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  1. I had a package go missing a couple days ago. I really hope it was a porch pirate because the package was a ring doorbell.
  2. I'm surprised PITA hasn't gone after them for what they did to the Bumble. I'd actually be with them on that one. What Hermie did to him was flat out criminal.
  3. Murray loved big goalies. Luukkonen. There's no way he would have let him get away.
  4. Sadly, I actually kind of like the intended recipient.
  5. My personal favorite was a couple of years ago when I had a tv delivered to my house. They left the box diagonally leaning against column on my front porch. There were a few big problems with this: 1. It was a giant box left in the most blatantly obvious view in public sight, just screaming for anyone to take it. 2. Thanks to all the surface area on that box, any good wind gusts could have blown that thing over. 3. I didn't order a tv.
  6. I won't call it a favorite, but I do like to joke with the wife that "Legs" is her theme song because she's only 5 feet tall.
  7. Did anyone even care about that song before all the uproar? Hell, it's not even a christmas song.
  8. I need to see consecutive wins. I bet we could find at least one stretch last year post-streak where they went 3-1-2.
  9. That damn 3PO clip makes me hate him even more.
  10. I randomly check this throughout the year. I'd say the numbers are right around where I'd expect them to be. It seems like they're stuck right in the heart of the "bad team or bad market" section of the listing. While not exactly surprising, the Ottawa numbers are an eye opener. The one thing I'm not sure about is if the Sweden "home game" is included in there. One game's not going to skew things too much with 14/15 games played, but I have no idea if that was a large/small arena and how many fans showed up.
  11. I’ve had one (alexa) for about a year. It’s mostly just a music thing for me, but right after the time change this year I caved and bought one smart plug. I have a light on a timer downstairs and the plug is behind a bulky piece of furniture. I got sick of having to move that thing and possibly scratch the floor a couple times a year and got the plug. I’m not going to use voice commands to turn it on, but being able to change the timer on my phone is a hell of a lot easier than dealing with the mystery time windows that come with those old crappy mechanics timers.
  12. I haven't started watching it yet but have everything DVRed. This was the one question I could not get people to answer.
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