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  1. Hey guys, Jeremy has lost a lot this year. His mother was a volunteer for meals on wheels. It's just a gesture of support, but I tweeted at @DelReid asking if we could set up a drive to send donations to the organization in memory of Marianne White and Jeremy actually responded to my tweet saying "she would love that." If anyone is interested in kicking in here's the link: https://mealsonwheelswny.org/donate/ https://twitter.com/JeremyWGR/status/1220791073502425088?s=20
  2. 1 fumble lost on 17 carries vs 1 fumble lost on 4 fumbles on 164 carries.
  3. Arnett is an excellent CB and would give us a crazy good CB tandem, Kareem is a solid DE and Chase Claypool from ND has size and is excellent at high-pointing the ball. I would be thrilled with that draft.
  4. If by looking good you mean he fumbled, then yes.
  5. A failed attempt to link a twitter video of Garafolo basically saying he's hearing behind the scenes that this is a medical retirement and that Kuechly is being forced into it.
  6. DE in FA. WR1 in the draft. I'd like Conklin or Castonzo at RT if we can get one. There are a ton of edge guys that could be available hypothetically: Bud Dupree, Shaq Barrett, Matthew Judon, Kyle Van Noy.
  7. Problem for Ford is that Spain and Feliciano are both better than him and I'm not buying him as a T.
  8. I find it a bit disheartening that the Dolphins could beat the Pats and we couldn't.
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