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  1. It was Singletary along Dawkins who missed that block. It's funny how in an attempt to demerit a player, he is blamed for things that he is not guilty of
  2. Players are replaceable, leadership isn't, at least not so easily. Is one reason why they bring Miller (tried last year with Watt) and they try to keep Milano, Poyer and Hyde. Until they find a way to replace that, some of those players are safe
  3. That's to the fantasy football eyes. In real football he is a beneficiary of the great game of the rest of the DL, it seems the Phillips - Bills it's a perfect match, but also both Phillips stints in Buffalo are the kind of "proven years"
  4. Right, that money must go to their shiny new franchise QB 🤦‍♂️
  5. https://twitter.com/OneBillsLive/status/1520081630378999808?s=20&t=guerJckrSZEqMaA4e67UAA
  6. Well that's a law for years in my city, Puebla in Mexico. Only applying to secondary roads and letting pedestrians advance first. There are bad citizens in any means of transport, you have to know how to differentiate them. And I say this as a cyclist who goes back and forth to his workplace every day.
  7. Why, because the HC wants to improve and openly speaks how he wanted to do it? There's no "problem" and much less Buffalo is such a "paradise", is a football team that want to win from top to bottom, and in the middle there are certain pieces that prevented it from being achieved, I'm not saying Daboll is a bad OC, just he toped here, and he refuses to accept it.
  8. Right, before 90 we didn't know, also we don't know now who or if someone in the roster or in this year draft can be or develop into a great player, some says Rousseau (i don't really like him, but who knows)
  9. There's no doubt about that, but on the '90 team we don't have a clue how Thomas would develop.
  10. Well, back in those years none of the future HOFers were yet. By '90 only Bruce could have been considered for such accomplishment
  11. Now it's time to find their counterpart on defense, Edmunds isn't, neither Rousseau. (Or at least find another Lorax to lead them)
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