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  1. White and the safeties give the Bills edge -no question. Not to mention an emerging Taron Johnson. The other CB is a wash until Newsome proves he can play at this level better than the Bills guys.
  2. The draft is about potential. People need to remember we were picking 30th because we are a very good and deep team. If you expected a Top 5 edge rusher I don't know what to tell other than it ain't happening. Beane knows a ***** of alot more than all you guys, and maybe these guys will work out and maybe they won't. But, it is possible that these draftees, especially Rousseau, represent the best upside we could get at 30. And, if you use some imagination, in the end he could develop into a big, tall all-around end for us.
  3. Trade all potential cuts for Zach Ertz....now
  4. I'm going with Dawkins-Lamp-Feliciano-Ford-Williams. This combo gives us more power in the middle and nasty.
  5. The Bills plan is solid, cost effective and proven to work in the NFL. It is the old rotating backs and give them different looks to defend. We are a passing team, and complementing that is all we are after. The Ezekial Elliott model, was never in the works with these guys.
  6. I think alot of us thought Josh Rosen was the answer and not Josh Allen.
  7. Damn long wait, are we ever gonna draft someone again!
  8. What do you do when you run out of players on your draft list?
  9. If we get one more useful guy today I'd be happy. Perhaps a 1 tech DT.
  10. I've seen Melifondwu play many times at SU, and I didn't trust him as a CB in college.
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