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  1. I've had Amazon Music Unlimited for years so I wondered why I can still do those things.
  2. Not really. "Bastard" refers to males or females born outside of marriage, although today it's mostly applied to males. "B word" refers to a female dog but is more commonly applied almost exclusively to women.
  3. RIP, Irene. I've reached the age where many of my favorite singers/actors are passing on ... not necessarily from drugs/alcohol/accidents but from maladies associated with old age.
  4. This is exactly how I feel. The Bills will be a better team in January for winning tight games in November and December. My sense is that good teams that have to scrap to get into the playoffs or to get high seedings seem to do better in the playoffs that teams that coast in.
  5. He's also more durable. He hasn't been injured enough to miss many games. Gronk missed a lot of games. Same old Chargers ... going back to the early 2000s when they were loaded with talent. They made the playoffs then but they never did much in the playoffs. Now, they certainly have good talent but they don't make the playoffs because they continue to find ways to lose games. Yes, easily.
  6. Lawrence really does have a "horse face"! I'm watching Red Zone, and they're flipping between KC/Rams and Arizona/Chargers ... and the team colors are almost the same: KC and Arizona in red and Rams and Chargers in gold and blue. It's a bit confusing!
  7. I think it was to waste some time. That was the criticism of McDermott last year ... the Bills didn't squib kick against KC in the playoff game. Two or three fewer seconds and the game would have been a Bills win.
  8. It looked like it until the very end when it kinda died. Trevor Lawrence has had the first real clutch drive in his career!!!
  9. If you come on a Bills fan site and have nothing positive to post, being "crucified" by other posters is the least you should expect. You could easily be suspended or banned by the moderators. Words have consequences, whether they're spoken or written. Once said or posted, they can't be taken back. That's true if you're in politics or in the media or in business or in a relationship ... or you're a fan of a sports team. "Free speech" guarantees that you can say what you want about the government and the government can't come after you. It doesn't mean that private citizens or businesses or organizations have to accept some horse's ass spouting trash or stupidity without taking action against said horse's ass. If you lie, don't whine when you're called a liar. If you call people vile names, don't cry foul when you get called worse back. If you send disgusting emails to co-workers, don't pretend to be a martyr when you get fired. If you don't want to be "crucified", then don't spout opinions to people you know won't like them.
  10. I just love MB drama queens. So much angst about a regular season loss in OT to a non-conference opponent.
  11. Staubach, Blanda and Starr were all drafted 50 or 60 years ago. Warner is a baby ... he came out of college less than 30 years ago. Even Brady was drafted more than 20 years ago. Brisette generally plays well -- and puts up good numbers -- but just not good enough to win games because he can't seem to make clutch plays. His failed QB sneak on 4th down is an example.
  12. I'd be upset that my team wasted a second overall pick on a QB who has shown so little promise of becoming even a competent NFL QB toward the end of his second NFL season.
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