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  1. Have to witness the scenario that plays out before I could make that call. I mean if we lost half our OL and both QB's to freak injuries then no. But if the wheels came off and we looked dysfunctional then yes
  2. well it says if the Bills end up with a 4 - 12 season he has a 73% chance of being fired. not much really being said here
  3. There is a chance a better QB option that can be safely stashed on a PS squad may come available... But the fact does remain Tyree knows the system and the playbook which gives him a leg up in regards to replacing him on the PS I understand the frustration somewhat but swapping the guy out because you want a better PS QB that was cut from another team and not signed to their PS really would be an exercise in futility. Any QB that the BIlls might want to swap out Tyree for would have to be bad enough to not be signed to the PS of the team who waived sed QB. Most likely there is no upgrade to be found there...
  4. you said being better than last year does not mean good. How else would anyone take that statement. If you had more to elaborate on you failed to do that I could only deduce that you are unhappy with our OL and do not feel we will be Good.. Yes you seem to agree that we are better but you don't feel we are good because of Spain and Long
  5. What ? Re-read what I posted. We are much better than last year and there was no scenario where you were going to bring in the 4+ new OL and have them all playing at some All Pro -SB level 2 games in to preseason. We are better than last year on the OL that is a solid accomplishment alone... Fail to see why you think this year OL is still going to be awful and not good ? Because that is basically what you are saying that they are better but still not good
  6. Really ? Flabbergasted on this one. You always develop a QB. 1.) You have a strong need for practice reps, 2 QB's are not enough to run practice where QB 1 and 2 are working on a game plan QB 3 ( the PS QB) is acting the part of the opposing teams qb in situations amongst many other duties as well as growing and learning by doing. 2.) You never know how long any player let alone QB is going to be able to play the game. Having depth who is invested into the teams systems is beneficial even if they pick up a QB to play the games if something unfortunate did happen to Allen or Barkley. Tyree is now knowledgeable enough to help. Injuries happen, and sometimes, not often though, a newly acquired QB doesn't seem to work out. It rarely happens especially to the Bills but its been knows to happen [/sarcasm] 4.) Depth. You still hope your 3rd QB gets better and the investment pays off. If not you cut bait and find another and try try try again 5.) You will never sneak a promising QB onto the PS, its for development plyaers. It Tyree was showing strong signs of developing where would you stash him. Meaning if the Bilsl improved and brought in a much better 3rd string QB option that has people really excited how would you keep that player on the practice squad. Knowing the Bills probably don't want 3 active QB's on the roster you have to settle for a Tyree type of project
  7. Are we better off this year compared to last Mission Accomplished... No way you pick up 4+ brand new OL and have all 4 play at that special level... Blocking schemes and gel time should allow more improvement as season wears on... Overall no denying our OL is better than the year before.
  8. Productivity is the very definition of good, maybe not greatness but it is definitely the definition of good. yeah that article just proves anyone can be a op-ed journalist
  9. Why would I care. Because I'm a Bills fan and I don't want AB here for any reason. Giving up assets / cash for AB would just make it worse AB is not worth the headache and the money we saved by not wasting it on a me me me player will serve the franchise 1000 x's better moving forward
  10. no I hope to ***** god that Beane never had any intention of signing a douche bag like AB for any money. He may be talented but he is a distraction for this team. I couldn't possibly be happier that he is not here.
  11. It was never about his accuracy. His doom and gloom reporting was a drain. I think most fans enjoyed having some optimism in the offseason and training camp, and Sully never could find much positive to write about. We had our share of good times mixed in with the bad so he could of let off the gloom pedal....
  12. We have speed in spades with Brown McKenzie Beasley Roberts ..What we need is tall WR who can go up and make the circus catch with a sick arm radius.. If Duke can make catches like he did in Carolina sign me up
  13. Its already a documented fact that less and less kids are participating in sports. Lots of this has to do with out of pocket expenses that parents are now required to pay for kids to participate in sports like football. Its been documented that kids today are playing football less. I fully expect to see the NFL plateau in revenue / profit margins in the next decade, if it doesn't the only reason would be, IMO, because the game has taken hold internationally.... But I do see the NFL losing revenue in the years ahead. There really is no room to grow revenues IMO. What are they going to do now raise ticket prices more charge you $20 for a beer. We are already seeing lots of fans who bought PSL's eating their investments. Maybe they would do something really crazy and try charging fans $99 to watch preseason games. Football fandom is becoming very expensive . I can see many in the next generation cutting it out of their budgets ....
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