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  1. Things are clearly on the mend. Only 3,900 dead Americans yesterday. Way to go Joe. Your administration has kept another campaign promise and slowed the spread, bent the curve, etc, etc, and still had time left over to layoff American workers, lower wages, raise the price of gas, and put in place a mask mandate inside my local post office. Time for a nap!
  2. I noticed last week that the Bills tended to let up on the sideline when Lamar scrambled. The Ravens on the other hand shoved Allen every chance they got. I’ll be interested to see how the Bills handle Patrick. Nothing dirty...but definitely don’t let up or back off while he’s still in the field of play.
  3. Did Bills fans turn against Bruce, Thurman, etc? No...we knew it was the business part of the game. I’m not surprised that NE is rooting for Tom.
  4. The two work hand and hand. It could be said that Once you have your QB it’s not as critical to get stars at as many other roster spots. A great QB can cover up many roster deficiencies. The opposite isn’t generally true.
  5. Another 4,000 deaths up on the tote board for Uncle Joe. And what was Joe doing yesterday? Opening our borders to illegal aliens and laying off American workers. Nice!
  6. Great standard we’re holding the new administration to: IT COULD BE WORSE Excellent!
  7. More Americans died in Joe’s first day in office than on 9/11 And what was Joe doing? Having a parade and listening to a concert. Nice!
  8. I’ve been noticing quite a lot of this type of small motion around the league all year. We used to see Brady use full motion to read the defense. This year I see QBs asking WRs and TEs to make really small adjustments, either in or out a few steps, and I’ve been wondering what that’s all about to the play call. It can’t be that the WR doesn’t know the route, or the play, at this time of the season. Is the QB using that tiny adjustment to read the defense?
  9. It’s funny. Everyone can poke fun at this thread but during the game I was screaming at the TV, wondering what the heck two refs were checking with each other about...waiting to get screwed in true Bills fashion. The ball obviously hit the post. They could hear it. The ball obviously landed in the blue paint of the end zone. They could see it. Now we know what they were checking on.
  10. Trickle down economics? I believe it's understood that tax money should be distributed amongst the population for services rendered for the proportionate good of the whole. The purpose of taxation however is not to play some sort of modern-day Robin Hood. Is that specific enough for you. And, yes, if you want to give MORE MONEY than the formulas calculate that you owe, by all means go ahead and do so. Nobody's stopping you.
  11. Not sure what that's supposed to mean, so I'll leave you and your group of over-victimized friends to your non-stop whining.
  12. If and when you ever develop enough skills to actually earn some money, get back to me then.
  13. One play that always sticks out to me was in the '73 Opener against New England. OJ took the pitch and went 80 yards, untouched for a score. You just had the feeling something BIG was about to happen....and it did.
  14. I'd pay the $1,000 that the inflation calculator says they are worth. We had an absolute BLAST going to the Super Bowl...even though the lost. It was truly one of those "where else would you rather be" sort of experiences. We like Pasadena, outside in the sunshine, more than Atlanta in the 'old' Georgia Dome though. You got the sense that the entire world had their eyeballs focused on that playing field right at that very moment. I remember thinking that the players must've all been ready to throw up from the pressure of the spotlight.
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