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  1. Yeah. Stick the Square Reader in bag of rice and hope for the best... Mostly trashed and never work again!
  2. The good ole days when you could clean a cash register with a garden hose! 😏
  3. Right before texting wrecked everything! 😆
  4. I was 4. I was living in oblivion...😊 But my first recollection of TV was '72 Olympics... Mark Spitz... Old B&W TV. That had to be right after the storm...
  5. Your welcome... Those predecessors... Probably stormed the beach @ Normandy and removed obstacles. A "crick" is nothing! This for @BringBackFergy 😏 https://www.usace.army.mil/About/History/Historical-Vignettes/Military-Construction-Combat/086-Normandy-Landing/ "Engineers would come ashore in the first and most dangerous waves of the landing, clearing the beach of German obstacles, establishing the first dumps of ammunition and supplies, clearing exits through the bluffs and other military and natural barriers behind the beach, and developing roads to allow American troops and equipment to get off the deadly beach and into the interior. Engineers composed 25 percent of the force the Allies planned to land on Omaha on the first day of the invasion." I think it was the 80s when the Corps fixed that section by William on Union Road... By The Creekside Restaurant. My father was born and grew up on Cayuga Creek road at Harlem... Grandfather was born on Cass Avenue. I guess it used to flood bad every year. I think they might have worked on BFLo Creek too. The RV place on Transit near Clinto in W.Senec/Blossom would always seem to be under water during storms. But BFLo Creek was dammed for gristmills in 1800s with races that ran the waterwheels. We'd used to fish near the small dams in Blossom (Transit) by the feed store and the in Ebenezer (Union) in W.Seneca.
  6. Good info. $3.2 billion in damage for 1972... Just imagine what that is in 2022: ~$23 billion today. BILLION! https://www.weather.gov/ctp/Agnes It hooked around. Up NYC and back over Binghamton... Harrisburg got 15" of rain... That's tough in those ridges valleys of PA!
  7. @Draconator... EDIT: West Side. I am getting my Poles and Italians mixed up. 😆 Polish East Side... Italians and Puerto Ricans West side.
  8. Years ago... I think it used to be on East Side.. Then moved to Suburbs...
  9. And they would have in Rochester Area had The Corps not built a dam in 1952. 😏... Oh, to all my essential peeps, button pushers out there! @Gugny @Beerball Special mention to @muppy for defending my honor! 😊 Take a look around those pics upstream here!
  10. Mount Morris Dam was tested by Agnes. GO ACoE! ESSAYONS! @BringBackFergy https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/local/columnists/memmott/2021/11/05/mount-morris-dam-tested-hurricane-agnes-1972/6266721001/ When it saved Rochester...1972 Hurricane Agnes: (Edit: this isn't '72, just a normal run of the mill saving of Rochester) This is '72: When it's not saving Rochester: It tracked further East. My father worked on Erie-Lackawanna... The storm ripped up critical infrastructure, track... Hastened the demise of the E/L RR and the move to Conrail.
  11. Italian Village in Depew too! Transit Road... http://italianvillagewny.com
  12. Yeah... They dry out fast. Keep them in paper... Probably only a day... IF that! Even in BFLo... The few days ahead head's up you give them get you into same day baking queue. If you can find them on demand, probably a high volume place in BFLo area? Costanza's in Cheektowaga?
  13. Too wet in Northern Europe. Not enough sun in Poland. Too close to Ukraine. 😆 That's the best I got! @Augie You do the math... 😉 "It is widely established as a cultivated plant. The Netherlands, Poland and Germany are the top caraway producers. Finland supplies about 28% (2011) of the world's caraway production from some 1500 farms, the high output occurring possibly from its favorable climate and latitudes, which ensure long summer hours of sunlight." What's going on in Finland... 😏
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