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  1. Well I’m sure that’s true if the MSM tells me so.
  2. What? These aren’t the same thing or meant to do the same thing
  3. True...but doesn’t their personnel dictate a lot of that? Bring in another pass catching TE and I’m guessing you’d see a shift in their offensive scheme. In fact, it makes you wonder if this one move wouldn’t be way cheaper then trying to fix RB and OL all in one offseason. I’m not necessarily voting for it but it’s a thought.
  4. Niagara....really good points! The answer to your thoughtful post are buried within it. This is not about racism at all. At least not in the traditional sense we all grew up with. At its core this about silencing and controlling voices. Once they knock out certain objectionable speech they are free to replace it with their own dogma. It’s happening at warp speed.
  5. These sort of things can’t be looked at in a vacuum. The question is value and where any of these guy’s salaries fit in the league for players at their positions and production. I have to believe all of our no names on the defensive line have to be goners.
  6. That’s because the left wing mob won’t STFU unless they get their guy/gal every time.
  7. He had none! Just what he wanted to gladly consume from the DNC and their lapdogs in the media. Resist! They cried!
  8. Well there we do differ. Now I’m not saying this to be boastful but as someone who’s well into the highest earnings bracket I’m beyond fed up with what I’m being asked to fund. I gladly pitched in during the Great Recession when the Obama Administration asked that my taxes be raised to help a nation in need. I just as gladly accepted the exact same tax percentage cut when Trump recommended putting my rate back where it was when Obama took office. Seemed more than fair to me...and it was. Not sure why we can’t do the same with the SPENDING side of the equation. Instead, it keeps spiraling ever
  9. I’ll answer. I’m for anyone who’ll cut taxes. Trump, Biden, whoever. Is that good enough for you? If we’re going to to run these federal deficits with or without tax increases or decreases I’m voting for less taxes every single time. Bingo sir! Sign me up!
  10. You do have to wonder how hard would it be to play the Barkley role? What did Matt actually do this past season? Come on Fitz! Take the paycheck, hold the clipboard, and play well into January/February. Piece of cake!
  11. I agree. You’ll notice my response didn’t mention either political party. A pox on both of their houses!
  12. Thank you! Well said! it’s amazing to me how ‘informed’ so many people think they are but all they know is what they’re being told or what they read on the internet (cough). All you need to do is open your eyes and you’ll see the utter and complete media pivot since puppet Joe Biden took office and you’ll know what’s going on here.
  13. Hey Tibs The 2017 tax cut didn’t add to the deficit but the runaway out of control spending sure as heck did.
  14. The man is a closet racist. (And I don’t mean that as the ugly term it’s become so fashionable to toss around these days.) You may recall his race laden remarks about 7/11 workers from a few years back. What kind of politician says this sort of stuff out loud?
  15. I’ve not gotten any of them yet but I’ve not heard of anything more than a mild fever and always with the second shot. Now....think about our media for a second and how early on, they were pushing a storyline of significant reactions/allergic/deaths from the vaccine. We’ve now given millions and millions of doses and where did that news porn go? Nowhere! We really have to do something about the trash everyone’s being fed everyday by these jackals, cloaked as ‘news’.
  16. Or perhaps someone could just write new children’s books instead of canceling the olds ones. I think we’d all be surprised at some of the songs and books that have passed by the wayside throughout the years. Sounds to me like there’s a HUGE opportunity for a creative author to make millions while teaching kids, etc. The Seuss books aren’t read to kids because they’re racist. They’re read to kids because they’re creative and fun.
  17. I’m forever intrigued by the armchair GMs on here. I’ve got to admit however I’m in no way an expert...but one thing I know for sure is that there’s a big whiteboard at OBD where they have the entire roster slotted. They know exactly what they can pay, what they already owe, and what they’re going to owe going forward in future years. I also know they look at all of this across the entire roster and across each unit. In this particular example, they already know the total dollar amount they want to invest in the O Line. They don’t look at it position by position or player by player. If they di
  18. Simple, you would have a number, just like you do for virtually everything you do remotely these days. That would be far better than a signature, and easier for the software to check at the other end to see that that number hadn’t already voted. Again, no big boogie man here. All of this is normal. Heck I can’t even buy gas without typing in a PIN at the pump.
  19. Spend as little as possible on a punter. Assuming the guy isn’t horrible it makes really very little difference.
  20. News flash. We’re paying $4.00 per gallon in California already! These so called energy policies hurt poor working people far more than it does those nasty billionaires Warren is always squawking about. People are going to be pissed!
  21. Mail in balloting can indeed be secure but only if we beef up our Voter ID requirement. I simply cannot understand why having identification, which is really just verified registration, is such a big deal to the opposition. You have to have a password to buy a lousy pair of underwear on line! It’s the 21st Century. None of this is either hard to do or cumbersome for anyone.
  22. I swear....you guys only see what's going on the surface! The real story is why's the Democratic establishment allowing him to dangle out there. The reason is because the people pulling the strings have no more use for him. Trump is out, and now they must destroy Cuomo before he gets national office aspirations. If you haven't figured it out Politics is like Game of Thrones. Watch your back.
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