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  1. SoCal Deek

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    The important work of building a champion is still going on over at OBD.😳
  2. SoCal Deek

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    Well this stinks! The lone Josh Allen and all the good players named Williams are apparently all going to be gone before we get our chance at the podium. Trade Up!!!
  3. SoCal Deek

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    Its gotta be Carolina. It's like an intra-squad game.
  4. SoCal Deek

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    He should have been suspended for a YEAR for that cheap shot. He clearly sees his teammate touch Tredavious down out of bounds and then body slams him. Total trash!
  5. SoCal Deek

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    I can't believe people have an opinion on the O Line coach. I'm going to trust the process here.
  6. SoCal Deek

    Startling Star statistic

    The percentage of snaps that Star played would not be Star's fault. It's the coaching staff that decides who's on the field....and I believe they're the same regime that signed his current deal.
  7. SoCal Deek

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    The Bills have no real rivals outside of the Division but neither do any of the teams in the league with the exception of a few typical playoff contenders that seem to go head to head on a more regular basis. When you finish 8-8 for 20 straight years...no one cares.
  8. SoCal Deek

    East-West Shrine Week

    Now THAT made me laugh out loud! 👍
  9. SoCal Deek

    Startling Star statistic

    I’d love to see that same ratio applied to the long snapper, punter and kicker. Hint: Everything doesn’t always work out to simple averages.
  10. SoCal Deek

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Always keep in mind: If people of faith are right they’re good for all eternity. If you’re right.............nothing.
  11. Hopefully he uses the off season to put on some weight. (For what it’s worth, I’ll be using it to try and lose a few.)
  12. If you think those comments were made to make Boston seem like a miserable environment we have a different interpretation of misery. Instead it was like ‘look at how nice it is that the Kraft Family can sit here in shirt sleeves’!
  13. I wonder why the broadcast team didn’t make any snide comments about the frigid weather in New England yesterday. You know would have had it been in Buffalo.
  14. Thank you i loath Brady as much as anyone but the dude comes to play EVERY time