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  1. Don't worry... Apples never get hacked or viruses. Move along here, nothing to see: Run w/the flock! 😉😜
  2. Holy crap! Is that an incontinence clamp in your pocket or you just happy to see me! 😲 Happy Birthday B-Man!
  3. But, not as hard as it could have been. He's probably still ticking because he never really got into it (heroin that is), never hooked. https://relix.com/news/detail/bob_weir_talks_carrying_jerry_garcias_dope_on_tour_dealing_with_painkillers_and_more_in_revealing_interview/ Seemed to always moderate "...While Weir admitted that he never got into heroin, he did occasionally partake with Garcia. “Every now and again he would invite me to join him, and I would. But I never got into it. It was fun to go into his world on a given evening after a sho
  4. Three east-west escarpments run through WNY. 1. Niagara Lesser known ones: 2. Onondaga (Notice the rock outcroppings along Main Street/Route 5... Kensington Expressway) 3. Portage It's all downhill from the Southern Tier to Lake Ontario.
  5. But back to thread title... Unless You're up in a tall building, I don't think you can see Toronto from Buffalo... NOW in the 1800s... People could hear the roar of The Falls. There is story of the time The Falls stopped because of an ice jam on the river. All the farmers in area rushed to The Falls to see what was happening... Because the area got really quiet! The Day Niagara Falls Stopped, Went Dry: http://www.niagarafrontier.com/fallsstopped.html
  6. No. I am talking about Rochester. Sorry I wasn't clear with that post, was alluding to my earlier posts. Nope. Lockport would be further west and closer. That's seen... This is so far east on horizon and tree line.
  7. Thnx. WNY from the Southern Tier looking north is all downhill. From Chestnut Ridge, you can clearly see the top of the Bills Fieldhouse and the OLV Basilica. Yes. I thought you were questioning me.
  8. Not same line of sight. NF is far west. Rochester is far east. But Rochester is "Beyond" NF. NF is closer. Buildings appear bigger on the horizon. Beyond to the horizon.
  9. That's way too close. The buildings are faint, tall and beyond N.Falls. Tree foliage down. Clear day. Door County is Niagara Escarpment. Same escarpment N.Falls flows over.
  10. Far right, east... Group of tall buildings on horizon at tree line. What else can it be? Nothing else is out there.
  11. You can see Niagara Falls from Chestnut Ridge, by the toboggan chutes/casino... AND some dispute it, on a clear day see Rochester off to east, but faint. No way Toronto across the Lake from Chestnut Ridge (I wanna say "Portage Escarpment)...
  12. That's getting right into the Yacht Rock era. Replace #12 w/#68
  13. You disgusting hippies! 😆🤣
  14. I think we were talking about playing guitar and singing at same time. The bassist accomplishing it on the Loggins version came to mind. Then Gug said he never heard the song or Stevie/Kenny version! That's how we got here! Anyway, I will take technical and a harder skill set than entertaining! Which I think Mayer accomplishes...
  15. Just looked it up. Made it up to #5 in 1978. Was actually written by Melissa Manchester and Loggins. She did a version with another dude. Logging and Manchester never got together to do a version, just wrote it, it one meeting. Missed this. Ooops. Me personally... Ain't big on the entertaining part, theatrics. But everyone probably knows that. 🤷 😆
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