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  1. Crummy article! Sources? Warner? Monos? Whaley? And, it's all this retrospective woulda, shoulda, coulda nonsense that almost guarantees certainty. Nothing to see here, save yourself the time. Just more of the Mahomes is great, Pegula knew he was going to be great, if only the Bills had drafted him we'd be SB Champs by now. And, even though Josh Allen has had some good games he's a major question mark because he doesn't fit the Warner mold. Well don't you think every QB is a question mark as to whether they'll win a SB? Using the foregone conclusion that Mahomes is going to win like Brady and then using that as the measuring stick is ridiculous. The whole implication is we shoulda listened to Terry, drafted Mahomes, and be living in the promised land now. Talk about a reach! I wonder if Terry has the same foresight with regard to the Sabres? Yeah I thought so.
  2. I expect that's what it will be on Sunday, finally have our best 5 out there.
  3. The pass game wasn't up to where we wanted it to be coming into the season. It required commitment, attention and improvement- now it is excellent. I think a healthy line, with the 5 best guys out there, will improve enough to be a compliment and help the passing game. I do NOT want them to focus on it so much to the detriment of what we have passing the ball.
  4. Among likely playoff opponents in round 1: I'll play the Browns and Baker with a rookie coach anytime, anywhere. I'll also play a trending downward Ravens team with Greg Roman unable to adjust to teams playing his offense with smaller, quicker guys. Want no part of the Raiders right now, Carr and Gruden would be a scary matchup with that offense. Indy scares me as well, that offensive line and defense is capable of giving us trouble in certain areas. you can do better
  5. Sorry can't help, not enough from Boselli, Faneca is more deserving.
  6. I watch an inning here and there, but I just follow the stats and know the players that way. Won both my leagues this year, removes some of the bias I guess.
  7. I'm a yes, he's an ex Bill from the glory years, don't know anything about the other stuff. He changed the D when he arrived, team's were starting to slide to Bruce and he kept them honest. More than pass rusher.
  8. I used to be a huge baseball fan, but can't stand to watch the modern game. Still play fantasy but that's just the numbers, you don't need to watch. I love football and watching the NHL. Could care less about the NBA and the NCAA is starting to fade for me.
  9. I think with a healthy Milano we may have more upside defensively. Our secondary is better than Kansas City's. Chris Jones is better than anyone the Bills have, but we may be deeper upfront. I think the Bills skill players are plenty good, even lacking a Kelce type. The bigger question is can Josh continue to make strides or is he done for the year? Again I'm not making the case we're better than KC, just that it's possible with improvement to be in the mix.
  10. I actually think the weather could play to the Bills advantage. The Chargers have played almost all their games indoors or in really good weather with no wind. Looking at the boxscores the worst weather they've seen is the 60s and light wind in Denver and they lost.
  11. Last year's Chiefs started 6-4, and then went on an a 9 game winning streak to win the Super Bowl. I would argue that winning the Super Bowl depends on the improvement of your team during the season in the modern NFL. What led to the Chiefs improvement down the stretch? Better defense and an improved running game to support an already efficient passing game. The Chiefs defense (comparing the first 10 games to after that) went from allowing 370/yg to 332/yg and allowing 24/pg to 16/pg. Also, they improved the running game from for 91/ yg to 113 /yg. And, Defensively they went from allowing 148/yg to only 99/yg! Offensively: the passing game remained efficient, though worse in terms of yards gained. Overall, they saw a slight uptick in scoring going from 28 to 32 p/g, gained fewer yards, but ran much better while maintaining the passing attack. Defensively: After a slow start, they shut down the running game, pressured the QB, forced Turnovers and took a big step forward. How do this years Bills team stack up after 10 games? a 7-3 record against arguably a tougher schedule with 7 winning opponents vs only 5 for KC. On offense the Chiefs 28/pg 405 /yg is a bit better than the Bills 27/pg and 377/yg -again schedule difference. Rushing attack are similar. On defense KC 24p/g 370/yg the Bills 27/pg 374/yg. KC allowed 148 yg/rush, Bills 135. I'm an not arguing this will happen. I'm simply pointing out that improvement from the Defense, getting better production from the running game and continued strong play by the Josh Allen/ Stefon Diggs led passing game is the ticket. Is the Chiefs model from last year plausible? Can McDermott get his Defense to step up, can Daboll get the running attack to improve, can Josh Allen continue to play efficient QB? Personally, I don't think it's impossible.
  12. This thread appears to be more about style preferred.
  13. Hockey is sooooo much better its not even funny. The speed, size, athleticism and skill of the players is way better. Watch a game from the 80s and 90s the skating looks like beer league compared to now. I should know I played hockey in the 80s and 90s at a pretty high level.
  14. On PFR the Pats are listed 10th at 35.8/drive and 20th in pts/drive. I think they are a pretty mediocre, middling type of offense. They can be very effective running the ball, but are subpar throwing the rock.
  15. Like the great Hank Stram used to say, "to win it all, you gotta have it all!". The point being if your weaknesses are too weak, somebody will expose them. Maybe not playing the weak teams, but getting through the playoffs and Super Bowl it's essential. If good teams don't have to worry about anything but overloading against our passing attack we'll lose.
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