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  1. WhoTom

    Do you do it yourself ???

    That's what she said.
  2. What? No Applebee's? ESPN is gonna hear about this!
  3. WhoTom

    Do you do it yourself ???

    I don't think he was asking about sex. 😉
  4. WhoTom

    Favorite, and Least Favorite, Stand Up Comedians

    I like people with a quirky sense of humor; Steven Wright and Demetri Martin both crack me up.
  5. WhoTom

    Who hates the Patriots** more than I do

    Look on the bright side: if they win the SB, they'll get a really crappy meal at the White House.
  6. WhoTom

    Super Blood Wolf Moon

    Outside is where you need to be. If you have light-polluted skies, then a telescope is good for viewing the planets and lunar details, but not much else. In that case, a 3" or 4" diameter scope is all you need, and you can get a nice one for under $500. Don't waste money on a super-high magnification lens - around 30x is good for amateur scopes. If you have dark skies and you want to see galaxies and nebulae (e.g., the Messier objects), then something in the 6" to 8" range is good. The motorized tracking mounts are nice, especially if they have the on-board computer that automatically points at the object, but they're more difficult to set up because the mount has to be precisely aligned with true north. The best way to get started in amateur astronomy is to learn the constellations. Check out "The Stars," a book by H.A. Rey. Do a lot of naked-eye observing before spending money on a telescope.
  7. WhoTom

    Cumming man threatens to attack White House

    Cumming Man - isn't that some kind of festival? If not, then it should be.
  8. WhoTom

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

    Soooo ... Flutie or Johnson?
  9. WhoTom

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

    Fair enough, but check out Picard responding to the Klingon starting around 3:40 of this clip: https://playithub.net/watch/KUa4n5KFUGw/star-trek-stng-moments-65-sins-of-the-father.html
  10. WhoTom

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

    I'm a Storm Trooper but when I tried to vote, I missed the button.
  11. WhoTom

    Favorite participation sport... what's yours?

    Back in my day, we just called it "softball."
  12. WhoTom

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

    This happened about 15 years ago. Just as I was about to start a class, a student asked me, "Star Wars or Star Trek?" I said I like both, but had to give the slight nod to Trek, because it paved the way for Star Wars. He respectfully disagreed and we left it at that. Then, at the end of class when I asked if there were any questions, he inquired, "Kirk or Picard?" Without hesitation, I responded, "Picard." He paused and then said, "Alright. You're cool."
  13. I was half-joking about that part. But you have to admit, a couple of Super Bowl wins would convince the skeptics. (So would all the stuff you wrote.)
  14. For most skeptics, a Lombardi or two might do the trick. I guess I wouldn't say I'm skeptical about Josh. He looked pretty sharp for a rookie, he seems to have a good attitude, and he's coachable. That makes me optimistic. But I've been burned before, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  15. WhoTom

    Does Your Favorite Sports Team Play Your Favorite Sport?

    Yes: Buffalo Bills football. When I was young, I was a four-season fan - football (Bills and Browns), baseball (Mets and Indians), basketball (Knicks and Braves), and hockey (Sabres) - but I lost interest in sports when I went to college. Between classes, a job, and a social life, there wasn't much time to watch. I eventually rekindled my interest in football; think it's partly because I enjoyed playing football as a kid, both in the sandlot and in a league, so watching it reminds me of those good times. I played Little League baseball and then softball, but it wasn't as much fun as football, so I don't get into watching it. My basketball playing was limited to a hoop on a friend's garage, and I never played hockey, so neither of those sports have the same allure to me anymore.