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  1. If he went anywhere else people wouldn't be crying foul. He was nuts in Pittsburgh, nuts in Oakland and he'll still be nuts in NE. It's how the team handles it, and if you want to blame anyone blame Mayock for being a thin-skinned moron with no experience. If you think AB was pulling stunts to go to NE you're just as low level thinking as Mayock.
  2. I have to agree. Since McD took over you can see camaraderie on the sidelines. They have a unifying message and it seems everyone has bought into it. They're on the cusp of success and I for one am excited
  3. I'm always optimistic, but this is the first year since I was watching Flutie that people other than myself seem to be optimistic and confident in this team
  4. I hope he blitzes every play so he can leave his corners one on one with no help and leaves Beasley open all day. He'd be a fool to blitz with such a poor defensive backfield, but theres a reason GW isnt seen as a great strategical coach.
  5. I watch hardknocks...I dont see what everyone is seeing. It seems peterman is soft and doesnt want to take charge. Cant QB if you dont have presence
  6. Found a random Blue Light pint can at Publix today. All is good here in Cape Coral
  7. Itll be different when Oliver gets his feet under him. He's eating double teams and allowing guys like Murph and Hughes to beat their guys and collapse the pocket. Over some time he will get better and apply pressure himself. He can shed some blocks but he needs to work on more moves. Plus, when you have the defensive backfield and linebackers we have all you really need are 4 rushers who will get enough time. I'd like to see what we do with quick draw Brady tho
  8. Not gonna lie, they have a great system in place with all the right pieces. Seems like everyone has bought into it. They have depth for the first time in ages. If the run D can be this good in the season they could have a historic defense on their hands. If Allen plays even a little better than the 2nd half of the season we should be sniffing the playoffs if not the division ..but let's not get too carried away
  9. Video games have been $60 for 15 years, give or take a few. When I was a kid they went from 30 to 60 in a 5 year span. I've argued they would be better and more complete, without a need for micro transactions, if they were 99 right now. I'd rather play a complete game for $100, than spending that much or more after base price+expansions, season passes, etc.
  10. Depends. Does he look like a B word? Edit: Nice edit TBD
  11. McD was able to take a stripped roster led by TT to the playoffs. I think the only negative I had on him was his faith in Peterman. Peterman makes Rob Johnson look All-Pro
  12. Dennis Leary has yet to sacrifice his left nut to the gods since the Sox won a title. Where are the loan sharks at?
  13. The problem is because they dont have a clue they obviously cant, and have yet to, hire good people around them who know what they're doing. They hired Rex Ryan based off of an interview where he probably just kept naming old Bills players. "Lookie lookie, here comes Cookie." What good is having a big dick if you dont know how to use it?
  14. I know right? If anything it just means more HoF quality players get in. A participation trophy? They arent just letting anyone get in lol
  15. They have a top young corner, the best safeties in the league and an improved (on paper) pass rush. I agree
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