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  1. I’m not the slightest bit opposed to what you’re doing but it is NOTHING like selling your primary residence.
  2. So wouldn’t the more accurate analogy be subletting out your vacation home when you’re not there?
  3. You were ‘stuck’ using a product that you chose to buy? I did the same with a toothbrush once. Darn thing kept losing bristles!
  4. Did he buy ‘his’ house just to sell it? He never lived in it?
  5. That’s cool! So apparently an AFL franchise was $25,000 back at the outset. Not too shabby. Now….you can rent a single seat in the new stadium for that.
  6. There’s definitely a large contractor office complex somewhere out there. It’s generally assembled from a bunch of modular units. A project of this size would have a full time office staff approaching 20 people.
  7. Very cool! Thanks for posting. Something to note from the current progress is that virtually everything you see as ‘white’ floor surface will be indoor concourse and fan services area. It’s a far cry from the woeful concourse areas at Rich Stadium. It gives you a great idea about just how large the new stadium is, and why it costs so much to build. (And regarding the ‘out building’ it’s clearly not the Contractor’s office, or it’d be surrounded by parking and wouldn’t be still under construction.)
  8. So you’re saying we have a chance? Sweet! BTW…reaching back to compare the team to one that made the playoffs on a literal miracle is a bit nutty….but it’s July so there’s not much happening.
  9. They tweak golfers swing mechanics….baseball hitters stance and swing….quarterbacks throwing motion…etc. If the Bills crack coaching staff can’t correct the routine slice that Bass has developed then they need a new coaching staff AND a new kicker.
  10. If you look at the cross section model the ONLY seats covered by the balcony above are those at the very top of the lower bowl (red) and those rows at the very top of the upper deck (blue). There are however suites that are covered by seating above them and there are of course plenty of rows under the roof cover.
  11. At a dime a dozen wouldn’t that mean we have SIXTY receivers on the roster. That's crazy!
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