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  1. SoTier

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    Actually, if a QB doesn't make significant improvement in his second year as a starter, he's unlikely to become a successful QB. That first year as a starter is a huge learning curve for young QBs, but the second year is when they should demonstrate that they're likely to develop into a good QB or just another mediocre one. Even with showing promise as a second year starter, though, a youngster needs to continue to develop and hone his skills. That's what separates QBs like Rivers, Rodgers and Wilson from Sanchez and Tannehill.
  2. SoTier

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    Like they've done with the Sabres since they acquired the team?
  3. I didn't realize that Lotulelei and Murphy weren't intended to lead the Bills into the future. They're pretty expensive "stop gaps" in that case. The reality is that Beane has to be so active in FA in 2019 because McDermott screwed up the 2017 draft by passing on Mahomes to draft a DB. No DB ever is worth a bonafide franchise QB. Plus he traded up to take Zay Jones when he could have taken Juju Smith-Schuster and gotten a significantly better WR. Then McDermott and Beane traded away both Watkins and Dareus because they didn't fit McDermott's "process". In the wake of the retirements of Wood and Incognito, Beane traded away LT Cordy Glenn as part of his desperate maneuvering to move up in the draft to take Allen ... because the Bills didn't take Mahomes in 2017. The McDermott and Beane failed to recognize the importance of having a competent OL and WR corps, and their incompetence led to a serious to Allen. IOW, having to sign numerous FAs to fill major holes on the offense in 2019 because McDermott and Beane screwed up personnel decisions in 2017 and 2018.
  4. This is exactly how I feel. I haven't said too much about the new FA signings because while they look good on paper, we won't know if they're duds or studs until probably October or November. They should be an upgrade simply because last year's offense was so lacking in talent but we won't know until the games are played. I criticize the moves that I think the Bills made that are wrong-headed or short-sighted BECAUSE I am a fan who cares about the team. When I was a still true believer I used to get angry at what he wrote but as the Bills' losing years turned into losing decades, I found that his criticisms were justified far more than my perpetual optimism about Bills moves.
  5. That some individuals or organizations in the media take on cheerleader roles for specific teams doesn't mean that that's what they're supposed to do.
  6. SoTier

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    I was addressing the idea that's frequently been raised on TSW that a team was specifically "tanking" in order to get the #1 draft pick in the next draft in order to pick a specific college player, ie, Andrew Luck in 2012. Teams often do dismantle good or mediocre teams for various reasons, most often because of pure incompetence, but one of them isn't to be able to pick a specific collegiate player
  7. SoTier

    Feels strange to have a FO with a specific plan

    You obviously forgot about the spring of 2003 when the Bills signed Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher-Baker and some other solid defensive players and looked to be "the real deal" -- or the spring of 2012 when the Bills brought in Mario Williams. I'll believe that the Bills are capable of "sustained success" when they actually sustain some success. I've been fooled too many times in the past to fall for Bills moves in spring.
  8. SoTier

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    Give specific examples since 1970 of teams that deliberately tanked to get specific players -- and that this "plan" actually resulted in building a successful franchise. I can't think of one. Yes, Indy won the Andrew Luck lottery by being terrible in 2011 but they had been expecting Peyton to play at least some time in 2011, and they didn't deliberately dismantle the team to insure they had the worst record possible. That team was built specifically to rely on a dynamic QB -- which Luck was before he was injured -- which is how Indy continued to put up decent records (along with playing in the AFCS when it was about the worst its ever been). Moreover, the FO that fielded the team that earned Indy the 2012 #1 pick got bounced after the 2011 season IIRC.
  9. Sorry, dude, but it's NOT the media's job to be a cheerleader for any sports franchise, although in the Buffalo market, some media outlets have embraced cheerleading and dispensed with honesty. The incompetence of the Bills organization in this century is what has made many fans and media commentators into skeptics. The reality is that the Bills have only had 3 winning seasons -- 2004, 2014, and 2017 -- and 13 losing seasons in the past 19. They have not won 10 or more games in a single season since they went 11-5 in 1999. They have only made the playoffs once since 1999, too, and they have not won a playoff game since 1995 (23 seasons). You can put as much lipstick as you want on that pig but it doesn't make it any prettier. As for "ending" the drought, while that's technically true -- and I'm happy for the players like Kyle Williams and Eric Wood who had an opportunity to play in a playoff game at least once in their careers -- there's no indication that the Bills are any closer to building a team that makes the playoffs more than once every twenty years than they were when they went 9-7 in 2004 or 2014. The reality is that they snuck into the playoffs by winning an OT game in a snowstorm and getting lucky when Andy Dalton made a miracle play on 4th down, and, true to form, they then returned to their losing ways in 2018. At present, all Bills fans have is hope that maybe this Bills will be different from its predecessors, but we've been down this road again and again -- including drafting QBs in the first round and making what look like quality FA signings on paper -- over the last quarter century. You can buy into the latest hype from OBD and tell yourself things are looking up if you want, but knock off the whining about the media and other fans being skeptical.
  10. SoTier

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    I simply don't believe the Fins -- or any NFL team -- intends to tank. First of all, it's not in the DNA of NFLers to deliberately lose because they've been raised and trained to be competitive all their lives. If they didn't try their best to be the best at football, they wouldn't last in the NFL. More importantly, there is no guarantee that a collegiate underclassman who looks great comes back and plays just as well or better the next year -- or stays healthy. Even if an underclass star does that doesn't mean that he'll make a good NFL player. Too many supposedly "can't miss" college players, especially QBs, have crashed and burned in the pros. I don't think the Titans would have made the playoffs even if Mariota had stayed healthy. He's simply not a very good QB. He's not any better than Tannehill -- neither can make the clutch plays when games -- or seasons -- are on the line.
  11. I have never been a fan of PFF and their rating of OLers. However PFF compute their "rank" numbers, they consistently seem to discount blatantly bad plays like whiffs while penalizing OLers who struggle to make up for their linemates' poor play. It seems that their film "experts" watch and rate the play of each OLer totally out of context to the entire play, so they don't catch the bad plays by 1 OLer that forces his linemate to try to make up for his failure -- and may fail. Maybe they just don't know squat about OL play. Whatever, their ranking system seems pretty meaningless. The measure of any unit is how effective it is in protecting the QB and opening holes for the running game, no matter what kind of stats individuals produce. An OL which supposedly has 4 of 5 members "average" or "above average" should have protected the QBs better and opened more holes for the RBs than the 2018 Bills OL did. They were easily the most ineffective OL the Bills have fielded since about 2009 or 2010. The real "proof of the pudding" about whether this OL is an improvement over 2018's version will be revealed only during the regular season by how well they protect Allen and open holes for the RBs. Until then, I'll reserve judgement on the OL -- and on the success or failure of the 2019 FA signings.
  12. SoTier

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    And probably get a ring for his trouble!!!!
  13. SoTier

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    I didn't say it made sense because it really doesn't for Tennessee unless they intend to send Mariota packing and draft a QB. Bringing in a former starting QB to a team that already has a starting QB usually opens a can of worms. As for Miami, how is their situation significantly different from the Bills' situation in 2018 when they traded Taylor? What QBs did they have on their roster? Nathan Peterman and ????
  14. SoTier

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    Sad but true. The reality is that both Tannehill and Mariota have turned out to be the absolutely worst kind of QB to draft in the first round: just good enough to make a team give keep him -- even give him a new big long-term contract -- but not good enough to win with. At least with Fitzpatrick and Taylor, the Bills didn't have to invest long term. If Allen is going to fail, I hope he proves he can't get the job done quickly and noticeably like Losman and Manuel rather than look "just good enough" to tempt the Bills to keep him. Both Miami and Tennessee wasted a lot of time and talent hoping that these two guys would "develop" but they never did. Only 3 or 4 years? Predictions of Brady's slow but imminent decline probably started a decade ago, at least among some Bills fans. 2019 will be his 20th season, and except for his rookie season in 2000, his first starting season in 2001 when he replaced the injured Drew Bledsoe, when he tore his knee in the season opener in 2008, and when he was suspended for 4 games in 2016, he's at least started every Patriot game between 2000 and 2018 -- that's 15 complete seasons. He's got to have sold his soul to the devil to amass that kind of record!
  15. SoTier

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    My point was just that it's way too early in their careers to judge these kids, and doing so simply is assuming they'll be great because of pre-draft hype. None of them were all that great as rookies. Mayfield looked the best of the first round QBs but even so, there's no guarantee that he'll become a great QB either -- any more than any of the others. Vince Young was the OROY in 2006 and Mark Sanchez led the Jests to the AFC Championship game in 2009. FWIW, the only young QB I can think of who was traded very early in his career and went on to be a great QB was Brett Favre. That doesn't portend well for Rosen if he does get traded.