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  1. Unpopular take on TBD: Duke Williams has been vastly overrated here ever since he got to Buffalo.
  2. First round pick in '79 which they used on Tom Cousineau. He was eventually traded for a first which turned into Jim Kelly 2nd round pick in '78 - Scott Hutchinson 3rd round pick in '78 - Danny Fulton 2nd round pick in '80 - Joe Cribbs 4th round pick in '79 - Ken Johnson
  3. Of those 2 I picked the Hughes trade. I don't think anyone mentioned Cousineau for a 1st that turned into Jim Kelly. The other trades way back that were brought up were really good too. If they would have kept him longer, the Rashad for Dennis Shaw trade would be way up there. The Frank Lewis for a broken down Paul Seymour is a very underrated deal. Even though the 5 picks didn't pan out that great, getting that kind of haul for OJ was really good. Loved the Bennett trade and it was the right move but not a lopsided deal.
  4. I agree with you I included him in the poll because of his popularity here, was interested to see the response.
  5. Who will be the most notable cuts on offense and defense?
  6. Indoor lacrosse isn't nearly on the level of the NBA, it's a minor league and a minor sport. Same reason Bisons (baseball) are not included.
  7. I see it says Bills and Sabres but throw the Braves in there too... Marv Levy Lou Saban Lindy Ruff Dr. Jack Ramsay Ramsay did a remarkable job with one superstar (Bob McAdoo), an emerging player in Randy Smith and a bunch of good role players. He should have been retained as coach after the '75-76 season but had a falling out with Paul Snyder and all he did was win the NBA title the next year with Portland. Imlach was only coach for a couple of seasons (outside of Levy and Ruff, that seems par for the course with Buffalo coaches) and really made his impact more as a GM.
  8. The nice thing is that are potentially numerous ascending players that played prominent roles last year: Offense: Allen, Singletary, Knox, Dawkins, Ford, offensive line as a unit (year 2 together) Defense: Oliver, Edmunds, H. Phillips, Tre White, Harrison Phillips 5 ascending players on each side of the ball, then add new acquisitions Diggs, Moss, Epenesa, I'd thrown in Quinton Jefferson and Addison, that's a huge potential upgrade.
  9. Instead of this change, what if they changed the formation rule to allow up to 8 players on one side and you're called for an illegal formation penalty only if the ball is not touched within 15 or maybe 20 yards of where it is teed up. If the kicking team does onside kick it will be touched within that yardage so no penalty. If the kicking team fakes and kicks deep, it's a penalty and ball is automatically spotted at the opponents 40 yard line.
  10. If it comes to pass can ESPN make a 30 for 30 called The First Dance?
  11. Who wins the job and feel free to add your reasons why.
  12. Totally agree. If you go on the premise that most coaches for sure and probably GMs too played the game at least on the collegiate level if not the pros, and 70% of the people who did (and that is an accurate number) are African-American, you would think that way more than 13% of the coaches and GMs would be African American.
  13. The Wall of Fame roster is kind of odd: Offense: 12 Defense: 9 Special Teams: 1 (Tasker) Coaches: 2 Admin: 3 (Wilson, Polian, McGroder) Other: 3 (Van Miller, 12th Man, Eddie Abramoski) War Vet: 1 (Kalsu) That they have as many members who are not in for their play (I include Kalsu in the group since he played in only 14 games)as they do for defensive players is kind of odd. It is also pretty strange that the committee hasn't met in 3 years. If you look at the defensive players (B. Smith, Talley, Edgerson, Sestak, Hansen, R. James, Stratton, Saimes, Smerlas), I would say Bennett was definitely better than Hansen, probably better than Stratton and Saimes, and would get the nod over James, who had 2-3 terrific years but a short career. Bennett's best 2-3 years were as good or better than James' best 2-3 years. Talley is beloved because he was the soul of the defense. They had different roles but in 9 years in Buffalo he had 52.5 sacks, 6 Ints., 22 forced fumbles and 19 fumble recoveries. In 12 years Talley had 38.5 sacks, 11 ints., 14 forced fumbles and 12 fumble recoveries. They both averaged 6 tackles a game. I think Bennett is one of the 5-6 best defensive players in Bills history. Bennett and Moulds should be the next two that go in.
  14. Frank Gore has now crossed over into to Joe Namath to the Rams or Johnny Unitas to the Chargers territory. I really wished he retired and went to all his son's college games.
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