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  1. The biggest thing he needs is experience and good coaching. He has the makeup to make changes and improve. And, quite frankly for a raw, young player he's pretty good.
  2. Unlike some who simply want Allen to cover up for everything by being Patrick Mahomes, I have a different view . We are better when we spread the field with McKenzie and open up running lanes and pick up the tempo. Our tempo is slow and the plays in our games are way down since the NE game. When we go "heavy" with Lee Smith and Gore running the power game we stink. We commit penalties, we get behind the stickS and we don't help our young, raw QB. JA seems to get into a much better rhythm as a thrower. I would get rid of Lee Smith, and go with only Knox and Croft. I would activate Duke as another option for different situations. Spread it out, pick up the tempo and run/pass balance. The coaching staff has done the Offense no favors recently, and with a dearth of playmakers, better smarten up.
  3. I'm happy with having Duke active instead of Smith so we have multiple weapons situationally. With Knox and Croft we should have enough TEs active if we spread out more and open up the running lanes more.
  4. I'm surprised you aren't getting more responses, maybe I shouldn't be. There are so....many people who don't want to objectively view things, and instead offer a flippant one sentence answer..usually Josh Allen isn't Patrick Mahomes or something. Keep up the good work.
  5. Good post! I disagree with the Duke Williams for McKenzie. I don't disagree if its Duke for Lee Smith. I'm of the belief we have had our best offense when we stay away from our "heavy, multiple TE" packages. And, in turn we have run better with the McKenzie motion and spread package. We have also gotten Josh into more of a rythmn passing when we do that. JMO, but when we go heavy and try to run with Gore it hasn't worked. We get penalties and put ourselves in a hole with the sticks because we can't push people around upfront. Our tempo has slowed to crawl offensively as well, Pick up the pace, spread it out and balance the run and pass better.
  6. Good post! I'm wondering, after doing some research, if our best way to operate isn't more spread out and less heavy. But, to run the ball with motion and play more up-tempo, play action passing. We have slowed our pace down, the games are 25 minutes shorter with many fewer plays on both sides. Last week (vs. Wash) we were back to McKenzie running a lot of motion and playing 68% of snaps, after being a healthy scratch week before. Singletary gets the ball and is great, Josh is efficient and over 111 Passer Rating, we win, not perfect but solid and room for growth. Where we seem to really struggle is when we go multiple TEs and go heavy and try to pound with Gore (we get more penalties too). We can't do it and it hurts the passing game. Hell Lee Smith usually commits a penalty or two. And, then its ask the raw QB to a bail us out. Spread it out and play with more tempo and balance the Run Vs Pass is what I think would work.
  7. Good topic. The thought went through my head last night as well. I voted yes, but like you, it goes against what I typically would do. I just feel like we are trying to develop a QB, but have not given him the minimum level of playmakers. I kind of feel like, if we were able to get back to where we were when we pursued him, it might work. Ha he pursued any help? We don't know. I think on the field it would help immensely.
  8. Thank you. I agree 8/13 kicking has cost us. To answer your question; you are largely correct. In the Philly/Cle games we ran 20 times each game and garnered 91 yards, 4.6/carry. In the other games we averaged 29 atts/134 yds 4.7/carry. In the Phi/Cle games we passed 38 times each game and in the rest 32 times. So indeed the we skewed heavily pass and gained about the same/carry. And, passing wise the efficiency as measured by passer rating is 76.6 vs PHI/CLE, and 84.5 against the rest. Not a balanced approach In those 2 games, even though the running game appears to be working. It also appears Josh is better when he has the support of the running game.
  9. Good Topic! Warning this is not just a yes they're regressing. Although that could be the answer. I started out by asking the OPs question and trying to answer objectively. I don't have access to anything more than traditional stats. But, that should suffice for purposes of comparing the early part of the season, to the later part. Breaking up into buckets beginning with week 1 and ending with Game 4 NE, this is fair, end of Sept., to the eye appears to be a watershed game for the team, this will be referred to as P1 going forward. And, of course the second bucket-P2, will be game 5 through yesterday-5 games. Everything will of course be per game. Let's see if there are any trends? 1. PPG and YPG; P1 19.0 ppg/387ypg, P2 19.6 ppg/297ypg, surprisingly perhaps the Schedule is pretty even in each period. P1 .324%, P2.348, the difference is balanced off by one extra home game in P2, so we can put the SOS to bed for the purposes of this discussion. Production down. 2. Where is drop in yardage coming from? P1 Passing 240ypg/ Rushing 147ypg P2 Passing 191 ypg/ Rushing 106ypg, that's a 20% decline in passing yards, and 28% in rushing yards. So both are well down. 3. Is this being driven by the number of attempts either way? This is a very interesting to me. P1 Pass Att/Rush Att 37pg/31pg drop of 16%; P2 29pg/26pg drop of 11%. Overall the Bills are running 14% fewer plays! Does that mean our defense is on the field more? The answer is perhaps surprisingly NO, P1 63, P2 60 a drop of 5% give or take. Coincidentally or not, Bills games have dropped from 131 plays to 115 plays. Games time have also shorted to an average of 2:53 from 3:13 in P1. Does it seem to anyone else like we've slowed the pace of our games down? huddle more? running the clock down under 5 secs? It does to me. We need to answer my original efficiency question another way. 4. Yards Per Rush P1 5.1 P2 4.2, is this because Josh is running less and worse? Surprisingly no. His attempts/yard/average P1 8/33/4.3 P2 7/29/4.5 pretty similar. I'll save you the suspense and tell you the initials of the biggest drop off, you probably could guess FG. 5. How about the passing game? It has actually been much more efficient. Completion % is steady at 60%, But with P1 being 3 TDs/6INT and P2 being 7TDS/ 1 INT ; much of the efficiency gain is here, Yards per attempt is relativitely close 6.5 to 6.3. As are Yards Per Comp. So, Josh was asked after NE to stop playing "hero" ball, cut down on the mistakes and let the rest of the team do its job. He has done that, the team has performed worse. My summary: It appears like the coaching staff, after NE, has decided to slow the game pace down, and has asked Josh not to make throwing errors. Play to the strength of our defense, which is a story for another day. I know some will scream they are trying to protect Josh, and perhaps to a certain extent they are. But, doing this also protects McD's defense. As to the drop in the running game, The first 4 games was a lot of McKenzie motion, the one game since NE where there was a lot of that was...Washington. Devin Singletary's big running game. I have no answer to the Singletary usage conundrum. IMHO laying the regression at the feet of JA is both simple and incorrect. Others have a lot to answer for. Have they actually helped our raw QB succeed by putting adequate resources around him, and creating a QB friendly environment? The answer to that may depend on your biases, I say no and he's doing what he's asked.
  10. It's a big problem and should be one of the first addressed this week.
  11. Now that this established , you will of course give him a chance to make changes, and be patient.
  12. You might want to check the accuracy of your medium passes because I'm sure that's not correct.
  13. We missed kicks we needed, and 8-13 on FGA doesn't get it done in this league. Sorry for those who can't accept it, but missing the 37?yarder can't happen, it really hurt.
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