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  1. If I valued the PSL at over $1.00, I would buy it. If I valued the PSL at less than $1.00, I wouldn't. You can substitute any $ amount you like into that sentence. So I guess I'm on neither team. Many factors can influence how I value something, but net worth is not one of them. Net worth certainly effects what I am able to buy, just not how I value something. I'm not trying to be difficult, just trying to describe someone else's world to you.
  2. I live in a world where my net worth does not determine my sense of value. It's actually a very nice world to live in.
  3. After all the pros, all the cons, all the explanations, all the reasons, at the end of the day there will be some people who end up taking out 10 year loans at 10%, to be able to then buy tickets to go to a football game. I am not disparaging these people, everyone has the right to make their own economic decisions. I am saddened that such a situation has become normalized.
  4. Currently, some college football players make NIL money in the hundreds of thousands, if not more. How long before some of their second or third string teammates decide they'll get in on it and make some cash by missing a tackle, missing a block, dropping a pass? How long before the public finds out? I put the over/under at 3 years.
  5. Mine too, plus free parking! Plus someone to comfort me following a loss.
  6. You're probably right. Just read in the Washington post comments about NCAA basketball tournament that I think applies here. "Like so many wonderful traditions in America, this one will die at the hands of money".
  7. Honest question- how many Bill's fans would opt for 'cheap' Ralph Wilson, 'spartan' stadium (as it was described when it opened), no PSL, and tickets priced below league average. (I would, but suspect I am in a minority).
  8. serious, not sarcastic- How about on kick-offs, kick into the end zone on kick returns, fair catch on punts, punt out of bounds, as was very common years ago on punt returns, fair catch you are now down to only needing special teamers on field goal attempts and PAT's benefits would be more flexible roster management, fewer injuries, fewer penalties cost would be some loss of yardage in the punt game, I don't honestly know how much, and would hope teams have done an analysis so they could weigh these costs vs. benefits
  9. The Bills are a team with- 1. a mediocre defense (injuries and coaching) 2. a mediocre run game 3. mediocre coaching 4. a very high-variance QB A recipe for a maddeningly unpredictable team. They can beat anyone, lose to anyone, and probably end the season a game or two over .500
  10. I have no idea if Pegula said this or didn't. Plus I have no personal knowledge of, or experience with him. If he did, it's despicable. If he didn't, it's a despicable lie. Having said that, it is true that some older people start to lose their filters. ( Ask anyone who has lots of experience with seniors ). And while I am not trying to add fuel to the fire, I wish somebody could be more definitive about Leslie Frazier's leaving the team.
  11. I've often thought about this, and cannot come up with a reason. I saw my first Bills game 63 years ago (their first season) at the age of ten. I have been a fan ever since. I'd rather they win, but was a fan when they were horrible. It's more fun when they're exciting, but was a fan when they were horrible to watch. I have no personal connection with any of the players. With free agency and salary cap, the players come and go, are cut, traded, sign elsewhere, retire. (I certainly couldn't keep all the Williams straight during their heyday). Few if any live in Buffalo full time. They certainly don't represent me. Yet I'm still a fan . I don't even live in Buffalo anymore, yet will often exchange "Go Bills" with perfect strangers if I see one with a Bills jersey or cap. I really can't figure it out.
  12. a soon to be 34 year old who relies on speed coming back from a torn acl. How's that gonna work out? (see TreDavious White)
  13. since we're talking about what may happen in the future: Bills- 27th oldest team in the league - 26th in available cap space Sabres- youngest team in the league - 1st in current and projected cap space Given 17 yearly NFL games and single elimination playoffs vs. 82 NHL games and four rounds best of 7 playoffs, Lombardi trophy winner can be much more random than Stanley cup winner. In the NFL , a good team can have a bad game and be gone, a mediocre team can be hot for 4 games and win it all. In the NHL, a mediocre team has to string 16 wins in the playoffs. One or two bad games by a good team is not necessarily a killer. I think we'll see a Stanley cup before a Lombardi trophy, unless the Bills get lucky (injuries, weather,schedule,official's calls, etc).
  14. I am not assigning blame, I am not recommending what somebody does before sex, I'm merely stating that someone lying about their age does not clear a defendant of a statutory rape charge. If you think I'm wrong, say so. It's not necessary to be insulting to me because you don't like or agree with a particular law.
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