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  1. Oh I miss the days when people had a sense of humor........................ everything is so darn serious now.
  2. Played all the way up through HS, got recruited by some D3 schools and one minor D1 school........but I was a better hockey player and went that route, besides I'm not huge. Did you go to school with her? That would have been fun!
  3. Some of these losers should be held accountable for the BS they throw around! If you are this far off, it is a fireable offense. If some of us were this far off at our jobs we'd be toast!
  4. Yes his pass rush win rate was very high according to ESPN, I'd like him as a rotational player. He certainly could make a difference where we need it.
  5. So we should sign them both given your track record. Watt 19th in pass rush win rate. you better get involved now, i'm expecting this done by tonight!
  6. I would think Green Bay and Buffalo are high on his lists.
  7. We can get to 40M in cap space by restructuring Diggs and releasing the trash
  8. He did have 29 QB pressures better than anyone we had...just sayin' and that was playing alot. In a rotation I bet he has more on the tank.
  9. That headline really pisses me off! They should fire whoever is responsible for the headline. Never read that rag again, anyone.
  10. I think that you overload and make sure you have enough in the trenches. When you think you have enough pass rush, go get another!
  11. I'm going with the guy who won his division with a 13-3 record and unseated a dynasty of 20 years. No award from me for competent coaching instead of incompetent. Oh and McDermott did it with a less talented team. SMDH
  12. All I've heard the last couple years about the Browns is how talented the team is, perhaps the MOST talented in the entire league a good many analysts have stated! If this is the case, why does Stefanski get so much credit? It is pretty obvious from the record that the coach of the year got outperformed by at least McDermott and perhaps others. The media got going on him mid-season as the favorite and didn't let up. Shame.
  13. No. He can be part of a stable of complimentary backs.
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