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  1. Collinsworth probably has in his contract that they cannot flex out a Chiefs/Mahomes game. He would have so much less to talk about. Seriously though BIlls-Jets probably least attractive compared to Eagles-Giants and Miami-Chargers.
  2. Going into the season, a lot of the buzz about the offense was about Gabe Davis "taking the next step" and becoming a big time WR2. Now, a significant portion of fans say he is a disappointment. I think a fair expectation going into the season to be considered a top end WR2 would be a season with 60-70 receptions, 900-1,000 yards and 7-9 TDs. Davis missed 1 game due to injury, so in the 10 games he has played he now has 33 receptions, 650 yards and 5 TDs. How does that compare to expectations? He ranks #22 in receiving yards per game, and the only WR2s ahead of him are Waddle and Higgins. Only 10 WRs have more TDs At 65 yards per game, that extrapolates out to 1,105 over 17 games. If he averages 65/game the rest of the year, it would be 1,040 in 16 games. He has 5 TDs in 10 games played so if he keeps up that pace he will have 8 TDs. The receptions are lighter, he would end at 53 at 3.3/game Yes, the drops are not good, but if you were asked before the beginning of the season would you take a 53-1,040-8 stat line for Davis this year? I am guessing almost everyone would, especially if you said Diggs was going to also have the year he's having. I have thought for a long time a lot of Bills fans overvalued Don Beebe, whose career highs with the Bills were 40 catches ('94) and 554 yards ('92). Davis is moving into undervalued territory.
  3. First, they have Oliver, Jones, Phillips and Settle on the 53. There's really no difference between Eli Ankou, Brandin Bryant and Justin Zimmer. They still have Ankou. This is no big deal.
  4. A lot written about Gabe Davis and "not taking a step" this year. It's not all about stats, but: 2020: 16 games played, 35 receptions, 599 yards, 7 TDs 2021: 16 games played, 35 receptions, 549 yards, 6 TDs (yes, huge game in playoffs) 2022: 9 games played, 29 receptions, 612 yards, 5 TDs Diggs-Davis combo this year (rec-yds-TDs): 105-1,645-13 Other elite combos: Hill-Waddle: 132-2,026-10 Higgins-Chase-Boyd: 136-1,896-13 Jefferson-Thielen: 117-1,585-6 D. Smith-AJ Brown: 101-1,345-9 Metcalf-Lockett: 102-1,221-9 KC has Kelce, so that's a different comparison, but Schuster-Scantling-Hardman-Moore: 118-1,540-7 Hill-Waddle are the tops, and Chase's numbers are down because he has missed 3 games, but Diggs-Davis' numbers are better than everyone else. And Davis' numbers compare real favorably to all #2s other than Higgins and Waddle, and he missed a game (and probably played injured in at least 1-2 others).
  5. Singletary is the Bills' RB2, RB1 is Josh Allen, right? A better run game is a nice to have at this point, not a necessity. If the Bills elevated Duke Johnson, as many have suggested, I would be good with that even if it meant waiving Moss. Antonio Gibson is interesting though. I wonder how willing Beane would be to trade with Washington after the McKissic incident. And I think Cook gets a few more opportunities. With weaker opponents on the horizon (at least on paper), that may present some opportunities for Cook to gain experience.
  6. The first team offense has had 47 possessions in 5 games, here are the results: Touchdowns: 17 Field Goals: 8 made, 2 missed Interceptions: 4 Lost Fumbles: 5 Punts: 5 Turnover on Downs: 2 Kneel downs: 2 Time ran out in half: 2
  7. They were showcasing James Cook yesterday for a trade (tongue somewhat in cheek). It is probably a little far-fetched, mostly because trading Cook triggers $2.3 million in dead cap. But I'm wondering if they would trade Cook and a 4th for McCaffrey. It would be like trading a 2nd and a 4th for McCaffrey, a late 2nd for that matter (which is where Cook was picked). I would be okay with it. If Cook works out good for them, just like Justin Jefferson worked out for the Vikings.
  8. Admittedly it seems a bit blasphemous to pose this question. Add up Von Miller's performance, mentoring, leadership and the attention he draws from the opposition and he is probably the slam dunk answer. However, Greg Rousseau has played very well in the first four games: 4 sacks (Miller 3), 5 tackles for loss (Miller also 5), 15 total tackles (11 solo, 4 assists, Miller 7 solo 0 assist). My guess is Miller has more QB pressures. It's not just a stats question of course. So far, so good, Miller's playing very well and Rousseau has made a nice leap so far this year, partially thanks to Miller. So I'll say it's Miller, but Rousseau is pretty close. Honorable mention to DaQuan Jones, he's been pretty darn good too. And I can't wait to see what happens when Ed Oliver is back in the lineup...
  9. The last two years the offense has been up and down early in the season but always seems to hit their stride sometime in second half of schedule and playoffs. They have battled through injuries so that has played a part. Davis and Morse are the big ones but it appears Knox is playing through some nagging injuries too. The OL missed Saffold and Brown in preseason so they will gel as they get more time together. And #17 is playing at an MVP level so no worries here. They have averaged 28 points a game against teams that are 8-3 so far excluding the games they have played vs. the Bills. That's pretty significant.
  10. The Bills' 4 opponents so far this year are a combined 9-6 (with Rams to possibly go to 3-1 on MNF). Excluding the games vs. the Bills that makes them 8-3. That is impressive and speaks to how difficult the beginning of the schedule has been for them. Add in that as Super Bowl favorites they have a huge target on their back and all the injuries and it is even more impressive. The icing on the cake to me is listening to the leaders on the team. I watched the post game pressers for Allen, Miller and Diggs and I know it's just a press conference and they have definitely studied the McDermott and Crash Davis playbook on how to deal with the press, but their leadership and maturity is clearly evident.
  11. The group hasn't played a game yet, they show promise but we will see. I would take the 1985 draft class over this one: Bruce Smith Derrick Burroughs (unfortunate that injuries curtailed his career) Chris Burkett Frank Reich Andre Reed Dale Hellestrae (over 200 games as a long snapper) Hal Garner Ron Pitts They also picked up UDFA Scott Norwood 1987 was also very good: Shane Conlan Nate Odomes Roland Mitchell (ended up in the Leonard Smith trade) David Brandon Jamie Mueller Leon Seals Keith McKellar Howard Ballard UDFA Mitch Frerotte Bill Polian had a 4 year run in the draft (1985-88) that was amazing.
  12. Underdog stories, especially RBs and WRs, seem to be a tradition unlike any other for Bills fans, and probably fans of most other teams. This year is no different. In the tradition of Da'Rick Rogers, Naaman Roosevelt, Brandon Reilly, Dez Lewis, Joique Bell, Cierre Wood, Christian Wade, Antonio Williams and of course Duke Williams, this year we have Raheem Blackshear. Raheem Blackshear is a nice story. UDFA, comes in and does well in the first two preseason games, doing a lot to at least make it a tough decision on cutdown day for the Bills. But this is a story we see almost every year. Let's look at this objectively in terms of making the roster and what he could potentially provide to the team: In terms of running ability: He is not a more accomplished runner than Devin Singletary He is not a more powerful or effective short yardage runner than Zack Moss He is not faster or a better pass catching back than James Cook In terms of special teams: He is not better than Taiwan Jones He is at best in the mix in terms of kick returner but one cannot make a case that he is by far the best return man If all of that is accurate, then he is perfect for the practice squad. Remember, every team in the NFL passed on him for all 7 rounds. Sure, there are UDFAs that make it, but a good showing in preseason games vs. 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers will not change the minds of many (any?) NFL GMs. Go to the ESPN Scores page and scroll through and see who led each game in rushing. There were a lot of Blackshear-esque performances by guys you never heard of. Blackshear is a nice story, but I expect him to be on the practice squad.
  13. He's the TV timeout guy. The head of the ref crew will look to him on a change of possession or when a team calls a timeout or a challenge to a call. If the orange glove is across his chest it means TV has gone to commercial. If he uses a windmill motion, then play continues. Usually only has 1 glove, maybe going to 2 this year. He is right in front of our seats, around the 30 yard line at scoreboard end.
  14. 13 seconds on half and touchback deja vu
  15. I think this is a transition year for the special teams only guys. My guess is that 2022 will be Jones' and Matakevich's last year. I think Kumerow will not make it. Siran Neal is mostly special teams but he can play on defense if needed. Andre Smith will start on suspended list and if they don't have injuries and/or the young LBs show they can play special teams they will let him go. That gives them 2 "teams only" guys with Neal a combo. Back in the Super Bowl years they had Tasker and Mark Pike as special teams only but Tasker could play WR. I think that's okay, it will be interesting to see what young guys step up and become the next standouts on STs.
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