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  1. Beane always seems willing ot make a small move up for a player he covets who falls within a striking range I voted lower 20's
  2. Lindy Ruff is the best Sabres coach since...... Lindy Ruff Not sure I'm inspired here but can it get any worse
  3. I agree if we are going to have a fantasy situation post I'm choosing ownership If we are fantasyzing about winning some money, I'm not wasting the fantasy on few grand, I want the Billion $$$ powerball solo winner
  4. I remember the year the Simpsons ran an episode during halftime... That was my favorite halftime but that was like 20 years ago
  5. completely agree with you. I haven't watched a superbowl in over a decade. I can not stand the over the top pageantry of the event.
  6. If the Bills ever move from WNY I will no longer be watching the NFL myself. If the cost to watch a full season climbs more I will start fading away. Really tired of multiple streaming services to be able to watch a full season.
  7. Kind of like that, but making it on a last second win by another team to back in and then missing the playoffs the following year still says its a test of McDermott. I know I want to see the team succeed, and that takes good leadership when you have roster turn over. The defense has some concerns but I think we are in good shape knowing we have the draft in front of us with Allen and a solid O. Still need to see what it is like with Babich as DC, and Brady's 1st full season at OC. If things start to go wonky how does he adjust.
  8. It will be a test of McDermott. Great coaches do more with less
  9. I think a lot of teams will show interest at the end of the UFL season
  10. FYI.. The NFL put a kabosh to that right after Greenbay did it.
  11. Think about trading away our Known Commodity. Whom was not even the 1st QB drafted in 2018. There were 5 QBs taken in the 1st rd in 2018 , and 4 of those QBs in the top 10. 2 of those 5 QBs are still playing for the team that drafted them and are successful there. 2 are journeymen (1 drafted 1st overall, 1 drafted 3rd overall), and 1 was a bust. Going by mock drafts and pundits Baker Mayfield, and Sam Darnold were considered the top 2 picks, and Allen was a debateable reach. but to think we could trade away Allen for a boatload of picks and somehow our chances of overall sccess would guarentee us improvement is whacked. Unless you can 100% guarentee improved success there is not a GM in this league who would trade Allen
  12. You're so nice you quoted yourself twice!
  13. Well the balloon needs to be purple. I don't hang on the extremes which these days is left or right Honestly I need to up that Kitkat to a Snickers. Everything else is good so I would then make this trade with those changes
  14. Sweats Pine Barrens Mafia nedboy7 KDIGGZ DD4Bills 27yanks Dr Krentist calcio arcadia bob DasNootz Taro Nimbus DrBob806 ChattanoogaBills Lieutenant Aldo Raine dreadlox Gonzonzo Wizard In other words the "I was so much more happier when we missed the playoffs for almost 2 decades" crew
  15. Allen would have to be old and fading for a season or 2 before I would consider trading him
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