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  1. October 24, 2021 All listings are unofficial and subject to change. Check back often for updates. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2021&wk=7 NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night: Denver @ Cleveland (FOX/NFLN) Sunday Night: Indianapolis @ San Francisco (NBC) Monday Night: New Orleans @ Seattle (ESPN) CBS Early RED Kansas City @ Tennessee Ian Eagle, Charles Davis BLU Cincinnati @ Baltimore Kevin Harlan, Trent Green GRN NY Jets @ New England Andrew Catalon, James Lofton CBS late Chicago @ Tampa Bay Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Houston @ Arizona Greg Gumbel, Adam Archulet FOX RED Washington @ Green Bay Joe Davis, Greg Olsen GRN Carolina @ NY Giants Adam Amin, Mark Schlereth TAN Atlanta @ Miami Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston BLU Philadelphia @ Las Vegas (LATE) Kenny Albert, Jonathan Vilma YEL Detroit @ LA Rams (LATE) Kevin Kugler, Mark Sanchez
  2. questionable teams will float up and down the list. good teams will move a spot or 2 Beyond the Steelers Josh has played well and the game in Tenny was a hard fought battle against a good team KC lost 2 in a row and PM has not payed poorly. If they win again they will shoot back to the top 5
  3. According to some only 2 of those guys are good 😂
  4. On the Road against a good team down to the last seconds From ESPN power rankings
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/murrays-magic-daks-patience-and-allens-deep-ball-heres-how-the-nfls-top-qbs-are-dominating-in-2021/amp/ Most NFL tracking services consider "deep" throws to be those that travel 20 or more yards down the field in the air.
  6. The 🏈 was short by a foot when he fumbled it but he was OOB anyway
  7. will this go as well as the other thread? Allen probably won't ever be the best deep ball thrower in the league Next Gen Stats' top 10 deep passers of 2020: Aaron Rodgers lands at No. 4 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/next-gen-stats-top-10-deep-passers-of-2020-aaron-rodgers-lands-at-no-4
  8. Hey Karen C’mon man Yes. they blew one huge play for 7. the difference maker in the game. We had one too. Until the Refs threw the flag. These guys are good Pro Bowl caliber
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