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  1. Bruschi is a moron. I could get more insight into the NFL from watching techmo bowl than listening to that dude.
  2. Greg Cosell: LB Draft Options

    This interview is a microcosm of him on the show: 1- They get a draft guy on so rather than ask him about someone we might draft, he asks him about some obscure small school guy, making the guest look bad because he has to admit he hasn't watched tape on him. 2- Rather than letting the guest off graciously, he goes BACK to the question moments later and jokingly asks if he has something against small school guys. There is so much cringe in how he operates.
  3. Greg Cosell: LB Draft Options

    Ugh, stopped listening to this show cause it's not good, but I really enjoyed the guest. Donald Jones provided us with some sincerely painful moments to listen to though.
  4. Holy $#!+ - looks like I'm going to the draft!

    Congrats Jay, that's awesome. Happy for you!
  5. Eric Wood issues

    You troll this board every chance you get, I'm not taking anything you say at your word. If you had proof, then I'd believe you.
  6. Compton would make sense and fill a need
  7. Whats the plan at LB?

    I would hate this. QB or nothing.
  8. Whats the plan at LB?

    This is the biggest question I have and it has me super worried.
  9. I'm saying the question is speculation for speculation's sake. Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell would have been considered the top of this class because they were both considered can't-miss prospects while every QB in this class has question marks. How does that actually mean anything?
  10. Eric Wood issues

    And you know what? Cause I've actually gotten information from Massare's twitter account.
  11. Ask me again in 4 years and I can actually give you a logical answer; anything else is just speculation.
  12. Vontaze suspended for PEDS

    I'll take "News That Surprised No One" Alex