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  1. Sorry if the obvious was already started There's a million calls in the game, and it's unfortunate that one like that can go make it, essentially, if they don't call it, the game is over," said Goff, who passed for 321 yards and two touchdowns, with an interception. "But there's calls that went our way that game and there's calls that went their way that game, and unfortunately, that one was at the end of the game like that."
  2. Booo friggen hoo https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29988584/rams-decry-costly-pass-interference-call-led-bills-go-ahead-td-even-catchable-ball Rams decry costly pass interference call that led to Bills' go-ahead TD: 'Wasn't even a catchable ball' what about the INT that wasn’t you *** *****
  3. 🤨 the Bills offense is atrocious? says who? some sideline reporter who only saw select practices? Packers leading the Saints 13 -7 Saints ball and marching 6 and change to the half
  4. Hogwash. totally bill**** Kroft caught the ball period.
  5. I said he was a blockhead for not throwing at the combine now we know why.
  6. I hope the NFL reverses the INT to something else. that bogus call ruined his near perfect passing ratings I know it won’t happen. But still
  7. Every play from Bills' game-winning drive | Week 3 Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen engineers a game-winning drive to thwart the Los Angeles Rams' massive comeback bid on the road. https://www.nfl.com/videos/allen-engineers-game-winning-drive-to-thwart-rams-massive-comeback-bid
  8. they mentioned the screen play as their top play and the Bills all but shut it down.
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