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  1. There's a lot of love in that Bills locker room... A LOT of love... Not much Offense, but a TON of love...😎
  2. Fair enough...That would certainly explain it... But it still does not excuse the fact that we don't have the personnel to do exactly what we were told Daboll was going to do...IE work the gameplan on match-ups...Especially when finding good RB's is about as easy a position to fill as there is in the NFL... But whatever...I'm getting more angry just thinking about it...Let's have our still very young inexperienced QB go out an fling it 40 times on the road against one of the worst Run Defenses in the NFL... All that being said if Josh hits one...ONE deep pass we are probably not having this conversation... Ugh...😎
  3. Agreed 100%... I want the Bills to be a modern Offense...I want them to throw it plenty, so don't misunderstand this rant...But one of the things we were told about Daboll's system is that it would be match-up specific...There is literally no way anyone is going to convince me of that based on what I'm seeing...We went on the road against a woefully bad run Defense...A Run D allowing almost 5 yards per carry so far this year!!!...4.9 yards per rush!!! 141 rushing yards per game!!! And there is no question running the ball was NOT the gameplan...Period...It was NOT the gameplan... Either Daboll and McD do not feel our O-Line is capable of running a physical Run 1st gameplan based on the match-up, or they're complete idiots...Especially vs the Browns because a pass heavy attack brings their 2 best players (Ward and Garrett) into the gameplan MUCH more... This gameplan today, and the Offensive coaching today, was basically NFL football malpractice...They literally found a way to lose to an inferior team while only giving up 19 freaking points...They completely ignored going after Cleveland's greatest weakness, and instead attacked the area (pass Defense) where the Browns are ranked 6th best in the NFL...You want Dawkins on roller skates every down trying to block one of the best DE's in the game, or drive blocking him into the ground? Your choice...They were having trouble blocking Garrett on double teams at times in the passing game...What a joke... Embarrassing...😎
  4. Yep... Especially when you cannot improve week to week on Offense
  5. Easily winnable game they just blew... Oh well
  6. We blitzed and left our struggling CB on an island... OK
  7. That 3rd down play we were SO close to tipping that damn ball...
  8. Live I thought he just fumbled it...But on the replay it's pretty obvious
  9. If it's short...It's an inch or two short...
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