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  1. Chugga

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    They did that exact same thing to me. They forwarded me to their retention line when I told them I was going to cancel service (not joking around looking for a deal, I was literally going to cancel) and they offered me NFL Sunday ticket for $49 as long as I signed on for another year. The deal was ok so I did. I paid the $49 up front then they kept charging me $49 every month afterwards saying I had 6 more installments. I was livid on the phone but they essentially said I was lying and no one offered me Nfl Sunday ticket for $49 they offered me Nfl Sunday ticket max for 7 payments of $49. And I’m like “that’s full price how is that an offer”. I can’t begin to tell you how maddening those phone calls were. Well I’m sure you’d know. Needless to say I dropped directv and now they call me once a week trying to offer me free crap that I don’t want. I definitely prefer having cut the cord. Will never deal with them ever again
  2. Chugga

    National Anthem Solution

    It’s kinda interesting how whenever you bring up this debate the immediate response is “they are disrespecting our troops and veterans” and you can’t even say a word to change anyone’s mind on the fact that these thug players are disrespectful pieces of trash and how our military deserves better than that. But then here we are in this thread I’m scrolling through like 10 pages of crap and it’s amazing to me how quickly the tone of a conversation can degrade down to pretty great depths of disrespect for an active member of our military simply because he disagrees. I’ve seen a lot of players kneel and get called every name in the book. Never seen anyone of them call one of our vets a dum dum though and goad them onto a petty argument. I guess disrespect is in the eye of the beholder. Or whatever works to further your argument.
  3. Chugga

    GDT: 2018 Draft Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    5 more teams just got their picks in while Nate finished his speech