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  1. Yah he would but he in so many words said he doesn't want to play for a cold weather team & seeing as he played for the boys i would imagine he heard a ton of bad stuff about Buffalo so i don't think he would even consider coming here, of coarse $$ talks & BS walks so i guess if they offered him enough he might but i don't think Beane would offer the kind of money he would want !
  2. He was the one i had hoped the Bills would take only because of his college career & that goes to show you why a fan should never be allowed to choose players on a NFL roster . That being said we all have seen what changing coaches & offensive schemes can do for the development of a young NFL QB it just doesn't work ! The Bills due to some of the same type of things Rosen has had to endure have had their fair share of young QB's that may have done better with a bit more stability but didn't because of change . Losmen, EJ, just to name a few maybe could have had better NFL careers with ore stability around them (oh & a attitude adjustment) for the one !!
  3. It was probably cause he was carrying around them money bags that's where the extra weight comes from ...
  4. 😂 Did the Bills ever have to pay him seeing as he screwed them ? And if so has any one ever heard how much ?
  5. Very cool never knew they had football in Sweden !! Does this go along with the international thing that Wade was brought in on ?? Ready set BORK BORK !! 😂
  6. I believe along with the mention of a extra game there was also mention made of expanding the rosters to compensate for injuries that may happen & the players being as greedy as the owners say as long as your gonna pay me MO MONEY i'm in !! The extra game per season i think might be to bolster games out of the country that way each team that does play a game out side the US won't be getting screwed by having to give up a game & the season ticket holders can have a full 8 home game schedule again . As long as the owners get a bigger slice of TV revenues & the players get their slice it's gonna happen I'm not for it but it just facts money rules !!
  7. What in gods name is fort night ??? 🤓 does it have something to do with building a fort in the living room like we did when we were kids & the best fort wins ??
  8. Every year we here of each teams salary cap going up & each new QB that comes along like Mahomes is expected to set a new record for the amount of money he receives in his new contract when negotiations start & although i believe that if they are willing to pay what ever amount you ask for get while the getting is good, will the owners or the NFL ever decide that enough is enough & put a cap on the biggest amount you can receive in a contract per position to allow the other players to be able to make decent pay ? As it stands right now Matt Ryan holds the largest overall contract when he signed his extension in May of 2018 which was for 5 yrs $150 million but the player that has the highest amount paid per yr (not over all) is Russel Wilson his extension was for 4 yrs $140 million but he gets paid $35 million per yr & they are saying that Mahomes contract could be in the vicinity of some $200 million if he signs a 5 yr extension with a $40 million per yr pay check !! Just saying HOLY S**T that's a lot of cash !! 🤑 The new CBA contract talks are now on going too & they are talking how if it is excepted that just the average joe players can make a extra $90k a years which heck i believe there's probably not on person here that would turn just the increase down let alone adding it to what they already get per year . I know in my little pea brain $40 million a yr would set me or any of us up for a hell of a long time & i can't even fathom how you would have to live or what you would need to live in order to spend that kind of cash, sure i would first take care of family & possibly a couple of dear friends but after that the what ? How much more can the cash flow continue to grow & just how much is to much ? Will the owners ever put a cap on the spending when it comes to individual salaries per position to keep the pay for other players relevant, because a team is made up of all the players & not just 1 or 2 extremely high priced very talented players !!
  9. Yah good thing you didn't say non play off player from 2000 to 2017 that can be looked at 100 different ways, i think i would choose Mario .
  10. In any language it will be way to much money to throw a football just saying ...
  11. For my next post i'm working on i'm doing a video in sign language & it will be about helmet warmers in a dome stadium 😆 just to really PO all of you all 😂 I can only imagine the response to that one 😍 !!
  12. Falcons old QB Bartkowski told Burrows he should make a power play & use his history to tell the NFL where he wants to go rather than go to a bad team in rebuild mode because it could do him more harm than good . Says he should pull a Eli !! https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/article240375566.html
  13. Okay it's the off season, I'm bored, there's not a ton of new stuff to talk about but what could happen in the draft & where some mocks have players going especially at the top of the draft, there is a ton of speculation where a lot of the QB's not only in FA but in the draft will go this year & the Fins QB situation has been troublesome to say the least since before last season . The guy they let go took his team to the play offs, the guy they brought in to be a possible future fit at QB for them sat the bench mostly & Fitz the consummate all teams (8 to be exact) veteran comes in to save face for the Fins . What Fitz did for the Fins last season was basically keep them from having the #1 over all pick in this years draft I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not but it sure was fun watching him get out there & give it his all once more for the game he loves to play ! Got to give it to him the guy is a gamer & you know he'll give his all for the team he plays for when ever he's on the field ! Now seeing as the Fins have the 5th over all pick in the draft this year there should be a couple of QB's that they just can't afford to pass on & with Fitz coming back it could give them the choice to sit a new rookie QB for the season, if their pick is Tag he could benefit by sitting not only as far as learning the scheme but health wise too knowing that he is coming off that what was once seen as a career ending type injury . Bo Knows hip injuries !! 😢 Tagovailoa is projected to them in some early mocks at 5 but Herbert could be there too, if so either could be considered a better future for the team than Rosen & then what happens ? Did Rosen show enough of anything to anyone in Miami to consider keeping him around, if not what if anything would he be worth to another team . Could the Bills pick him up if they decide not to keep Barkley 🤔 --------------- NAH !! We all know the Rosen saga since he's been in the league is he worth a 4th round pick, could he be used in a trade to upgrade another position for the Fins & be gone to his 3rd team or could they just keep him as a practice squad arm to give them a third guy in camp for some competition ? So many unanswered questions when it comes to this guy, another is has he had a fair shake, we all know to well what changing schemes and coaches can do to a young QB in the league the Bills have been in QB hell for years until they chose Josh 🙏 There are also a lot of QB's that will be hitting the FA market this year that have a ton more experience so will this be Rosen's last stand ? Flame away Bills fans .
  14. It's not a given with Beane but i don't see him giving up his #1 pick especially when there area as many good WR & pass rush players coming out 1 of them will be here when it comes time to pull the trigger & if their guy isn't there & he see's it as a reach then he may but not thinkin so .
  15. I think given what happened to Kroft last season Beane has plenty of ammo to negotiate a new contract if he still wants to play here but the ultimate decision might be made if they decide to sign another veteran TE but Beane may feel he deserves 1 more chance but it should be at a lower cost IMHO ...
  16. Thanks for the insight alls i've ever seen is him trying to be TO like after a catch or a TD but i'm all for a guy that can help Josh & the team get to the next level !!
  17. So could AB but i wouldn't have him as a water boy for the Bills !! Just my opinion but like i said i know nothing about the guy as long as he can keep it together & isn't a problem then bring him in !!
  18. $29 million in contract money & he (for what ever reason) thinks he needs to take a chance at trying to move pot from Mexico into the U.S. WTH didn't he just go to Colorado ? Apparently the college education did nothing for his common sense decision making !!
  19. As we all do i remember the glory days & can't wait for the Bills time to come again & think it is very close, not sure if we will ever as fans have it as good as we did when Kelly & the crew were running up & down the field but it could be much better than it has been in a long time !! But watching that clip i didn't remember until watching that what a great arm Kelly had i always thought in comparison to like Marino he had a very average arm but after watching this it just reminded me how good a QB he really was !! If there is one thing i would have wished had happened is that Kelly would have come to the Bills right out of the draft & played his entire career here !! That has always left a bad after taste for Kelly ...
  20. I let me start by saying i know nothing about the guy & this is just a personal observation, any time i have ever seen the dude my first impression is that he is a all about me, look at me, watch me, see what i just did type of player with a huge ego ! Yes he is a really good player & can help a team, he is also a #1 WR but is he a process guy ? Is he the type that McD wants to bring here or is he more of a AB type of player that could show his true colors if he's not given everything that he wants & could be more of a detriment to a locker room than a help in the long term ? We can bet if he is on the block Beane is doing his due diligence & will make what ever move is best for the team !!
  21. I just wish this guy would go away ! He's got more S**T than a christmas turkey & no team will be willing to pay him until they know for sure what's going on in his pending cases, then there is the punishment the NFL will give him for being a ass bag, until all that is taken care of he's done ! He still feels it was just his emotions that got the best of him & he was just standing up for what he thought was right what a goof ball !! Just GO AWAY !! AB ...
  22. 2 of the top WR's have issues according to some & this years draft being so deep at WR a good one may be able to be had in the 2nd round, Murph is a good team guy works hard, & never quits on a play when on the field so keeping him is not a priority but the team could & have done worse in the past . Seeing as the Peg's have a connection with Penn state i think Gross - Matos could be a great get at 22 if still there, he sounds like a perfect fit for McD's out look on players & a process guy ! If you think that next year both Murph & Hughes could be gone he could be another young player to be around to build on . This tells a lot about the Matos & he sounds like a perfect fit with the rest of the young players on the team . http://www.nfl.com/labs/cfb247/gross-matos/gross-matos
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