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  1. At the end of it all, the team with the most wins, takes the division and they have a win over us, love it or hate it, they are what their record says. I think they are a pretty darn good team overall. The biggest thing they need is Tua healthy, that’s going to be the hard part for them. The kid is talented, even if not physically as gifted as you might like. They surrounded him with a lot of weapons. If Allen was on that team, I think they’d be the SB favorites by a long shot and likely undefeated. Say it louder for those in the back, the #1 defense got all its stats against back ups and rookies, got shredded by every actual starter they played. It was a farce at best. Good D? Yes. #1? Absolute joke.
  2. The Chiefs schedule sounded a lot harder at the start of the season, they SHOULD win out.
  3. Agreed, upto the point of some of the clear Franchise guys are now showing their age and need to be moved out of that category. For the sake of argument, last year I would have said: Maholmes Allen Rodgers Brady Burrow Wilson In my mind, these are the only guys that have proven they are Franchise QBs. I know some people want Herbert on the list, I think he’s in the “really good” group and still trying to cement that title. This year, with age showing, in my mind, the list is: Maholmes Allen Burrow The list didn’t really change so much as guys have fallen off, but that’s primarily due to playing past their time and IDK what happened to Wilson, but he has been awful this year and trending down for the past couple years. I was blaming his relative struggles in Seattle on injury and lack of surrounding talent, I think that’s out the window with Geno having a career year (not saying much) and Russ having a career worst year. Again, I leave Herbert in the really good class, still not what I would consider a franchise guy yet. There’s people that will argue I’m working on Herbert and Dak and Hurts and Lamar etc, imo you will never here a fan base wondering if they should let a guy go or flat out wishing they could get rid of a real Franchise QB and said QB should be making the team better. So Lamar misses on the fact he’s great, but limited skill set, Hurts has to prove it for more than 10 games, Herbert can’t seem to elevate a team, Dak… meh, Murray is laughable and the 3 guys you would never get anybody calling for their heads are your Franchise players. Just saw this and you said it better than me, agree completely.
  4. Honestly, that’s pretty solid, especially with that offense. Good for him, he got a shot and is doing something with it.
  5. combined with the fact there’s not much talent at WR for the Bills, he was getting more opportunities than he may on many teams. Now he’s trying to take catches away from Diggs, Davis and McKenzie to get anything.
  6. Klein is well better than what we had at LB, not sure why they let him walk in the first place, but as an Edmunds hater, I even laugh at the idea of him being better than Edmunds. It took Edmunds 5 years to make a noticeable difference, but he’s finally doing it, I’m guessing he must finally be old enough to go to the bars so he’s getting great coaching from Bills fans now.
  7. He was a 5th round pick, expecting much of him is foolish at best. The fact he made the active roster is a solid accomplishment.
  8. The difference is he’s not playing Iowa’s competition. He bull rushed mid western farmers and beat them. The Bills got him, made him lose 20lbs and sent him against competition he’s never seen. He was never fast, never had moves, just pushed guys out of the way that don’t play in the NFL. It’s the equivalent of a guy who made it as a starter in D2 vs small town high school teams. Yeah he’s clearly better than the competition, but he’s not the best of the best. Fact of the matter, there are only 32 men starting at any one position in the NFL and there are hundreds of guys starting at the same position across all the D1 schools, the likelihood a guy that’s not flat out dominant, with elite traits, ever becoming impactful against the very best in the world is negligible. Oh and just imagine the impact the players the Bills Mafia would have picked by popular vote, vs Beane outsmarting the world and taking those 2.. you would have a starting RB and a ProBowl center/Guard.. but trust the process without question 🫡
  9. Well that sounds great, but look at Reid’s track record for wins. Those two are the difference in him winning titles.
  10. Ha, no. If anything and it a big IF he has ANYTHING to offer, Brown runs the deep routes of Davis and Davis takes the short to mid routes, while Diggs is Diggs. I’d love to see Diggs move inside more and become a dynamic slot guy, but there’s no outside talent here that allows that.
  11. Agreed, optimistically he’s back to full speed and can give us a meaningful contribution, realistically, he’s probably lucky to collect a paycheck for a couple weeks.
  12. Yeah, 1 game call up. Guess Kenny Stills didn’t want a PS spot again.
  13. If he really was ready to go, I think he would have already signed, needs time to jump in and learn an O. Gotta think there’s more of a possibility he won’t be ready till next year. As much as I’d love to have him, if he’s not ready this year, it’s pointless.
  14. That’s not exactly the guy I was hoping for, but IF he’s got anything left, I’d love to see him get out there and be the deep threat we need.
  15. Yeah, Cook pick wasn’t much better when Beane immediately came out and said he’s not a full time player.. so you knowingly and willingly drafted a 3rd down back with your second round pick because you missed out on McKissic, a 3M a year player. Now they traded another back and a pick to acquire a better version of McKissic, after drafting Cook.. Great use of draft capital. I don’t even want to start on Bernard. Honestly, Elam better work out, because you PLANNED to get not a single real starter the whole draft after the first round.
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