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  1. No one cares about a player taking as much money as they can. People get annoyed when players are out there flirting with their franchise just to drive up the price somewhere else. DHop has done nothing but drop hints he wants to play here, I don't really see the point if we've made our best and final offer and he doesn't want to accept it. He should just say he's looking for the best opportunity amongst the teams who will pay him the most and I don't think anyone would begrudge him that.
  2. My 2 cents - this will likely drag on. I think DHop has an unrealistic view of his market, if someone had offered him what he wanted I think he would have signed by now. He's just trying to find a way to convert "interest at the right price" into a bigger payday.
  3. It's easier to be aggressive when you have 2 stud safeties who can minimize mistakes. We didn't have that last year, we had an injured Poyer and Hyde was out. Having Rapp around is gonna help.
  4. I'd do Houston first and then structure DHop around what is left. I wouldn't miss out on a much-needed DE for DHop. I think Kincaid eats into Gabe's reception numbers enough that I'm fine with him as WR2.
  5. Just an irrelevant journo from AZ trying to clout-chase
  6. It'd be nice to have him, but I'm hoppin' off the "gotta get him" train. I don't blame him for trying to max his value, this is the money he's gonna live off of forever. However, I don't think we're in a position to overpay for WR2 and I think Beane is of the same mindset. If he's gonna chase money over rings he should just head to Cleveland and be mediocre - no judgement from me on that decision. I'd rather take this money and pay Justin Houston, our DEs stink.
  7. Well if it's fiscally financial I think we're probably done out.
  8. I wouldn't care much if they sign him, Mac is still their QB. Would be better than having him go to the Chiefs.
  9. I'm much more worried about the Bengals than I am the Chiefs.
  10. Unpopular opinion: I'd rather sign Justin Houston than DHop. I'd like them both, but I think our pass rush will be a bigger issue this season than our offense.
  11. The roster cutdown this year is going to be super interesting. I would not underestimate the HUGE hit Special Teams just took with the NFL basically killing kickoffs. Players who would have made this roster on the basis of being a gunner or kick returner just had their values slashed dramatically. I could see teams carrying more skill position backups now and less 4th string linebackers and safeties to play teams. If you have a directional punter, special teams could theoretically almost never have to cover the field, just boot the ball out of the endzone on kickoffs and kick it out of bounds on punts.
  12. OP - those are not diehard fans. They can do what they want, but I'm not messing with them.
  13. Nope, you're moving the goalposts. Your argument said nothing about in the same season. You said "Beane isn't the type to move on from someone, fill the positions the way he'd like with other players, and then double back and alter the group he already formed." I showed you that he has done that twice and then you decided to try and reframe your disproven point. Nice try though.
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