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  1. Chef Jim...you should know it’s all about governing by feelings these days.
  2. Tibs...thanks for posting the ENTIRE declaration. It’s been a long time since I’d read it. It’s actually very interesting. We all know the poetry of the first few lines but the latter part where the Colonists lay out their list of grievances comes off as a little whiny. 😉
  3. This latest hair on fire scandal still makes no sense at all to me. I guess the NYT has adopted the FALSE narrative that Donald Trump is actually a Russian asset...which he is not. But if he is, their claim is that Trump is secretly trying to destroy the US Military by paying foreign combatants to kill off our soldiers one by one? Seems a bit inefficient doesn’t it? If instead the claim is Trump wants us to lose the war in Afghanistan to seed the god forsaken place over to Russia (who doesn’t even want it) wouldn’t it be easier to simply pull our troops out altogether? He has the authority to do that. The story is simply dumb.
  4. Yesterday, a mid week Wednesday, saw only two states (CA and AZ) report in excess of fifty Covid fatalities. Well over 30 states were in single digits or reported zero deaths. NY state registered only 14 Covid deaths, down from highs that were close 1,000 per day. Again, in the southern tier of the country, lots of new cases but very, very few deaths. So now over a MONTH later, where’s the ravaging outbreak from the riots in Minnesota and other northeastern states? Answer...it didn’t happen. There’s so much we don’t know about this virus...and even more we’re not being told!
  5. This golfing really has you upset. If Trump is that dangerous it’d seem that you’d want him out golfing as opposed to sitting in the Oval Office with a sinister white cat on his lap. No?
  6. So if I understand....you DON’T like President Trump? OK, I’ll write that down somewhere so I remember it for your next post. I keep getting confused.
  7. I actually went to opening of Holy Grail in WNY and they handed out coconuts to everyone in line. At the time we had no idea why. Hilarious!
  8. The site I’ve been quoting from every day for almost three months now is Worldometer. I had to choose a site early on so that my reporting would be consistent. THAT is the scientific method! I like it because it’s very easy to read and you can even dig deeper than statewide totals for many of the states, where it’ll go as deep as county by county. I hope you find it interesting and informative. And finally, I suggest you don’t bounce around from site to site. There are WAY too many variables and WAY too many agendas.
  9. Actually...not. If the President is repeatedly being tested than the concern would be that the country would infect him, not that he would infect the country...but thanks for your concern. It shows you care.
  10. Federal response to a virus? You mean like with weapons? Please explain.
  11. Yesterday, Tuesday, we appear to have seen the leftover latent reporting from the weekend but with only California registering triple digit Covid deaths. NY reported only 17 deaths and approximately thirty states, again were either in single digits or reported zero fatalities. It’s interesting that even with the recent and now somewhat prolonged spike in new cases across the Southwest the death rate (deaths per million of population) in those states is less than 10% of the overall rate experienced in the NY metro area. I’m guessing the medical profession knows way more about how to treat the virus now than they did then.
  12. So to quote Billy Idol....’they blinded you with Science’!
  13. Silly you. ANYTHING that will hurt the President will be justified by these self proclaimed ‘Science’ defenders.
  14. Silly you! It takes until the first week in November to get the actual results back.
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