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  1. Here is the issue, there are people like BADOLBILZ, who share the same idea about the current FO, but here is the problem, in the off-season you get crucified for it even if you back it with facts .....and during the regular season you get told “you just hoping to be right more than the Bills team/player succeeding” even though during the whole year one presented this view and crucified for it and told “you are not a Bills” or “Go root for another team”.
  2. Perhaps a subscription would best suit you then? This is a message board and I enjoy the back and forth.
  3. Enjoy the off-season, and I’m sincere about that, it’s most fun many fans will have this year.
  4. Honestly I was a bit shocked. We are college educated people working in medical science. I know my coworkers aren’t stupid so all I could do is blink a couple times, nod my head and say “Oh”. Then I went back to my bench.
  5. I work in a lab, today my co-workers were talking about the need to impeach Trump, I say from my bench that it would probably just be easier to vote for democratic presidential nominee seeing how 2020 isn’t too far off, this is the response I received. “No, it has to be impeachment, because there are alot of people that like Trump”
  6. I was enjoying that thread before it was locked, good discussion.
  7. Week 1: vs Bengals Week2:@Jets Week3: @ Steelers Week4: vs Pats Week5: BYE Week6:@Dallas Week7:vs Fins Week8: vs Eagles Week9:@ Pats Week10: vs Broncos Week11: vs Redskins Week12: @ Browns Week13: @Giants Week14: vs Ravens Week15: @ Titans Week16:@Fins Week17: vs Jets
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