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  1. So does that mean he doesn't use his talent or the numbers you're looking at are not the right ones?
  2. If we ever want to get away from career politicians, we must remove profitability from the equation.
  3. I've been a Pegulas fan. This is a bad look when all the NHL owners, and owners in general are helping. Disappointing.
  4. It's not what you've done, it's the future dude. I hope you don't expect Ben to continue to perform as he has in the distant past.
  5. California just did the whole state. I think they've known the numbers don't add up awhile now. Have to slow it down with drastic measures.
  6. Has anyone heard the rumor about a National Shelter in Place coming over the weekend?
  7. The Bills become really serious contenders with a Clowney in tow. I'm trying to beat Mahomes and the Chiefs.
  8. Wait are you saying Clowney won't have a job in the NFL......I'll wager you that he gets a big Market level payday soon.....so don't go off beating your chest just yet.
  9. Not true, they also won a dog ***** game over the Bills in week 17, got blown out by the good teams they played, lost 22-6 to Bengals and beat a couple dumpster fire teams as bad as them. So yeah put them right between the Chiefs and Ravens.smdh
  10. Maybe we can pry Ernie Adams away from the Pats, what's his cap hit?
  11. people have been down this road plenty of times no need to discuss further, he's a three time All Pro and obviously has a big impact if you watch.
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