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  1. They would not be in better position in 2022 with Jefferson. He caught so many balls because other than Thielen Cousins literally had no one to throw to. Diggs proved last year he is a top-3 receiver in the NFL, and should continue to be into 2022.
  2. Rousseau and Basham will get significant snaps from the start and one of them will take Addison’s starting spot before the season is over. Also Epenesa is going to be there too. With how many people they rotate through the D Line I’m sure the snap count by the end of the year won’t be crazy different, regardless of who’s starting.
  3. I went with B. Was fine with them doubling up in the edge players. Thought they should have gone corner in the 3rd. At least they’ve grabbed 2 tackles with high ceilings, fine with that in rounds 3-7. As long as Rousseau and Basham make an impact this year the draft was a success.
  4. Bills have picked some big dudes so far. Still hope they can find a 1 tech to compete with Star.
  5. Love the Boogie pick. Can never have too many pass rushers.
  6. Seems athletic. Like the future potential he has as a starter at RT.
  7. Nothing wrong with addressing the pass rush. It was one of the biggest weaknesses of last years team. And Tampa gave the blueprint for beating Mahomes.
  8. Jayson Oweh. He physically fits the profile the Bills covet.
  9. Really wouldn’t like the Dolphins grabbing all that firepower, even if Tua is still their QB.
  10. Do you think the Pats were nervous about the other 3 teams in the division drafting so early for 20 years? No. Pressure is on the other GM’s to put together teams that can beat the Bills, who swept the division last year.
  11. Looks like they won’t draft IOL early in the draft. I would love for them to get a legit power guard, something like Ford was supposed to be.
  12. Haven’t watched much of Shelvin. Is he a pure space eater? I don’t think the Bills should take a guy that is only for run defense before round 5.
  13. Replace Onwu with a CB and pick up a DT in the 5th is the route I’d prefer them to go. IOL in the 3rd.
  14. I said Dline. They aren’t set there at tackle either. And there will be some interesting CB options as well. They could also select an IOL Morse replacement who could push Ford or Mongo to a backup spot until Morse is gone.
  15. They just signed Breida. I think they’re set on running back by committee this year. Their offensive line isn’t even good at run blocking, seems like a waste of a pick. They have bigger holes on the dline as well as #2 CB and would like to see them pick up a mauling IOL.
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