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  1. You do realize you have to radioactively charge the spider 1st. That being said I think that spider has 8 biceps and is pretty ripped
  2. I find it nice that we have lots of draft assets but do not need a QB.. I think this draft will be just as exciting for Bills fans as I expect Beane to move around a bunch and get us some top players
  3. Yeah this day has been coming for awhile.. There are more profitable avenues now available to the NFL. DirecTV built its business on the back of NFL Sunday ticket, but the days of them depending on the NFL to maintain their subscriber base is over with. DirecTV needs to revamp their model which they are... They will still be a powerhouse in streaming services IMO
  4. Sorry, guess I didn't read it thoughroughly. I hoenstly don't care about favorites or perception. I hope we are never favorites never on Hard Knocks and never appreciated by the rest of the country/league. I like being the underdog and I love it when the rest of this nation/league gives us crap because their heads are so far up their asses they can only see their own colon anyways
  5. I have family in Florida and that's exactly how they live in the Summer. Nobody goes out and does stuff, they stay inside in the AC
  6. Nothing needs to happen outside of Josh developing further as a QB... If Josh takes that step then we beat NE
  7. I forsee us being aggressive and moving up into the 1st like last year..
  8. way too much more value at 9 at other positions. Trade back or wait till 2nd rd
  9. they all stink... Not sure how many you would have to sniff before you found the one that smells like roses
  10. if we go deep into the playoffs then yes. If we miss playoffs again, or barley make a WC and don't win a playoff game then no
  11. Sounds like a jets or Giants GM since it from upstate NY paper. Looking at their offseason strategies and how it was radically different from the Bills its easy to understand why a GM with a completely differing plan would have trouble grasping the Bills plan
  12. trust me I would not let that door hit me on the way out. ***** the stoopidity
  13. Not all Bills fans want to be associated with the word Maia or Mafia. I run away from that designation as fast as I can
  14. reality is they don't want tailgating. They want people in the local bars and restaurants and then inside the stadium spending money. I agree tailgating is the shiz nitz.... but if public money is to be used then return on investment is a must and you will not get that same level of ROI in a suburban stadium. Where as a downtown stadium will prop up more localized businesses.
  15. this puts us right back to where we were before the salary cap. The rich teams will just continue to buy up salary cap space and out bidding the small markets for FA's.
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