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  1. That probably was due to the IR rule changes in length and amount of players allowed to come back from IR.
  2. Spencer Brown went out for heat illness.
  3. I think the Steelers won the battle but lost the war with all the injuries they had.
  4. Deebo Samuel had over 1400 yards last year and Ayuik had over 800 with significantly worse QB play than the bills. chargers had 2 guys with 1100+ yards last year. Broncos are a bit of a stretch as last years stats don’t really back it up, but they had Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock at QB so it’s a little hard to evaluate. like I mentioned with the Saints, it does rely on Michael Thomas being healthy, but they added Jarvis Landry and that is a very solid 1-2 punch if Thomas is healthy.
  5. Teams WR groups Id definitely put ahead of the bills: Bengals, Bucs, Dolphins, Rams Teams WR groups that are likely better than the Bills but an argument could be made: Eagles, raiders, 49ers, chargers, Vikings, Cardinals Teams WR groups that are in the same tier and could go either way: Seahawks, Broncos, Saints (somewhat relying on Thomas to return to form) Earlier I said they were probably in the 9-15 range, but I think I'll adjust it to 8-13 range.
  6. I think I agree with @ScottLaw on this one. I think Allen makes it so our WRs will have the production of a top 10 group, and Im pretty confident about that. However, I dont think that is due to our recievers group being the best in the league, I think they are likely somewhere in the 9-15 range. Look at Diggs stats going from Minnesota to Buffalo. His career year was 1,130 yards and had gotten to 1000 yards 2 of his 5 seasons. He comes to the bills and starts playing with Josh Allen and those stats take a big jump. I think with any top 20 WR, Allen would be throwing for 1200+ yards to them. Diggs and Davis may both hit the 1,000 mark, but if you had an average QB throwing to them instead (think Mac Jones) maybe Diggs hits 1,000, but doubt Gabe would.
  7. Not really a hill I need to die on. But I was curious, so I looked up a bunch of lists grading QBs for their 2021 performance specifically, and Matt Stafford got 5,5, 6, 7, 7, 8, and 12 from the lists I looked at. That would put his average ranking at 7, though I didn’t pay much attention to the other QBs which could have had a worse average. The most important point (the hill to die on) though is that McVay is THE youngest head coach in the NFL. Despite being the youngest, he has a super bowl victory and another appearance. If you dont think there’s a chance (even if it’s <1%) he becomes one of the best coaches of all time, that’s kind of silly.
  8. I don’t think Goff was ever that good. I think McVay disguised a flawed QB pretty well. I still don’t really think Stafford was a top 5 QB last year, though he did have yards and TDS to support that.
  9. Stanford also led the league in interceptions last year. Something ignored in the above is how well Stafford played before/Goff played after the trade, as well how Goff improved under McVay. Goff’s YPA went from 5.3 before mcvay to a high 8.0 with him. It went up to 8.4, before settling to 7.2. For the lions, Goff had 6.6, his lowest since his rookie season. Sure, some of that can be attributed to the lions being worse, but some could be attributed to McVay’s offense. Under Mcvay, Stafford equaled his career high completion percentage of 67.2% (which he hasn’t hit since 2015), and touchdowns at 41 (which he hadn’t hit since 2011). Again, some of that is because the rams are better, but also some is likely due to the coaching. As for the Tomlin comment, you’re ignoring what’s happened since his early career success. No one is saying anything about Tomlin having a shot at best coach ever because he hasn’t followed up with dominance. This is kinda like me saying Josh Allen has the potential to be one of the best QBs of all time, and being countered with “But russel Wilson had more early career success, and no one is calling him a top 3 of all time QB” Could Allen/McVay become some of the best we’ve ever seen? Sure. Could they also not? Absolutely.
  10. Got a pretty good laugh out of this list. They listed Mac Jones at 20/32, then proceeded to say “there is no question that the Patriots have found their long-term starter”. If the 20th best QB in the league is your long term starter, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.
  11. He is the youngest super bowl winning head coach ever, and has made the super bowl a separate time, both with QBs that we’re not top 5 in the league, likely not even top 10. Of the active head coaches, he likely has the best chance at being the best other than Belicheat.
  12. I don’t know if you can really elevate from where he was at the end of last season (especially the playoffs), but if he can be more consistently at that level, he would be improved for sure. He had a couple games last year that were subpar for sure (Jax, Atlanta’s 3 picks in a row(though he was our offense that game), windy pats game)
  13. I thought this was gonna be another OBJ thread lol
  14. My attempt to address concerns: 1. OBJ did not have much drama in LA last year. Perhaps with a competent team around him, he doesn’t have much to dramatize. Having an elite QB who is a class act helps ease Wr concerns. Beasley was a pretty big source of drama last year, but I don’t think it impacted the team’s performance much, and especially not in the playoffs when the offense was firing on all cylinders. OBJ also wouldn’t have much time to cause drama as he likely won’t be back till November or later. 2/3 If McKenzie and Gabe Davis start playing extremely well, OBJ would be great to have as a 4 for late in the season. If Gabe is truly shining, OBJ can take on a reserve role and play in a rotation, which the bills have used in the past to keep their players fresh and healthy. OBJ is also a lot better than any of our depth currently which would give some security for injuries later in the season. 4. If there is more to Crowder’s injury, all the more reason to bring in another receiver. If not, more depth is a good thing. OBJ is a threat on the field who can dominate games and would slot over Crowder regardless.
  15. I think he’s saying the OL was an afterthought in Buffalo behind the skill positions on offense and the defense, and I’m NY it seems to be a bigger part of the puzzle.
  16. The reason behind it was last year it was called about 1/3 of the averages of the past 2 decades. It is quite the annoying penalty, but it’s also quite annoying to see your receivers constantly interferes with.
  17. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-tells-referees-to-focus-on-illegal-contact-fouls-in-2022-season-145111716.html It appears the NFL has given directives to referees to have 2 areas of focus in the upcoming season. One is a higher emphasis on illegal contact (touching a wr further than 5 yards downfield), which was called significantly less frequently than average last year. The other area of focus is a greater scrutiny of roughing the passer calls, to make them less often (after they were very high last year). I think the emphasis on illegal contact should benefit the bills, especially against teams like the Chiefs who have tended to be grabby with the Bills receivers. We did benefit from a few timely roughing the passer calls last year though, so there definitely could be cons.
  18. Yup. When you go to pay (at least on the iOS app), there’s a little link that says public right above the pay button. If you click on that, you can select who can view: public, friends (yours and the recipients’), or private (just you and the recipient).
  19. Just so you are aware, You can set Venmo transactions to be private.
  20. Allen is elite Edmunds is a starter Harrison Phillips is/was a starter Taron Johnson is a starter In this defense Wyatt Teller is a high end starter Siran Neal is good depth stuck behind 2 all pro safeties, perhaps he would have been a starter elsewhere Ray ray mccolud sees some playing time, not on the bills. the only real miss was Austin Proehl. Honestly, I don’t really see this this draft surpassing 2018. Josh Allen alone would be incredibly hard to beat, but only one real miss in the draft is also damn good.
  21. 2018 gonna be hard to beat. Elite QB, decent MLB (kind of polarizing one), solid DT, top 5 slot CB, solid depth safety/big nickel guy, high end guard (that we ended up trading early)
  22. Or this one, complaining about people complaining about people complaining.
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