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  1. The O-Line has been bad in the passing game, but that's just as much on the coach as anyone. They average 5.3 yards a rush, which is 2nd in the league, so why are they passing way more than rushing(201 vs 136)? They can run the ball and have a good defense, so why pass 67.7% of the time? Part of being a good team is knowing what you do and don't do well.
  2. Use the same concept the Pats*** used with Brady*** when he took over in his second year. This team is built very much like that team, great defense and good running game, lean on the defense and running game and pick your spots in the passing game. In the AFC Championship game & Super Bowl combined he was only 28/45 for 260 Yards 5.77 YPA, in 2 games. They had a really good team, who didn't lean too hard on a young QB and both the team & QB were rewarded for it.
  3. Absolutely. They don't just have upside, this team(Especially on offense and special teams) can get a whole lot better by the time the playoffs near.
  4. Bojo is 28th in average, dead last in net at only 34.2 per punt(In last by 3.2 yards) and that's with having a really good game yesterday. The only time he gets a good punt off is when we're near midfield and he kicks it in the endzone. We desperately need a new punter.
  5. Fair enough, since preseason got over I haven't been following him much. As I did mention in our epic battle over this, now that he's been called up, I will be rooting for him just as hard and as much as everyone else is. I just don't see it translating outside the redzone. But with our offense moving the ball really well and not scoring, that would be big boost.
  6. You're expecting this after Duke averaged 8.9 yards a catch in preseason against mostly guys that couldn't make NFL rosters? If he only averaged 8.9 yards a catch against nobodies, what is he going to average against 1st team CBs?
  7. John how are you coming up with 10 new starters on offense? I believe there are 8 new starters, Allen, Zay & Dawkins were starters last year.
  8. Duke's 40 time was 4.65-4.72 IIRC, Metcalf's 40 time was 4.33. DK has some speed on him for sure.
  9. In 16 career games Foster has 11 games with 2 catches or less including 8 with no catches. Is he really better or did he have a few good games? No one can answer that, but 50% of games he's played in he caught 0 passes, that's a fact. On a side note....It sounds like if Josh is ready to go, you're going to get your wish and Duke may get his shot as he was seen working on special teams today for the first time and McDermott was released.
  10. He was out there taking first team reps yesterday, if he's cleared I highly doubt he doesn't play. Sunday is one of the more important games this year. Also we wouldn't have to sign a backup QB anyways, just call up Davis Webb from the practice squad.
  11. Josh is in stage 4 of 5 today, unless there's a set back there's a good chance he'll be out of protocol either tomorrow or Friday.
  12. To be fair Allen overthrew Zay at least once yesterday, one on a deep ball late in the first half. He's done it a few times this year with him and a few other times with others.They both have faults, but if your going to play "hero ball" at QB you need to hit a few those deep bombs when your WR has a couple steps on the defender. Not be 0 of whatever the count is on the year.
  13. So you had them at 2-2 after the first quarter and you have them 2-2 in the second quarter of the season. With the second half schedule looking the way it does, did you have them with a losing record this year? At Tenn. and home 3 straight against Miami, Philly and the Washington, I think they'll be either 6-2 or 7-1 at the halfway point.
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