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  1. And there ya go Tibs….right back into your partisan foxhole. What’s the point of participating on a political message board if you’re just going to cling to that entrenched attitude? Answer….there is no point. You officially become part of the problem.
  2. That’s of course the standard argument…and I’m guessing at least partly true. But it’s also why we need some new blood in Congress. We’re being governed by very selfish people on both sides of the aisle. They stopped working for the American people a long time ago.
  3. Then please make a push for increasing LEGAL immigration. You’ll get little to no pushback from those on Right. This isn’t a complicated issue. We just need to work together instead of talking past each other.
  4. I’m opposed to legal immigration? I am? Go figure! That’d seem like an odd position for me to take since my recent ancestors all immigrated here legally. But if you so….it must be right.
  5. Huh? Thomas Jefferson was in favor of illegal immigration?
  6. Principles? In politics? If that’s not a Freudian slip for the fact that your being played I don’t know what is!
  7. Actually, I think he’s hilarious! He’s got you and Billsy still turning in circles day and night and he’s been out of office for almost two years. The two of you spend more time obsessing over him than do the political class, who some would say should be. You’re being played!
  8. And we’re back to the religious shtick again?
  9. Wait…we’re quoting Peter Stroke now? 😂😂😂
  10. I know what you’ve said. We all do. You've been pushing your anti Christian agenda for quite a few days now. It’s really odd, but it’s apparently your happy place. So keep putting all of your faith and hope in the all-knowing, ever-present State. I’m sure the State is working all things for your good. Yep! Great plan!
  11. Thanks…I sort of figured. I always think of A&M being about midway between Houston and Dallas. When the maps come out next week, try to guess each game. You’ll get most of them right away but there’s often a head scratcher.
  12. I’d be shocked if they didn’t but I’m pretty sure that Christine’s hair isn’t the main reason. 😉
  13. That may be true but it was an honest question. I don’t generally notice it from day to day but I was out of town last week and came back to an almost $1.00 per gallon increase…in one week. I’m curious if it’s a national thing? Chef believes it’s just us lucky ones here in the former Golden State.
  14. We sat about halfway up in the end zone for the opener in Los Angeles and loved it! I hadn’t sat in the end zone in a long time actually. You can really see the plays develop. It gives you a great perspective on the entire field. I’d sit there again in a heartbeat!
  15. That forecast doesn’t sound all that bad to me. What am I missing here?
  16. OK…that’s valid. It’s totally wrong but at least there’s some measure of thought behind it.
  17. So you believe immigration is the one policy where religious morality should govern the policies of the State? Or should we eliminating income inequality across all the peoples of the world on the backs of the US taxpayer?
  18. I love these maps. I always try to guess the teams before looking at the list below. With that said….Anyone know why the Houston area would be particularly interested in Arizona v Carolina? (Is it like a Josh/Wyoming thing?)
  19. A new day dawns ….And….we’re off and running. Charity is wonderful but it is definitely not the job of government. Why’s that a difficult concept? I thought you wanted to separate the two?
  20. I’m sorry Tibs. I’m not following either you or Adam Kinzinger. What about Mr Trumps tweet has your knickers in a twist? Seems clear headed and reasonable to me. Are you concerned that a peace accord could be reached that will end this nonsense?
  21. You appear to be trying to connect an awful lot of dots with one post there.
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