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  1. ROTFLMAO. Once again, get your head out of your butt. Killing the filibuster in the US Senate would hardly "end the Republic". However, it surely would have ended if Trump had succeeded in his coup attempts.
  2. Yep. Anybody who doubts that Trump intended for that crowd to go to the Capitol and terrorize Pence and the Republican Senators into overturning the election results are lying to themselves because his blatant attempts to bribe, bully, and threaten state officials is part of the public record. Trump's coup attempt failed because Americans who actually love their country and take their oaths to support and defend the Constitution seriously refused to join in his treason.
  3. Tannehill played significantly better than Darnold from the very beginning of his career -- he started from opening day of his rookie season and was good enough to be given a second contract fairly early IIRC -- despite playing for a team that was mostly a dumpster fire. Darnold hasn't shown much improvement in his three seasons, and few, if any, flashes of possibly having the makings of a great QB. This might stem from coaching or lack of surrounding talent, but it might very well just be that Darnold isn't that good. I would love it but I don't think FitzMagic comes
  4. Why wouldn't it? Are you claiming that Trump isn't a bigot, grifter and would-be dictator?
  5. I think of abolitionism, the woman's rights movement, the labor movement, the civil rights and lgbt rights movements, but then I'm a retired leftist techie originally trained in American history.
  6. Nowhere in that piece did AOC call for violence. The word "liberation" does NOT equate to "violence". AOC was talking about "liberating" working people from economic, social, and racial oppression. That rhetoric is borrowed directly from various American social movements going back to at least the 1830s.
  7. No, we voted out of office the bigoted sociopathic traitor who was elected in 2016.
  8. Now, why would Gosuch and Biggs seek a presidential pardon unless they had done something significantly illegal? Baby Trump, Jr and his wife as well as Mo Brooks and Crazy Rudy may all face at least criminal investigations because of their parts in the coup attempt. Fear of being convicted by the Senate was the only thing that kept Trump from issuing wholesale preemptive pardons to any and all of the domestic terrorists who participated in the January 6 coup attempt. Once again, Trump demonstrated that he only cares about himself, and everybody else can go hang, including his children. Ev
  9. LOL! If you believe that Trump "saved babies" for any reason other than it benefited him personally, you are an idiot. Trump cares for nobody or nothing except himself, including his own children.
  10. The ghosts of James Buchanan, Warren Harding, and Richard Nixon all say "thank you, Donnie!"
  11. Just because Trump was a sociopath who never loved anyone or anything except himself doesn't mean that all or most Republicans owe their loyalty to Trump over their country, even if many of them truly believe that there was significant election fraud because that's what they've been hearing for months. I think that when push came to shove, I don't believe that either Cruz or Christie would have broken the law in order to appease/curry favor with Trump any more than Mike Pence did. It's one thing to make symbolic political gestures that don't have great consequences but quite another to commi
  12. They obviously didn't have enough $$$$ to bribe Trump's fellow grifters to bring their cases to the Grifter In Chief's attention.
  13. It's done. Donald J Trump, bigot, grifter and would-be dictator, failed to win re-election, failed to overturn the election through the courts, failed to subvert American democracy by violent insurrection, and then slunk off in disgrace, as classless as ever. Amen! Joseph R. Biden is the 46th President of the United States. Hallejulah!
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