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  1. feel some juice watching this, i think these guys have a nasty taste in their mouths from how last year ended.
  2. honestly, for the way they do these things, i think it's fair. they remember allen falling apart in his first playoff game (obv not the whole story, and his roster did worse than he did, but that's what it is), and his bad stats out the gate, and use that to think well his third year might be a fluke and he still makes mistakes (obviously pure bias, given that everyone makes mistakes, the 3 awful picks brady threw against GB was just a chance to show his great leadership). the bottom line, he played as well or better than any qb last season w the exceptions of a aron, and will sho
  3. no idea if he fits in contract wise, but he'd be a huge addition to our team. maybe only for a season or two (will say, the jones bros like to use drugs and party, but they just don't get that out of shape, they put in so much work when they are on the wagon that it tends to pull them through so he might have more longevity). i remember reading something about that kid w the african name taken 1st over all out of psu, monster athlete, smart and straight and narrow kinda golden boy, but some nfl front office thought that his lack of like chaotic mindset/temperament lead to him un
  4. just the other night i watched this documentary/whatever series on the chicago bulls last season together w jordan and so on. in it, scottie pippen was straight up being insolent to the gm, heavy disrespectful, and said he demanded a trade (all while not playing due to surgery which he took during the season so he could have a more fun summer, LOL). anyhow it was a real mess and went back forth, but in the end he straight up capitulated, and it was all water under the bridge. i figure this thing is gonna go roughly the same way.
  5. lol, you aren't wrong but i had to read the not unimpressive bit twice. im like, ya so he's not as good as leanard as of last season, but cunningham is on like 15 a year and edmunds is better, WHAT ARE WE SAYING HERE!?!?
  6. if we can trade motor for a pick that gets swapped into a player we really need (i'd presume cb2, og/c, and most of all te) then it could totally be worth it. given how little and how poorly we run vs pass, having 2 3rd rounders and a once decent FA on our team who kinda form a 3 headed monster seems a bit of overkill. of course, if they figure it out and can run the ball well i'd be super pleased, just don't expect it at all.
  7. edmunds can get that contract and perhaps a little more if he plays like he expects himself to play this coming season. if our DL can improve and give him better looks, he has all the tools to do so. if it's today, i let him walk for that contract (or even 20% less, frankly). it will all play out though.
  8. ive teeter tottered on tremaine like two fat kids at a play ground. i think at the very least at the end of this year it will be pretty clear if he's the guy or not. we will play kc and tampa during the regular season, and barring something crazy should see kc again in the playoffs he'll either shine or not. given his tools, the team around him, and how hard he is on himself, i'd stack a lot more chips on him shining than not.
  9. based on this and how our draft went, it's pretty clear our FO wants an open environment where everyone knows they are competing for their job, or at the very least they have replacements in the wings if people leave. it kinda reminds me (in a positive sense) of pete carol. he's jonny enthusiasm and cap'n rah rah, but if someone plays better, they will slid on into the starting role (russ is obv a great qb, but it took big guts to put him in over the FA guy in his rookie year). even tho mcd is conservative to a fault at times, when push does come to shove he will boot the establi
  10. such a crazy idea it just might work. that kind of out of the box fresh thinking is what is needed. would you be interested in a Job with the LV Raiders? how attached are you to your current hair style?
  11. sometimes a trade helps both teams, sometimes a trade hurts both teams. you can argue about who it helped more, but then you having timing involved as well, so maybe it helps the bills more for the first 3 or 4 years and minni more after that, but then you have to evaluate how to discount future vs present day wins, and at the end of the day you really just want to win a chip, so it gets goofy cuz you'd rather win it all this year and stink for a few than be good for like 5 years and win nothing. i can't think of a wr i'd rather have on the bills than diggs
  12. it's interesting to me that that you say this sin't the place to debate something, followed by debating it. your assertion makes sense, but the data doesn't support it when we look at the much written about test in public high schools in NYC. most of the children in these schools are from very poor and overcrowded (mostly in the middle of the pack crime wise, but it's certainly not all a bed or roses) places in the city yet somehow manage to score high enough on an aptitude test to get into these very competitive schools. a good chunk of them speak english as a second language as
  13. sure, but only if it was the right place to put the resources. we are pretty good at corner/secondary. a passrusher or tight end with his ability i'd jump all over.
  14. how much do you think test prep raises scores? i've seen data showing the greatest increase (repeatable, anyone can have a bad day and get a low score and regress to a higher mean by rewriting the test) being in the context of like 50-75 points, and that only happens for high (1350+) scoring people prior to the test prep.
  15. didn't he have an 1100 and change SAT? that's not very bright and way way below what people who don't even get accepted into stanford score.
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