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  1. this argument that every single nfl position can be at least reasonably evaluated, even if the team around them is cheeks, except qb is garbage. sure, a solid qb on a terrible roster will produce poor stat sheet numbers (year 1 allen), but you can watch the guy play and see what he has. rosen wasn't ruined by bad situations, he just sucks as an nfl qb. seems like a jerk, bad attitude, and most of all he's physically weak. as i've said since allen came into the nfl, he's FavrElway, is an absolute dog, and his sort of greatest general flaw of being sugar high
  2. meh, based on what i've read right here i kinda fade a top pick on RB, but if all the CBs, DTs, OGs, and DEs who the FO like are gonezo, and they think one oft these guys is a total day 1 beast, then it's not a terrible idea. the one consistent think IMO is our FO values premium positions (pass rush, cb, qb, OT) and freak athletes over all else, so it would be out of character for us to grab an RB that soon, but id expect them to have to be just an insane physical specimen
  3. i get a feeling the bills might be really high on a player that mock drafts have rated lower, a 1 tech in particular. i don't really have any reason why, but given that they didn't do squat to get one in the off season, and mcdermot knows better than anyone how much his D needs lots of quality linemen making plays, i suspect they think they can get one in the draft who will be a keeper.
  4. he's 100% gonna move up and or down, i'd bet up. question is, when and where? i think we have a solid shot at staying at 30, and only a move up a few spots as has been mentioned for not so early of pics would be on the table. i expect a move up in the 2nd or 3rd round. i could see us getting a 1st, a 2nd, and 2 3rd round players, because this roster is gonna be hard for rookies to make.
  5. as far as i am concerned, edmunds is better than cunningham, so even if the latter's contract was a bit inflated, based on cap going up and such, he's worth in that context pretty reasonably.
  6. the old timey pics you see of bare knuckle guys w their palms facing themselves shows a little bit of what is necessary to fight bare knuckle and not get murked. totally different mind set
  7. we need an improvement in our run game, duh, and a BIG improvement stopping big runs. given we were the best in the nfl at stopping big passes, a pass rush would help obv, but we need some players in the gut more than anything. 1t and maybe a a DE who can bang (that guy we got w the african name could be that, i hope so anyhow). beyond that some combo of rb/te/og might get our run game going a little bit. after having rewatched the kc game (groan) one more weapon who was actually healthy on O (TE or RB woulda been ideal) and if we stop 2 of those break away runs, we absolutely h
  8. id take the over, but if you look at all the teams, this is pretty fair. assuming donald comes back from his assault charges and such, rams at 10 and kc at 12 puts the bills at 10.5 or 11, so seems reasonable.
  9. i remember watching some sports look back thing and ditka made all the players agree not to do personal endorsement deals, and then iron mike went out and did some himself. he really was a look at me head coach, and his ego had buddy ryan leave and break up what could have been a huge dynasty team. think jimmy mac may have a point here.
  10. im up and down on edmunds, and i still think he'd be a better outside backer in a more traditional 43 (which we aren't gonna run, so i suppose it just doesn't matter). the one thing that impresses me about edmunds, besides his truly elite athletic gifts, is that he is not up on his play one bit. in all the interviews he's had, he's simply not happy with how he has played to this point. he basically doesn't come off the field, and is super duper young, so i think he's set himself up to improve greatly this season coming. i think this is his make or break year in buffal
  11. we have a window right now to win it all, and our roster is deep so we don't want to draft players who can't make the team, nor do we want to draft guys who upgrade our backups (possible exception at OL and DL). i think beane makes moves up and or down to get the guys he wants who can make an impact this season (RB, TE, CB, DL) and drafts "value" freak athletes w high ceilings after that. if we walk away w a TE and RB who by the end of the season are no worse than 2nd on the team at their positions, and a 1 tech who can play with no real drop off from star, then this dr
  12. no offense man, but you look terrible for your age. pretty strong body of work for such a young guy tho.
  13. scary. my current thai boxing coach is all about turning hooks into slaps in a self defense situation. knees elbows and kicks are done w/o pads, so one should be conditioned for those without protection, but a broken hand can be one of those injuries which linger forever.
  14. isn't that the guy who tyson broke his hand on? i remember reading that story as a child and thinking if tyson can break his hand w a punch, than anyone can. been focused on knuckle/hand safety every since.
  15. total smoke screen, we are gonna abdicate our first 3 picks just to throw off the other teams! seriously tho, while pass rush vs coverage is a fair debate, i think given that we have 2 solid safeties, an all pro corner, and a play making slot corner (altho he is not totally consistent in coverage, who is?), the weakness we have at cb2 ends up being a target for the opposing O. a better pass rush IMO would take oliver and AJ getting better this season, and addison and houghs getting a big refresh, which i suppose can happen. biggest thing to me is that a rookie corner c
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