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  1. poblano

    Pats DE Adrian Clayborn Released

    But you said they will miss the players that take them to those stats
  2. poblano

    Pats DE Adrian Clayborn Released

    Yes, but again their run defense always seems to work with plug and play players.
  3. poblano

    Pats DE Adrian Clayborn Released

    They already traded for Michael Bennett, and their run defense is usually will with "no names" players, the QB pressure is a constant problem that they solve in imaginative ways during season
  4. Yes, the free agency fool's gold. To all people who want to expend in a crazy way
  5. Shaq Lawson will be traded or released before 1st. preseason game and think in 2nd day of the draft
  6. It seems Earl Thomas
  7. Yes. There's no WR in FA that worth it neither a rookie, besides with OL and TE additions the move will make sense (as long the price is next year's first round) draft a DL in first WR and OL in 2nd. and 3rd. to develop and the rest of draft and free agency for deep
  8. No. This defense is far to be really good, is at the top half of the league but with several deficiencies atop of those is the pass rush, interior and exterior, and stop the run but Clark don't bring that, so that situation still to be solved and don't discount the top of the draft(assuming the Clark deal is done)
  9. Lawrence, but only to answer your question, because bring here any of those players would be to expensive in draft capital, cap money and specially in locker room chemistry (imo)
  10. poblano

    Bills re-sign Jordan Phillips

    Still lacking another edge rusher, Murphy and Lawson aren't.
  11. poblano

    Non-call affected Super Bowl too

    The game was in B. Cooks two endzone drops, you have to make plays to win and then the poor officiating didn't matter
  12. poblano

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    Always I've defended SB XXIII as the best played overall, although to the actual standards is a boring one, from start to end very solid game from both teams, and also from those glorious days that the refs(and the league) didn't screw the game. My other tops are XXXII, ILIII. XXV is totally apart because im biased and for the poor game for the BILLS defense
  13. T. Smith was a rookie in the SB XXVIII year and you know Levi's approach with respect to rookies and had a solid non spectacular carrer but far from bust, and Burris came one year late.
  14. poblano

    Josh Allen at #9????

    In the moment the season ends and draft order was revealed some people was talking about him as two overall with Bosa as one. Is premature but nothing crazy
  15. poblano

    Wild Card Saturday: FA targets to watch

    Clowney is too expensive and i think his production this year is only because he wants sign a big deal (wherever) and his play will decrease after