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  1. So until Buffalo wins the SB this trade will haunt Buffalo for some. It is kind of like this generation's Wide Right. When will we win the SB? I want to know.
  2. Well since this topic is being brought up the 10th billion time, this is perfect. I am in the Bay Area and am listening to sports talk radio here ad nauseam. Some of the fans are demanding Shanahan and Lynch be fired for not winning the 49ers' sixth Lombardi, especially after having the better team and being favored. So let's get those two! [/sarcasm]
  3. Sorry this post is late, but obviously, the final draft order is now determined, subject to further trades. Carolina and Cleveland do not have first-round picks.
  4. Yep, this is Schefter's tweet for the Eagles home opponents:
  5. Also Brian McKnight and 10,000 Maniacs: https://welcome716.com/2021/06/17/buffalo-niagara-musicians-bands/
  6. They're playing this song right now at my gym (and playing girls flag football on the TV). I wouldn't have known what this was called but for this thread. Thanks, I guess.l, lol. I personally like that Ozzy song they play at Bills games.
  7. The Chiefs have revealed they will wear red jerseys for the Super Bowl: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chiefs-unveil-uniform-choice-for-2024-super-bowl-heres-why-the-49ers-might-be-thrilled-with-the-pick/ "Chiefs unveil uniform choice for 2024 Super Bowl: Here's why the 49ers might be thrilled with the pick" "The Chiefs will almost certainly be wearing their white pants, and if that happens, you might have deja vu. If they go with that uniform combination, there's a good chance that both teams will be wearing the same exact combo that they wore back in Super Bowl LIV, a game where Kansas City beat San Francisco 31-20. "This will mark Kansas City's sixth trip to the NFL's biggest game and the fourth time they'll be wearing their red jersey. Here's how they've fared in each jersey color in the big game: Chiefs in red: 2-1 (Wins over Vikings in Super Bowl IV and 49ers in Super Bowl LIV; loss to Bucs in Super Bowl LV) Chiefs in white: 1-1 (Win over Eagles last year, loss to Packers in the first Super Bowl)" In last year's Super Bowl, the Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35 while wearing white, which is notable, because the team wearing white has been on a HOT STREAK in the Super Bowl. Over the past 19 years, the team wearing white has gone 16-3, which is why the 49ers might be thrilled that they get to wear their road jersey. That being said, one of those three losses came in Super Bowl LIV when the 49ers were defeated by the Chiefs. This will be the 49ers eighth time in the NFL's biggest game and they have a winning record whether they wear their red jersey or white jersey. 49ers in red: 3-1 49ers in white: 2-1 (Only loss came to Chiefs) ---------- Also: this thread should be pinned!
  8. This is the Kate McKinnon Hemman's commercial featuring the talking cat, who becomes a viral star and gets married to a human:
  9. Speaking of NoBull, good brand and I see lots of people wearing NoBull in the gym, but I am not a fan. I prefer lift-specific shoes (flat for deadlift and heeled for squats). Nike and Reebok and Sabo are really good brands for those.
  10. UPDATE: Tom Brady on the Pat McAfee Show: Also...looks like TB has two ovens in his house! Must be nice.
  11. Your most made look to find out too, lol. Tik Tok influencer? Ugh. It must be a 20-something thing.
  12. Minnesota is actually landlocked, but Chicago, Green Bay and Milwaukee are on Lake Michigan.
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