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  1. The show kinda stinks now, the NFL killed it. Zero chemistry between the hosts and the two who were hired were hired without even consulting with Brandt and Schrager which is always a sign that things are going to fall apart. I can see Shrager moving to do more commentary and Brandt will get his own radio show and do his podcast with Omaha productions.
  2. You'd have to think Shakir is the primary backup to both outside WRs as well as the slot. If we keep Crowder he would likely be the primary backup to McKenzie with Shakir and Hodgins backing up Diggs and Davis. I don't think Kumerow is a lock to make the roster.
  3. Thanks for the sale advice. I'll pick up a few pieces from Homage.
  4. I've found Junkfood and Homage for Bills stuff, but not much else. Looking for a place where I can pick up some cool Bills gear for the family. Does anyone else know of other sites I could check? Feel free to move this to Off The Wall if this post needs to be moved. I appreciate any advice!
  5. Absent someone else not being available for a playoff run, not sure how he would be able to contribute much this year and he would surely only be a Nov-forward player for a 1 year deal. Wouldn't have timing down or know the playbook. Seems like a waste of cash. Rams are for sure his best bet at playing this year.
  6. Weird for him to bring it up out of the blue. He was clearly trying to bring negative attention to Cover1. That kind of stuff speaks to character IMO. If he didn't like what they do, he could have reached out to them directly, not that it would matter much. Just seems like a pretty petty thing to do.
  7. Thank goodness we have good news on this front. Disgusted by people online making up garbage.
  8. I was going to complain about how this thread, which is important, has been derailed. But I choose to look on the bright side - I found 2 new posters to block and that will make my TBD experience all the better. Thanks!
  9. Looking to take my brother to his first game in Buffalo. Wanted to go to the Packers game. Hoping someone around here has a couple tickets they don't need that I could buy off of them, else I'll just hit up seatgeek. Appreciate any advice on what section would be the best at the stadium, I myself haven't seen a game in Buffalo since Takeo Spikes was on the team. Thanks! Also, advice on which hotel to book would be appreciated thanks!
  10. Happy he's back. Also happy that in the year he was gone we had Ryan Talbot and Matt Parrino's pod really start growing. We've got some decent options for content now.
  11. I was going to reply to this and then saw OP's screen name. Is this on your leg or just an extra limb you have hanging around the house?
  12. Sour grapes. Our offense had nothing to do with losing that game.
  13. Thanksgiving day game is brutally early for people not on the east coast. Starts at 1030am for me
  14. I just looked at their roster. Don't see anyone I'd bring in, even on the bottom half for depth.
  15. I don't see a reason for him to sign here as a free agent. It would be a bad move for his career. I'm not giving this guy big bucks over re-signing one of our own and he has zero reasons to want to do anything other than get paid.
  16. We replaced our UDFA CB2 with a Rd1 pick and haven't lost anyone besides Levi. Dane played significant snaps last year and is solid. We have like 3 other CBs that have been in the system for at least a year, who else do you want to pick up, because they aren't starting. You're not going to take on Bradberry's rather large cap hit at this point to be a backup or a 6 week starter and then sit him. Are you implying you want Elam to sit?
  17. You're not the gatekeeper of a fandom. People can enjoy what they want. If you don't enjoy something, silence might be a better option.
  18. Tell me you don't see this and think of this...
  19. Again, why would they want to trade a 4th for a late 5th and a sixth?
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