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  1. I’ll make my judgement after I see if either/both of our DE picks work out.
  2. Oh I’m sure as heck not comparing the two, just saying speed doesn’t necessarily define success.
  3. I would disagree on not having zone type backs, Moss is actually perfect for that, he likes going north and south, more of a one cut and go type than anything. DS can run in pretty much anything, he’s just not fast, but neither was Terrell Davis and that worked out ok for him. Breida has to stay healthy before I even bother worrying about what he can do.
  4. All the more reason they needed to guarantee the inflated salary of Edmunds. That Beane, what a wizard.
  5. I absolutely hope it’s part of the plan, he should be worth a couple TDs. He should basically play the GIANT version of Lee Smith this year. I want him out there to destroy people as an eligible man. Think of him on the goal line or even in the red zone in general, have him peel off the line and go get some. His back ground suggests he can catch, his athleticism is literally the best we have ever seen at OT, it’s gotta be in the back of their minds. One of the playoff teams was running a lineman as a TE last year, didn’t end up doing anything against us. Maybe he can be in some power f
  6. Yep, no chance anyone would question the Messiah. Forget the fact we could have used the transition tag on him next year at little cost difference, but why not guarantee $13M to a guy who isn’t a top 10 player at his position, when we have to give Allen a deal and you are already up against the cap? Why not keep the flexibility? Why take the risk? What happens if he goes out at pulls a Shazier or Eric Wood? Now, no matter what, you are paying him. It’s not a good decision and I don’t care how much I get flamed for it.
  7. Really? Let me just ask you, how much has Murphy’s contribution been since he was signed? Let’s take a look at Norman, how about the guaranteed money to sign our inactive 3rd-ish string running back or the 10M a year for a non-Star at 1 tech, maybe take a look at last years defensive disaster he managed to put out there, with all of his lineman he signed being so bad they were forced to take pay cuts or leave, this is the Messiah you are following? He signed exactly one starting player this offseason, a 34 year old “speed” receiver after releasing one, who could have been restructured for fa
  8. This has to be the weakest argument ever. I mean really, ever. If you want to go down this road, we got blown out in the AFC Championship game and had some of Beanes prize pigs on the inactive list, maybe if we had those huge contracts actually playing, we could have competed.
  9. Umm, it’s guaranteed, so yeah, you are paying it. My point is simple, you didn’t have to guarantee anything. The worst case scenario, you had tags to use next year.
  10. Really disappointed in the Edmunds news, not a good move from a simple financial options play. Beane does a lot of things right, but contracts is not his strongest suite. He has consistently over spent on mediocre talent, hope he gets better about it in the future.
  11. Yeah, this is always true. I hope he makes it hard to keep him off the field and maybe allows for one of the current tackles to be moved. He’s obviously got the physical talents to be great, the question becomes, will it translate?
  12. Yeah, but this isn’t a contributor for another 2 years, barring injury or real surprise move.
  13. Hmm, don’t see the need again here, but obviously he has some serious potential. Would have gone after the Cuse CB.
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