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  1. Poor Ravens safety, he was totally unaware of the ball, in a stupid target option by Garoppolo
  2. He was helped by the good execution, that don't let him call some of the craziness usual in him
  3. Native 😆. There's a general perception of insecurity, but we are not so bad, México city has a lot of problems which are magnified by overpopulation. Rest of the country also has a lot of problems clearly focussed in "drug territories"
  4. No thanks, if México(as country) gets an NFL franchise please at least a winner. And should be a better option Monterrey, closer to US borderline and with better income
  5. Easy man, we are not as worst as some politicians on your country said, the biggest problem for a franchise in México is economics.
  6. And rest assured that there are more of the BILLS, count me as one
  7. Or McKenzie out for Williams with Roberts taking McKenzie plays on offense. Maybe coaches don't want to miss what McKenzie brings to offense and what Roberts to return game so there's no place for Williams
  8. And the only bold part is where he fires someone
  9. Two turnovers forced by the defense and five sacks
  10. Are you to young toremember Lyle Alzado? at least he was totally high on steroids
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