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  1. I realize this is exaggeration on purpose, but Josh has been never come close to a game that good, and Baker hasn't had a game that bad. You can't say this at all.
  2. I saw Andy Dalton multiple times covering the ear holes in his helmet, trying to hear the calls.
  3. This is gonna be an uggofest without motor and with the wind
  4. He is a great player, but his mouth is bigger than he is. How could he possibly back up saying he would be in the NHL in a year?
  5. He did get hurt, I realize that was late in the game, but would have some of an impact. One theory is that they are saving him so that there isnt an abundance of game film on him, making it easier for coaches to stop him. Saving him for the pats game if you will.
  6. It just means that out of all the cornerbacks you haven't heard of, he is the best
  7. I was about to write about how we’ll yield on was doing- then he got caught behind the line
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