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  1. Only complaint I have about this off season was not getting a tackle to at least push Brown, he was straight up terrible in pass protection last year. Kincaid will basically be deployed as a slot receiver so huge upgrade to the offense there. Defense will probably be more of the same. It's all going to come down to Josh and the offense.
  2. I don't like that they spent a 3rd rounder 2 years in a row on the LB position. I wasn't expecting Baltimore to pick Simpson after trading for Smith but maybe the Cowboys would have taken him anyways.
  3. Kincaid is a much better prospect than Mayer come on now.
  4. I expect Kincaid will be flexed out often, with Knox the in-line tight end. From what I've read, Kincaid is more of a large WR than a complete tight end at this point. Which is fine, he can learn how to block better eventually but his primary role this season is going to be as a route runner. Looking forward to it.
  5. The excuses for Brown have gotten old. He's been straight up bad the past 2 seasons.
  6. And when he walks for a potential Comp pick in 2025 after next season?
  7. Phillips is always hurt. Need someone more reliable.
  8. RB market has not been high paying, wait a few more days and get Williams for cheap.
  9. I just don’t get these middling signings. Why not just go all in for a top guy? They just created 32 million in space by restructuring Allen and Von. Hope they go after one of the top right tackles and draft an IOL early.
  10. McGovern is fine...now go get McGary and draft an IOL. Can't keep ignoring the OL.
  11. Can't blame him at all for taking the money...72 million sets a man and his family up for life.
  12. If they were to make Milano the Mike they should trade Oliver...he's too small to take up blockers for Milano.
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