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  1. How are you going to watch a 5 min highlight video and say this kid even has a chance at being one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game. Kelce is practically a WR, we need plenty of those. This kid would be lucky to turn into charles clay
  2. Tough year with the divorce, on field play, age....I bet he's done done. Could also see him running out the tunnel week 1 lol. Great career Tom, I'm hopeful Josh can get a slice of the career he had.
  3. I heard yet another plug of the "new OVERHAULED WGR shop" while listening today and decided to finally check it out.....this has to be a joke right? Home | WGR 550 (versatees.com) Please please please tell me nobody is walking around in a "sal capaccio" or "Howard picks the bills" Shirt. 🤢
  4. Forget where I saw the stat but since "rookie contracts" have become a thing like 12 years ago, only 2 QB's have won superbowls while on them. So while it would be obviously ideal to win with a QB on a rookie deal, it's unlikely. I'd rather roll into the playoffs with an all star QB than roll the dice on a rookie/unproven guy with weapons around him.
  5. Which is absolutely mind blowing to me since Frazier and McD were basically given a free second chance at game planning and still threw the same plan out there and watched it burn. Unacceptable.
  6. I just want to win one.
  7. Should tune in at 3 pm (or 6am for that matter) if you want some criticism of them. Schopp and BD arent offering any participation trophies to the staff this offseason.
  8. He was constantly getting burnt since coming back. Tons of holding penalties and PI clearly he's not as explosive. I'm sure someone will show me some advanced analytic bs that says the opposite but Eye test was no bueno for him this year.
  9. I would do anything in this world to get out of the Tre contract. I think he's donezo as a CB 1 in this league (yes there are 30 better CBs).
  10. Of course. We're all trying to wrap our heads around what happened yesterday and dialogue helps.
  11. 100% absolutely. Thomas has a $13 mil dead cap hit even if they cut him, and he's played 3 games in the last 2.5 years. You really want to take that risk? Cuz you're not getting him without that contact somehow. As for OBJ, I'm out on him after the injury concerns/airport fiasco. Too much of a risk, plus will demand HIGH value this offseason (take one look at the upcoming FA WR list it's terrible). I'd gladly pay a rookie deal 1 2 or 3 rounder and give them a shot vs the options you listed. PS - I do like Marquez Callaway this offseason. Cheap contract and had a nice year recently. Could be worth a shot.
  12. Neither. Ideas like these are why we'll never be in the big one. Commit actual assets (1-3 rd picks) to the position.
  13. I would have done it after the 13 seconds last year, and I'd do it within 5 seconds after the game yesterday if I'm sean. But, they wont.
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