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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/dolphins-tight-end-trashes-city-of-buffalo-bills-fans-and-even-the-citys-well-known-delicacy/ "That's why their fans be behaving so (bad), because they wanna be down here," Smith recently said on "The Dive Bar Podcast." Smith, who played in Buffalo three times over a two-year span during his two years with the Patriots (2021-22), didn't hold back while offering his thoughts about Buffalo. Along with ripping the city, Jones took a shot at a Buffalo delicacy. "That's got to be the worst place you can be in the world," he said. "And the Buffalo wings ain't even good. I'm throwing all types of shots at Buffalo."
  2. I would think most seven-years-olds know what a beer is! 🍺 [At five, the first thing my new friends did was ask me if I knew what a "va****" was, lol. Of course, I had already heard all the four letter words.]
  3. Agreed 💯. Was going to post the same things.
  4. Don't forget Ernest Byner and Kevin Mack, great running backs with a lot of catches too. ! I hated them. [BTW, their stadium, in addition to being called the Dawg Pound, was referred to in an NBC ad as the "Slaughter House", and for good reason. Many teams met their demise there, including Buffalo.] Anyway, horrible, horrible news for Bernie. He was a fellow alumnus of "The U", along with Jim. 🙏🏻
  5. With your dedication and enthusiasm, things will be in good hands this season!
  6. A kicker making a long field goal against us?!?! I'll be damned! 😱 [Thanks for posting the game!]
  7. Thanks for posting this! ryguy101 will be doing the announcers and I think maps this season. I won't be (or the refs either). I was just a big perfectionist, and I found preparing the posts (which I did in advance) and checking all the sites for info each week (multiple times each day) and responding to posts here was just too taxing with my busy schedule. It took a lot of work for me, partly because I made it that way and chose to really go all out. (I notice on another forum--the Browns I think--the weekly maps are just a link to the site, lol.) ryguy always seemed very enthused about this last season and was respectful and polite. He messaged me about this (not that I ever "owned" these weekly topics) and I was actually relieved he could do it. I was going to make a post announcing this "retirement" in August, but I'm glad it's out.
  8. Gary Anderson - burn in hell traitor. Drafted by us in the 7th round (when there were still 12 rounds) in 1982, he was to be our kicker of the future. But he purposely sandbagged, missing chip shot field goals, and forced us to cut him in the pre-season. all because of our reputation. He went on to 2 first All Pro Teams, 4 Pro Bowls, and both the 1980's and 1990's All-Decade Teams. He is the NFL's third all-time leafing scorer (A. Vinatieri, M. Andersen). Instead, we got the pleasure of Efren Herrera as our kicker that year. Thanks. Other traitors? Cribbs and Cousineau, at least. Well, Jim Kelly too, but he made if up to us.
  9. I submit the answer is Buffalo, based on lyrical evidence that may be representative of what the public thinks: Tee Grizzley - Grizzley 2Tymes "All my n****s gettin' green, b***h, we play for Boston (Yeah) Nah, all my n****s gettin' blues, b***h, we play for Buffalo'" Question: Wouldn't St. Louis have been a better choice, since "Blues" in St. Louis doesn't refer to sadness? I mean, musicians want irony here, right? [Or are the lyrics referring to when the Bills play in all blues, or even the Sabres?] Irony, for example: Lil Wayne - Broke Up "Okay, it's Gudda, h**, all about my Bills like Buffalo'" [The Buffalo Bills have nothing to do with a financial obligation, a "bill".]
  10. I remember the good ole days when it was, sort of, when Yolo posted a lot.
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