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  1. perhaps I'm misunderstanding you. Do you mean that these schools would not be able to fund english departments without football revenue? what about all the fine division 3 schools that seem to have english departments without football revenue? What about SUNYAB?
  2. Isn't our country so wonderful as to allow freedom of expression as stupid as this Isn't our country wonderful as to allow freedom of expression as moronic as this
  3. I went to my first bills game as a kid in their first season. I went to games as a young teenager in the AFL championship years. I went to games with my wife in our early years together. Went to games with my kids in the super bowl years and the first decade of the 2000's. I now take grandchildren to occasional games. And while I will always be a Bills fan, the in-stadium experience of seeing them consistently gets worse and worse. Go Bills!
  4. There's the expression usually referring to basketball, "you can't teach height". I have a real question, not rhetorical, can you fix stupid? I really don't know. You can teach an ignorant person, but can you change a stupid one? I'm not saying that what Oliver did was horrible, I'm saying it's stupid, given his financial situation, his very public status, his future. How hard is it to not drive with an open container? How hard is it to not have a handgun that might be illegal? Is it really that difficult for a player to not put himself in a position where he might get suspended by the league? Real question-is he stupid, and if so can that be fixed?
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