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  1. imo, as long as our O gets the ball enough times to figure whatever they have to out, they are gonna put up points. 31 points scored would not be a big day for this O. This game is gonna come down to avoiding the back breaking mistake, and to our D. our D has to play well enough to limit balitmore, i think early in particular. the D was nicely solid in the first 3 quarters vs the colts, and was decent on the final game winning drive. those two particular drives in the 4th getting just trucked for long TDs flipped the day from a solid one to a trashy one. the athletic did a g
  2. it will be, but it will largely be deserved. clevland has a sick and complete O w talent all over, but they ain't winning on D, so they need ball out on O. we are favorites on the spread, but spiritual underdogs w everyone seeing the ravens as hot and the bills as not, and the ravens as a power match up nightmare, and the bills as a smoke and mirrors finesse team. we are gonna see what is true on saturday, but we control our own narrative. win the games and be a champion forever.
  3. so obviously i want the jags to lose because they are a team in our conference, but i think out of all of the college guys, urban has the best chance to succeed. ive always been very impressed with how players come out of his program self motivated and ready to be solid pros. i think his skills will suit the nfl better than most. He still has a big fat chance to fail, but i do think he's better for the job than most his sociopath all that matters is winning and people are to be used towards a goal might actually be an asset in the cut throat world of pro football. reminds me of
  4. lol, that's a bit of a bad omen when you think of not flight college coaches going to AFC teams in florida! big time football really does have a club, doesn't it?
  5. of course, i could be wrong, but i think he's a big media guy who will have a warm reception in NJ but will spiral a bit once things go wrong, which they will. i don't think young coaches get the fawning media treatment he has without working the media to their advantage. very smart from a career perspective, but it makes me wonder where their focus is and if they have a different set of personalities for different people. Mike Ditka in chicago comes to mind.
  6. i hope they trade darnold for a back of tape and draft a bust.
  7. 41 31 bills. goes back and forth a bit in the first half, but the bills put together some drives and go up 24 17. in the second half the bills O catches fire and the D stymies the ravens o just enough for the bills to get a commanding lead, ravens put together a couple good drives to make it respectable, but we win holding the ball and closing the game out
  8. best fit for him is Chargers, but obv i hope he stays (imagine that, i was so hard on him before!). i think saleh to the jets is the match made in heaven. big media team, big media DC, he's great on camera and is popular. and i hope he crashes and burns and stinks.
  9. he's scary as a blocker, and gets passes because he's basically not covered. he actually doesn't break many tackles, but on 3rd or 4th and short, is just another weapon for the ravens (another guy you gotta watch). the ravens O is the ultimate gregg roman dirty fantasy, lol. a tiny qb who's not great as a traditional passer, but runs like a cheetah on meth, a few giant TEs who can block and catch, pretty sick OL, a couple burners at WR, and giant physical RBs. Picard is just an extra freak for his match up circus. they get you scared of the power run game out of so many formati
  10. you make a good point, but it seems to be game to game. i think sick rushers still have value, but i hear you on like 2 1sts and 25mm a year for one might not make sense
  11. simms had a good take, we have to guess correctly what the d is gonna do for our scheme to work, because we just lack the beef upfront. and the simple passes that beat us when we weren't in position obviously burned us. all that said, our D took a dump entirely on 2 drives, badly timed drives, but just two back to back drives. they made necessary adjustments and stopped them twice in one drive (thanks refs) right after, so i really think if the d coaches can get that figured out, our d can look like it has for the past 5 weeks. might get trucked in the odd drive, but slow them d
  12. this is a great question. i really think the D played well, but got figured out the 3rd and 2nd last drive where we got absolutely trucked, but righted the ship late. i really think our D plays rock paper scissors, and if we get caught off or have a couple back to back bad plays, it falls apart some. vs baltimore they really need to add some wrinkles, have to stop lamar running, but on any obv passing down they have to not have predictable pass offs, or else we will see a lot of TE completions.
  13. and both of those teams have legit pass rushers. it just shows how bs that comment the dude from the nfl made during our game was, that they don't call it different in the playoffs. they called it so so different, just put the whistles away. also, aside from when our d got just trucked in two consecutive drives for 75 yard TDs with like 5 min total take off the clock (i know i know) they were actually good. i really think the colts played great on those two drives, and found something wrong with us schematically (along w some misses by the d). because we
  14. to me coaching will decide this game. we need a d scheme that is sound and lets our guys play, prolly have to sell out to stop lamar running. baltimore is not good on 3rd and long, that's the key for us. on O, we have to put in some wrinkles but be ourselves. this constant running junk we did vs the colts wasted drives early. allen can get his running when he sees nothing in the passing game, don't need to draw them up like the old cornhuskers every drive. looking top to bottom, every team in the AFC is dangerous. we just need to play like we are the dangerous ones
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