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  1. Yes journalism was soooo much better in the "good old days" when reporters didn't report news that didn't reflect well on powerful politicians (as in it was well known among the Washington press corps that Kennedy was bringing call girls into the White House ... at the height of the Cold War no less) or national news media persistently ignored violence, including lynchings, against blacks in the South or when media empire builders like Hearst stirred up war fever against Spain in the run up to the Spanish American War. The news media has ALWAYS been about sellling newspapers or advertising space, so it has promoted some stories, suppressed others, and even made up some news as publishers deemed necessary to advance their motivations.
  2. It was the equivalent of the Vikings crossing the North Atlantic without the compass and astrolabe, just using the stars and maybe a lodestone.
  3. The Bills' definition of a GM was to do the bidding of the bean counters in the Bills organization dedicated to putting profits before wins. That has blatantly been the way it's been with the Bills at least since Russ Brandon took over the team, but it was always the way Ralph Wilson ran the team, too. With Brandon gone, maybe that changes under Pegula and Beane but I'll believe it when I see it. I really don't give a damn about the Bills' supposed "financial position" because It's not actually about the team's balance sheet but about the team's cap situation. Dead cap money is simply on paper, and the Bills were more than happy to trade big cap $$ for not having to pay big actual $$ since Beane became GM. Scrubs and rookies cost a whole lot less than proven veterans, and the Bills had one of the lowest, if not the lowest, actual player salary totals in the NFL in 2018 -- and they played like it. Beane has filled the 2019 roster with unproven youngsters on rookie contracts, a small handful of pricey vets, and the rest JAGs. It doesn't seem like a formula for building a perennial playoff contender much less a legitimate Super Bowl team unless lightning strikes and all those younger players on rookie contracts suddenly blossom into top notch players.
  4. Absolutely. Moreover, I doubt that Von Braun would have been party to faking it. He was dedicated -- had been dedicated his entire life -- to space exploration. He was also an amoral individual. His v-1 and v-2 rocket programs for the Nazis furthered his research into rocketry, and actually hindered the German war effort because they diverted so many resources from designing/building better and more war planes. He was courted by both the US and the Soviets even before the fall of Germany, and he chose the US because he figured he'd be allowed to do rocket research while the Soviets would have him working on missiles. I have no doubt that he would have defected to the USSR without thinking twice if the US abandoned the manned space program and replaced it with some elaborate sham. He was available to the highest bidder and his price was space exploration.
  5. The "more talent at O-line and WR" should make those units at least NFL-caliber in 2019. That doesn't mean they'll be good or even average, just that they won't be nearly as poor as they were last season because for the most part, the Bills didn't sign top caliber OLers or WRs. Moreover, there's no guarantee that Allen improves enough to make him a competent QB. Trent Edwards was a well spoken, respectful hard working bust. So was Nathan Peterman (which is really hard for a fifth rounder, but the Bills tried to make him into something he couldn't be and he failed, ergo, a bust). Also, don't forget that the Bills opponents also added talent to their rosters, some significantly.
  6. Exactly this. It's the same way with the every conspiracy theory ever, most notably the 9-11 conspiracy theory that the Bush administration actually blew up the towers. Conspiracy theorists ALWAYS ignore the fact that people will talk about stuff that's supposed to be secret. Always. The reasons that they do differ, but somebody always "spills the beans" at some point.
  7. Conspiracy theories aren't my thing. I don't believe 'em. It's not that I think people are always honest but that if more than 1 person knows a secret, it won't stay a secret for long --- and every conspiracy theory requires numerous individuals -- sometimes thousands of them -- keeping secrets forever and hiding all evidence of those secrets. I know I've never seen any movie on any faked landing of any US spacecraft any where, but I've seen reports/trailers/descriptions of such.
  8. That's about a faked landing on Mars. I thought that there was also a movie that claimed the moon landing was faked but I didn't find anything about that, but maybe I too confused it with Capricorn 1. Maybe I was thinking of the FOX documentary on Moon landing conspiracies. For those interested in conspiracy theories about the moon landing see here: Moon Landing Conspiracies. The thing that surprised me -- or maybe it shouldo n't -- are how many come from individuals who could easily appear to be "knowledgeable" because of their educational or employment backgrounds or military service records. I guess it's a necessity for any conspiracy theory to gain hold of the public imagination to have supposed "experts" support it for whatever reasons they choose to do so. The 9/11 conspiracy theories have attracted "respected experts" like flies on excrement over the years. Two excellent movies about the Apollo missions: Apollo 13 and Hidden Figures. I found Hidden Figures to be especially interesting because it focused on how NASA personnel struggled to get the first American, Alan Shepard, into space (but not into orbit) at a time when a "computer" was actually a person -- in the case of NASA, primarily female mathematicians. There's a new documentary out on Apollo 11, too, with that title. It's apparently created using all actual audio and video from the mission.
  9. Saturday, July 20, 2019, is the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The Weather Channel has been showing lots of info snippets since Tuesday, the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo launch. One of them I found interesting, having worked in IT for 30 years, is that the chips in today's musical/talking greeting cards have more power than the guidance system that took Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon and back! PBS had an American Experience episode on it, and I'm sure that there will be more programs on Saturday.
  10. This is simply untrue since Allen, Edmunds, Oliver, and the other Beane draft picks haven't proven how good they actually are. This roster isn't even as talented as the one that McDermott inherited in 2017 and immediately started dismantling. Most of the supposed veteran talent on this team is mediocre, and the young talent is largely unproven. Only White and perhaps Milano have shown themselves above average NFL players. How come you conveniently chose "the last fifteen years"? Oh, yeah, because in the 2004 draft Tom Donahoe traded Dallas the Bills' 2005 first round pick for the Cowboys' first rounder to take JP Losman. That doesn't fit your story line, of course, because Losman busted, and you don't wish to raise that idea in your defense of this regime. As for FA signings, maybe if McDermott and Beane hadn't chosen to strip away so much talent, they wouldn't have been forced to overpay for mediocrity and could have spent their money on better FAs. If "the proof is in the pudding", what has Beane proven exactly? That he can gamble a lot of draft capital on relatively few prospects with big question marks? If Allen has a HOF type career, then Beane got him cheap. Anything less, and he paid way too much --- including Watkins. The Bills last won a playoff game in 1995, twenty five years ago. Since then the Bills have had 5 winning seasons and 3 playoff appearances. Between 1970 and 1994, twenty five seasons, the Bills had 10 winning seasons, 6 of them between 1988 and 1993 under Polian and Levy.
  11. Yeah, they've been wrong about the Bills sooooo often ... especially when predicting the team making the playoffs.
  12. Has he? He spent a fortune in draft picks and talent to get Allen, and if the Bills go 6-10, without serious injuries to key players then it's probably because Allen hasn't grown into a franchise QB as hoped for -- and isn't likely to develop into more than a modest mid/low level starting QB. The Bills have had several of those over the last 2 decades. He's also spent more draft capital trading up in both his drafts, so unless those picks prove out this season, then he didn't get much for the extra investment. Except for Morse, none of his FA or trade acquisitions have been impressive. Some, like Benjamin, have been terrible. He over paid for mediocre talent like Lotulelei, and we're still waiting to see if Murphy can regain his pre-injury form.
  13. A good running game is absolutely a young QB's best friend. There's no way that Mahomes or Wentz or Goff would have been so successful so quickly without having had great running games to give them reliable options. Going back a few years, both Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson had tremendous success as rookies by relying on strong running games.
  14. Like Coloradobills fan, I'm skeptical because if a sudden rise in sea-level destroyed these supposed civilizations, there would still be evidence of those civilizations under water. AFAIK, that evidence is missing although evidence of known civilizations or parts of known civilizations that were destroyed by earthquakes that resulted in the coastal areas where they were located sinking into the sea. More recent climate change isn't a new phenomenon in Africa, either. Within historical times, the Sahara Desert was much narrower in width and wetter, allowing for trade routes across it from the Mediterranean coast to cities in present day Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan etc. where today's desert areas had much more savannah-like climates. Keep in mind that just because some civilizations aren't very well known to the general public doesn't mean that they aren't known to archeologists.
  15. Big backs frequently drag smaller tacklers, DBs and undersized LBs for 5 or more yards until they're gang tackled. We saw this ad nauseum when Jauron filled the defense with smaller, fast guys in an era where numerous RBs outweighed the smurf defenders on the Bills roster. This was also a reason why there were so many injuries to Bills players. I''m not saying that McDermott is going down that route, but the team has to be prepared to deal with power running backs. A better defensive line would help immensely. This is the way it always is. The NFL has often been called a copycat league. One team does X on offense and has success, and numerous other teams try to emulate that. Defenses get surprised at first but then 1 or more DCs figure out how to stop it, and the offenses find something else to try. It's an endless game of chess moves.
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