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  1. Any Radom dates that stay in your head?

    Portland? Trust me, you wouldn't be impressed with that liberal utopia freak show.
  2. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Shorts and collars. No wonder why the fans went wild on "Disco Demolition Night!" Can you blame them!
  3. How Times Have Changed

    Cost analysis that maternity leave, how many workers are need to cover the cost of it? Will she ever kick in enough through her working, tax paying career to cover the expenses coming out?
  4. How big of a garden do you plant?

    Bigger than my current humble abode.
  5. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Just don't stand around and look like a big scary Philly thug waiting for your Caucasian back-up. It puts people in an uneasy state. Sox have had some real fashion blunders through years. Bill Veck didn't help!
  6. Good rattling of the SJWs

    All different alt colors. Wonder where this inpoverished Kenyan got the red alt Sox hat?
  7. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Dunkin Donuts? Timmy Hos? Sure you weren't getting "flavored coffee." Wife likes various brands of "hazelnut" etc... Types of flavored roasts
  8. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Don't look too improverished to me. He's wearing a nice Chicago White Sox hat. In chic red too!
  9. Good rattling of the SJWs

    "Want a little coffee to go with that cream & sugar?"
  10. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Yet... The Black Lives Matter SJWs will have you believe that white people all freeload washroom facilities with impunity! But real coffe is supposed to taste like tar. Why I hate all coffee...
  11. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Oh... They like Caribou too if they cab find one. Usually little local coffehouses suffice.
  12. Good rattling of the SJWs

    What do you consider a good roast? I never touch coffee... But my wife and kids love Starbucks. Many people say it is bitter, but they like it.
  13. How big of a garden do you plant?

    Our family plot while growing up in the wilds of S.Cheektowaga was about 20'x20'. Quite the Victory garden. You name, we planted it. Pickling season, making dill pickles from the ingredients grown in the garden, still hold a special place in my heart. Nothing like a big kosher dill from the crock...
  14. Good rattling of the SJWs

    I know where a great public facility is located off of I-94 on the far South Side of Chicago... Really close to where your pal Barry got his Chicago start. Run by the Department of Army... Or as we call it: "the comfort station." Very Army clean too. Best kept secret public facility in all of Chicgao for the wary road traveller, brought to you by your Federal tax dollars. I'd think you'd even be impressed what comfort the federal gov't can afford people. But it's only open from sunrise to sunset... But name drop, I am sure the staff on duty will let you use it after hours. If you are lucky, you may even get to meet your favorite board member.
  15. Good rattling of the SJWs

    Buy a cookie dammit... Swipe your DebitCard... Put the establishment @ ease, is that so hard to do? Don't like that, fork over the 2 fity in cash. Starbucks ain't the public library.