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  1. Just lost my cat recently. You're losing your best friend when a pet passes. It creates a void, to say the least. So sorry for your loss!🤧
  2. This thread has a chance to surpass the Ertz or Mario Williams topics of yesteryear. I doubt it approaches the "Donahoe is the Son of Satan- Drinks babies' blood" thread however.
  3. Did a google search- apparently he's a high school football player in Athens, Georgia. Who he broke up with, and how this relates to the Bills, I haven't a clue! 😆
  4. The twitter discussion that the Cover 1 guys have been tossing around- signing Poona Ford, trading Oliver and 3rd to Denver for Jeudy, then resigning Jordan Phillips or another such vet DT- does intrigue me. But if Oliver were to be traded, who would take the "whipping boy" mantle he's inherited from Edmunds?🤔
  5. And Tasker is a guy who is arguably the best cover guy in NFL history- and should be in the Hall. But you can be sure that members of this board would have bitched about him- why he was being paid so much, a waste of a roster spot- etc, etc. as they do with every ST player on the team now- it's moronic!
  6. If this board had been up and running in the early 90s, members would have been calling for Tasker/Pike's releases continuously- "Well, they're overpaid!" "What does Pike do on defense?" "We can replace Tasker with a receiver that actually plays on offense!" "Polian and Levy worry too much about special teams!"
  7. "I think there is a very good chance the plan has been for either Dodson or Bernard to replace Edmunds"
  8. For those of you mocking this, you know if the Bills went old school with this type of logo, you'd be praising it! For example-
  9. This is a colossal goat f***! I cannot believe that this team would saddle itself with this crap, on the cusp of a season where they are a Super Bowl favorite. The longer this festers, the worse it will be for the team, especially if they "close ranks" around this bonehead, a rookie PUNTER, who is already becoming a gangrenous limb. Loyalty to a rookie punter, who has questionable judgement is, in and unto itself, terrible judgement on the part of this front office and staff. What he did-or didn't do, doesn't matter. He's a millstone around this franchise's neck now. They need to cut and run.
  10. We can talk all we want about this organization operating with moral clarity- but whenever you're in the stadium, all you need to do is turn your head and you'll see the name "OJ Simpson"...they're not exactly perched on the moral highground.
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