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  1. I always shop there when I'm in the states. Bummed that they won't ship to PO boxes, there are a lot of things on the site I'd like to buy.
  2. This is the type of thing that you announce if you're considering trading away your franchise QB. Just sayin'
  3. Could be many things, he could have scurvy that manifested first in his hand and is now hitting his joint, he could have frostibite and is refusing treatement. If you want to get fantastical about it, he could have greyscale and slowly be turning into a statue.
  4. He got that special Patrick Protocol. This is the least surprising news of the day. They'd have wheeled him out there with a neckbrace on and told us it was the safety wave of the future if they had to.
  5. LOL I was just opening up this topic to post this. 3:50 is the timestamp for those of you who just want to hear about the Bills.
  6. I was nervous for the Ravens, this week it's whatever. We win this and we have to feel confident about the SuperBowl.
  7. This was a concussion per this sports doctor and anyone saying it wasn't is being disingenuous. I would also point to the fact that Mahomes is STILL in the protocol per the coach https://www.nfl.com/news/chiefs-coach-andy-reid-says-patrick-mahomes-still-in-concussion-protocol
  8. He's under contract. Make him play. Not that difficult. I don't want that dude in the division.
  9. Tried to stand up, would have fallen over if he wasn't being held. He got knocked out
  10. I expect Gabe Davis to have a good day, Bease too.
  11. I'm pretty tired of having "Lamar is awesome" force fed to me by the sheep in the media. The Ravens D is what's winning games for them. I just want to see us put up points. If our Offense performs we'll be fine.
  12. Please sign him immediately to stop him from signing elsewhere, then we can keep Dabes.
  13. Tua doesn't throw receivers open, he can develop that trait. Josh didn't have it much his first year, but he has a damn cannon strapped to his shoulder so he could wait that extra half second and still force the ball in when receivers got open. I dunno how you give up on a guy after 1 year, but for the Dolphins I approve of this tactic.
  14. If the comment he made triggered you and others, which is a fair response, I would submit that you're never going to make a difference with anything in life by starting conflict. Perfect opportunity to maybe change someone's perspective by saying "hey, making that comment about someone for looking a certain way is a damaging stereotype and hurts a lot of people, I'd appreciate it if you don't make jokes like this on a public board." Not everyone who makes an insensitive comment is racist. Also, in your response you took a shot at overweight people, which is probably hurtful to others and kind
  15. I heard it's MeUndies or BlueChew, Sharries Berries making a late run though.
  16. Can someone explain Lamar Jackson to me? I don't understand how a QB who is not a consistent passer is considered a great QB.
  17. We're going to have to spy Lamar most of the game, probably with Milano. I'm really concerned with their TEs, as our nickels have not shown that they can cover big pass catchers. This was the one matchup I didn't feel good about coming in to the playoffs. Their Defense is good enough to force poor throws and Josh is prone to taking sacks for big losses at times.
  18. I agree with him, this was not a great game for us defensively. The offense really wasn't clicking all that much for us either. Josh had to run the ball way too much this game just to push the offense down the field. Worrisome game headed into the Baltimore one.
  19. Depth signing to round out the practice squad in case we advance further into the playoffs. Beane is using the weird PS rules to our advantage.
  20. I tend to agree with a theory posited by Rapsheet on Pat McAfee's show the other day - Pederson would not have dug his heels in if he did not have a good idea that he had HC options elsewhere. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he signs as HC somewhere he as connections without a lot of heads up.
  21. Ravens and Chiefs were the two teams I was unenthusiastic about playing. That said, if you want to win championships you're going to have to beat these teams to earn it, so I'm not going to complain that we have to earn it.
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