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  1. All the years that went by with all of us biztchen and moaning about the Bills not getting national coverage or mentions in the media, and now they are getting what we were complaining about and people are complaining about it. FICKLE!!!! DRINK IT IN MAN.....
  2. It takes Tre getting injured and missing a bunch of games to get proper respect with Madden ratings. It's maddening.......
  3. Qb-Troy Aikman Rb- Emmitt Smith Wr- Michael Irvin Individually each is above average and only achieved greatness due to the all time great oline that the Cowgirls had. That oline should be talked about more than 2 out of the above 3 named players
  4. Kenobi's third episode was great. and gritty. and dark.
  5. Fitzmagic. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! I hope he wants the 1 day contract and the Bills do it for him. Always liked the guy
  6. "Whichever you consider Davis, broken out already or poised to do so next year, it all comes down to that playoff game." He's already done it. Move on. It doesn't come down to the next playoff game. The toe drags, making tough catches, and not dropping balls.... this guy is a consistent receiver.
  7. For sure. Like my guy George Carlin right before the end. Face bloated.
  8. I thought he broke out last year.? How does Gabe Davis break out every year? Josh F#@$ckin Allen. That's how.
  9. Very sad. Adam Schefter needs a reality check. He's a parody of a reporter and has been acting like he's bigger than the sport he covers. I can't stand this guy.
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