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  1. Hey, who you calling "old"? LOL. 😃 Yep, "Alcoa can't wait!". I remember those commercials, and the Fantastic Finishes (which were played at the 2-minute warning commercials):
  2. I was kid at the time. My family gathered around the radio to listen to the game live, Van Miller with the call. I could not believe what was happening, although it did not surprise me, as I knew that that Bills team was good and experienced. You might ask why we gathered around the radio? The game was blacked out in the Buffalo area, which was common in the 80's, even with a playoff team. Rich Stadium had a capacity of 80.020, which I believe was the largest in the NFL at that time. I also owned a Bills cookbook at the time. It featured "Roland Hooks chili". This is a pic of a similar one, but a later release, with Jim Kelly: And my obligatory whammy weenie from Bells:
  3. According to iMDb, he has a lot of acting credits, mostly doing voice overs (like in Family Guy) and appearing in music videos in movies. But he has/had some actual movie and TV show gigs too, like in Training Day. I was a little surprised to learn how extensive his resume is. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004879/
  4. Nah, Allen is a gentleman. He would never be throwing a trophy like Brady.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-shocked-quite-a-few-nfl-fans-with-a-decision-he-made-during-his-weekend-bike-ride-in-new-york-city/ "Tom Brady shocked quite a few NFL fans with a decision he made during his weekend bike ride in New York City NFL fans were worried about Tom Brady over the weekend"
  6. But Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas gives tours almost every day of the month, every 20 minutes from 9 AM-7:20 PM: https://am.ticketmaster.com/allegianttours/ Guided Tour tickets cost $59 and Guided Tour & Drink and a View tickets cost $80 according to their website. Given how much they advertise on the radio here (I live in Nevada), it seems like a good money maker for them. I do realize Buffalo and Las Vegas are different markets, with the latter having a new state-of-the-art stadium and many tourists, but you think the Bills could make money too if they somehow tweaked things.
  7. Nice memories! That autograph would have been worth something nowadays. The Bills didn't start practicing in Fredonia until the 80's though, a few seasons after OJ was traded. Maybe you meant Niagara University?
  8. Yep, and you could attend both sessions in the day, without a ticket. I remember getting the autographs of these players at Fredonia: Joe Feguson, Dann "the Man" Manucci, David Humm, Rod Kush, and Nick Mike-Mayer. Once I was walking to the practice area on the walkway by the dorms, and I saw two guys. I asked if they were Bills, and they said yes. One signed my autograph, and the other kept walking, lol. No one famous. They weren't huge either; really no one was back then, even Bruce Smith. Yeah, the Draft used to be on a Tuesday, and you didn't find out who got drafted until you got home from school and watched the 6 PM news (we didn't have cable in our house), unless you played hookie, which no one did for that. Kids have it too good nowadays.
  9. I remember the olden days (the 80's for me): Training camps started early July, around July 5, so you weren't bored that entire month like now. Sessions were every day, twice a day ("two-a-days"). Players were tougher back then (you had to be). All teams went to remote campuses. (I remember our local paper showing a pic of Bruce Smith moving into his dorm room at Fredonia carrying an air conditioner.) You could go to training camp sessions without a ticket. They once had a free scrimmage at Fredonia: Green Bay vs. Buffalo. I was a kid. I sat in the bleachers, but decided to ride my bike home before the game started since the sun was beting down on me and I had no money to buy a drink. When I got home, I drank the entire gallon of Kool-Aid in the refrigerator, lol. There were an annual scrimmage of Buffalo vs. Cleveland at Edinboro, PA. Cutdowns were to 70, then 60, then 50, then 45 players after each week of pre-season games. The Hall of Fame Game was always between the AFC and NFC and on ABC. The regular season always started Labor Day weekend, the way it should be. Then school always started for us the Wednesday after Labor Day. Week 1 was already completed. The AFC was on NBC and the NFC was on CBS. Fox didn't exist. Bob Costas hosted the pre-game show on NBC (later 80s). MNF was with Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, and Don Meredith (early 80's). This was the premier game each week. The draft was on a Tuesday in the daytime. (I was jealous of my friend, whose parents let him stay home from school to watch it). There was no pansy bye week. The Wild Card round was often in late December. The Super Bowl was in January, when it should be. The NFL even scheduled just one week between the Conference Campionship Games and the SB some years to make sure it was in January (this affected the Bills twice). Football...the way it should be. [Yeah, I know...times have changed and players come into camp in better shape and want to minimize the risk of injury, etc. But it is still fond for me to remember the olden days, a more innocent time.]
  10. You will take Josh 70% of the time? What, you want Case Keenum the other 30%, lol? Sounds like you're more of a Cincinnati fan. You must be friends with filthybeast.
  11. The two essential ones, assuming you get adequate sleep, work out, and have a good diet: Vitamin D and omega-3 fish oils (or krill oil). Your doctor should test you regularly for D. It is essential and not produced by the body. You get it from lots of sunlight, but most people don't get enough. You need fish oils too daily, preferably those with at least 2,400 mg combined DHA and EPA. If you eat certain kinds of fish, on those days you can relax the fish oils. There are charts which show which types of fish have what amounts of DHA/EPA. Me: Vit. C Vit. D3 multi-vitamin Trader Joe's CMZ: calcium, magnesium, zinc CoQ10 omega-3 fish oils garlic extract [Not sure why I am reading this forum. Guess I am bored tonight, lol.]
  12. A person I know says he has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.. He said: "BS..: you know what that is. MS.: more of the same. Ph.D.: piled high and deeper."
  13. Here is your link: [In the future, just as "paste as" by right-clicking.]
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