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  1. historically, an engagement ring was given by the groom to the bride as a promise. if the engagement were to be broken off, she could keep the ring as she would have a much harder time getting married so at the least for her loss of honor she would keep the ring which she could sell to support herself as she had no husband to do so for her. we are in an odd (unsustainable?) time where culturally some of the old rules don't apply and some of them still do. it makes me unsure if she should have to give back the ring or not. makes the custom of handing out an engagement ring seem anachronistic as we have gotten rid of dowries. diamonds are such a huge scam anyhow. it's just disgusting.
  2. if i were the bills, i would not. we have plenty of firepower at RB and need money to resign or sign other top talents if they come available. for some other team, i think it could be worth it. maybe pittz, NO, Jax. a team that would get a lot better with a super star RB and who may have a play off team draft pick. all that said, a first is still on the high side. maybe a 2nd makes more sense because you don't get a nice rookie wage year in there, but if I'm NO, or Philly, and i think i'm on the verge of (another) chip, i go for it.
  3. exactly, makes me wonder how so few teams have figured it out.
  4. the one thing that i see as interesting out of all of this is the comment about allen doing easier stuff out of shotgun. for the longest time the rule in the NFL is you need to play under center to be a real QB and have success, but more and more (pats especially) you see good offenses just opt for easy mode; spacing out the D, simple pre snap reads, shotgun looks, quick passes, basically playing advantage all the time. dabo has some pats roots, so it makes sense he likes this idea of O, but it is kinda shocking that more teams don't make the game easier for their players like the pats always seem to do.
  5. i suspect the starting 5 will be dawkins, spain, morse, ford, ty. some flex around ty being healthy, and long/feliciano maybe stepping in for ford/spain, but i think for opening day it is more likely that ford sees the bench than spain, as they would groom ford up for tackle and one of the other two is likely a better guard at this point. also, if a tackle goes down, ford will be filling in one of those spots, while lg to rg we have 4 or 5 guys we can roll with. nice posts in this thread gunner.
  6. LOL@ your opinion comment. you have an opinion about if NFL athletes are paid enough, and yet you call 48% a tiny percentage, and don't have a 7 year old with a lemonade stand's understanding of profit and revenue. I bet all your other awesome opinions are equally well informed.
  7. tre edmunds will have a chance to show that he can live up to all his potential. I'm setting myself up for sadness, but i expect a 3-0 start to the season
  8. while not a perfect measure, ypg is the best single measure of a defense. bad special teams and offense can put the d in tough spots wrt scoring, as the other team won't have to march down the field to score. also, a great O which scores on every drive and has a solid special teams which puts the opponent around the 25 for the start of every drive will reduce the number of points scored due to the fact that the opponents have to go so far to score, or even be in field goal range. Football is not new and there is a good reason why D has always been ranked by YPG red zone D, turnovers forced, sacks, yards per play, yards per drive, all of those should generally be considered (along with #1 mentioned above) prior to PPG allowed in assessing a D. clearly PPG is what matters at the end, but since the opponents D and special teams can score, and put the D in a bad position, it's more of a team stat and less of a direct measure of the D. all that said, i expect our D to be better in most if not all categories compared to last year, and an improvement on O and special teams maybe enough with the D being basically flat to last year to punch us up to number one statistically.
  9. i like the take, but the home and away games don't add up. which game is marked as a home game which is really an away game?
  10. did singletary have a better pro day 40 time than at the combine, or am i imagining that? i THINK he had a similar spread pro day vs combine as did emmit smith. if our line can get it together I'm a fan of our back field. guys who can make a few yards out of small creases and break tackles will pull up LBs for play action.
  11. I think we are likely to just fracture. Stronger states rights and limited federal powers could get us there incrementally. With remote white collar work being such a potential equalizer, I can see big expensive cities being hollowed out and States getting further and further apart culturally and politically. I think that would be the best possible outcome.
  12. watching allen make sick bombs shows me he is an accurate passer, but him airing out over guys or putting a rocket into a guy 8 yards away tells me he just has some consistency problems. I'd say his mechanics breakdown (sometimes necessitated by the hero ball he had to play last year) and decision making are the biggest issues, followed (and not closely) by a need to maybe make some very small adjustments in how or when he actually throws the ball. IMO all of this is well coachable, but being big, fast, strong, swagged out, and having an arm rocket can't be taught, so i like what we have with him.
  13. im thinking the officer may have made a mistake not opening fire. what i mean is if that situation happens 10 times, how many times does his restraint get him killed? I've gotta think more than a few, maybe more than half. Both the officer and the violent criminal got lucky there.
  14. i will admit i hated flutie, but quickly came around to how rob johnson had a mental problem with taking sacks, they were both very good at some things and just horrible at others. that D was disgusting and a win in Tennessee would have lead to an on the road super bowl run and victory. I started watching game of thrones again (with my wife who had never seen it). going back over the old seasons and seeing what happened to the characters i root for is EXACTLY like going back and watching some of these old bills games. IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!! also, russ will is somewhat similar to flutie, but much much much better.
  15. I was wondering about this. I've read a bunch about how there are racial incompatibilities for blood transfers. Is is the same or worse for organs?
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