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  1. Those things will happen regardless of whom is President. The local government LET the riots happen. Trump being President was just icing on the cake. That is why the left is dangerous. They will let their own cities be destroyed because they aren’t interested in leading for the betterment in their communities, they just want the power and perks. If Biden is elected President, it won’t stop the next riot the next time a cop shoots an unarmed man. Now the important part is this, The Trump Presidency has shined a light on how easily Democrats bend to a literal mob.
  2. Without a valid ID those checks are pretty much worthless.....Hmmm
  3. Well that’s just fantastic, if we can’t vote out fascism we will have a popular opinion that Fascism is bad. And then.....maybe.....something will happen. We can keep going down this hole, but it would probably be easier if you concede that Trump isn’t a fascist.
  4. My mistake. You are still stupid, because you think you can vote fascism out.
  5. You may be well educated but your still stupid. You: There is a fascist in White House! I will defend the United States against Fascists! Me: I’m going to go ahead and vote for that so called fascist what will you do? You: Nothing, physically but you just wait till we elect him out of there. Well looks like you just solved Fascism...........just vote em out! Really?!?
  6. If you truly believe there is a fascist regime on the White House then people voting for him kinda affects you don’t you think? You should probably care about that sort of thing if you truly believe there is a fascist in the White House. Otherwise your avatar is the equivalent of “thoughts and prayers”. Or maybe you are full of it and don’t really believe there is a fascist regime in the White House and know it’s hyperbole.
  7. Come November I will be voting Trump. In your eyes that makes me a fascist and you said you would defend the country from fascist. So what are going to do? I’ll tell you what you will do. Absolutely dick. I could walk into that booth vote for Trump, I could walk look you in your eyes and straight up tell you I just voted for Trump and you would just stand there and take it.
  8. I wasn’t bragging. I stated a fact. But I don’t doubt you got that military information second hand, seems like that’s where you get most of your information and it makes you like well, stupid.
  9. I doubt you have the stones to face someone who was a real soldier like myself.
  10. We will see about that suburban group, somehow I don’t see what’s been going on lately in democrat run cities as a shining endorsement to the Democratic Party. As for the women’s vote, you have Trump VS Biden, flip a coin on that one.
  11. I understand the real world perfectly. You seem confused, for example, you think voting is a service or a convenience, when in fact it is a right. A person EXERCISES their right.
  12. If I had to guess perhaps those rural white voters believe they themselves will be better and will bet on themselves. See that’s the difference between the ideologies, self reliance vs government reliance, and there is a party that just wants you to rely on the government, they know what is best for you. Let’s take an example, it seems like you have been voting democrat for sometime, if democrats policies are so great.....................why are you still washing my sheets?
  13. Do you think disenfranchised Black voters and people of color only vote Democrat?
  14. This is a small piece of the puzzle, but at my hospital and the others in it’s network, when testing became available we tested for covid-19 but a negative result didn’t automatically reflex to testing for Flu A/B RSV. I remember mentioning this to my lab manager, by time the powers that be implemented the policy all negative Covid tests reflex to the regular glue testing the flu season was over.
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