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  1. Drue Tranquil, Alex Bars, Miles Boykin, Dexter Williams, Alize Mack - I feel like people are sleeping on ND
  2. I've now talked myself into being cool with this pick. Here's my tip for anyone nervous about this draft: all you have to do is be comfortable with us picking one of 10-12 guys and then hope we don't pull some weird unexpected move. I will not proceed to lose what is left of my mind should any of these (many highly unlikely) fall to us: 1- Hock; 2- Oliver; 3- Q Williams; 4- J Williams; 5- Devin White; 6- Bosa; 7- Allen; 8- J Taylor; 9- Brian Burns; 10- Montez Sweat; 11- C Ford; 12- Wilkins; 13- Metcalf
  3. They don't care about stats, but they know people read a lot into advanced metrics so they hired the best looking analyst they could find - that's about it.
  4. Watching it at home with my lady and a large amount of smoked brisket
  5. Not giving up 2 1s for anyone who isn't a QB. Williams will be great, but is he better than - say Oliver/Wilkins + next year's 1st? Probably not.
  6. It was Marino during his podcast, there's a thread about it here somewhere. Massare was the twerp who assured everyone he had inside info that a trade was going down during the tampering period, then deleted his tweet when it didn't happen and refused to answer any questions about it.
  7. I'd much rather trade back and get Wilkins and a TE/WR with the second pick. I'm all for trading up starting round 3 when we can use all those extra late round picks we have, but I don't want to trade away 1, 2 or 3 in order to move up to pick a player who MIGHT be better than the guys who we could choose from at 9 anyway.
  8. Marino is the same guy who insisted the Bills were about to add an Edge Rusher in a "creative way" and then nothing panned out. I have him placed firmly in the "who cares what he says" category of information providers.
  9. He's a solid 3rd rounder in my eyes. I'd prefer Jaylon Ferguson in the 2nd
  10. The Jets really really want to trade back... The Bills have reported interest in Oliver... All of a sudden the Jets aren't linked to Williams or Allen anymore.. Yeah I believe it.
  11. They need to extend Lawson and Hughes after the draft. Lawson does a great job setting the edge. He doesn't get sacks but he is a productive player for us who, on the market, is worth less than what his 5th year option would be.
  12. #1 is incredibly ignorant, but even given the small sample size of comments we have from you, it's on brand. Nitpicking things that happen early in the game is a complete waste of time. Oh, you mean there was a football play that happened in a football game?! Why not list all of the cut backs RBs should have made that would have resulted in TD runs? Or identify each play where a defender advancing on the QB was held and there was no holding call given. For that matter, you can identify all the missed reads a QB makes and say "well so-and-so missed seeing the WR who had a step on his guy, so there's another 7 pts lost." Beyond that, you note that had a score been made, it "would have lasted for the rest of the game." I'm just going to let the ignorance of that comment sit there 🤔
  13. I doubt we take Hock is Sweat is sitting there
  14. 9 - Ed Oliver, DT 40 - Dalton Risner, OT/OG 74 - Jace Sternberger, TE 112 - Sutton Smith, OLB 131 - Joe Jackson Edge 147 - Isaac Nauta, TE 158 - David Sills, WR 181 - Bryce Love, RB 225 - Blace Brown, CB 228 - Khalil Hodge, LB
  15. It was general stuff for the most part. Beane explaining need vs. BPA. Says he knows people don't believe him when he says draft BPA, but he really does. Said he doesn't feel like there are any glaring holes on the team that would force him to take a position earlier than others because of a big need, but he acknowledges that obviously some positions are stronger than others. Will be open to moving up or down int he draft and gave his criteria for doing either.
  16. I suggest everyone do some mock drafts. The Edge/DL dries up in the first 3 rounds, even though there are quite a few good players at those positions. RB/WR is deep as far as B/B+ category still in rounds 4-6. I'd suggest we go Dline early and then shore up the offense. TEs like Sternberger, Nauta should be around past the 3rd round and offer a lot of value. Obviously mocks are guesses, but they do give a good idea of a general consensus of where players will go.
  17. Arians is not the GM. He will work with what he's given.
  18. With the 9th pick in the 2019 draft, the Bucs select Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State. The Denver Broncos and their GM @Alphadawg7 are on the clock
  19. Sorry guys, family time. I PM'd you my answer to your trade Virgil.
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