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  1. Donated Donated to the Van - GoFundMe... Posted on facebook hopefully another will donate
  2. Now I want to see what type of heart and character this team has. We control our destiny, we cannot afford to lose again this season. Hopefully we only gain steam here like last season, go into the playoffs with a team ending the season playing its best football consistently
  3. its a force of will. I fail to see the concern here. The team with the best leverage and most strength wins, its football.
  4. The best part though 24 - Miami - Forfeited
  5. A bird in the hand !!! I know he was holding out for a fatter contract but injury concerns may cost him. I think he had a solid deal on the table and I think he is a bit of fool for playing hardball for a few million more.
  6. Got to run the table the rest of the season. We control our own destiny again but we should of maintained it all season. Glad to be back in the drivers seat
  7. I'll start feeling confident about the p[layoffs again if they can string together the rest of the season with a balanced offense like they did against NE They were running well, Josh was seeing the underneath stuff and took it, and the downfield game was still working If they go back to be one dimensional, not able to run, not taking what the D gives you then we won't be having no parades. I also want to see the D be more consistent on pressure and not giving up the big runs and cushy passes that have plagues them some during the mid season Thats the saddest part.. I beleive this team is stil performing below peak consistentcy. The NE game hopefully represents a change for the stretch
  8. Part of his body had already made contact with the OB turf before the bobble therefore the play ends the moment he is officially OB So I agree it should of been an INT
  9. Its probably happened more time than you would think. This one in college, but it was obvious
  10. If plays are that predictable in the NFL NFL Coaches and players are going to figure it out real fast, and they did, and have Josh has hit some tight windows, but when you are doing the same thing over and over again those tight windows are getting smaller and smaller.
  11. Davis runs the routes that are designed/called. If we are calling plays that are so preditable then the blame goes to the OC, and explains why we are struggling as much as we are If its this easy then I've got to ask .... WTF Dorsey?
  12. This team has to tear it up for multiple games pretty much mistake free before I can billieve again. We should not be in this position and the fact that we are says a lot. it goes farther then just that IMO.... scheme? talent? its not one position or one player thats the issue, it appears to be a collective of issues across the board. They have good plays and good series' then all of sudden it becomes unfixable problem... I'm at wits end trying to understand the how and why.
  13. most of those 4th downs shouldn't have happened .. We should be doing a better job with 3 downs IMO. Its nice to convert of course, but we shouldn't be in that position as much as we have...
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