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  1. It sounds like my dog knows more about football than half this board.
  2. That's called the TEAM rankings. Minshew has more yards, TDs, less ints, higher QBR, more YPA, higher completion percentage, ya know, everything to measure a QB and he did it in his first 8 games in the league. But but but, you can't measure Josh Allen by the same standards as every other QB ever because he's so "special", right? Only here can people look at a clear bust and spin it that he's the future because the TEAM over came his garbage and found a way to win against the worst teams in the NFL. You guys are obnoxious. Try watching other teams, maybe you will see what real QB play looks like.
  3. What has he managed? A lot of turn overs and terrible decisions is not the mark of a game manager. A game manager protects the ball and does what's asked of them. Tyrod was a game manager. This team not playing the 4 worst teams in the NFL has more to do with the record than anything. They steuggled to beat most of those teams to boot. Notice, the losses to the teams with a winning record and it took 4 missed kicks to beat a team that gave up on their failed QB. If you are satisfied with what you are seeing, you don't have a clue what you are watching.
  4. You really think anyone outside of Buffalo gives a flying ***** about 4 failed SB attempts ( other than for jokes)? If Brady is playing for a record, its not for that trivial bull####.
  5. If Allen is the Franchise QB, both McClappy and Beane will be packing their ***** and mocmving on, he's a joke, Stevie Wonder can see it.
  6. Lets just get it out of the way, a 6th round pick, thrown in the first game , had out performed Allen in his second year, by a lot, and is being replaced by Nick Foles. Sooo unlesss you think Nick Foles is a top QB, then Allen should be replaced.
  7. Soooo when the opposition score more than the 25th ~ish team in scoring, the Bills lose.. sounds like a winning program.
  8. No, thats really more Phillips. I haven't seen Oliver llay "hero ball" at all. Phillips is constantly up the field and it can cost him, Oliver quite frequently ties up 2 blockers while Star gets mauled by one.. which interestingly is thebreal problem with Star, if he's doubled, he's a beast, man him up and he has no balance to fight it.
  9. Yeah, except the opposite is actually true. Oliver has done a good job anchoring and taking up blocker and Phillips has been exploding into the back field and either making big plays or unfortunately, opening running lanes. Right now your issue is this, Star is actually easier to defend with 1 guy than 2, he starts moving and has poor body control, he can be flushed right out of the way with his own momentum. Phillips is constantly trying to go up field and plays too high to anchor, gets pushed out of lanes too easily. The Best bet at NT actually appears to be Oliver, even though its a huge waste of talent, just like making Dareus a NT. Then there's Edmunds... they need to move him outside, thats what his skill set is perfect for and he honestly sucks inside, I know I'll be blasted for it, but they should end it, put him where he can have an impact. He's consistently picking the wrong gaps and getting blown up by linemen when they get to him, he's long and rangy, but not built to engage and shed. I dont know who is on the roster that could step in and take his roll, but they need to look at it. He and Milano have a lot of the same skills and deficiencies, I think they need to move him. They talked about a guy with Lawrence Taylor like potential and hes done exaclty nothing thus far, either they were SO WRONG or they need to let him play his better position.
  10. Harry didnt play a snap, so based o real games, no. Jordan Phillips has been the most explosive, he also gets mauled off the ball by double teams because he gets upright too fast, so I'm not in agreement on that. Also had tree trunk legs and could blow tackles straight up on the air, Oliver has no where near that base strength, yet at least.
  11. He has no pass rush moves, hence his current issue, putting him in space won't make that better. I wasnt a big fan of this pick, but lets not declare him a bust after 7 games, he has more than held his own. He hasn't had the impact one would like, but he sure hasn't been a liability and is arguably the best player on the DL already.
  12. I don't agree with the lack of playmakers. Gore is a HOF player, yes on the very backend, but he could be doing what AP is doing if you give him the ball. Singletary is averaging about 73 yards a carry, but apparently isn't worthy of getting more touches for some reason. Smoke was SCARY when he had a qb who threatened to beat the D. Beasley is a nusance over the middle and regardless of their gamebreaker status, Knox, Kroft and Sweeney all found big play opportunities. The coordinator who can't tell if he's trying to be Nick Saban or Billicheat needs to go. Early in the year, the short stuff worked and moved the ball, as soon as defences moved up and into the lanes he has had NOTHING to counter it. In games where the Blitz is thrown at him like crazy, refuses to run a screen, tries to run screens against zone coverage.. wtf?! Run a qb sweep against 10 men in the box. Again, WTF!? Designing run in general for Allen who has been sloppy as hell with the ball, WTF!?!?!? Last year Allen threw the ball deep at every opportunity, often for nothing, but he's scared to this year. They took the best parts oc his game away from him. Don't use the big arm and stay in the pocket... welp, might as well have kept Peterman. Why draft a guy who is a dynamic playmaker and try to make him Matt Cassell? WHAT IS THE POINT?! I am NOT a believer in Allen ever reaching the promised land, but for F☆☆k sake, let him do what made you draft him. You could not have taken a worst prospect in that draft to run this style of offense.
  13. Forgetting that he has a lot more yards and a lot less talent to work with I see.
  14. You have a solid point, but I still contend this is more philosophy than personnel, both Beasley and Smoke can be 1000 yard guys, you have competent TEs and a line that's about average. If Daniel Jones can drop 300 yards with FAR less, as a rookie, there is no excuse. I never cared fir the Daboll hire in the first place and now we look at it and ask, is he a genius handicapped by Allen or is Allen being put in a box by this scheme? Truthfully, I think Allen could be the most infuriating guy on the planet if they just let him play. I could see him throwing for 400 yards and running for another 100 one game and barely able to get out of his own way on others, ya know, much like college. Now we get nothing but mediocre. That's coaching and thats execution. I think Allen is better than the scheme makes him look. I feel he has taken a major step backwards this year. If you notice, he generally plays well in the hurry-up when his brain gets out of the way and he just plays ball, but they won't let it happen.
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