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  1. The Bills are definitely not overrated. People are frustrated because this team is really not playing to their potential and the Offense is shooting this team in the foot.
  2. When you see Josh taking off play after play you can see his confidence is shaken.
  3. MVP shouldn't be a consideration the way he has played the last 2 games. Josh has looked absolutely lost. It's not like you could say "well he's hurt" or "we are missing WRs" he has just not been seeing the field and keeps making stupid reads.
  4. We've been sleepwalking through the last 5 quarters. I'm telling you, these Josh runs are a mirage, our offense has not been executing.
  5. We should be killing this team. Josh has forgotten how to pass the ball.
  6. Our Offense has been scoring, I just wish our passing game were inevitable and we weren't scoring as much from scrambling/QB running plays. That last one was excellent.
  7. We have not been getting good production from McKenize all season, need to bench him.
  8. Josh needs to wake up. For those saying we're nitpicking cause we're up - this is supposed to be a SB contending team and we have not looked like a SB contending offense for the last 3 quarters. We NEED to hit open receivers and matriculate the ball down the field, not everything has to be a chunk play.
  9. I swear DBs celebrate absolutely ANYTHING. Pass is an overthrow, Joyner celebrates like he made a play.
  10. Last 2 1/2 quarters have not been good. We did nothing the second half vs the packers and he just threw the most obvious pick I've ever seen.
  11. I saw that before he even threw it. No idea why he threw that ball? Was someone in his face?
  12. IMO I'm happy he isn't coming back on a surface that is pretty notorious for messing with players.
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