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  1. Good analogy, some people never get over that either. It's a sickness.
  2. Excellent post! This is true in everything. Skill is not 100% correlated with success. I don't understand why so many people don't understand this. Success=Talent+Opportunity(Situation)+Randomness( Sheet Happens). I mean you can do everything right and not have it work out. Does anybody think a QB on the '76 Bucs ( or many other squads) had much of a chance of succeeding? Think Lamar Jackson, Pat Mahomes on that team.
  3. So they lose a 16-0 lead a month after this post and you go back and call me out. Feel better now? Is that what you do regularly go back and do this kind of thing? Wow, you can go back and point out other 99x i've been correct. JEEZ the internet.
  4. I've often wondered whether PFF works with a lower starting baseline when grading Bills players....you know they always seem lower than the team's actual strength is.
  5. Good points. But, not trying to be argumentative, why do you assume that not being players in the deep end means not going for a big ticket guy? My take was we did NOT go after the big guys last year (Morse included) and signed a bunch of mid to lower level guys who could help with depth and holes.
  6. Some laughable selections were made before some really great musicians who actually play rock music.
  7. If you were him would you stay here or go to So. California? Yeah I thought so
  8. I see DeAndre Hopkins when I watch him.
  9. Bandit, what is your opinion on CeeDee Lamb?
  10. I hope he works out with some quality receivers this off-season. Sounds like an NCAA type move.....BAD
  11. Interesting, my take was almost entirely the opposite of this. I took this to mean that last year we signed a lot of role players and this year would be more towards the difference makers. We shall see, IMO it makes no sense to not go after some "splashy" guys as that is what we lack.
  12. Thought I'd stop by, see the usual JA bashingis going on even in this thread and by usual crew, night all! OUT
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