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  1. Easy big fella, just saying the point was made you can't always coach like you are afraid to lose and you happened to be the guy saying it was working. The problem is when you face real teams, they can score.
  2. We could be best football friends. You are spot on. When Allen hit the last step of the drop and fired those 6 yard darts to Beasley or had the chance to run around and make a play, good things happen. The moment he had to sit and read the field, all hell broke loose. While I think Darnold is a better passer than Allen, he struggles with pressure and reads as well. I was a big fan of Darnold coming out and thought he would be doing more at this point, he has been a colossal disappointment thus far. That draft calss thatvwas supposed to be '84 or 04' reincarnated, looks like it may go down as the most dissapointing QB drafts in a long time. If I had to call it as I see it now: Mayfield : solid, never spectacular starter, probably will be replaced. Darnold : Jamis Winston without the crab legs? Allen: The struggling version of Cam Newton Rosen: out if the league after 4 years Jackson: less of a passer version of Mike Vick, hopefully no dog fights. Translation, none of the 1st round guys end up as your real franchise players. Where we disagree slightly, I think Darnold still has the best chance to become more, he just has to prove he can read a D. That can be learned, regardless of what people here try to convince me of, I have never seen a wildly innacurate QB ever change the first 21 years of their throwing mechanics in the the pros and suddenly become a great passer, so my hope for Allen is low.
  3. This offense was as conservative as any, and you certainly didn't have them going out there looking to score once they had a lead, McDermott is conservative to a fault. It's not different.
  4. The issue with what you are saying here is, the ball has to be 50/50 for recievers to have a chance to make that play, Josh has consistently thrown the ball where NO ONE can get to it. He missed by yards on many balls this year. He was let down by Duke Williams in the endzone last game, and Knox got hit in the hands way too many times, but his deep ball, which is where big plays come from, never got close to target until week 10. He consistently left 2-4 bigs plays on the field every week by not even being close and a lot of those were to WIDE OPEN receivers. Smoke should have had 1500 yards this year and been talked about as the break out player of the year, but Allen KILLED his numbers with awful balls. I'm not saying Allen can't get better, but the idea the WRs are the issue is WAY over blown. Remember when EJ " just needed weapons" as did Tyrod etc.. Watkins was handed 14M a year, Woods is a top 20 WR, Goodwin went on to have a really good year in SF. Theres only so much a WR can do, when the QB cant put it on them.
  5. If this comparison is fair, why not look at the comparison of Mitch Turbisky in his second year vs Allen as fair? He out performed Allen in about every category, except for the digging yourself a first half hole to have to recover from, so there are less comebacks (most over rated "stat" people here love to talk about, btw.). Yet this year, when raw stats suggest he's still a better passer than Allen, it's understood he's a bust and Chicago will have to move on if they are going to get anywhere. Oh and he also lead 3 comebacks and had 3 GWD as well, so he's "clutch".
  6. On 12/20/2019 at 12:02 PM, ScottLaw said: He's a good HC for sure....but he gets way too conservative at times.... such as the cluster ***** last two minutes of playing for the tie against Browns. The conservative strategy employed last week in the 4th won't work against the better teams and better QBs in the playoffs. Hopefully the approach changes in a close game against a Watson or Mahomes. Well that didn't age to well.
  7. Poyer is a force, but that inherently leads to some missed tackles when he gets a little reckless. Really good, not great. I would love to have him back, but its not the end of the world if hes not. Looking at whats coming up: White Hyde Wallace ( even though im not a big fan) Replace Hughes, Shaq, and probably replace murphy, find a new 3 tech rotation player and hopefully get Star gone or add another 1 tech to rotate in ( maybe Harrison Phillips takes that spot), there's a lot to factor in. It will be interesting to see what the priorities are.
  8. Not like he lit them up or anything, he just didn't screw up much, which is the formula for this year apparently.
  9. But the extra capital was blown to trade up for Allen, along with flipping away your LT, so in reality, had you actually taken one of the 2 best QBs in the league right now, you wouldn't have Tre, but theres nothing that would have stopped a small trade back to get him. As it was, you used 2 first round picks, Cordy Glenn and another pick to come back up for Allen and that wouldn't have been needed had they made the right pick at the time. Both Maholmes and Watson are legitimate QBs and all Allen is way behind both of them, no saying he will ever get close to their level, so your argument is pretty awful.
  10. Agreed. Ok, just breath, its going to be ok.
  11. This team isn't bulit on the draft much at all. Of the starters on O, Allen, Dawkins and Singletary are your only picks, Ford is starting, but out of injury, not performance, Knox is trending towards full time starter, so you can call him one. The D has Oliver, Lawson, Edmunds and White as the only real players who were drafted. So either side, its less than 50% from the draft. To be "built through the draft" the way they claim, draft picks have to actually contribute and not get replaced by FA siginings. Facts, lots of money to spend in FA, keeping this group together is plausible.
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