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  1. The more I see the more I like Odunze. I don’t watch enough college ball to even pretend to know who is going to translate to the NFL, but I think this team needs a stud at WR and I’d go after one this year by using next years 1st if I had to. Even if you burn next year’s first, you have 2 seconds and a lot more cap room to work with, making for a better re-tool scenario. For me, try to preserve this years 2nd if you can, but just about anything else would be on the table to go get the guy they want.
  2. That concludes it, send it all to NYG and get Nabers or Odunze and go golf for the weekend.
  3. Really well put. I look at the current roster and have to think the ideal target is going to be a physical specimen. Shakir and Samuel are smaller fast guys who can work inside or outside. Kincaid will spend a lot of time in the middle, Cook will take throws inside, so who is the outside guy? You can’t rely on Shorter, Hollis etc. Not to knock the efforts last year, but letting D-Hop go to the Titans on that deal was a huge miss, he’s the perfect fit for what they need. He has plenty of speed, size, vertical ability and most importantly, he catches everything. The Bills really need an Anquon Boldin type who’s both physical off the line and fast enough to make you think twice about him down the field. I don’t think they need the real burner. Samuel or Shakir going down field is going to be plenty, they will run past any S in the league. They have to connect on a few to get respect for the deep ball again. Just that respect is enough to impact the D. Unless you get a guy with absolutely elite explosiveness like Hill, the smaller frames generally are manageable in the red-zone, jam them up, timing is gone, their impact is taken away in tight spaces. The Bills have moved effortlessly for 3 years between the 20s, they were good in the RZ when Davis had his head out of his ass and Knox was a threat, why both of them disappeared is more than I know, but they did. Then it became Josh waiting on Diggs to get open and the RZ became a problem. With exactly zero people on this roster for anyone to fear, teams will be going after JA in the RZ if they don’t find a threat, I live Kincaid and he can be that guy, but he hasn’t proved he is Kelce 2.0. So when is matters, where is the ball going? Josh is going to play Superman again. They have to do better.
  4. Uhh oh, Josh I’d looking like Schnoman
  5. But can they get off the press coverage in time for it to matter?
  6. Speed is great, when there is space. Give me a guy that can produce in the RZ ALL DAY over a pure burner. How many of those super fast guys are worth anything when it counts? Think 4th quarter, December, 3rd and goal from the 8. Ball has to come out fast, screw the smurfs, give me a DUDE.
  7. Really stupid scenario is what you mean, zero chance in hell AZ would trade this years 4th overall pick for a late first rounder NEXT year.
  8. Absolutely not worth it, he hasn’t been consistent in the least bit. I really like him, but that’s a steep over pay.
  9. That one hurts, Watkins did look like Julio Jones 2.0, so I get the idea, hard to know he was going to be a lazy bum though. Evans turned out to be amazing, would have been a great pick. OBJ was also very good for quite a while, wouldn’t have minded that pick either, but alas, we took the one guy who busted. The fact they wasted the pick on EJ was the worst. Stupid ole coot Buddy forced a pick and we got nothing for it. If you are confident in trading DOWN for your franchise QB, don’t take that dude.
  10. I’m really between option 1 and 2, I think he’s a punk ass in decline.
  11. Allen and Milano are the only ones on this team. Kincaid could be one, Cook has that potential. Diggs never was. He’s like Tre White, productive, but never scared anyone with physical ability to gut you.
  12. The obvious move here is to package next year’s #1 to go up this year. You will still have 2 second round picks next year so you can get into the bottom of the first again if you want or you could just look for value there in the second. I could see a scenario where they try to get to say 12 or so with this years first and next years or add some more to go up higher. A player trade generally will be done before the draft so everyone knows the cap consequences prior to any moves, so if it doesn’t happen soon, it’s not happening. My guess is they are hoping one of the WRs they like gets to ~10 and they can go get him. I would guess, without looking at the chart as a guide, you are giving up this years first, next years first, the comp pick for Edmunds and something else to get up there. If it’s for Nabers, sign me up.
  13. Oh no, the only way he proves it’s him is if everyone including Kincaid prove to be complete busts. The rest of the world is convinced “Diggs made Allen”, but if they get a rookie who puts up numbers and shows out as a true #1, the narrative will be that WR is a stud and Allen kicked out again. Forget the fact he’s made Diggs, Brown and Beasley have their best years ever, but yeah, it’s all Diggs. I think Allen is going to have to shoulder a little more this year, and he best come in ready. That said, he has the chance to show the world what we all know, this is his team, he IS the Alpha dog of the team and the arguably the league.
  14. I look at Nacua last year and wonder how he dropped, Jefferson was late round 1, etc. those are just lately.
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