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  1. I used to drop into this thread way more often. Now only occasionally. I have to admit that I’ve become 100% bored with Covid 19. The numbers haven’t moved substantially in months now, yet every day the MSM screams in glee about a ‘spike’ somewhere in the country. If you take the long picture view you’ll see that day after day after day over half the country has had little or no impact from this killer virus and that out health care system has NOT been overwhelmed even in the midst of a peak in new infections anywhere! In a nutshell....wait for it....”it is, what it is”.
  2. Here’s the long and short of it: California is a mess because of one party rule. This is what happens when there’s no check and balance on the state legislature. (The same would be true on the right by the way, but I personally believe it would have less dire consequences.)
  3. I’ve scanned through most of the comments. That play is definitely pass interference. Shaw has it right. It becomes pass interference when the ball is already in the air when the contact is occurring. But....If the pass wasn’t thrown to Davis it probably wouldn’t have been called at all. The fact that ball was right there draws attention to the contact in that short window. I see no controversy in it at all. That’s just the rules of the sport. And remember it didn’t result in any points on the scoreboard! The Bills still had to complete the pass to the TE to get the win. We’ve seen countless games where we’ve missed that touchdown catch and walked away with ‘maybe next time’.
  4. Bingo! You don’t hang around Washington for as long as he has by being super smart. You hang around by playing politics. Fauci is a first class court jester.
  5. First, those aren’t PUBLIC companies. Second, if you’re upset with anyone, it should be with the IRS...I guess. Third, wouldn’t the real culprits would be your heroes in Congress who’ve crafted a tax code to help their donor friends?
  6. I think you have Trump confused with Crazy Bernie. The President didn’t run on eliminating income inequality or on flattening the tax code. That wasn’t what got him elected.
  7. What changed this last year was that we had a late, wet spring. It looked like Ireland around the hills of SoCal....green everywhere. That created the large dry underlayment for the fires to feed off of this summer. Oddly enough it’s the rain that played a major role in our robust fire season.
  8. COMPANIES ARE NOT PEOPLE!! What you need to look at is how much the top executives in these companies paid in taxes. Here’s a hint....it’s a lot!
  9. Thank you. And if Warren Buffett would like to pay more in taxes, he certainly can. He’s free to write a big check whenever he wants.
  10. How cool is that?!! For those not familiar with the details, of the two Southern California wildfires one was caused by a gender reveal party gone wrong (believe it or not) and the other was started by poorly managed Edison power lines...again. Neither had anything to do with Climate Change!
  11. Another weekend in which this ‘national health crisis’ got so bad that the entire country’s coroner’s staffs took a few days off. Zzzzzzzz
  12. I agree. And the Left will be standing there holding the ACME time bomb once again. That wascilly roadrunner!
  13. California’s wild fires are NOT the result of it being hot outside! Trees don’t suddenly succumb to spontaneous combustion for goodness sake!!!
  14. Not really. Corporations should not be the real source of tax revenue in America. The people who work there are. I own a corporation. What the company doesn’t pay each year is sent to me as income which is then taxed. Nothing is lost. There’s no other place for it to go!
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