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  1. We need to be up by 8+ more often so teams feel compelled to throw more first. Hard to get all these pick-6s when teams ground and point us and are throwing all-intermediate passes.
  2. Justin Tucker does not miss FGs, Hauschka does. I hope this isn't the thing that costs us the game
  3. Can't do it. I'm so against these awful song parodies.
  4. So Sullivan's "big story" on a podcast no one has heard of is a second-hand account of something that happened to someone else? This guy is just begging for attention; he's a subpar writer and realizes that his only niche is to troll the fans so he can get clicks to remain employed.
  5. This post seems to be making an incorrect assumption about me, just FYI.
  6. Nope. Cleveland game burst the bubble of my confidence in this team to put up points or even stop the run.
  7. I'm over Daboll. He's clearly screwed us several times.
  8. OP trying to shoehorn his Madden GMing into a logical argument.
  9. If this is Kevin with the liquid, I'm really going to be upset. Doing a deep dive on my conspiracies, I feel like John let something slip he wasn't supposed to.
  10. IN, this is the first time this has ever been discussed and needs it's own thread.
  11. I like Allen, but his pay this year has confused the heck out of me. We draft a strong mobile big-armed QB and have basically pushed him into the role of trying to be a game manager. We basically bought a Tesla and then put it in valet mode. We haven't restricted his running, but his running is less effective in getting chunk plays than it was last year and I don't like that we run him as much as we do because he fumbles the ball all the friggin time. He is a strong 4th quarter QB, but he shouldn't need to be a strong 4th quarter QB because we should have these games against the junky teams well in-hand by the end of the game. I think the real reason we didn't make a trade at the deadline is McBeane know in a year where the rest of our opponents aren't falling apart, this is a 7-8 win team based primarily on the strength of our D, which all of a sudden can't stop the run. I'm probably guilty of getting too excited at the highs and too discouraged at the lows, but I dunno that this is a team that is capable of making a run this year and I'm starting to wonder if Josh is ever gonna put things together. I still haven't seen a complete game from him, but I suppose 20 starts isn't enough of a sample size to make a call one way or the other. Like I said, confused.
  12. Pretty early in a post to lose me, but you managed it. Schopp is a blithering moron, there is no part of his show that supports your argument,
  13. It's a game played by grown men who get paid millions of dollars. You pay money to see them play that game. If they suck and are exhibiting poor effort you can absolutely let them know it and booing is a pretty efficient way of doing that. Much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having every fan in the stadium hand the ushers hand-written letters to be delivered to the players saying "I am quite disappointed by your effort, though I heartily support you as a player and a person."
  14. Dawkins and Felciano have both been playing really well and are our 2 best linemen, makes no sense to move the pieces that are working.
  15. Well this is a terrible start to the game. Talk about discouraging. Our D isn't picking our Offense up and the Offense is abysmal.
  16. We've come out about as flat on both sides of the ball as you could.
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