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  1. FU I born and raised in Puebla (a Mexican state) and not is nothing like you said
  2. Also is turning to be a pos
  3. Jackson didn't win anything because he was in crappy teams, from ownership to coaches and that was reflected on the field. But he was better than have a talented player that rarely want to play(Lynch)
  4. No. We need better OL and a RB with love for the team, mote like Fred Jackson
  5. Wishful thinking they take two of them(or any other WR they like) in two of the first four rounds of the draft, the other two selections DE/LB and RB/OT dependant of FA
  6. For the moment it's easy for me, SF is my brother's team. Needless to say, it was a fun season for us (and continues for him)
  7. First of all, you should stop to look at the media's top free agents, that's no Buffalo's way, remember when they bring here Poyer, Hyde, Beasley or Brown (both WR more recognized), Lorax. Only Morse was among the top C's at FA and several years ago Mario, but that usually didn't happen. I'm looking for someone like Aaron Lynch, i remembered him from SF a couple years back, i think he signed with Chicago and really don't know much about him recently.
  8. This has been my point for several years in different places, most fans don't understand the way this works, they only want a player that most times will never fullfil the expectations or hype that surrounded him(OBJ is at top of the list)
  9. Certainly is a dilemma, you have a solid veteran group, but we need a great player at the position to make difference, so you need to get rid of one and also keep Johnson who show flashes of good player(I'm against Ngakoue).
  10. Richard Sherman is also primarily a zone CB. You should pay the player who bring more to your team regardless the position
  11. You are a defensive geniuses. Or just a buffoon
  12. Vinny Curry or Matt Breida Maybe Aaron Lynch, i really liked when he was with the 49ers
  13. I don't mind if they lose at Houston(although the chances are 50/50). At the start of the season team's mentality was "playoff caliber"and those expectations are filled, next year that should change to "championship caliber" and we must expect that. I understand that they change those stickers this week, but it's no what i expect.
  14. ALLEN Allen is a QB you can trust the last series, is maybe the most important virtue in him.
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