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  1. Oh oh... Mr.Kotter! Lester Holt! LMAO...
  2. What? You invent the ditto machine. Love the smell of a fresh ditto copy?
  3. Who? Where? Is @Gugny?? In the Boston, Houston & Queens War Rooms? Or sitting catatonic in front of ESPN? They are called: Jimmies. jimΒ·mies /ˈjimΔ“z/ Learn to pronounce noun US tiny sugar beads or rods used for decorating ice cream and other desserts. https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/jimmies-vs-sprinkles-is-there-a-difference
  4. No. I don't pay. LoL... I will just fill in the blanks and make up the rest after reading this thread.
  5. Here's something novel... How about putting actual teeth in the rulings. Vacate the championships. Cheating Boston (crossover into New England football). Cheating Houston. Ralph was cheap. Call him an old coot... But showed honor and discipline when it came to CBA's and gamesmanship honor. Yeah, naive... But right, honourable...
  6. Yup. Yu Darvish. Pitch tipping... Okay to capitalize on one's missfortune... At the batter level. Banging on a steel garbage can lid after it went through the high-tech replay room... Is a gross interpretation of "gamesmanship." There is a reason why centerfield has been blacked out since almost inception of the game. Of course player safety... But also, people are NOT allowed to sit there, dead centerfield, either.
  7. But Sunset Lanes in West Seneca... On (Old) French has been there forever. I am 51 and I can't remember it not being there.
  8. 10 inches of snow here is like 30 back East. So damn level and open, drifts will be 5 feet high across parts of road. Nothing on other side. My wife was on I-57 heading from Champaign to here. Normally 1.5 hours... It was 9 hours. The plows kept losing road. State Police would shut it down... Cars would wait in a long line at idle. She skidded off only once. Bounced into a snow drift against a guard rail and right back onto road... LoL... β€œLet us therefore brace ourselves to our winter driving duties, and so bear ourselves that, if we drive in winter for a thousand years, people will still say: 'This was my wife's finest hour.” πŸ˜’
  9. They probably kick her out of there? At wife's library... It's medium sized town... About 20k people... There are some real dousy's. Mostly harmless, some homeless... Some have to be banned when they don't take their meds. Oh... BTW... I met my wife working at the BECPL... LoL... Look how that turned out!
  10. If TB12-Cheater retires... His last play will have been a Pick-6. Fitting for the consummate phone smasher and balls deflator. I like your style. You obviously don't live in the 2020 #MeToo world.
  11. All joking aside. It's a small town, special place and you hold a prominent place in its structure. If she is of special needs... Look to creative ways about the situation. Look outside the box. Is it so bad that you're part of her journey? Is she really negatively affecting your business. Scaring people away? Can you live with it? "The impeded stream is the one that sings." ~Wendell Berry http://quixoteconsulting.com/Blog/2012/06/04/the-impeded-stream-is-the-one-that-sings-wendell-berry-on-not-knowing-what-to-do/
  12. You tell 'em Mead! Oh... @BringBackFergy... Isn't there a public library in town? Well of course there is... That's where all the crazies go. Send her there.
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