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  1. Is it week 1, well I mean week 0 yet. Yikesss
  2. This topic had been discussed ad nauseam. Draft WR at 25, trade for DK/ Lockett, sign overpriced FA. Yes we need depth especially with the number of targets walking out the door. But, and big but I don’t see mentioned. This offense runs through JA17. He’s going to elevate whoever is next to Diggs and Davis. Which is the OPs point. All this talk about needing more weapons, but then needing IOL, pass rush, corner next to Tre etc. Keep JA17 upright, and guys will step up.
  3. Doesn’t matter. WR 1s don’t get paid according to the specifics of their skills. They get paid relative to their WR 1s peers and therefore in this case the WR 1s market. No such thing as apples and oranges in number 1 WR contracts. This. Hill did at the end of the game as what he did at the end of the 1st half. Run fast underneath soft zones, and got into space. Sigh
  4. Poor choice of words by me, I think. Look at below market deals taken by Levi and McKenzie. Both integral parts of the cog, only to be ridiculed by media/fans for not being as good as Tre when needed or getting benched for fumbling, only to redeem oneself at seasons end. It’s extremely rare to see younger guys that are UDFAs or low round picks stick around one cheap one year prove it deals rather than get paid. I want these guys back, but in no way can we keep resigning younger guys below market in perpetuity. I’ve never seen it happen, so for we all to think it can continue is not realistic. Agree. The Ford pick hurts here, and couple that with trading Teller (but who knows if hes all pro level as he is in CLE vs say good starter). same can be said with Bates. Team has always liked him but seem to hide him as could play all positions on the line. But with the rearranging of deck chairs, why did we not play our best OL? Kid has proven it with his second half
  5. His contract dictates his salary be paid over 17 games, in equal payments. He and the team fulfilled that. The reason you don’t see activity until March is the collectively bargained start to free agency in mid March, with the exception of players not achieving service turn requirements. Entertain me quick. Point A to Point B to off the cliff. If you’re Harry. What do you do? Sure this thread is mainly rumor, and the OP may not have substantiated, but nothing I said can be denied based on history. Appreciate your questioning of my reading comprehension, I see we’re back to being a**hats to each other here
  6. This. Is somewhat shocking the consensus this board wants WR early. Especially after we all hoping Gabe Davis to do what he did in the playoffs. Oh how soon we forgot. JA17 is going to turn any mid round, or low cost vet, into viable options. It starts and ends with him. IOL DT/rush, and secondary youth are the needs. No WR, RB or anything else shiny. We have shiny.
  7. No way Harry comes back to play reserve. He’s already proved to be starter material. I don’t want to get into wormholes, but the coaching and 13 seconds may drive youth away from this team, it’s soon to be creating randomness in special teams (minus bass). Bringing specialists in that don’t play their side of the ball, a punter who didn’t execute late in the season, returners who they seem to view as “punt catchers” and overall teams that can’t run squib kicks. Idk, I get what your saying, but this is much deeper than we think in my opinion. Also, this applies to both Zimmer and Harry. Go back to 2020, Zimmer was a steadying force. Once you make the 53 and start seeing regular playing time, it doesn’t matter if you’re ERFA, UDFA, RFA, 4-7th rounds. Play and go get paid.
  8. He is not under contract. And tampering? Seriously? Do you know and have a direct line to Harry? As in you know what type of person he is? He owes us nothing and has every right to test the market. Does where you work have exclusive rights to your employment? That’s what you’re implying. He’s a good player, and would love to have him back, but also understand as a 3rd round pick and injury history, he’s doing what’s best for him and his family and not “our Bills family”
  9. And look at FAs who sign 1 year prove it deals. Each team is biased to their own players, but if Harry is good (which he is when healthy) why would he take below market value and/or extra length to stay with the Bills to play 55% of snaps. Also, view this from his perspective. He has one chance, as is this chance, to get paid. No way he doesn’t test the market, even if the Bills offer market value (which honestly with the cap, is like $8-$10 million, depending on length). Look at DeVondre Campbell going from ATL to GB, yes different position, but this happens more than you care to admit. This is the one downside to our system, guys wanna play and not rotate as it leads to injury and such. Harry will have demand.
  10. This can’t be serious. Manning had literally sponges as his defense in the 2000s. At least until they won in 2007. Not to mention going up against Brady, Big Ben, and Rivers each season. Sorry but at this point McDermott is and will be the coach. Who do you see as a viable alternative? I’m not sure there is any coach of note that would do any better, and without causing a complete internal revolt from players and staff. You can say new head coach, but come on man, bring an idea or two of who would replace. This thinking is on the same level as McDermott post halftime and sans adjustments
  11. Right on. They wanted and bought that shiny sports car to Buffalo. And being this city, it gonna get some salt, or a rouge shopping cart at Wegs. No point leaving it covered up in the garage anymore. This is JA17’s team now. I’d rather live and die by his game than play conservative. And I’m not talking hero ball. The entire playoffs was JA17 saying I’m here, and you’re next to the entire league. Watch his radio row stuff from this week. He says it without even saying it.
  12. Sadly that won’t likely happen unless we hit flash in the pan draft wise. It goes back to trading down in 2017, and then not being bad enough to be closer to the top of the draft in 2018. The players have now are just that, it’s what we have. We will need to find draft guys that exceed expectations and can develop into pro bowlers. Look at Gabe Davis and Milano to an extent. Mid rounders playing far about draft slot. Or sign bets at their last exit on the train. We will not have the cap room (relative to percentage that other teams will) to sign difference makers, nor the draft capital to position into top talent.
  13. Lots of great ideas here. One thing throughout this year stands out to me. The Bills were often the more talented team, but for some reason found themselves playing flat during prolonged stretches in the regular season. The opener vs the Steelers. The fourth at the Titans. First half vs the Fins. The entire Jags and Colts games. The first half at Tampa. Maybe it was coaching, players, hunger, not taking the game for granted, idk. But it can’t happen anymore. The Bills are going to be 10-12 other teams Super Bowl game each year from now on, if we weren’t before. But, I have a feeling JA17 is gonna be on eff you mode the rest of his career now. He and we knew he and the team was good to great, now the entire league is on notice. This team will have the talent and attract the talent to stay near the top. But it’s not always about talent. The deciding factor is going to be McDermott and how willing he is to decouple any influence from the offense and let JA17 call his shots. And even streamline the defense to play our best players. Like what Marv did with JK12. Until that happens, I think we see the ceiling being the same as we experienced this year But that’s literally half the league after playing 17 weeks. And teams without depth aren’t playing beyond that, while we were! Our secondary depth was fine, but the lack of adjustments (say added blitzing to cover many mistakes of youth at corner) just hasn’t been there. No team has pro bowlers sitting on the bench and it’s no realistic to think that. Most of this is coaching and adjustments, something that has been solely lacking once McDermott’s initial plan is disrupted and goes out the window
  14. Actually you can’t post people should get a grip. Sure you can say BILLS fans. But you crossed that line, you baited people with this thread. I’m tired of fans like you acting you’re more fan that anyone. We’re in this together.
  15. Sure. Then don’t respond. This board is so toxic. Yes tonight sucked. But acting on people putting feet in their mouth will not help. Everyone has a right to post as much as you do. Haha no. No you can’t. You can’t just get mad because people don’t have the same opinion as you. Stop. Grow up.
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