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  1. Find a way to get Chase Young, if he is really the kind of player people said he is, he will make what Bosa did to SF defense(turn a solid defense into a great one)
  2. It's a totally different situation, now you are giving cannon ammunition to a cannon, and before you put those ammunition to a 22 caliber
  3. So far Miami is paying two (below) average players 10 millions avg/year. Is good for me
  4. That's the way Beane works, surely you miss Ryan days
  5. 15 millions of reasons. Baltimore will take all salary and Jax nothing
  6. Vinnie Curry(DE) Philadelphia Aaron Lynch(LB/edge) Chicago
  7. That's from last year production, with Spain demanding 7-8 millions that totally change(and i don't want any of them)
  8. You are talking like there's no fans of NFL, and specifically Bills, worldwide. Again, I'm from Puebla city, about one and a half hour to Mexico city, and i can tell you in my city there's a plenty of people who likes football
  9. The point is Lawson maybe hit the top of his game and if Epenesa it's at that level with chances to improve then is a better option. I see Epenesa as Justin Smith(Cin/SF) not explosive, but with enough ability to rush from any spot in the line, and obviously a good run stuffer(the comparison is exaggerated at the moment, but can't remember other player with those abilities)
  10. I would really like people here stop to be delusional about what this team is going to do, i accepted for entertainment purposes , but nothing else. Buffalo usually don't go for the top free agents, and this hardly gonna change, maybe one player they have targeted before or liked during his draft process, but is better to look to the bottom of the free agency
  11. Vs Las Vegas Raiders, the league need to reinforce the "new"franchise, and is divisional game
  12. Slightly above Cincinnati that's totally BS
  13. I'm thinking the same way, only expecting a big disappointed season in between, that obviously bring here the catastrophic posters
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