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  1. I love the Juggerknox, as long as he learns to catch, then run.
  2. Every year there are raw players that show up at the combi e and fans get enamoured with them. Nobody sees them possibly falling and every year l, they do. Metcalf was a sure fire top 15 pick last year, until he wasn't. Its very easily argued he was a better prospect than Mims. Athletic ability is great, lack of production drives guys down all the time. Claypool should be a top 5 pick if we are looking at athletes, but thats not all there is to the game.
  3. 2yr 32M, 17 guaranteed this yr, contract voidable by either party for next year and guaranteed against injury for 2021. Should be a done deal.
  4. The Pats still have time and good options available at QB. I don’t want to see Cam Newton there on a prove it deal. The Bills will be in just as much trouble w NE.
  5. The 4th is not a comp pick, those have not even been thought of yet and at this point the Bills have signed more than they have lost, so no comps coming at all. Diggs was a 5th rounder, how is finding a WR at 22 “impossible”? Michael Thomas was a 2nd round pick, out performed Diggs best year as a rookie. Just saying, that argument is nonsense.
  6. Montana was a HOF player and THE BEST at his position, Young was the heir apparent. The comparison holds zero weight because guess what, they had 1 and Montana was the clear one until age was in question and Young took over. Use your Corona vacation to get educated in logic big guy. Neither Diggs nor Theilen is considered a top WR in the NFL no matter how hard you homers try to spin it. A guy averaging 72 catches, 12.7 ypc and 6 TD is what you would consider a first round bust. Guys like that are walking around in FA, in fact the Bills signed that guy last year, John Brown. I remember why I stopped coming here, so much homerism and no reality.
  7. Same principal, if you have two who people think are #1s, but neither are top 10 at their position, you don’t have a #1.
  8. Neither one is a top WR, both just good. Great is reserved for those that actually are. As Parcels said, “if you have 2, you don’t have one” You are the one not getting it, the guy is a borderline #1 and you want to crown the Bills as making a great deal. He is An AVERAGE starter, not a star.
  9. Sane people would be quick to point out Allen over threw WAY more targets that Cousins ever has or will. Hence, it would take far more targets for anyone to produce with Allen throwing. Also of note, if people would argue Diggs wasn’t the bonafide number one for his team, then WHY would you trade a 1st round pick for him? If Diggs was unhappy with his QB and his role in Minn, what makes anybody think it’s going to get better here? That HAS to be the biggest joke of all this. He was critical of a middle of the road, solid veteran QB on a winning team, playing in a dome. Now you put him with Allen, in the elements and in a situation where it’s going to be hard to repeat a winning record? Doesn’t look like a good move. also, his “reasonable” contract is still $5MM+ more per year than a rookie deal. He is not top 10, dude wasn’t a number 1 on his own team. What if he becomes Julio Jones? Check the chart, 4th next year is devalued a round. You don’t know what will happen in the draft and Diggs was a low pick, so how can your evaluation be a logical one?
  10. Awful trade. Diggs is a good player, not a great one. The Bills gave up way too much to get another guy who is basically a slightly juiced up John Brown. Giving up a first was awful, the package is worth the 18th pick overall, I’m not at all impressed, looks like Beane got locked in and lost another trade.
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