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  1. Hindsight to what exactly? Hindsight is for the owners, GM, coaches & players to worry about. We, as fans, can do absolutely nothing about it. Besides we get Brown & Star back this week. When they've been in the lineup both our lines have been solid.
  2. What stats would that be? Offensive yards Bills - 5th, Pats* - 14th. Points scored, Bills - 2nd, Pats* - 7th. Yards allowed Bills 1st, Pats* - 4th. Points allowed Bills - 2nd, Pats - 1st. Takeaways per game Bills - 2nd, Pats - 4th. And this one is for the "what if it's bad weather crowd"...Contrary to public opinion on this board we run the ball better than the Pats*(11th vs 12th) and are better against the run(6th vs 20th). Plus we're at home on Monday night playing a rookie QB. The place is going to be rocking, I can't wait!!! @SinceThe70s was correct.. So much doom and gloom on this board nowadays. GO BILLS!!
  3. People act like the Pats* have an advantage in this game due to the forecast and that they are this great running team, while we're horrible at it. We rank 11th in the league in rushing at 118.3 YPG, the Pats* are behind us in 12th place averaging 115.3 YPG. Allen has the monster arm to combat the wind, Jones doesn't. Allen can take off if nothing is there, Jones has 71 rushing yards on the year. Also our defense is ranked higher than theirs in almost every category. They are going to have to combat, what I assume, is going to be a extremely loud stadium when on offense. I would say we have most of the advantages, not them.
  4. I agree, if Allen is a contender than so is Mahomes. Passing wise their stats are very similar with Josh having slim leads in all categories except yards( -11.5 YPG) & and they are tied for passing TDs(25). Josh does have pretty good leads in rushing stats though.
  5. The blocked punt was in 2019's home game. While you could point to the blocked punt as the decisive play, there were other factors such as Allen throwing 3 INTs & getting knocked out. We won a close one in last year's home game where Cam's fumble was the decisive play.
  6. I agree with a majority of what you post Gunner, but there's not a snowballs chance in hell I'm calling Trent Diller a winner. The Ravens won the Super Bowl in spite of him, not because of him. Career numbers include a 58-55 record, more INTs than Tds(113 vs 129), completed 55.5% of his passes, averaged below 160 yards a game(Only once in his 13 year career did he average over 200 yards a game) and a QB Rating of 70.2. Even in their 4 postseason games.... Completed 47.95% of his passes, less than 148 yards a game, less than a TD a game QB Rating of 83.7. He was so bad that in their 2nd game of the playoffs(Against Tenn.) he only completed 5 passes all game. Nah, they won in the regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl solely because of the defense. Anyone could've been the QB of that team, don't turn the ball over and wins will come. That defense was really good and were even better in the playoffs only giving up 5.75 points a game. Diller is not a winner, he's lucky.
  7. The Bucs great rush defense has come crashing back to Earth, somewhat, the last couple of weeks. They've given up 143 & 153 yards rushing the last 2 weeks against the Bears & Saints, while allowing nearly 5 yards per rush. That's against 2 teams that you don't fear the QB beating you. I would consider our rush defense as solid(not great) and are now allowing only 8.6 more yards rushing per game than the Bucs.
  8. It's not on 17, as far as the RB targets are concerned, it's on your memory of the 2 games lol. What if I told you Josh threw more passes to the RBs in the Titans game than the KC game. Moss had 4 targets in both games while Singletary had 2 in the KC game and 5 in the Titans game. It's not that Moss had more targets against KC, it's that the plays had a bigger impact & were more successful. I think the success of throwing deep in the KC game might have got into Josh's head a bit, but then again against that Titans secondary it might have been the gameplan to attack them deep. https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401326408 https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401326422
  9. We were back to Josh being the whole offense. He accounted for 361 of our 417 yards, threw all 3 TDs and caught the 2 point conversion. Did he miss a couple plays, yup, but we get blown out tonight without him.
  10. Jacksonville won 1 game last year, not 0. They beat the Colts in the first week 27-20.
  11. In the last 19 weeks Josh has won AFC offensive player of the week 5 times or 26.3% of the time. That in itself is an amazing stat and shows just how far he's come since the start of the 2020 season. Top 5 player in the player in the league during that span.
  12. After the game on Sunday I was thinking about just how far Josh has come in the last 2 years. I remembered the week 4 loss to the Pats*** in 2019 when he threw 3 picks and how his career numbers were pretty bad up to that point. Following that week 4 loss in 2019, Josh had 13 Passing TDs & 18 INTs in 15 career starts. In his 31 starts since he's had 61 Passing TDs & only 14 INTs. That's just a ridiculous improvement.
  13. With all the talk on here lately of red flags, regression and possibly having to accept that he just isn't good......Who would've thunk it?😂
  14. The PA vs the no PA numbers show how important it is for this team to run the ball and keep defenses honest. Almost as many yards on 13 PA passes as we got on the 30 no PA passes.
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