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  1. I've never gotten all the love the Jets have received this preseason. We're better than they are and alot of praise has been thrust upon them. I mean what the hell have they done?
  2. It's the same thing it always has been for some of the so-called experts. They didn't like him coming out-and after all its all about being correct and giving their egos a *****! News for you guys, this kids gonna be good and we know who you are!
  3. The goal should be to make the officials invisible IMO.
  4. What you don't like watching a review of a 5 yard pass to the sideline in the first quarter like Rex did? <sarcasm>
  5. I don't live in Buffalo, but I'm within a reasonable driving distance coming from the Southern Tier. I love a good BBQ -not so concerned about price. Recently, a guy who works for me went to visit his son at college in the area. He came back singing the praises for Smokey Bones. I looked at the reviews online and it got a 4.0 not bad. I really want to hear from some of the experts on here. What is your favorite place? Best Ribs? Pulled Pork? etc.
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