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  1. Easy fix - remove the battering ram helmets. People will learn to tackle properly once they lose a few teeth.
  2. Pull in blue-chippers from college and stop neutering the game and they should have a decent product.
  3. ESPN can write articles about the Bills? When did this happen?
  4. I expect Daboll to know better than to throw his career away by doing to work for that clown Snyder
  5. Poyer and Hyde both need new contracts. I'd like them to both retire as Bills
  6. Too slow to be an effective backup? I haven't seen him play in a while
  7. I messed up the offense because Dolphins had a bye, no worries
  8. Josh isn't working through his progressions quickly enough to see open receivers and is too quick to look for the Beasley dump off IMO.
  9. Based on draft position vs performance I'd say Ford and I don't think it's fair. He should be playing G, but we have a solid RG and the guy who should be starting at RT isn't healthy enough to be a viable long term option. I'd love to see Feliciano slide to LG, Ford at RG and Bates/Nsekhe at RT, but they don't seem interested in trying that, most likely because they convinced themselves Ford can play RT despite all evidence to the contrary in what he's shown us on the field thus far.
  10. Zay was so utterly replaceable that Duke Williams allowed us to make this move by simply catching the balls that were thrown to him in a single game.
  11. 90 pts is 27th in the league and the 70 its against is 3rd
  12. Time to build that statue I guess. At least he wasn't the one who drafted Zay. Time to find another scapegoat on the offense.
  13. Not a thread for this because it's all in the Taylor Lewan appreciation thread.
  14. Tired of this guy... Half his twitter feed is passive aggressive digs at Josh
  15. I'd appreciate it if Josh were to advantage of playing a game against a terrible team by stepping on their throats and having this game be a foregone conclusion by the end of the third. Would love for Barkley to be playing in the 4th quarter and being able to rest starters. For that reason, I hope Josh doesn't need to put up 300
  16. Feels like you're putting WAY too much thought into the comment. Pats have good offense and defense, Chiefs have decent defense and good offense, the Bills have a great defense and a below-average offense. If the D has an off game for the Pats or the Chiefs, those teams are capable of winning a shootout, we are not. If the Bills offense is asked to put up 30 to win a game I daresay we'd be sorely disappointed.
  17. This is called natural selection. I am ok with it
  18. Draft needs: DE - At least 1 impact pass rusher WR - Need a true #1 so Smoke can be our #2 DT - Replace Star OLB - Replace Lorax RB - Singletary is nice, but I'd like another option
  19. I'd only extend: Jordan Phillips - UFA Spencer Long - Club Option Kevin Johnson - UFA And tender: Dean Marlow - RFA Isaiah McKenzie - RFA Levi Wallace - EFRA Robert Foster - EFRA
  20. If you remove the part about "when they have to" it's a pretty accurate statement. We haven't hung up a boatload on anyone and both of those teams have blown other teams out.
  21. Phillips is tearing into Lewan on twitter after that stupid jab at Lawson. This thread is a must-read More incoming...
  22. We need to lock him up for sure
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