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  1. Allen is elite Edmunds is a starter Harrison Phillips is/was a starter Taron Johnson is a starter In this defense Wyatt Teller is a high end starter Siran Neal is good depth stuck behind 2 all pro safeties, perhaps he would have been a starter elsewhere Ray ray mccolud sees some playing time, not on the bills. the only real miss was Austin Proehl. Honestly, I don’t really see this this draft surpassing 2018. Josh Allen alone would be incredibly hard to beat, but only one real miss in the draft is also damn good.
  2. 2018 gonna be hard to beat. Elite QB, decent MLB (kind of polarizing one), solid DT, top 5 slot CB, solid depth safety/big nickel guy, high end guard (that we ended up trading early)
  3. Or this one, complaining about people complaining about people complaining.
  4. Probably a spreader for corn fields- they’re that tall so they can go into corn fields without running everything over, just where the tires are.
  5. Gonna go with the vikes. They have among the best weapons in the league. Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Theilin are vastly superior to Green Bay’s weapons and make up enough of the difference between Rodgers and Cousins.
  6. Is Bill Russel the best basketball player of all time then, since he won 11 championships?
  7. I think I’d prefer 1-3 with the win coming over the Pats*
  8. On the flip side, Allen, Taron Johnson, Davis, Milano, and Teller all outperformed their draft slots by a considerable margin.
  9. I was going to post about that game, it was my first bills game that I attended.
  10. Looks like Somebody doesn’t like hockey and then decided it wasn’t a sport because of that… hockey is a major sport, and it has been since the 70s at least. It’s why in American sports there’s considered “the big four” of MLB, NHL, NBA and the NFL.
  11. Gretzky is more dominant IMO. Gretzky has the most goals and most assists in NHL history. His assist totals alone (1963) beat out the closest competitor in goals and assists combined (Jagr, 1921). His point total (2857) is 149% higher than the second highest of all time. Gretzky also has 4 of the 5 most points in a postseason (1,3,4,5), as well as another in the top 10 and another tied for 11th. He also had the top 4 regular season point totals, as well as 9 of the top 11 in NHL history. He dominated for a much longer period of time than Babe Ruth.
  12. I was knocking on wood after just about everything the commentators were saying after we scored that touchdown.
  13. Maybe they need analytics on their use of analytics 😂. I honestly think analytics has a more impactful place in other sports like Hockey where each player has more of a role, and you can derive possession numbers, transition numbers, etc. I feel like in football the eye test is a bit more effective/prominent, but there certainly is room for analytics as a tool for evaluation.
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