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  1. Fake. It's from a 2014 ArtVoice article. Traffic would blow with a downtown football stadium.......
  2. Henry's qb threw for 3800 and 33tds. Henry is great, but isn't the sole reason his team was good. Huge part, but not the end all be all. His team was still .500 when he was held under 100 yrds rushing.
  3. I think no, for the same reason he wasn't successful in Washington. Bad ownership.....
  4. Boondock Saints 2. 1st movie- amazing. Sequel- garbage
  5. I would expect brown to be traded rather than cut. Even if the Bills get a late 2nd early 3rd, it would be a win. He still has value.
  6. We'll be ok. The Bills will be back again.
  7. If Bienemey is hired by Houston, i think Watson stays put
  8. Just strange that the pats were never mentioned until 10 months later. At least i don't recall them being mentioned as suitor for diggs at any time leading up to the trade. Buffalo and a few others were.
  9. Were the Pats* actually trying to get Diggs, or was Belicheat just driving up the Bills cost?
  10. So if the bucs beat the packers, Brady gets a huge advantage against his opponent. Sounds about right...
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