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  1. Closing time, every new beginning Comes from some other beginning's end
  2. Where's that overreaction thread again? It was never gonna happen. Losing to Dolphins this year in WildCard weekend. Mirage. Bills were up by 17. Tied before 1/2 and then up by 3 in a few seconds before and at halftime. Then down by 4 in 3rd and up by 10 to start 4th. The game was never, I repeat NEVER in question. Even with Tua in there, still would have been a Bills victory. What are the Bills? Like 9-1 vs. Dolphins since 2018.
  3. Priceless... He found out Saffold is going! 😆 Question: Back in da day, when they played real ProBowl... Did any player ever get hurt. Like bad hurt?
  4. It's 3°F out here. Feels like -6°F... If we waited till it was 45°F out, we'd be waiting at least 2 weeks... Heck, maybe longer. Guess what... Ever see snow snow and ice disappear on those really cold days? MuthaNatja has it all figured out! "Sublimation, in physics, conversion of a substance from the solid to the gaseous state without its becoming liquid. An example is the vaporization of frozen carbon dioxide ( dry ice) at ordinary atmospheric pressure and temperature. The phenomenon is the result of vapour pressure and temperature relationships." Stay strong, Texas strong! We've added another $20 to our monthly energy bills up here to bail you out. Just remember us up here when we need you guys! 😉
  5. Was this sarcasm? Joke? The Niners lost to the Bears first game of the season.
  6. 😆 Then after you eat, from the really bad gas: "What crawled up your ***hole and died?"
  7. Pentax line is the only line that is fully backwards compatible with all it's lens. The lens you use on the K-1000 can be still used on Pentax' most advanced DSLR... Of course depending on the features on lens when it was built... But still, even in manual mode, can still mount and use the lens I have Pentax K-1 (Pentax Full Frame) DSLR... Again, all of my lenses from 40-50 years still work on it. Pentax was slow to the digital game, but they did it right...
  8. I blame those pesky LED lights and simple push of a button. @BringBackFergy 😆 They lit it red for KC too...
  9. The overreaction thread is to the right, down the hall, all the way to end and on the left. 😆
  10. The sun was setting over Avalon The last time we stood in the west Suffering longtime angel enraptured like Blake Burn out the dross, innocence captured again Standing on the beach at sunset Yeah, and all the boats keep moving slow In the glory of the flashing light In the evenings glow...
  11. If the Refs didn't bail Joe out after the pick with a DPI call... The Chefs were on their way to blowing the Bungles out Now... I don't mind them calling DPI... But do it right away. Don't wait for other results to come. They weren't gonna call it till they seen the pick and realized they had to keep Cincy in it!
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