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  1. Just nice that the article shows him in a Texans uniform.
  2. ESPN is completely worthless, they used to be a real sports network and have devolved into an entity that most resembles TMZ Sports.
  3. Just ignore the guy. He only has a job because people listen. He isn't qualified to offer real opinions on anything, so he plays heel and tries to get people to interact. Clicks and calls keep crappy people in jobs, if you don't like him - switch the station and ignore him like I do.
  4. Daboll needs more than just one good year to convince people to give him a HC job IMO
  5. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/how-to-watch-bills-2019-preseason-games According to this you can stream the game on the Bills app? Congrats brother
  6. Fitz called Doug Whaley a "spineless p#@%&" at Fred Jackson's roast. I will always love him for that.
  7. Spags was the masseuse who got busted rubbing down Robert Kraft, I think he's indisposed. Giving out those Krafties catches up with you!
  8. The swing tackles right now are McDermott and a UDRFA that we had to trade for. We're not trading away our starting RT for an edge rusher when the whole season depends on Josh's progression.
  9. This troll is famous for using fake accounts to spread his worthless drivel. SDUbills saying "his tweets are usually on point" just confirms him as a troll account. IB is a blowhard and a liar and participates in coordinated attacks on people who call him on his BS.
  10. I'd rather keep Nsekhe and have a solid line with him at RT and Ford at RG than pick up a huge contract. We will need that cap space to extend our own. You build through the draft.
  11. Do we really need a NEW thread about this every week or two?
  12. Checked in expecting some laughs, was sorely disappointed.
  13. TV is a thing of the past. Time to let everyone just buy live packages for the sports they want - everything should just be internet based anyway.
  14. Doubt it. Brown isn't better than Crazy Bob Woods, Stevie Johnson or Sammy Watkins - he's probably closer to Goodwin.
  15. Yeah that was unfair, which is why I deleted the second half of my post. I hope you do have fun supporting the team and hope we can all finally enjoy a successful product this season!
  16. I would suggest that if multiple people are harping on your attitude, you may not be communicating effectively. There's nothing wrong with not being a kool-aid drinker, but I myself don't understand the overt negativity I see in some of the posts I've noticed you make.
  17. My immediate thought is - upgrade. Wonder what led to the decision this close to training camp.
  18. Shows the level of talent they employ over at ESPN. Between that and Rodak on the Fairburn/Buscaglia podcast saying how ESPN only really cared about the Bills when Rex was around I think it's pretty obvious that people are right about them only caring about the big markets and tmz journalism.
  19. Nothing to see here, this guy is an absolute nobody whose "articles" have to be clickbait or else he can't get anyone to pay him for just spouting his uneducated opinion. Patreon is like panhandling, it's not a real job.
  20. Not getting fired this season at all. Playoffs = extension.
  21. Zinger, you sound super cool. This thread still has nothing to do with the topic. I suggest you focus your meager wit elsewhere
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