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  1. in front of a speeding car-no in front of the dallas defense for a base salary of $570,000 and roster bonus of $709,898 (spotrac) , hell yeah, and I bet most posters here would also life is much easier when one is able to recognize sarcasm
  2. I'd say it's actually good for rosen 1. He gets to play 2. 99% chance he looks bad-nobody will blame him 3. 1% chance he looks good-he's a hero 4. He gets injured-well at least he won't have to do this again for a while
  3. I find it hard to believe that in today's nfl ANY player anywhere is 'under the radar'
  4. to all those who are shocked/surprised/disappointed- Apparently, not one of the other 31 nfl teams thought shady was worth as much as a 7th round draft choice (I assume McBeane would have taken one in a trade at the risk of "disrespecting" shady), either due to current salary, recent production, age, locker room presence, whatever. If 31 nfl gm's thought he had no value, what makes you think McBeane would or more importantly should feel otherwise?
  5. speaking on behalf of sentient beings everywhere - nu-uh
  6. At this point, one of the wide receivers or running backs on the roster would probably be a better back-up than tyree. Question, is it pronounced tie'-ree or tuh-ree'?
  7. While I appreciate and respect the response, I believe this is truly the definition of moot point
  8. I know it's early, and I'm certainly not anointing Josh as the second coming, (although he certainly appears to be moving along nicely towards what many think he may ultimately be capable of). It just strikes me that for the first time in a long time, we seem to be in really good shape as to both starting and back-up qb. Are he and Barkely the best pair since Kelly-Reich, the gold standard? How about Bledsoe-Van Pelt, or Flutie-Johnson? Any others? Thoughts?
  9. my question was meant to discuss whether it is really worthwhile to use a PS spot on a developmental QB, or is there an opportunity cost to that, if in fact a PS qb almost never goes on to be a serviceable starter or backup, as indeed seems to be the case based on those who provided relevant answers, (thanks), and perhaps it is more worthwhile to use those 10 PS spots on other positions that have shown a greater historical ability to make an active roster as a starter or back-up.
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