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  1. Right, before 90 we didn't know, also we don't know now who or if someone in the roster or in this year draft can be or develop into a great player, some says Rousseau (i don't really like him, but who knows)
  2. There's no doubt about that, but on the '90 team we don't have a clue how Thomas would develop.
  3. Well, back in those years none of the future HOFers were yet. By '90 only Bruce could have been considered for such accomplishment
  4. Now it's time to find their counterpart on defense, Edmunds isn't, neither Rousseau. (Or at least find another Lorax to lead them)
  5. Usually don't wear any Bills item, until yesterday that i bought a Bills cap and wore it all day long. But that was because i was totally confident that the Bills is a much better team, and there's no doubt about the victory
  6. Beasley's anger may be against the referee, who is in line with McDermott, i think the OP is looking too much in something, or someone.
  7. Today that was not the case, Dawkins only saw action when Boettger went down. Brown-Ike-Morse-Williams-Doyle started (during first series they changed to Bates-Williams on the right side) and after Ike injury we saw Dawkins-Bates-Morse-Williams-Brown
  8. 🤔 🤔 🤔 So you are telling me that a Tom Brady line is always ranked among the best in the league. 🤔🤔🤔 I can't see a tendency there. 🤣🤣
  9. The most worrying thing for this team is offensive red zone efficiency. From top last year to bottom (or near bottom) this, that is the difference in two of four losses(Pitt,Jax) in both games the defense jeep us in the game, with only one TD instead of FG the score would have been in our favor
  10. Who are the two 2nd rounders CBs? I assume you are referring to the two DE's, wich is not correct, at least one of them (Epenesa) is a regular and solid-non spectacular player
  11. You are overthinking this, overcome this kind of situation is just matter of time. Work and time, the team already has showed theirs capacities just let it come again without panic
  12. Why? For whom? For our entertainment purposes, let them play and accept the result regardless of it. In the end I do not think we will stop supporting the team and more importantly we not only have this year to win a SB
  13. it is the moment that they are passing, you win 3 in a row and revert a losing record and then you get all the attention, it's a normal situation in the way media covers all the teams. And they are a good football team, just good.
  14. Most people here are complaining about the move, but clearly they didn't know the inside information about the situation, some things will never come up about why he was traded, only talk about misevaluation, or something to blame for. The player attitude is never in consideration and that could be a big reason why in that preseason Teller couldn't win a position in the team, c'mon both players ahead of him were NFL's journeymen
  15. you must have missed him since last year that he didn't play much anyway
  16. It's all about execution, specially by Allen. In the 4th quarter in an option play he keeps tha ball when Singlentary has the running lanes to convert the 1st down, and the Jacksonville player was committed to Allen. And in the last offensive play by Buffalo, blatantly missed Sanders, instead he looked for Diggs in a very risky pass
  17. No, it's not. Williams is clearly surpassed by any speed rusher, and Dawkins is enough as LT and the less worrying part of the OL
  18. Really close, but as far officially wasn't in the 20 you are right
  19. In the AFC championship game last year he was picked, the play started in KCs 20 yard line, maybe officially wasn't the 20 and therefore no redzone picks, but that's the one i remember
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