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  1. Cole, Do you really, really, really think you live your life the way you want every day? Think about it....... you don't-really! When someone pisses you off at the grocery store do you punch them in the face and always get away with it? Can you drive any speed you want and always get away with it? Does the government always spend your tax dollars the way you want? Get over you tantrum and decide whether you can suck it and get paid millions to play in the NFL or whether you are going to take on the higher ups at the government and national level. This is your choice in
  2. "Hey I don't want this to get around you know"
  3. Hard to forget his performance in Deliverance!
  4. I have been hearing the same BS about the injured player deserved it my whole hockey life (50+ years and I played physical myself). It has been trending downward for years now. Thankfully, it is coming to and end soon as the dinosaurs die off. The logic is so twisted, it reminds me off blaming a defenseless receiver in football for the blind side cheap shot to the head.
  5. He doesn't have a bad rep, as a matter of fact he's the Jets best player. He made a poor decision.
  6. There is really little doubt that it was a penalty, and likely suspension. As a former hockey player, this was a penalty even back in the day. You don't get to build up a head of steam for 180' and launch into the man. Not even a discussion and the league will suspend him (hearing scheduled). Also, hard to make the argument he was trying to prevent a goal, never even looked at where puck was and deflecting it was the only chance he had to prevent a goal. I think he was pissed and lost it for a moment. He looked as surprised and guilty as anyone after the play.
  7. Now, If we could only get Boeheim to leave after this season and replace him with a younger model I'd be pleased.
  8. He didn't like Allen coming out, had a low grade on him. He did like Mason Rudolph though.
  9. Toronto would fight it tooth and nail. I'd love it, but unfortunately it ain't happening!
  10. I hope so, it opens up camp to more fans from the East. I used to leave work a little early and head over 1.5 drive on occasion. One of the few good things that Russ Brandon instituted.
  11. White and the safeties give the Bills edge -no question. Not to mention an emerging Taron Johnson. The other CB is a wash until Newsome proves he can play at this level better than the Bills guys.
  12. The draft is about potential. People need to remember we were picking 30th because we are a very good and deep team. If you expected a Top 5 edge rusher I don't know what to tell other than it ain't happening. Beane knows a ***** of alot more than all you guys, and maybe these guys will work out and maybe they won't. But, it is possible that these draftees, especially Rousseau, represent the best upside we could get at 30. And, if you use some imagination, in the end he could develop into a big, tall all-around end for us.
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