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  1. And I’ll say it again….RELAX. When people decide to get vaccinated, they’ll get vaccinated. It’s not complicated
  2. He was probably just referring to him, Nancy, and Joe.....which is true. The over/under on all three of them lasting until morning is not good.
  3. I think you'll find that the same could be said for virtually every single job title in America....no?
  4. So you're saying we have a chance? Sweet! I'll start printing posters.
  5. You and I are gonna make quite a pair...that's for sure! We'll show 'em.
  6. So if we agree....and you know we rarely do...when do we start cutting out EVERYTHING else that this bloated government's apparently determined is part of their job description?
  7. I'm not sure where you're going with this. The government has decided that it's their job to save everyone from themselves. I'm not sure that's their job, but they 're now addicted to being in control, and having a really hard time understanding that they're 'not the boss of me'.
  8. I actually look at this a bit differently. I've already gone on record as saying that what happened at the Capitol was 100% wrong. But, what did everyone think was going to happen when the voting rules were changed right before the election? Did the Left think it was going to be 'just fine' if Trump had won? Really? Nobody was going to get upset? Really?
  9. Yep....and like always, a bunch of people in government, who know nothing about running a business, decided to arbitrarily shut down entire industries. I'll give you a personal example: I'm an architect. On one side of the construction fence we had workers standing shoulder to shoulder doing 'heavy lifting' construction work, and on the other side of the same six foot high chain link fence we had teachers sitting all alone in their classrooms teaching their kids via zoom. Absolutely arbitrary and ridiculous. This went on for months and months! If the construction workers don't work, they do
  10. Now do Governor Cuomo.....he's STILL in office. Well it generally worked here too. Very few businesses truly shut down. Yes, dine-in eating was suspended in most restaurants, but most were still doing deliveries, etc throughout all of it. And, the vast majority of Americans kept right on working....even if in a slightly altered way.
  11. I’m not totally absolving the voters… but you have to remember that just because an individual voter wants money spent on things THEY want doesn’t mean they don’t support cuts somewhere else. The problem is that nothing ever gets cut! There’s always another advocate to be found on every congressional committee. I’ll over simplify here but the federal government has two primary roles: protect us from enemies abroad and build stuff across state lines here at home.
  12. I’d differ with you there a bit. Neither the democrat or republican candidate was in the ‘free stuff’ camp in 2020. All of those folks dropped out in the primaries. And I don’t think most people vote for their congressmen based on that either. But…as soon as these folks get in office and sit on those committees, they open up America’s purse strings. It’s just easier than saying no.
  13. What do we want? Money! When do we want it? Now! That pretty much sums up it. You don’t need a PhD to understand what’s at the core of this whole thing.
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