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  1. ndirish1978

    WR Suggestion - Bills should sign ASAP

    Our WRs are awful, I would kill for someone with sure hands.
  2. Thanks, was the game as bad as the boxscore indicates?
  3. I missed the game cause I'm traveling. What happened with this? When did coach start calling plays?
  4. ndirish1978

    How Safe Are Coach McDermott and GM Beane?

    If this is the case we wouldn't be looking for a new HC after next season though, just sayin'.
  5. ndirish1978

    The Ringer's Rodger Sherman Does Not "Respect the Process"

    I dunno if there's context to this comment beyond what he just said, but I didn't find the point that drafting a MLB and QB to lead each side of the ball to be too off-base.
  6. ndirish1978

    McBeane's way of rebuilding makes no sense

    Leroi making personal attacks again...smh
  7. ndirish1978

    Redskins' 50-year sellout streak will end this Sunday

    I may be going to that one, sounds good to me.
  8. ndirish1978

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    I disagree. Looked like he was upset to have to be conducting a press conference and justifying things to the media. I'm sure he's not happy about Peterman sucking so bad that the fanbase completely turned on him and derailing his plan to start Josh later in the season.
  9. ndirish1978

    Eric Wood’s New Gig

    I love that this is on The Athletic and not BN
  10. ndirish1978

    Peterman Stats - Historical Ranking?

    I honestly believe this is all he's capable of. He's not a real NFL talent, he lacks the physical and mental ability to play at this level. It's not his fault he sucks, he has no business playing in the NFL and the coaches are to blame for putting a replacement level player out there and trying to feed it to us that he belongs.
  11. Talent-wise this is true. I suspect he is talking about team-players, which he really has no business being excited about, as they are not any good.
  12. Don't worry, Peterman actually throws like a substitute chemistry teacher.
  13. ndirish1978

    Conversation with A Bills Executive

    What kind of car does this executive drive?!
  14. Philip Rivers looks like a substitute chemistry teacher.
  15. ndirish1978

    Happy 49th birthday to SDS

    Happy Birthday!