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  1. The top record would get a bye and the 3 other division winners would host the playoff games vs. the 3 wild cards. The league will want to preserve the value of winning the division.
  2. TV has the 7 second delay not the radio
  3. My thought here is if they have Tre cover Beckham the entire game and he can neutralize him one-on-one, then: 1. They can provide safety help to Levi Wallace on Landry 2. They can commit more defenders to stopping the run A second key is Milano and Edmunds' ability in pass coverage on Chubb and Hunt. Njoku out helps because the TE isn't much of a threat.
  4. With everyone healthy, I think the first 4 are easy: Boettger Bates Sweeney Vosean Joseph The other 3 will be a DB, WR and DT best guess: Marlowe (outside chance it's Coleman) Duke Williams (Foster stays and they use McKenzie a lot) Taylor Though Yeldon is a good possibility too. Maybe that's how they get 5 DTs active
  5. Here's where Fitz ranks in career passing yards. He also has more yards than HOFers Bradshaw, Stabler, Len Dawson, Namath, Blanda. 1,800 yards in the last 8 games this year and he's up to #40. He obviously benefits from it being a passing league now and now he's played a lot of years but still....he's played for 8 different teams (1/4 of the league). 30 Jim Hart 34,665 1966-1984 2TM 31 Steve DeBerg 34,241 1978-1998 6TM 32 Tony Romo 34,183 2004-2016 dal 33 Alex Smith 34,068 2005-2018 3TM 34 John Hadl 33,503 1962-1977 4TM 35 Phil Simms 33,462 1979-1993 nyg 36 Steve Young+ 33,124 1985-1999 2TM 37 Y.A. Tittle+ 33,070 1948-1964 3TM 38 Troy Aikman+ 32,942 1989-2000 dal 39 Ken Anderson 32,838 1971-1986 cin 40 Kurt Warner+ 32,344 1998-2009 3TM Rank Player Yds Years Tm 41 Sonny Jurgensen+ 32,224 1957-1974 2TM 42 Mark Brunell 32,072 1994-2011 5TM 43 John Brodie 31,548 1957-1973 sfo 44 Steve McNair 31,304 1995-2007 2TM 45 Norm Snead 30,797 1961-1976 5TM 46 Ryan Fitzpatrick 30,552 2005-2019 8TM 47 Andy Dalton 30,352 2011-2019 cin 48 Randall Cunningham 29,979 1985-2001 4TM 49 Joe Ferguson 29,817 1973-1990 4TM 50 Jon Kitna
  6. This is incorrect, Siran Neal did not play a single defensive snap yesterday. Kevin Johnson played a handful at nickel, Neal only played special teams.
  7. Also interesting that Hughes got 76%, Murphy 69% and Lawson 55% at DE. D Johnson got none. Lorenzo does get some on DL in passing situations. Phillips 65%, Star 57%, Oliver 35% and Taylor 18% means L Alexander got 25% of the interior DL snaps. Harrison Phillips may be the best interior DL. Chicken/egg question: Are the inside guys less effective because the outside/edge guys are just okay (Hughes - good, Lawson - decent, Murphy - ?) or the outside guys less effective because the inside guys are just okay? My take is that counting H Phillips they have 6 pretty good-to-good players, no real standout, no one that their opponents have to game plan for. In some respects it's like their group of WRs now.
  8. I think I'd rather have SIdney Moncrief.
  9. Injury report: Taron Johnson, Matt Milano and Corey Thompson are questionable, though T Johnson was full participant at practice. Who are the inactives? My guess: Thompson, Milano, Dean Marlowe, Jaquan Johnson, Ike Boettger, Tommy Sweeney and if past history is a good guide, Bates. Super thin at LB. I can't see them dressing 4 TEs. If Taron Johnson doesn't play then Marlowe's in.
  10. Interesting - 83.5% say he should be on a team in the league, which means that he is at least one of the top 64 QBs. However, when confronted with a situation where poll takers have a need on "their" team (theoretically Bills need to pick up the 65th best QB), 67% say "not for my team". Those answers contradict each other. If he's good enough to be in the league and if your team is all about acquiring the best players available, then 83.5% should have responded sign him for the Bills scenario.
  11. They are going to trade all 3 of their 2020 fifth rounders and their 2 2021 5th rounders for Trent Williams.
  12. As of now: Zay Jones 90 Robert Foster 27 Duke Williams 4 I almost included him as a choice he had 14.
  13. Who will have more career receptions? A. Zay Jones B. Duke Williams C. Robert Foster
  14. Given: The AFC looks very middling except for New England and KC and the Bills played NE tough and KC looked a little vulnerable vs. Indy. The Bills have a favorable schedule. The defense looks like it could be elite/championship caliber. They have most of their key players under contract through 2020 (Alexander probably retires, only starters not signed for '20 are Levi Wallace, Quinton Spain, Frank Gore, key subs not under contract are Shaq Lawson, Jordan Phillips) The team is in a favorable cap situation in '20 Is there enough of a chance to go for it for 2019 by giving up some future assets (draft picks) to get 2-3 players to help them contend this year or is 2020 the year to go for it? Do they have enough to get Trent Williams and a top notch WR (Diggs or Green)? Would they/you be willing to part with to get two high end players for the offense? Green would be a rental for 11 games and has a $12.1 salary component so pro-rated he would cost about $8 million on the cap. Trent Williams is $11 million salary so would count about $7.3 million on the cap. Would Cincy take a 3rd and a player for Green (Foster or Zay)? Would Washington take a 2nd and a player (Foster or Zay - whoever Cincy doesn't take)? Would they be willing to trade both picks? Would the addition of both players be enough to make the offense top 10? I think 2020 roster looks great but they will play the NFC West and AFC West and the 2nd place teams from AFC North and South, so the schedule will be tougher. Getting two players like that, then getting SIngletary back from injury and maybe even Kroft is a real boost and could make a big difference.
  15. My prediction is that one of three things happens with Duke: 1. He takes snaps away from Foster, not Zay Jones 2. He gets less than 15 plays total (less than 20% of snaps) 3. He is inactive tomorrow As a result the posters here at TBD have a collective nuclear meltdown.
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