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  1. Pocahontas saved John Smith's head... Where's the true Pocahontas when you need her?
  2. Ideology shifts, the names stay the same. Old GOP are the Dems (Reconstruction). Might as well call Trump's GOP: DixieCrats or just Mossy Oak Democrats. That covers everybody from the West, South, North, ans East... Suburbs included. Not sure what the hell you call the New Democrats? Tree hugging crazy? The divide has always been City-Country. Cities have been carry states since the 1930s. LA carried Cali, NYC carried NYS... Like they always did. It was IA, WI, MI, & PA that picked the President. They went pink, not purple. The Dem rural-industrial firewall.
  3. 25 years next month. We probably should get divorced for tax purposes... Especially for the kids in college. /smh
  4. Oh... Daddy Bush did it in early 1990s. "READ My Lips"... I used to withhold 1, wife 1. We switched to 0 ever since. Now we need to withhold $100/week extra as a convenience fee, hedge against tax calamity on 4/15? Really? I am supposed to be worried about some chump change interest or extra $$$ every paycheck so I can throw it into the consumer junk market. Why not throw into durable goods every April... Or take a trip, pay school off, etc... I guess I am indifferent. It's not worth the headache at tax filing time. People pay for all kinds of convenience. Nothing wrong with this convenience... Except the angry right is hoping to suck others into their angry "gov't bad" world... Do they think angry equates at the voting booth for them? Sad if they do. Bezos made $86k last year. I understand it.
  5. You would think... That straight up. No very tough tax complications, that withholding zero allotments and then filing on 4/15, one would break even. Okay... Maybe pay or get a refund of a few hundred bucks either way. I am talking, straight up, clean. That's not the case with the new tax law. Both my wife and I withhold zero then claim 4 at end of year (two children). Straight up, with no other tax liabilities we owed. Withholding zero, the Fed didn't withhold enough.... Even for 4 of us? My Kid's college expenses were capped too. Same with charity. Why are people donating to charity? What's so wrong with giving them an interest free loan out of convenience of not being in tax jeopardy on 4/15? Making a mistake and getting in a bind? I am not complaining... We can afford to pay... But I betcha a lot of people are in a bind? Just like our President. Not sure what they are trying to accomplish... But it's probably not working... We are just withholding zero now AND an extra $100 a week. Whatever interest on it, is considered a convenience fee on my part. They can use it free to spend on others for 12 months. At least we paid something. Guys like Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump probably paid zero in taxes.
  6. A dedication to all the refugees worldwide One time, say, say, say I remember when we used to sit In the government yard in Brooklyn Observing the crookedness As it mingled with the good people we meet Good friends we had, good friends we've lost along the way In this great future you can't forget your past So dry your tears, I say And to my peeps who passed away
  7. Just like the Electoral College. The Founders didn't intend for the EC to just "rubber stamp" their person. The EC was intended to protect the country from the idiots that electoral system elects. To over-ride people when dishonesty, demagoguery influence them. The Founders knew that people will make immoral choices. We are at a point where people can't "save face." People will just ride their mistakes out for the sake of not throwing things into turmoil. Slugs like Trump are very smart when it comes to knowing how the psychology of people falling into line works. Mitt won't cross that line. We all do it. Conservatives are the worst. It's in the very nature and defintion of being: "conservative." Afraid of change, the ability to take risks. Mitt will fall lockstep... Throw it back to idiots, the people. Kinda appropriate for the season. It's what Pontius did. Mitt will go back and Trump will cut off his head.
  8. You can take all the tea in China Put it in a big brown bag for me Sail right around all the seven oceans Drop it straight into the deep blue sea She's as sweet as Tupelo honey She's an angel of the first degree She's as sweet as Tupelo honey Just like honey from the bee
  9. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see. Wow... We are on same wavelength. Be scared! Very scared... I was just cut and pasting Ali's quote or it would have been faster!
  10. You float like a feather In a beautiful world And I wish I was special You're so fuc.. kin' special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here...
  11. Our love is alive, and so we begin Foolishly laying our hearts on the table Stumblin' in Our love is a flame, burning within Now and then firelight will catch us Stumblin' in Wherever you go, whatever you do You know these reckless thoughts of mine are following you I've fallen for you, whatever you do 'Cause, baby, you've shown me so many things that I never knew Whatever it takes, baby, I'll do it for you
  12. In the midnight hour she cried, more, more, more With a rebel yell she cried, more, more, more In the midnight hour, babe, more, more, more With a rebel yell, more, more, more More, more, more
  13. What do you get when you guzzle down sweets Eating as much as an elephant eats What are you at, getting terribly fat What do you think will come of that I don't like the look of it
  14. My seaman buddy and girl moved off After a couple of pages and there I was All night long, laying and listening And forgetting the poems And as well as I could recall Or my seaman buddy could recollect My girl had told us that she was a niece Of Walt Whitman, but now which niece And it takes a night and a girl And a book of this kind A long long time to find its way back
  15. LoL... Yeah, but your local church ain't anymore. I say we water bomb it!
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