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  1. if we sign ziggy, then we have addressed all of our needs in FA, and will have more butts than seats, so we don't need a lot of guys but quality guys. i think DT and OL (G followed closely by T) is what we still have a position need for, but i'd think that's a tie breaker rather than a pick maker. i agree w the above that we will trade down our first pick, and trade up our later picks to get our guys. I expect by the end of the season a new OL, WR/TE, and front 7 starter/big play time guy will come out of the draft.
  2. colin

    John Miller - Sigh

    i think we draft a tackle in one of the first 3 rounds. maybe a G as well (or sign). this would open the gate to having new tackle at RT, dawkins inside at LG (where i am becoming convinced he would dominate) and ty at LT where he can last for a couple few years until new tackle mans the left side (or dawkins wins it back or what have you). Ty Dawk, morse, teller/whoever, good rookie is a muuuuuuuch better line than what we paraded around last year
  3. colin

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    someone else totally stole my thunder (and i reported the post because i will not stand for that at the break of free agency!) but two over the top guys and two underneath guys means we can run all those crazy formations and routes that dabol wants too. josh allen obviously has to improve his d reading and such, but our O should give him a lot more opportunity to play hero ball and roast Dbs w his arm and LBs with his legs.
  4. colin

    Bills one of 6 teams in on Leveon Bell

    i'd take bell! the only downside this off season is it looks like we won't grab a WR (well, not a top one anyhow). sign bell, trade for ODB, draft OL? we can do it!
  5. our biggest need is OL and WR/TE. That said, i wonder about drafting OL this year at 9 (for sure draft later on tho). This is because we either have a guy who replaces Dion, which means Dion is gonski, or we are drafting (at best) a RT. I don't think you draft an RT w a top 10 pick. Also, i don't think there are any guards coming out who look like that kid last year from ND who is worth a top pick at G. So i think max value is either WR/TE (but it's either a huge roll of the dice on DK, or a bit of a reach for a need), a pass rusher/DT falls (which i doubt, but you never know) or we trade down and get more picks. I could see us trading because this FO likes trades more than any other i've ever seen.
  6. colin

    'Buffalo is very, very interested' in Matt Paradis

    I like it! personally, i'd rather we get a top C in FA, and then a tackle (swing or power guy) in FA as well, freeing up our first couple picks for BPA (thinking WR and DL will be there). also, i'd be happy w taking a 3rd round oline (anyone but C if we get Fight for your Right to Paradis). we gotta get young as well as experienced, and depth was a big problem last year.
  7. colin

    FA OT Jake Fisher is converting to a TE

    i'd take a whirl. if he can be a decent TE, he would allow for some serious match up trickery with passes out of jumbo, and running out of 1 RB, 1TE 3WR sets. the faketriots always do this and just dominate fools. i'm sick of our offense being predictable and needing spectacular plays to get yards.
  8. colin

    How can we not be all in on Metcalf now?

    assuming our FO doesn't go gaga over a DL who is still available at 9, and they aren't sold on the OL (seems everyone likes about 12 guys on the OL and we grab one in the 2nd), i'm good with Metcalf. normally i'd be concerned with the super athlete who hasn't put it together yet profile, but a big thing to me is his NFL bloodline. That means he was born with talent, seems to have a top notch work ethic, and he has experienced role models who have given him an idea of what the NFL will bring. with our new CFL wideout underneath making veteran reads and moves, and w our bama crimsonflash on the outside, throwing in DK (and a TE, not sure where we get him but it's a need) makes our WR corps a disgusting size and speed match up. we might even bring back WR screens and get some 3rd and short yardage situations, which we seem to avoid like ebola.
  9. 3y for 30 would suit me. keep him and murph too. if murph can't get healthy he's cut, ow he can contribute. 4 solid DEs in rotation in our 4-3 d is a good look.
  10. colin

    Allen 3000 yards. + 1000 yards

    i think 4200+ total yards and 35+ total TDs is in the cards. we need some more weapons on O, and we need a much better line, I think we will have 4 or 5 new starters on O next season.
  11. colin

    Free Agency Fool’s Gold

    i think we get 1 or 2 starters on OL, a WR, prolly a TE, and if one avoids the franchise tag, maybe one of the big pass rushers. that SD WR, an RT and C/G, whoever at TE, and pipe dream for one of the pass rushers (maybe quinn from the fish, does he have much left) is more or less necessary i think. we need like 4 or 5 new starters total, and they won't all be rookies.
  12. colin

    Cardinals sign Charles Clay

    he really was the opposite of a gamer. He just doesn't have the knack for making the play, looks lost a lot of the time. i remember the one play this year he blew his man up off the line, came in, and had the bounce off his hands in the middle of the field which the other team INT'd. also, last season game 1 vs the jets, a soft pass came to him from tyrod (i think on the first drive) and it popped off his hands awkwardly and was picked off. he just isn't focused.
  13. colin

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    i think they go for the sooner qb and trade rosen. question is: who is their best trade partner(s) and what would they pay?
  14. colin

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    so you are go ahead and disagree with me on the internet and then take in information exchanged in the discussion and reevaluate? this is not the internet i grew up with. can't even get into a flame war over a signing i won't remember in 4 weeks anymore. i guess it's back to yelling at stop signs for me.
  15. colin

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    read the rest of the posts in response to yours, you lil cranky pants! anyone we add to our OL will be paid more than what we have because we have just about the lowest paid OL in the NFL. same thing for CBs too! i'll have you know that it is very possible we sign a cb who is not as good as trey white for more than we are paying trey white, and it could be a good move. isn't that crazy!? is your rule to look at what the team pays for current players rather than what the average price or going rates are for the players a team signs? in reference to your homework project, consider position vs speed vs velocity, and shine up an apple and stand straight!