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  1. Wow, Josh Allen is polarizing. I'm a pro-Allen guy and with that disclaimer out of the way, i will add this: Right now, Allen is just good enough. Good enough to not throw picks in the redzone, or 4th quarter based on 2019. Good enough to manage the game to get a win or maybe put together a game winning drive in the 4th quarter. I am waiting for a string of games where he takes over and dominates. I don't need 300 yrd games.... i need more than 24 points, ball control, and clock management. Comparing Qb's is getting silly. Everybody wants their guy to be the next big thing, but a lot of people use tunnel vision looking at their Qb. Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield, ect, what was their average time to throw? How often did they have a clean pocket? How many times do they have to scramble and throw on the run? How many drive killing DROPS did their receivers have? How many drive killing penalties? How much is on the player and how much is on the playcalling? Only by being a complete tape nerd can you answer those questions and make a somewhat educated guess. Comparisons and what ifs are getting old. Wins matter. The Bills are relevant again for the first time in a loooong time. Allen is in the driver seat. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm sure every Bill's fan is hoping he doesn't crash. And if you are a Bills fan rooting against him succeeding, there may be something wrong with your fandom.
  2. Great story! In today's world, a student's parents would sue the school under the same scenario..... and probably win.
  3. The rich get poor and the poor get rich? I think I'm understanding the cap now.
  4. I think he's more of a mercenary at this point with no loyalty to any team. I do think he would be a beast on the Bills d-line, but not worth the cost.
  5. I expect the Bills to make the playoffs again in 2020 and win a game or two. If we make it to the promised land and win it all , it would be a bonus. Still a few unknowns and missing pieces in the mix to say Superbowl or bust for 2020. Now if the Bills continue their current trajectory, the 2021 season is definitely the Superbowl or bust season.
  6. Buffalo News reporting Gronk signed with WWE and will start March 20 on Smackdown.
  7. This is a disconnect with reality for A-aron. It seems he thinks he's still the face of the NFL and has untouchable influence and that ship has sailed. If it's to the point that men in "his" locker room aren't returning his calls/texts now, that should tell him something.
  8. The problem is that ESPN sucks. Too much ball washing for large market teams and not enough balanced commentating.
  9. Does this in any way mean no new stadium and that their doing a renovation? Thoughts?
  10. It was a Billsy thing to do when we had Buddy or Whaley as GM. This ain't happening now.
  11. High profile player in the "NFL MECCA OF LOS ANGLES". That's how. He had a solid career, but not HOF worthy.
  12. You have had that playbook sitting around for years. 😉
  13. If the Pegula owned Bills ever moved to Toronto or any other non WNY location, the Pegulas would have to divest any connection to WNY and Buffalo. This includes the Sabres, and any property holdings ie harbor center ect, due to the blowback involved. That isn't ever going to happen.
  14. Most people aren't riding a train, metro rail or bus to get to a game. There are plenty of hotels within minutes of NEF. Have you ever attempted to leave downtown buffalo in any direction when the skyway is closed from weather? Takes hours and traffic doesn't move. The point about Canadians, I thought that we all knew about the boarder/ customs. I guess not. My point was that Orchard Park is 10 minutes from buffalo. Whether the stadium is in OP or downtown, our Canadian Bills fans are going through customs. 10 additional minutes to OP doesn't ruin the trip.
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