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  1. Early days: Also WRs - Marlin Briscoe and Bob Chandler. Though he had a great playing career, OJ's first 3 years (year 2 he got hurt) were wasted. Imagine if Saban had been here from the beginning of his career. Tony Greene and late 70-80s, Charles Romes Later: Moulds for sure
  2. With Epenesa, Rousseau and Basham, if 2 of 3 end up being productive players, starting caliber edge guys (with versatility of kicking inside) the Bills have 2 value picks for the next few years. Edge rusher is great to have on rookie contracts for value. That is an example of the subtleties of the draft, roster building and cap management that Beane understands. Combined cap #s next 3 years: '21: $4.4 million '22: $5.6 million '23: $6.5 million If all 3 work out Beane hits a HR.
  3. Has anyone ever see both Chuck Dickerson and Buddy Nix in the same room at the same time? I think they may be the same person.
  4. All of this...against a bunch of guys who never made a 53 man roster. The coaches see him every day in practice and he hasn't been good enough. Beane uses the roster rules to their full advantage. Bringing him back for a 3rd year doesn't mean anything in terms of a "plan for him". See Spain, Quinton...
  5. Christian Wade, the RB equivalent to the WR camp champs from Da'Rick Rodgers to Duke WIlliams. If Wade makes the 53 something has gone terribly wrong with Singletary, Moss, Breida and even Antonio Williams. That doesn't detract from his story, it just doesn't get him on the roster.
  6. One of the better jazz vibe players...signing him would be music to Bills fans' ears.
  7. A lot of people and articles say if there are only 20-25 players with first round grades and you have #30 and they're all gone, you should trade down. The flaw in that logic is if everyone else has the same grades why would they want to trade up? Of course not everyone has the same grade for every player so it is possible.
  8. Definitely one of the top, well deserved. I would think that OJ Simpson would merit a lot of consideration but with the stuff after his playing days he is not given much thought for a lot of "best of" lists.
  9. Trade to Raiders for a 5th rounder.
  10. Shades of Marshall Newhouse.
  11. Looking forward to Matt Breida becoming the best version of himself with the Bills. This is so smart, a relatively low/no risk, high reward scenario. If he plays at his 2018-19 level it's a terrific pickup. I think part of Beane's strategy is that if you sign enough of these low-budget, "be the best version of yourself" type guys you're bound to hit on a couple and if you do you really add value to your team (and end up looking pretty smart).
  12. Signing Trubisky and Sanders and bringing everyone back = We're all in to win Super Bowl LVI.
  13. If Wallace is the 11th best starter on D then the D will be pretty good. He probably will have significant competition for the starting spot. This also means that the Bills have all 11 starters back on D plus Taron Johnson the nickel (or AJ Klein as 3rd LB) so top 12 are all back, 9 of 11 on offense, with #10 Boettger tendered. Only John Brown is gone and they get potential starters Cody Ford and Star (on D of course) back from injury and opt out, respectively. In the salary cap era that has to be extremely rare.
  14. If Wallace is the 11th best starter on D then the D will be pretty good. And probably will have significant competition for the starting spot.
  15. Probably tried to work out a deal and when they couldn't they tendered him.
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