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  1. The thing about these kinds of lists is the assumption is made that the past will be the future. And, I get that may be the best method to predict with. But, you also have to be careful that it doesn't just become a lifetime achievement award. He has this many PBs, Awards, 4000+ seasons, Playoff wins etc. I bet when you look back at any seasons top 10 like this you will see 4-6 that are right on and 4-6 that you ask yourself. who thought this was right?
  2. I offer up the alternative name of the DC Liberals. It'll be a hoot. Seriously though this is long overdue, I think there are many, many simple name changes as many have stated.
  3. Is it really important how good a player a coach was? I mean seriously! Think about it.
  4. This can't be allowed to pass! National Center for Biotechnology Information CONCLUSIONS Twenty epidemiologic studies have shown that neither thimerosal nor MMR vaccine causes autism. These studies have been performed in several countries by many different investigators who have employed a multitude of epidemiologic and statistical methods. The large size of the studied populations has afforded a level of statistical power sufficient to detect even rare associations. These studies, in concert with the biological implausibility that vaccines overwhelm a child’s immune system, have effectively dismissed the notion that vaccines cause autism. Further studies on the cause or causes of autism should focus on more-promising leads.
  5. This isn't some neo-liberal vs. right-wing issue, this is basic humanity and common sense......you are way off kilter with this and other responses. I'm guessing you don't think you'd ever be in that position yourself but if you were you'd expect to be treated in a similar fashion as you espouse- by law enforcement. That was sarcasm. You should reevaluate and soon.
  6. I apologize if I sidetracked your post. just trying a little levity during this pandemic. No bigger ball fan than me, here's to hoping we get back for something this summer. And, no I'm not a fan of steroid usage at all.
  7. For one season only unlimited steroid usage. See if someone can break Bonds record in 80 games by averaging a HR a game. LOL
  8. Kelly, Bruce, Thurman and Andre. Trying to come up with more deserving from other eras but can't find them. NO ***** OJ, and he was my hero growing up.
  9. The only way Jake starts a game this year is if Josh gets coronavirus.🥵
  10. 1. Never saw Led Zeppelin and was pretty young when the opportunity presented itself. 2. Any concert in the Carrier Dome, worst acoustics ever back in the day.
  11. Leaving Diggs out of it which you really shouldn't, I'd give it a solid B. It's not exciting or sexy in any way, typical McBeane. The most exciting part for me was taking Fromm, and if that's the most exciting part...well it ain't exciting. I can't bash them for picking guys who should be solid and fill needs, and in the salary cap era these are the drafts that payoff down the road.
  12. Hope we have our new Frank Reich. Good enough that when your starter is out a month you can go 2-2 and not blow your season, yet not so talented he should be the starter.
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