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  1. No. He was a little bit overrated, this doesn't means was bad, he lived more on his fame than on his playing in the field
  2. This is the player to whom I compare it, he lacks initial explosiveness, but with strength enough to make up for it.
  3. Id don't think so, Metcalf fell to the right situation, Washington is now in a bad situation from top to bottom
  4. For two months I've compared him to Justin Smith, former Missouri, Cincinnati and SF player. (4th. - 5th. overall for Bengals) Solid, unspectacular (for casual fans) player, but with all you need to a long, productive carrer in NFL. High motor, great teammate (some level of leadership), versatility along the line, simply is the player who makes the job for others to shine.
  5. Since when the goal is get to the playoffs? if you only want a playoff run maybe, but that's not the goal
  6. Maybe he thinks this year draft is a two round draft
  7. There's so many, i'm a prog rock listener (and therefore a long song listener). Lady fantasy -camel Anesthetize- porcupine tree Echoes- pink floyd Second life syndrome- riverside Oniket pranktor- artcell
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