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  1. ndirish1978

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Beane said in an interview that they were "probably being too conservative" with Murphy, but they preferred to let him go through minicamp without contact because they knew they had over a month off after that and they preferred to just let him fully recover and rehab rather thank risking a setback.
  2. ndirish1978

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    The only thing I use the website for is the videos section. I don't read the self-congratulatory articles or explore any other of the dark recesses of that place.
  3. ndirish1978

    Beane interview w/ Fairburn (QB, Shaq, etc.)

    The Athletic is already a better site than BN
  4. Rodak isn't a real journalist, he's a paid troll. The fanbase deserves much better than Rodak.
  5. ndirish1978

    Bills Backers of Guatemala

    Sure, I'll pick you up at the airport and you can stay with me. I'm in Guatemala City, you here too GG?
  6. Times change. Remember when 411 was a thing and you had to pay per search for information you can get for free in about a second now? That's what these sports columnists at TBN are. They don't provide inside information, they just posted click-bait drivel to try and drive traffic to the site in order to justify getting paid for being professional trolls. Newspapers are/were important because they provided information to an uninformed public. Some time in the 90s when personality-driven content became the trendy thing a bunch of sports columnists stopped including insider info in their writing and decided to just make "hot takes" in order to grow their personal brands. People are no longer willing to pay for that crap. TBN sports desk doomed itself when it ostracized itself from the teams it covered and started getting scooped by the national media. I don't need a TBN sub to get Bills news, I just need a twitter feed. Why would I pay money to read poorly written troll pieces by Bucky and Sullivan? The only way for local journalists to maintain relevancy is to provide the local audience with information that national reporters don't have access to. TBN has failed in that and has only themselves to blame for it.
  7. ndirish1978

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    released from the reserve/retired list.
  8. ndirish1978

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    I could see him signing with someone else soon
  9. ndirish1978

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Funny, that coincides with my mental picture of you
  10. ndirish1978

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Kind of hard to feel bad for them and their geocities online presence. I've seen more intuitive webpage designs in high school newspapers. They doggedly refuse to get rid of writers people hate and are clinging to a business model that hasn't been successful since the 80s.
  11. ndirish1978

    Pats* to hire taekwando instructor

  12. ndirish1978

    Still no cheerleaders for the Bills?

    Is there some sort asinine bet going on how long we can keep this topic alive that I'm unaware of? This is like the 4th thread this offseason talking about a cheerleading squad that has been gone for years and will not return.
  13. ndirish1978

    Which TBD poster made this video???

    This guy's voice is so awful I just couldn't get through more than 3 phrases and I really wanted to be able to.
  14. ndirish1978

    Saints Cut Coby Fleener

    Vet FA TE option.