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  1. a soon to be 34 year old who relies on speed coming back from a torn acl. How's that gonna work out? (see TreDavious White)
  2. since we're talking about what may happen in the future: Bills- 27th oldest team in the league - 26th in available cap space Sabres- youngest team in the league - 1st in current and projected cap space Given 17 yearly NFL games and single elimination playoffs vs. 82 NHL games and four rounds best of 7 playoffs, Lombardi trophy winner can be much more random than Stanley cup winner. In the NFL , a good team can have a bad game and be gone, a mediocre team can be hot for 4 games and win it all. In the NHL, a mediocre team has to string 16 wins in the playoffs. One or two bad games by a good team is not necessarily a killer. I think we'll see a Stanley cup before a Lombardi trophy, unless the Bills get lucky (injuries, weather,schedule,official's calls, etc).
  3. I am not assigning blame, I am not recommending what somebody does before sex, I'm merely stating that someone lying about their age does not clear a defendant of a statutory rape charge. If you think I'm wrong, say so. It's not necessary to be insulting to me because you don't like or agree with a particular law.
  4. this attorney says Araiza didn't force her-doesn't matter says she claimed to be 18-doesn't matter says it was consensual-not possible, a 17 year old minor cannot legally consent to sex this attorney is spouting nonsense defenses I don't know if araiza had sex with this person, but if it can be proven that he did, he's guilty of either felony statutory rape, or misdemeanor statutory rape, depending on the DA's choice of charge His only hope is that the investigators found none of his DNA in her at the time of the alleged incident, or that if they did, he can buy her off, and in so doing, purchase her non-cooperation with the DA. In that case, it's possible the DA drops the case.
  5. again-she, being a 17 year old minor, is not legally capable of consenting to sex
  6. It is felony statutory rape, he was 21, she was 17. Doesn't matter if he knew her age or not, doesn't matter if she lied about her age, doesn't matter if she consented to everything, it is STILL felony statutory rape if he had sex with her, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances, except if they were married. Then it could be rape, depending on the circumstances.
  7. in california, a 17 year old minor is unable to consent to sex, in the eyes of the law. 21 year old Matt , birthdate 5-16-2000, cannot legally have consensual sex with a 17 year old. period
  8. Don't put a dime onto the defensive side of the ball. With the current rules and officiating, and the emergence of QB's such as Mahomes, Allen, possibly Burrow, Herbert, and who knows who else will appear, who have great arms, legs, and heads , defense is becoming irrelevant. Belicheck with a good defense was helpless against us. Our "#1" defense was helpless against Mahomes. K.C. beat us with their very mediocre defense because of their offense. It used to be good offense wins games, defense wins championships. No more. A topflight qb will generally beat a topflight defense. If your defense isn't going to win games for you, might as well have a mediocre one (K.C.), and put your $ and draft resources into protecting and enhancing your most important player. Do everything you can to build and improve and solidify the O-line. It will help Josh, prolong his career, make your rb's and wide receivers better. With rare exceptions, defense just doesn't matter. If you don't believe this, show me one bills game this year that the defense won for us. I can't find one
  9. And NO one player can quarantee a SB, no matter who he is
  10. Perhaps posted elsewhere, but has a team whose qb's rating was 17 and lost the turnover battle 4-1 EVER won a football game, much less by 14 points?
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