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  1. that Va Tech rookie to RG, dawkins to LG, 2 FA starters, and a highish drafted rookie and we have our sick O Line. draft BPA, sign a TE and one big time WR (trade a future pick for Julio maybe?) and we win the offseason.
  2. colin

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    they were decent, but that was 3 really good players and a couple meh players, and they'd get overwhelmed from time to time. I'm all for talent, but i want solid play by the unit all around. THAT, we haven't had since like the 90s
  3. colin

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    all players and coaches have the potential to make each other better on a good unit, as has been said in this thread. play makers and a good qb make the d back off, running game means the LBs will bite on play action and stuff the box, etc. the things that stood out to me this weekend: Rest: the bye teams all won, and were all fresh. They all basically lined up and smashed the other team on O, controlling the game and running the ball. if NO was at philly who was fresh i think they run the ball on them (being home helps too obv) and win. Oline as a unit: having a top single OL (like the colts, or the browns when thomas was there) is great, but the rams, KC, and especially NE play great OL as a unit. they all move around and get on their blocks so effectively. NE makes me sick, but they really are just a better team than most. They have lil WRs and RBs running behind a convoy of maulers all the time. that wears out the D and sets up broken tackles and turns 3 yard plays into 7 yard plays, which is basically all NE does. we need some play makers, but i think foster and JA are so dynamic that we don't need them as much as we need a solid well coached tackle to tackle Oline, which would be the first we've had in a long long time.
  4. colin

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    I don't see our front office going through an entire draft without some trades. they love trades!
  5. Josh allen with his athletic gifts would destroy the bama D. he had bad games vs sophisticated nfl D's who come with a strong pass rush while his WRs drop good passes. with what the basic scheme of clemson did vs bama, josh allen on the bills would have at least 10 touch downs (running and passing). he got 5 vs a pro team in his last game, so it's not much of a stretch. on the other side, you'd see massive differences with kicking and coverage. pressured ncaa punters would shank punts and get them blocked, nfl special teamers would beat the snot out of the 3rd string guys they have covering kicks and punts in college. that part of the game would be huge. the bills would score and then run down and force a fumble at least a couple of times, which would deflate the bama side even more. on D the wrs for bama would struggle to get seperation, and tua would not once be able to read the coverage. dabol knows their scheme well enough to have lots of robber type underneath ints happen. it would be more ints and fumbles than completions.
  6. i wanted him then, and im a big fan now.
  7. colin

    Updated Allen Scouting Report

    FavrElway in the making. i should make a list of the naysayers and hunt them down like a message board terminator
  8. this guy is an addict and the caterwauling usual suspects on this board act like Gordon is a baby with no agency or responsibility. Stop excusing this guy. He is straight up a loser, he had the golden goose and he couldn't control himself (in the words of NWA, "he used to have a car, gold, diamond rings, but the cookie cookie crack took all of those things). He either didn't do what he needed to do to get right, which makes him a loser for not trying, or he tried and failed, which by definition makes him a loser. he was given a lot of chances, and he blew them all, how is he not a loser?
  9. Id be happy going out and getting julio jones for WR, and patrick peterson for CB if they are available at not quite our first pick. front loaded contracts to soak up our extra cap during our youth movement. we need to draft some big guys, DE, OG, OT, and TE (unless there is an FA available for those). Foster gives us hope, but i think a big part of it is our OC knows him very well, and Josh Allen doesn't trust his other WRs, so he gets the focus.
  10. colin

    Bills fall from 6th to 10th in Draft Order

    7-9 and on the way up!
  11. we lost the last two weeks on a number of bad individual plays and horrible special teams. edmunds did have a shot at a hero tackle that would have cemented the win, but missed. if we hit one of the two missed FGs, covered one or two of the big returns, or cought one or two of the big drops we would have won. Allen clearly cost us with 3 turnovers, but he also literally produced all of our offense, so i think the rest of the team had more room to step up.
  12. colin

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Jets

    so i agree that JA17 has accuracy issues. he's not like alex smith who just can't throw a dime, he just throws bad balls from time to time. that said, how many times has he avoided a sure sack but sprinting away from pass rushers or stiff arming them? he did it at least two times vs the jets (with the sprint out and the stiff arm, and i think about 6). most good qbs make the majority of their completions on easy peasy passes. now allen certainly misses some of them due to running to early or not seeing the guy in time, but as a team we set our qb (any of them) up to fail more than anyone else. i remember a big completion with 20 yards to go a couple times vs the jets. how do we keep doing that? the constant penalties on O and WR drops (combined with how terrible our run game has been) makes me marvel that we are even in games, and that's totally on the back of Josh Allen's ability to just flat out make plays that no one else is doing. one single star WR would change this whole offense, let alone better protection.
  13. we have a break but don't bend D
  14. colin

    win the next 3 games ?

    we have our QB, so we don't need the one guy to change it all, and the chances of us getting that guy with the higher pick are low anyhow. I'd be happy winning out, growing the team and getting our young guys better. we need vets to come in as FA signings, and winning will help that.
  15. two interior OL and a RT would make our Oline solid, which is plenty. We need at least one new TE (two likley), a stud WR, and a large possession WR, as well as RB. the biggest holes on our team are at skill position, followed by OL. we could use a CB and DT as well. the one "good thing" about having a talent level as low as we do, is that adding even OK and average players will make the whole team better. Our special teams shows horrible coaching, but also how low the over all talent level on the team is. could you imagine allen playing with a less worn out shady, karlos, our old LT, richie, woods, as well as percy, rob woods, and sammy watkins like in rex's first year here? we just need to get some talent out there, guys who can get separation and most importantly not drop passes all the time. of course, all of the above blows up if a top flight pass rusher is available at our pick, we take that and work out the rest.