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  1. This video is cute but Nick's advice is pretty poor. It's worth what we all paid for it.
  2. I voted for the Chiefs. The demise of the Chiefs is a bit premature because they still have the best HC and the best QB not to mention they still have at least as much talent as any of their rivals. They are a talented, experienced team under one of the great coaches in the game that knows how to win important games. The rest of the AFC West teams have added shiny new pieces but it remains to be seen if the new players and new coaches can perform up to the preseason hype.
  3. My guess is that Kyler would probably be a better QB/leader if somebody on the Cards coaching staff (like the HC) had taken him in hand when he during his first three seasons. That's when he should have been introduced to the obviously alien idea that the NFL is a different animal than college football, and talent alone isn't enough for long-term success. Instead of redesigning their entire offense to suit Murray, the Cards should have also included plays that would have forced Murray to work at mastering them. I was a teacher for nearly ten years. Many students who could ace multiple choice tests -- or even fill-in-the-blank tests -- struggled when writing essays because they had to think. There were no crutches to help them out. I don't think that Kingsbury ever demanded that Murray demonstrate that he could do the football equivalent of writing an essay exam, so Kyler now figures that he can continue to slide by without putting in the effort that other starting QBs do. Unfortunately, I don't think Kyler is going to change his attitude toward his game prep unless -- until -- something bad happens.
  4. It's an impressive waste of talent. I can't see how after 3 years in the league, Kyler is going to suddenly change his attitude towards his career. I think that the only way Murray gets the "attitude adjustment" he needs is if AZ were to cut him before the end of his contract or not re-sign him to a new contract. it may very well be too late then for him to re-establish himself as a starting QB with another team. My guess is that in twenty years Murray will be one of those ex-players that people will say could have been great if only ... Exactly. QBs like Brady, Rodgers, Allen, Mahomes, Stafford, etc probably regularly spend 8 to 10 hours a week voluntarily studying film. Many much less talented NFL QBs voluntarily spend far more than 4 hours a week studying film just trying to get better.
  5. True, but without the players, there's no CBS interest.
  6. Yeah, football was soooooo much better when players had to work other jobs during the off-season to make ends meet. It's the players who put their bodies and futures on the line to make the bucks for the billionaire team owners. Nobody is going to pay money to see Jerry Jones sit in his box and smirk or scowl, and ol' Jerry and his fellow owners aren't going to share the riches they make off the players' efforts unless they're forced to it.
  7. Here's the link for hospice in Chautauqua County: Hospice Chautauqua
  8. Good luck. It's always difficult to deal with an ill parent long distance.
  9. It was an explosion in a transformer which is not an uncommon event on electric transmission lines. If a transformer on a pole near your home explodes, your neighborhood may be without power for several hours until it's fixed. I don't know how an explosion at a larger transformer at a major dam would impact electricity production.
  10. I am so sorry for your mother's situation. I think that you may have to jump through a few hoops to legally get your mother home if you don't already have some of the pieces in place. It will help if your mother is considered legally competent, which it seems she still is. That should enable her to assert her desire to return to her home. The place to start is, I think, the Chautauqua County Office of the Aging. The number for the Jamestown office is 716-661-7582. For the Mayville office it's 716-753-4471. For the Dunkirk-Fredonia office, it's 716-679-3417. For the Sinclairville office, it's 716-962-8131. I think that Mayville is the main office, so you might get the best advice there. Another resource is Janell Sluga, Geriatric Care Manager for Senior Life Matters which is associated with the Lutheran Social Services in Jamestown, but SLM doesn't only help seniors at the LSS campus. When I retired, she helped me navigate Medicare Part D. Her email is janells@lutheran-jamestown.org and her phone is 716-720-9797. Hope this helps.
  11. It's understandable. It's the very tail end of the off-season and we're all bored.
  12. I think that one of the Buffalo tv stations may have broadcast the game live. In 1980, WNY was hockey-mad since the Sabres had been to the Stanley Cup finals about 3 or 4 years earlier plus with the games being in Lake Placid, the local stations had extra coverage. I remember coming home from work (I was a school teacher) and turning on the game while I was making dinner. Then again, maybe I am suffering from false memories.
  13. I have to go with the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. I can still see the hockey stick flying into the air after the buzzer . A lot of people don't remember that the win against the Russians wasn't the gold medal game. The US team had to beat Finland later in order to take the gold, which they did.
  14. I don't remember this thread from three years ago at all. I was going to respond to a post on the first page of the thread when I realized it was started 4 years ago ... and went on for 27 pages of mostly the OP denying the possibility of his memory being faulty.
  15. Why did somebody resurrect this thread after 3 years? The OP himself hasn't posted on TBD in 2 years.
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