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  1. Same. I also like Greenard on DE. My only knock is his durability. He can create pressure but missed some time this year. Dudes a gamer. Either way with how deep this wr class is we should sit and draft later on unless we have a legit shot at someone like Jeudy or Lamb
  2. Van Jefferson. Watched him all year down here. Gets open and runs crisp routes. 6'2 200 will need to add some weight, and isnt very fast, but is definitely pro ready. He will go later too
  3. Some British scientists studying immune cells accidentally discovered legit cancer fighting T Cells that leave the healthy cells alone. Should be testing on humans before the fall.
  4. Did the Bills hire Rex a few days after he was fired? You could replace Gase with Ryan and sound like it was said 5 years ago. Also, Darnold is right now as good as he will ever be. He hit his ceiling in college
  5. If we can clone a sheep, we should clone the GOAT
  6. I've been saying this since before that draft, that Darnold is as good as he will ever be. He doesnt have a high ceiling, but he also doesnt have a low floor; he is what he is.
  7. I love how Buffalo out talented Jerry's checkbook 😏
  8. This list is so watered down. Polamalu is the only lock imo. Zach Thomas was great and will probably get in. Reggie Wayne was great. Edgerrin James? Lol. Dude was a cap casualty. Idk, this is the Hall of Fame, not Hall of Really Good. These players were damn good but idk if 90% of them deserve to go in this year. Steve Tasker is one of the few on the list truly deserving. He and Polamalu dominated their positions when they played. Zach Thomas was a tackling machine but not like Luke Keuchly is, more like London Fletcher was. And not to sound like a total dick but Sam Mills? Because he had cancer? Cornelius Bennett and, by far, Darryl Talley and Shane Conlan deserve it a long time before Sam Mills does; sorry, not sorry. If theres any year Tasker makes it....just look at this list. No Jerry Rice. No Marshall Faulk. Just guys like Fred Taylor and Simeon Rice; great players but not Jerry Rice great..and in this case not even Steve Tasker great.
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