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  1. If we don't invest heavily in the OL we are going to get the franchise QB we've been waiting for killed. The OL is putrid. I wouldn't even bother with receivers until we've replaced C, RG, RT. After that we need a WR1, RB, CB2, DT
  2. ndirish1978

    Josh Allen turning non-believers into believers

    Wow, the WR have REALLY been letting this kid down. I knew it was bad, but there are several plays in here where he makes a great play and the pass just gets dropped
  3. ndirish1978

    Lorax - should he be extended?

    Pay him whatever, he and Kyle are the heart and soul of our D and he can still rush the QB.
  4. ndirish1978

    Youse is in for a treat

    Spags! You tell Darnold to go get his shine box cause he is gonna have to put in some work before the game shining Allen's cleats.
  5. ndirish1978

    OLine - offseason

    Do you guys see high-end OL talent in this draft?
  6. ndirish1978

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Saw this in an article.
  7. ndirish1978

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    I've seen these gifs everywhere, where the heck are you guys getting these from?
  8. ndirish1978

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Comp picks only come in to play if you have a net loss in free agency, we are not going to have a net loss so I'm good with it. KB was absolutely terrible and deserves the shame of getting cut in the middle of the season.
  9. If this were the case, the name would have to be McBovineDermatology and that is just not as catchy. Come to think of it, the first nickname was just as ridiculous.
  10. Giving that guy attention is not the move. If you don't like Schopp, best thing is to not talk about him and don't listen to his show.
  11. There is one thing you have to say about Allen: you don't feel like the game is over when we are behind. I remember being 6 points behind in the 4th quarter of a game last year and KNOWING we had no chance of picking up a TD to win. We could be down by over a touchdown with under 5 minutes to play and between our D and Allen I now have confidence we have a shot of coming back. That means a lot to me.
  12. ndirish1978

    Bills Release P Colton Schmidt

    Yes! Darr will bring his entire playbook, which consists of a single page:
  13. ndirish1978

    Playoffs - ESPN Playoff Machine

    Wake me up to use this playoff simulator what we don't have a losing record. I'll save everyone the time: we lose to the Patriots and we're out unless the Broncos, Ravens and Titans all fall apart. We lose any game before then and you can flush every scenario down the toilet because we're not beating the Patriots.
  14. ndirish1978

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    He's a kid with a "rivalry" mentality trying to hype himself up. He doesn't understand the business side of this, or he is willfully ignoring it.
  15. They don't care about your tailgating experience, they don't profit from it enough and the antics quite frankly make the fanbase look boorish. A new stadium downtown with a retractable roof allows them to hold more events (concerts) and would have a net positive effect on the economy. Reduced tailgating space means people would be funneled into the bars/restaurants in the area. Expect this to be the route they go with.