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  1. Its time I guess. Can't have added stress over a conversation regarding the Bills where I disagree with someone but get finger wagged for it because, 😏ppffffffffffffffffttttttttttt!! heck if I know I no longer understand the rules of forum posting. I thought if we were mostly civil, didn't call people names, didn't use foul language then every thing here was pretty chill. Go Bills! Go Sabres!
  2. Seriously.. Diggs averages 750 yds a season
  3. Your disagreement is wrong and it will be obvious by years end. 😏pffffffffffffffffft !
  4. I have never felt ill about not getting Mahommes, that's a job for the grass is always greener crew. We know why we did what we did. It worked out for us as well as KC IMO
  5. No I'm not, thanks for playing. Duke is a wait and see, but I am more than willing to wait and see and I bet the farm so are the Bills brass. Stars are born every year, and rol playters step up just the same. Just finding those players is the tough part and this GM and Coach do exactly that over an dover again As for Brown... He's on par with Diggs this year... See no reason why he won't stay there As for Diggs being traded. NEVER going to happen because it would cost Minnesota a $20 million cap hit to trade him
  6. Then you fall into the category that the grass is greener and are window is small for winning it all. I think we are sitting pretty at WR with Zay gone and Duke up. I honestly only see us wasting resources trying to make the big splash trade. We would be better served keeping that powder dry because I believe this team will be better served making their moves next offseason in FA and still keep our top draft picks. I also believe this team as it stands will get better as the year progresses. I just don't see the need for Diggs or Greene. We already have the #1 WR in John Brown. You also are obviously thinking because Duke is a undrafted CFL player that he has no chance of having that impact for us. I disagree and believe Diggs or Green only serve to reduce the playtime form someone like Duke I think will fill the roll we'd hope Zay could. IMO Allen's awareness and our WR scramble fire drill when Allen running around, are the only improvements we need at WR IMO.
  7. This team wants the players it picked up to be given a shot 1st. This is why Duke has been brought up and Zay traded. We are not giving up 1st rd picks for any player that comes available. We also will be better able to determine where we need our improvements next year by letting the talent we do have get an opportunity to prove itself. I know many have a lack of faith in unkown players but I have faith in Beane and McDermott to find those players who exceed expectation. But you have ot give them a shot to prove their owrth before you start brining in bodies at the trade deadline, which costs precious assets. We also have John Brown performing at #1 WR level.... This love affair with AJ Green and Diggs to me is nothing more than brutally impatient Bills fans that always think the grass is greener. I for one am enjoying the Beane McDermott approach, and my confidence is high in the duo.
  8. Allen is the Dr. Not the monster, however the monster comes out for about 1/3 of every game... Its the games where Dr. Jekyll remains in control for 2/3rds of the game we win
  9. This is so simple even a cave man can figure it out
  10. If we can get some better consistency from our offense and limit the O mistakes then this team can definitely go the distance
  11. I think Duke will quickly have most of us forgetting about Zay. Brown and Beasley are your top 2 WR's but Duke is going to make those clutch catches we'd hoped Zay would make. I think Duke is very focused and damn determined. Those are good things to have and this team is littered with those types of players IMO
  12. Mafia hashtag is idiocy. It will continue to attract negative undertones. Fans referring themselves as a mafia and then doing stupid ***** over an dover again while publicizing it on YouTube … The names of actual teams has nothing to do with the hashtag.. That was a laughable statement. Pirates of Caribbean. Love the movies.. Oakland raiders... Great name for a football team. No issues with team names. I don't even see how your post relates to the mafia hashtag and numerous nimrods diving onto tables and hurting themselves and others. Your allowed your opinion. I think the mafia hashtag is negative that has been associated with increased negativity based upon idiots jumping off bridges onto table. Every single time it is brought up I will say what I got to say until it dies
  13. Go for it. You push that positive spin. its idiotic, and that's how most people are going associate Billsmafia. Why you ask.. Because you stuck mafia into name which itself is and always will be negative.
  14. Not surprised. I think having as better plan for firedrills would go a long way to reducing the INT's, as would a more consistent running game
  15. People associate the hashtag mostly with crazy stunts of drunk fans at Bills games. That's what gets the most traction. Whenever it comes up over here its usually something to do with insane behavior.
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