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  1. Let me but you a clue Self delete dude. OP Admin actions Delete thread
  2. All whites hmm 🤔 standing 🦬 helmet? All blues nah. Nastroshady says Blue over white
  3. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to my friends Get Stuffed!!!!
  4. it’s not like he’s totally wrong The Billboard is full of crappy hot takes this place is unbelievable after a loss and even after a W just look at the ridicule the OP has gotten for his post
  5. coming from YOU 😜 that’s classic. Your grasp on English needs improvement that or maybe not post whilst drunk glad others are realizing that unreadable
  6. look up the games where Milano was out the L column is MUCH larger than the W
  7. wreckage found on ocean floor You can do the math 🧮
  8. Just in time Sunrise and (near) moon set
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