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  1. The tomatocan Pats defense that year was 4th in yards allowed and 2nd in point allowed.
  2. Burrow has never put up more than 27 points in any playoff game he's played to date. Josh's 8 postseason game average nearly matches Burrow's career high averaging 26.75 ppg. Burrow has thrown 9 tds & 4 ints on 251 postseason attempts, averaging 7.27 yards per attempt. He's led Cincy to 12 td drives & a whopping 19 fg drives in 7 career postseason games. Talk about not being able to get it in the endzone. Josh has thrown 17 tds & only 4 ints on 309 postseason attempts, averaging 7.55 yards per attempt. He's led Buffalo to 24 td drives & 14 fgs in 8 postseason games. Look at the passing tds & td/fg ratio of them both. One is far better than the other. Josh has nearly twice as many passing tds as Burrow dies in only 1 extra game and still has the same number of ints as Burrow. Josh's postseason QB Rating is also 5.8 points higher than Burrows(99.6 vs 93.8). Now let's widen the gap even more. Burrows career postseason rushing stats 26/101/3.88/1. Allen's career postseason rushing stats 63/417/6.62/2. Allen also has the only postseason reception between the 2 going for 16 yards and yet another td. Burrow has also been sacked 8 more times than Allen on about 50 less dropbacks. The postseason numbers all the way around show Allen hasn’t just been better than Burrow, he's been quite a bit better. Even though he has a DC as HC and a much, much worse supporting cast on offense while Burrow has an OC as HC and a far better OL and weapons. At this point you're just being a Burrow homer and penalizing Josh for having a worse supporting cast. The only thing better about Burrow in the postseason has been he's had the best postseason defense over the last 2 postseasons and his kicker has been perfect in 7 career postseason games averaging nearly 3 fgs a game.
  3. I agree 100%. I would also add that the Bengals postseason success the last 2 years has been having the best postseasonn defense & their kicker is something like 21 for 21 on fgs.
  4. It can't be that bad. He's owned KC lately during the regular season. Last time we lost to them in the regular season Josh had just separated his left shoulder and had to wear a harness. Last year they were 3-2 against playoff teams in the regular season. A 2 point loss to Miaml in the Sauna Bowl with half the starting lineup out by the end of the game. And a 3 point loss in overtime to the Vikings which was Josh's 1st game after suffering the UCL injury. It wasn't just the about being injured during the game the injury also prevented Josh from practice during the week. Either way neither of those losses can be put on McDermott. Against Minnesota Josh was injured and had a bad game. With the entire secondary out against Miami and then Benford going down in the 2nd quarter and holding Miami to 21 points(1 td was an 8 yard drive after an Allen fumble) one could argue the only reason we were in that game was because of McDermott & Frazier.
  5. Regarding your 3rd possibility. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/04/08/elon-musk-humans-could-eventually-download-their-brains-into-robots.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.marca.com/en/lifestyle/celebrities/2022/07/29/62e4032a268e3e9c338b45bb.html They already have neuralinks in chimps. There's a video somewhere of a 9 year old chimp playing pong using only it's brain to move the paddle. Well at least gamers won't have to buy controllers in the future lol.
  6. So based on the average of your expectations of this season your over/under would would be 8-9 wins? Josh Allen will win you 8-9 games by himself. I'd put a whole lot of money on the over if I could place a bet on that over/under. They could sleepwalk through the season and get 8-9 wins. Your expected ceiling for the team is my expected floor(10 wins) my ceiling is 13 wins. One thing Buffalo has done well since 2019 is getting alot of wins in the first 6-7 games and the last 5-6 games of the year. I don't see that changing.
  7. Oh, that does change the meaning of your post. I got caught not paying attention, damn adhd.😂 I would like to change my post to simply I agree. I would even say they may invest more than 50% as far as premium picks/money are concerned
  8. I get what your saying, the d premium picks have been more frequent, but they threw the Vikings a 1st for Diggs, if 2nd rounders count then they spent several for Allen(Still a steal for the player he's become), Kincaid in the first this year, along with Torrence in the 2nd. Also spent a 2nd on Ford, even though most of us wished they hadn't.😂 Beane has only been here for 6 drafts, so it's closer than it appears. As far as money, Diggs, Dawkins, Allen and soon Knox take up a good chunk of the salary cap by themselves. Again closer than it may appear.
  9. Absolutely. Sportcenter was almost always on unless they were showing a game. The latest it would start was 11 PM and it would run until at least noon the next day. Summer of 91 was my senior year. Me and my neighbors would meet up in the morning, brew a pot of coffee, get baked and watch a couple hours of Sportscenter. No better way to start the day, well maybe 1 way. Those were the days.😂
  10. Yup, give me the ESPN from the 90s. It was so good back in the day. Back then if my TV was on there was about an 85% chance I was watching something on there.
  11. Forgot to add....I see nfl draft buzz had him at 205 lbs and that was the first site I saw when I googled him. Fox sports had a USFL page for him and lists him at 218 lbs.
  12. I saw 222 lbs in multiple places, but that was his senior year at Oklahoma. Hard to believe he would've dropped that much weight though.
  13. I don't see Jax doing it. They have Etienne on a rookie deal with the 5th year option, that gives them 3 more years on his rookie deal. Obviously not as good as Taylor, but he had 1,125 yards last year while averaging 5.1 a carry. Added over 300 yards more in receiving yards.
  14. Baltimore right down the field for a Zay Flowers td on their 1st possession.
  15. Nope. It's preseason and means absolutely nothing. Otherwise we would've already made it to or won a few Super Bowls under McDermott by now. He's starting their last preseason game.
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