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  1. I have always thought things were better back in the day as we say or in the good old days and it looks as if we have taken a step back in time to a better time & place in some instances when things were much less opinionated and more politically correct . No harsh opinions on twitter or FB no name calling by those in charge it's so refreshing . Most things are now back to the way they were when Joe was last in office . By giving hope to those wanting to come to the US no border crisis here that would have some 4500 children in federal holding centers at the border .
  2. IT WAS THEM DAMB RUSSIANS THEY ARE BEHIND EVERYTHING THEY DID IT FOR TRUMP & HE COORDINATED IT ALL PLUS THEY HACKED THE PIPE LINE TOO !! WILL IT EVER END ? Oh sorry i went back in time seeing as thats the political theme . Excuse me please i'll try to get a grip 😞 . I just had a moment .
  3. Yah this guy definitely had a power thing happening by the looks of it went way to far but i would hope that just being put in jail i would be stronger than taking my life and using the system to hang him rather than what happened . This kind of thing definitely needs to be looked at under a microscope so it doesn't happen again !
  4. I just visited a family member this past weekend which is a cop where he lives a scumbag that had a rap sheet a mile long assault, burglary, theft, car jacking, and even found the address of the cop & sat out side his house while his kids played in the front yard basically stalking him . The scum bag after killing some one else and stealing a car trying to flee tried to use the car to run over the officer that was trying to stop him the cop shot & killed him & is now facing murder charges WTF ? Oh i guess just let him go and we can find him after the next p
  5. It just makes me hate politicians even more they're all nothing but a bunch whiny ass entitled rich cry baby's that don't have a clue about what happens in the real world .
  6. That's all well and good then make it so those that are lying have absolutely no leg to stand on because i hate hereing the freaking whining from both sides if there is no way there can be no way . But i guess it would be like that kid in high school that is always unhappy no matter what is done there will always be someone B**Ching about something especially in todays world ...
  7. And that is the exact reason that there needs to be voting reform how ever it needs to be made so that this kind of BS that you are talking about doesn't happen and every vote from every American that wants to vote counts so that the people & not the politicians or those truly in power decide how the elections are won & lost . We can figure out DNA but not a freakin way to keep integrity in the way these crooked politicians are elected things as simple as a watermark on every mail in ballot but we would rather listen to our selves B**CH about it than look to common sense ch
  8. Even though a lot of this cane contributed to the over hyping and none common sense reaction to the virus some of it can be directly attributed to the politicians that run the country . There have been a couple of moves recently that have shown little to no fore thought or common sense put into moves made such as promising making it easier to come to the US which directly caused the border crisis !! Then giving money to those not effected by the pandemic plus to some point extending unemployment benefits in general if Americans don't have to get off their ass they won'
  9. Use a pick Tom Hamilton and a lot of other great rock & roll bass players do ...
  10. So whats the deal ? The 2021 draft just got done the guys haven't even had their first rookie mini camp and they already have a mock draft for 2022 🙄 . They don't even know who picks where so how do they even mock is it just well i guess this team will go here and they will take this player because this is where I want them to pick ? Seems like these guys are either really bored this time of year or just like to waste time .
  11. DUDE !! You have entirely to much time on your hands you must live in a condo ...
  12. Given what we know about Beane that comes as no surprise to me the man is always looking to better the team & if nothing else create competition to try and motivate players to give everything they have while they are in practice to make the team as good as they can be .
  13. You will never get a argument out of me that he (the cop) wasn't negligent but to say that Floyds actions prior were irrelevant is like saying Adolf Hitler had nothing to do with starting a world war everything in the out come of a situation is relevant ! If i walk up to you while your with your kids & treat you with the respect you deserve & say hello & reply to you yes sir & No sir I would hope i get that respect back but if i come up to you and say HEY A** HOLE GET THE F**K OUT OF MY WAY OR I'LL KICK YOUR ASS YOU POS THEN MAKE A THREATENING MOVE TOWARD YOU and yo
  14. I do not believe in any way when that cop pulled up on the scene or put the cuffs on him that he thought "i'm gonna kill this guy" . I wish for all concerned Floyd was still here especially for his family but here's a couple of questions that i have asked my self . If George stayed home that day would he be alive today ? If George would have chosen to not do drugs that day which caused him to act the way he did would there be no reason for the cops to be called and would he still be alive today ? If George wasn't high & didn't try to pass a
  15. I Love me some Candace Owens she tells it like it is and she ain't scared to say what she thinks I wish she would run for office she'd get my vote ! At one point yrs back i heard she was a Democrat but disagree'd with who ever & changed for what ever her reason was (maybe saw some truths) but i can only imagine what she said i will have to find the video because i will probably more than likely agree with her . Just by reading the title of this post i have to say even though the cop was in no way right in doing what he did and got what if not more than what he deser
  16. Yep the flip floppers are leading the charge SURPRISE !! Mitt just needs to go ahead and change parties he is definitely not who he wants his party to think he is that is for sure !!
  17. I never heard of Rosseau until his name was announced at the Bills pick but i do have faith in McBeane & company ! Greg seems like a Bills type of player though just from the little bit i've heard from him . Some comparisons have been made to Maybin but from the minute Maybins name was mentioned at the draft he just looked less than enthused and it seemed as if he was acting just going through the motions Rosseau is not that way at all !! I put i don't know fr my vote but i sure do hope he turns out to be all they think he can be and his production can be close to
  18. You are probably correct in some way . But if he does and given what Joe has done to this point by the end of his term it will be so screwed up Trump just might be able to win again because if it comes down to Joe or Him that would make me have to vote for Trump (unless Joe has a AH HAH moment) because if for nothing else just to straighten up all the things that will be screwed up by then . Given what he's done to this point that will be plenty !! I just hope Trump might (But i doubt it) learn from his past and keep his mouth shut a bit more . But from any
  19. I bet when they tell him he can move on by just giving back most of the monies he's gotten and what he is suppose to get which i read adds up to some $44 million they would let him go . I think for that kind of cash i would just quit the cry baby stuff & show up & go to work . Some of these athletes when they start to whine like that need to be sent to be a block masons tender for a couple of weeks to remind them just how freakin blessed they are & how easy they really have it with every body waiting on them hand & foot .
  20. I always do vote . I never said i didn't like the guy he's probably pretty nice he just ain't got a clue on somethings just another typical career politician ! As far as Trump goes i really hope he doesn't run again although he does what needs to be done in some cases he don't know enough to shut up and that's what hurts him more than anything . Besides people like you that hate anything he does no matter good or bad think its been shown that the border WAS !! in good order . But as i've said before he could give you a bar of gold & you would complain that it's no
  21. I think Basham could be put into the rotation sooner than Rosseau just because he has a lot more playing time & Rosseau opted out last year so they may want to bring him up to speed as far as on the field a bit slower . I have also heard that Brown is the kind of guy that if he gets on the field he will be hard to take him back off because he is a quick learner for one & he's just a really good player so i think some of those that were resigned this year could be in for a rude awakening if these young guys get a chance . I think Addison could be a casualty due t
  22. The truth shall set you free or get you on the top of the cancel cultures list or have a huge following of people that hate you for it !
  23. I've never really understood why the Bills don't keep a closer eye on some of the players that went to schools or grew up closer to Buffalo there has been quite a few . James Stark, Gronk, Kalil Mack, Patterson, who else have i forgotten ? I know there have been more that have went into the NFL & had decent careers .
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