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  1. Without looking it up, was he the tech guy? All I know is that this serves as my annual reminder to watch the movie this month.
  2. I'm going to need to run through all of the Arkham games for the 2000th after hearing this news.
  3. But is it a fluke if it continues to happen again and again?
  4. Given their track record over the last few years, I'd be much more concerned about that number going >5.
  5. It's such a strange feeling when you're just cruising normally and those things slightly correct you.
  6. A 19 year old getting 28 minutes of ice time and looking good. It sucks that we have to do it, but we've really got something here.
  7. They had a Sabres road crew event last night here in Raleigh. That was a great time. I've got a cool little collectors item now after Marty signed my old red Biron jersey. And RJ in the building? That's worth the price of admission... which was only $15.
  8. Im too lazy to type it again.
  9. That should sell a few tickets. That hat trick goal… I’m still drooling
  10. If they hit on two of the first round picks from the most recent draft... look out. Never mind what happens if they hit on all three.
  11. I can't imagine there are many things during the regular season that are more pleasing to the fans than hearing that reaction while on the road. I hope the Canucks were able to sneak out of a secret underground entrance to that arena.
  12. It's still better than the person I ran into today who decided that the stop sign did not apply to her. Poor choice of words, there was no collision.
  13. We have to remember that he's still just two years removed from his draft year. Normally he would just be making the jump to pro hockey right now. Peterka's fast start this year is going to cloud our vision, but he still has plenty of time to find his place with this team.
  14. Parents Children Grandparents Grandkids Cousins Why is there no singular collective term that refers to aunts/uncles or nephews/nieces?
  15. But picture that scenario occurring while it's pitch black outside in the middle of the night. Every situation is different. The driver sticking around and cooperating is going to carry a ton of weight in this one. He's probably the only witness, unless that uber driver was still there.
  16. I was on a college hockey board for years and this was something they would do every year. It was fun to track. Hockey's a bit more volatile obviously, so a bunch of crazy things always wound up happening.
  17. That scenario is even more fun when the championship belt doesn't actually make it into the playoffs. You've got yourself a disputed champion at the end of the year.
  18. I feel like this season was a bit over the top. I don't want to get into spoiler territory, but the villain group this season goes a bit too far into fantasy land. It's still fun, but I don't like just how much was on the line in that final episode.
  19. As one of the very few who could have actually seen them win a cup as an adult, he's allowed to be upset.
  20. Did they really have a parade of witnesses though? Everyone is dead or in Alaska.
  21. The guy who decided to put a button on the fly of a pair of boxers is an absolute idiot.
  22. They actually sell it in one of the supermarkets out here in the Raleigh area.
  23. I love how they mixed in the regrets from the major players from the two shows. That was a great way of defining exactly the person who each of them was. And it just hammered home why Mike has always been my favorite of the bunch.
  24. This was the description of the walking dead episode that aired last night. I’m not sure how they slipped up and have it listed for Better Call Saul.
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