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  1. I suppose this scumbag highlights his "traditional family values" in his political campaigns ...
  2. I think Allen won as many games in 2018 as Garoppollo has won in his entire career, so neither has done anything in the NFL. I think both should be lower simply because both are unproven along with Darnold, Rosen, Jackson, Haskins etc. I would put all of these unproven guys in the lower third of the rankings since they're all resting on hopes rather than actual production.
  3. Totally agree. I would be good with #32 being given out to a vet who joined the team and requested it or to a first round rookie, not to a scrub.
  4. That's an excuse for a QB who hasn't started yet in the NFL or who maybe had 1 or 2 games where he played in garbage time. There's enough game film on Peterman for coaches to realize that whatever he shows in practice doesn't translate onto the field in game time when games actually count. He's not the first, and he won't be the last, NFL QB who plays great in practice but sucks in regular season games. He's just so singularly bad -- his faults are both mental and physical -- that the coaches who keep giving him chances have to arrogantly think they are so superior to everybody else that they're capable of turning water into wine. Gruden has never seen a QB he didn't love because his ego won't let him accept that even he can't fix every QB.
  5. Not recognizing your limitations after repeated, glaring failures is simply self-delusion. As long as Peterman wastes a roster space for a team other than the Bills, that's hardly irritating. It's a good thing.
  6. If Peterman wants to stay involved in football, I think he needs to go into coaching. He simply isn't good enough to play QB -- even as a backup -- in the NFL. I thought it was unnecessarily cruel of McDermott to keep throwing him out there when he was clearly emotionally crushed by his failures. The Bills should have brought in a competent veteran QB to backup Allen immediately after the season opener, and that's on both Beane and McDermott. McDermott not insisting on getting someone better, and Beane not getting it done.
  7. If he was a race horse, he'd be a "morning glory" -- a horse that looks great training in the mornings but sucks when he runs when the money's on the line later in the day.
  8. Not having a GM and competent scouting apparatus in place to run the draft is absolutely not acceptable. It's an excuse for an incompetent organization that hasn't done its job. According to former NFL GM Charley Cassserly, the primary job of a GM, even when he has limited power as Whaley had in Buffalo, is to run the draft. Pegula and Brandon knew what they had in Whaley. If they had any doubts about how he might get along with a new HC, they should have fired him at the end of 2016 when they canned Ryan or they should have let him have much more input into the hiring a new coach so that he could get a HC that he could work with (I believe that McDermott was hired by a search committee but I'm not positive that's true). If an organization doesn't "trust" their GM enough to allow him to run their draft and instead turn it over to a rookie HC whose been with the team for a few months at the last minute, what's the point of keeping him and the scouts that answer to him on the payroll until after the draft? Since the NFL is a tiny exclusive club with only 32 members, it's highly unlikely that the Bills could hide that Whaley was a lame-duck from their peers for very long so the excuse that they didn't want to "tip their hand on the draft" is just more excuse making.
  9. Point 1 - if Darnold becomes a good QB then who drafted him will be totally irrelevant. If he proves to be a bust, then who drafted him will also be irrelevant. Being "his guy" or "their guy" only matters when a highly drafted QB prospect doesn't develop into more than a mediocre starter and a team has to decide whether to keep him or move on. Goff wasn't McVay's "guy" until he proved himself a good QB. If Tampa moves on from Jameis Winston, it won't be that he's not Bruce Arians' "guy" but that he simply hasn't developed into a good enough NFL QB. Point 2 - the only legitimate reasons to pass a great QB prospect when the opportunity to draft one arises is that a) you already have a franchise QB on your roster or b) you already drafted a great QB prospect the previous year or two or c) the player evaluators don't like the QB prospect(s) available. Passing on a great QB prospect in order to give your future GM a chance to draft "his own guy" is beyond stupid simply because the team may not have the opportunity to draft a great QB prospect for the next 5 years or more, either because there aren't any QBs worth drafting (2013) or all the great QB prospects are already gone (2004 or 2016).
  10. SoTier

    Life Hacks

    This also works on the snowblower chute ... and it's a whole lot cheaper and safer than the products you can buy at the hardware store/home center.
  11. SoTier

    Life Hacks

    Does your friend also stop at little "self service" farm stands (the kind with a small box for you to leave your payment) and pay for 3 green peppers while taking 4?
  12. SoTier

    Life Hacks

    I've seen this very recipe for "buttermilk" elsewhere ... and you can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar because "buttermilk" is the fermented by-product of making butter (hence the name).
  13. It wasn't aimed at you or what you posted. It was a general statement in response to the post saying that the Browns had a tougher SOS than the Bills because many posters on TSW like to spin scenarios that make the Bills look good when those scenarios aren't supported by facts ... and sometimes just the opposite. I understand your reasoning about the Browns. Yours is a very different rationale than the simple minded dismissal of predictions that the Browns could be a very good or excellent team simply because the Bills are the only team allowed to make a sudden leap from bottom feeder to SB contender ... at least in the minds of some homers on TSW.
  14. Facts are irrelevant to homerism.
  15. Why not????? Did you watch Mayfield play much last season? He demonstrated every bit as much leadership as Josh Allen did but added excellent passing ability to it. Mayfield still has to get better, but It's a lot easier to score a run when you start from third base rather than from first or second, and that's about where Mayfield was last season in relation to his fellow rookie QBs. Mayfield needs to make the least improve to become a decent NFL QB while the other guys all have to improve much more to get to the same place. If Mayfield improves significantly over what he did last season -- which is what Bills, Jets, Dolphins, and Ravens fans all expect their kids to do -- then he'll be up there with Wentz, Goff, and Mahomes as a budding young superstar. Moreover, the Browns, like the Rams pre-McVay, had added talent over the years -- especially since John Dorsey took over -- that was obscured by poor coaching. Most analysts think that with better coaching than Hue Jackson provided last season, the Browns could have won 8 or 9 games -- and they've added considerable veteran talent through FA and trades in 2019. The 2018 Browns reminded analysts of the sudden rise of the Eagles and Rams under new regimes in 2017. The same questions being asked about Kitchens (who was interim OC last season after Haley got canned) were asked about McVay in 2017. If Bills fans believe the Bills are a 9+ win team in 2019 because of the anticipated improvement in Allen and what they've done in the off-season, how is it unreasonable to think that a team that was more talented, had a better rookie QB, and that played better than the Bills in 2018 should also improve after adding more talent in the off season? Great minds think alike! You posted this while I was writing mine! They say pretty much the same thing!!!
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