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  1. He's what, the 8th DB on the team, 4th or 5th corner? He's not a starter, he's not even a JAG.
  2. He's been in his own head about passing, it's lead to the turnovers. He's still a magician running a d avoiding the sack. Our OL is hot dirty cheeks. His elbow is hurt, but I'm convinced he simply needs time and it's good in the third. It's bad to start and in the start of the 3rd because it's cold.
  3. Interesting stat. Given how raw he was coming out, and how horrible the talent was around him, it's kinda incredible.
  4. His elbow isn't good until the 4th quarter. I think that's his issue now.
  5. It's not the line, it's our cb being 3rs string. That's where they have been milking their 3rd down conversions
  6. honestly, that's the short of it. dude just does not have good awareness. he runs like hell, and if it leads him the right way, he's electric. if he didn't run the right way, he's done. he's never like read whats in front of him and done something. the 4th down pic vs minni was tragic. he runs himself out of bounds, freeing up the cb to pick the ball, and then he sits there after the interception. total zero play.
  7. mckenzie is really having a down season. not a details guy. crowder getting hurt i think cost us a game or two this season. not that he's the goat, but he was a steady vet and found soft spots on 3rd down and showed good hands.
  8. i think we just have a bit of an allocation problem. we had a bad allocation to DL last two seasons, and we fixed it. injuries have not helped, but the DL is pretty nasty this season. i now think we have a mix of RBs who can get us production, cook getting his head and hands up to the level of his running could be a major weapon. our biggest issues are: no 2nd play maker on O. maybe cook becomes that but we need a WR OL play -- i think we can get this right w a couple changes, just need one OG to be a nasty force and it all falls into place IMO back up secondary: i'm gonna chalk this up to luck since we have a mash unit back up LB: this is actually an issue. dodson is not up to par for the sort of insane requirements we have of our LBs. if we could add a couple big S small LBs, that might be what we need for depth and flexibility. we are gonna lose at least one of edmunds and poyer. said more succinctly: we really need another playmaker on O and a slightly better OL. the D stuff is what it is, but that's not where the best bang for the buck will be.
  9. I hear you, but i think some is on players and some is on coaches. no matter what tho, the solution is up to the coaches, they steer the ship. the players have to execute tho, but coaches need to work out the playing dumbness, and somehow identify their own silliness
  10. some really good points made. i think the take away is our team and josh need a coach who has got them prepped (which we have i think in spades) who can make game time decisions (which we have gone from really bad to medium IMO), and most of all right now we need someone who can make just the right amount of critical adjustments to get Josh and the O to avoid red zone blunders and turnovers (i think the coaches can do a lot systematically w situational prep, and a little w player coaching). i read a comment on another board by a knowledgably poster (someone who has a bit of NLF FO experience) and he described the team as dumb. i think we do dumb things because our coaches and players try to do too much and account for too many things and miss the forest for the trees. we need a bit of a simplification, and the best way to do that is to practice and plan some situational football. red zone and turnovers (particularly red zone turnovers!) are what cost us all 3 games, and just reducing them gets us to the top of the afc.
  11. Bills 41 Browns 23 Bills go up large at the half, fix things up in the 3rd quarter, and mix run and pass to ride the game out, browns get 10 extended garbage time
  12. exactly. also, redzone issues and turnovers did it. have fewer huge errors in the redzone, or simply avoid a turnover or two a game, and we win em all. obviously, this team is struggling and it's the same thing as before -- we either blow teams out or get beat close (kc and baltimore wins this year excepted). the particular reason whey seems a little different this year vs last, and our d obviously has fallen off since the start of the season, quite understandable given who is hurt, but we gotta get the TE and RB position more productive in order to reduce the risk on our O. hines and knox and cook and motor and 85 represent 5 roster spots and some decent cap room giving us just zero right now. it's not all their fault either, plays need to be called and josh needs some kinda forceful coaching making him get a grip on the sugar high hero ball stuff. im more frustrated with this team than i have been in a dog's age, but we are really close and i think we get over the hump.
  13. this is the story here. our FO is conservative in how it makes adjustments. they will change to "be aggressive" and just go for it willy nilly in the redzone, but when it falls apart (like this season) they are too slow to adjust that overly aggressive nature on O. on D, they never get out of nickel, and most of all as per above they are sooo slow to change player time. hines did look pretty slick the one time he got the ball vs minni, but we decided a 3 score lead is a great time to not have RBs involved in the game.
  14. This team lives and dies by Josh Allen. There is an entire franchise on his shoulders. He's the best player on the team, and maybe the best we've ever had. Right now he needs to remove his head from his butt and simply eliminate the awful errors. All three losses this season would be eliminated if we just got conservative in the red zone and kicked FGs. I'm not saying we have to do that, but suger high Josh needs to be brought to heel. If we had a more balanced team w decent blocking we might be able to run once up three scores, but we don't, so we need Josh to be super man, but also avoid the big mistakes. It's not easy, but it's what we need.
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