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  1. I'll admit fully it would have ben a huge break for The Bills...But in all honesty, when he was 1st stumbling I figured he was done. I really assumed there was no way the NFL was going to let him go back in that game. Just being honest, he looked real wobbly...
  2. I think it was a combination of the Rookie fumble, and McD's obvious plan to rotate and balance play time in the season opener... I do totally agree that less Moss is going to be better...No question...
  3. 4 TOs and we beat the SB Champs by 21 on the road... This team is limitless when they don't make mistakes... Great freaking win... GO BILLS!!!
  4. Not a prediction...But food for thought...Before the Playoffs The Rams were not great vs the better teams they faced last year...They played AZ early (when they were playing very well), SF twice, Tennessee, Green Bay, TB and Indy...They were 2-5 (1-3 at home) in those games and got outscored by 48 total points... To be fair, the Bills were not great record-wise vs quality opponents last year either going 2-4...But in those 4 losses there is the OT loss to the Referees in TB, the 4th and inches loss to Tennessee, and the hurricane-wind loss to NE at home...A couple minor breaks and a normal weather game and the Bills are easily 5-1 vs quality opponents last year...At least that's the homer version... I think the Bills are the better team...I think the Rams are very good...The Bills play their game, make a big play or two on Defense, and they walk in this one...They play like they did in the opener last year and they'll lose...
  5. The Bills were pretty lucky to get a WR of this caliber at #148...I'm not sure why he fell other than the inability for teams to pinpoint how they will use him. But I also think that's what makes him a real cool prospect. Throughout the process this year I looked at SO many WR's. Like too many...I felt this was the Bills second greatest need...And I don't know if it's just the #2 or what, but Shakir reminds me of Robert Woods. The first play I saw I thought of Woods. Shakir is a little shorter (about a half an inch), but faster than Woods, and he just reminds me of that kind of tool...He's a competitor, and he is fast...He and Cook are going to bring some nice needed speed...This Offense is going to be insane. Though I don't think he's the exact fit to replace Smoke/Sanders as an outside guy, I do think he can play a bit out there...Eventually though he'll be a very cool slot weapon... Real good pick...Process guy...Very good...
  6. That was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever watched in my entire life... He said the quiet part out loud though did he not? I mean...We all think it...But he said it!...On National TV...Day 2 Draft coverage...
  7. That's exactly what this is...A bit smaller guy than would be expected. But he's an 8.88 RAS only being pulled down by height/weight/length... A team Captain who was MVP of his last game with 20 TT's!...He's Drafted to be the Bills 3rd LB...We'll see...
  8. I think I mocked Cook to the Bills in more than 75% of the mocks I did this Draft season. Granted it was in the 3rd Round, I figured they may trade up to the mid 3rd to secure him, but the way the WR's flew in this Draft I understand taking him here... I absolutely LOVE Cook for this team...I just love the fit. He's arguably the best pass catching RB in this Draft with a twist...He can beat Defenses deep...4.42 speed, he's played in big games...and it may not be a big deal, but the NFL is a family business for him. This is a luxury pick...it's a specific chess piece...But I don't think there is a single NFL Defense that is happy about the Bills adding James Cook to this Offense...Not one...
  9. I don't disagree...But the way they flew off the board last night it may take 57 to get Austin. I'm not saying they should. I'm just saying...
  10. I'd like to see them come out of the 2nd and 3rd with a WR and a RB...I think at WR you're going to have to come up a little if you really want an early impact guy to fill the snaps left by Sanders that Gabe does not absorb...The name to watch is Calvin Austin IMO...I think Pickens, Moore, and Watson will get snatched up quick... I don't know if this is a sneaky thing or not...But I would not be surprised to see the Bills sit and take Spiller at 57...They obviously like him, and the slow 40 is going to push him down. I'm not a huge fan of that. But I think it's very possible. I don't expect Breece to make it to 57...If so, I think he's the pick there.
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