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  1. What? You do realize your entire house is built to legislated mandates. It’s called the Building Code.
  2. I'm far from a raging liberal but have had solar on my house for over a decade. It works great and here in california it makes virtually 100% of my power. I see no problem with this legislation. You have to buy electricity from somewhere. It’s the law. You can’t get an occupancy permit without it. Do you think the big power line in/on your street got there by magic? Where do you think your power comes from? Here’s a hint...in the West, most power plants are either coal or petroleum powered.
  3. Let me be clear. I’m one of the ‘rich’. When Obama raised my taxes because he said it would help get the country get of the recession I didn’t burn down a building or break any windows. I paid more taxes. Now that the recession is over it’s only fair that Trump lowered my upper rate back to where it was before the recession. No? So stop your relentless bitching! If YOU want to pay more...please do so! Nobody’s stopping you.
  4. The President did not say the Squad should be SENT back to other countries. He said if they don’t like it here maybe they should CHOOSE to go back on their own. The same could be said for a white person from Toronto. There’s nothing racist about it.
  5. Why is this so hard to understand? Trump is a NATIONALIST! That’s different from being a RACIST! He’s not anti-immigration. He’s anti-foreigners who try to commit a fraud while breaking our laws. His oath of office says pretty much the same thing.
  6. This is not complicated if you’d simply pay attention, instead of immediately jumping to the CNN talking points. Trump suggested that SHE should CHOOSE to go back home if she doesn’t like it her. The crowd said THEY should SEND her back. There’s a huge difference. Or don’t you believe in a ‘woman’s right to choose’? 😂
  7. I would love to do away with tipping! They don't tip in Europe, and it makes things WAY easier. Including eliminating some credit card identity fraud.
  8. Did we shoot it down or did the rubber band just snap?
  9. The Squad Member that I don't understand is the black gal. Why link yourself to these other bomb throwers? Were all the other junior high school clubs already full? I'm pretty sure she's a black lady from a black District. If she lays low she can be there for another 50 years, quietly collecting a six figure salary. Just ask Maxine!
  10. Let’s stick with the Ref cam so that when the fans yell “what the heck are you looking at?” ...we’ll all know. 😉
  11. What you want to see is the first team offense move the ball consistently in the first two or three possessions then drop the microphone and run for the bench. That’s it. Turn off the TV and do yard work.
  12. Who was the Democrat that voted ‘present’? Way to take a stand! Can your constituents get a refund on yesterday’s paycheck?
  13. I'm not saying he was or wasn't but the current President doesn't smoke, drink or curse...and he is doing a thankless job for zero salary. But apparently 'tweeting' has become a worse offense.
  14. But Saint Obama, the chain smoking drug user...now he was clearly fit for office. Give it a rest man.
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