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  1. Oh it’s just a symptom. Just wait and see. Things are going to get really rough in the coming decades. Buckle up.
  2. People who sacrifice freedoms over safety deserve neither.
  3. Who are you to deny us the right to die doing what we love? Don’t feel bad for us. Just stay home if you are afraid.
  4. They take the fun out of everything. They are so afraid of death they will do everything they can to ruin the experience that comes along with brushing up against it.
  5. I don’t care anymore. I’m just glad I got to grow up in a great time period for a few years to enjoy some freedoms before society ruined it. It was nice riding in the back of trucks and being part of a time that valued fun and thrills.
  6. It’s the generation of bubble wrap and school cancelations for fog.
  7. 47 people die every minute in WNY anyways. You can’t stop it.
  8. Older gen wouldn’t have never moved this. As they go, things will start going downhill fast.
  9. Our country is in big trouble in a few decades.
  10. Bust out your snowmobiles and ride to the stadium.
  11. A storm that has happened hundreds of times before today when we decided it was all a sudden a big deal.
  12. If Pegula ever decides to sell the stadium I will buy it. Then I will install a huge area to park your snowmobiles safely. Then if the government says don’t travel on the roads, you can seek refuge at my stadium and watch the game while we enjoy the blizzard!
  13. I’d take a snow mobile to the game before I listen to the government tell me I can’t travel.
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