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  1. IMO most of his poor decisions are made when he's trying so hard to make a play because we're behind. We never should have been in the position to have to get a FG to tie the Jets game, he lost us that game and it shouldn't have even been close. There a dumb thing that happens on this board (not talking about you specifically) but I think we should be able to express concerns or doubts about our players without being accused of not being a fan. I'm not saying he sucks, I think he's great - I just worry about his decision-making mainly because I thought he was getting past this shaky part of his game and it's still rearing it's head.
  2. I have a hard time thinking we're going to win this week. Our D has been good to great this year but I still see our CBs as the weakest link on our team. I've lost confidence in Josh when he's not playing with a lead.
  3. Our Defensive front 7 looks a LOT better than I thought they were. Our CBs look decent to average. Our offense is not great. I thought Josh was going to be off to the races but he seems to have regressed in his processing.
  4. Josh has the physical tools to be the best in the history of the game and sometimes he pairs those tools with all the poise of a chicken with its head cut off.
  5. Josh has thrown 2 of the stupidest ints I've seen. Between him running around all jittery with no poise at all and these horrible decisions I'm pretty down on him.
  6. He'd complain about the hug too.
  7. He's old, hard to criticize him chasing money over rings.
  8. I think we're going to see Fromm come back on the PS. He was cut and was having a good pre-season
  9. Not true, they can save a roster spot and just elevate him on game days up to 4x. I don't know why you wouldn't take advantage of that if you have a vet willing to sign to the PS>.
  10. Yeah, let's buy high and sell low, that's a winning recipe. Elam is not a bad player and will continue to develop, you don't trade him at his lowest value.
  11. Ron Mexico showed up to teach players how to get their STD results anonymously
  12. Malcontent trying to reset the market who just forced his way out of town. I don't see any credibility to this at all. Not to mention what we REALLY need is MLB and RT.
  13. He was likely 3rd string behind Quessenberry.
  14. I am on an apple tv, when I click on a game is tells me to hold down the select button for more options. At that point it has a list of all active games and you can select them at the bottom of the screen to fill out the 4 square blocks.
  15. There are some nice features, like being able to watch multiple games at the same time in a 4 screen-split. Unfortunately there is just too much negative to say about the app to recommend it. You cannot be logged in to more than 2 devices concurrently, the old gamepass allowed 3; you cannot have DAZN on multiple tvs and devices (ridiculous). I installed on my ipad, phone and apple TV, when I went to put the app on another TV in my house I was notified I had too many devices registered, this is just straight garbage.
  16. There's no need for that if the injury is severe, they'd just hold him out of practice.
  17. With the new kickoff rules everyone should just be fair catching every single play anyway
  18. The article this link was based off of was written by AI, just fyi
  19. I actually liked the helmet. Probably cause I also had issues with migraines when I got hit in the head when I was younger.
  20. Sorry but Miller's point on Twitter is pretty bang on for value.
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