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  1. He's been coaching New England for years...
  2. I watch PMS and then pretty much just Parrino & Talbots webisodes. National media just wants to talk about stuff I could not care less about. If there is anything interesting it usually pops up on my twitter feed.
  3. How have the Titans looked? I am looking at our schedule and I had them and KC as the two biggest challenges before the season started.
  4. Everyone here gets talked down to. I haven't really seen it be based on gender.
  5. Yessir, took me a couple days to even check in this week whereas last week I was on daily. Losses are downers and I'm not much for commiseration.
  6. Let's be honest, whomever wins humanity still loses
  7. https://nflpa.com/posts/daily-covid-testing-is-the-key-to-a-full-nfl-season Here you go. This thread will inevitably get shut down, but this letter from JC Tretter echoes concerns raised about the lack of daily testing this year. I think it is noteworthy.
  8. Now that he's on the tail-end of his career he wants defenses to get tougher so Qbs won't have a chance to match his SB record.
  9. It's a nice litmus test: If we can't beat the Steelers there's no reason to think we can beat the big boys to get to the SuperBowl. In regards to the article written by this obvious troll... don't feed the trolls. Parrino and Talbot had a conversation on their podcast about how writers and sports personalities are dying for clicks and they know Buffalo has a rabid fanbase online, they court clicks by writing garbage like this just to get people to spread the word. I'd recommend not clicking on the article and thus supporting this troll.
  10. https://www.nflbeast.com/news/2021-practice-squad-primer-everything-to-know-from-the-rules-to-the-eligibility/ I did a quick readthrough of this article, I'd recommend it to anyone with PS questions. 16 total players Up to 6 veterans 4 players may be protected every week 2 players can be called up to the active roster and then revert back to the PS after the game, this is expandable to 3 players for a covid-related emergency
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