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  1. She's been to the body shop a few times for more than a tune up.
  2. 38-20 good guys. Josh 330 in the air, 3 td passes. 40 yrds on the ground, 1 rushing TD Defense gets a td as well.
  3. That's some truly great company, and to be ahead of all of them is great. Groot is no joke. Kudos to his work ethic, and kudos to Big Baller Beane for the pick. TRUST THE PROCESS!
  4. Who has time for believing in curses when we have a QB that defeated the entirety of math itself, on a team that outsmarted basically all regular humans. Curse smursh.....
  5. If Tre isn't on the depth chart, does he count?
  6. I got my bills bucks. I still haven't received the code for madden
  7. They are forced to give props now due to the national pulse. Guys like Mike Rob, Chris Simms, Adam Schein and few others that have been beating the drum for a few years get respect for being in on the come up. Not C.C. he's just a douche.
  8. Relive the beginning of the march to the Lombardi...
  9. Every Bills/Allen game until this one, Collinswoth had seemed to be anti Allen. Now he's lickin Allen's butthole. Collinsworth can get bent.
  10. The Buffalo News and all news media for that matter have turned into dirt rags filled with opinions rather than facts and passing the opinions off as facts. And people wonder why this country is in the shape it is.
  11. Did teams other than the Pats* know Aaron Hernandez was a homosexual sociopathic gang member? Because New England acted like they didn't know. All teams have problems vetting players.
  12. McDermott looked to be quite upset with the situation. Whatever the outcome, be it good or bad, i hope it is the right one as to what actually happened. I hope the liar(s) in this situation get their comeuppance regardless of which side it is.
  13. This news broke way longer than hours ago. It's been out there for a few months. I read an article about this story in July because a random post on twitter linked a LA Times article with a Matt Araiza hashtag. I was surprised it didn't get mentioned here sooner.
  14. When was the last time the Bills used the franchise tag? I can't even remember. Was it Jason Peters before we traded him?
  15. I think Allen playing to the value of his contract would be a bigger pressure for him than anything the community or Bills fans put on him.
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