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  1. He stated outright that there aren't top end prospects at DE "like the guys in SF or WAS." If you want to pump up Paye, that's fine, but my statement was factually correct as a quote. I'm not really into drafting someone in the 1st who can't come in and start for you right away, which is probably why I've been disappointed in Epanesa as our first pick last year, albeit in the 2nd. CB/DT have to be priorities early in the draft as they have the best chance of immediately impacting the roster.
  2. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/brandon-beane-we-have-to-be-smart-with-these-picks Beane just said there aren't top end DEs in this draft. I see us going WR, Big Nickel or trading up for a C. Update - Beane just panned the idea of searching for a Big Nickel specifically, so now I dunno.
  3. Depends what moving up would costs to get the players they've identified as impact players. If they get to 30 and there are no players they have a 1st rd grade on I'd expect a trade back and then moving up and around in later rounds.
  4. Beyond the 4th there doesn't appear to be a lot of value. This is due to the fact that less people declared for the draft. Read an article stating people will be drafted in the 6th and 7th that would normally be priority udfas.
  5. Phillips briefly retired in COLLEGE due to concussions before he transferred, not sure you want to invest a 1st on someone who may walk away from the game. I say that after having picked him a few times myself.
  6. Shelvin is not going in the 4th, 3rd at the latest
  7. Taking swings in this draft. Caleb Farley is a risk but could be amazing, Dyami Brown and Jaelon Darden are blazing fast, Brown is 4 inches taller, but they can both be playmakers. Tyler Shelvin is my draft crush and we need him. Rashad Weaver is underrated IMO, I doubt he's available in the 5th, same with Paris Ford but they were both there so hate on the board, not me. Wildgoose, big question mark with upside. I don't think we make 7 picks in this draft, would expect a trade up somewhere knowing Beane.
  8. So basically this thread should be titled "I got to see something you guys will never see?"
  9. Cool, so now we're applying the transitive property to brothers' ability to use physical gifts and harness them in the NFL. Someone should call Gronkowski's brothers and tell them they weren't supposed to suck.
  10. I just watched this and thought it was funny, appropriate to post a trade story in a post about trading up
  11. I would rather have Tyler Shelvin than Wilson, could probably be had in the 3rd. He's enormous.
  12. Agreed, the issue is when you're looking at players like the two LBs mentioned, they are good enough to be starters at LB on other teams and as such will be drafted early to fill those roles. I don't think we're spending a 1st on a player who will play 20-30% of the time just to have them around as a backup. Best scenario for the Bills is they find a starter at CB/DE in the 1st and pick up Nasirildeen in the 2nd/3rd.
  13. The SI article sealed my opinion. Journalists can't just print slander, they'll get fired and the publication will face a huge lawsuit.
  14. Tyree Gillespie S Missouri Jaelon Darden WR North Texas Divine Deablo S Va Tech
  15. These are the guys I see that can play Big Nickel. Hamsah Nasirildeen S FSU Jeremiah Owuso-Koramoah LB ND Jamar Johnson S Indiana Jacoby Stevens S LSU Tyrie Gillespie S Missouri Divine Deablo S Va Tech Richie Grant S UCF Cox and Owusu-Koramoah can probably both ply Big Nickel but I'm not sure either will be around before we pick in the 2nd. I don't expect us to spend a 1st rder on a big Nickel, though I wouldn't be against it. Pats will be in 12 personnel 90% of the time.
  16. Jamar Johnson is a little shorter but seems to have better coverage skills. I'm starting to like him more and more as a Big Nickel.
  17. Used to love Kiko Alonso, then hated him when he kept taking cheap shots at our players.
  18. I've changed my mind - I would like Caleb Farley or Tyler Shelvin. My dream is the Jeremiah O-K from ND, but that's not gonna happen.
  19. Reaction to this law appears to have offended woke left whites. It's condescending and stupid to come out and say minorities don't already have IDs. You're aware that it's actually condescending and racist to presume that this fictionally "targeted" group of minority people without IDs are so incompetent that they couldn't easily get on, right? You know what happens if they pass a law requiring IDs? People who want to vote go get an ID. Before anyone calls me racist, I'd like to note that I am a minority myself. Is it racist that we require a drivers' license for people to drive? N
  20. I find this self-centered and entitled post offensive as hell. You are entitled to nothing and are benefiting from someone else's investment of labor & money maintaining a website as well as the time and effort invested by mods. The notion of complaining about something you're receiving for free is ridiculous. Life is going to be hard if you run around believing you are owed anything from others, I hope you're able to grow out of this mindset for your own happiness.
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