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  1. Bills had private workout with QB Luke Falk

    I don't post there either - I have zero interest in drafting one of these 3rd tier QBs. If we're going to just spin and point at JAG players we may as well just go all-in on AJ, who at least has already played at a decent level as a pro.
  2. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    How considerate of Nathan, now the ball will make it into the hands of the opposing team's defenders quicker
  3. QB2QB

    Well, because the poster actually contributed something to the board with his post unlike you did with yours. See how that works?
  4. Drafttek Mock

    I'm starting to think this first-pick site is just pulling my leg ...
  5. I gave an opinion, you can disagree but the dickish-ness in your tone is ridiculous.
  6. Or perhaps because there are so few amazing MLBs?
  7. Is there a rush to judgement on Peterman?

    Absolutely no rush to judgment. His first performance as a starter was HISTORICALLY bad. No one with that many interceptions in their first game has ever made themselves into a quality starter and he did it all in a single half. I don't have any confidence he's the guy to buck that trend.
  8. MLB. They have the most opportunities to change the game on D. They can blitz and sack the QB, they can disrupt passes across the middle, they can completely shut down a running game.
  9. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

  10. Caption this...

    "Who thinks Thurmanator is burying some romantic feelings for Josh Rosen?"
  11. Bills Annual Pre-Draft Presser. Live now!

    Ugh, I hate bb.com livestreams, they never work for me. I have tried in 5 different browsers
  12. Bills Annual Pre-Draft Presser. Live now!

    Doesn't work for me?
  13. Dunkirk Don or Savior Peterman

    This thread is like asking people which incurable venereal disease they'd like to contract.
  14. I trust this random twitter kid more than Derby Dan
  15. Doesn't really strike me as a fake info post. I don't think it has all that much credibility, but I believe the kid believes it's true. Would be great for us and help out all 3 parties.
  16. Kid looks like an extra from A Clockwork Orange
  17. Go Get Dez?

    It's not hilarious and not looking for a laugh. These duplicate and triplicate threads are trashing this board.
  18. Go Get Dez?

    Look, another duplicate post from a new poster! What a singular event!
  19. He's a rotational DT at best, camp fodder at worst. Hard to get pumped about this, but worth a shot.
  20. Bandit's Updated Offseason Plan

    I really like Darius Leonard and think he could start immediately.
  21. Your meaningless personal crusade was old days ago; now it's just pathetic.
  22. The McBeane Character Requirements...

    Be like Elsa and let it go man
  23. Because NYG may not be willing to drop to 12. I'm thinking about a trade to 7 or 8 and trading that pick with others to the Giants.
  24. If I had to guess I'd say we're trading 12 & 96 to get to 8 with Chicago and then 8, 22, 53, 61 to get to 2 with the Giants. Would leave us with 2, 56, 121, 166, 187
  25. I think it's a 3 way trade with another team in the top 8. Beane mentioned being wary of trading up to 7 or 8 and then being "stuck" if you can't keep going higher. Seems like there's something going down that requires 3 teams to act simultaneously.