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  1. Sorry. Tool only. Forgot #3. Fixed! 😉 3) we build a dome downtown
  2. Because you can still score a ticket 🎟 to the biggest game of the year for only 61 bucks. Using the inflation calculator: https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ That's $28.83 in 1990! But add the fees and it becomes: $40. Thanks weather! 😉
  3. Tiger is right! I need to give up swing shift and stop working, head to the Bahamas... I don't foresee my back and leg ever getting better... “I don't foresee this leg ever being what it used to be. Hence, I'll never have the back what it used to be. And clock's ticking. I'm getting older; I'm not getting any younger,” Woods, 45, said in the Bahamas ahead of this week's Hero World Challenge, which he's not competing in.
  4. No it's not when you're merely sitting in a CHAIRLIFT a lot of the time. Yet, skiing is more enjoyable in the rain than watching a game in the rain. Wasn't complaining about the cold. Complaining about the sitting in the rain. 😉
  5. Because West Seneca West is the original... They were called: "Seneca." East came later, like around 1970 or so. The yearbook @ West is called: "Acenes"... Seems when West was the only high school in town and named: "Seneca"... Seneca's first yearbook came back from printer's with the front cover named spelled backwards. Hence, ever since, the yearbook is called: "Acenes" @ West! Now YOU know!
  6. Went to the West Seneca West-East Championship game a few years ago @ NewEra... Brutal in cold November rain, let alone West losing. Think they would have opened up The Clubs and utilized the upper deck over hang! 😏
  7. I like the Stadium in The OP, think it should stay... BUT, Devil's advocate... This in between weather blows especially when you're dragging, feeling under the weather. It's achy when it's damp. Heat is just as bad. Not sure which is worse...
  8. Honestly... I got some normal time off... Thinking about getting tickets. It's like skiing... I don't mind the temps... Just Hate the rain... I don't wanna sit in cold rain... If they were forecasting a foot of snow, I'd have my tickets alreadt... ...Guess I will just wait till we get a little closer.. Really. I don't mind 30s, 40s... Love skiing in it... Just hate the rain.
  9. Irony? A raw turkey in a raw turkey thread.😉😜 Oh... Very nice recipe. ¡Muchas Gracias!
  10. Any song that can incorporate the word: "Avarice" in a teaching moment is good with me! "Avarice and greed are gonna drive you over the endless sea They will leave you drifting in the shallows Or drowning in the oceans of history..."
  11. The guy that popularized jogging. Jim Fixx, died in his 50s from a heart attack: "...Granted access to his medical records and autopsy, and after interviewing his friends and family, Cooper concluded that Fixx was genetically predisposed—his father died of a heart attack at 43 after a previous one at 35, and Fixx himself had a congenitally enlarged heart—and had an unhealthy life: Fixx was a heavy smoker before beginning running at age 36, had a stressful occupation, had undergone a second divorce, and gained weight up to 214 pounds (97 kg). Medical opinion continues to uphold the link between moderate exercise and longevity. ..." The important stuff bolded. DON'T take up jogging! 😏
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