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  1. I am surprised that Jacksonville is not in the bottom 5. I thought they would give Buffalo a run for #32 but they came in at #23. Buffalo's operating income at $82 million is higher than 12 teams and is essentially the same as 2 others (who are at $83 million), so they are middle of the pack. Low operating costs I guess. They also tied for the 2nd highest percentage increase in franchise value (19%).
  2. If they are going to use 21 personnel so much I would like to see them put Yeldon in as the 2nd back instead of DiMarco and if they shift into a passing play have Yeldon or Singletary splitting out in a WR slot instead of DiMarco.
  3. A look at all of the McDermott/Beane draft picks and UDFA pickups: Good first week for the 2019 draft class: 1. Oliver and Singletary were very good 2. Sweeney performed when called on (2 catches, couldn't tell you on his blocking) 3. Knox not a factor but no negatives 4. Ford struggled 5. D. Johnson in the DE rotation 2018 draft class: 1. Allen up and down but comes through in the end 2. Edmunds - very good game 3. H. Phillips - in rotation acquitted himself well 4. T. Johnson - really good game but got hurt again 5. L Wallace had a very good game 6. S. Neal - solid made a few good plays though had 1-2 shaky ones 7. Foster - nothing 2017 draft class 1. T. White - must have had a very good game they didn't throw much at him 2. Z. Jones - nothing spectacular but made the catches when thrown to 3. D. Dawkins - Looked bad on the one play but overall pretty solid 4. M. Milano - Great game To have 15 players from the last 3 drafts (plus a couple UDFAs) contribute and overall be very good except Ford is very encouraging and really starts to establish a good foundation for the team.
  4. Beane has shown that he is operating this team like a business and not emotionally. McCoy is exhibit A. So is Munnerlyn. Coleman is a great example of knowing how to work this system. If Tyree Jackson wasn’t from UB would 95+% of the sign to PS crowd advocate for him? My bet is no. Find someone better.
  5. This is so true. Duke Williams is poster boy this year. As for McCoy, I am sure they tried to trade but as many others have stated the contract is a deal killer. In the end, I bet they decided to do him a favor and release so he could pick his landing spot. The RB corps is starting to look very similar to a NE Patriots group - multiple guys who all do something really well and they can use differently from game to game depending on the plan and the weaknesses in the defense they face.
  6. So not 100% on the mark but general idea is happening (see bolded).
  7. Mine: Marcus Murphy Dean Marlowe Ray Ray McCloud Senorise Perry Eddie Yarbrough Whoever is the last LB cut (Lacy or M. Alexander) If released: Lafayette Pitts Maybe: Kyle Peko
  8. But would Rex being saying that they won the preseason?
  9. Yes and also I would think that there would be at least a handful of guys who could place kick and punt. You'd have a job for as long as you wanted. I agree the punter may not be on the roster. Only disagreements: Yeldon over Murphy Munnerlyn over Pitts Not keeping 7 WRs Williams doesn't make it they will keep a 7th LB for ST (V. Joseph), close call on Lacy vs. M. Alexander J. Johnson over Marlowe - Marlowe hit his ceiling, Johnson wins on potential (and pretty much same player) whoever is 4th S is inactive on Sunday since Neal can play S
  10. Not happening remember they used Alexander as a pass rusher last year.
  11. Everyone has this covered pretty well. I think from there the interesting thing will be who will be the 7 inactive players on game day. Clearly injuries factor into the equation, so I looked at it as how many by position would be active: QB - 2 RB/FB - 4 OL - 8 (especially with the injuries in the preseason) WR - 5 TE - 3 DL - 8 (McD loves the rotation) LB - 5 or 6 DB - 7 or 8 Specialists - 3 (P, K, snapper) So if that is the breakdown, who is inactive? RB - Yeldon OL - If they keep 9 and everyone is healthy, the starters are Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Ford, Nsekhe, subs Feliciano, Long, Bates? Teller inactive WR - If all healthy they are dressing Brown, Beasley, Jones and Foster, Roberts is return man, so it's McKenzie and/or Williams (if they keep 6 or 7) DL - If they keep 5 DEs, inactive Love because Johnson plays ST LB - Joseph if they keep him DB - Probably keeping 10, would inactive 2. Those will be tough choices, probably J. Johnson because Neal can play S, would they keep Munnerlyn just to have him inactive on game days? They are dressing the 4 starters, K. Johnson, T. Johnson, Coleman and Neal most likely. Also possible they only dress 7 OL since they have a lot of position versatility which could open up having 1 more DB active to play ST. This presumes that they keep 3 TEs and PUP Kroft at beginning of season. And there are always injured players. So there are going to be NFL-worthy players cut and some very decent players inactive on Sunday.
  12. Correct I remember that one being called back. It was around 105 yards.
  13. KC Chargers New England Rams New Orleans If Andrew Luck is healthy I would add Indy Probably lose best 2 out of 3: Philly Bunch of teams are close that I would give an edge to until proven otherwise: Pittsburgh (though have a feeling they are going to be down without AB and Ben's a year closer to retirement) Dallas Cleveland (real deal or paper tiger?) Seattle But point is that as usual come the end of November there will be a lot of team names up on the dreaded "In The Hunt" graphic.
  14. Here are mine: 1. Devin Singletary will have the most touches (rushes + pass receptions) and yards from scrimmage of all RBs 2. WR production: Top 3 will combine for over 2,000 yards receiving (Brown and Beasley combine for 1,500, #3 - either Jones or Foster - will have 500) 3. TEs will combine for over 60 receptions and over 600 yards 4. Shaq Lawson will have more sacks than Trent Murphy 5. Defense will have at least 20 INTs and 30 takeaways 6. Josh Allen will have less than 500 yards rushing
  15. Agree 100%. If Allen pans out, the Bills are set at QB for years with him and Barkley (as long as Barkley is okay as back up). If one gets injured you want a vet that can play a couple games, not a developmental QB (see Eagles signing McCown). The obsession with the last 7 or so spots on the roster every year is amazing. The Bills churn the bottom 7 or so anyway based on need, look at all the moves at WR last year. Also the last RB last year was Keith Ford, he ends up getting about 10 carries and he's not even back on the 90 this year. Do the math: 32 teams, top 40 players on each team = 1280 players. The next 13 @ 32 teams: 416 players, there are probably 400-600 players that are really close to the ability level of those 416. 320 go on practice squads (players 54-63) and next 320 are players 64-73 on the training camp rosters. They are essentially interchangeable parts, every once and awhile you find a hidden gem but not that often. Allen and Barkley are the only QBs that matter for the foreseeable future.
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