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  1. What is an about average starting WLB who plays 3 downs and is like 26 worth? I figure it's about 7MM or 8MM a year. Milano is above average as a pass rusher, i think about average as a run defender (but our D has guys making more difficult plays in space or crashing down, so maybe you notch him a bit higher) and way above average as a pass defender. I'd say that puts him at like 11-13MM. Where you run into big numbers is when you get to the value positions, as was mentioned above (although it was to downplay Milano's value, which I disagree with). A QB who can line up and start, not a good one, just one who can, is about 18-20MM. An LT who isn't raw hot garbage in pass pro is like 9 or 10MM. A borderline starting CB over the age of 30 is like 6MM, a decent starter is like 10MM. I think Milano is still getting better and 11-13 wouldn't be a problem.
  2. alpha, i almost always love your football takes, but you gotta have better message board fu than this. haven't you noticed OPs schtick? he's frankly outstanding.
  3. ill take him with a quickness, but chances are dallas isn't letting him go. i want an FA pass rusher, Passing weapon, and maybe maybe RT. the rest is just for fodder/rotation guys and then we get all else in the draft. our passing offense stinks (except on 3rd and long where it's strangely good) and we aren't going to get a new starting QB, looks like we aren't getting a new OC, and we might add a lineman or two, but not a huge change there. what we lack and what will make the biggest impact is weapons, and if we overpay for cooper that's fine because we have room. rams overpaid for watkins, and so did KC. both of them went to a superbowl while those contracts were an impact. it's not the end of the world if he's not quite up to billing, but even if he isn't it will super charge our O
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