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  1. They said he gave himself up- much like when Tre made a pick then ran out his own end zone.
  2. Hopkins stat line so far- 3 targets, 1 catch, 1 fumble
  3. Okay, but when will that potential be realized? Saturday? Highly unlikely. This question is about one game only, not which player you want for next season even.
  4. If I could have either for a game now, the choice for me is clear, Watson. However, which would I rather have for the rest of their careers? That is very hard to choose. He also kept out number of fumbles- I didnt check, but I believe Josh has more.
  5. I don't think this argument really helps. It reads as "Tre was only a top notch cornerback because he played in a lot of bad weather games'
  6. Record is a tie-breaker for teams that lose in the Sam round. If there is a 11-5 team that loses at the same time as a 10-6 team, the 10-6 team picks first. If the teams have the same record and lose in the same round, it goes to tiebreakers.
  7. I seem to remember him being overweight and out of shape.
  8. I don't see why this is a comparison. Pittsburgh is carried by their D, Texans are not by any stretch.
  9. The issue with that would be determining exactly when the player is down.
  10. I could argue against Philly and Giants, but okay. Let's assume your list is correct. Oakland is mediocre, Green Bay has one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Philly is mediocre. Washington, New Jersey, and Miami are all basement dweller teams. Is it really an accomplishment to be better than a bunch of bad teams? (Not including Green Bay) Even if we are better than these teams, it puts us at 26th in the league- not really a place that I want my We corps to be.
  11. At this point in time, Watson has to be on that list- he has shown the ability to completely take over and dominate a game against good defenses.
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