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  1. He was never coming back here...get over it.
  2. Damn that place is amazing. Elegant and modern with cool layout but nothing over the top. The top floor den makes me claustrophobic though. $75 mil in career earnings...$25 by the Bflo. That's the house that the Bills built.
  3. Superbowl party/parade.... Getting to at least 1 more game with my dad (hes 72). Both would bring me to tears in a good way.
  4. Why is this off-season giving me drought Bills vibes with the continual sh*t like this?
  5. Here we are AGAIN signing absolute street bum WR's hoping anything can stick. This time though its BEFORE the season and not a week before playoffs due to injuries. I hate this.
  6. I don't think so, at all. The group is massively behind the core we had last year, and it's not close.
  7. They aren't going to literally practice plays that they would run in games, lol. They're going to work on rapport, timing, "do this here, I like that, I don't like this", etc... That's definitely helpful. But no, they won't be doing things that they will callback to during a week 12 game in the 4th quarter on 3rd down lol. You have to be trolling to make that connection and think this is bad.
  8. I hate to bring the name up but it gives me James Hardy vibes. Similar size but actually slower.
  9. A guy called Thursday afternoon wanting to trade up for Bowers to have 3 TEs lol
  10. Move picks for Aiyuk. Draft another WR like Franklin or AD. Then I’m happy. otherwise…we will at least get to draft before 9pm next year!
  11. If we traded the pick to the chiefs and they take a WR I’m gonna hurl
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