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  1. I'd be happy with 3500 yds from Josh over a full 16 games this year while still showing some rushing prowess. Over 4k and we are talking possible OPOY possibilities 3500 yds would be a stupendous year 2 for the man, 4K would catapult him to a top 10 maybe 5 mention easily..
  2. But this analogy proves the point that the metrics used to gauge "best Fans" (which I associate with Die Hard Fans) are skewed and favor the heavy weight with the longer reach. So to gauge true fandom the pound for pound debate must proceed and the data be utilized with per capita, median house hold incomes / disposable incomes.... need to be the metrics involved for true gauging fandom. Die hard fans tend to support their teams when the chips are down and money is tight. Fair weather fans disappear during these years.. The original study vastly overweight's population and teams riding recent winning traditions.
  3. I think people are growing very tired of the hate train. We went through a few decades of over the top challenge's to civility via our media. Most of us have had enough of the negativity and are turning it off. I'd rather be ignorant to the world then be smothered with never ending hate and fear
  4. I love that analogy ... Never heard it used b4, but I like it
  5. A true judge of a fan base can be calculated using a proportion of a fans whom proudly still support their team after 17 consecutive non playoff seasons in a small market city. When the fan base still shows up and still wears their colors with pride in other cities etc.. even when faced with the obvious aggravation of opposing fans ripping on your ass constantly, then you have a true metric correlating to the most diehard fandom
  6. yeah the metrics they apply to best fans are quite lame Fan Equity is a matter of judging how well fans support their team by backing up their words with dollars — i.e., how much they spend on everything from season tickets to jerseys. If a team fills its stadium but there’s not much demand past that, their Fan Equity score is lower. Translation Large market teams with higher median wages Social Equity is based on a team’s social media reach — i.e., how many followers the team has across various social media channels. A team that’s not able to draw many followers on social isn’t a team with a deep degree of Social Equity. Translation Large market teams that get more airtime nationally and internationally. And/or teams that are presently riding winning traditions Road Equity involves measuring how well a team draws on the road, adjusting for team performance. People show up to watch when the Cowboys or Steelers come to town. People don’t show up to watch when, say, the Bengals or Titans do. (Sorry, Cincy and Tennessee, but you know it’s true.) Translation Large market teams that get more airtime nationally and internationally. And/or teams that are presently riding winning traditions
  7. We would like to take this time to Congratulate Robert Kraft for receiving the Genesis Award. Proving to the world that Happy Endings are not just about the After Life.
  8. if its a 1st class seat then it probably cost $1500 or more. Cam needed to up the ante to $10k
  9. not just sports either.. The Jackson's.... The Beach Boys, and I'm sure most of the teen idol category is littered with over zealous parenting. Yes there are dangers and kids this young need to be steered some... But you are correct that these Parents are living vicariously thru their children. Heck you can even add in the most disgusting one of them all IMO. Child Beauty Pageants.
  10. we are trending up, that much is for sure
  11. Interesting place on the inside. Walked the halls some but it was a cloudy day. Cooks told me the building just looks incredible on bright sunny days.. I did not stay overnight, but it had to be a unique experience.
  12. Really enjoy seeing positive articles about Buffalo's revival. Coming back this weekend for a wedding at Hotel Henry. Always love gauging the progress of Buffalo every return trip https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tripideas/the-great-buffalo-revival/ar-AACxYOK?ocid=spartanntp
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