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  1. Ugh! Did I say that you own the wall? Hard to believe some of you can navigate in society at all.
  2. One of the dumbest posts I've read in a long, long time. If I assume you're old enough to drive (and have insurance) why don't you ram your car into a wall every day? After all....you're insured!
  3. Do you actually just post whatever random words come into your head? The bell rang....you're due back in class.
  4. Greater than great taste vs less filling? Come on Man!
  5. They already did...but he already forgot. They’ll circle back with him today, after his nap.
  6. You’ve lost your mind. You’re reading way more into this than there actually is. You can’t honestly set your hair on fire about everything every day...or can you?
  7. I honestly can’t believe you would post THESE two laws in support of your ridiculous theory. If you’d slow down and read it’s clear that the authors of these laws purposely inserted specific language to refute your ridiculous position. Geez man....read the dang words!
  8. Let’s hope we both have to turn our keys before we launch our rockets. 😉
  9. I was waiting for someone to say it! I’ve got two brothers and a uncle who attended Purdue. (Whereas I chose the good school two hours to the west. 😉)
  10. We may have the first serious rift in our new administration. He’s a nut for sure, but his first instinct is self preservation. Like always, he’s just showing off for the new American administration (and the people that surround him in his ‘cabinet’). Exercise some patience. He’s not going anywhere and he hasn’t committed an act of real aggression. Provocation, yes. Aggression, no.
  11. OK...now we’re getting somewhere. So, we don’t need more tax money wasted on ‘training’ until society first decides what we want our police to be trained to do. I’m guessing that with the literally THOUSANDS of police departments across the country, there has got to be ONE that’s doing it ‘right’...no? If so, why not have all of the other departments adopt that training program? Problem solved! Time for the next crisis.
  12. I’m of course being sarcastic! Sheesh. The point is that increased funding is not the answer to every ailment. Do you also not believe that police are trained? How do you know that? Have you heard an officer come on any news program and say ‘they just threw me out there with no training’. I never have. On the contrary, it’d be my position that police officers actually have some of the most extensive on the job training of ANY job in America. This isn’t about training. It’s about policy! They train plenty. If you want to change HOW they’re being trained and WHAT they’re being trained to do...t
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