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  1. Geeez! Back in our Super Bowl era I bought end zone tickets from a ticket agency (it was pre-internet). I paid $500 for end zone seats in Pasadena and then $550 for end zone seats in Atlanta. My little inflation calculator says the comparable price would be $900 today....NOT $6,000! What a rip off.
  2. There have been so many coaching and regime changes over the last decade it's hard to keep it all straight or recall where everyone was taken, but I have to say the McBeane era has been pretty strong. 2017: (1) TreDavious (2) Dawkins (5) Milano 2018: (1) Allen (1) Edmunds (3) H Phillips 2019: (1) Oliver (2) Ford (3) Singletary (3) Knox Those are ALL of the top draft picks with the exception of Zay Jones in 2018 where when we didn't have a 3rd or 4th rounder. That's a darn good nucleus and represents a pretty equal commitment to both sides of the line of scrimmage.
  3. Our offense was hurting for sure, but I don't agree that 'this was the year'. The Bills played NE really close in both games. That seemed like decent progress against the Super Bowl Champs to me. Trust the process. This all revolves around Josh Allen's development, and unless you own a time machine, you better get ready for the ride.
  4. Yikes....we went nowhere? They exited the first round only after going deep into an OVERTIME, to finish off a season as a playoff team for the second time in three years. I wouldn't call that 'nowhere' by any means.
  5. Let’s not nit pick here. He’s no big name recruit. The point of my post was that GB must’ve known at some point that SF had stopped throwing the ball. At that point...STOP THE RUN!!!
  6. If Rivers is from Alabama it Would’ve been more interesting he had moved to New Orleans so he could take over for Drew Brees after their original history with the Chargers what seems like a million years ago.
  7. If the Bills had played defense like GB did yesterday this board would be a hot mess! They allowed some never heard of running back from Purdue to run all over them while SF threw a total of EIGHT passes in perfectly good weather! Atrocious defense.
  8. Yesterday the two winners scored over 35 points! The Bills didn’t do that once all season. Conservative, run oriented, my butt.
  9. Here’s the big picture: You win games by scoring more points than your opponent! The 2019 Bills allowed the second least points in the entire league. They can’t get much better. The offense, on the other hand, didn’t score nearly enough. Fix it!
  10. The far bigger problem than the voters and their elected officials is the corruption of the media. I can virtually guarantee that none of us has had President Trump over for dinner, yet many in the media have painted him as a monster. These folks know better, yet they’re purposely doing the country a huge disservice. Shame!
  11. My problem with Daboll is that he seems to lose creativity as the game goes on. He can do it, but he gets in a rut. There were flashes of excellent play calling during many games this season, in which it was clear he was using motion or play action to make a play that was purposely designed to set up the next play. Then....nothing. A textbook example was the middle range ‘deep’ ball to Brown against the Texans. Play action at the line, froze the defense and Brown was wide open! But....we never saw that play again....ugh.
  12. All that was missing was the Monty Python monk robes and, Latin chanting! And...of course....the part at the end where they all march over the cliff.
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