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  1. I wonder when they started this policy. I’m a season ticket holder from CT (about 460 miles away aka 7 hour drive) and I’ve been a ticket holder since 2015. I’m only able to attend 4-6 games on average but they’ve never once given me crap about the distance. In fact when I finally did call a few years back for tickets the sales rep was saying how surprised I’d be if I knew how many people in CT were actually season ticket holders also. I know a friend of mine is. Kinda weird
  2. Maybe this is me being ticky tacky but this is twice now the returner didn’t even have to take a knee before the play was whistled dead to save time.
  3. It never felt like a drought to me until we were alone at the top (or bottom) of the list of longest time since last reaching the playoffs (and honestly I don’t even remember when we first took that distinction). Once all the other fringe teams started to get a lucky hot streak and remove their names from the list that’s when it hit me like “oh crap it’s been a long time”. Before that it just felt like single seasons of missing the playoffs when the word drought gets thrown in it’s like one massive missed chunk of time and opportunities.
  4. Felt good this year to finally put the drought behind us and watch some meaningful football in January even if the outcome wasn’t exactly how I wanted. But it got me thinking I remember after that game in 1999 I was ready to avenge things next season and we didn’t. Then I would have bet a fortune on Bledsoe/Moulds/Price combined with that insane defense would have gotten us back...but they didn’t. JP never felt right, but then it was Trent Edwards pre-hit but nothing happened. Then there was that lull where you kinda gave in to the drought then everyone thought Fitz was going to drag us out or if not him maybe EJ after he matured a bit and worked on his mechanics (which never happened). I guess the point is I never assumed a drought would happen and I never really noticed until we were knee deep in it. While I think McBean has us pointed in the right direction what if another drought slowly crept up on us. Would you have the stomach for it?