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  1. I think McDermott will go down statically as the best coach we have ever had. It just won't be all his doing though. He has a really good GM who seems to be on the same page as McDermott. But the biggest reason will be #17, who I think will be the best QB in the league over the next decade or more.
  2. You are correct. I didn't notice lines crossing out the dollar amounts for 2021. Should've read the next line down.
  3. It would be an extension, not a new contract and I'd guess it would be much like the deal Mahomes signed before the start of last season. Even though the contract extension was already offered and signed before last season began his cap hit last year was still only $5.34 million. His cap hit for 2021 & 2022 are still very manageable & below his market value at $24.8 & $31.45 million respectably. Josh's cap hit for this year & once they pick up his 5th year option, his cap hit for 2022, will still be the same with a contract extension done this offseason. Over the la
  4. I wouldn't say he was borderline elite, he was elite. He finished 2nd in the MVP race even though he played 4 games recovering from a separated shoulder and wearing a LBers harness to keep it from separating again. Matt Hasselbeck did a piece on it right before the Seattle game about how much it effects a QB's throwing and accuracy. If that doesn't happen I believe he wins the MVP. Outside of those 4 games... in the other 12 games played he was 315/443 71.1% for 3,698 Yds 33 TDs 6 INTs QB Rating 115.31. In those 12 games he averaged over 308 yards and 2.75 Passing TDs a game and h
  5. I don't think we need to see anymore and from what Beane was saying on Cris Collinsworth's podcast, I don't think he needs to see anymore either. Since the first Pats game in week 4 of 2019 Josh has 54 Passing TDs vs only 13 INTs(More than a 4 to 1 ratio) and has added another 14 TDs on the ground. Many on here wanted to see the ability to have 300 yard passing games, he had 8 this year(Probably would've had a 9th if he plays the full game against Miami in week 17) including two 400 yard games. Many wanted to see if he could carry the team with a lesser defense, most of the time th
  6. Good luck Kenny!! Praying for a speedy recovery.
  7. For the right price I wouldn't mind giving him a 1 year contract, to give Fromm another year to develop.
  8. Yes and no. Allen's contract extension will no doubt be in the top 5 for QBs, but once they pick up his 5th year option, his cap hit for this year will be nowhere near top 5 and next year's will be the average salaries of the 10 highest paid QBs this year. We have 2 more seasons before Josh's cap hit is top 5. If we were to sign Watt to a 2 or 3 year contract, now's the perfect time to do so before we have to pay big bucks for Josh. I would also venture to guess they will restructure Mitch Morse's contract or cut him. KC has several high priced players and they've been the bes
  9. So Davis wouldn't be able to do more with his targets as he gains experience? My guess is he could do more with increased time with Josh and experience on the field with less targets. He also won't see 2 targets or less in 4 of 6 games like he did at the start of the season, he's not a rookie anymore. His targets will go up, not down. If it takes away from others, it may not be such a bad thing. He averaged more yards per catch, by a pretty good margin, than any other starting WR on the team.
  10. Especially when that talent is only 30 and is better than our current player at that position. I don't want to make a trade for him, but if he becomes a FA take a shot at him. He also brings with him Super Bowl winning experience.
  11. The bolded simply isn't true. Brown easily would've put up over 600 had he not missed 7+ games. Davis had 599 yards this year as a rookie, do you believe his stats won't Increase with additional experience and game time on the field?
  12. I'm not advocating trading for him and taking on his current contract, but in saying that... I don't believe targets necessarily equals production especially when you're playing with 2 of the most inaccurate QBs in the league last year, one being a rookie. It's not like he had a bunch of drops. From looking it up it was less than 5. He came into 2020 averaging over 800 yards and 5 TDs a year. That's with a bunch of different starting QBs in his career, none that were as close to as good as Josh is right now. I think he's a far better security blanket for Josh than Knox is. We coul
  13. I'm not saying Ertz is a stud TE anymore, but when you only have 288 yards(Ranked 34th for TEs & behind Ertz)for the year and can't block to save your life, you don't look like Kittle when compared to someone off the street. One difference between the two is Knox had a QB who completed nearly 70% of his passes and finished 2nd in the MVP race and the other had 2 QBs who were just horrible at throwing the ball this year. Wentz completed 57.4% of his passes and had a 72.8 QB Rating, Fields completed 52.0% of his throws with a 77.6 QB Rating. Neither finished above
  14. I agree. Also Dobbins had 1/6 of his rushing yards in a meaningless week 17 game. 16% of his yearly total in 1 game. Give Zack his offensive line and Dobbins our offensive line and let's see what happens. My guess is their stats flip.
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