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  1. Well this is a terrible start to the game. Talk about discouraging. Our D isn't picking our Offense up and the Offense is abysmal.
  2. We've come out about as flat on both sides of the ball as you could.
  3. I'd rather draft a WR in the upcoming draft, which has a very strong WR class. I'm ok with our WRs now that we have a big-bodied guy in Duke. 1-Tech DT would be nice. We're not picking up a RT, though I wish we would. Going to give Ford the rest of the season to show he's not the future at that position (I don't believe he is, he should be rotating in at LG).
  4. The Low Down isn't its own show, it's a segment on One Bills Live every Friday before the game at 2PM.
  5. Has to be sarcasm, else it would be the single most ridiculous thing posted on this board since BuffaloBarbarian wanted to trade Mario Williams for Skelton
  6. Easy fix - remove the battering ram helmets. People will learn to tackle properly once they lose a few teeth.
  7. Pull in blue-chippers from college and stop neutering the game and they should have a decent product.
  8. ESPN can write articles about the Bills? When did this happen?
  9. I expect Daboll to know better than to throw his career away by doing to work for that clown Snyder
  10. Poyer and Hyde both need new contracts. I'd like them to both retire as Bills
  11. Too slow to be an effective backup? I haven't seen him play in a while
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