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  1. Meaningless.... If my aunt had b---s she'd be my uncle..... Cosell literally just said it wasn't a super talented group that's all
  2. 2 wins given the conditions, I'll take it. Team just needs to get healthy!
  3. If thats the case they aren't worth looking at with out context
  4. Amazing how many people can't handle a single inquiry of concern as to whether anyone had an update on her condition or not.
  5. Pretty sure I wouldn't press charges unless I have real injuries.
  6. Still tryin to get off the electric fence and get his pants up
  7. My Buddy who is not a Bills fan, but knows football, watched the game Sunday. His takeaway was Milano is the best LB he's seen this year.
  8. I think Jake Owen would be an upgrade over Tanner Owen.
  9. I agree I thought he moved better. For a third round pick he better offer alot of instinct because he's small and slow.
  10. We should be so fortunate to pick up a Brett Kern, I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. It sounds me to like if Araiza/his attorney have something to improve his case it better come out like now. Otherwise he's getting cut.
  12. Some dudes on here I wouldn't want in a fox hole with me
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