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  1. The Raven's secondary had been really bad so far this year, while Josh's QB Rating on passes of 20+ air yards leads the league at 152.1 If I'm the Bills I go up top early and often this week.
  2. The defense is not a shell of itself. Just played the QB with the most passing yards through 2 weeks and he failed to hit 200 yards. Bills defense leads the league in yards per game and is 4th in points per game averaging 12.7 points allowed. The biggest part of containing Lamar is the defensive line, which should be in good shape for Sunday.
  3. Lets see, not only is Allen the best player in the game he leads the league in passing, Diggs leads in receiving, the offense is 2nd in ypg and 3rd in points per game. The defense leads the league in yards allowed per game and is 4th in points per game giving up an average of 12.7. We are also the deepest team in the league. There's a list of reasons why we are favored.
  4. Yeah go spend 3+ hours running for your life in the sun on a field that's 112 degrees and lets see how routine those plays really are then. The kid played his heart out.
  5. I agree and this time of the year by 6pm the sun is pretty low in the sky. It's not the temperature or the humidity that's going to get you, it's baking in direct sunlight on a clear day that's going to do you in.
  6. Last year was there players exiting the field left and right because of heat related issues like yesterday? Nope not 1 player last year left the game because of that. Again if that's the case, which it is, why would one complain? You literally make absolutely no sense.
  7. But you still fail to acknowledge that in a blowout players aren't going as hard as a game when you are down 1 score. AND you get to empty your bench in the 4th quarter up 35-0 so players aren't playing the whole game. It wasn't an issue last year BECAUSE of these facts and if it wasn't an issue because of these facts,, why would one complain? A much higher snap count while playing all 4 quarters equals a bigger effect on players, K?
  8. No it's not. When playing a team that you go up 14-0 in under 8 minutes to start the game and then knock out the starting QB on the next drive, you tend to coast and play more players than when it's never more than a 1 score game to the end. You can argue this till your blue in the face, but I'm right about this and you are wrong. There's nothing you can say that will change that. The fact you are arguing with a bunch of people with no one having the same opinion as yours should say something. But hey, what do I know?😉
  9. Bad argument imo. Last year's game was all but over 8 minutes into the game and pretty much sealed when Tua got injured the next series. They coasted the rest of the way. The time of possession was also equal, so neither offense or defense was on the field for an excessive amount of time. Also a bunch of backups were brought in during the 4th quarter because it was a blowout. Nothing like yesterday where the game came down to the last play and the offense was on the field for over 40 minutes.
  10. Leads the league in passing(338 ypg), 2nd in TDs and currently is leading the team in rushing. He passed for 400 yards yesterday and went through stretches in the 4th quarter where he was literally the only offensive threat on the field. One drive we were either near the redzone or in it and Diggs was on the sideline cramping up while Knox and McKenzie were both going to the locker room to get IVs.
  11. I'd take health over seeding because if this team is healthy they will beat any team on any field.
  12. Leads the league in yards and leads the team in rushing. Best in the league even with the whole offense on his shoulders.
  13. I simply listed 2 players that lead the league in yards. My point is collectively they are elite as a unit ranking in the top 3 in yards and points per game. Could there be better players at certain positions, sure, but we're paying for several very good players and a few elite players. There's a salary cap, can't have stars at every position. Take yesterday for example they played with the #3 center, backups at RG & RT. Diggs missed a good chunk of the 2nd half with heat issues, Knox and McKenzie left for a stretch to get IVs, Davis was clearly still hobbled, Kumerow left in the 1st half injured and they still gained 500 yards. Just ggotta get the ball in the endzone and make easy kicks when given the chance.
  14. He neglected the offense so much so that even with a bunch of injuries to deal with Josh leads the league in passing, Diggs leads the league in receiving(Both Beane acquisitions)the offense is 2nd in yards averaging over 440 yards per game and 3rd in points per game averaging over 30 points a game. With stats like that I hope he continues to "neglect" the offense in the future.
  15. Definitely. We went into the game down: - Both Safeties - Both outside DBs - Both starting DTs - Center Then in the game we lose: - #2 Center - #3 DB and have to replace him the #5 DB - Starting RG - Starting RT Throw in Diggs missing most of the 4th with heat issues, Knox and McKenzie missing a stretch to go get IVs(At the same time and during the same stretch Diggs was having issues), Kumerow getting injured and Davis didn't seem anywhere near 100%. Miami won, barely, but they should've blown us out.
  16. I'm always blown away by his fight. Today I was blown away by our whole team's fight. With all our injuries, playing at their place, In that heat we should've got our *** kicked. Instead we had a few chances to win at the end, but came up short. I'm way more encouraged about today's game than discouraged.
  17. At one point in the 4th we were near or in the redzone and Diggs is on the sideline cramping up, McKenzie and Knox were in the tunnel going to get IVs, the #3 center was in with backups at RG & RT and what I'm guessing was a still hobbled Gabe Davis and Jake Kumerow was out injured. Josh literally had no one left to play with. Diggs missing most of the 4th quarter was huge. Josh accounted for 447 of our 497 total yards. Everything today was thrown on his shoulders while playing with a bunch of backups. He's the best player in football and I don't really think it's that close.
  18. For the most part this is going to be younger and healthy vs older and/or with ailments. Simple solution would be to start selling sections for fans that prefer to stand and sections for fans who prefer to sit.
  19. 1.) The defense was great, but it's going to be insane once Tre gets back and the rookies and FAs get some time under their belts in this system. 2.) Josh Allen is thee BEST player in the game. I believe there's a gap between him and the rest of the best and he's only getting better. The most gifted QB to ever play the game. Add a strong work ethic, desire to improve and a crazy competitive streak and you end up with the ultimate weapon. The next 12-15 years are going to be so much fun. 3.) The play calling tonight was totally different than when Daboll was here. Asking Josh to get the ball out quickly over and over again. Mix in some tough runs and once they tired the defense out, bam deep shots to Davis & Diggs. I already like Dorsey's play calling better. 4.) Speaking of Davis and Diggs, they sure got their money's worth on their 14 combined targets - 12 Catches, 210 Yards, 8 FDs and 2 TDs. 5.) Singletary needs to be the featured back. Moss was in there too much and him getting 12 touches to Devin's 10 touches almost seems criminal to me. 6.) Drafting Groot and Boogie with our first 2 picks last year looks like it's starting to pay dividends..... 2 Sacks, 1 TFL, 2 Tipped passes and one INT. Oh yeah, Benford, this year's 6th round pick, looks like a steal.
  20. I think until we get Tre back our defense is going to struggle against an offense like the Rams. Once he's back and Elam gets some reps under his belt, that's when this team is really going to take off. Offense is going to have to put a bunch of points on the board to win for the first 4 or 5 games.
  21. The Browns played KC better than the Bills, but not because of Baker, who did not play better than Allen.
  22. So 23 different women either have personal vendettas or are just trying to cash in on a rich athlete. Funny no other NFL player currently is being sued by 23 women(Soon to be 24). Just give him an outright ban and be done with it. Tell him he can apply for reinstatement after two years. Then deny his reinstatement request every time he tries. If he does play again the opposing crowd's reactions, when playing on the road, will be interesting.
  23. He did play a little better after returning from injury, but it wasn't the same, there was no wow factor like Allen had after returning. What we saw in those 6 games gave us hope for a brighter future, with Zach, not so much. When Allen came back he was passing better and had 4 games with at least 95 yards rushing and the team ended up 3-3 in those 6 games. Really should've been 4-2 if not for Clay's drop at the end of the first Miami game. He ended the season playing his best game of his rookie year throwing for 3 TDs and rushing for 2 more. Zach ended the year in Buffalo going 7/20 for 87 yards while getting sacked 9 times for 82 yards. The Jest had only 4 first downs in the game and the team had only 5 yards net passing. They had 1 play the whole game, a 40 catch and run TD to Cole. One of the worst offensive performances I've seen, 1/14 on 3rd downs, 1.2 yards per play and only .2 yards per pass play. They finished 2-5 in the 7 games after Zach's return.
  24. As he should. The offense is completely different when he makes it a point to run. For the most part they played their best offense in December and January, when Josh was running more often. He just needs to slide or get out of bounds as much as possible(Unless it's a play we absolutely need or the playoffs). Love his heart and competitive drive. Been watching the football & the Bills for over 40 years and he's easily my favorite player of all time.
  25. No they're not, it's still going to he a pass first offense. That's why I think Cook is the last piece to the puzzle for the offense. He's got speed and runs routes like a WR. He's going to create mismatches and make defenses pay when they try to cover him with a LBer.
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