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  1. my issues w PFF are: their model is not predictive. It just doesn't tell us who is going to play well and lead their team to wins next season. tyrod being ranked high on what in retrospect was a perfectly optimized O for him is a great example. they might have consistently great qbs ranked consistently high, but so does every fan who just watches the games, or just sees the QB stats. they seem to err on the side of "do no harm", tyrod vs josh allen shows us that. tyrod is physically or psychologically incapable of making a play in most circumstances. him never winning when down by like 7 at the half or ever down by 1 point in the 4th is pretty shocking. if you remember the jaxonville playoff game, he contributed basically zero all game. making mistakes hurts, and josh has made just idiotic mistakes, but the ability to make plays while also making mistakes is more important than the absence of mistakes. the models they use require data integrity which isn't possible. these guys with their adjustments for 100% on the mark, and however the rate each individual player at different positions is basically un-falsifiable guesses that they jam in there. If their metrics don't related to how players are bid for in free agency (where they have some OG ranked as like 2nd and he signs a small contract, while some guy they have as 65th gets a big ol wad of cash) over a large number of players, either they are the only people on the planet who actually understand pro football, or the GM's and coaches in the NFL disprove their rankings. im much more interested in team statistics, which are more meaningful and are predictive.
  2. i'd say yes, but not by much. wins over the next 3 games and we have every reason to be high on the team, 2-1 and there could be a few questions, 1-2 big questions, 0-3 and we were totally fake. we need allen to make plays and not turn the ball over, and everything else basically stay the same to be a top tier team.
  3. that guy got suuuuuch a big contract for RT. he's such a monster too! 6'8" and nearly 400 pounds.
  4. diggs or green would be big at WR. Any starter OT would work, i don't know who else could be out there besides Williams. depending on their hammies, maybe OLB or RB would make sense, but i don't think that's reasonable and im guessing they will heal
  5. Honestly, given we have moved the ball so well vs the number of points, our injury situation, and how our D has handled special teams and offensive errors, i'd say we've over come bad luck more than had good luck. also, our d has tipped soooooo many passes, and not come up w many picks, that's a non good luck thing too. the only lucky thing i can see so far, is that we've played some weak teams, but of course so has new england and it doesn't get mentioned there.
  6. I like the optimism here! and I'm with it. The one thing tho, we have to beat NE in NE, be it in reg season to get a home playoff run, or in the playoffs because we don't. we do need all kinds of other things and lots of wins to ball out, that is totally true, but if we can't bring the wood to NE, then this season ends with a loss or no playoffs.
  7. These cover1 guys just go totally nuts on this, i'm a big fan! i remember wgr550 would have some coach film breakdowns, i'd eagerly wait for like 4 clips and write ups, and this was like just a few years ago and we totally sucked. now we've had some wins and we get this stuff from a fire hose. i should be happy, but as a lifetime bills fan, all i can think is that any hubris will be punished by the fickle football Gods.
  8. The biggest thing we are missing as a team (besides obviously not losing the game on special teams or Allen just throwing balls he shouldn't for no reason) is a consistent run game. if we can change up our backs and show the same looks and make plays, and pull the D up rather than have them back deep taking away the chunk plays we want, it will all change. we showed some great running to end the game on Sunday, but our OL is much better at running at any point, and we just don't do it that often. when motor is back, i wanna see daboll run the ball well and keep the opposing d off balance
  9. 100% it's the punter. he's our biggest weakness atm. either he magically becomes good, or we have to replace him.
  10. Clearly we could all see reasons for Zay to be gone going into this season, but the coaches still put Duke at risk on the PS and kept Zay on, more or less as a starter. I really think the lack of effort on a couple of the picks vs NE is what got him cooked. He's just not a high energy high effort player, and McBean and co have no room on the team for that at all.
  11. No excuse for 2BD fantasy players!
  12. I agree w OP. I overheard McD telling the players "Eff the film breakdown, come hit this chron w me dog!". Also, duke had trouble getting onto the active roster because he was stretching at practice while daboll and zay laughed at him and said "look at this fool stretching, only thing we stretching out here is our mouths to DRINK THIS PURP". and then everyone clapped.
  13. New punter, help at tackle, WR (possibly lowest need if Duke can ball like he did today). Rb might actually be out biggest need outside of punter, motor would fill that gap nicely tho.
  14. I'm a huge fan, I just need him to STOP THROWING ROLL OUT SCRAMBLES INTO PICKS!!!! Honestly, that and not setting his feet sometimes is basically it. I'd have him just not throw the ball on roll outs (to the right particularly) if there are two defenders in the vicinity.
  15. Sick display of heart. Did anyone see any breakdowns of the pick? I think I spotted something talking about yeldon being at fault. We need our guys healthy. No way we win that game w Barkley
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