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  1. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate. Can you name a few of the specific policies you’d promote in order to protect our country’s future?
  2. Wait a minute! Did I say that? I sort of like it, but I don’t remember saying it.
  3. Yes it has! Just go the southern border.
  4. So when Hilary goes into a black church and starts talking like she’s a sharecropper that’s not mocking black people? All of these double standards are very confusing.
  5. If you’re a Seinfeld fan you’ll appreciate the fact the Biden Administration is now officially “a show about nothing”. While everyone else is doing something…Joe’s gonna do “nothing”.
  6. More importantly SectionC3 created an entire thread dedicated to the fact that Joe Biden didn't do anything. Instead, by his very presence, Joe Biden defeated Antifa! No legislative action, no executive orders, no new taxes, no nothing. Now let's hope Joe can do the same for Climate Change!
  7. Okie Dokie You've confirmed the answer is he’s done nothing! Thanks for playing.
  8. Now list one thing that’s improved since Biden took office. And here’s a hint…feelings don’t count!
  9. Yep! Thanks Joe! You’ve learned what the French have known for hundreds of years. Surrender is way easier than fighting for principles.
  10. So you were fine when the Democrats boycotted Trumps inauguration? That was just part of The Process to you? You were fine when the Congress impeached the President for daring to ask a foreign government about corruption? That was just part of The Process to you? You were fine when Nancy tore up the State of the Union address inside the Capitol Building? That was part of The Process to you? But when a guy dressed as grizzly bear enters the Capitol AGAINST the admonishment of the President….that’s when we’ve crossed your line of decorum? Good to know!
  11. We already lost the war on climate change. According to AOC there’s less than 7 years left now!
  12. I honestly don’t understand the strategy. The entire country can see and feel the problems. So much so that the national media can no longer avoid them. And what does Peppermint Patty do? She starts mocking the reporters! This is not going to end well for the Biden Administration. You can hide in your cabin when someone else is in charge but not when you’re supposed to be steering the ship. Iceberg straight ahead!
  13. There are dozens and dozens of pages on this topic and you and a few others still don’t get it. Of course it’s better to take the vaccine. It’s better to do, or not do, a whole lot of things in America. People are standing up for freedom of choice here! (PS: I’m vaccinated.)
  14. You’ve missed nothing. But now that you’re back I’m predicting all the world’s problems are about to get …solved! 😉
  15. She’s beyond horrible. What’s next Peppermint Patty: “Let them eat cake!”
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