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  1. The Browns played KC better than the Bills, but not because of Baker, who did not play better than Allen.
  2. So 23 different women either have personal vendettas or are just trying to cash in on a rich athlete. Funny no other NFL player currently is being sued by 23 women(Soon to be 24). Just give him an outright ban and be done with it. Tell him he can apply for reinstatement after two years. Then deny his reinstatement request every time he tries. If he does play again the opposing crowd's reactions, when playing on the road, will be interesting.
  3. He did play a little better after returning from injury, but it wasn't the same, there was no wow factor like Allen had after returning. What we saw in those 6 games gave us hope for a brighter future, with Zach, not so much. When Allen came back he was passing better and had 4 games with at least 95 yards rushing and the team ended up 3-3 in those 6 games. Really should've been 4-2 if not for Clay's drop at the end of the first Miami game. He ended the season playing his best game of his rookie year throwing for 3 TDs and rushing for 2 more. Zach ended the year in Buffalo going 7/20 for 87 yards while getting sacked 9 times for 82 yards. The Jest had only 4 first downs in the game and the team had only 5 yards net passing. They had 1 play the whole game, a 40 catch and run TD to Cole. One of the worst offensive performances I've seen, 1/14 on 3rd downs, 1.2 yards per play and only .2 yards per pass play. They finished 2-5 in the 7 games after Zach's return.
  4. As he should. The offense is completely different when he makes it a point to run. For the most part they played their best offense in December and January, when Josh was running more often. He just needs to slide or get out of bounds as much as possible(Unless it's a play we absolutely need or the playoffs). Love his heart and competitive drive. Been watching the football & the Bills for over 40 years and he's easily my favorite player of all time.
  5. No they're not, it's still going to he a pass first offense. That's why I think Cook is the last piece to the puzzle for the offense. He's got speed and runs routes like a WR. He's going to create mismatches and make defenses pay when they try to cover him with a LBer.
  6. Sneaky good pick. He defined it as a draft pick who didn't get as much national attention as the top picks, but can come in and make an immediate impact.
  7. I'm glad Beane took Cook, he's the piece the offense has been missing. A legit dual threat RB/WR with speed to make defenses pay for covering with a LBer and also doubling Diggs. He's in Rich Eisen's top 5 sneaky good picks. Spoiler Alert....He's #1.
  8. I believe Josh said he could throw 80 yards when asked by Pat McAfee a few years ago. EDIT: Pat asks Josh around the 3:25 mark.
  9. Go through Cam's career and watch the hits he took over and over again. He repeatedly got blown up inside the pocket and while running in the open field. The hits Josh has taken vs the hits Cam took are completely different. Josh deals out the punishment in most instances. Heck he's probably hurt more defenders than they've hurt him. The offense is a completely different animal when Josh starts to run. I thought Josh did a much better job getting down or going out of bounds until late in the season and the playoffs when we absolutely needed it. I would agree though with less designed runs, but more scrambles. Those are usually his biggest runs.
  10. His highest QB Rating, by far, was the 2018 game with the Bills. It's the only game he had in his career with a QB Rating over 100(117.4). He did have 3 games with over 300 yards in 2016, but he also threw a combined 10 interceptions in those games. I wouldn't consider those better games.
  11. Is Case better than Barkley? Yes by a mile. There's zero chance he has to beat Barkley in TC. He has multiple years with better stats than Barkley has had in his career. There's only been 3 years in his career that Barkley has thrown a TD. Twice as many INTs as TDs(22 vs 11), sub 60 comp.%, 142 yards per game & a QB Rating of 66. Got nothing against him, but IMO almost every QB in the league is better than Barkley.
  12. I get CB is one of, if not, the biggest need right now, but I can't see them going CB in the first 2 rounds. At some point this team has to stop putting most of its resources into the defense. I know we have the best QB in the league, but how much better would he be if the top draft picks(1st & 2nd rounders) were evenly spilt over McBeane's time here. I think you could get one of the better CBs and Breece Hall by selecting one or the other in the 1st and then trading up in the 2nd round to draft the other. Nows the time to do it. Get Josh a legit running threat and the offense will be unstoppable and Von Miller will be hunting QBs.
  13. Important maybe, critical not really. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on the team. For some teams it helps propel them to a championship, for others it seems to disrupt their mojo and they come out playing rusty. Case in point the #1 seeds this year were 0-2 in the playoffs, both losing in the divisional round. Didn't seem to effect the defenses, but the offenses only averaged 13 points. Another reason I don't believe it's critical is we have Josh Allen. Plain and simple he played his best game of his career, in the loudest stadium to play in and still put up 36 points.
  14. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see how those 3 games show he can be what he was in 2020. 56.6 yards a game and no TDs in what clearly were his best 3 games in the final 11. Meanwhile there were many bad games in that mix. As I said in my previous post, I really like Cole and am thankful for his 3 years here, but I think it was pretty clear he and Sanders hit a wall once November rolled around. Some people are saying maybe it was playcalling or defensive scheme, but I don't think it was either. With regards to playcalling wouldn't the playcalling lean on Beasley more and his numbers at least maintain once Sanders numbers started to fall off a cliff, not lessen? With defensive scheme, about halfway through the year defenses started taking away the deep stuff, which should've been right up Beasley's alley, but instead we saw his YPG cut to less than half vs the first 7 games. IMO it's time to get younger at the WR#2 & WR#3 spots and let Diggs be the vet of the group. It's time for Gabe & McKenzie to get their chance to be starters. Draft a guy in the first 3 rounds to create some competition and depth. Loved Beasley's time here, but I just think its time has come and gone.
  15. Per dollar better than Beasley's. Scored twice as many TDs on only 29 touches. Had only 21 less recieving 1st downs on 86 less targets, averaging a 1st down every 2 targets vs 1 for every 3.3 targets for Beasley. In the last 3 years McKenzie has caught 77 of his 99 targets. Except for receptions and targets all of Cole's other stats declined significantly this past year vs the year before. I like Beasley and am thankful for his last 3 years, but he and Sanders clearly hit a wall the 2nd half of last year. IMO the Bills are better off next season without either one coming back. I'd much rather see what Gabe & McKenzie can do as full time starters. This year Diggs was our youngest starting WR, hopefully next season he's our veteran. It's time to get younger at the WR spot.
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