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  1. Well, that point is valid as long as Josh was the only QB that play under those circumstances. I would accept more if the discussion were because he has only shown it for a year, but not for a situation that every player went troght
  2. Maybe coaches think he can play G in rookie contract and replace any of the starters in case of injury or if one of the starters get greedy and want more money
  3. Just over Jason Oweh, no need to said any round. (I'm exaggerating but it's just to make it clear)
  4. No way any coach can change a bad attitude, he only posted big numbers in a contract year, even in college he did not want to play his best to minimize "the risk of injury"
  5. Still don't understand why people talks about pass rush and they mention Clowney, he has like 3 sacks in two years. If they don't draft any, Dunlap is my choice, and most likely near the start of the season. (Patience is a bless in disguise)
  6. If he have "character concerns" why you think Buffalo will be interested? seriously doubt Buffalo take him unless he drops drastically (3rd or most) and still i don't think so
  7. Easy to say, we need a pass rusher, but besides QB the hardest position to find "the one".
  8. Henry Jones, merely on the interception category. Jairius Byrd
  9. Here you miss the actual Clowney problem, with all of the T. Murphy limitations he was a team player and made what coaches ask him to do, i seriously doubt Clowney want to
  10. I don't give Clowney a chance because i see in him an attitude problem that can't be solved even in Buffalo environment. Only Dunlap, but by the way i'm looking to upgrade the lack of sacks i dont believe there is someone that can. (I clearly differentiate between sacks and pressure, Buffalo does the late at some level of success)
  11. Draft, only draft. I may only open to Dunlap, and that's will be if they don't drat one. Most here want an immediate impact player, I don't, all the movements so far have been to draft BPA in each round and develop them Why people still so in love with Clowney, he never has reached the level most expect of him, and has been for his attitude
  12. Why, he has like 3 sacks in two years and the same attitude that Mario Williams had. I pass
  13. The situation about Watt wasn't based on the field production merely, they wanted a consummated pro that can teach the younger players already on the team, and possibly a rookie how to be a pro
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