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  1. John Edward Thomas got to give her credit for her sons name
  2. Umm 🧐 The Bills have reached the league’s maximum # of prime time games. does the article explain how or if a team can exceed the league’s maximum
  3. Eaten Raw or Cooked For how long had we learned that w/o a QB, you aren’t going anywhere!
  4. the Pats*** ran the ball. And passed 3 times on a “Blustery Day” Twas a fluke more or less. And dumb for Frazier to allow that to happen the other 2 games w/o gale force winds the Putz*** got B-Slapped
  5. Unless it involves a 1 way trip to a faraway land and I never have to see his smug cheating face. not interested
  6. I’m still mad about half a dozen or so 13 seconds threads
  7. I’d be OK with a 5 to 6 pm to 830 MFN Game to start the night Just don’t put an East Coast team on at 9 PM West Coat Time
  8. There’s a discussion on the main topic on OTW
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