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  1. Draft needs: DE - At least 1 impact pass rusher WR - Need a true #1 so Smoke can be our #2 DT - Replace Star OLB - Replace Lorax RB - Singletary is nice, but I'd like another option
  2. I'd only extend: Jordan Phillips - UFA Spencer Long - Club Option Kevin Johnson - UFA And tender: Dean Marlow - RFA Isaiah McKenzie - RFA Levi Wallace - EFRA Robert Foster - EFRA
  3. If you remove the part about "when they have to" it's a pretty accurate statement. We haven't hung up a boatload on anyone and both of those teams have blown other teams out.
  4. Phillips is tearing into Lewan on twitter after that stupid jab at Lawson. This thread is a must-read More incoming...
  5. We need to lock him up for sure
  6. This is some seriously partisan refereeing
  7. The offense has been moving the ball against a tough defense. I'm not mad at the INT, it was a tough play.
  8. He actually fights for balls and is a decent blocker. This is a direct reaction to Zay possessing very little actual talent
  9. They're playing another game?! From half the posts on this board I was led to believe the season was over?
  10. Not a Zay fan because I think he's a journeyman-quality player and I hate that so many amazing receivers were drafted after him.
  11. One thing I will note. I just went through Diggs' twitter account and I believe he's following more Bills than any other team other than the Vikings. If there is a trade attempt for him I'd presume he'd be amenable to it at least.
  12. No news anywhere on a trade. He posted google eyes on twitter and fans of the Bills, Raiders, Pats, Ravens and Cowboys all lost their minds collectively
  13. For the record, this kind of trolling is excellent because it absolutely drives me nuts
  14. There's a lot grammatically wrong with this post . You may want to befriend a grammar nazi so they can teach you how to communicate effectively.
  15. I'm responding to the people who are mad at Daboll. Josh loves him and would never complain that he got yelled at.
  16. If your QB is such a snowflake that he can't handle being yelled at when he plays terribly, you don't have a QB.
  17. I know switching sides of the line isn't an easy thing to do, but I would like to see Ford at LG.
  18. Mills is terrible. Ford has not been good at RT. Nsekhe is better than him at RT and Feliciano is better than him at RG. The only spot that he could fill in at and possibly start is LG, where Spain has been decent, but switching sides on the OL is not as simple as people might think and the kid has been used to playing on the right side for most of his career. I'd rather keep rotating him to spell Nsekhe, but not give him a similar amount of snaps, the kid hasn't been good enough to play as much as he has.
  19. Josh needs to settle down. It was super clear he was amped/nervous about playing NE and completely psyched himself out. His reads were terrible. Once he settled down we started moving the ball again and then he got knocked out of the game. He needs to step it up, we can't win every game with a 4th quarter comeback.
  20. There were many terrible calls made by the refs yesterday, enough to call their impartiality into question. Blatant facemask on Josh that the ref was 5 yards away from and looking directly at the play, the obvious PI, not ejecting a player for a helmet to helmet that knocked our QB out of the game, non-call on intentional grounding for Brady, FG vaulting that wasn't called... so yeah, we played nauseatingly bad on Offense, but the Pats had help. Take away the special teams score and their Offense didn't play particularly well either. I am happy with our D.
  21. He's way too prone to heroball moments and has real difficulty reading safeties coming over in coverage. Was this game disappointing, absolutely. Do I think he's further behind in his development than I thought he was? Yep. Does that mean I don't think he can get to where we need him to be? No.
  22. Allen = complete trash today. This is inexcusable. Our D can't be expected to carry the team when the O keeps turning the ball over and not sustaining drives.
  23. Never said he was great to begin with, but he hit on SOME of them last year. He has consistently overthrown receivers by 5+ yards on every deep ball he attempts this season.
  24. This game is too big for Josh. He has shown zero composure and has completely forgotten his fundamentals. This is discouraging as hell
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