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  1. Kind of puts all the trivial things that we think are bothering us into another place & makes me realize just how blessed i am ! Prayers up to this little warrior princess !! And to all that need Gods strength today !! 🙌
  2. It's always a good day when yo learn something new thank you sir !!
  3. Well if you look at teams that have been in the hunt just about every season since they got their franchise QB like Green Bay, The Patriots, Pittsburgh, and the Colts at 1 point it seemed as if every single year they are the teams that have a chance . Even this year with Big Ben on the down side of his career they made it to the play offs so if we use them for the template i'd say we have a good while before the Bills are seen as irrelevant . Unless of course Josh has some kind of horrific injury but that can happen to any of them on any given sunday ...
  4. Well you have a good point ! They do have a rookie QB that could sit behind someone for a bit to learn more so maybe ? The one that would make more sense that i didn't really think about was Jimmy G he already knows the offense & could probably fit right in unless there was a huge rift between him & Bill .
  5. Dam i love me some Steven A !!! Go Man Go !! 😂
  6. Given Jerry's ego it wouldn't surprise me one bit & i was wondering the same thing . It does my heart so much good to see them lose not only to humble Jerry to some extent but to shut Irving's pie hole !!
  7. With all the talk of the possibility of Rogers leaving GB this yr i would be more worried about that scenario him leaving & going to the Pats . If he does take GB to the SB i think he would stick around but you never know what can transpire i never thought i would see Brady play for a different team but here we are . If Rogers doesn't make it to the big game this year that might be all he needs as motivation to make such a move given the mystique of the Pats & what they have done he could go there thinking he could win 1 more then retire . Watson has a awful lot of baggage & i don't see Bill wanting to put up with all of that for that matter i don't see any team wanting to go through that except the Texans i believe that's why they may bring in Flores because Watson said he would play for him & that may be the 1 chance to get him to stay .
  8. I'd say lets worry about the Chiefs first ! One game at a time & then we can ask this question because if they don't by some chance win this game this subject is moot and means absolutely nothing because they like us will be watching from their living room .
  9. I would like to see Addison back but given the depth i'd say to one of these highly drafted rookies or second year players if he can't play it's time to step up & show us what you got this is why you were drafted by the Bills to make us better in times like this so bring it and prove that Beane made a good decision in bringing you here !!
  10. The thing that sticks out most to me in your post is that all of the other rushers on that list are no longer in the play offs which bodes well for the Bills & means that Josh & Motor are at the top of the heap in the play offs . So with that being said & the fact that the Bills seem to (like they say) be playing their best ball at the right time the future is looking pretty bright for the Bills right now I hope they can keep it humming & bring the Lombardy to Buffalo !! GO BILLS !!!!
  11. It's all part of the new world which we live in now & it is something that has to be thought about but it can't restrict every thing we do to the point of being neurotic about it you still have to live your lives & if he does get it then next man up ! I'm sure we all hope that no one gets it but the Titans lost king Henry & survived & i'm thinking there are others on this Team that can step up if anyone unfortunately goes on the list . I bet Diggs wasn't as happy to see the Boys lose as i was though 😆 !!
  12. I think Brown will be part of the Bills O line going forward & i also think that Doyle will be too Dawkins has been good at LT but i think having both these rookies on the team will ensure that if Dawkins were to go down that his position will be able to be covered & if either play his position better than he did then that's just a plus all the way around !! Beane is looking to the future & bringing in players that will keep Josh & the Bills upright for a long time !!
  13. I think it has to be Dorsey he's got plenty of experience on the field & the side lines he knows the scheme they are using now & can keep what he likes & make improvements with in it & he has a really good working relationship with Josh . Then there is his past he was involved in taking Cam to a SB & it looks as if he will help Josh get to one too, every assistant has a time to prove they are worthy of a promotion & i think this is Dorsey's time . Consistency is all part of a team being really good & although small changes or tweaks can be good constant big changes can cause droughts as we well know & have seen in the NFL . Look at the Browns talent wise they are busting at the seams but because they have changed OC so much it's like they can't get their feet under them so i'm all for giving Dorsey the promotion to keep things relatively calm as far as scheme & coaching change on the Bills side line !
  14. He's drinking the Kool-aid or he has hit his head 1 to many times sure they did beat the Bills earlier this season but 1 catch by Diggs in the end zone & it's a different game . Let them believe they have to have some hope or they might just as well give up right out of the shoot the tide has turned back in B/lo's favor i see it being there for a while !!
  15. I was expecting Myer to do more in Jacksonville and was in a small way disappointed i guess I thought he was going to be a better NFL coach than what he was & he may have screwed himself as far as ever being a college coach again - not that he needs the cash or anything i would think I was just expecting more .
  16. How can you never forget something that you didn't know in the first place ? 🤔
  17. From anything i've ever read that Jerry has written he always looks for the bad that the team does & try's to put them down every chance he gets it would be fine with me if they just skipped over him entirely at the after game pressers . And especially when they win the big one ...
  18. Has there ever been a QB that has won a National Championship in college to go on & win a SB in the NFL ? Color me ignorant when it comes to that stuff but i don't follow it that close . I do know there are a bunch of them that have been busts in the NFL & the Heisman trophy winners usually are terrible in that respect maybe even worse than the National Champion QB's .
  19. If he's gonna let a rookie QB push him around like he did on that play maybe he better stay on the sideline this week 10 pushes him back pretty good instead of holding his ground .
  20. I think this week McKenzie and Harry will be the 2 that make their presence known . If we can use Mckenzie the way they did in the second game against the Pats & like the Chiefs use Hill i don't know if they have any one that can stay with him in their secondary . Harry like others here have said is playing like we thought he would & was before each of his injuries & i think that his presence will be seen more in this game . But it could be Motor & Rouseau or maybe Rousseau & Basham but on the other hand maybe Jerry & Oliver nah i'll stick with Harry & Mckenzie Yah Yah that's my choice .
  21. As long as the human element is involved it will be very hard to get rid of the errant bad call and in this instance it was a bad call but IMHO once the ball left the QB's hand it was to late how can you stop a play after the point of no return ? If the ball was still in the QB's hand okay but after its gone oh well that needs to be the adjustment made to that rule what if that was a fan in the crowd which it wouldn't surprise me given some of those parents out there that are refs for their kids so we really don't know . But if they tweaked the rule there would be no fowl even if it was some fan playing their own game or a errant whistle like the one in that game .
  22. I agree now he just needs to come up with a dance when he gets a sack & we can call it "The Basham Boogie" AH HUH - AH HUH - YOU KNOW IT'S GOOD !!
  23. Thanks for the kind words but the Chiefs should have won that game hands down & it wasn't really all that surprising that they did because the Steelers aren't that good but it does bring us to the rematch . We as Bills fans are still a little P Oed because of the loss last year and i hope the team can bring what they did this past game because last year the Bills didn't play their best game & the Chiefs did which is why the Bills lost . This year i think will be a bit different because in part of last seasons loss & the adversity this year the Bills have had to over come this will be one for the ages for sure & i think the Bills are due KC had their SB and i know i'm not the only Bills fan that think its our turn to hoist the Lombardy and put the Bills on the map !1 GO BILLS !!!!!
  24. I agree the Chiefs are playing like the Chiefs now & every one on the Bills D is going to have to prove why they are #1 in the league if they don't they will be watching the play offs like the rest of us from their living rooms ... I think Dabol needs to use Mckenzie like the Chiefs do their speed guy Hill throw a wrinkle or 2 that they won't expect . I think Josh is every bit as good as Mahomes & if he can get the offense humming or keep it humming like it was last game it will be a barn burner for sure !!
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