have fossil fuels to produce the amount of electric needed for this wind mills & solar will not be able to do it on there own . Then another problem with that going forward is last week here when the temps got higher the gov't & electric company's were asking all of their customers to turn their AC up as to not use more electricity & over burden the grid so refer to the 4th paragraph about upgrading the grid . If this is what they are asking just because of a bit higher than usual out door temp - HOW THE HELL WILL THE GRID HANDLE ANOTHER 200K PLUS ELECTRIC CARS ??? There Old Wing Nut Joe goes implementing his agenda with out a plan with any common sense or reason of how to get there this dude loves to put the cart before the horse all the time . But it's all to save the planet so he'll run with it ...
  19. Never thought of it that way but small markets are at a disadvantage for sure especially when they are up against the likes of Dallas & others like them . Given all the monies that the NFL makes and for the most part a lot of the revenue that is generated goes directly to them 1 way or another they should have to put up at least half of the cash for new stadiums . The only thing with the NFL owning these stadiums and the cities not paying for them if they have concerts & such those monies generated would have to go t the NFL also & the only thing the cities would get is the tax revenue off these properties correct ? So seeing as this year the Bills stadium is bring ing in Garth & the possibility of others they can make more monies off the stadium that would go directly to the state or county for up keep & use what ever is left over for other state funded things or just to pay off the note so it's kind of a double edged sword . Or am i thinking wrong i have been known to before .
  20. Because they don't see things both ways they can't through their bias !! The agenda must be completed at all costs !!
  21. That was awesome thanks so much for posting it ! We always here of the bad & never the good in people despite their race & we need more of these kinds of stories instead of those that always post the ones to keep the division going ! Thanks again that was a great story of kindness & puts a bit of faith back into humanity 🙌 !!
  22. I thought that's what Libs/Tibs (same thing) do though .
  23. Well yesterday i filled my truck it use to be when reading 1/4 tank between $48 to $50 & it is now $110 . Got 5 of the small walmart bags of groceries yesterday too & it was $120 not exactly sure how much more that is but i know it is more . A friend of mine had his son drive him to work this week because he owns a diesel pick up & fuel is close to $6.00 a gallon here in TN. I wish Joe would hurry up & kiss Saudi Arabia's or Venezuela's a** so the price would go down . That dam Putin !!!
  24. I wouldn't have any problem with making new laws but if a politician is involved which they always are usually there is little or no common sense involved in the thought process & then there is the fact that no matter what a politician will most genuinely abuse a law for their own agenda or purpose . There were a ton of evidence that the kid in Uvalde was a lose cannon and just waiting to go off so there were plenty of red flags but what was done to look into his past and stop him . To add to that i have a family member that is a cop & has had training in the field for the same type of situation that happened in Uvalde with a active shooter & he said that in that situation he has always been taught to run toward gun fire to do what ever needs done to stop the shooter . This being my opinion for that many cops to sit for over 45 minutes and not do any thing in some way shape or form to stop that maniac was totally chicken S**T on their part especially seeing as there were children involved & the 911 calls plus gun fire but that's just me . And i'm sure the OP will disagree in some way . There is plenty of blame to go around but those always pushing for more gun laws will be all over anything like a tragedy of this proportion to blame the guns & not the true cause being the maniac's that pull the trigger . But if this law is filled with common sense & will stop any tragedy like this from happening again in the future i'm all for it !!
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