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  1. I am pleasantly surprised by Allen, he's been accurate on short throws and hasn't broken any fingers, I appreciate that. The Run D has been good overall. Very few 3 and outs. Singletary looks good! Not so pleasant, WRs outside of Brown and Beasley have been nearly invisible. Not a lot of pressure from the DL.
  2. New Era Stadium is old. The sight lines are wonderful, the tailgate experience is like no other. The creature comforts suck. So its a little dig, but not a serious one.
  3. Exactly! We want them to come back and win 7 or so games this year. Enough to show some "growth" and keep him there another season. This Darnold sickness is a huge blessing for the anti Jet fans, this will buy him at least 3-4 games after Darnold gets back and probably the whole season. He might have been fired at mid season and replaced by Williams until the end otherwise.
  4. Gotta see what a real stadium looks like somehow. 😜
  5. A lot of homerism here. Mayfield has shown it in college and last year as a rookie, he works hard, has a great arm, can make plays on the run, generally makes good decisions with the ball and WINS. The media got behind him and the Browns, now we have a bunch of people trying to poke holes in him and say Allen is better. Last year we heard from everyone that Allen's line was the issue, but we're willing to ignore the issues Cleveland is having now when looking at Mayfield. We heard Josh has "it" and finds a way to win, no matter how ugly, what was the outcome of the game people are freaking out over? Every week the excuses come in for Josh missing guys that are open. Brown was wide open, for a td, but who cares? We scored on that drive anyway. Mayfield misses OBJ once and now he is innacurate. The offense sputters here and they are still needing time to "gel", forget that for Cleveland. C'mon guys, judge with the same standards and quit trying to feel like your qb is clearly better because you are tired of hearing about Cleveland. Most of you sound like jealous school girls defending your boyfriend. As it stands, Allen has had a mediocre game that nobody wants to talk about because it was a win and a solid game. He made improvement from last year, thus far. He was still picked 7th overall, its not like he should be getting a pass for not playing well, the team invested a FORTUNE to draft him, he better be good. Mayfield had a far superior rookie season and started off this year with a pretty mediocre game one, against a team that didn't suck so much they allowed him to recover. Then had an average game, where he shockingly beat the ***** out of the same team Allen barely scraped by in his mediocre game. Let's breath a second and realize they are both young, both have new weapons and both were high draft picks with lofty expectations. Both are going to wow you at times and both are going to suck at times. It's nice that Allen has picked things up and is progressing. Mayfield will be fine too.
  6. I love the "pay Tre" logic. Tre is good, not elite, you just don't get better by not trying.
  7. I hate to say it, but id do it. He's one of, if not the best in the game right now and offenses are passing more than ever, if you want to win this year, the path is through NE. The O is going as far as Allen does, period. Theres nothing thats going to magically make him better, other than time. The D needs help to be elite, this guy is an ass, but hes good. Bring him in, pay him, set it up to be out of the deal cleanly in 3 years. Check that ranking after the Pats game. Brady will drop 150 and 2tds on Wallace alone.
  8. The Steelers could well pick in the top 10, what a ***** trade. When I first saw Fitzpateick to them, I really thought it was Ryan, that would make sense.
  9. I think Lamar will crash and burn when teams follow the blueprint we saw in the playoffs. As of right now, I can't say Rudolph is better than anyone after less than a game.
  10. Lets be real here.. who has something to prove, last year's SB team or the 6-10 team? It will be an indication of how much the Bills have closed the gap, but by no means are the Patriots worried about that game. I would go so far as to say that game doesn't mean much for either team, both want to win, but its game 4 of a long season. It will be a bit of a measuring stick for the Bills, hopefully they compete or win.
  11. I actually think Arizona is a better team then either the Jets or Giants, but the Ravens got them at home, so thats a little break in the right direction for them. The Ravens are NO Where near as good as people have them rated. They got Miami good.. could have easily lost to Arizona... they are going to get rocked seceral times this year. The bluprint is out there, stop the run, make Jackson beat you through the air. Score points early and they can't come back.
  12. I think the Giants have a couple of chances to Win, the Jets look to be in trouble. I'm rooting for them tonight, Cleveland is way more talented and a much bigger threat to take a playoff spot. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Jets get blown out or come out and win, tough to guess which teams will show up.
  13. I don't like them less because they were against those teams, the Jets is a big win for playoff hopes, so freebie or not, you need it. Making sure the AFC record is good is going to be a big factor in the wildcard. The Patriots get the same games, I'll chalk thise up for wins for them too. Until the Bills beat the Pats, I'm not convinced they are in the same conversation, so to me, the Bills are playing for WC. The good part, the other divisions are more competitive and SHOULD beat up on each other more. That could be a huge help in tie breakers. The schedule is actually setting up well for the Bills this year. Realistically, they should have 5 AFC wins pretty easily between the Jets, Phins and Cincinnati is not looking good. They have some work to do elsewhere, but nobody outside of the Pats stands out as an unbeatable team. The Pats could fall, but its asking a lot.
  14. To be completely fair and honest, its hard to find an easiernstartnto this season than the one the Bills got. Quite honestly, the first 3 games may very well end up being 3 of the top 6 draft spots.
  15. The Steelers might be alright with Rudolph, he was a solid prospect coming out, he did pretty well yesterday. The Saints better throw Hill in if its going to be long without Breese. I get that Teddy is the more accomplished player, but my gawd he was awful yesterday. If Hill is what Payton thinks he is, its time to see it, if not, they are staring a top 10 pick in the face if Breese is out for the year. Not meaningfully.
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