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  1. Susan Rice stills posts using a signature listing herself as Ambassador Rice?! That’s pathetic. After her Benghazi performance she should never speak in a quasi public capacity again.
  2. These creatures call Trump a narcissist and yet this Nadler troll has a banner made up with his name plastered all over it just so he can stand at a podium? Does he think he’s an NFL team?
  3. Bingo! A synonym for something you get for free is ...’worthless’.
  4. You mean Maxine Waters hasn’t made all her money running a convenience store in south central LA? No!
  5. I agree...sort of. They’ve become hyper partisan. In an age of social media and twenty four news this was bound to happen. Just like the two dozen swamp dwellers running for President, they’ve made a business decision to stand out by being more outrageous than their competitors. This has nothing to do with Trump. I’m guessing you’ll see the same thing the next time a Republican gets elected. They pretty much can’t turn back now. It’d be like Jerry Springer trying to pivot back to hard news. It’s all really sad.
  6. Why are there 10 pages on this topic? The Bills have the cash and Hughes is by far the best, possibly only, pass rusher they have! Pay this guy and see if we can get his successor on the roster in the next two drafts. Where’s the debate here?
  7. I know! Let’s get another Special Counsel to investigate this one. We must have a spare $35 million lying around the swamp somewhere.
  8. The MSM is completely ‘genuine’. They’ve evolved into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and they’re genuinely fulfilling that role every day. Unfortunately they’re just not that talented at playing the part since many of them are really just ex-Democratic staff members earning some post swamp spending cash. They’ve become a true clown show!
  9. Yes, we could have done way more! For example we could have given Russia the remainder of our uranium ..or maybe let them take over part of another country! These people aren’t thinking big enough. But...it’s OK, tell Vladimir that Trump will have a lot more flexibility after the 2020 election! 😂
  10. WRONG! Our representative republic keeps us from being like Russia. What the Democrats are doing is wasting everyone’s time and money!
  11. So you admit this is strictly political and not in any way relating to wrong doing or running the country. Glad you’ve finally come around.
  12. Welcome to California! It’s a clown show of one party rule.
  13. When does the House start investigating Biden and his sons returns?
  14. My point being that it’s not at all surprising to me that a republican or two would call for impeachment. I’m shocked that even more haven’t! Having an outsider in the White House is very dangerous to the swamp dwellers.
  15. I have to remind people all the time Trumps election did not represent a win for the right over the left. It represented a win for ‘out’ over the ‘in’. And now the inside the beltway crowd is working overtime to expel him from the bloodstream. They can’t afford to have the citizens know what’s been going on in their little swamp!
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