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  1. ExiledInIllinois

    LeSean McCoy allegations

  2. ExiledInIllinois

    Tom Petty haunting DC Tom from the grave

    So much hate. Is your real last name: "Petty" too? It's gotta be the only explanation. Gotta be a lot of Thomas Petty out there. I wonder how they handle it?
  3. ExiledInIllinois

    Sharks find Instagram model tasty

    Thnx... That girl surfer (Bethany I think?) Who got her arm chomped off... I think was paddling out with a charm of something on her wrist. ??? Not the wisest thing to do, putting a "lure" on your wrist. Not faulting people for lapsing, sometimes one just forgets. All the modern trappings, conveniences sometimes come back to haunt us if we stop thinking and be less with situational awareness. Like when people traipse through the backcountry... Then slather themselves up with modern abultions, then come to find a bear is kissing them in their tent because they smell like blueberries. Anyway... /smh...
  4. ExiledInIllinois

    Sharks find Instagram model tasty

    Was she wearing jewlery, braclet... Probably looked like lure on wrist. ??? Idiot...
  5. ExiledInIllinois

    French Fry Mount Rushmore

    Just funny how you said that. I am going... Gonna enlist a four year old kid to test your hypothesis... 😉
  6. And that pic of TT in a Fins uniform seems to appear that he was just kicked in balls & punched in the gut too. He doesn't look too happy.
  7. ExiledInIllinois

    World Cup 2018 Thread

    🤣🤣 Bet the five of you had a blast! Business model of the future. [Sorry... Couldn't resist]😋
  8. ExiledInIllinois

    Carbonated Beverages

    If I want the awkward stares, I will ask for vinegar for my fries. Oops wrong thread. 😉
  9. ExiledInIllinois

    French Fry Mount Rushmore

    A & W too. They do have a few around here. Which is now totally separate from the Canadian operations.
  10. Old School: Going the other way: I guess not Bills legends until the other team... Except for Kemp coming from SDC. Is that Steve DeBerg handing it off to OJ?
  11. ExiledInIllinois

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Out of chaos comes order.
  12. ExiledInIllinois

    French Fry Mount Rushmore

    Whataburger = West Coast. "Animal Style" to die for! CORRECTION: That's In-N-Out... Those are awesome! "An Animal Style burger also includes extra Thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles.Animal Style fries, on the other hand, are topped with cheese, spread, and grilled onions."
  13. ExiledInIllinois

    French Fry Mount Rushmore

    Red Robin unlimited fries. Poutine or is that a separate category?
  14. ExiledInIllinois

    Carbonated Beverages

    Nazis like Fanta. 😉
  15. ExiledInIllinois

    Carbonated Beverages

    Natives? Identify as Natives? "We" put them on a really long walk and then took that land... Then they became Californians 40 years later. Probably why there is no identity. 😋😋