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  1. Did it kind of look like they had Oliver mic'd up as well? There were several plays where the D-line was focused on and sounded like they had sound on them.
  2. What's the point of this thread? OP, do the moon-landing next!
  3. I'd like to beat the Chiefs, then the Titans and finally the Bucs and exorcise absolutely all the demons.
  4. They were on network tv and then got picked up by netflix season 3.
  5. First couple of seasons were not bad. The third is simply a different show.
  6. Where do you guy get tickets from for away games? Looking at Ticketmaster and Seatgeek at present. I live abroad and am thinking about taking my brother and Dad to the game but I'm not super familiar with away game ticketing and would appreciate any advice. Thanks all!
  7. It's weird that the cold weather is affecting attendance so much. I went online to see about purchasing tickets for the KC game and tickets are all 4-5x more on avg than this week's tickets and I'm having a hard time getting good seats due to availability.
  8. All I know about that Massare guy is that he posted that the Bills were about to do something big (can't remember if it was a trade or a big signing) and when it didn't happen, he deleted the tweet altogether to avoid responsibility.
  9. We struggle against the run. He is a stout run defender. Bringing him in is logical.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/4243537/gabriel-davis Davis contributed to the low completion percentage yesterday. Targeted 14 times and only THREE receptions.
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