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  1. I did as a kid. Had all kinds of albums and cards in hard sleeves - went back and looked at them all - pretty much nothing wound up with value. You'd think a thurman thomas and several Shaq rookie cards would be worth at least a couple of bucks.
  2. Do we have any DTs aside from Oliver who actually ARE practicing? This game is going to be all runs up the middle and screens to the flats by NE and it'll probably work against this D.
  3. The only move I would make is for a decent 1 tech, but we don't have the cap space for one and the Dline we already have hasn't gelled in 7 weeks. I dunno how anyone could come in an make a difference at this point.
  4. We had patience with Murphy, we should have some with Phillips
  5. It begins and ends with the Dline. A successful Dline helps all levels of the defense, much like a rising tide raising all ships. We cannot get pressure on the QB, they have time to wait for receivers to get in better positions, the LBers are simply not great and injured and we don't actually have a nickel or CB2. This defense is painful to watch.
  6. This doesn't explain everything. Josh is overthrowing and underthrowing, receivers are dropping balls. The Dline is not playing worldbeaters, they are playing mostly 2nd stringers.
  7. I think Kim Jones should have asked if the team has ANY heart. Because I'm seeing nothing.
  8. It just sucks because you really can't buy in to this team. They play well and then completely disappear and don't look close to what they did before.
  9. This team has really fallen off a ledge on both sides of the ball. It's super discouraging.
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