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  1. I understand that the cast members have some creative control, but couldn't they have just stopped him from doing the jokes? Norm's on the air and can say what he wants if he really wants to, but the graphics guy is certainly going to bow to Lorne. Tell that guy he can't put up any more images of OJ and you've effectively killed the bit.
  2. Wasn't it also a couple weeks after he dropped an f-bomb during weekend update?
  3. Now get Dahlin done. He's the last of the RFAs.
  4. Nothing tops that moment where the horseradish hits you in that exact spot towards the back of the roof of your mouth and instantly clears your sinuses. Does the Boston Hotel still exist? They always had a good beef on weck back in the day.
  5. I wonder what Aho thinks of it. Carolina wasn't willing to negotiate with him but they will now both here and with Svechnikov.
  6. It depends. Did you peel off the sticker?
  7. I've seen random interviews with this guy over the years. I don't remember what they said, but I never got an "I'm going to sue those bastards" vibe. Ok, that's what I thought I remembered from the interviews, but I wasn't completely sure. Cash grab for sure. Edit: There's no tattoo but he has recreated the picture multiple times.
  8. That one threw me a bit. I never read Veidt the way Irons played him. Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure what I would have expected, but that was definitely different. And I'll leave it spoiler-free just in case, but the show was also missing a very key character.
  9. It's cancer in a cup vs. diabetes in a cup. That said, I drink the cancer in a cup.
  10. I just got an invitation in the mail yesterday to my 21 year reunion (they couldn't do one last year). I would have considered it, but they only gave about 25 days notice, maybe it took a while to get here (NC). I haven't been in Buffalo since 2014 so I really do need to head back up there at some point.
  11. It's definitely the multi-part episodes. They've essentially been producing one movie a year over the last 5 or so years. They might as well just make it one full 2 hour block and eliminate the commercials.
  12. And that's exactly why I wish they'd just end it.
  13. I won't lie. I haven't been watching but when I saw the name Richards mentioned in here earlier, this is exactly who I thought of. Now that I'd watch.
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