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  1. Saw this post on the Raven's message board regarding scouting report of the Bills from Raven's fan perspective. Thought it was interesting and worth sharing. I could nitpick a couple things but overall his analysis is tough to disagree with. He made some great points, but hopefully JA transcends all and puts the Bills on his back again this week! "With Moss out the bad running game of the Bills is really bad. Singletary is really only effective when there are holes so job one is to plug those holes up. The Ravens have been very good at doing that this year. The biggest runn
  2. Congrats to you OSU fans. I have to admit I knew this type of outcome was possible but I was very confident Clemson would win in a close one. They beat the crap out of my tigers. Revenge factor was real. Fields was lights out, whole team put it together. Hard game to swallow for me, but I'm sure this won't be the last time these two teams square of. Go win it all and go Bills!
  3. If you look at the actual context of that interview (not the paraphrasing in the tweet), it was in the context of a BIG team actually playing 9 games (8 regular season + conference championship) to the other conferences 11 (10 regular season + conference championship). 9 vs 11 isn't that big of deal, 9 is still substantially whole season. If all teams missed a lot of games (as who knew at that point)and it was only a game or two apart number wise that's okay too. That's what he was saying in context. Of course BIG foolishly started way later than necessary and left no bye weeks (a
  4. Well it's very well documented that Dabo did not rank any BIG or PAC school in the top 10 out of principal. That's very specifically why OSU was #11. He has said repeatedly since the ranks came out when questioned (I believe 3 or 4 separate times) that Ohio State is one of the most talented teams in the country and can easily beat Clemson and win it all, the reason they weren't in his top 4 was PURELY because BIG started late and OSU only played 6 games, and so much can happen over the course of a season in terms of injuries/losing to a bad team, its not fair to the teams that played more gam
  5. Brandon Streeter, the Qb Coach/Passing Game Coordinator will be primary play caller for Clemson (he has previous OC/playcalling experience). He has been waiting in the wings for this opportunity with Tony Elliot's departure long expected. Hate to see it, but this isn't the end of the world for Clemson. Elliot is an excellent coach but probably his biggest weakness (and main reason why he hasn't gotten a big time HC offer) is his playcalling. It has been questioned quite a bit over the years by analysts/non-homer fans. Certainly not a positive for Clemson right before the damn game, but ha
  6. Yup, and a true playoff team also doesn't lose 31-0 😉. Spin it how you want for fun/bulletin board material, but Dabo didn't rate OSU 11th based on talent. Was merely a shot at the PAC 12 and BIG10 leadership's inept, politically-motivated decision to start late that put their student athletes at a huge disadvantage while trying to make other conferences look bad. How dumb they look now. Not OSU's players/coaches fault at all though, feel bad for them. Last year's game was quite fun to watch, expect nothing less this time around. Clemson looks better as of late bu
  7. Of course, but why not wait until the offseason and try? If no takers then fine cut him then.
  8. How the heck did Washington not get anything for this guy??? I understand the he has sucked and has shown red flags off the field recently but you just release him for nothing after spending a first round pick on him not long ago?? I would be pissed if I was a Washington fan. He was a first round quarterback and has good arm talent, some team would take a flyer for late round pic. Did they not try and shop him around? Could they not get like a 5th or something for him? I'm at a loss for words.
  9. Cannot believe the NFL is scheduling games for Saturday during conference championship week. Makes zero sense.
  10. Seems like he meant is it a positive or negative trait that Josh does this. On the one hand, it gives a struggling receiver a chance to get their confidence back. On the other, it might piss off a guy like Diggs (or anyone else consistently catching the ball) to see Davis and Knox to get balls their way in a game where they not come down with multiple catchable balls. I worried about that with G. Davis last night, and found myself saying stop throwing his way. I felt a lot Knox's balls were tough catches. But Davis came down with the touchdown later after not competing well on balls that we
  11. Yeah but he has poor speed for the position. He's a great complementary piece but not THE guy. To take our offense to the next level, we a primary back that can impact the game with only 10 carries, and be a threat to take it to the house every time they touch the ball and otherwise catch well.
  12. I will agree with this. Our current running backs are fine as is, we are a pass first team now. However, neither Singletary or Moss has good speed and it does show. If we we had an RB with elite speed that could also catch that would scare the heck out of teams, and probably bring our O the next level. Travis Etienne out of Clemson would be a dream pick late first round.
  13. It was never meant to PROVE anything! You clearly didn't read the entire bottom paragraph of the post which discussed this exact point, which is the impossibility of proving a negative. It doesn't mean there is structural racism, but it also doesn't prove there isn't some unconscious bias. Players of all race get cut early in their careers...
  14. First of all, you don't "prove" propositions. And it wasn't a proposition/suggestion anyway, it was clearly my opinion. Why do I feel more GMs, and particularly coaches, should be black? It's simple, and a matter of common sense. Close to 70% of the NFL player population is black, yet less than 10% of coaches are black. When you have that few black coaches, it's less likely a black coach will be in the stepping stone position to be head coach. You don't have to play professionally to be qualified for HC, sure, but it's a pretty damn important qualification. The numbers don't add up. The
  15. Yeah but that misses the root of the issue, that they aren't enough minorities in stepping stone positions to even be looked at as HC/GM candidates. That's what this initiative is aimed at. By awarding two 3rd rounders to teams that "develop" black candidates, the hope is teams will start hiring them more and more in the stepping stone positions (ie. coordinators and assistant GMs). That's why you can't just award the team that hires the coach, it would happen too infrequently and be ineffective. I agree the rule is idiotic the way it is by only awarding the development team though, as tea
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