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  1. You mean like Quessenberry? Who the Bills just signed and has starting experience at both RT and guard.... Not to mention Ford still has potential and maybe now realizes some of that under Kromer, and Doyle is still raw and can push Brown. Not saying it wouldn't be nice to have another quality depth/spot starter option and maybe if Kromer is not high on Doyle/Ford after getting to work with them a bit we look to add someone else near end of preseason, but right now it looks like Bills FO has is pretty satisfied with the OL as is.
  2. No need, the unused cap space would roll over to next year. I'd be surprised though if there was ultimately any significant cap space remaining when it's all said and done. Need reserves for the draft picks plus at least $1mil for potential in-season signing due to injury or what not. Also, the Bills will likely sign a veteran CB ahead of the draft just so it's not a glaring need (or at least as a smokescreen to make it appear not) and then maybe keep a few mil loose for potential post June 1 cuts and if nothing is there can always roll that space over to next year.
  3. These are fair points and I think there is subjective room to argue just how highly the Bills FO values Taron and the nickel position generally in their system. I don't see cutting Taron after this coming season as a serious consideration but I acknowledge it's a remote possibility as you laid out, particularly if he somehow regresses terribly or has career threatening injury or something like that in 2022.
  4. I understand where you are coming in that concessions will have to be made but $5mil dead cap is pretty prohibitive. Taron would have to have a remarkable regression in ability for Beane to even consider that. Cutting others, in addition to restructures/extensions/covering salary to bonuses etc. can free up cap space, there are plenty of ways to maneuver as we saw this offseason. Taron being cut won't be one of them. Plus, who knows how much the cap will increase next year.
  5. In our base defense we start 3 corners. Taron is the the nickel corner we still need two starters on the outside. Is this really not common knowledge? Edit: I apologize, read this too quickly, missed that you said draft "two" corners high. Yes, that may be unnecessary, although you could always see who pans out better and trade the other. Plus, statically speaking it is far more likely that only one, rather than both, would turn out as a good pro so if you the highest player on the board is a CB at both in both 1st and 2nd round you still take them both. Assuming we don't sign any vet FA, we absolutely must hit on a corner that can play right away early in this draft. Huh?? Taron just signed an extension last year through 2024 where he is getting avg of $8 mil per year. We could get out after 2022 but would cary a $5mil dead cap, which won't happen. Bills coaches and FO have made it very clear they view him as a long term nickel starter, key piece of the defense etc.. We prioritized extending him, arguable over other key defensive pieces too. Bills paid Levi Wallace less than $2mill last year but Taron got $8mil per, that should show you how highly they view him. He isn't going anywhere.
  6. Right but remember we were tinkering with the OL combos all season (and last season too). Bates looked really solid at LG in between Dawkins and Morse the last few games, but with Saffold coming in he would have likely moved to RG anyway, which presents some unknowns. In previous years Bates has looked like a solid backup material at best. You can get away with one below average starter on the OL, and who knows we may be able to find a cheaper vet replacement at RG or a rookie to compete with ford (or both). That's why I'm not too concerned. Not saying OL isn't important, I just don't think Bates was that valuable to begin with. I'd rather spend the money on a vet #2 corner.
  7. They can't trade him he's not currently under contract, the Bills have to match or they get nothing. Don't even waste your time hoping. Pats have PLENTY of cap room and holes all over the o line, including both starting guard spots. They will offer him prob close to $5mill per year knowing the Bills can't quite squeeze that.
  8. Damn, Bates is gone. Pats have plenty of cap space and just lost/traded away both their starting guards. Minnesota didn't have a lot of room wasn't as worried there, but NE will make an offer Bills can't match. Oh well, not too concerned. We have Saffold at LG, and then it will be between Ford/rookie for the RG spot.
  9. I don't have anything against Klein, he is a great run stopper and serviceable starter on a team that plays a base of 3 linebackers, but this signing means Klein is likely going to be cut. With our nickle base, we can't afford to pay Klein over $5mill this year to a backup, and now with Dodson being signed it secures our depth with a younger, cheaper player that also can play special teams. Can't see how we keep Klein now unless he takes a huge pay cut.
  10. I agree with you on Gase for sure but actually I thought O'Brien was pretty good as a head coach. What he was able to do in Houston even before they had Watson was impressive. Where he went wrong was in his GM capacity, made some awful, awful decisions roster wise. Wouldn't surprise me if he had success as a head coach again if given an opportunity and working with an empowered, competent GM.
  11. Good thoughts here, I tend to agree. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Bills promoted Dorsey to OC and then pursued Sean Ryan for a lateral move for Quarterbacks coach. Yes it's a lateral move, but let's face it, unless either (i) Watson is traded to Carolina, or (ii) Sean Ryan is promoted to OC in Carolina, don't think Ryan would pass up the chance to work with Allen and reset his career. Much better gig. Of course, Carolina could try to block that as a lateral hire.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/18/adrian-phillips-doesnt-see-huge-gap-between-bills-and-patriots/ Like many Pats fans I know, complete delusion.
  13. Mitch is one a one year deal. If he goes who cares? He's not a threat to the Bills anywhere. Our backup qb for 2022 won't matter, and if it does we won't win the SB. The Daboll threads are relevant to this week's playoff game (could even be a distraction for him this week game prep) and is current news, Mitch or whoever the backup qb is for 2022 won't affect anything and is nothing but unimportant speculation. Now, not saying it wouldn't be a fun topic for this offseason, but at this critical time approaching wildcard weekend just think it's an odd focus.
  14. No offense to the OP but we have a playoff run to worry about, odd time for this topic. Nobody knows if Mitch will stay, he very well might. Frankly, who cares?! We just locked up Josh freaking Allen for 8 more years! who cares who holds the clipboard. IF JA get hurt, it won't matter much who backs up because even if they are great we still aren't winning the Super Bowl without JA.
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