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  1. SO the Raiders would be willing to take a $54 million dead cap hit ??? They only have $10 milion in cap space. The math don't appear to work for anyone. Not sure what could possibly be done to make it fit
  2. Let Him Walk, he is going to cost way too much to resign and we are 31 million over the salary cap in 2024 with just 42 players signed as we stand right now. Beane has stretched out his ability to restructure contacts. We most definitely will no be able to restucture our way out of next years salary cap situation. it makes complete sense to go into next years draft and find a cost controlled WR capable of becoming a #1 playing the part of our #2 until Diggs retires or loses a step.
  3. If Kincaid and Knox keep up their present pace Kincaid will be considered the best Bills TE before the seasons end, as a rookie. And I am not saying Knox unworthy its just the mind numbing thought process from some Bills fans on what a rookie TE should accomplish in 3 games Just for comparison sake. Knox and Kincaid both have the same amount of targets, Kincaid has more yards and more catches. Knoxs does have 1 TD.
  4. They sort it by yards, where Bills site sorted by receptions Either way what do some people demand. Kincaid is already a top performer on the team in regards to receptions and yards as a rookie 3 games in.
  5. according to Bills Player stats he is #2 in catches
  6. you mean the 2nd leading receiver in catches on the team What is wrong with some of you? https://www.buffalobills.com/team/stats/
  7. Homosapiens are a species with such great potential.... If we could just get rid of all the people !!!
  8. Me too.. I like my Sunday football. But I also get up at 3am for work so any prime time game screws my sleep patterns up... No we just want the best of both worlds
  9. He's too small for a MLB [/sarcasm] Hopefully this is just a small sample of what he can do week in and week out
  10. You don't have to stop stroking it to other players girlfriends or wives if the fact that Taylor Swift, the woman who broke ticket master and sells out shows worldwide, gets ALL the attention. Might have something to do with the fact she actually has a talent
  11. Remember cocaine is a fantastic drug when done in moderation, but therein lies the rub
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