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  1. Maybe this season we can get a video clip of Watt telling Kyler "we wasted one of your years."
  2. Extremely shocked is an opinion. If you ran a mock with us getting Epanesa in the 2nd last year I would have been extremely shocked.
  3. Had to prioritize DE higher than I wanted since JJ decided to chase cash. This presumes D Williams does not re-sign. Picks (by number of pick, not rd) 1- New starting RT 2- We need an edge rusher 3- Replace Milano 4- Big Nickel 5- Upside CB 6- Replace McKenzie 7- Sleeper WR
  4. Watt would have been nice. I'd be more excited to hear we re-signed D Williams though.
  5. I just can't muster enough enthusiasm to root for or against this signing anymore.
  6. I feel like people aren't taking the Catch-22 situation for a new GM into account enough. Superstar QB is trying to impose his will on the franchise. If Caserio trades him he's basically opening the doors to any other player in the future who wants to hold out/demand a trade and letting them know he will blink first. If I'm Caserio I strong-arm Watson and force him to play or sit out and then trade him next year when I actually get to scout the picks I'm making.
  7. Name is Addison and this year the salary cap went DOWN by 30 million. Players are not going to be making market value signings.
  8. The more I run these mocks across different websites, the more I would like a trade down on our 1st rd pick. I would love to pick up an extra second or another 1st for next year to move back a few spots.
  9. Watched this on Youtube. Enjoyed Beane dumping on PFF. Milano is definitely gone, probably D Williams too. He basically said the team was going to allow them to test the market, if they didn't like what they were offered he would make them an offer.
  10. Is America's Test Kitchen worth the sub? I purchased half the stuff in my kitchen on their recommendations.
  11. Do I read? Yes. Do I read some books because I feel obligated to read certain "must reads?" Yes. But the stuff I actually enjoy is pretty much just sci fi / fantasy. Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss stand out in those genres as current authors.
  12. I see a lot of drafts picking LTs (I've done it myself) and sliding them over to RT. How unwise is this? I note this because it seems like some people just can't adjust to switching which foot they use to slide back. Thoughts? Well, I'm doing it here in this one, which I actually like. Fairly high risk high reward draft with Rousseau, Little and Brown
  13. I don't know how many times this opinion has been shut down by the coaching staff. Edmunds will not be changing positions.
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