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  1. Exactly what I've been saying. He asks the Ukraine President to look into 'it'...he does not ask the President to investigate 'him'. It's the corruption Trump's asking about....NOT the Bidens! This is like a first grade English class.
  2. Me too! I'd say the last name, but everyone in WNY would know it.
  3. Play the race card! That always works.
  4. Tibs, do you have to go there? I know from other posts that you’re way better than that. Don’t get lazy on me friend.
  5. You want to no one’s stopping it? It’s because this is NOT right against left. This is all about In against Out. There are quite a few republican in the swamp that would love to make sure no outsider ever tries to raise the veil and look inside ever again!
  6. Tibs....I live in California. There are no moderate Democrats left here. Swallwell, Pelosi, Schiff? See a connection here?
  7. All of this is make sure that NOBODY from outside the beltway elite ever contemplates running for President. This is way bigger than Trump.
  8. So let me get this straight...the President is supposed to be concerned about corruption EXCEPT when the corruption involves highly influential members of the US government? Nice! I assume that goes the same for your local City Council, School District and Police Department? Lovely
  9. I’ve got an idea....let’s start by taking the $400 million we were giving to Ukraine and instead, give it back to the US taxpayers! Tacos for everyone next Tuesday!
  10. I love these type of pictures. It shows that there are often players wide open but the QB has to anticipate it beforehand. At other times either play design or the defensive match up has every receiver blanketed at which time the offensive play design needs to ALWAYS have a check down option. The problem with the Bills 2019 offense is that neither is happening regularly enough to sustain long drives. Is it scheme? Is it execution?
  11. That certainly would be historic. I agree. ALL Civil officers should be removed!
  12. You can over analyze it to death. The Bills have a winning record because they’ve played a very weak schedule....but because they’ve played a weak schedule their point differential should be much higher. In other words they’re just barely getting by now. Wait until they play Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, etc
  13. Notice how Adam Sch$&t is trying to bend the narrative by calling ‘personal’ political benefit. That is not what these corruption laws were introduced to protect against. The law is in place to protect against actual personal benefit (not ‘personal political’ benefit). The law is in place for things like what Biden was doing! But we can’t talk about that.
  14. Did you say that to your mom on Christmas morning when you didn’t get the roller skates you asked for?
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