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  1. I listened to the whole zoom conference call and came out less certain than I'd like to be. He talked about how making sacrifices now will eventually set up his family for generations to come (ok this is sounding good), but in the next breather he also mentioned how he didn't go to the DB workouts because he didn't want to go through the airport and expose his kids to anything (back to being uncertain). If I had to guess I'd say he is 51/49 leaning towards playing but is trying to justify his decision to himself. Hard to lose an All-Pro and compete. Then again, this is shaping up to be a weird anomaly of a season. It's one thing to have a team looking out for each other and taking precautions, but it's a whole other thing knowing you have to fly to another town, expose yourself to the risks of an unknown environment where you don't know if the people you are playing are taking things seriously. If given the option as a player with financial security, I'd probably opt out myself.
  2. Strongly doubt it considering the salary cap will drop about 25M next year. There is no evidence of any negotiating ploy and no time to get a blockbuster deal done.
  3. I did like the ".. for his age. He looks ok for his age."
  4. Find someone who looks at you the way Kay Adams looks at Josh Allen
  5. I'm seeing a lot of gum-flapping and complaining over the possibility someone else's decision affects their entertainment. It's his decision, let's leave it at that. Athletes don't owe you anything and likewise you owe them nothing.
  6. Then send about 100+ people home for each team where their sphere of contact increases exponentially. Unless everyone is tested daily before contact with anyone at the facility, someone will get COVID, come to practice and screw the whole team. Teams with widespread illness will not participate in the season because of it.
  7. The only thing that will work is a bubble as shown by the NBA/MLS. The NFL won't want to lose the ticket revenue and the bubble would have to be enormous to accomodate these large rosters so that's never going to happen. I expect we will not make it through an entire season.
  8. So Olinemen and Dlinemen can lineup inches away from each other, grunt, spit and scream directly in each other's faces, but they are then required to sit 6 feet apart in the locker room? Effective.
  9. That's disingenuous. We had a pick and traded it. We would pick 22 in this scenario. Come on, you know that.
  10. Hi @Hapless Bills Fan. I have a question if that's ok. Has there been a lower rate of cases vs deaths? I feel like I keep reading that test cases coming in positive recently have had a large percentage of asymptomatic subjects. Thanks! EDIT: Great question, ndirish1978 and I'm not sure of the answer. In the US and globally, we're running about 5.1% CFR (case fatality rate), with of course a bunch of patients still hospitalized and outcomes uncertain. At one point I think we were running 8% CFR in the US, which was 10-13% in NYC and 3% everywhere else. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html It really can't be otherwise - early in the epidemic, you had to have flown back from Wuhan where you swore you licked a pneumonia patient to get a test. In NYC people who had clearly covid-19 relevant symptoms but weren't critically ill were given a sheet of instructions, no test, and sent home. Only very sick people got admitted to hospital and only hospital admits got tests. We have more hospital capacity now, so we can start hospitalizing and treating people before they're desperately ill, and we have more testing capacity so we can test people who have just been exposed. I don't think that's all of it though - I think we have better treatment protocols, and a better handle on which existing medications are truly helpful, so people who are seriously ill have better outcomes as long as we maintain hospital capacity Opinion: I think the infected, asymptomatic younger people were always there, we just didn't have the testing capacity to know they were there before.
  11. Needlessly aggressive takes to people making positive comments about a positive thing. You two must be real joys to be around. Enjoy patting yourselves on the back for "keeping it 100" while alienating the people around you. Life's too short to pee in everyone's cereal all the time guys. There is a time for dissenting voices, this light fluff thread is not one of them.
  12. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1266451410746556422?
  13. Feliciano is not better than Quinton Spain
  14. Roberts is a Pro Bowl special teamer with experience whereas Wade has never played in a real game.
  15. Paranoid schizophrenic right? I mean this reads like he's got some serious problems.
  16. I've heard McDermott specifically reference him out of the blue multiple times. I believe the coaching staff thinks he's the answer at the TE position and I for some reason trust their judgment on him more than I do on Cody Ford. Dunno why.
  17. Zero logic, smug attitude. You're one of those guys who thinks, despite all evidence, that they are somehow smarter than everyone else and comes on a message board to try and pump themselves up. I'll bow out of this particular exchange.
  18. I don't get the sarcasm. They have never drafted him a skills player in the first round. That's a fact. You just trying to be super cool?
  19. They have NEVER given him a 1st rd skills position player. Love was a ridiculous pick.
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