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  1. I’m assuming this poll isn’t saying that losing the Super Bowl would mark the best the Bills would ever do under McD so I voted that ‘yes’ as it would at least show he’d finally gotten them out of playoff neutral gear. Make it to the Super Bowl and then keep progressing from there.
  2. Must be a decent length line of players and their agents queued up in the corridor outside of Beane’s office.
  3. McD like all employees has one goal…staying employed. The status of his position is up to Pegula. And from what I’ve seen between the Bills and Sabres I’m guessing Terry doesn’t want to rock the Bills boat right now.
  4. Okay that’s it! Nobody gets to defend Rex Ryan! That’s a bridge too far. 😂
  5. Correct! I know he’s offering his spin. I find it amusing what he chose to spin about. You on the other hand jump to his defense every single time.
  6. How is this thread limited to what he said to the media when he specifically commented about his play calling? I expect spin from EVERY coach. Even from the last place team. Based on your take we cannot comment on the coach because what he says in an interview is strictly off limits.
  7. In a word….YIKES! The ‘problem’ is in the eye of the beholder Shaw. If fans want to get to and/or win a Super Bowl then there’s most definitely a problem from their perspective. Am I having more fun winning more than losing? Sure! The problem is I’ve grown weary of the same level of achievements. While I’m willing to gamble on the HC change before we reach the expiration date on our Franchise QB, you (and others) clearly aren’t.
  8. Let’s see if I understand it: The Team enters into a 4 year, $40 million contract with a player, but they agree to pay him only $5 million for each of the first two seasons instead of the $10 million it averages out to. If the two sides agree to either part ways or the player is cut, the Team still owes him the remaining $5m for each of those first two years, and therefore that remaining $10m would count against the next year's cap even though he’s no longer on the Team.
  9. Bingo! I had a Business Partner who’d consistently return from new project interviews and report that he came in second…again. He was very well intentioned in his efforts but consistently one step behind the competition. His preparation was excellent but when it came to being in the moment he simply had a problem ‘closing the deal’.
  10. I’ve said it many times on here. I believe McDs heart is in the right place but he keeps failing in the critical moments year after year. It’s just possible that he’s plateaued at the playoff contender level we’ve all witnessed. Good, of course, but not great. You eventually run out of seasons and excuses for failing to get over the hump. And, I have no idea why the fake punt even enters the conversation. It had NOTHING to do with why they lost that game. So I’ll continue to cheer like crazy as I have for the last 60 seasons but I don’t sense that the current brain trust is ascending towards anything much more than we’ve seen over the past few years. Again, really good, and very fun, but not great.
  11. What I read in McDs comments is that he is out of ideas. Feels to me like his strategy is to go another season hoping our opponent screws up at our time of need.
  12. Yikes! All I can add is that NEITHER the Bills or Chiefs are dependent on their punter to win them football games. They just aren’t.
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