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  1. No. While your post is well thought out, all I could think of was the Fitzpatrick extension. Wait until the season is over.
  2. Nope. Just some more talking head hype. They will be exposed soon enough. Their DB's are good. That's about it. Other than the Bills, they have played teams that are horrible. They have to make the Pats* D sound and look like an all time great so when they do get exposed, the heat is on the D and not Marsha.
  3. Our Superbowl victory odds increased! I'm calling in sick for the parade as I type this.
  4. I'd stay away from selling tomorrow to win today through trading picks, depth players, ect. This team is being built the right way to sustain long term winning. We are on the verge of being able to draft the best player available year after year rather than drafting for need. Let's not screw that up.
  5. It's the owner that it's the problem. Dan Snyder needs to stop trying to be the chef. His ingredients suck.
  6. Doesn't matter. Keep disrupting and taking double teams. Opens things up for other rushers
  7. This kickers job is gone after today's misses!
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