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  1. Outside Michael Thomas, yes their receiving corps is not special. However, with him, it is. He has nearly 30 receptions and 400 more yards than any player. They also have Kamara who is 20th in the league in receptions.
  2. I think it's unfair to make a comparison solely with two of the best receiving corps in the league.
  3. What I would do is line up for the 2 point conversion. If we get a look we like, go for it. If not, take a timeout (if we had one left) or take the delay of game penalty.
  4. For all we know, it might not have been set that they were going to go for 2. They could have been seeing the defense, if they had a look they liked they would go for it, otherwise they could take a delay of game penalty and then kick the extra point. As it happened, Cole Beasley was wide open pre-snap, an obvious go situation.
  5. They are very bad, however you heard him wrong. He stated that his percentage this season and said he HAD been reliable throughout his career.
  6. I believe that number is total turnovers, not just ones Allen is responsible for, but I am not 100% on that.
  7. Bad drop there... for the texans
  8. Except that if you move the chain forward, shouldn't you move the ball forward a yard too?
  9. I believe the tie breaker before conference games is common opponents, which we would lose.
  10. If the bills win out, there is something like a 42% chance of them being the 1 seed. It all hinges on how well the Pats do
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