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  1. Not that is matters, but has anyone ever seen Mike Golic pick the Bills- I've never seen it!
  2. I feel better after having seen Josh throw the ball last week. Simple as that. I liked the changes we made in the off-season. My biggest concern going forward is if we have enough playmakers!
  3. Had mono in college lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks, It is bad stuff!
  4. I tend to agree that he's more of a good QB than great, nothing stands out about his game to me.
  5. Big surprises for me are Jared Goff at 145 and Kirk Cousins at 171, just at a quick glance.
  6. Bills -30 Giants-13 Our defense forces the TOs this week from ELI.
  7. Being the crapped on underdog is going to be so much fun this season!
  8. They usually play them tough- buuuut not this year! Pats are better than even they usually are, and Dolphins are epically bad.
  9. It certainly looks like as tough a game as they have until November. They have a pretty tough stretch of 5 games beginning then.
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