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  1. He doesn't need to match the best attribute of the 3 best QBs currently in the game. Not one of them is the best at all 3, so why would Josh need to? As a team we need to continue to win, go something like 3-1 in the 4 games against the Pats***, Seahawks and Chiefs & win our division. As for individual performance if Josh continues doing what he's doing how can he not be right there at the end of the season? He's the sole reason we're 3-0, we've scored 12 TDs this year and Josh has accounted for every single one of them(10 passing, 2 rushing) Of our 1,349 yards passing and rushing yards Josh has 1,122 of them(1,038 passing, 84 rushing). He's been pretty much our entire offense so far. Add to that having 2 fourth quarter comebacks already through 3 games and there's no doubt he's one of the frontrunners. All he's done so far is carried our offense and to date our bottom half defense through 3 games. That's what a MVP does for their team.
  2. That's not right, it'seven worse.Josh has 12 total TDs, 10 passing and 2 rushing!😂
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