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  1. Very sad. Adam Schefter needs a reality check. He's a parody of a reporter and has been acting like he's bigger than the sport he covers. I can't stand this guy.
  2. Disagree. He was the only player getting steady qb pressures the whole time he's been in buffalo. The pressures didn't always turn into sacks, but they do matter.
  3. Spaceballs...... oh sxit. There goes the planet.
  4. Glorious!, Wonderful!. After 30 years of watching guys walk and not keeping a solid core together on this team, these past 4-5 years are a refreshing reset in how to keep a team competitive long term. Way to go Buffalo Bills. The current management is without a doubt the best we've ever had.
  5. I see another 2 or 3 year extension coming for him. After his next extension he's gone.
  6. I love Van Miller, but RJ is the greatest Buffalo sports announcer in history and it ain't even close. So many memorable calls with total enthusiasm and emotion. Nobody compares.
  7. We're gonna win 14 next year. 6 W's for sweeping the division W's vs Vikings, Steelers, Browns, Lions, Bears, Rams, Chiefs, and Bengals. Possibility for 15 W's if the Packers offense has a problem without Adams.
  8. Jerry Jones has handicapped the Cowboys ever since Jimmy Johnson left. He's a horrible GM. As much as i hate the Dallas Cowboys, if they had an actual NFL quality GM with the power to make proper decisions, they'd probably have more championships right now.
  9. McDermott and Bills are not going to take the ball out of Allen's hands more than what's necessary. The Bills coaching staff and the entire league for that matter, know that Josh is a top 3 weapon in the NFL. Every team in the league knows you have to put the ball in your best player's hands to win. The Bills are won't be a balanced offense with the qb and receivers we have. I don't see more rb carries at this point. I just think the team wants quality attempts from the running game
  10. Kraft's Pats* used to rub out the competition. And now they're lucky to tug on the playoffs' coattails. 😉
  11. Build a chiefs stadium right on the state line. Half in Missouri, half in Kansas. Done.
  12. I just can't fathom the second possession team going for a 2pt conversion in overtime in an AFC or NFC championship game instead of extending the game. I just do not see a head coach doing that.
  13. If they don't score, do you still play 4 down territory? Our do you punt when you're pinned back. The advantage goes both ways
  14. Put the pressure on the other team first to try to stop or follow up a score
  15. New 15 minutes if 2nd team hasn't finished their 1st posession Only after both teams have possessions does it become sudden death
  16. If you take the ball, you still know what you need to win. 1 more score than the other guys
  17. Couldn't come up with a better name? NFL Drive NFL Streamroll Etc Nope. NFL+
  18. Tua's a scrub, and OchoCinco is smoking some really good shizzle.
  19. Assign fans to a player at random. 20 players, 2000 fans = 100 fans per player. Set up sections. Have the teams do bills and player trivia, contests, and games head to head at different stations. Each fan will do each station. If you have 20 fans per station based on the number of players, you can set a time limit at each station and cycle everyone through according to your time schedule. The winning player's team gets autographed items from the players in attendance like 8x10s or cards or whatever.
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