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  1. I don't get the derision for Cam. You'd think he wronged this board somehow
  2. She's speculating about things inside the Bills' building, where the poster does not think she has any sources. If she were reporting based upon a source in the Eagles organization then she would be speculating as to "apprehension" in Buffalo without having direct knowledge of it. I don't see apprehension, I see a goal to improve at all positions when possible. If her source is in Philly, she's a poor writer. If the Bills were "apprehensive" they would have overpaid for a TE in FA. Either way, I don't see anything rising to the point of "insulting" or any other emotional response y
  3. This is the one time I would be happy with us going to Europe to play. Just cause I'd want to go.
  4. I don't see the benefit to the team in going away. Whatever is best for the team should be what we do.
  5. I was searching for this on youtube while reading page 2. Thanks for getting the job done!
  6. Woah, assuming a lower level of functioning based on race is pretty bad.
  7. Should be spending time at OTAs and not working on his vanity muscles. He's primed to lose his starting role as is; we were going to Moss a lot more down the stretch.
  8. Yeah it was pretty clear Rousseau was a backup target and they really wanted someone else who went earlier, Washington should be happy he got his guy though. Basham clearly elicited more excitement from McDermott.
  9. Clear member of a rotation, I don't see a problem with this. Even when Rousseau becomes a starter he will still rotate in this defense, only with a higher snap count. Basham has a more intriguing trajectory to me as I see him playing off the edge and a lot of 3 tech, possibly being a challenge for Oliver, we'll see.
  10. Agreed as far as smart betting goes, this is clearly predicated on Watson not playing IMO.
  11. I like this better than the official schedule announcement - disclaimer - music is a little annoying Wk 1 JuJu is good, but the Colts are my fav one
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