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  1. "the flag is for the hit on Tom" they literally said that on TV
  2. No, just the Andy Reid effect. Struggling in big games
  3. KC us having a bad game against a good team, still no big deal but it seems there's no room to improvement with Reid at the head
  4. Or someone else not in the roster
  5. This is totally (s#&t) pats biased, SB XXIII is maybe the best played SB and isn't even top 10
  6. I think it refers to a combination of cover 3-cover2( not 3/2)
  7. Cox is close to elite level, so no, I'm taking of Curry, Graham and Barnett, none of them is considered elite level, but together bring enough pressure
  8. We don't really need a "elite" pass rusher, just one that can bring some pressure for himself from the edge, and with the "versatility" (that i don't think Clowney has) to play inside some downs. I will live to have one of the Philly guys.
  9. Sadly is the way the league and officiating works that's the reason why "legion of boom" and the "offensive philosophy-pass happy league" are successful players know this. And maybe i didn't clarify my point, but the flagrant IG by Brady really pissed me.
  10. And certainly the refs can't call all the throwaways as intentional grounding, but they pass at least a couple last Sunday specially the one in the Milano blitz deep in the 4th quarter
  11. Again, can you tell me the last time in this regime those kind of rumors are true
  12. Zay Jones isn't a ball fighter and never will be, I'm against he being cut him but totally in favor of bench him. Sometimes don't even extend his arms to get to the ball, it's so frustrating
  13. the number 83 tries to block makes a move to avoid contact but fails and stumbles the defensive player And don't understand how no one have mentioned the Jerry Hughes clap to a helmet teammate that was a personal foul several years ago
  14. With the big difference that if Allen throw away the ball, half of the time will be calling intentional grounding
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