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  1. What about Camel, they have some of the best instrumental songs ever. I lost myself every time i listen Lady fantasy(not instrumental, just a favorite)
  2. First ever song i knew from they and the reason i have to listen all her discography
  3. The main reason is the complicated prog rock tends to be, the mix of different kinds of music from classical, jazz, electronic, metal, folk, psychodelic even some pop rock and most recently dark and some eclectic.
  4. What about Italian prog, i just know premiata forneria marconi and Le Orme and really like both
  5. I think in DB or DE (i want Maxx Crosby)
  6. Irv Smith or Dalton Risner could fall to 40. I'll be ok with one of them abd still trying a move in the bottom of 2nd.
  7. 🤔 Because GM's are geniuses that are above mortals 😀😀
  8. Yes, but not a priority. In this defense it seems more important someone who can put pressure in the QB, a S who can play close to the line and then LB
  9. Right now Seattle has advantage but wait to the franchise tender deadline, i'll not be surprised if he is traded for a three or four during draft
  10. If you really like a player why don't reach for him? especially if you see a (sort of)Von Miller or Bosa
  11. A run by Tim Tindale through the middle of Dolphins defense in playoffs in a record breaking game
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