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  1. Ten million for Lawson?! God no!!! He seems like a nice guy, but his play has been the zenith of mediocrity. The Pegulas might as well drive down the 190 and throw $100 bills out the car window- 'twould be an absolute waste of resources.
  2. I missed this thread back in Jan.. I'm not just startled, I'm gobsmacked. I guess I'll need to take to my fainting couch any moment now. Maybe the pitchfork brigade can bring up this appalling matter with Beane when they show up at OBD to express their outrage over the Singletary pick
  3. Looks impressive. They also added a new weight room off of the visitor's locker room (in keeping with it's league-wide rep):
  4. I think you're confusing Hogan fans with the Brandon Reilly fan cult, which was as incomprehensible as the Mike Jasper and Coy Wire juntas! šŸ¤£
  5. I shouldn't venture a guess here, but could it be that you.... Accepted a purple-colored "beverage" from former Packer Johnny Jolly? Received a drink from across a smoke-filled nightclub from Darren Sharper? Took up Mark Chmura's offer for cold beer whilst relaxing in his hot tub? Or did you arrive home late one evening and find Najeh Davenport defecating in your clothes hamper?
  6. Well luckily for Harold, a certain rotund orange dude failed in his bid to buy the team. He should be good to go.
  7. As a left-handed person, I take offense to this statementšŸ˜
  8. Could there be a head to head battle a-brewing between two grossly overpaid, overvalued mediocrities? Good for both of them for getting paid, I guess.
  9. Yeah, he left. My man at the airport told me that on his way out he- cursed at a young boy in a wheelchair, flipped the bird at George Seifert, and just before he boarded his plane, turned, grabbed his crotch, and yelled "WHO DAT"!
  10. Still could happen. They could sign one of these guys: Fozzy Whitaker RB Kyle Love DT Wes Horton DE David Mayo ILB Amini Silatolu G
  11. Good for Tyrod. A nice comfy backup gig, good money, and nice weather.
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