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  1. The bolded may or may not be true. If you knew your performance could largely impact your draft stock, I think that may get some adrenaline going.
  2. Well that was expressed pretty poorly. Basically, you say, look if Josh completed more passes, he'd have a better completion percentage. He might be alright because he doesn't throw as many checkdowns or screens. Your only evidence of this is Free Brees on the basis of him having a higher completion percentage, but less yards. This terrible evidence as some have noted: Drew Brees played 5 and some change less games than Allen. If you look at yards per attempt Brees is over a yard over Allen. You also say Josh suffers from drops, but give zero evidence of it. So in summary, you think Josh might not be bad because 1. He threw less checkdowns according to bad evidence, and 2. He had more drops. (no evidence) And if you are going to say, well, everyone knows he had more drops, because we've seen those stats and everybody knows, what was the he point of this thread? It's already a repeat of multiple past threads.
  3. I think these threads are hilarious. Look guys, Josh wasn't that bad, as you can see, if he did better, he would be good! Don't get me wrong, I support Josh. But these threads where people say if he made 2 more completions per game and then point that he's good because of that are pretty dumb.
  4. He's trying to play for the whole AFC East.
  5. We will not keep 10 DL on the roster. McBeane have kept 8 DL on the roster. It might be reasonable for us to keep 9, with how deep we are, but we will not keep 10. I would think that we would keep 9, and then 6 lb. Matakevich has played little LB, he is more of a special teams ace. I would think we wouldn't go into the season with only 4 viable LB, especially with Milanos injury history.
  6. Addison has had more sacks every single year that Trent Murphy has been in the league. I am not a Murphy hater, I think he has a spot on this team, but in no way is he a better pass rusher than Addison, which is Murphy's strength, as he is better at pass rushing than defending against the run.
  7. I'm curious, how many of those farms have you been to?
  8. He was also undrafted. Teams passed on him because they likely didn't believe he would be 100% in the reasonable future.
  9. I'm curious where you see him being a first/second round talent. I looked at draft profiles of him, and most said 7th round or undrafted. Yes, that is lower due to issues, but nothing about the profiles demonstrated first round talent. They said he would have a difficult time getting separation at the NFL level, and he would have to make his living on contested catches. That doesn't show 1st/2nd round talent to me.
  10. McKenzie would not get anything in a trade. We signed him for next to nothing. That means that if a team wanted him, they easily could have given a bigger offer and not had to give up a pick. I also don't think teams value the return game enough to give up picks for whatever upgrade Roberts gives.
  11. Couple things: 1. 5 Cb is not a baseline, as we have carried 4 on the roster for good stretched before. 2. Kr/Pr will play other positions as well, he may not see much time on the offense/defense, but he will count for depth at some position I would think of it more like ranges, rather than just a baseline. QB: 2-3 Rb:3-4 FB: 1? TE: 3-4 OL 8-10 Wr: 6-7 baseline total: 23 likely total: 25-27. DL: 8-9 Lb: 5-7 Cb: 4-5 S: 4 baseline total: 21 likely total: 23-25 P:1 K:1 LS:1
  12. Most of the year, poor quarterback play plagued a mostly decent roster. Drew Lock came in and IIRC went 5-1 to close out the year. They also gave him a lot of weapons, having an improved running backs corps, took a receiver in rounds 1 and 2 (both among the best route runners in the class), and had a first round rookie tight end last year that preformed well, and likely will get better. There is a reasonable chance that they are significantly improved this year, and that would be largely due to their offense improving.
  13. Here's my thoughts on the subject, don't know for sure if they are true. Gaines is a "senior personel advisor", That sounds to me like a job that has less to do with the draft, and more with vets. If that is the case, it would make sense for him to not be at the head table for the draft.
  14. Do you know that Jameis Winston has more career completions to saints than Taysom Hill does?
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