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  1. Poised to have a breakout year. Good thing they added depth at the defensive tackle position, still gonna hurt the team.
  2. If he gets his deep ball back like it was his rookie year he will be a top 10 QB.
  3. Don’t like Rodgers but I can’t blame him for being upset about the Packers drafting a quarterback instead of giving him more weapons.
  4. That play was total BS. Prevented a touchdown cuz his team let a dude breakaway.
  5. Personally looking forward to a hopefully healthy Singletary and seeing Moss for the first time.
  6. Really think coming back to McDermott will help his game. I’m optimistic he will be pretty good in the Bills scheme.
  7. I don’t think they would have drafted Davis in the 4th if they didn’t plan on keeping him on the roster. Guess we will have to see how he compares to Foster.
  8. I see at least 10 wins with that schedule.
  9. Darnold is the new Jay Cutler in terms of caring about the game.
  10. I’d be fine with giving him a redshirt year to get fully healthy.
  11. Ed Oliver is going to have his coming out party this year.
  12. They’re not paying Butler to be a reserve. They’re paying him to be in the rotation. With Jefferson’s ability to play some end, I think Murphy is going to have a tough time making the team.
  13. Should be awesome. Can’t wait to see those two. If Knox can take a step forward, there’s no excuse for Josh after this season with all the weapons around him.
  14. Yupp. McDermott needs to learn to keep his foot on the gas.
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