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  1. They charged last year for the card also. You might have missed it but it was $10 per card.
  2. I'm curious as to how many people talking about PSLs have or ever had season tickets compared to people that buy single game tickets again compared to those who don't ever attend and watch on TV. Just wondering.... And that's not meant to be a shot at anyone, just trying to see the perspectives from each group.
  3. Nice! Now draft another to future proof this team. Big Baller Beane does it again! (with an assist from Joshy)
  4. Isn't it like 50 feet taller than the highest stadium lights?
  5. I've never seen a player with any sense of loyalty to his current team (or fans for that matter) say something so stupid while under contract to said team. Players have said it would be great to play with specific players, but I can't recall anyone calling out a team.
  6. I fact checked some things about how we did not win a Super Bowl and have concluded the following: You indeed cannot win a Super Bowl without making it to a Super Bowl.
  7. As a player on the field, Mahomes is way ahead of Brady year for year. As a winner, not even close. Brady did way more with less year for year.
  8. Because saying that he can't wait to play with Josh doesn't keep his name in the news. It's not so much about being a narcissist, as it is the new way people market themselves. I don't like it, but I get it. You need to keep your name out there in social media for marketing purposes any way you can. It's all about clicks, views and followers. People who have more of these get paid more.
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