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  1. Starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys? He's swimming in endorsement money. That said, it's a good move and I don't mean to take anything away from that.
  2. And people were freaked out about the possibility of teeth. Now they can shoot at you too?
  3. I wonder how they're splitting up the revenue from this whole thing. I'd imagine they're splitting it evenly between all 31 because it would be a tough pill to swallow for those 7 teams to lose the remainder of their season and then get nothing back at the end. All those players are going to get their portion, so the teams will need it too, particularly the Ottawas of the world who aren't exactly swimming in cash lately.
  4. I had a guy out at the house today doing a termite inspection and a mockingbird attacked him. Now on top of being a-holes, I also think they're racist.
  5. shrader

    Name This Person

    First you say she's in porn. Then you say she's a real actress. Make up your mind!
  6. We might as well throw Asplund and Dahlin into that call too. Three Rasmuses, two Ristos, all we need is one extra forward to round out the collection. Maybe we can throw RJ a bone and throw CJ Smith out there with them.
  7. I'm all for following Arttu closer as well, since we in fact know he has a contract with the Sabres. My big question mark with older Olofsson is that at his age he's already at his ceiling. I don't see someone worthy of an NHL two-way contract. Now if it's an AHL only deal, I'm all for it.
  8. While low profile, Victor was a highly regarded prospect compared to him. Remember he's been within the Sabre system for 6 years now. And the brothers have never played pro hockey together, so they weren't scouting the two at the same time. I have a hard time seeing Victor as the kind of guy who would have any leverage to pull they "sign my brother or I leave" game. If it's just a deal with Rochester, then it makes much more sense to me. But anyway, I'm going to continue to be skeptical of this report until I see more than one source. At this point, that probably means that the Sabres have to announce the signing, because it's not really a story anyone is going to bother putting much work into.
  9. If this report is even accurate, this looks like the kind of guy who would be signing an AHL contract. I just wonder how legit it is given that everything falls back to this one Swedish source. You know how things go with these translations sometimes.
  10. shrader

    Name This Person

    Is that who it is? I actually thought it was Claire from Modern Family.
  11. There's way too many around here and they're incredibly territorial. Thanks to covid it's not happening this year, but in past years they would always buzz me every day when I got home from work and get out of my car. They also attack my neighbor's dog all the time. And I suppose this would be an issue with any type of bird that was all over the place, but they're crapping all over everything. They have quickly jumped up into #2 on my list of least favorite birds. They're still a long way behind the canada goose though. There is one good thing when it comes to the birds here in NC. Cardinals are everywhere. My yard needs to draw a few more of them in place of the mockingbirds.
  12. I was considering putting a feeder out in the backyard recently. We have so many damn mockingbirds around here though and I don't want to encourage them at all. Those things are a-holes.
  13. The only thing I know about mandalorians is from this show. Jango routinely took the helmet off, so that would mean he's not one of them anymore, right?
  14. I'll give him one thing, he did far more than his father.
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