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  1. I can't imagine this works well unless the wife is as big as, or a bigger football fan than the husband. Anyone pushing this on some poor girl who wanted a nice quiet ceremony is dooming the relationship before it starts.
  2. Is there anywhere to watch this? I looked around and couldn't find it anywhere
  3. The biggest concern is really just the Oline gelling and we won't even really know who is playing where for a while. WRs switch in an out and getting timing down with a QB can take a bit, but I think that's minimized with good communication and putting in the time. I'd expect the OL to get their act together sometime around week 5 as far as actually acting like a cohesive unit. Preseason is great, but as we've seen before, we don't always do the best job at picking the right starters.
  4. I listen to Fairburn and Joe B, that's pretty much it.
  5. In the replies to Rapsheet's tweet some guy says ASJ has been banned from the facilities for a month. "Personal reasons" sounding like over the line actions.
  6. I don't get any of the negative posts in this thread. HOF worthy career guy brought in to talk to the team and I see a bunch of "I don't like him for whatever dumb reason" posts in this thread and have yet to hear a single post about what he said on OBL.
  7. Yeah, teams playing like teams don't generally translate to wins, you should talk to the Lakers about that one...
  8. I have zero interest in trading for Leveon Bell. Giving up resources for a player we didn't consider in FA is ludicrous.
  9. Your point with that fact being what?
  10. You're basically saying nothing at all. You're just blaming Beane for not keeping players around that they didn't want in the building. "He caused it" means zero, you're just parroting what other posters on this board with actual points to make have said. Beane got rid of players that weren't team-first players with bloated contracts and ate the cap hit for it. You're acting like he's the first GM to ever do that. Dareus since being traded - 2 sacks and 41 tackles in 1 2/3 seasons. Sammy hasn't broken 600 yds in a single season since leaving. What exactly is your point? That we took a knee on last year to reset the roster? How is this going to be proven "right or wrong?" Nonsensical ridiculousness like these posts are a waste of time. You have a non-opinion.
  11. I don't think it would be a bad thing to wind up with a Dawkins - Spain - Morse - Ford - Nsekhe line. I'd love Ford to start at RT right away, but I think there's a lot to be said for starting next to a solid player for a year. Ford - Nsekhe is a better right side combo than Long - Ford
  12. This helps Sweeney a lot. I'd still like to sign Eifert though.
  13. Super happy about this, this was a no-brainer extension at a modest cost. We now have the LDE locked down for 3 more seasons. Next season we can sign a RDE in FA to replace Lawson/Murphy (I don't expect Murphy to get to the last year of his contract with us). This takes a lot of pressure off of the 2020 offseason.
  14. He's on a 1- year contract. We could probably get a couple years out of McCoy and not have to worry about him developing into a good player, he already is one.
  15. Harrison is a 1 technique, we have another Phillips on the team.
  16. If we sign McCoy, would that mean Jordan Phillips is gone? Hard to see us keeping 3 3-techs
  17. Schrager has been covering football for years and by saying metrosexual you showed you think Schrager is Kyle Brandt. It's often better to hide ignorance by saying nothing at all...
  18. Trolls gonna troll. If you want to stop hearing stuff from this guy, just put him on ignore. Hard to troll if no one is listening...
  19. I enjoy the fact that the Jests fans call their coach "Gaze"
  20. This flies in the face of what was reported by every single draft analyst and GM out there. This was a solid WR class, not elite, but solid.
  21. If he's smart he won't take it. That organization is falling apart and if he plays his cards right he's locked up a cushy job for years.
  22. Gase is trading people. Make no mistake, he weaseled his way into more control and will drive away the more qualified candidates.
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