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  1. Yes of a lot more than some are willing to admit to !!
  2. Oh i don't i just take it for what it is worth & that's not much ! it proves that common sense is a thing of the past given a lot of the actions & reply's that these people give . I often wonder their profession & i say that because in a lot of instances those that spend a ton of time in colleges learning things wind up (In some not all) with little or no common sense like a lot of our politicians . I being a middle class high school/trade & technical school graduate have always had to bust my ass & use my brain while doing so to make a living but have known people in my lifetime that have huge college degrees that can't wipe their own asses so in some of these types of back & forth i just consider the source & move on . As has been said - You can't fix stupid but you can num it with a 2x4 ...
  3. I think he will be back he has had the most production of any back they have had since he got drafted here & he's always close to 1k yd season Moss on the other hand hasn't been nearly what they thought he would be when drafted . I never liked the Moss pick i thought they needed a bigger back to do what they wanted him to do or be & his production has been lack luster . After last season when Motor came on at the end of the year he was running hard & not making many mistakes at all just gaining yards around 800+ if i remember . McD & Beane like to keep their own & if Singletary continues the way he has i think he will be back but it will have to be at the Bills price if he thinks more highly of him self as we've seen in the past Beane will let him check out the market & if the money is there he may be gone but he will have a home in B/lo if not .
  4. WOW ! I'm humbled & it's become very apparent because of your reply & your superior intelligence that i am not even worthy to walk the same ground as you . I hope by you responding i didn't interrupt your superior abilities by my simple common sense way of approaching life . I wonder if you could extend some grace to me i apologize for disrupting you to take the time to reply from your busy schedule to read a football blog it must be so beneath your higher than average intelligent circle to come down to this level . If you will please pray for me - oh wait i know with your superior intelligence you probably don't believe in any higher power or being other then anyone than you & your supremely above average intelligence so never mind I'll make it through with out your prayer . I guess i will just have to be careful to not interfere as to distract your train of thought on how the world should be run according to you & keep my very simple minded common sense to a lull as I walk aimlessly around your earth . I also hope i won't cross the ground you are on at the same time as to possibly interrupt any intelligent thought with my foolish common sense so what ever you might be mulling over in your superiorness might not be disturbed . Have a blessed day ole wise one please excuse me ?
  5. I didn't say that the other parts of the team that you talk about are not vital to the teams success but Josh is a huge part of that & he leads by example & i feel brings every one because of his example to a higher or next level . Ultimately football is a team game it can not be won by 1 person but if you look at most of the teams that have had good to great success there are those QB's that with out them would not have been nearly as successful . Manning, Kelly, Elway, Brady, Mahomes, Montana, Bradshaw, you take any of these guys out of the line up yes the team would still be very good but by taking them away they would be lacking in some way from being what they are as a hole with them that's all i am trying to say . And with our Bills today if Josh is taken out of that Team equation they would lessor for it .
  6. Well if there is any state that can think of a really good way to waste tax payer money California will be leading that charge for sure ! Ay one that can send out something like $1300 checks to every one as to help because of higher gas prices while at the same time increasing the gas tax by .03 cents per gallon and thinking that this will be a help with anything - Yep HERE'S YOUR SIGN !! So this would fall right in with that thinking not real surprising !!
  7. Cost of gas in 2019 as low as $1.89 a gallon (in my area) cost of gas today at a low of $3.49 down from the recent $4.25 i'd say that might be some proof & that was all while not taking oil from the strategic reserve as a bandaid & not begging the Saudi's to release more oil to the Americans . NEXT !!
  8. What does it mean when they take the video down so people can't look & see what she may have said can't have anything that paints her in a bad light now can we or something that tells us who she really is !!
  9. I hope it's nothing to bad for him & his family prayers up for him !!
  10. BRING IT ! Talk about redemption Stephon whooping his brother while being a Cowboy IN THE SUPER BOWL -- HELL YAH I'LL TAKE IT !!
  11. Hey Keyshon if you take Josh out of this line up right now & put in Barkley, Keenum, Fitz, or Tribisky in the line up where are the Bills at then ?? I'll wait for your response 🤔 ...
  12. I can't say that given the right circumstances that OBJ would or wouldn't be a good addition but if he was brought in now someone would suffer a loss of touches & looking at who we have i'm not sure that would be a good thing ?? Maybe ?? Then there is the money side of things not sure how much more magic Beane has left in his bag . They say OBJ is a good team mate but his antics while with the Giants really soured me toward him i would rather run with what we have because i think it is a very talented bunch & Davis can & will do very well this year .
  13. I have & do every day I know my faults & have learned from my mistakes & with my god leading me i feel am heading in a good direction because he shows me whats in front of me & allows me to see it clearly . 🙌 Have a good day .
  14. That seems awfully light discipline for the amount of those that have made the accusations against him . Usually where there is so much smoke if you look you will find fire if ti were only 1 or 2 maybe the guy isn't that guy but i'm thinking because of the amount of those with the same accounts of his behavior i believe he is a scum bag & the punishment should be according to the crime or at least to the over abundance of it .
  15. I don't look at myself as a teacher but i pass on things that i have learned from my mistakes & try & realize when i do make mistakes & learn form them but then there are those that make mistakes & 1 don't realize it & 2 don't learn from it & think that book knowledge serves them better & will continue to be led by the hand instead of led by wisdom . We all just need to choose the category we want to follow you have established yours & i have mine . And although if you were to give reasonable response to change my thinking i would be open to it you on the other hand i don't feel are or will be & can't see that that is right in front of you . Your decisions are based on & made through bias & hatred of a person for their sometimes foolish public acts & statements rather than their outcomes of their decisions & how it either helps or hurts those they are chosen to lead & if you could give a unbiased or hate filled opinion (which you won't) of how things are now & how they were to be the comparison well it is over whelmingly different & not for the better ! Insert stupid Trump picture here !! _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  16. First off it's not my party i'm a independent & i vote for the lessor of the 2 evils . I can say it sure wouldn't hurt my feeling if DeSantis got the nod because this guy right now hasn't a clue (& there's proof in everything he's done to this point) i feel to what he's doing as it pertains to helping America or the people in it . And i can't for the life of me see how any one can look at America right now in comparison to before Biden took over & say that it is in better shape or headed in a better direction . Policy foreign & domestic, economically, militarily, i feel the country was much better before than now . Americans polled believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction everything has been turned upside down or has went exactly backwards yet there are those that think this president is better . It makes no sense, if there were a common sense explanation (which i have asked for from a certain few here) to this direction taken & it made sense they may turn my way of thinking because i try to stay open minded but when certain things slap you in the face like it being over $100 to fill my truck with gas, 3 bags of grocery's now cost me $75, my electric bill going up $40 a month that tells me someone isn't doing their job as good as they could . Add to that the American people being made to bear the brunt of this global warming thing weather it be fake or real what about those that are polluting 10 times more than us hold them accountable instead of letting them get away with it & then allow them to purchase our land & resources here in America to put us in a worse economic place for now & the future . Yet because & only because the last guy had a big mouth & was very opinionated & yes made some foolish moves which they all do the hate did & still does run rampant despite the fact that the things which i stated were much better & there are those that can't see it blows my mind ! PO if i have more money in my pocket to do with what i want because i bust my ass to make my money then that's the guy or women that get's my vote if the person in charge has policy's or by their actions or decisions takes more money away from me for no apparent reason or for a better outcome & i have less for me & my family then your not getting any endorsement from me . I'll choose the pompous loud mouth with a better business plan over the doodling fool that can't run a successful hot dog stand let alone a entire country .
  17. Only until they disclose all of the stuff on Hunters lap top & connect the dots . Then he will not only beat carter for the worst President ever he will also be the most corrupt but will like his counter part Hillary go scot free because they have the corrupt connections in high places to keep them all out of jail !! And they will continue to keep spewing their BS in speeches & make a sh*t ton of money living in their mansions after the fact . Welcome to the new American dream . As far as being a old man i'd rather be a old man filled with hands on school of hard knox life wisdom than a young wise ass younger person filled with supposed book smart intelligence that hasn't got brains enough to come in out of the rain or realize when they are being bullshitted . But don't worry when you quit licking windows after time you may acquire some wisdom although you mental capacity won't have much storage space for real wisdom .
  18. You are so delusional ! I don't have a clue how anyone could say that from what it was prior to the pandemic to what it is along with a couple of other happenings that the country is heading in the right direction . Do you not read the polls of the American public ? After 2 months of negative growth claiming all the jobs created after all the jobs lost thinking that getting back to normal is something he created then the lack of energy independence now because of shutting down so many avenues of fuel production with executive orders in comparison and just some of the stupid decisions Biden has made . But as you say it is all Trumps fault 🙄
  19. Actually looking at what your vote has done to the country makes my decision look and feel a hole lot better . Just look at the poles on how your boy is doing even those that voted for this idiot (besides you) realize & can see how he has ruined the country in just 2 shorts years . But every camp needs a Ass in their ranks and you leading your parties votes for the next person to be their mascot no suit required ... Hell Joe may even hire you your so devoted to stupidity & the lack of common sense !
  20. But, But, But, Tibs & Billstime said it's all because of what Trump did while in office & they are the 2 smartest political minds on the page maybe we should ask them their opinion on how to fix the problem they always have sound explanations on this kind of stuff !! 🤔
  21. WOW Hillary the biggest lying POS on the planet the one that okayed th lies to go forward & paid for it barking the loudest to follow up on her BS lies then the rest just fall in behind her ! And Billstime along with Tibs B word about Trump saying & doing what he's doing unreal when one does the exact same thing as the other & are no better but won't look in the mirror it just blows me away !! They all need to be fired none of them on that are worth a S**T !!
  22. You know i wish just as much if not more that both you & Trump would shut up & let it go I'm so sick and tired of both ya'll's BS for god sake ... You do know he's been out of office for 2+ yrs right & that by him harping on this makes him look like a A hole & by you continuing to harp on it makes you like as big of a A hole as him !!
  23. These uni's are no where near as ugly as the Bills uni's after 2002 the dark navy blue shoulders on the white uni or the dark navy uni with the red stripes during the Losman era they were god awful so glad they got rid of those !!
  24. None of that makes sense to Tibs he's out to paint a picture that coincides with the agenda & as long as he can do that that's all that matters to him even if you have proof in the form of a in person video statement that still doesn't matter it's all about toting the company line for him & his cohorts . If they can convince just 1 person or plant a seed of discontent in any way they feel they have succeeded to move their view forward & that's what truly matters .
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