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  1. RussellDopeland

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    Could there be a head to head battle a-brewing between two grossly overpaid, overvalued mediocrities? Good for both of them for getting paid, I guess.
  2. RussellDopeland

    Anybody know if Ansah has left town yet???

    Yeah, he left. My man at the airport told me that on his way out he- cursed at a young boy in a wheelchair, flipped the bird at George Seifert, and just before he boarded his plane, turned, grabbed his crotch, and yelled "WHO DAT"!
  3. RussellDopeland

    This just occurred to me....no Panthers free agents to us?

    Still could happen. They could sign one of these guys: Fozzy Whitaker RB Kyle Love DT Wes Horton DE David Mayo ILB Amini Silatolu G
  4. RussellDopeland

    Biggest jerk... Willis Mcgahee, Marshawn Lynch or Antonio Brown?

    Lest we forget...Bryan Cox
  5. RussellDopeland

    Tyrod is back with Lynn

    Good for Tyrod. A nice comfy backup gig, good money, and nice weather.
  6. RussellDopeland

    Bills FA moves garner praise from national media

    Nonsense. All the clickbait "media" cares about right now are: OBJ to Clev L. Bell to Jets AB trade to Oak rehash Everything else is peripheral noise that must not interfere with those central points of interest. It's best to pay no heed to these blithering idiots.
  7. This. Would you have been okay with the Bills trading their 1st and 2nd round picks, plus a safety (like Hyde) for OBJ? Steep!
  8. RussellDopeland

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    John Brown's body....gonna mould here, I guess.
  9. RussellDopeland

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    He must not have heard what a terrible destination Buffalo is for free agents.
  10. All this investigation will reveal is that Trump only has about $200 in the bank, all of his other "wealth" is actually in Russian and Chinese mobster's hands, and the Saudis are now helping prop-up he and his son-in-law. A group of members on this board could have put forth a more viable bid to have purchased the Bills than Trump.
  11. RussellDopeland

    Mitch Morse to Bills per Espn

    Holy ****! We signed 2 centers from the Chiefs, on the same day?
  12. You have to remember today is National Napping Day. After the Johnson deal was finalized, Beane and co. decided to partake in the festivities. They'll be recharged and ready to go tonight!😁
  13. RussellDopeland

    Report - Bills Interested in WR Adam Humphries

    Of all the fan bases that should value a pure slot receiver, it's us. After all, the greatest WR in Bills history was a slot guy (Andre Reed).
  14. RussellDopeland

    One Bills Live was hilarious today.

    It's like Fox News, just without hot chicks.
  15. RussellDopeland

    VCR ALERT: Tues. 3/5/19: Steelers at Bills

    When I saw 'VCR Alert' I thought it might be a replay of a truly great Bills game, from 1991, when Kelly threw 6 TDs (4 to Don Beebe) in a route of the Steelers.