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  1. Caught a few minutes of Meet The Press this morning (vomit) and some NBC correspondent douche suggested that Trumps election was illegitimate. Come on now NBC. Get over it already. Even the Mueller probe wasn’t investigating that.
  2. Does the word MAY not mean anything in liberal fantasy land? Watch his one on one interview with Sean Hannity. Geez dude turn off the nonsense! You lost an election. How about just trying to win the next one?
  3. SoCal Deek

    Vote DC Tom in 2020!

    I’m praying for Anthony Wiener! Trump will have a field day. 😂
  4. SoCal Deek

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Time to bring down the hammer! We’ve all been more than patient.
  5. Turn off CNN dude. Prior to the election Trump was interviewed and asked what he meant by ‘Mexico would pay for the wall’ and he said he DID NOT expect them to write us s check!! Sheeesh wake up!
  6. SoCal Deek

    New rule to replace onside kick?

    I was watching the European rugby tournament the other day. (I’ll still never be able to figure out the rules!) Those Guys are huge and they’re playing in nothing more than a T-shirt and shorts ...yet there isn’t all this talk to water down the sport. This is about fundamentals. If NFL players are getting injured it’s because they’re choosing poor tackling technique or being taught it by lazy coaches.
  7. SoCal Deek

    President Trump's Re-Election Campaign

    What I find hilarious is that the Left can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that Trump, a supposed novice and dunce, KNEW he didn’t have to win the popular vote! And somehow this 250 year old principle seemed to escape a lady who’s been in government her entire adult life! If you think Trump couldn’t have drummed up a couple million more votes out of California and New York alone, you’re kidding yourself. He didn’t bother to because he didn’t have to! Classic case of government inefficiency versus private sector know how. (It’s like the Bills trying desperately to win a meaningless statistical category but losing the game. Sheesh!)
  8. Trump makes an attempt at a civil olive branch by not blanket condemning everyone at a stupid fringe rally and he’s roundly condemned by the media. Hillary calls literally half the country DEPLORABLE and the left still can’t figure out why she lost. Clueless!
  9. Was that you? I thought it was me. I had the exact same reaction. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of New Year’s Eve.
  10. SoCal Deek

    Colts sign Justin Houston

    I’m glad the Bills didn’t go this route. The Colts, with Luck, are a few years ahead of the Bills and their window will close as Luck gets older. The Bills are at the very beginning of the QB journey. Build with rookies and middle pay free agents. There’ll be time to sign a blue chip player in years three or four of Allen’s development.
  11. My family are all Italian immigrants. We were not here during slavery. Why would I pay for something done over 100 years ago, when none of my ancestors were involved? Give me a break! The Democratic Party has become a PT Barnum circus. If you watch The Greatest Showman movie you’ll know all that’s level is to recruit the Dog Boy and Bearded Lady.
  12. Was he wearing his wedding ring? 😂
  13. SoCal Deek

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    McCain became the poster child for The Swamp. I appreciate his service in the war, but like so many he eventually became part of the problem. He hung around Washington too long and his life was more wrapped up with his friends and colleagues than it was in helping his constituents solve the big things. (Just my opinion.)