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  1. At some point the Bills are going to have to address this. After the Super Bowl XXVIII Atlanta tv station, Bills practice, shovel pass mess- they need to deal with this the right way.
  2. Meanwhile...somewhere Torell Troupe just polished off a gallon of Rocky Road.
  3. No. No it's not. You might as well watch a MLB game- they'll bore you to death. Carr is a dud; he's always been a dud; he always will be a dud. He has always had weapons- don't think that the addition of Adams will change the dynamic. He shares the stage with Cousins as the most uninspired, unwatchable QBs of this era. Watching any game featuring Carr is akin to watching your neighbor mow his lawn. But sure, the Raiders are a big name.
  4. Conversely, when you pair a Fournette with a Brady, you can win a Super Bowl (not taking sides in this debate, though).
  5. Is Hormel Canned Corned Beef and a 6 pack of Hamm's the best St. Patrick's Day meal?
  6. Not to sound judgmental, but I think if you're compelled to bet on USFL games, maybe a trip to the William J. Lepetomane Memorial Gambling Casino for the Insane might be in order.
  7. Really? Do you have any evidence to that effect? 👹
  8. Since the market for Mayfield isn't exactly vibrant, maybe the Bills should think about it- he could be this year's Trubisky. I'd think a trade offer of...maybe Case Keenum, and let's say a 7th rounder, might be enough to get it done.
  9. You know how Beans's feeling today
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