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  1. Looks like it. I didn’t think that was allowed.
  2. Having seen all the GM’s draft rooms so far I’d say we’re winning the IT and design award.
  3. Day 1 of the draft definitely stinks without a 1st round pick. I might still do a Zoom party with my friends, but I won't be that invested.
  4. An antibody test takes 15 minutes and should be enough to clear someone. They cost like $200.
  5. He's training his mechanics with his personal QB coach, that's good enough for me.
  6. I would like to see more of this please.
  7. Ok we'll take him if they give us Ngakoue and a 2nd. If not, no deal.
  8. The questions he asked were incredibly confrontational and completely shaped to make the company look bad. Question: "Many [former employees] also expressed disappointment that the One Buffalo culture is practiced but not preached. They expressed feelings taken for granted, overworked because of continual downsizing, poor communication flow and inter-departamental disorder." The first part of this question is stating facts. A fair question to ask here would be "how would you respond to these feelings?" or even "why might these feelings be accurate/inaccurate?" NOPE. Graham's question violates rules of journalism ethics asking a loaded question (framing allegations as true and so that any answer is seen as confirming those facts; often taught as "were you drunk when you beat your wife"). Graham's Question: "What is being done to eliminate these issues within your properties?" This is loaded. It presumes any allegation brought by the fired employees is true, presents hypocrisy as a given, overworked people were overworked specifically because of downsizing and assumes disorder and poor communication as facts. Sorry, but there is nothing fair about that question.
  9. Lol, Foster, that's what I get for typing while I'm working
  10. Coming from an owner who has thin-skin? Yeah you do. They regularly complain about reporters like Sullivan and get them fired or restrict access.
  11. WR1 Diggs WR2 Brown WR3 Beasley Backups - Duke - size McKenzie - gadget Thomas - Developing WR4 at best, no clue if he pans out The best Lee could hope for is to sign here and hope he can become WR4, there is no upside for him here. He has no shot at the top 3 spots, has availability issues and would be more expensive than a rookie, who they could develop from scratch themselves. I don't see the upside for us either.
  12. Or, her responses could read as someone who is annoyed at a hatchet-job piece and having to respond to emails about how the people she just fired are less than pleased with her and her family.
  13. It's a fairly biased piece if you consider his interactions with people on twitter before it came out when he was asking for the people who were fired to DM him. It was super obvious he just wanted to stir the pot. Graham is a solid writer, but he's at he's a troll by nature and like to stir things up. Probably not the best idea to go the Sullivan route and burn bridges with owners who are known to be sensitive to criticism. Kim's responses to him are super defensive and it's obvious he got under their skin by writing this article. Did the article accomplish anything? Probably not. Did it come off as a hatchet-job towards ownership, yep. I would disagree with @GunnerBill defining this as a "good" article. I would agree that the article is "solid," he has sources and has confirmed facts and themes, but I disagree that the article is "good" because it doesn't really accomplish anything other than to say "these people are liars, they say they are a family, but did you realize they put themselves before others?" He equates owning a sports team to a public trust, which it is not. He does this to set up his assertion that the Pegulas are acting against the public interest and it's a straw-man argument, which is lazy. PSE is a private company owned by people who want to make money, it's not a charity nor is it a public program set up to employ the citizens of WNY.
  14. S or CB Dugger, Chin, Arnette, Diggs (he won't be there)
  15. JP Losman & EJ Manuel set this franchise back for years. While Maybin was a terrible pick, you could argue that Manuel cost us more. He was a terrible QB and the inept FO doubled down by pairing a bad QB with a WR they traded 2 1st round picks to bolster in a draft where they could have taken OBJ or Evans without making a trade at all. So, in short, we wasted 3 first rd picks trying to make Manuel a thing, which I consider a travesty. Best draft pick would be Jim Kelly, even if took him a few years to get here, he was our last real-deal franchise QB until Allen can solidify himself as such.
  16. I need you to be clearer with your opinions here. #1 do you like garbage? Maybe garbage is the UK way of saying really good? #2 Are you saying he would be better off playing without shoulder pads? 😏
  17. I dunno, i was just lazily remembering what I thought I saw in an article I just read. If bbb went back and looked it up, his numbers are probably more accurate than mine.
  18. These discussions are just wheel-spinning and discussions of "public persona" or "civic responsibility" are a waste of time. The Pegulas own both Buffalo teams and will continue to run both of those teams, as well as their other companies, however the hell they want to run them. Here is why this discussion is a waste of time and we saw it for years during the end of Ralph's ownership - If you don't like the Pegulas and how they run things, your only real option is to stop supporting their teams. Eventually, if they lose enough money because you don't like how the Pegulas run their businesses, they will sell those teams and most likely the new owners will move them to a larger market. OneBuffalo is a marketing scheme and not a real thing? Color me shocked! Ownership of a sports team is a public trust? Not really. @SeattleBills you obviously joined this board just to talk smack about the Pegulas, that's fine, it's a crusade and against the TOS, but I don't really care. The fact that you believe that your whining will accomplish anything is ridiculous though.You're also copying and pasting way more than just a few snippets from a paywall article, which isn't really allowed. Am I supposed to care that a business owner would choose their lifestyle over your employment? I like football, so I will buy Bills stuff because that's my team.
  19. They are reportedly losing 20-30M per year on the Sabres per Tim Graham
  20. Which one of those players was a top 5 pick? Bust is a relative term derived directly to draft position. If you get a 3rd-4th round talent and production from a top 5 pick, your pick was a bust. That label is as much for the FO that drafted them as it is for the player. Top 10 picks are supposed to change your franchise.
  21. The Pats signed AB, who was coming off two public meltdowns, they aren't going to shy away from Cam because he's flamboyant if he's the guy they identify. That said, the Patriot offense is a poor fit for him.
  22. Bucs new stuff is good, ATL is 💩
  23. I'm off to write an article on 12up explaining why the Bills should be able to get McCaffrey for a 7th, be on the lookout for a new thread!
  24. Would you guys give up 2 2nd round picks for him? I have seen his stats but have only seen him play a handful of times so I'm not going to pretend to know what he's worth or what he brings to a team.
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