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  1. At this point it's just a rule set by the governor right?
  2. I really don't think this bothers Josh beyond being some bulletin board material. You have to imagine that even after a great game he's getting hate from all over. I'd imagine you just get used to brushing it off if you expect to be successful.
  3. Diggs has been great, but that one feels like cheating because he's just living up the standard he's always set. Addison has been a surprise for me, but the numbers suggest it's my fault for being surprised because he's been pretty good for years. I really like Gabe Davis, that TD catch showed a lot of poise.
  4. Thanks! Glad to live in a country where we can both be ignorant and uninformed! Hmmm, law in general is nice, but malpractice law... that sounds like it pays well. Nah, I won't instigate further, haven't done a malpractice case in years.
  5. Proceed with caution as to what? I don't see people saying Ramsey is a bad football player, they're just saying he's a garbage human. That's fair enough.
  6. I'll call him an imbecile if my personal opinion feel like it's warranted. You can store your comments about consent waivers, Tyrod was in pain and had a piece of paper placed in front of him and was told if he wanted to play he needed a shot and had to sign the waiver to get one. Med field people coming out of the woodwork in this thread to defend someone without knowing the standard of care provided or the competence of the physician is tribalism at its best.
  7. I feel like Darnold could be ok if not saddled with that awful HC
  8. Thanks for that info. I'd posit that perhaps medical innovation needs to get to the point where puncturing a lung isn't a known complication for something like administering a painkiller. Unfortunately a great deal of money for medical innovation is going to fix people's erections and not more effective tools for accomplishing more mundane everyday tasks.
  9. I don't get why PFF bothers people. That website is just a bunch of nerds who've never played football who managed to create a niche market for their made up stats and rely on clicks from baiting people to drive up their net traffic to justify their existence. Bills fans are legion and have a strong online presence, but you can pick on that market because it is comparatively small. Is anyone really surprised they troll us? PFF takes up too much real estate in some of your heads, living up there rent free. I don't know the PFF people's individual names, just like I don't remember my college calc teacher's name - I recommend more people take this same approach for your mental health.
  10. Brandt is right. I put a comment in the Shoutbox yesterday noting that there don't seem to be ANY talking heads shows mentioning the Bills. Can anyone seriously find anything? This GMFB 10 second segment is the only thing I've found at all.
  11. I love that we can win higher scoring games now. The D needs to get it together asap. Recovering our 2 starting LBs will go a long way, but the DL has been average.
  12. Big boy football! We don't need the D to carry us anymore!
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