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  1. You're right he only had 4 catches, that puts his YPC at a crazy 28.5 yards that game. Gilmore was lined up opposite of him most of the game, I was working out while watching and every time I looked up Gilmore was covering him which struck me as odd, I thought he'd would've been on Hill the whole game. Gilmore was lined up across from him twice on his catches, there's another one where KC has 3 WRs in a bunch formation and it's hard to see who's responsible for who. The last catch, you are correct McCourty is covering him straight up man to man.
  2. He was the 39th ranked WR in yards and 49th in yards per game.🤔 Going to extremes(We should just cut Brown and Beasley) doesn't add any value to your argument, it does the exact opposite.
  3. The 3 years Tyrod was the starting QB they ranked 2015 - 12th, 2016 - 10th & in 2017 - 22nd in points per game. The only year they made the playoffs, was the year they ranked 22nd & averaged less points a game(18.9) than this year's 22nd ranked offense(19.6). Sean came to the team in 2017 and the offense went from 10th in points per game at 24.9 and fell to 22nd at 18.9 points per game. Maybe, just maybe it's not all the QBs fault for the lack of points since we hired a defensive minded HC, who plays as conservative as any coach out there and that side of the ball was stripped of any talent they had prior.
  4. You said he was protected and didn't have to face the opponent's best defenders, I was simply pointing out that he not only faced the Pats*** best defender in last year's AFC Championship game, he faced the best corner currently playing in the NFL. Love these discussions where you prove something wrong and then immediately move on to another thing. Gilmore is often left on an island to cover his guy 1 on 1 with the remaining players focused on the rest of the offense. The one difference is most WRs can't put up those numbers against Gilmore.
  5. He was covered by Gilmore the whole game in last year's AFC Championship game last year and had 8 catches for 114 yards. They doubled Hill & Kelce with other players. SF has a really good defense, but they have no one of the caliber of Gilmore in their backfield to cover Sammy one on one. Mahomes has the head & legs to avoid sacks & extend plays.
  6. I don't recall the other games, but I know Gilmore covered Sammy the whole game in their playoff game last year, I just watched the replay of the game on the NFL Network Friday. The doubled Hill & Kelce with other guys. In that game he had 8 catches for 114 yards against what most people believe to be the best corner in the game.
  7. Sammy put up 114 yesterday, and has averaged over 90 yards per game in his 4 playoff games with KC, seems like 100-120 is not out of the question. KC scored 35 with no short fields, so I don't know what you're referring to with your comment. Their scoring drives were 74, 63, 86, 73 & 88 yards, 5 drives that averaged nearly 77 yards per drive.
  8. Well we nearly hit that against the Texans(48), didn't we. Sammy is only getting 7 targets a game, but averaging over 90 yards a game in the 4 playoff games. Beats anything our WRs did in their playoff game, Brown had 8 targets and Duke had 10.
  9. He's come up big for KC in the 4 playoff games he's played with them 22 catches, 366 yards, 6 plays of 20 yards or more on only 28 targets. That's coming up big when it matters & is hard to do with the massive amount of talent on KC who spreads the wealth. If he's on the field for Bills against the Texans with Brown & Beasley, we win and advance to play KC.
  10. We started the process of bringing in more talent at the skill positions on offense, but still need to add a few playmakers to complete the overhaul. Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Watkins & Williams make up an offense that you can take a player or two away and still put up 35 points. For how good the Titans TEs may be they only put up 295 yards for the game and in the end that's why they lost. They had given up 13 & 12 points in their first 2 playoff games, but once they met an offense that could hurt you in a variety of ways and put up over 30 their offense wasn't built to put up points quickly. Your if take on a WR for KC having an amazing day doesn't include Watkins then I question what game you watched. Most catches & receiving yards and easily the longest play of the day by either team. For all the negative Sammy gets on this board he will be the leader of any player come Super Bowl Sunday in receiving yards and yards per catch in this year's playoffs. In 4 playoff games now with KC he has 22 catches for 366 yards & a TD and has 6 plays of 20 yards or more on only 28 targets. That's being a really productive player on an offense that has a ton of talent.
  11. Well not all of it. Otherwise Bandit is from the future already knowing that Jimmy G. would only throw 8 times.😂
  12. You're fooling yourself if you think he has weapons that the other good QBs have. Brown would be considered the best skill player we have on offense and in his 6 year career he's finished 65th, 26th, 96th, 146th, 49th & 21st in yards receiving. He's averaged 67th in the league for receiving yards in his career and less than 5 TDs a year. No way he's considered a top 20ish WR in the NFL, one year doesn't discount the other 5 years. Once again, seems Josh did well with of what he had to work with.
  13. Out of all our offensive players, Josh easily sparks the most fear into our opponents. A young QB, needs weapons, heck it's been shown through the years Tom Brady needs weapons, Peyton Manning needed weapons, Mahomes needs weapons. Every QB needs them, we have none.
  14. It is part of the overall problem, along with lack of talent at the skill positions around Josh. You see WRs week in and week out bail their QBs out when they have an off the mark throw with great catches, there's no one on this team doing that. Our backfield & TEs didn't scare any opponents this year either. After Brown, Beasley & Singletary, who are all either #2s or #3s, there's was nothing to speak of. Brown was able to squeeze out his best year in his career and Beasley missed his by 55 yards, even with both sitting out week 17. That's got to tell you something about the QB. But in the end Brown, Beasley & Singletary alone, aren't enough for a good sustained offense week in and week out. An OC who was all over the place, some games were called well others seems to have no flow, no rhyme or reason(The Texans game). QB, young and in his first playoff game ever(On the road no less), up 16-0 and for the final 34:08 the OC only calls for 2 handoffs? That's unheard of, you don't ask a young QB in that situation to do almost everything. The o-line graded out average at best and had a ton of crucial penalties(Look no further than the Texans game & many others) putting the offense in 1st or 2nd & long. Also seem to have far too many whiffs on defenders and missed blocking assignments. It's also true Josh needs to continue to show improvement as next year plays out. He's a work in progress, there's no doubt, but this team needs to do a much better job, all the way around, to give him the best chance to improve as possible. During the last 2 drives of the Texans game I saw a young QB complete passes & convert 3rd & 9+ plays 4 times. Missing twice, one being an overthrow to Duke in the endzone to waste a few seconds before kicking a game tying FG and a drop on 3rd & 25 after Ford's penalty in OT. That's stepping up to the occasion, not "cowering away or shrinking". He still has flaws, it's the OC's job to minimize those and exposure to them.
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