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  1. Seems like a good healthy age. Not sure how old the mother is though. More like 1963. But, point taken...
  2. Killjoy! Can't we just engage in a little bit of good old schadenfreude!
  3. Looks like I am back to listening on radio for most games... Buffalo Bills @ Washington Commanders12:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDTHome Stream - (Sirius 111, XM/SXM 233, Internet 831) Away Stream - (Sirius 146, XM/SXM 390, Internet 803)
  4. Yeah... But in essence BFlo is "Radiator Springs" when it came to that geographical positioning. Easily bypassed. It's more efficient and streamlined to bypass Buffalo. Buffalo was only well geographically positioned due to the primitive technology of the eras. Even electricity from The Falls was eventually developed to be sent to farther away, better geographically positioned areas where it could be used. It's hard to admit, but what made Buffalo geographically speaking also killed it when systems streamline, automate, and become more efficient, cost effective. Buffalo is really NOT positioned well. Then mix in a harsh and fickle microclimate. Even the Natives moved away for the winter. Maybe ClimateChange refugees will bring it back to better global positioning where economic constraints are lessened. [Just stating the obvious, not trying to rip on it]
  5. Robber Barons. Buffalo was always a labor town with corporations HQ off in far away towns making it easily for earthly wealth and resources to leave. Yeah the name signifies violence. Maybe we can change the name for the good?
  6. Now we are cookin' w/gas! CountryLiving.com never disappoints for tough stuff that the ever so cerebral OP askes about! https://www.countryliving.com/life/entertainment/g21240020/fall-movies/
  7. You'd thought Cutler had 30! Nope. 28 in 2014... Close... Only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades! 😆
  8. Wrong. Chicago had a franchise QB. Sid Luckman. In 1949. 😆 He promptly retired in his prime. Anyway, on that note... You know what's amazing? In ALL of Bears history, they have never had a 30 TD season QB! Geno Smiff slung 31 last year!! Maybe playing 17 games a year now will help!😏
  9. Smoke a little weed, that will calm his paranoia down. 😏 I hear it works wonders for that.
  10. Huh? What Google you reading? The FakeInfo version? Marley wrote it and Clapton had a hit with it. Anyway... The sheriff and deputy are the same person. He shot the sheriff, the man, title... BUT NOT the "deputy" of the law. Any it's all immaterial... Even if Marley acknowledges that when judged by God, if Marley was wrong he will pay. "...if I am guilty (in the eyes of God/Ja) I will pay..." Wow... Not really too hard to understand, but I am still amazed a lot of people swing & miss on this one!
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