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  1. If IF he turns into a true disruptive force, I’m with you. If he remains the same with just flashes of brilliance, That’s the type you get in trouble signing to big contracts.
  2. The better Oliver is, the less likely he’s extended. We will have to Settle for a lesser penetrating 3T
  3. I agree, I think a guy like Elam will give them more flexibility, once he’s ready to go. He still looks raw, but you get better with reps, so hopefully he rounds into solid form early in the year. To the point of the Chiefs game, I think it was a horrendous strategy to allow 2 All-Pros a free release off the line on that last drive, that stinks of fear to me. You were sitting in zone anyway, you could have at least forced them to work off the line.
  4. I see more from Hodgins at WR than Kumero, so I’d like to see him stick. I’m a proponent of keeping the best player at their position if STs is close. Also, IF and that’s a big IF, he is showing as much in camp as reported, then I’d like to see him on the field, especially in the RZ. Having big bodies to create mismatches when the space gets tight is a really a big deal. There’s only so much space you can “find” when things get tight. He didn’t appear to get much separation out there, but was plucking balls with people draped on him. That’s a valuable skill set in the RZ. I’d love to see Diggs, Davis, Hodgins, and 2 TEs out there. It would be very hard to defend. Diggs creates havoc anyway, everyone else should be able to simply outsize their defenders.
  5. I for one, would love to see a little shift in our D, let Tre take his man however he sees fit and the same for Elam if he’s a better press guy. Run a base zone, but let the corners make it hard on the #1 and # 2 options. We lost to the chiefs bc of being afraid of touching a guy at the line. Run a hybrid D, make them guess if they are getting press or zone, it’s a nightmare for an O to time things if you can give them a different style out of the same look.
  6. Really? I’d sure hate to have been the Patriots, getting a 2nd out of a 7th rd qb, and then Jimmy G, and Brissett, yeah, it’s awful to develop guys. We should just role with guys you know can’t do the job because “they’ll never play”.
  7. I’m just looking for something more entertaining than 2 guys you KNOW suck haha.
  8. 1 thing that was a bummer to me, we have no developmental QB on the roster, watching 2 guys we know are mediocre makes it a lot less fun. Also, after watching that mess, I’d have a real competition for the back up spot. Keenum SUCKED, he was the reason they didn’t score on the first drive, that telegraphed pick in the RZ was pathetic. I don’t know if lost some zip on his passes or what, but he was throwing everything with a horrible arm angle and making everything go high, not to mention hanging guys out to dry. I would rather see Barkley. Yeah he’s limited and we know it, BUT he made some great plays throwing to spots and trusting his guys to get there. I still say, we should have been swinging for Bortles, he’s so similar to JA (the really bad version of JA), at least it wouldn’t be a huge scheme shift and the guy has an arm. He’s ACTUALLY won as a starter, with a decent team around him, for the Pennie’s he’s gone for, I don’t get it. I don’t expect him to make the roster, there’s really no room for him. I liked what I saw and I hope he catches on somewhere OR he makes the practice squad. For his sake I hope he catches in another team and makes some more bank. Selfishly, I’d like to see him on the PS to see if he can come take a spot mid-season or next year. I’m pretty sure he sealed Duke Johnson’s fate though, no reason to keep an 8 year guy over the rookie.
  9. “Robert Foster Syndrome” - A mental deficiency, originating in Western NY, where the infected tend to believe every late round WR is too valuable to replace with a proven All-Pro. Which future HOF WR did James Loftin force off the field when he came to Buffalo?
  10. McNair, they never actually developed Young. I think the kid has a shot to be really good, I liked him and Corral, but fell WAY further than I thought they would. The Titans and Carolina have to have been very pleased with the opportunity to grab them.
  11. I’m sure Beane is doing or has done his DD on the guy. If they see anything, especially at a premier position with a staff known for making DB careers great, they’ll bring him in. I place a lot of faith in McBeane for secondary guys. They have some convincing to do to get my vote in their ability to project DEs/RBs haha.
  12. I remember thinking “I see what got this kid drafted, but 5% chance he actually becomes something”. Glad he became what he is, I was doubtful he could actually harness all of it and play professional Football.. then 2020 comes.. followed up by nearly as good 2021, he went from a wild eyed kid to THE MAN. So impressive.
  13. If he ends up a FA, I’d take a swing. Has a lot of talent, just has to put in the proper work. If the environment here can’t get him right ✌️
  14. I’d be pretty surprised if Crowder doesn’t make it, he got a decent contract to come in and has a track record of pretty high level play. Maybe McKenzie really is taking over the job and not letting him win, which would be great. Shakir sounds like a guy they won’t be able to stash and they like, so I guess anything is possible.
  15. Likely? Robinson is an absolute beast, if there weren’t injuries taking him off the field, you are talking a top 10 WR.
  16. It’s like comparing Superman to Roger Rabbit. Oliver is an average starter vs arguably the best player ever at his position.
  17. Johnson only dropped 5 balls last year I was very surprised LD took that deal, he needs more looks. I hope he blows up this year. I wouldn’t take DJ for a vet min deal, the guy is a flat out drive killer.
  18. I know we are Bills fans here, but the rose colored glasses are a bit much. The Rams just won the Super Bowl, they are a great team. AD is a monster and our OL is learning a new Scheme with new guys, tough match-up. They have a top 5 WR group, with Tre being out for so long, it’s not fair to expect him to be his best, you have a rookie and Dane Jackson outside, again, tough matchup. Let’s be real, we don’t know what this new O is going to look like, Dorsey is calling his first game. I expect a good game and would not be shocked if we win or lose. The best thing we can say, we have JA and that covers a lot.
  19. If we don’t punt, people will B word about wasting a pick on a punter.
  20. It’s very reasonable to question if the Bills can have the success they are expected to have. The number 1 D rating last year was a joke. IIRC they only beat 2 teams that weren’t playing a rookie or back-up QB the whole season. The schedule was soft and they did take advantage of it. This year won’t be as easy. Hopefully, the DL is improved and we see some steps taken by Groot as well. Once Tre is back the secondary should be improved. There was a reasonable amount of turnover on the O too, so there’s no guarantees of anything.
  21. I would absolutely expect Diggs to have his numbers, Diggs put up 2x what Davis did all year, would you expect Diggs to not get it done?
  22. And Davis has shown he’s the right choice? EJ Manuel was a hard worker.. just sayin.
  23. There’s a lot of rules against it, but where there are rules, there are ways to use them for your own good. There’s also just simple back office agreements, I’m not buying Brady was so nice he just took less than market value all those years. I guarantee he got greased well by Kraft. They are cheaters, we all know it, assuming they would play within the salary rules is foolish.
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