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  1. How likely is it that the Bills kick off the 2021 NFL season by playing at Tampa Bay on Thursday (opening) night? Just a few juicy storylines in that one. That would be fun.
  2. This probably will not be a very popular opinion... I see a lot of similarities in fans' feelings about Feliciano and Jordan Phillips. There are many that overvalue both of them because they are very demonstrative on the field, have a fiery attitude. I think that blinds some when it comes to evaluating their performance. Excluding 2019, Phillips has had a journeyman's career: 5 years, 69 games, 7.5 sacks, 15 TFL, 2 FFs. Feliciano was a backup for the 4 years he was with the Raiders, never taking more than 22% of the snaps in a season. Like Phillips, he had
  3. Pretty nice when your QB and coach are runner up, OC wins assistant coach of year and DC also gets a vote. And in other voting, the GM wins Exec of the Year. That's quite a year. Congrats to all
  4. While Frazier and Daboll get attention for HC jobs, quietly Heath Farwell is making a big difference on special teams. He also deserves credit on Bass, from what I recall he met with him just before Covid shut down everything in terms of in-person visits/pro days. Farwell's recommendation was a big reason they drafted him. It will be interesting to see Farwell's career trajectory, not a ton of special teams coordinators get head coaching jobs. The biggest names are John Harbaugh and of course Marv Levy, Joe Judge with Giants is the most recent.
  5. Even from just a cap perspective, cutting Singletary is a bad move, it costs the Bills money. He has a $1.1 cap number in '21. If released, his dead cap $ is about $518k. Right now they count the top 51 salaries. Player 52 for the Bills has a cap number of $780k. So here's the comparison with or without him: Keep Singletary: Cap hit $1.1 million Cut him: Player 52 cap # $780k + dead cap from Singletary $518k = Cap hit of $1,298,000 So cut him and it costs the Bills almost $200k more against the cap vs. keeping him. He may not be the #1 back but they can
  6. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I must learn to choose wisely when checking out topics within 7 days of the last game of the season. Checking out this one - rookie mistake.
  7. We have a friend that played rugby at Northwestern when Tasker was there. He said the first time Tasker showed up for rugby they found out in about 10 seconds that he was such a superior athlete compared to the rest of them, like he was playing a totally different game than they were. Very cool watching those highlights, I remember most of those plays, especially the hit on the punt of the Rams guy, I remember being at that game in particular.
  8. Crosby Beasley, Gabe Stills, Nash Diggs & Young Brown
  9. I just looked at the cap page and the primary takeaway is that the Bills/Beane have done a masterful job so far structuring contracts. Outside of the cornerstones they have identified (White, Dawkins, Diggs and soon Allen and Edmunds), they can get out of almost any contract without a huge dead cap hit. Three prime examples: Jefferson, Butler and John Brown. All would have about a $1 million dead cap hit but if they want to move on from any they can save $7-9 million each. Morse would be a $5 million dead cap hit but they would still save $5 million. Bottom line is they have a goo
  10. This is an excellent synopsis. Here are my calculations, presuming that the league bumps the cap up to around $200 million, leaving them $80 million over: Brees retiring saves about $13.5 million Releasing Kwon Alexander saves $13.4 million Releasing Sanders saves $6.5 million Taysom Hill is prime candidate for restructure, release would save $5 million, restructure potentially more, call it $7 million The above 4 saves $40.5 million, halfway there That's where it gets tough: Oline possibilities: Ramczyk ($11m), Armstead ($5.6m), Nick Easton ($6m) Jan
  11. It is interesting to hear many talk about how great the BIlls' weapons are in the pass game. It's amazing that it is a collection of WRs that in some way no one else wanted: Stefon Diggs: A 5th round pick, granted the Bills gave up a first round pick plus others (which may or may not amount to anything) but at some level Minnesota decided they didn't need him anymore and wasn't part of their future so they traded him. John Brown: Originally a low 3rd rounder, both Arizona and Baltimore didn't see the need to retain him (and it wasn't like there was a logjam at WR in Ba
  12. Here are the QB stat lines for the Bills 2 playoff games: BIlls vs. Colts Comp Att Comp % Yds Yds/Att TD Int Rush Yds TD QBR Allen 26 35 74% 324 9.3 3 0 11 54 1 85.0 Rivers 27 46 59% 309 6.7 2 0 1 -1 0 92.1 Bill
  13. Interesting that the openings are now down to 4: Houston Detroit LA Chargers Philadelphia Houston and Detroit have been open for the longest, they must be waiting for someone still in the playoffs which would most likely mean Bieniemy, Leftwich or Daboll. It is interesting that there is now talk that Chargers will go with a defensive coach since they have gone with offense guys since 2006. It only takes one, but the chance Daboll gets one of the jobs is shrinking fast.
  14. Also on the 50+ kicks, he was 4-6 but one was the 61 yarder, so really he's 4-5 from 50+ which puts him just slightly higher than the survivor rookies' 77%. When you have a relatively small sample size, which is the case with the > 50 yarders (Bass had 6, average survivor kickers 3.84) 1 data point skews the percentages. Bottom line: Bass is good. One of the family favorite movies is Remember the Titans so of course we refer to the Bills kicker as Ronnie Bass (backup QB - Sunshine).
  15. Injured this year but 2019 he had over 1,000 yards from scrimmage (650 run, 410 pass). If all are healthy, my ranking is: 1. Freeman 2. Yeldon 3. Williams 2021 season? Give Williams a shot to be in the mix.
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