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  1. They got there the same way the Bills are getting there, always mortgaging the future to pay for this year because they had a shot. It all started when they had Breese, then they thought they had enough to win the division, then they could get Carr and have another shot. This is the reason I say, take the medicine once in a while. I’d take it now, the current roster only has a shot because of JA, it will have pretty much the same shot of you cut all the fat and set yourself up for the future. Right now, KC runs the AFC, you can beat up on the Jets and Patriots all you want, it won’t matter in the end.
  2. Well said. I hate when the Bills lose, but it’s not life impacting.
  3. Talented guy, hope he does well. This may be nothing more than leverage to get Townsend to take less.
  4. I wouldn’t say no path bc of MCD, but I would choose KC over Buffalo, probably Cinci, Dallas, Philly if I wanted a title and a chance to produce. Baltimore is still WR death, but a good shot for a title. Detroit is a title shot, but too many weapons to take away touches. Jax is also interesting. The big draw to Buf will be JA and a shot to be a primary target.
  5. I’d love to see Mooney here, feel like he might be on the lower side of high priced WRs to go. I feel like he can be a great addition.
  6. Just testing how long it will take for the carriers to know/react around major cities. A nice practice run before shutting off all coms and taking over the country, no big thing.
  7. I don’t think CEH is in any position to try to demand a starting gig after being unseated by a 6th round, nobody. He’s not good. I’d rather keep Johnson.
  8. Rookie QBs are cheap, they could easily have Baker as the bridge guy if they wanted.
  9. Mahomes contract was restructured to get it to 35M bc you know he’s staying and the same thing can be done with Allen. You can get some compensation back for Diggs in trade and designate Von Post June 1, so it’s 45M this year and YES, I am saying I would do it. The way this team is built, it’s not good enough to win it all and that’s not good enough. BTW, last I checked, Packers still out pace the Bills in SB victories and that’s literally all that matters.
  10. Allen can’t go anywhere, he’s under contract, same for McClappy. It’s not a tank, it’s a rebuild, with addition by subtraction. The Chiefs did it just 2 years ago, unloading Hill, Frank Clark, etc, all “key” players and wound up winning the SB. The Packers retooled several times during Favre/Rodgers time. What you are saying is “I’m scared to watch a team cut the fat”. Poyer’s contract was set up to let him go this year btw, so pretending you have any idea what you are talking about is amusing. Yes, it will hurt, yes, you will have to part ways/not resign others because of taking the garbage out and yea some may have to be post June 1 designations to make it all spread out and hurt less, but it’s all doable and a lot of it needs to happen.
  11. Whichever talking head said “Purdy could walk on water and you all would say “it’s because he doesn’t know how to swim”” had it right. The kid had an MVP season and everyone goes out of their way to find fault. If he had just been a higher draft pick, none of this non-sense would be out there. He played a really good game in the SB, lead a late game go ahead drive and scored in OT, but it was all his fault. Nonsense. He didn’t collapse, his OL sure did, but he played good enough to win. He outplayed our own JA in the playoffs, oddly enough, it was Chris Jones who wrecked both clear TD passes for the Bills and the 9ers by being on the QB before they could throw. Allen had a little time before it happened, Purdy had nothing. Credit the team around him all you want, that’s a weak ass excuse. He was making his money with the 3rd WR. So say what you want, I’m not buying. They won’t tag Baker, it’s takes away all their leverage. He’s good, not elite, should be able to get him back at ~30M, no need to go insane.
  12. I’m saying, eat it this year. Eat the dead cap, cut the fat and rely on rookies/coaches to make a difference. Diggs and Miller CAN both go, it’s going to hurt. I’d take it for one year vs another year of nothing and no advancement towards a title.
  13. This is where I disagree, stop hoping JA can carry you to a title. He’s proven he needs help. I’m not sure how many more years he can play like a mad man, trying to hide the flaws, but it’s time to take a year and say, “ if you can go full Mahomes and win in a rebuild year, good for you, but no expectations”. Continuing to add condiments to a turd sandwich won’t make you a 5 star meal, you need to throw it out and start with fresh ingredients.
  14. I understand the cap and the rules very well, White is already gone in my mind. You don’t understand, I am saying, blow it up, eat ***** this year, and deal with it. Then you go into next year with a large amount of salary cap to work with. This team as it is, with the cap that’s left after kicking the can down the road again, is t good enough to win a Superbowl and to me, there’s no point in another year of an early playoff exit. I don’t want to be good, I want to be great. Greatness takes sacrifice and admitting you have a problem. Remember year one of Beane? He trimmed the fat off roster. The problem is, he turned around and added a lot of fat because they continued to miss in the draft. To make up for bad drafting, they had to pay veterans. Now you have one of the oldest rosters in the NFL and no way out without suffering. So clean it up, deal with it for a year and move on. The defense is a disaster after spending years trying to be a great defense. They have one good player on the entire DL that they drafted. The best hope is to sign a 33 yr old DT and pray he stays healthy to keep the run game in check. There is not one impact DE on the roster, the LB core is ok when Milano is back, the S position is a gapping hole, CB is weak and expensive. What are you trying to save? Dump White, Miller, Floyd’s gone, AJE will be priced out, Jones is 83 by NFL standards, you have the least athletic CBs of any contending team. The only saving grace is LB and that’s assuming they can stay healthy. This is the year to eat it and start over. The offense needs a talent infusion as well, but at least Kincaid looks good, Knox is over paid for his production, Diggs has fallen flat the back half of the last two years, I’m not excited about paying that guy so much either, so move him for whatever you can get, and you are really no worse off in the short term, and have room to breath long term.
  15. If it were me, I’d blow it up now and start fresh, but it’s not my toy. Miller, Diggs, Knox, Morse, Bass, etc would all be taking massive past cuts or be hitting the streets.
  16. Pretty much it, the contract was set up to allow them an extra player they couldn’t afford last year, now you eat it. It’s a pretty common practice, just kicks the can down the road. The Bills have to hit re-set here soon and eat ***** for a year or continue to be just good enough to disappoint.
  17. Data is obviously trash, everyone that goes to Nashville gets hammered and they are all from somewhere else, coming to watch their team, the Titans don’t have any fans.
  18. Re-structures just kick the can down the road, in order to get better, you have to re-set at some point or you end up in the same place.
  19. To play Devils Advocate, would you rather have Justin Jefferson or Diggs? Jefferson has been remarkably cheaper and better. That was the trade to get the “sure thing”. There’s risk in everything, but to get another good, not great, WR you have to pay top of the market money to is not smart. This is not Tyreek Hill, this is not a guy who you can say translates well, no matter what system he’s in, this is not a guy that’s been an unquestioned #1. This guy is a huge risk too.
  20. I get the appeal, but again, you have to pay him AND Diggs big. The Bills have to get a rookie deal to balance the cap. 40+M/yr on two WRs and a 40M QB doesn’t work.
  21. I think the most obvious solution is to flip JA and Von along with their massive contracts to the Bears for #1, #7, and Sweat, draft your QB and WR and have money to spare for 5 years. I kid of course.
  22. You are going to have a top 5 team, playing in the newest stadium, why do you feel prices should not reflect that? The team can either keep prices low and the secondary scalpers can make the money or the team can, what would you do as the owner?
  23. Where do you come up with this non-sense? He is 26. Yeah he has injury issues, but he’s a stud when he’s out there.
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