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  1. RussellDopeland

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    More insights-
  2. Do you mean, that open cesspool that is the PPP board?😁
  3. RussellDopeland

    What does Josh Allen need to do in Bills last 6 games?

    On the field, he just should continue to play with zeal. He has great fire and passion, and that's a solid foundation. I want to see him take advantage of his arm and going deep as much as possible (Aaron Rodgers, when the play breaks down, always seems inclined to throw deep- Allen should seek to emulate this approach). Off the field, at least according to pontificators in another thread, Allen should immediately adopt a kid and start beating him with a belt.
  4. RussellDopeland

    Peter King's FMIA Column for Week 11

    Meanwhile, Daboll has plays written on a napkin he got when he went through the Wendy's drive-thru down the street.
  5. RussellDopeland

    Greatest MNF comeback

    Not necessarily a "great" comeback, but Frank Reich throwing a touchdown late (in what I believe was his first start) to Andre Reed to beat the Rams in '89 comes to mind. I think they scored 2 TDs in the last 5 minutes to pull it out.
  6. RussellDopeland

    Bills Release Peterman

  7. RussellDopeland

    Peterman actually played quite well!

    Christ on a bike, you knew this crap was coming l
  8. RussellDopeland

    Finally the end for peterman???

    Peterman just does not have an NFL-caliber arm. When I watch him throw, I think to myself "my right arm is as strong as Nate's". And that's a problem because I'm left-handed.
  9. RussellDopeland

    Can WR separation be coached?

    Another question- Can WR intelligence be coached? Every week we see Benjamin lining up on the wrong side of the formation, and we all remember Corey Coleman.
  10. Yeah- this game is sort of like going to the local Indian Reservation and attending a cockfighting match. Unless you're a sadist, compulsive gambler, or suffering from an undiagnosed mental defect, you should avoid this game like the plague. But you know we'll watch it, no matter how cringe-inducing it inevitably will be.
  11. Peterman expected to start?
  12. RussellDopeland

    Terrell Owens Tweets to the Bills

    Sign TO, Kaepernick, and Tebow. We'd still be an awful 2-6 team- but it sure as hell would be entertaining. Remember as well- they still have to sell tickets for 5 upcoming home games.
  13. RussellDopeland

    Sign EJ

    Sign EJ, sign Kaepernick, sign Tebow, sign Jay Cutler, sign Jake Plummer, sign Paul Manafort...sign anyone. Please no more Peterman....Please!
  14. RussellDopeland

    For the sake of the potential #1 overall pick, start Peterman

    Advocating for Peterman is like singing the praises of smallpox.
  15. RussellDopeland

    Trade for Fitz?