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  1. Our DL is the wildcard here. We get pressure on Tua consistently then it won't be a shootout but I also understand what could happen if we do not
  2. defensive line can be difference makers Sunday too
  3. OR like I mentioned above its a Eric Woods type of situation where it was recommended he hang them up.
  4. Im guessing they found something similiar to what Eric Woods had to deal with But I'm guessing
  5. Josh is fast becoming the face of the NFL... He is going to get a lot of endorsements.. Get used to it
  6. there isn't a snow balls chance in hell we will be making a move for McCaffrey https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/christian-mccaffrey-21749/ do the math
  7. Jet lag, sleeping in a hotel room bed. those 2 things thrown me off when I travel. its a game of inches and being just off by miliseconds can be a diffence maker
  8. Now you have ot crack a tooth every game or you might jinx us
  9. I expect the Dolphins to come in and give us a tough time.... Then the 2nd quarter will start I don't really know ho to take the Miami Dolphins start this season. They got speed and they are using it well... but the Bills should continue to be dialing it in. I expect a win, and we are the better team, but I know its a fools move to think we're just going to run them over. We can, and we might, but I expect a Dolphins team to come at us like its do or die.
  10. The question who would you trade to offset the salary cap needed to bring someone in. We don't have much room to maneuvre and IF OBJ comes we're flat broke from that point on.
  11. And it cost him his postion on the Bills.. so actions have consequences no
  12. Damn, Cleveland fans really want to go down with their ship
  13. All of the Above is the correct answer. Penalties, Turnovers, and whatever else was not perfect
  14. I just don't look forward to the day Josh is slow to get up
  15. does anyone in the Cleveland Browns organization make intelligent decisions? you got a brown(s) version of a Keebler Elf...
  16. We see teams draft for need, and make rediculous FA signings... So I would say a significant amount don't stay true to the discipline
  17. Check out those no look passes Stafford was trying to accomplish. he ws doing it because he wanted to move Edwards out of his throwing lane. Those 2 plays that were shown on highlights accounted for an incompletion and a interception. Edwards helps the Buffalo Nicklel to be succesful because he is a freak athlete with a huge wingspan. He is not your prototypical MLB he is the modern version on an MLB and the things he does for the defense helps other parts perform at a higher lvl. Many Bills fans are hung up on what MLBs use to be and the stats they use to post, but the times they be a changin
  18. I didnt realize it was latteral moves only.
  19. We just promoted him and we need stability... I don't think the Bills should let him interview for at least a couple of years. You we're promoted to be OC of the BIlls we need you for a few years before we let you pursue a HC job
  20. both teams are bad teams, and I never really thought Wilson was capable of propelling Denver to the next level Seattle, with Geno Smith, is all in for a top 10 draft pick and Denver is in QB purgatory for awhile. Wilson will keep Denver drafting between 10 and 20 IMO
  21. I'm a sunday afternoon guy myself, but this is the price that must be paid when you're a top dog
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