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  1. I might consider Bo Jackson on both side. The most amazing athlete combining size and speed. It was pre combine but if it existed then he may hold the record as fastest. Rumored 4.2 40 at 250. Played Pro baseball after so obviously a well rounded athlete. link https://www.raiders.com/news/bo-knows-40-yard-dashes-20411732
  2. Seems like Bills are on Plan A, if no Move to Plan B. Saffold Yes/No- Yes Release Williams. Harry Yes/No- No sign D. Jones. Or Jones Yes/No- Yes tell Harry moving on he signs with Minny. McCaffery Trade Yes/ No- No sign McKissic Possibility Chandler Jones Yes/No- No resign Hughes or Addison. They may be waiting on us or Jones.
  3. We need a defensive playmaker on the line. Need a guy to make a play at the end of a game. Donald finished the game on the last two plays. Tackled the runner short of the first on 3rd. and forced bad throw on 4th.
  4. Interesting. One of the best 17’s ever, if not the best, Hondo was not a starter. (youngsters look nickname up) Best 6th man ever in Basketball. He resurrected many Celtics games in his day. HOF career off the bench. He won championships and 17 did not hold him back. Josh should stay 17. As an athlete he will redefine the number
  5. Have you watched Chad hall on the sidelines. Players love him due to his energy and continuous celebration. Over emotional may not be a good trait when having to make quick decisions on next play. If upstairs maybe he would be more settled. A real wild card for me.
  6. Soft D cannot win in playoffs long term. They contained Mahomes, not a speed rush. Inside pressure, sticky off the line in coverage. Mahomes is a rhythm passer. He needs to warm up, then gets hot quickly. Recipe for disaster against Mahomes. Speed rush with soft coverage letting him get in his groove. Cinci had 3-4 stops mid game taking him out of his rhythm. A steaky player. In basketball A 3 point shooter may miss his first 5 then hit 10 straight. Once he hits 1-2 you may be in trouble. You need to disrupt his rhythm….
  7. How is that not a block in the back…,
  8. If the message on the kick did not get delivered, it’s a failure regardless of which was chosen. It puts the minds on the sideline like WTF happened instead of on their job at had. Everything is altered after because of doubt. Human nature kicks in. Everything that happens influences events later. Jones Penalty running out of bounds forcing a re-kick and big return puts you on your heels on all coverage teams later. Hills TD forces deeper zone on last few plays of regulation because fear of short pass going to the house. Fear and doubt alter judgement.
  9. Side note on special teams. Earlier in the game, we have our best punt of the game to pin them back. On top of it the get a block in the back trying to spring Hill. Our specialty gunner, on team for this purposes, runs of the field while covering kick. Off setting penalties, re-kick, Hill huge return which altered our decision process for later in the game. Jones should never take that penalty, this is his sole job on the team......
  10. Special teams coaches often are over emotional, not sure here but I could see one of these hyped up people not being present in the moment. Inexcusable as it is. I think they had 10 or more plays of over 20 yards, all of them either runs to the second level or a short pass extended by our deep zone coverage. On the tying drive they just did what they had been doing the whole game.
  11. We were getting pressure, Addison on the first drive got pushed up the field beyond his drop and was circling back as Mahomes escaped on three runs. He and Jerry like to speed rush and often lose contain. Its a problem you would see during the year and in a game like this contain should be on their minds. Oliver would have gotten there if we containment was there.
  12. For Marv's sake. Maybe on the scoreboard, not in 5 degree weather.
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