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  1. Josh Allen is our QB, Tyree Jackson barely throws a catchable ball and made a terrible decision declaring for the draft so he rightfully went undrafted... Just stop it already with thinking Jackson is going to be a thing, he's not a thing.
  2. Sills is competing with Williams for a spot on the 53 man-roster. They both fall in the "big target" box and we absolutely need one of those for our red zone offense. Loser goes to the PS. The pre-season will be interesting this year!
  3. I am starting to believe he is secretly Jerry Sullivan
  4. Probably recommended based on your viewing preferences ... 🤔😉
  5. Prayers for his family in this difficult time.
  6. Yep, trade out of the first round in the year with all the great wide receivers for a generally overhyped DE... makes sense.
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