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  1. We have the best Bills team in 20+ years why would you want to ruin the continuity? Cut Butler, Smith and Addison but no reason to cut starters like Brown or Morse.
  2. I think the playoff loss still haunts him. Nothing like going for the throat and being successful. I also trust Josh in any situation he’s in, because he is a legitimate freak of an athlete. Glad McDermott is trusting him too. Daboll called a great game too.
  3. A thorough beating. The game was never in doubt. Josh was unreal tonight. Defense played good. Really wanted them to get that garbage time TD stop but oh well. Edmunds looked good. He gave up that TD but I’m gonna blame that on Moss for giving them the ball right back after they stopped them on a 6+ minute drive. Nice to see Milano back. Oh, and Cole Beasley is awesome.
  4. I see no reason why the Rams will lose that game. Unless they turn the ball over 2+ times, I think the Rams roll.
  5. It’s been planned all along. They gave him no new weapons at receiver, brought in Frank Gore as their backup running back who now has to start. Made some marginal Oline upgrades and then traded away their best player. I would be so happy to see Lawrence stay in school. That would be hilarious.
  6. Glad that Frazier and McDermott decided to change the scheme to play to his strengths. Dude looks like a beast coming in on the blitz.
  7. I don’t like it either, but he was a full participant.
  8. The Chiefs are going to be around for a while. The Bills winning a Super Bowl depends entirely on how well Josh plays in the playoffs. If we get Seattle Josh, or LA Rams Josh, Bills will win a few games. I don’t think this is their year but they’re trending in the right direction. A division and playoff win would be a good start.
  9. Yupp. I loved that too. McDermott did too, said he liked the swagger. I love a Bills that’s winning and having fun over whatever product was on the field the 18 years prior to McDermott getting here.
  10. I may hit a pillow with my hand when the Bills do something dumb. But after all these years I haven’t broken anything. After Hopkins caught that TD I just turned the TV off and explained to my family I didn’t want to talk about it. It’s the Bills, things like that happen sometimes. I’ll still tune in every game day.
  11. Looked at the actual game play. And we still beat them by 2 scores. 10 points is 2 scores. A back and forth battle? The game was never tied after the Bills scored first. Do you mean the game being 2 scores was back and forth? Cuz that’s the only thing that went back and forth.
  12. Yeah let’s replace the most successful coach of the Bills since Marv with the OC. Sign me up....
  13. Yupp. Do the same thing they did against Lamar last year.
  14. They can’t run block at all, but are solid in pass pro.
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