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  1. I do fear he grows into his potential and stays healthy, if he does the Phins are going to be a problem for the future. Right now, nah.
  2. Good luck!! I don’t know if I would take him for 2 only because of the threat of Allen rushing and Diggs seems to get a lot of looks regardless of being “open” or not.
  3. I kinda like that bet, should be target #1 as Diggs gets doubled and there’s nobody else with size for the RZ, it might actually work.
  4. They’ll draft for need anyway.
  5. So why did I have to pick from a list of unproven guys and a guy with 1 leg? Seems this might be a slightly biased poll. Here, take 3 rookies, a 30 yr old, a broken Dak, and to prove my point 2 guys drafted with Allen, one of which is struggling and the other who is the reining MVP, but everyone is clearly against because he’s not on their team and nobody wants to admit he’s been better than Josh to this point. Or hey, do you want Josh Allen who is off to the best start of his career, even with the last two games being awful? Disclaimer : Last game was not his fault, IMO. He didn’t have a great game, but the line sucked and the running game never happened. To the point, where is Maholmes, Watson, etc?
  6. I am indifferent at this point, the Bills aren’t real contenders, they got dominated by 2 teams they have to go through to make the SB, to me, nothing else matters. You play to win championships, not participation trophies. Nobody cares is you win the division vs a bunch of sub .500 teams and get knocked out immediately. So, yeah, whatever happens, happens. In the long term, it’s probably better to move up in the draft to try to draft yet another defensive player in the first round and play them out of position for 4-5 years or until McClappy gets canned. More importantly, letting the Jets move further down in the draft and miss out on Lawrence is VERY important to the long term. We really don’t need a division with Lawrence, Tua ( not saying he will work out) and Bellicheck in it for the next 10 years, it’s bad enough Billy has been B word slapping us for the last 15 years.
  7. I hate the Jets, but I want them to win a few games this year, whatever it takes to get them out of the worst record in the NFL. I’m actually hoping they take this game, steamrolling this garbage D, Fraiser finally gets fired and the rest of the season, we have a fighting chance to see a decent D on the field. It’s about the only hope to turn the Bills into a real contender for this season.
  8. Both technically correct, the other part is game checks in other states, that get taxed where the income is earned.. such a cluster.
  9. I’m gonna laugh when he torches this D and picks up the first win of the season. Let the finisher be a walk into the end zone as Edmunds looks clueless again. Honestly, I want the Bills to win, but the Jets need a few too, I don’t need to be watching Lawrence for the next 15 years.
  10. Dream on, a DL is going to be picked first.
  11. Yeah, runs well, wraps up and drives through, making a tackle, Is exactly what you want. Not holding on, getting dragged along until a safety comes and cleans up his mess 4 yards further down the field. It’s awesome when he sees the ball and goes and gets it, which is so easy to do when the ball is behind the line and he bites on every fake because he CAN’T see the ball. Just like your “whole article” said, he’s great when he sees and reacts, but doesn’t anticipate, you know, like in college when he played outside and could see the ball. He plays inside now, so having to see the ball is killer. The real players have instincts, anticipate and move, this guy has to wait for the ball to be in sight before he can move, another reason he gets run over constantly.
  12. So exactly what I said, he runs well, wraps up with his arms. He also needs space to react, “ closes nicely from depth” yep, when he can see it, he goes and gets it. “Sets a good hard edge” yep, should be playing outside. just because you read doesn’t mean you understand, and you validated it again for everyone to see.
  13. They got Bojo in a good rhythm early, he capitalized all night.
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