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  1. "89. Roscoe Parrish" "88. Charles Clay" "87. Rian Lindell" That's enough reading for me. Whoever compiled this list ought to be beaten with a rubber hose for rank stupidity.
  2. Is Rodgers advocating for beer to be less expensive, or is he pushing the Packers to start selling the cheapest swill money can buy? Natty Ice, Keystone, Pabst? Hell, since it's Wisconsin, they should only offer Milwaukee's Best or find some old Meister Brau to sell. Won't cost a thing, and the drunks at Lambeau will be as happy as cheese.
  3. Love the looks of our safeties. Poyer, Hyde, Bush, Marlowe, Neal, Maurice Alexander...they all look like they're about to rip someone's head off!
  4. I hope Wood ignores Kelso's advice and refuses to do the broadcast with 20 sticks of gum in his mouth. And is there a chance that Van Miller had a son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter/nephew/niece/ even adopted relative that could replace John Murphy? Please???
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