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  1. SoCal Deek

    Bills Release Peterman

    First Sammy, now this!! WTF
  2. I guess I'd wonder why/if the Jets wouldn't call him up this afternoon. McCown looked horrible and the Jets have their own injured first round rookie...and Darnold went to USC, so he has that in common with Barkley. And if you're Barkley, would you rather play in New York City or Buffalo NY?
  3. SoCal Deek

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Because 90% of this Board has decided that USC cannot produce a starting NFL QB....where as they all know that Wyoming is a QB Factory!
  4. The real question is whether Barkley tells them to go *&^^ themselves, and uses yesterday's performance as a springboard for a Contract somewhere else.
  5. SoCal Deek

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    It's pretty much the same if you haven't been bowling in years. Your first game is great, but then muscle memory gives way to thinking too much and it's a mess.
  6. SoCal Deek

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    Come on people! Yes, he got away with a couple. So does pretty much every starting QB in every game! Give Barkley a break. I'm amazed he even knew enough of the plays to run an entire game worth of offense. It sure didn't look like a short leash to me.
  7. The Trade value is what it is. The real problem was it saddled them with Peterman this year, which beget Andersen, and so on.
  8. SoCal Deek

    Matt Barkley wears a ring, too

    Now if he can just get the beard to grow in a little longer and we're there!
  9. SoCal Deek

    13-7 Baby!

    Seasons take all kinds of twists and turns. Looking back over the years, the Bills have found all sorts of ways to get to 7-9. Dying to see if this is another one.
  10. SoCal Deek

    The Quarterback Position Going Forward

    Keep your shirt on. Caps are simply easier than underlining text. And, I’d still start Barkley. The team looked like they were having fun with him, and he looked like he was having fun too. It makes a difference.
  11. SoCal Deek

    The Quarterback Position Going Forward

    This is a TEAM sport played by men. The other 51 guys in the locker room want the best player to play at EVERY position EVERY game! They are NOT putting their bodies on the line for the development of a future anything ...and Allen knows that. And, if you’re right, with six games still remaining there’s more than enough time for Barkley to stink and then Allen will get his chance to return.
  12. SoCal Deek

    The Quarterback Position Going Forward

    Because you play to win. When, and if, Barkley plays poorly, then you let Allen play again. You’ll get ZERO push back from the locker and YOU don’t get a vote!
  13. SoCal Deek

    The Quarterback Position Going Forward

    You start Barkley! Period.
  14. SoCal Deek

    Joe Ferguson video

    I didn’t watch the video and was never really a big Ferguson fan...but that playoff game against the Chargers where he played on one leg was one was of the gutsiest things I’ve ever witnessed in sports. He earned a ton of respect that day!
  15. SoCal Deek

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    Yav...I’m referring only to the stadium itself. Not the fans or game day atmosphere. Too bad about your KC experience. We had the same in Oakland and would NEVER go back. I’m interested to see what it’ll be like in Vegas.