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  1. I have wondered about Murph, as well as Kim. The other person I worry about is Yolo. I know SDS said he was ok, but it is weird that still nothing has been posted by him in almost six months now.
  2. So, I went to the Dolphins forum to see what their reaction was to the Leonard Floyd signing. Nothing...but, as an aside, I did notice there that "Peacock" is filtered to show "Pea****", lol. Good thing TBD has superior software...and fans. [I actually don't think I've seen any web forum with better software...or a forum with more knowledgeable, polite, and respectful fans (the Bengals and 49'ers forums seem to be good too).] https://finheaven.com/threads/peac-ock-playoff-game.378380/
  3. Excerpt from a PFT article: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/06/04/damar-hamlin-launches-cpr-tour-in-buffalo/ "[...] Hamlin launched his CPR Tour in Buffalo on Saturday. It is the first program for his Chasing M’s Foundation. Hamlin distributed 50 AEDs to local youth football teams at the Bills’ Hands-Only CPR event. He will take his tour to multiple other cities, including Pittsburgh (where he’s from) and Cincinnati (where he suffered cardiac arrest during a game)."
  4. In the 55TH ANNUAL PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME PHOTO CONTEST (2022 SEASON) released a few days ago, Dylan Buel won first place and the Dave Boss Award of Excellence, 2022 (Photo of the Year) for his pic of the Buffalo Bills in the game at Cincinnati, named "Comfort", featuring Tre'Davious White and Mitch Morse. The Bills were also shown in an honorable mention photo in the action category (shown at the end here). There were three winners in two categories ("Feature" and Action"), plus seven honorable mentions in both categories. [I put the three winners in both categories here. But for the honorable mention pics, go to the link: https://www.profootballhof.com/news/2023/top-photos-of-2022-nfl-season-revealed-in-pro-football-hall-of-fame’s-annual-contest/ (TBH, I think a lot of the honorable mention pics were better than some of the winners.) Feature category: First Place – Dylan Buell, Getty Images, “Comfort,” Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals, Jan. 2, 2023 Dave Boss Award of Excellence, 2022 (Photo of the Year): Short excerpt: "The tense, chaotic and angst-filled moments following the collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin on the playing field in Cincinnati fueled the raw emotion captured in the Photograph of the Year for the 2022 National Football League season. Dylan Buell, a photographer for Getty Images, submitted “Comfort” in the 55th annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest, and a panel of judges has declared it the winner of the Dave Boss Award of Excellence. “Comfort” shows Bills center Mitch Morse embracing cornerback Tre'Davious White a short distance from the spot where training staff and medical officials were providing Hamlin with life-saving aid. The game, at Paycor Stadium on Jan. 2, 2023, was canceled following the near-fatal incident. “When reviewing a historic night like this, it can be difficult to choose just one photo from the event,” Buell said after learning he was this year’s Dave Boss Award of Excellence winner. “However, it wasn’t long before this photo in particular stood out to me. The action is subtle, but speaks volumes about both the relationship between these two players and their bond with their teammate.”" Second Place – Sarah Snyder, New York Jets, “On the Cusp,” Buffalo Bills at New York Jets, Nov. 6, 2022: Third Place – Jeffrey Nguyen, Detroit Lions, “Mark of a Lion,” Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions, Jan. 1, 2023: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Action category: First Place – Brennan Asplen, Miami Dolphins, “When Worlds Collide,” Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions, Oct. 30, 2022: Second Place – David Richard, Freelance/Associated Press, “Finger Pickens Good,” Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns, Sept. 22, 2022: Third Place – Brad Rempel, USA Today, “Jefferson Dive,” Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings, Oct. 9, 2022: Honorable Mention – Ryan Meyer, Cincinnati Bengals, “White Out,” Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills, Jan. 22, 2023:
  5. Somehow, I don't think the item in the bottom right will be sold: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=637602338404223&set=pcb.637603485070775
  6. He meant what happened to Shell during the games against us and Cincy when Tua got hurt...like was he injured or something.
  7. Meh... he was 33 in 1990 and injured most of year with SF. He was showing his age in his last years in Buffalo. Jeff Wright was younger and better at that point. Maybe he would have been ok as a backup. Thanks for the video! It brings back memories.
  8. There are, of course, other free and reliable ways to watch live, at least on your computer or phone, but you are not supposed to talk about the specific options here (or at least that was the case on the old BBMB).
  9. I like that. Makes me think of "BART", short for "Bay Area Rapid Transit" in the SF Bay Area. Fresno, which has "Fresno Area Rapid Transit", wanted to do the same, but couldn't for obvious reasons.
  10. Agreed. Three threads plus a totally bizarre, completely insane thread. Competes with those Jimmy Spagnola threads.
  11. Meanwhile, the thread about Hopkins on the Cardinals forum is just 10 pages.
  12. Also, St. John's changed its name to "Red Storm". (And Beaver College in Philadelphia changed its name to Arcadia University.) https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/rochester/education/2020/12/24/brighton-csd-replaces-barons-name "Back in June, the school district announced they would drop the Barons name to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. School officials told Spectrum News the Barons name is a symbol of elitism and privilege that can be traced back to slavery."
  13. Kroger teaches: [Sorry...I had to do it! Didn't realize Florida had them. 😄 ]
  14. So what paywall is this behind? Or is this your list?
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