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  1. How has Rousseau been looking? He flashed last year, hoping he can build some consistency. Playing opposite Von Miller should help him.
  2. I mean Bauer got 2 years for one woman accusing him. I think Roger would look weak if he didn’t give him at least a full year. So I expect him to get 6 games.
  3. Don’t really care, he’s on the Bills now. Cowboys suck too.
  4. I don’t think I’ve seen Tua complete a pass 20+ yards down the field that I can remember.
  5. Got to be Oline. Saffold struggles at pass blocking, Bates is still unproven as a full season starter and Brown had many issues in pass pro last season. Hope they can learn to play as a unit quickly, tough early schedule.
  6. Can Melvin Ingram play Quarterback? As long as Dolphins have Tua they won’t be a threat.
  7. Businesses in Buffalo might as well make Friday, September 9th a holiday.
  8. I refuse to believe the Dolphins can beat the Bills while we have Josh. He has absolutely worked the, every time they’ve played.
  9. It was a slow news day for the NFL yesterday.
  10. Kaiir Elam is already better than Ramsey.
  11. Maybe Shakir can have a career at least half as successful as another guy drafted in the 5th…Stefon Diggs.
  12. Big Ed and Groot. Need both of them to step up and bring the heat. Von is going to take a lot of focus off of the other guys, they need to come up with big plays.
  13. I assume Araiza practices about 10,000 holds between now and the first game, he’s gonna be fine. It’s a hard thing to learn and do, but with his leg he’s going to make the team.
  14. Can’t really see it happening. He’s going to want to be a full time starter, and once White is back, I think the Bills will want Elam to be the #2 with Dane #3. Obviously wouldn’t be mad about it for the right price because you can always use more talent, but don’t think he comes to Buffalo.
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