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  1. Do we sign Josh Thomas back to the active roster off of the Cardinals practice squad now?
  2. Sick to my stomach for Micah. What a terrible situation.
  3. "Tre'Davious has been working his tail off and doing everything possible to get himself ready to play. He and our medical staff are in constant communication and we will make the move to remove him from PUP when appropriate. Christian and Kair have been putting in the work to be that next man up for us and we are very pleased with their mentality." - There, that's about all you'd get on a question asked to any member of the coaching staff or FO.
  4. I don'y want to go back and read all 42 pages. Can someone remind me the excuse for why we don't have these yet please?
  5. I don't understand how Hyde was listed as day to day instead of out indefinitely if things are serious enough to warrant a second opinion.
  6. He was listed as day to day. The second opinion thing is pretty standard IMO but I'm worried anyway, Micah is one of my favorite Bills.
  7. It is asinine to stand in front of people who are sitting and rude. If your section stands as a whole, ok. But if you're standing and everyone behind you is sitting, you deserve to get kicked down the steps.
  8. Colleen Wolf would have been a much better fit, agreed. MRob too.
  9. Yeah I'm not worried about our offense, this game will be up to our D.
  10. The heck are you talking about? No I don't miss being crap and rooting for below average players.
  11. Short yardage is a work in progress this year. I believe we'll figure it out. Red zone defense needs to be stiffer. Hope Oliver and Philips are ready for this week, we will need our pass rush to make up for deficiencies in coverage by our rookie CBs.
  12. I haven't watched the Dolfelons at all this year, just a couple highlights of the 4th quarter comeback. Couple of questions from those of you who have if I may: How is their running game? How is their OL holding up? I know they replaced a bad RT with Little. How's their D? Looks like they give up points to decent offenses. Thanks in advance!
  13. Bump, still looking for 4 together if anyone has some available. Thanks!
  14. When you see something like this year after year you have to question the training staff a bit. Isn't this a recurring thing for them?
  15. McAfee, whom you should trust in regards to his opinions about punters and kickers, says Kern is a no-brainer and the best punter available for the Bills and that he is very good at kicking in inclement weather.
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