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  1. I know we are far from the OL level of SF, but with Allen checking down as Garoppolo does, this offense can be better and open the deep pass. Obviously we are not running at any level but with short passes you can open the field like if you're running
  2. Maybe he could play for us when is inactive for Miami, you know, as has been happened in the season
  3. There is not OL capable of that, maybe Feliciano
  4. The interior game on both sides by the 49ers is what has the game as is now
  5. I live in Mexico, and the locals announcers of the game are shockingly surprised that they called it as fumble, clearly they didn't saw the first Allen's"interception" of the season
  6. as long as is working for them, they are stopping Rams offense, will be enough
  7. Why you ask people to watch anything in the way you liked, I'm think as much as you, but also let people enjoy Bills games the way they liked. And your point about player's development is silly, every player has his time and ways to make it, the way they take Allen was the right way for Allen and for everyone in the team, especially Daboll who also growth with Allen
  8. And then you must wait he don't mess his life, like killing his wife 😢
  9. Is just a never give up man, with Allen i never feel the game is out of reach, it give us the confidence to keep fighting for our goal
  10. Lotulelei Now we missing his non trascendental perfeormances
  11. All week he was reported with a foot injury
  12. Luckily for us VanNoy wasn't rightly spotted, that pass was the only chance they have to stop him
  13. Daboll making the call there, 3 and 1... deep pass
  14. Not so much, any team will have troubles trying to stop the slippery Murray, and those WR's
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