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  1. Yessir, took me a couple days to even check in this week whereas last week I was on daily. Losses are downers and I'm not much for commiseration.
  2. Let's be honest, whomever wins humanity still loses
  3. https://nflpa.com/posts/daily-covid-testing-is-the-key-to-a-full-nfl-season Here you go. This thread will inevitably get shut down, but this letter from JC Tretter echoes concerns raised about the lack of daily testing this year. I think it is noteworthy.
  4. Now that he's on the tail-end of his career he wants defenses to get tougher so Qbs won't have a chance to match his SB record.
  5. It's a nice litmus test: If we can't beat the Steelers there's no reason to think we can beat the big boys to get to the SuperBowl. In regards to the article written by this obvious troll... don't feed the trolls. Parrino and Talbot had a conversation on their podcast about how writers and sports personalities are dying for clicks and they know Buffalo has a rabid fanbase online, they court clicks by writing garbage like this just to get people to spread the word. I'd recommend not clicking on the article and thus supporting this troll.
  6. https://www.nflbeast.com/news/2021-practice-squad-primer-everything-to-know-from-the-rules-to-the-eligibility/ I did a quick readthrough of this article, I'd recommend it to anyone with PS questions. 16 total players Up to 6 veterans 4 players may be protected every week 2 players can be called up to the active roster and then revert back to the PS after the game, this is expandable to 3 players for a covid-related emergency
  7. For some, this is their personality. Most downers are unhappy with their own lives and take out their misery on other people. Some try to engage others in complaining about others in the office or work situations - in my experience it is best not to engage, just smile say something nice and excuse yourself. Doom and gloom people -try and set the tone for all your conversations with them. Be polite and positive and let them know through your actions that you are someone they can count on to get your work done but it's not worth the time to try and befriend them, they will drain you of your energy.
  8. I see a lot people taking Hannah's side over no more reasoning other than "it's just twitter, they should take it offline." I'm going to disagree and explain my reasoning here because I don't agree with the criticism JW is getting. I'm not a journalist and I know there are some on this board so feel free to correct me. 1 - As I understand, properly citing and acknowledging sources seems to be pretty journalism 101. Once it was pointed out to Hannah that the story had already been broken by the AP she could have deleted the tweet and reposted the information sans the "Breaking" tag or sent out a follow up tweet stating that AP had broken the story and her sources confirmed it (this I know I have seen before many times). She chose not to do that and instead argued that she had her own sources, which may well be true, but she would not be "breaking" that story which makes the original post incorrect. 2 - As pointed out in this thread, there is a difference between journalism and the clickbait news tweets that send out rumors without verification in an effort to be first. I'm not going to pretend I don't look at websites that post the former, but I have way more respect for the latter. I know journalists observe rules/guidelines in regards to the number of sources they need before they write a story. That is value. I don't read an AP article and wonder if it is factually correct. JW went through a process that required work beyond just a few phone calls to confirm a story. Any meeting had or call received is likely the result of him putting in work developing relationships with people who he trusts (as Dean noted). If I were to put effort into something, verifying the facts of a story, writing an article and going through the process of having that story published, I'd be quite annoyed that someone posted a series of tweets after all my effort and labelled those tweets as having broken the story. I don't think it helped that Buehler started arguing with people publicly about the validity of post and that she had her own sources. Once that argument was made in public, a public response was warranted. That is all.
  9. I watch Thursday, Saturday, Monday games and depending on my Sunday: Bills + 1 or 2 games.
  10. Who is going on IR tomorrow? McKenzie, Sweeney Phillips before we re-sign Hollister and Ferguson? We might IR Stevenson tomorrow too.
  11. Preparing the presser to announce we traded Bobby Hart
  12. He requested his release presumably cause he was buried on the depth chart. I dunno if he's going to want to walk back into a building where he used to be a #2 just for the practice squad.
  13. Smoke requested his release, probably because he was buried on the depth chart. I dunno if he'd be a happy camper here on the PS.
  14. Something about the way this was presented made me laugh.
  15. I would presume that labelling something as "Breaking" indicates that you are the one who broke the story and doing so when you didn't break the story is considered quite unprofessional. She's getting dragged in the comments for not sourcing Wawrow and she just keeps stating that she got the information from her own sources.
  16. In summary, this was never a real story and the media was bored and needed something to report.
  17. If you watch any of his podcast appearances after leaving he relished the "heel" role while here for some reason. Once you establish that kind of persona people only see you as the persona and they will be against you.
  18. MLJ was a solid reporter, sorry to see him go but wish him the best
  19. I haven't watched game film looking at him specifically, has Tremaine gotten any better disengaging from blocks?
  20. By the end of this year I wouldn't be surprised if he was our #2.
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