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  1. No team would trade for him. If they didn't think he was worth the money then, why would they want him for the same money plus draft capital?
  2. That would be a very cheap new contract for Clowney. I've seen ideas of up to 30 Million a year for him. Reasonably, it would be more like 24 million. Obviously you can make cuts, but Beane likes to have 10 million left for the season. I'm sorry, but it's quite obvious that this won't work.
  3. We have 30.5 million in cap space per spotrac. Minimum 4.5 million comes off for rookies. That leaves us with 26. That TE costs 7M, A J Green another 15. That leaves us with 4 M for Clowney+ any we need during the season. Clowney will likely costs 20 million at least. With that we are 16 million over, and we need to keep some money for mid season emergencies.
  4. I actually like your posts most of the time Ice
  5. I expect the Bills to trade back up into the third at some point.
  6. My hope: Rosen shows just enough hope for the fish to feel justified not taking Tua next year...then crashing and burning in 2020
  7. My wishlist: any of Chase Winovich/Jaylon Ferguson/DK/Butler
  8. Excellent pick! Now feel free to trade back up into the first and grab a tackle/Wr
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