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  1. Just sayin'.... it's a problem, not just related to this thread Moralization is the process through which preferences are converted into values, both in individual lives and at the level of culture.
  2. At this point, I find the Bills draft to be uninspiring. I'm still not sure we can handle Cover 2 as well as we need to without Josh running. I'm still not sure we've added enough of a threat with the RAC downfield at WR. We did solve the problem at CB2 I hope, although I'm not sure the trade up was great for our setup of the next 2 rounds. We shall see, McBeane has been great during the tenure, not infallible however.
  3. Trade down from 25 and take Breece Hall and get picks enabling them to take a DB,TE& WR with picks garnered in top 100 (something like McBride, Dotson and Gordon).
  4. She's overrated! Tired of her damsel in distress schtick - "oh I'm so cute, look at how cute I am! he he he". Time to move on GMFB
  5. I think Edmunds gets traded before the draft. His cap hit is/will be too high. Just speculation of course.
  6. I think it would be an outstanding move for the Colts to make. Ryan will work really nicely with Reich likes to do, that offensive line and a great RB. Smart move.
  7. There we no Patriots fans before Brady and there won't be any after.
  8. Ahhhhh the old days with Leroi, back when we knew the picks and trades beforehand.
  9. If we could sign Cox we could get away with playing with 1 CB on the field until Tre gets back.
  10. We could be in a position where we don't have to draft for need. Beane has stated many times that he wants to be able to draft any position in the draft. I think we bring in a FA CB still, and we might draft one as well. But, it's not a done deal if we don't see a CB at 25 and don't see the value. We could be very well be in a spot to take a guy who likely would've been a Top 10 or higher pick. This is an opportunity, being as solid as we are, to take a guy other teams couldn't draft. And, his potential, if healthy, is scintillating to think about in our offense.
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