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  1. OK now I’ve lost you guys. First Rochester Rob tells us our school building infrastructure never needs to be refurbished or replaced...and now we’re seriously having a discussion about whether we need K12 schools at all? Can someone tell me what you’re planning to do with all of the EIGHT YEAR OLD children? Are they staying home with a bowl of kibble?
  2. And now we've officially jumped the shark! Thanks for playing. Good bye.
  3. We're seriously gong to have a discussion about the validity of constructing schools? Really? You're under the impression that buildings last forever? Here's a hint...the sphinx originally had a nose. Hey you kids....get off my lawn!
  4. Facts wouldn't bear you out. If anything the Country has been steadily moving to the Left....drifting away from Christianity and Capitalism...virtually from its founding. But you can have your own version if it helps you sleep better.
  5. Do people think President Trump went to China to take people's temperatures? No! He was taking advice from his advisors, just like every executive does, every day. Those are the same advisors that surround him every day at the podium. I've yet to hear a single one of them say "He just wouldn't listen to us!". In fact, they tend to say the exact opposite. The fact that the Virus is in the United States, is not the fault of the President. If anything, fault lies with the advisors who didn't caution him. It doesn't make them evil people, or idiots. They just grossly underestimated the contagious level of the virus.
  6. Keep your shirt on Bull. There are way fewer extremists than you think on either side of the aisle. It's all going to be OK.
  7. I heard someone on the radio the other day. He wondered why it would take any time at all to see if ANYONE who was currently being treated with the drug, for a pre-existing condition had been admitted to an American hospital had also then contracted the Virus. I thought that was super interesting. It's essentially a reverse test. If nobody who was currently being treated with Hydroxy… had also been inflicted with the Corona Virus, wouldn't that be proof enough that it works to prevent the virus?
  8. And when the country is hit by hurricane....every year, do they have sandbags in huge warehouse to ship all over the country? This level of responsiveness is simply impossible. I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing that these tests have a shelf life (unlike sandbags) so they probably cannot be stored indefinitely
  9. And if I recall "Rich Stadium" cost just under $21 Million to build the entire stadium, parking etc. back in 1972-73
  10. So if we’re going to have a massive infrastructure bill this year why not have even 10% of it go towards planting trees? Call it infrastructure! Trees are way cheaper than bridges and roads. Get ‘er done!
  11. And assuming Kay is right, all we need to do is plant lots and lots of trees. I’m all for it! It’s cheap. It won’t take long to have an impact. And everyone likes trees! Why doesn’t someone propose this instead of the government overreach we’re getting from so many on the Left?
  12. You must love it when the second man in at a hockey fight gets a game misconduct. The man is working day and night to help America get through this and what he faces every day from the media and some local officials is a steaming load of crap! I’m going to cut him slack when exhaustion forces him to punch back a bit. I’m actually shocked at how quickly he regains his composure and immediately answers the next question with a smile on his face. I’d tell the media pool to go f$&k themselves!
  13. Thanks. The deep end of the pool is a way better place than the endless blame game and name calling in the other threads. Again, I see this is yet another evolutionary challenge. There’ll be some changes in society for sure but I highly doubt they’ll override mankind’s natural desire to socialize. The technology examples you cite gave people more time for leisure. But what happens when we’re instructed not to ‘leisure’?
  14. Did he mention you Gary? I’m guessing the President is working MUCH HARDER on this problem than you are....don’t ya think?
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