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  1. If there's any fanbase that should hold off sneering at an opposing team's kicking foibles, it should be Bills fans.
  2. Zay Jones is Josh Reed without the talent. But at least Reed was the third option in offenses that featured Eric Moulds and Peerless Price. Jones is the third option behind John Brown and Cole Beasley😦!!! If you're to find out as to whether or not Allen is the answer at the QB position, he needs talented skill players surrounding him. This WR crew leaves a whole hell of a lot to be desired- and Jones is the least gifted of the entire unit. But at least he blocks well....
  3. Will the Bills stand strong and true, or will they collapse like a folding table impacted by a Kiko Alonso jersey-clad nimrod saturated with a gallon of Labatt Blue? If Allen plays, will he apply any lessons from yesterday's debacle? Or will he continue to try to emulate Michael Vick in a prison-league game? Questions.....
  4. We all know the moon is not made of green cheese. But what if it were made of barbacue spare ribs, would you eat it then?
  5. With the experienced, talented Punters in the market- this seems odd. It's like Brandon Beane has been offered a chance to see Springsteen in concert, but declined 'cause he already has tickets to see Rick Springfield that same night.
  6. I found a Bills Super Bowl XXV hat at a garage sale. Paid a buck for it. Mint condition, never worn, New Era. I think I 'm rollin with that😁
  7. "89. Roscoe Parrish" "88. Charles Clay" "87. Rian Lindell" That's enough reading for me. Whoever compiled this list ought to be beaten with a rubber hose for rank stupidity.
  8. Is Rodgers advocating for beer to be less expensive, or is he pushing the Packers to start selling the cheapest swill money can buy? Natty Ice, Keystone, Pabst? Hell, since it's Wisconsin, they should only offer Milwaukee's Best or find some old Meister Brau to sell. Won't cost a thing, and the drunks at Lambeau will be as happy as cheese.
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