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  1. I miss the days where multiple cable boxes in the house all used the same exact remote. There were so many pranks. I feel like we were also able to change our neighbor's tv through the window, but I may be making that one up.
  2. Right, they weren't looking for a new identity, it was an ego stroke for the new owner.
  3. I'm sure it already exists, but the cell phone seems like the most obvious thing to replace the remote. You already have it in your hand anyway. The only potential issue is when more than one person has control of the tv, marriages will end.
  4. The Boys definitely went way over the top this season. It was always pretty gruesome in the first two season, but it at least felt like it fit in with the story and the show. This season, they were clearly doing things just to see if they could get away with them.
  5. I thought I had heard them say recently that he actually uses a much shorter stick than you'd expect. I want to say it was Tuch who actually has the longest stick on the team. But rebound that land directly behind you in the crease cannot happen. If you were to ask UPL, I'm sure he was kicking himself over that one. A goalie needs to direct those rebounds to spots where the team can clean them up. That one was probably the worst possible option. He's improved damn near miraculously in the past month, but that one makes me worry a bit.
  6. That Dowd goal was completely on UPL, horrible rebound control on a low angle shot. I'm not there on him yet, but he's certainly cut back on those types of garbage goals. There's definitely potential now to move forward beyond this year.
  7. Die Hard Gremlins ... and then I guess Christmas Vacation
  8. Was it Cheers that kept her from playing the role in the next one?
  9. Without looking it up, was he the tech guy? All I know is that this serves as my annual reminder to watch the movie this month.
  10. I'm going to need to run through all of the Arkham games for the 2000th after hearing this news.
  11. But is it a fluke if it continues to happen again and again?
  12. Given their track record over the last few years, I'd be much more concerned about that number going >5.
  13. It's such a strange feeling when you're just cruising normally and those things slightly correct you.
  14. A 19 year old getting 28 minutes of ice time and looking good. It sucks that we have to do it, but we've really got something here.
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