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  1. Chicago, people forget is a French Town... Few places here since the invention in the 1950s...
  2. First one: Okay... Now for the really hard one:
  3. When you type your ire... Always copy. Or type it somewhere else and copy and paste it in. Just like here on the board... You'll never get burned again losing your penned masterpiece & it's piece de resistance! Then if nothing happens, keep on sending, hopefully they get dozens of the same message!
  4. Exactly. Not that I mind... I love meat! LoL... But the double standards are beyond annoying. It's a power trip. A tease. Good thing she's not in the Southern Hemisphere hanging with the penguins... Those guys are pigs! Yeah... And you thought they were cute, smart, intelligent, fast swimmers that could out wit a superior mammal like a killer whale. Think again!
  5. Well kinda of. If all these guys say yes... Ain't that the very definition of a slut. And please speak up... I have bad eyesight.
  6. Well, see... There's your problem! Oklahoma ain't a port on a western bay and serves 100 ships a day... You need to move OK to one of the coasts! Move it and the fine Brandy/Brandi's will come! I am here to remind you that your WAFcard is straining under the pressure. Keep it up Mr., objectifying women, your card will be revoked and you'll be hanging with the dogs. You're not dead to me yet, I believe in second chances.
  7. All I gotta say is: @Foxx DEFINITELY has a shot with this one. No need to blow biological steam off in this thread. He's booking a plane ticket to OK right now to help that poor Okie from Muskogee out! 😋
  8. As regions go... And who struggles the most to hustle a buck... New England is the biggest rat race on planet... Everybody thinks they are doing the best there... Very Coastal Elite... But when you factor it all in... #1 region where the hustle and struggle is on the most. Pretty though. Very nice. But work at it. Yep... And it's all Blue States. Appearances are just that... Appearances.
  9. There are social mores you know. Why wear any clothes then? She's gotta be Gawd uncomfortable, especially in the heels. You're sorta right. But biology does (defines). Tease an animal, say a lion, with a steak, he treats it like a rag doll. Don't dress up like a steak and parade around the lion cage @ the zoo. Hopefully... Most sane men can control those natural urges & don't act like animals... Or at least cute little freaky penguins! They'll come here & blow off steam, like they actually have a chance at treating her like a slut. Well, that's what you were doing right, creating the thread... You surely don't have a chance with her.
  10. Yeah... It's the only one. Kinda like "Radio" is to "TV." A little more leg work goes into figuring out who I am.
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