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  1. Good, Allen deserves all the recognition that's finally coming his way. I just saw a stat that was pretty remarkable, not because he was 1st, but because of the lead he had over 2nd place. Since the start of 2020 Allen has 71 Tds on passes of 10+ air yards. Which is 17 Tds higher than the next closest QB. it also accounts for 65.7% of his total Passing Tds(108) during that span. Can't wait to see what he can do with all the added help this offseason. If Kincaid can come in and be a viable option out of the slot position, I think we'll see the 2020/1st half of 2021 version of Josh Allen. Rather than what we've seen since Cole Beasley's play took a nosedive(End of October/Beginning of November 2021).
  2. Yeah, I'm not debating the rule changes. Sure Kelce has benefited from rule changes, just as Gonzalez & Gates benefited from rule changes when compared to TEs from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Every generation of TE has benefited from the one before it, in that aspect, for the last 3 decades or so. Kincaid will benefit over Kelce as his entire career will be played with a minimum of 17 games(Possibly 18 in the future) along with any future rule changes. I agree with your comments on Gronk, he's one of, if not, the best of all-time time when talking about the traditional TE position, but much like the QB position, the TE position is starting to include more & more hybrid TEs.
  3. I'm well aware of Antonio's & Travis' career game counts. Matter of fact the top 3 TEs in career yards(Gonzalez, Witten & Gates) all have a minimum of 236 career games. To me Kelce & Gronk are the 2 best TEs of all-time, 1 having 144 career games(Kelce) and the other 143(Gronk). The top 3s best attribute, to me, is longevity vs impact of the game. The top 3 combined have (10) 1,000 yard seasons out of the 50 years that they played. Kelce & Gronk combined have (11) 1,000 yard seasons out of the 23 years they've played. While Gronk has less 1,000 yard seasons than Kelce, he was an absolute beast as a blocker and was far more physical than the other 4 TEs I mentioned. If Kelce can add 3 or 4 more productive seasons and another Lombardi or 2, I think he'll go down as the current best TE to ever play the game.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with you that once all is said and done Kelce may indeed show to be the better TE, but Kelce is probably not passing Gates in yardage this season. In order for that to happen Kelce would need to have more yards this year than in any year of his career so far and do so while turning 34 in early October. Barring injury, a sudden sharp decline in play or a decision to retire after this year, he will most likely pass Gates in 2024.
  5. Again stats show a different story. 3rd down percentage 2021- 46.4%, 2022 - 50.26%. Ypg 2021 - 391.7, 2022 - 407.7. As for the offense rolling after the Bucs game, up only 10 against a bad Carolina team until a they scored with 2 minutes left to go, played really well against the Pats, then Josh's worst game ever against Atlanta and finally up only 3 with 9 minutes to go against a really bad 4 win Jets team. The team and the offense was not rolling after the Bucs game. They started rolling in the playoffs, but that's all people remember the playoff games.
  6. How was the offense in 2022 less dynamic than 2021? They averaged the same amount of points as 2021, had the best 3rd down percentage of Josh's career and had the most yards per game in team history. It clearly wasn't the same offense as 2021, but it was a better offense than 2021. Josh had slightly better season stats in 2022 also. I think people forget just how bad Josh and the offense was after game 7 in 2021. 17 tds, 3 ints through the first 7 games. 19 tds and 12 ints in the final 9 games, including the worst game of his career when he posted a 17 QB Rating against a bad Atlanta team. And all that bad play in 2021 was against a much easier schedule.
  7. Yet, I believe 1991 was Buffalo's best offense with Kelly & the gang and they fall about 110 yards short of the Bills 2022 offense. I haven't looked at every year, but I believe last year was the most ypg ever by a Bills offense, beating out the 2020 offense by 18 yards for the year. People act like we didn't excel at moving the ball last year, but the stats don't lie when they encompass an entire year. What we didn't do so well last year was in areas such as redzone turnovers and kicking a bunch of short fgs.
  8. The majority of Josh's runs should come from scrambling with a few designed runs sprinkled in. But he needs to do a better job of getting down or out of bounds. Obviously there will be big moments in games where you can understand if he does take a hit or two to pick up a 1st down, but there's plenty times he takes defenders on when there's no reason to. One that comes to mind is in the 1st game of 2022 against the Rams. We're up 31-10 when Basham intercepts Stafford. After the return and taunting penalty against us we start inside the Rams 40 with 7 minutes to go in the 4th. Allen runs the ball on 1st down, takes on a couple of defenders at the end of the play and picks up 13 yards. He could've very easily picked up about 10 yards and got down. Absolutely no reason to invite contact there, the game is already over.
  9. Ok. Josh, Singletary & Knox were all drafted in the first 3 rounds. All did well in the 2021 playoffs. Also Edmunds was our leading tackler and throw in a sack each by Oliver & Basham.
  10. He's a 1 that can also play 3. @SCBillsis correct that Pete Carroll said that Ford best playing nose tackle over the ball and they were playing him out of position last year. Greg Cosell agreed he's best playing over the ball. Pete also said they were playing him too many snaps in 2022 and it wore him down by the end of the year.
  11. And Josh Allen is a draft pick Beane made, so @Allen2Diggsstatement is still correct. Was the 2021 playoff loss to the Chiefs Beane’s fault? Allen obviously played lights out that year in the playoffs, but Singletary(3), Knox(2) & Davis(5) combined for 10 of our 12 TDs in those 2 games. All Beane draft picks. Add Doyle's TD into the mix and that's 11 combined TDs in 2 games by players drafted by Beane. Sanders TD against the Pats was the only TD scored by someone not drafted by Beane. Add to that our top passer, our top 2 rushers and our top 2 receivers in the 2021 playoffs were Beane draft picks. He's not a perfect GM, but we've made the playoffs for 4 straight years and have a winning record over the last 3 years in the playoffs. Very few teams can say that.
  12. While this statement is not true, it's closer to reality than most takes. The Bills averaged 22.8 first downs per game only trailing the Chiefs(23.8) and the Eagles(23.1). I don't get it, where were all these takes after the 2021 season? That was statistically the worst offense of the last 3 years and Josh's worst season during that span. I get maybe because of the 2 playoff games, but that was only 2 of the 19 games we played. Aside from the game in Foxboro his last 6 games or so were pretty bad in 2021, including his worst game of his career against Atlanta(17 QB Rating). In 2022 they averaged as many ppg as 2021 and out the last 3 seasons, last year's offense had the most yards per game and the highest 3rd down percentage. And that's against the 2020 offense which was pretty damn good. It's also the only season in Josh's career that the offense converted over 50% of their 3rd downs. Need to cut down on redzone turnovers and short fgs(13 attempts alone from the 30-39 yard range). In terms of moving the ball, we were a top 2 or 3 team last year and I think we'll be, at worst, the 2nd best offense this year with all the added talent on that side of the ball.
  13. No way am I giving that family that much money. Forbes estimated Mahomes made $20 million in endorsements in 2022.
  14. In 2020? You may want to revisit that season. Apparently you missed some key details from that year. Going 2-1 in a playoff season puts you, at minimum, in the conference championship game.
  15. Probably not happening. It would cost almost a million more to cut him this year vs keeping him.
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