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  1. He had to be up around that age since Rocky is almost 50 years old at this point. Still, I never would have guessed 76 years for him. I guess it helps that I'm always picturing 1980s Carl Weathers instead of 2000s-2020s Carl Weathers. And I didn't see it mentioned in here, but his recurring role in Arrested Development was awesome.
  2. I can’t wait until they start going after the pump fakes past the line of scrimmage.
  3. Anytime I find one, I throw it deeper into the woods/weeds.
  4. I’ve seen so many people over the years who focus solely on their driver and then can’t hit an iron or wedge to save their lives. I don’t think driving distance predicts your score at all. Hell, there are plenty out there who can bomb it… hard to the left or right.
  5. I’m willing to listen on this rule. If I’m 5 yards closer to the edge of the woods, I might have an easier time punching out of there.
  6. I just bought a ps5 with the MW3 bundle this week. I haven’t played one of those games in over 10 years. It’s not like riding a bike.
  7. If you ever wanted more Lethal Weapon movies, this is the show for you.
  8. Is there any indication of how active and serious these protests are? My wife is currently on a flight to Rome.
  9. It sounds like you had a more severe tear than most others. I'm convinced that mine was an old injury too. The MCL sprain made it act up and neither would heal properly on their own. The PT doc was very surprised when it was diagnosed because nothing during therapy screamed meniscus.
  10. I had a sprain and torn meniscus that I played (hockey) through for maybe a month when I was 29. It wasn't getting any better so I caved and had it checked out and diagnosed. It's really going to depend on the severity. I wound up doing PT for a while, which wasn't helping, and eventually got scoped. I'm sure age played a major role, but recovery was pretty fast after that. I wish I could remember some of those PT exercises. The damn thing has been bugging me since the fall when I tweaked it doing some yard work. 12 years later the damn thing can still act up at random moments even before the recent tweak.
  11. The pop culture references are the only thing that is dated about the show. That is unavoidable. And I'm not sure if pop culture is even the right word. Sure, there's things like Bette Midler or referencing JFK, but then there's also Susan's father having an affair with John Cheever.
  12. But hey, I bet they offered you all the premium movie channels for free for 3 months. That more than makes up for endless months at the significantly higher price.
  13. The sad part is that I've seen plenty of people try this.
  14. I wonder if the kid is old enough for assault charges.
  15. I would have given Ackbar that sacrifice. But yeah, it needed to be someone established, not a brand new character who had maybe 15 minutes of screen time. Messing with John Williams music... what could possibly go wrong?🙄
  16. Sorry, I'm late on this one. As the rule is written, it doesn't matter that the ball was in the penalty area. I don't know the area in question, but if the players thought it was possible that the ball could be lost but still in the non-penalty area, the provisional is allowed. I'm picturing a scenario where you're not sure whether or not the ball actually made it into the pond, you're allowed to hit the provisional as long as you announce it. That q-school story though, that sounds like a major screw job. Even if they all saw the splash, I think you could still put up a reasonable argument that it's possible the ball skipped or ricocheted off a rock back beyond the stakes.
  17. I would have liked to see how things would have played out if all three movies were designed with the same vision in mind. Johnson's movie may have worked without the Star Wars label, but you can't just try to reinvent everything 40 years after the fact right in the middle of a planned 3 part story. Instead we were left with him tearing up everything Abrams started and then Abrams picked right back up as if that never happened. Me personally, I had no issue with the repetitive nature of that first movie. It was fun. They just dropped the ball big time following that up.
  18. I know it's a big thing in comic books, but I really wish they hadn't gone with this kid teams approach for the movies. It worked with Spiderman mostly because that's an iconic character, but also because he was the only "kid" superhero at that point. Now every single movie seems to have one. If they're going to have a bunch of kids fighting Kang in their next Avengers movie, it's going to suck. Guardians next month is probably the last hope for a while for a movie that isn't packed full of superhero kids.
  19. Over the last month or two they've been massacred twice by Philly and once by Columbus. Hmmmm, where would those 6 points put them in the standings?
  20. The worst spot of all in that scenario is the car immediately behind that one in the left lane.
  21. Have a little fun and see if your school has a wikipedia page. Mine has a notable alumni section and two people very clearly edited the page to list themselves. It's hilarious.
  22. It doesn't matter whether or not he plays. The team can (and will) agree to having the first year of the ELC burn.
  23. I don't think he put anything extra up there, but I'll have to take a closer look.
  24. I have a neighbor who removed the circular dish part but left the arm that holds it. I'm not sure why they did it since it's a really odd thing to see up there.
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