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  1. Exactly my point! Bitterness is too deep for mere mortals. Says the guy (you) that thinks the NBA is rigged.
  2. 3 Hole... Best playoff spot. Hope to stay there.
  3. ExiledInIllinois

    Have you ever coached a sport?

    Swedish National Hot Tube Team Yeah... The New Feminazis will have you know what severed and served on a platter. Mansplaining is not acceptable any more:
  4. And get through the brick wall in net. Got one of the best goals against in League.
  5. You just haven't played the right teams yet. And only 7 teams out of 30?
  6. ExiledInIllinois

    International Travelers

    LoL... I come back to my Brother's... I am all indignant. My wife, liberal, all happy as a clam... Brother says: "They are only protecting America." I say: "I was going into Canada, I breezed right back." He's: "You look suspicious, can't blame them." I guess he is right, sorry Canada... I do look like a gun nut. /smh... LoL...
  7. You won't get it. Come playoffs, it will be even more tainted. Take solace Canadian fans. The NFL is just as crooked now as your game. God save baseball. NBA, like hockey has been lost for years. They actually caught refs on the take.
  8. Yes! You don't get my sarcasm.
  9. Yep. Game is over. Like OT.
  10. It's good that he's running. Will keep D's really honest when Bills get an OL and receivers that can catch.
  11. They must have hired a flunky Canadian accounting team to oversee Buffalo's whopping 16% chance of getting Dahlin... the "Duke Brothers from Grimsby." "Get back there at once and make Carolina or Chicago win! Ooops, you can't? There is no video review?" 🤣
  12. ExiledInIllinois

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    Years ago, opening flip, it was unwise to defer. Now with new defer rules, it made the ever so important 3rd quarter kick-off more easily attainable. I agree with you. What they should do then is go back to original opening kick off rules. Teams won't defer. It would even out. Even though I like deferring. So many new rules, etc... Give game no continuity. Why it's a joke.
  13. ExiledInIllinois

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    Not with the rules today. I would agree, back in day when the Defense was allowed to play. The game is an unwatchable joke.
  14. ExiledInIllinois

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    They should just have a "kick-out." Start at 5 yard line and alternate. With a defense. First to miss loses.
  15. ExiledInIllinois

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    Did the refs help keeping possession? The game is rigged to begin with. Horrible, crooked officiating all day.