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  1. Ray Finkle is going crazy. The laces were not in. There wasn't any.
  2. Wait, what? In a few year period we are no longer the laughing stock of the league? PROCESS!
  3. It's for sure THE make or break year for Zay. I think he's a borderline #2, but for sure a solid #3. I just haven't been impressed with him.
  4. Translation of Allen's comments: Kelvin Benjamin couldn't catch a cold if he was standing outside naked with a hose spraying on him in the middle of a Buffalo winter.
  5. You sir are correct. here's the city of Buffalo flag
  6. Get you're bets in now boys and girls. Vegas is throwing Buffalo a bone. Put $1000 on the over and enjoy the reward.
  7. Bills are winning 53-47 60,000 person waiting list ain't got nothing on us.
  8. Put my Bills vote in. Just because there's a waiting list for tickets doesn't mean they have the best fans. How many times have the been national news stories about Pack fans raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity? Have the Pack fans ever done a fund raiser for a beloved former player down on his luck? Sure, the Pack was the first dynasty of the NFL merger era, but Bills fans are legit, through all the ups and downs. Live and die Buffalo red, white, and blue. Green Bay has that college atmosphere. BUFFALO IS ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.
  9. Kinda funny. Any time I'm on vacation and have a bill's shirt or hat on, it takes about 1 minute before i hear, "Go Bills!" come from out of nowhere from random people. Then i respond with the same. Its even better when some random person starts to sing the Shout! song.
  10. The hole in the wall 4am last call is part of what makes WNY great. If you are hanging out at a hole in the wall, you're probably having a impromptu high school reunion. I've been to LA, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, ect. I don't like $200.00 cover charges and huge crowds of random faces. All personal preference.
  11. Funny thing. The four teams with the consensus top 4 receivers in the NFL (Giants, Steelers, Bengals, Falcons) didn't make the playoffs. All had established QBs. I think it could help having a top tier WR, but isn't make or break.
  12. Foles is a decent QB. But the Jags are horrible. He will fail there.
  13. My only hope at this point is that in 5 years when AB is at the end of his career and looking to sign with a team the Bills offer him a huge deal and when he comes in to sign they pull the contract away and say, "Nevermind, we're just remembered you don't want to play here. "
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