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  1. It’s all a question of his shoulder. If he has 90% of his arm strength back, he can be a decent starter. The guy we saw last, not gonna cut it. I don’t hold any weird hate towards him like some here seem to, if he can find the right situation, he could have a few years left in the tank. I could see him as a good bridge QB to way above average back up. If he has his arm healed and ego in check, he can stick around for another 5+ years easily. If he can’t shut his mouth.. he’s probably done.
  2. So the funny part to me, is if you say a guy is 4” taller and (per the listed weights) a whopping 8lbs heavier, I’m gonna guess the shorter guy is far more stocky. I don’t really think we are getting much in the way of an upgrade, especially considering the injury picture. Harris is just more likely to go down hill vs DS who was more shifty. I don’t think we are any better off here in all reality. Sherfield, I’m kinda excited about. The only thing I do have to point out is we are stocking up on guys who primarily work from the slot again and that was a problem last year, there was nobody who could work outside besides Diggs.
  3. Huntley isn’t in the same stratosphere as Lamar, but Lamar isn’t as great as Lamar thinks.
  4. The percentages are WAY out of line at this point. The argument has been there for QBs, but things have broken open on all fronts and the cap is being decimated by drunk GMs just throwing money at everyone. If you have a top LT, Top QB and a top WR, you will be in for 90+ M, or 40% of the cap on THREE players. That is not doable. Throw in a DE and a LB and you find yourself at 130+m or over half the cap in 5 guys.. obviously you can’t have top guys everywhere, but this is where things are headed, either you have talent on rookie deals or you lose them the minute they aren’t.
  5. That’s nuts. I’m all for the trenches getting paid, but even at a 225M cap, these numbers are insane. QB -45m WR -20M LT- 25M RT- 15M G- 20M C-15M So far you haven’t finished the line and you are already in the 140’s for premium players. The way it’s being built out, the rich will get richer and the back ends of rosters will have to play for Vet Min. Look at Defense and it’s just as nuts with ILBs getting 20M a year, DEs 25 etc.
  6. Philly is strapped and he’s basically an extra on their line, its not something I’d think twice about. Why he lasted so long, that’s another question.
  7. Any trade for either guy needs to get Oliver off the books, it may be a case where you have to give up more to shed the dead weight and clear the cap space. That’s a helluva fantasy.
  8. No hole created, happy to have him back.
  9. Wow, I like this much more than I initially did. That’s a nice deal especially with the ability to cut him next season if he slows down like he did at the end of this year. Nice work Beaner! I’d be ok with upto a 3rd round pick on a safety. No offense to Hamlin, but we’re it not for the crazy event, most would be looking for an upgrade over him this year. He didn’t show a whole lot on the field. He seems like a class act and obviously, it’s awesome he plans to return, but I wouldn’t bank on him as an impact player.
  10. I think the OP has a point to a certain extent on contract management by the Bills. Beane made a great move getting Josh’s deal done, and that was a risk well rewarded. On the opposite end of it all, I feel like Edmunds and Oliver’s deals have been poorly managed. The advantage to a fifth year option is obvious in being able to lock a guy up at a relatively reasonable price for 5 years, but it’s also a negotiation point for earlier extensions AND you don’t have to use it on questionable players. The problem the Bills had was both Oliver and Edmunds were kind of tough to evaluate their value. Edmunds has all the potential in the world and just isn’t great. Oliver, well, I’m not a fan. The thing is, I would not have used the option on either guy because of their under performance leading up to that time. Had you not activated the option, you still had franchise tags to use, even if non-exclusive where you could get them back for a similar pay rate for that 5th year or gotten picks for them. Instead, you got a situation where you wound up over paying them both for the 5th year of service and then Edmunds actually played well enough to get a raise, now you go into the same problem with Oliver. If he balls out, he’s gone, if he continues his current pace, he’s still probably gone and you overpaid AND both will be gone for nothing. The better option would have been either a tag if you were in love after year 4 or an extension that locked them up at actual market value. You could have had Edmunds for 10-12M a year for another 3-5 years and Oliver would be looking at 7-9M (and I still wouldn’t do it). The 5th year option is a bit of a trap if you activate it and I think the Bills fell into it twice.
  11. Its simple in my eyes, the team was a dumpster fire, not worthy of the fan base it had for those 17 years. Now the team has the one key ingredient to winning and you had better do something with it. There’s no reason to accept “good” just because you were used to awful. The piece is in place, go get it done.
  12. At least Beane went after someone with some play making ability, that’s been sorely lacking. Is this the right guy? I have no clue.
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