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  1. Yeah, nobody wants a woman who fakes a QED.
  2. WhoTom

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    The band was called Live Dead '69, and their keyboard player is Tom Constanten, who played keyboard for the Grateful Dead in the late 60s. (He's the only "official" GD keyboard player who's still alive.) Their first set was a replication of the Dead's Woodstock performance. Second set was also 60s material. The two guitarists were excellent, and the rest of the band was good too. I'm partial to the 70s era of Dead music, but I still enjoyed the performance. The opening act was called The Who's Who, and as a huge fan of The Who, I was impressed. We got there early enough to stand in front, where we had the best "seat" in the house: directly in front of the bass player. This guy was amazing - he captured all the energy and driving force of John Entwistle, including the little nuances that John frequently added to a song. The lead singer dressed like Daltrey, albeit without Roger's six pack. (It was more like a quarter keg.) But his voice was decent and he did the whole dancing and mic swinging bit. The lead guitarist featured some windmills in a respectable Townshend imitation and the drummer wasn't bad, for someone who's not Keith Moon (or Zak Starkey). We've been to the House of Blues in Chicago twice, and both times were great. The staff is very friendly and professional. It's a cool venue to see a show, if you're ever in the area.
  3. The Bills were in that upstart league too.
  4. WhoTom

    What about Jay Ajayi?

    ... against a Rex Ryan defense.
  5. WhoTom

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    Shovels and Rope with Frank Turner in Madison, WI Summer Camp Great Blue Heron Music Festival Phish at Alpine Valley, WI And we're fulfilling one of my bucket-list items: seeing a show at Red Rocks Colorado. (String Cheese Incident on 7/20). Oh, and we just scored free tickets to a Grateful Dead tribute at the House of Blues in Chicago.
  6. WhoTom

    Clay Matthews signs with Rams

    He's from SoCal and he fits their defense. No surprise here.
  7. Color rush. Should have been posted on a Thursday. 😉
  8. "Said by whom?" "Many people. Many people have said that." Yeah.
  9. WhoTom

    At What Temps Do You Set Your Thermostat

    We were in Virginia last August for my nephew's wedding. Outside temps in the 90s, and every place we visited, the AC was set to 68. If you dress for the outdoors, you’re freezing inside; if you dress for the indoors, you’re sweltering outside. (I’ve noticed that in Florida and Texas too.) Most southern places could cut their electric bills in half if they’d just use the AC in moderation.
  10. WhoTom

    Anyone else catch Bob Weir Friday at She's?

    David Grisman? He and Jerry worked a lot together. Check out this movie: https://www.amazon.com/Grateful-Dawg-Ricky-Jay/dp/B00005UER0
  11. WhoTom

    At What Temps Do You Set Your Thermostat

    Heat: 68 when home, 63 when we're away and overnight. We also have a wood stove that I fire up late in the morning, so the heat pump/furnace only runs for a few hours a day. The wood stove keeps temps in the mid 70s. AC: 83. Neither of us likes using AC, but I'll turn it on to reduce humidity when it's really hot. A dry 83 is quite comfortable, and it keeps the electric bills low.
  12. WhoTom

    Will Shady restructure?

    As others have said, no need to restructure as we've got lots of cap space and this is likely his last year in Buffalo. Shady is about 1400 yards shy of 12k, a milestone that he wants to hit. If he can pull that off this year, then he may retire. If not, then I'm guessing he gets released and goes someplace where he can cross that threshold.