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  1. Tom Brady could line up behind a Juggs machine and 4 parking cones and not get sacked because he gets the ball out in about .14 seconds.
  2. I wanted Baker and Darnold, was going to be ok with Rosen and was unhappy with the pick. I now believe I was wrong.
  3. You can tell the people who hate the Bills cause they're in ever twitter thread complaining that the play was illegal due to a facemask on the first stiff-arm and "helmet to helmet" on the second. 😂 I'm gonna be honest, the first was an incidental facemask but the second is not a penalty.
  4. Allen and Mayfield not understanding that hero balls are stupid decisions
  5. Sending threatening text messages to the painter constitutes "takes"
  6. They structured his contract correctly. I am sure the news of this latest lawsuit constitutes "taking action that materially undermines the public's respect for the club."
  7. I mean he has already signed with the two most amoral clubs in the league and was kicked out because of his off the field behavior. Besides Tampa Bay, I can't see another team giving him a look and they really don't need him.
  8. But... his agent said it was unfortunate things didn't work out in NE and he is looking forward to playing again 😂
  9. Doubtful. By all accounts he's such a narcissist that he will probably blame this on the painter. He makes himself out to be the victim even in his own mind.
  10. What are the odds someone else picks him up? You gotta think slim to none right?
  11. They'll win vs the Jets with or without him. Don't care if he is suspended this week, but would love him to be put on the exempt list next week before we play them in case it turns out they act like cowards and remove him from the list quickly.
  12. These texts where he posts pictures of her kids and instructs someone to investigate her? They have been confirmed as real by SI.
  13. The Jets are a powder keg waiting to explode. That team is not managed correctly and they are a blowout this Sunday by the Patriots away from Jamal Adams asking for a trade. They benched their highest paid CB in Johnson and I don't see enough character on that team for them to rebound from multiple poor performances. I'm not proclaiming playoffs for us this year, but we at least have a somewhat balanced team that plays as a unit.
  14. Hope he plays well enough for a few games before he gets hurt that he throws it into doubt if they tank for Tua. Anything to completely mess them up.
  15. Bills need to update their media guide with Kroft's actual picture:
  16. Creepy. They should cast him as the next Norman Bates. Dude looks like he watches people through holes in the wall.
  17. @Kelly the Dog I have no reason at all to feel proud of you, but I do. So there.
  18. I think the D steps up and our O will flag a bit with Singletary likely being out. Bills 20 Bengals 10
  19. We have played 2 very bad teams and almost lost to one of them. Is this team workmanlike? Yes. Are we SB contenders? No. I agree that things appear to be trending up though.
  20. https://www.xfl.com Hello facts. Playing well there might make a difference. The assertion that it wouldn't is your opinion, which is based on nothing and flies in the face of reality. If AAF players got tryouts and were signed based on their performances there, XFL players will be signed as well.
  21. Regardless of anyone's personal beliefs - is there any reason to believe that a QB who was seriously declining as a player and hasn't played in the league for 2 years can come back, play and suddenly be good? I don't understand this perception that he is somehow suffering for his beliefs and being held out of the league. He's Tim Tebow, but brings even more media distraction. These guys are marginal players who absolutely could be backups, but the media focuses on them so much that the distraction they bring to the team outweighs the benefit of having them as a sub on the bench. I'm not sure if he's really asking for $20M as was reported in the offseason, but that's ridiculous. If he wants to play, let him sign in the XFL and show he can actually play the position.
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