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  1. Literally needs a complete gut and rebuild. Smoke and mirrors got them through, but there’s not a single starter on the DL, and only Milano, Poyer and White are anywhere near “better than replacement” players. Complete trash honestly and has been all year. They need at least 6 new starters, really sad, especially with all the draft capital wasted on the D.
  2. Singletary can and will be replaced by any journeyman out there, was a wasted pick. Should have had Dobbins this year and instead have a backup DE.. awesome..
  3. Better idea, sit him now and cut him this off season, he’s EXACTLY what I have been saying he is, a fringe NFL player at best.
  4. It’s like the coaches decided to revert to last year’s strategy, because it worked so well then.
  5. It will be interesting to see if he can move well enough to try it IMO. Well, in all honesty, the Bills are trotting out much the same to block for Allen. We have the Chiefs old Center (bad move) and Dawkins who was supposed to be a guard 😆. Outside of that you have Journeymen.
  6. I’m with you. I still consider him the 2nd best corner on the team, the coaches must see something I don’t.
  7. The honest truth is Miami is the only team that could put him in a situation to win, that could offer reasonable compensation. They were competitive already, they could ship back 2 first round picks, Tua and some future compensation and still have enough ammo to surround him with some talent. The Jets are a virtually barren team and once they get him will have no picks to fill in ALL those holes, plus a limited cap situation due to his contract, he’s walking into a worse situation from a talent perspective, than he’s in. The only other options would be for him to go to a ready made
  8. He’s not a great player, but he gives a ton of effort and has a knack for making plays in recovery mode, he’s not a guy you really want to rely on, but he’s definitely been a nice surprise and made some big plays.
  9. Both teams are good in their own right. When it comes down to it. I think GB is “easier” to match up with, they have 1 real good receiving threat and a bunch of guys in the NFL because of Rodgers. Brady has a lot of weapons we can’t match up with. Have to play zone all day and he’s a master against it, plus he’s familiar with what he’s seeing with our guys, not the team you want to deal with. First things first, you have to beat the best team in the league, in their house, let’s worry about that one. Allen has to ball out tomorrow and again in the SB if we have any chance of wi
  10. I have not seen anything to indicate he can be an NFL QB, but it’s low risk and high reward for the Steelers. I doubt he makes the roster honestly.
  11. If anybody has Lamar in front of Allen, they need their head checked. Not saying you are wrong in terms of where he falls on the list but Jackson should be the 5th Qb at best. It’s Rodgers/Maholmes (you pick), then Allen/Wilson, then you may argue for Jackson.
  12. The fact this is even a conversation is a win. For me, Allen just has to prove he can shake the early game jitters here in the playoffs and continue to make good choices, the rest will take care of itself. Josh IS more physically gifted than PM, but what you do with it is what matters and PM is the best in the business right now, until proven otherwise. Injuries are the biggest concern for him if you are being honest, Rs about the only thing that has slowed him down.
  13. I’d be sending Poyer on the blitz from play 2 forward (they will run play one). Poyer is the guy who will get there and he will lay him out. If he gets up and plays well, good. If that’s the end of him for the game, sorry, but it increases our odds of winning. You know they are coming for any weakness, gotta go for theirs.
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