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  1. Might as well honor OJ Simpson too then. You should delete this thread.
  2. So why is there a meaningless and pointless thread about a former Bills executive who resigned in disgrace?
  3. On other thread, he has proven to be a known troll. Sorry.
  4. Yes, let's all worship Tua, even before he has taken a single snap. He is God!! As a Bills fan, I fear Tua. He will tear up our secondary, and put Tre'Davious White to shame. In fact, I crown the Dolphins as prohibitive favorites to win the East this year.
  5. You're such a troll. Who do the Dolphins have behind Fitz? Who do the Patriots have behind Newton? Can this person be banned?
  6. Tired of this question being brought up, especially by a troll who will soon be banned.
  7. I understand, but this is wrong. What if I said I am both a Bills and Patriots season ticket holder?
  8. So are you a Bills or Giants fan? You need to choose one.
  9. I never played sports, so I thought that was how it was. I don't wantto risk being put into a coma over wearing the wrong jersey. Look what Happened to the SF Giants fan Brian Stowe at a Dodgers game. He became permanently brain injured because he supported the wrong team in enemy territory (Giants fans hate Dogers and vice-versa). Do you want to risk it? Ok, I do now. 🙁
  10. Good point. So we have an Lynch fan from Oakland wearing a Bills jersey in Seattle. That's even worse, haha. I do. When I was younger, a high school football player told me he would never be caught dead wearing his team's jersey in his rival's town, since he would risk getting beaten up. I took this as a valuable life lesson. So it's wrong to be wearing a jersey from another team in the opposing town.
  11. Caption: "Fans react to the game as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field in Seattle Thursday August 29, 2019 for their fourth preseason game. (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)" [Article: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/how-could-a-potentially-shortened-nfl-preseason-impact-the-seahawks/] [Larger pic here: https://postimg.cc/14dcrpzk ] You can tell the fan on the left in the Bills jersey is wearing a Seahawks hat in the larger pic above or in the article link above. A number of things first went through my mind when I saw this: 1. It must have been Buffalo at Seattle. That is the logical explanation of why the fan is wearing a Bills jersey at CenturyLink. Then I realized the caption said it was actually Oakland at Seattle in 2019. 2. The jersey that looks like a Bills jersey must be some kind of weird throwback jersey Seattle has. Nope. 3. The fan is incredibly cheap. He must have bought the Lynch jersey on clearance after he was traded away from Buffalo. [I remember buying a Terrell Owens jersey in Philly on clearance for $1 after he went to Dallas--but I didn't go to Dallas wearing a Philadelphia jersey.] 4. How did that guy make it out alive after wearing a Bills jersey there? 5. The guy looks stupid AF in a Bills jersey and a Seahawks hat.
  12. If this is your first post, how were you able to start a new thread??
  13. Nope. Dorms usually have communal showers, which are a big no-no according to guidelines for re-opening sports. They will stay in a hotel, with private showers, one player per room.
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