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  1. Sweet home Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet home Alabama Lord I'm comin' home to you
  2. Ok Just sixteen, a pickup truck, out of money, out of luck I've got nowhere to call my own, hit the gas, and here I go I'm running free yeah, I'm running free
  3. Billy's got a gun ,he's on the run Confusion in his mind, the blind leads the blind Yeah, Billy's got a gun, he's gonna shoot ya down He's got evil in his eyes, got a reason to despise There's danger in the air
  4. Lonely is the night When you find yourself alone Your demons come to light And your mind is not your own Lonely is the night When there's no one left to call You feel the time is right Say the writin's on the wall
  5. Fast and furious we ride the universe To carve a road for us that slices every curve in sight We accelerate, no time to hesitate This load will detonate whoever would contend its right Born to lead at breakneck speed With high octane we're spitting flames Free wheel burning
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