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  1. I’m honestly thrilled that more people in America are working. Now, can we also make sure they’re also paying taxes?
  2. Not sure what all the hand ringing is about. You let Singletary test the market. If somebody takes him for more money, thank him and wish him well. And then you draft a middle round rookie. If nobody else is willing to pay Devin, you offer him a slight raise to say. You’ve already got Cook on the roster and ready to take over the starting job. Whether Motor stays or goes makes virtually zero difference to the ultimate success or failure of the 2023 Buffalo Bills.
  3. I’ve never understood this fixation with draft rounds. It’s actually just a long list of players being taken one after the other. The segregation into rounds is really just terminology. Heck, with so many traded picks it’s not even like each team gets only one per round anymore. You simply take who you believe to be the best guy at a position of need when your turn comes up before someone behind you takes him.
  4. The really sad thing is that the Squad Ladies set professional women everywhere back another decade with that hysterical, victimology, tear filled, piece of performance art. Such a shame!
  5. Isn’t it interesting that the oil companies only discovered the secret to record profits AFTER Joe Biden was elected?
  6. The important life lesson comes right near the end.
  7. You’ve obviously never seen it. That’s why it’s your homework. 👍
  8. Your homework for the weekend is to watch the Seinfeld episode where Mom and Pop own a shoe repair shop.
  9. My ‘character’ is just fine Tibs. It’s called having a difference of opinion.
  10. And the really funny part is that you think if we just perpetuate the war, it’ll end the war.
  11. While you guys go back and forth in the partisan jabs, I’m curious as to what anyone thinks is the specific legislation that’s caused this ‘stellar jobs performance’? What domestic markets are expanding? Have we changed the tax code? Anybody?
  12. Based solely on what I’ve read here and have seen following the playoff melt down. I see nothing changing next year. At least nothing of any consequence anyway. The Bills will be very competitive again but fall short…again. Too many mediocre players to paper them all over without a serious change of coaching scheme/strategy. So with no real cap money to spend, this had better be one home run of a draft!
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