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  1. What i found most interesting was the part about a director thinking Carson Palmer was going to be verbally trashed by the writer after an NFL vet praised him. The director cut, reshot, and the same NFL vet trashed him. Fickle world.
  2. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/27054210/100-facts-2019-fantasy-football-season Finally someone admits all the talk about players is made up and for show.
  3. Let me clarify. I'm not saying to cut the guy. Let him play out his deal and leave. He hasn't show any flashes of greatness and way to few flashes of good.
  4. If I had a dime for every time someone mentioned how the Bills should extend Lawson based off his play......... I'd have ZERO dimes. Lawson hasn't been what we hoped. Time to move on.
  5. Correct. Ventura won his suit and McMahon removed his commentary from the old matches. So in retrospect, everyone lost including fans.
  6. I'll fact check this. 1. The vast majority of the wrestlers involved in the CTE lawsuit didn't only work for Vince/WWE. They worked for companies no longer in business with way lower safety standards. Most also worked in Japan at once time or another. They are hitching their suit to the largest most successful company. 2. Nobody forces these performers to sign contracts with WWE which contain language that they are independent contractors. All the wrestlers know they are classified this way prior to agreeing to a contract. 3. The non compete clause only applies to wrestlers that are released from their contracts, not the wrestlers who complete their contracts. They still get paid during the 90 days. Again, this is agreed to by both parties when the independent contractor agreement is signed. 4. Bret Hart is still alive. I'm sure you meant Owen Hart. 5. Again, agreed to in the wrestlers contract. If a person works for apple and invents the ipod, then leaves apple, do they take the ipod with them? 6. Ventura sued to be paid for his likeness being used on video tapes of old matches that he did commentary on. Vince wasn't withholding anything. Jesse believed he should be compensated. Does the networks or the NFL pay residuals to the announcers when a Superbowl is replayed on ESPN or NFLN? 7. I think your opinion is dead on with this.
  7. i'm sure where ever it's from, everybody knows your name........
  8. Add Rage Agaisnt The Machine's "Bulls on Parade" to it and i'm good.
  9. Same. Sister in law. Probably not going to be steak, or anything good for that matter.
  10. Actually, the Atlanta Falcons stupidity paved the way for Favre. 😉
  11. The guy is being called out for his actions, whether right or wrong. People want police held to higher standards and when they are, arguements ensue. This man will have his day in county court. And it doesn't end there. If he is found to have violated the young man's civil rights, it will continue with a new charge in federal court. He will lose his job, benefits, and pension if guilty in either court, and surely serve prison time if guilty in federal court. Is that pound of flesh not enough? The law says it is. And as far as the off duty officers lining up- if you have never had to rely on someone to make sure you go home from work unbroken and alive every day, you wouldn't understand it. Those officers being there doesn't mean they condone or condemn what occurred.
  12. From one veteran to all veterans, thank you for serving. And for my brothers and sisters that made the ultimate sacrifice- I'll never forget, or take for granted, what I am able to enjoy because of you.
  13. Ray Finkle is going crazy. The laces were not in. There wasn't any.
  14. Wait, what? In a few year period we are no longer the laughing stock of the league? PROCESS!
  15. It's for sure THE make or break year for Zay. I think he's a borderline #2, but for sure a solid #3. I just haven't been impressed with him.
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