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  1. Stanley Cup Chumps. Easy Western Conference teams... Beat the Las Vegas Golden Showers in first game 5-2 earlier in season. 😏 Same thing in that game, Sabres poured in 4 3rd period goals back in December. Can't we play the West all the time! Gotta winning record!
  2. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2010467/chaos-horror-as-fuel-tanker-explodes-after-collision Thank God the bulk of this was underground:
  3. Yet debunked here: https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2008/08/save-on-gas-with-morning-fill-ups-don-t-bet-on-it/index.htm And modern vehicles have EVAP systems. Charcoal canisters to collect vapor. You still run risk of FUBARing thar system if you top off tank during heat of day.
  4. Wait....Aren't there above ground fuel tanks in South Korea? We just dug up our diesel/gasoline tanks at work and put them above ground a few years back. They hang the pumps too: Also temperature sensitive. Why they have awnings over pumps. NOT just to keep you dry in rain. You really shouldn't buy gasoline during the day in hot summer sun, you are getting ripped off, less then you're paying for. The awnings help mitigate this temp, expansion issue. Remember the old glass fuel ⛽️ pumps. Pump in and fill the amount you can see.
  5. https://nypost.com/2024/03/01/lifestyle/california-groom-jacob-wright-wears-apple-vision-pro-at-wedding-creeps-out-wife-cambree/ 😆
  6. Arab-Islamic mathematician? Johnny, tell me what I just won! 😏
  7. Are you complaining about the complainers? 😆 Not a good look. 😉😜
  8. Just checking in here to see what kinda mess Ferguson @BringBackFergy created. Carry on...
  9. Transcends any decade. But yup, you guessed it, the early 1970s: Gone WAAAAY too soon.
  10. Josh Allen had a wide open receiver at the back of the endzone for the go ahead, possible came winning TD... He couldn't get the ball to him. At the same time there was this:
  11. Opinions are like arsholes, everyone has one.😉😜 Every generation has a decade. Even the Puritans worried that their children would fall over the hearth and into the fireplace while society went down the tubes! 😆
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